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Monday, May 30, 2011

A Lawsuit, Hiding the Facts, and Misrepresentation, Part 1 of 2



Charles R. Wiggington, Sr., President

Good news. Priority One remained in the BLACK during the months of January through April, 2011. Bad news is they’re being sued

During the week of May 22nd, the Credit Union at the request of President Charles R. Wiggington, Sr.; COO, Beatrice Walker; and Senior Vice President, Rodger Smock, began contacting past and current employees for the purpose of soliciting testimonies that could help the credit union in fighting the lawsuit filed by former Burbank Branch Manager, Linda Nisely. 

As usual, the enforcers of Priority One's policies could not refrain from violating confidentiality and divulged details about the defense fabricated with assistance of the credit union's overpaid attorneys. According to President Wiggington, the credit union is arming itself and will with testimonies from former and current employees, decimate Mrs. Nisely's allegations that her rights under federal law, had been violated. 

Joining the President's plot is often glib, Human Resources "clerk", Esmeralda Sandoval, who has been calling former employees and telling them they "must" testify on behalf of the credit union, that they have "no choice" in the matter, and that if they refuse, they will be "subpoenaed." Evidently Miss Sandoval is ill-informed about what she is legally allowed to disclose. One might have thought she had been raised during the Cold War. 


In her lawsuit, Mrs. Nisely alleges she was subjected to age and race discrimination and that the excuse used by the credit union to justify her termination not due as part of the credit union's efforts to reduce spending. Ms. Nisely was partially correct. 

Mrs. Nisely was terminated at the request of COO, Beatrice Walker. During her exit interview she was told that her position was being phased out because the credit union needed to reduce spending. A few days before Mrs. Nisely was fired, Beatrice Walker conducted a meet at her office in South Pasadena, during which she told branch managers and AVP's about her plan to lay-off Mrs. Nisely and adding that under California state law, after six (6) months, any company can replace employees that have been laid-off.  

In her complaint, Mrs. Nisely clearly believes the actual reason she was targeted for lay-off was because of age and race discrimination. One of her contentions is that Priority One historically, shows preferential treatment to Latino employees. Mrs. Nisely's assumptions are incorrect. Here are some facts about Mrs. Nisely and her complaints against the credit union:
  • The fact is, the final order to lay her off came from Beatrice Walker, a White female. The process of laying her off was transacted by Rodger Smock, a White male. Ms. Walker is almost 50 years old and Mr. Smock is over 70 years old. It is highly improbable that age or race were factors in her termination. 
  • The fact is, Mrs. Nisely was not a competent branch manager. What's more she was lazy. She was known to spend hours each day perusing the Internet and purchasing merchandise online. She also often said she could not visit the community in the city of Burbank because she was unable to, due to physical problems affecting her legs. 
  • Mrs. Nisely was frequently condescending, rude and abusive particularly to Latin employees. 
  • In 2009, Mrs. Nisely also caused the credit union to lose immense amounts of money when she approved loans which went bad almost immediately. 
The real reason Mrs Nisely was targeted was political. AVP, Sylvia Perez, had complained incessantly to AVP, Rodger Smock, and COO, Beatrice Walker, about Mrs. Nisely's refusal to leave her office and visit the community in Burbank. COO, Beatrice Walker not only saw this as an opportunity in which to terminate an ineffective branch manager but as a means by which to reduce spending for at least six-months. During a meeting with AVP's and branch managers, Ms. Walker arrogantly boasted that she intended to hire one of her friends who would replace Mrs Nisely as branch manager of the Burbank office. Maybe Ms. Walker should have been a lot less talkative. 

A company has a right to introduce changes that improve it's operation and reduce spending which may include eliminating positions. At Priority One, the President has used these as excuses for terminating some employees. The excuses wrought by the President, the COO, and Human Resources to seal Mrs. Nisely's removal were a poor choice of weapon. If Mrs. Nisely were problematic, lazy, a racist and insubordinate, then why is there no documented history of any of this prior to her termination? And if she were truly ineffective then why did the credit union promote her in 2010 from Assistant Branch Manager to Branch Manager and transfer her from the Valencia branch to the Burbank branch? 

Mrs. Nisely was able to file a lawsuit because of the blunders committed by the President, the COO, and the corrupt Human Resources Department. Not only did they all fail to adhere to policy, they inadvertently provided Mrs. Nisely with the ammunition she needed to file a lawsuit in which she alleged that her rights under federal law had been violated. The credit union had an opportunity to document her failures, her violations of policy and her abuses of certain staff members but instead provided her with the tools which allowed her to retaliate. 


In life, things sometimes don't pan out as planned. This proved to be the case with COO, Beatrice Walker's plan to replace Mrs. Nisely. 

In mid-2010, had to postpone her plans to hire Mrs. Nisely's replacement due to continuing financial losses which at the time, indicated that credit union was going to again end the year deeply immersed in the RED. Due to the development, Ms. Walker was not only unable to hire a new branch manager but she was forced to convert several employee from full-time to part-time status and this could cease payment of medical benefits and contributions made to the company's 401K. 
Ms. Walker also placed limits on how many miles business development representatives were allowed to drive in a single month. She not only cut spending but the ability of the team generate new business.  

AVP, Sylvia Perez, who had been pivotal in having Mrs. Nisely removed, was informed that because the credit union could not hire a branch manager that she would from hereon serve as both AVP of Region 3 and branch manager of the Burbank office. Mrs. Perez was displeased. Mrs. Perez who is both hyper and intellectually limited, began to complain incessantly to President Wiggington, COO Walker, and AVP Smock, that she needed more personnel at her office and preferably, a full-time branch manager. Evidently, Mrs. Perez couldn't grasp the concept of reduced spending. She threatened that without being provided more personnel, she would be unable to develop new business within the community served by the Burbank branch. 

The credit union responded by posting an announcement on the Intranet that it was seeking to hire an Assistant Branch Manager for the Burbank office. Almost immediately, three employees of the now defunct Valencia office submitted their requests vying for the position. 

Ms. Walker whose ineptitude is overshadowed by her cruel intentions, informed each applicant that she would be reviewing their qualifications but after several weeks, informed the three that they were all unqualified to serve as assistant branch managers. It's more than a little hypocritical that the woman whose every effort to reverse the problems created by Charles R. Wiggington, Sr. have failed was somehow able to garner the gall to judge anyone as unqualified. 


Beatrice Walker seems to suffer from the same wild, unbridled imagination that plagues President Charles R. Wiggington., Sr. 

Before her arrival to South Pasadena, rumors spread through the credit union that the President hired a "hatchet woman" to come in an terminate employees. Esmeralda Sandoval, the Human Resources "clerk" took issue with the description that she called employees to her desk an asked if they were using the term "hatchet woman." Of course, every person she spoke to answer "no." 

Mrs. Nisely was not the first employee terminated by Ms. Walker using the excuse that their position was being phased out. Before Mrs. Walker had laid-off an in-house auditor, the DMV Specialist, the ATM Specialist and a Member Services clerk*. According to Ms. Walker, the employees were targeted following an in depth analysis of the credit union's operation which determined that the position were unnecessary. We of course doubt she ever conducted any analysis. 

*The Member Services clerk was terminated by the President for taking a 6" inch Subway sandwich from a tray intended to be served to employees who were training at the main branch. 

The second wave of terminations orchestrated by Ms. Walker with assistance of the President and AVP, Rodger Smock, targeted employees they believed were "the blogger", "the bloggers", "confederates of the blogger", and employees feeding information to this blog via comments. This time, Ms. Walker targeted an AVP, the BSA Specialist, a Marketing Specialist, a Business Development Representative, a Teller Supervisor, and the Receptionist. All, except the Teller Supervisor, were assigned to the South Pasadena branch. 

In June 2010, Ms. Walker unveiled her new, revamped, stricter policy governing confidentiality. She ordered that Human Resources "clerk", Esmeralda Sandoval, visit every department in the South Pasadena branch and read the new policy to every employee. After reading it, she was to hand the policy to each employee and order them to stand it and read it to their co-workers. Each time an employee finished reading the policy, the absurd Miss Sandoval would ask, "Do you understand what you read?" How could they not understand? 

Ms. Walker’s methodologies like those of the President, are borne out of her undisciplined emotions. Last year, Rodger Smock told her that the Marketing Specialist was leaking confidential information to the Internet. He, of course, in typical Rodger Smock fashion, provided no evidence to support his accusations probably knowing that Ms. Walker is both emotionally fickle and pliable. In response, she began spying on the Marketing Specialist and never discovered anything to support what she'd been told by Mr. Smock. She ordered the Marketing Specialist's computer monitored but failed to find anything to support Mr. Smock's allegations. The Marketing Specialist sat a few feet outside Mr. Smock's office. Ms. Walker would purposely visit Mr. Smock's office several times each day and after concluding one of her many daily meetings, she would linger at the filing cabinets located behind the Marketing Specialist's desk. As she did, she would strain to see what he was viewing on his computer skin that could prove he was divulging confidential credit union to the Internet. It never occurred to the inept COO, that the Marketing Specialist had absolutely no access to confidential information. Ms. Walker proved to be Mr. Smock's mark. 

Ms. Walker also orchestrated the termination of the receptionist.The receptionist had previously served as the President's Administrative Assistant. Ms. Walker convinced the President that his assistant was feeding confidential information to the Internet and devised a plan which she promised, would stop the assistant from leaking confidential information that she had no access to. To realize her plan, Rodger Smock was ordered to inform the assistant that she would temporarily be transferred to the reception desk and that the receptionist would temporarily take her place. She was told it was for cross-training purposes. Cross training the President's assistant to work at the reception desk is more than a little ludicrous but that was their plan. 

Also, when asked how long she would be cross-training at the reception desk, Mr. Smock replied, "I don't know." The correct answer should have been, "Until we fire you." 

A few months later, the receptionist was called to Mr. Smock's office and informed by him and Esmeralda Sandoval that her position was being phased out due to cut-backs. Interestingly, the former receptionist who had been temporarily assigned to serve as the President's assistant, remained employed. Does anyone else detect a conspiracy? 

In the weeks before the receptionist was allegedly laid-off, Ms. Walker frequently exclaimed, “I don’t know how long I can keep her [the former assistant]”, “I don’t know how much longer I can defend her”, and “I don’t know what to do. I might have to let her go.” On the day the receptionist was laid-off, Mrs. Walker proclaimed, “The blog is shutting down today.” She was wrong. 


We certainly look forward to see how this newest saga plays out. It certainly is incredible that a once highly respected credit union would find itself embroiled in so much internal and legal conflicts. The intrigue and plots should have no place in any business but at Priority One Credit Union they have become just part of the credit union's new normal. In the end, the President and his pack have transformed Priority One into the Lindsay Lohan of credit unions. 

We suggest Mrs. Nisely's attorney contact the former Valencia Branch manager, the former AVP who once worked with the President while the two were employees of Bank of America, the Marketing Specialist, the Policy Writer/Business Development Representative, the Teller Supervisor, the former IT Supervisor, and the last receptionist who had once served as the President's assistant. .And let's not forget the former employee who was sexually harassed  by the President. They all possess the knowledge to bring insight into how Charles R. Wiggington, Sr. and Beatrice Walker choose to do business. 

Last year, AVP, Sylvia Perez, divulged the names of former employees who she alleged, Beatrice Walker had said would probably file lawsuits against the credit union. Would Ms. Walker's disclosure which were later repeated by Mrs. Perez constitute a violation of the credit union's policy governing confidentiality? 


Employees of the Burbank and South Pasadena branches recently reported that business is faring poorly at the Burbank branch. Despite being under management of AVP, Sylvia Perez, who has spent years expounding about her keen and superior business development skills the location is experiencing a sharp decline in business.

The Burbank branch was acquired during a merger with Providence First Credit Union had performed well until Charles R. Wiggington, Sr. became President. In 2009, shortly after being hired, COO, Beatrice Walker, marked the branch for future closure. Her plans changed following her falling out with the Valencia Branch Manager and in an act of vengeance, closed the office in Valencia.  

Last year, AVP, Sylvia Perez, spoke to an administrator at Providence St. Joseph Medical Center about allowing the credit union to move it's Burbank branch into a space located in the basement of the hospital. COO, Beatrice Walker actually liked the idea because the hospital represented one of the largest sectors of Priority One's membership in the San Fernando Valley. It would also reduce the cost being spent to lease the current space located at 4000 W. Magnolia Blvd in Burbank, California. 

Another reason why Ms. Walker gravitated to the idea of relocating to the hospital is that Providence St. Joseph also operates Tarzan and Holy Cross Medical Centers, both of which are also located in the San Fernando Valley.  From a political perspective, it could re-endear her to the Board of Directors who seem to have lost much of their faith in her abilities to help the credit union escape the mire of losses it was pushed into by President Wiggington. 

Unfortunately, Ms. Walker's enthusiasm dissipated quickly. The administrators of St. Joseph Medical Center had been enthused about inviting the credit union to relocate to its facility but their efforts to forge an agreement fell apart quickly and the President and Ms. Walker and other officers failed over a period of weeks, to return calls from the hospital's administrators. It apparently never occurred to the credit union that treating the hospital administrators with disrespect could potentially have an adverse effect upon business and it did. 


In our research, we've often located a large amount of misinformation about the credit union, scattered about the Internet. The information we've located is intentionally published and by no means, the result of errors. It is all clearly intended to enhance Priority One's very public reputation through the use of misrepresentation. It's also evident because of the nature of what has been published, that the disclosures required the authorization of President Wiggington. 

  • For those people who have been unfortunate enough to be forced to listen to one of the President's tall tales, you know he allegedly lives in a home whose value has been appraised at more than $1 million. 

  • He also owns a fleet of BMW's which he describes as "collector" quality. One, a black BMW is allegedly valued at more than $100,000.
  • For years before being accused of sexual harassment by a former employee, the President boasted about his sexual escapades, his prowess in the bedroom and periodically declared that "fat girls are better in bed." 

So we decided to conduct a search to validate some of the President's many declarations and almost immediately, located his home, an image of which is shown below, and whose value is appraised at less than $400,000. There is a vast difference between $400,000 and $1 million. Odd that the President is unaware of this particularly in view of the fact that he often boasts about his expertise in finance. This may be a reason why Priority One is in decline.

His bragging is possibly intended to camouflage his self-loathing and create a persona that is fully fabricated. There is no fleet of collector BMW's,  just like there is $1 million house. Though he has periodically proclaimed he got his appointment because he "knew how to play the game and won", the reason Charles R. Wiggington. Sr. was selected was because of skin color, at least according to Directors, O. Glen Saffold, Thomas Gathers and Janice Irving. 

Is this what $1 million gets you nowadays? And if you'll carefully, there is one of his "collector" BMW's in the driveway. 




In 2009, we reported that President Wiggington had been accused of sexually harassing a former employee. Following an eight week investigation by EXTTI, Inc., evidence was gathered which proved the allegations were true. What's more, the investigator recommended the President's termination. However, Board Chair, Diedra Harris-Brooks, had not intention of letting evidence impede her rulership over the credit union and she not only led Directors, O. Glen Saffold and Thomas Gathers; and Supervisory Committee Chair, Cornelia Simmons, into voting for the President's reinstatement but she afterwards tried to cover-up the evidence and issued a letter vilifying the victim and accusing her of encouraging sexualized repartee. Unfortunately, her plot became public bringing into light her corrupt character. Here is a copy of the letter Mrs. Harris-Brooks wrote to President Wiggington. The letter was written as part of a ruse to create the impression that she and the board conducted a fair and impartial assessment of the evidence gathered by the detective. 


If the President were truly innocent, then why does Mrs. Harris-Brooks remind him that credit union policy prohibits unlawful [sexual] harassment (versus what, lawful harassment?).  


Mrs. Harris-Brooks is misinformed. Her letter was written in 2008 and the party she alludes to occurred in 2005 which was three years earlier, not "four or five years ago." It would seem Mrs. Harris-Brooks was attempting ever so ineptly to invalidate the severity of the allegations lodged against the President. 

It's also interesting that since the credit union was founded in 1926, Charles R. Wiggington, Sr. is the only President to have been accused, suspended and found guilty of sexual harassment. 

Following his reinstatement, the President periodically felt impelled to tell people that he was never accused of sexually harassing any employee and was never suspended. The following email, sent by the Senior VP to Chairperson, Harris-Brooks, in 2008, confirms an investigation did in fact, take place. The email was sent to Credit Union Attorney, William Adler, and another associate of the law firm of Styskal, Wiese and Melchione; and carbon-copied to Chairperson, Diedra Harris-Brooks.

From: Rodger Smock (


Cc: Diedra Brooks

Sent: Monday, August 11, 2008 5:34:18 PM 

Subject: Investigation by S. BarerScott identified 15 individuals for interview, 4 are former employees; of the 11 active employees; 6 were interviewed Monday, 8-11; 3 are scheduled for Tuesday, 8-12; 2 are on vacation through Friday, 8-15 and to be scheduled for interview week of 8-18.

I provided the interviewees with a brief reason for the interview and advised that there would not be any retaliation as a result in information given Scott.

I also advised the interviewees that keeping this interview confidential and professional would be expected.

Scott  [Barer] conducted the interviews in a private office, one on one.

Any changes of the above, you will be advised.

Rodger Smock

Evidently, Charles R. Wiggington, Sr. was in fact investigated by Scott Barer of EXTTI, Inc. This should hopefully bring an end to his story that he's never been accused of sexually harassing an employee. 

Here is Mrs. Harris-Brooks reply to Mr. Smock:


A few days following mailing of her letter to the former employee and the President, the credit union received a letter from the Department of Fair Employment and Housing disclosing that a complaint had been filed with the government by Mr. Wiggington's victim. Mrs. Harris-Brooks responded quickly, offering the victim $20,000. The offer was declined.  

Mrs. Harris-Brooks called the President at his office and informed him that the offer had been declined. He responded loudly, "Offer her whatever she wants just get that woman off my back." Undeniably, money is no limit to the President when it's not his money. 

Mrs. Harris-Brooks contacted the Department of Fair Employment and Housing and this time offered $40,000 to settle the complaint. Why offer a monetary settlement if the President hadn't sexually harassed the employee? Was Mrs. Harris-Brooks afraid that the government would subpoena the evidence gathered by EXTTI, Inc. which proved the President violated federal law?


On paper, Priority One Credit Union's mission is to "help" members-owners and employees achieve financial fitness. Unfortunately, the credit union which has ended the last three years immersed in the negative is ill-equipped to help any member-owner or employee financially. We invite the President or any of his executive staff to explain how they can help people "win with money" and yet, prove incapable of helping the credit union win with money. 

The references to financial fitness and win with money were composed by Training and Education Manager, Robert West. Actually, they were plagiarized. The aspiring writer lacks the imagination to coin new terms. Mr. West also "composed" the new mission statement while ignoring the fact that just a few months earlier, President Wiggington implemented a wage freeze that remains in place to this day. The claims that Priority One is somehow different than any other credit union is just empty, vacuous, insincere verbiage intended to dupe readers.

So where is the proof that Priority One is capable of assuring financial fitness?  According to the NCUA, at the end of March 31, 2011, Priority One’s Financial Performance Report (“FPR”), their asset size was:


The amount has to be reduced by the $10 million unpaid balance due on the $20 million loan borrowed from the credit union's line-of-credit in mid-2008. The actual and true amount of their asset worth is $152,511,657. However, if you visit the credit union's website, you will find the following reference on the Career Opportunities page:


So is their asset size $175 million as referenced on the credit union's webpage or $152 million as referenced in the credit union's quarterly financial Performance Report for the quarter ending 3/31/11?


According to CorporatonWiki, President Wiggington "has 2 known relationships". One with Director, Thomas Gathers and the other with Director, O. Glen Saffold.


According to CorporationWiki, Mr. Saffold is a Vice President at Priority One Credit Union while Mr. Gathers is it's Treasurer. This is completely untrue. Mr. Saffold and Mr. Thomas are volunteer Directors. They are not employed by the credit union. In fact, Mr. Saffold is a postal carrier. Could it be that Charles R. Wiggington, Sr. allowed the erroneous information

to be purposely published to embellish Mr. Saffold’s professional title?


The credit union also does not employ a Treasurer though the Board of Directors has a Treasurer. Mr. Gathers like Mr. Saffold holds a voluntary position on the Board.  


Beatrice Walker's expertise as Priority One's first COO has become overshadowed by her immersion in scandals, addiction to malicious gossip and her well-deserved reputation as a conspirator, opportunist and chronic liar. It's hard to believe that she once earned an MBA while attending the University of La Verne, California. 

What has become clear is that before choosing to hire Ms. Walker, the Board failed to perform it's due diligence. If they had, they might not have hired Ms. Walker. In 1999, while employed by Honda Federal Credit Union one of her employees obtained two credit cards in the names of his grandparents and proceeded over the next few months, to charge more than $50,000. 

In 2009, during one of the credit union's all-staff meetings, Ms. Walker stood before employee and lied, accusing some unnamed group of employees of spreading rumors that she embezzled money while employed by Honda Federal Credit Union ("Honda"). No rumors had ever occurred. Standing at the podium, she feigned tears and said two executives from Honda would be answering questions regarding the rumors. No representatives from Honda ever appeared. 

In Appendix A of the NCUA's docket, excerpts of which are shown below, Beatrice Walker told the NCUA that she never authorized her temporary employee "to open an account for any one who was not a credit union member, not assisted him by filing an applicant's employee identification number or mailing account application forms to anyone on his behalf." She admitted that Honda's records indicate she approved a request to increase the credit care limits on one of the two fraudulently obtained credit cards.  So did she mistakenly sign the documentation which increased the credit card limit? If so, she was negligent and inadvertent caused the credit union immense losses.


As shown above, Ms. Walker denies knowledge of the incident and having approved "to increase the credit line limit" even though Honda's records prove that she approved the increase. Though the NCUA found that the temporary employee committed fraud, nowhere in the NCUA's docket do they exonerate Ms. Walker and it appears she did in fact approve an increase in limits from $5000 to $10,000 on one of the cards. On a side note, the temporary employee mistakenly  referred to Ms. Walker as "Bea Arthur."

On page five (5), Factual Findings and Conclusions of the Law, 5, the NCUA concludes that the temporary employee ("Respondent") "obtained supervisory approval to increase the credit limit on one VISA credit card from $5000 to $10,000." Ms. Walker may have attempted a stunt to hide her past, but the NCUA's docket confirms that Ms. Walker was indeed irresponsible when she authorized an increase of the credit limit one one of the credit cards. The incident caused Honda to lose monetary losses in the amount of $48,729 plus $13,000 in interest. Here is the conclusion of the NCUA's findings;

On June 2, 2009, AVP, Rodger Smock poured out accolades about Ms. Walker's expertise in the credit union industry but to date, her so-called streams of income, products and services have either failed or fared poorly. Priority Pay, Skip-a-Pay and her Call Center have proven a bust. 


Recently, while standing in the South Pasadena branch's lounge room, COO, Beatrice Walker, and her former friend and confidant, Director of Project Management, Yvonne Boutte, began a discussion concerning a request from the President that Ms. Walker and IT Manager, Randy McBride, purge the credit union's database of old, no longer valid check numbers. Initially, Ms. Walker refused to purge the records after Mr. McBride informed her that he had no idea how to remove the records. 

So without conferring with Ms. Walker, the President delegated the task to Mrs. Boutte, instructing that her staff in Credit Resolutions, manually remove all the records. Ms. Walker became incensed, demanding that Ms. Boutte explain why her department was asked to perform the purge. Mrs. Boutte grew angry and raising her voice, told her that her department had been asked to remove the records because Mr. McBride lacked the competency to do so. 

Ms. Walker returned to her office, humiliated that Mrs. Boutte had yelled at  her in front of employees sitting in the lounge room. She called Mr. McBride who admitted he knew of a program that could remove the old check numbers from the credit union's database without resorting to tedious manual removal of the records. 

Historically, Beatrice Walker is vindictive. Angry with Mrs. Boutte she contacted AVP, Rodger Smock, and informed him that she didn't think the credit union needed VISA Supervisor. The VISA Supervisor is one of Mrs. Boutte's staff members. Ms. Walker added that she had been in receipt of numerous complaints from members and employees citing the VISA Supervisor's often haughty and condescending attitude.

So how did such a troubled officer find her way to the credit union? We know Ms. Walker was a friend of the President's before she got hired, though in 2009, she stood before employees during a quarterly all-staff meeting and insisted she never met the President prior to June 1, 2009, the date she started working at the credit union. Her statement was untrue. Here is some of what we discovered about Ms. Walker: 



Her actual first day of employment was June 1, 2009, not “Jul 2009”, as referenced below. Interesting that the COO would either not remember her actual first day of employment or more disturbing, why she found it necessary to alter the date.

Ms. Walker's biography is incomplete. Before her arrival at Priority One, she was employed by the U.S. Postal Federal Credit Union,Honda Federal Credit Union,.Universal City Studios Credit Union, Airco Federal Credit Union, Electricore, Inc. Why didn't she include these her history of employment? The answer is simple. She was intentionally hiding her past work history. While employed by Airco, she was blamed for losses of money due to poor business decisions. She was terminated from Universal City Studios Credit Union because the President disliked her mode of doing business and she proved herself a caustic and divisive influence. She left Electricore without providing the customary two-week resignation notice.
Apparently, the credit union's irresponsible and ignorant Board didn't conduct what should have been a mandatory background check on Ms. Walker. 

Ms. Walker brought her methodologies and baggage to Priority One Credit Union. In late 2009, she grew frustrated and angry with former CFO, Manny Gaitmaitan, for his refusal to alter financial reporting. She and the President ostracized Mr. Gaitmaitan until he resigned. One month following Mr. Gaitmaitan's departure, the credit union reported profits for the month of January 2010 even though the credit union ended 2009 more than $5 million in the negative; and despite the fact January is financially, one of the slowest months of the year. By March 2010, it was revealed that she and the President had transferred monies from one of the credit union's general ledgers and fraudulently reported these as profit when no profit was actually generated. 

Ms. Walker like her mentor, the President, is incapable of conducting herself ethically. She suffers from the same need to create superficial impressions and has shown, time and time again, that she doesn't possess the talent needed to create new business, reverse the effects caused by the President's blunders, or forge a cohesive working environment. It's just not who Beatrice Walker is. 

There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, and statistics

- Benjamin Disraeli

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