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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Captain Ahab and His Whale


Herman Melville's classic story, Moby Dick, tells a story of obsessed Captain Ahab, who 
forces his crew to traverse the seas in search of a great white whale that caused the loss of one of his legs. Driven by revenge, the Captain sets out on a lifelong quest to hunt down the animal and despite opportunities to desist his mania, the Captain cannot subjugate his emotions and in the end, is destroyed along with most of his crew by the creature he sought to kill. 

Its all too easy to find a parallel between the obsessed Captain Ahab and Priority One Credit Union's President, Charles R. Wiggington, Sr. The Captain forced his crew to take part in his ill-fated quest just as President Wiggington has forced his employees to suffer the effects of his horrendous business decisions and horrendous undisciplined behaviors. 

Since January 1, 2007, the date his appointment to President began, Charles R. Wiggington, Sr. has abused his appropriated authority and under protection of the Board of Directors and specifically, Board Chair, Diedra Harris-Brooks, has escaped disciplinary actions which should have included his termination. 
In January 2007, the President was asked by Director, Joe Marchica, why he restructured the credit union's inappropriately labeled, "corporate structure" without first consulting the Board of Directors. The President laughingly replied, "Oh, I guess I forgot." 

The President began his restructuring in October 2006, with the help of Van Nuys Branch Manager, Sylvia Perez, and Burbank Branch Manager, Liz Campos, both of who were slated to be promoted to the newly created posts of AVP that would go into effect on January 1, 2007.  Mr. Wiggington didn't forget to advise the Board but intentionally chose not to advise them of his plans because he didn't want anyone to interrupt his plans. As President Wiggington has often said, "No one tells me what to do" and he wasn't about to have anyone interfere with his plan to transform the credit union into a bank. 

On January 4, 2007, while meeting with groups of employees at the main branch in South Pasadena, California, he explained that the implementation of AVP's, an idea he admittedly borrowed from his years while employed by Bank of America, would guarantee increased business. Under his restructuring, he divided Priority One's vast territory into regions. Each AVP would over business development in their assigned region. Each AVP would be assigned a monthly quota which the President said would ensure that required levels of new business were achieved. He also stated that all he would have to do is "sit back and watch the business roll in." So was his plan to increase new business or merely a plot which would enable him to be lazy while others worked?

Within 3 months following her appointment to AVP, Mrs. Campos was terminated for kiting. A year later, AVP, Aaron Cavazos, was terminated following a verbal altercation with his former "buddy", Charles R. Wiggington, Sr. The fact is, none of the AVP's selected by the President were qualified to serve in the capacities he promoted them into. None understood marketing and none were accomplished in business development. What's more of the 4 new AVP's, 3 had a well-documented history of complaints filed against them by staff which alleged harassment, verbal abuse, sexual harassment, and retaliation.

So during his first year as President, Charles R. Wiggington, Sr. comfortably inclined in his office, extricating himself from developing strategies needed to create new business and promote growth, neglected relations with the membership and chose to instead, immerse himself in scandals.In 2007, he conceived plots and with the help of the Director of Human Resources, Rodger Smock, succeeded in expelling numerous long-time employees who he said had been loyal to his predecessor and who he branded, "Harris' people." 

He also promoted people into managerial positions who like himself were lazy, incompetent and unethical. 

He also indulged in spending large sums of credit union monies on what proved to be a failed $600,000 phone system and unnecessary email program. 

He implemented a closed-door policy with both members and employees.

He refused to develop proactive resolutions to major issues impacting the credit union, i.e., the conversion of Inland Counties Postal Credit Union member records into Priority One's database. 

Neglected community involvement and brought an end to free financial education because in his words, "its a waste of money." 

He never implemented the retention program to reduce account closures despite having boasted in January 2007 that he, unlike his predecessor, would prove member account closures could be reduced. 

He violated credit union procedures and policies and state and federal laws when he harassed and allowed the harassment of employees using fraudulent allegations. 

He also violated security when he authorized the mailing of ballots in envelopes on whose exterior were printed member account and social security numbers. His refusal to abide to security protocols cost the credit union $100,000 used to hire Transunion to monitor member credit report activity for a period of 12 months. 

In 2008, an investigation of the President proved he sexually harassed a former employee. During the investigation, he was suspended for an approximate 6-week period. 

Last year, he borrowed $20 million from Priority One's line-of-credit all for the purpose of increasing the amount of the credit union's net asset worth, on paper. It was a decision based on creating an impression of success where none existed. 

Despite a long list of failure, President Wiggington remains securely embedded at the helm of a credit union he's driving into failure. The problems at Priority One stem from President Wiggington's character. His laziness, lack of motivation, dishonest proclivities and immersion in scandals have pushed the credit union into a state of decline. 

A Real Strategist 

Former President, William E. Harris orchestrated carefully planned mergers that promoted Priority One's expansion and introduced new technologies that enhanced personal home banking elevated member service and solidified employee morale. Never did new technologies introduced by Mr. Harris ever impact the credit union or its members, adversely. Additionally, under Mr. Harris, there were no financial losses nor was he ever involved in embarrassing scandals. He also never borrowed money from the credit union's line-of credit. 

Interest Rates and Dividends

A few days ago, we received an email in which a member expressed concern over the APR's currently being offered by Priority One for automobile loans and Certificates of Deposit. 

Beginning in January 2009, Priority One started offering lower interest rates for automobile loans and above-average dividends on Certificates of Deposits. The lower APR's and higher dividends, though beneficial to members may be indicative of a far more serious issue affecting the credit union and its future. The following are APR's offered by the credit union during the months of January through April 2009:

January 2009
Automobile 1.99% 
Certificate: 3.75% 

February 2009 
Automobile 2.99% 
Certificate 2.75%

March 2009
Auto Loan Rate 3.99%
Certificate 2.75%-3.75%

April 2009
Auto Loan Rate 4.49%
Certificate 3.25% and 3.3 (APY)

The amount of potential profit to be generated by Priority One from the APR's and amount of dividends is too low to offset operating expenses while producing adequate levels of profit. To forecast Priority One's financial future must consider critical factors, some of which include: 
  • Marketing costs
  • Losses incurred from delinquencies, including charge-offs
  • The amount of the monthly payment needed to payoff the failed $600,000 telephone system
  • The amount of monthly payments being submitted against the $20 million borrowed in 2008 from the credit union's line-of-credit
 We've also visited Priority One's website, located at and reviewed current rates. We noted that they are currently advertising the following dividends on a $100,000 Term Share Certificate account and on automobile loans:

Term Share Certificate- $100,000
3.25% APR 3.3% APY

Automobile Loans
As low as 3.49% APR (Special promotion)

According to the promotion referenced above:

Finance your new vehicle or refinance your existing vehicle from another institution, and receive this SPECIAL rate*
*APR for up to 60 month term; to qualify for the lowest rate, member must have credit score of 680 or higher, min 10% down, an open checking account with net check direct deposit & automatic payments; model yrs 2006-2009 with min loan $15,000; model yrs 2005-2003 with min loan $10,000; other rates and terms available; rates & terms subject to change without notice & are affected by credit score. APR = Annual Percentage Rate.

Here is an excerpt from an email we received earlier this week:

"On the front page of their site they are advertising a $100k CD at 3.3% APY and a new auto loan rate of 3.49% APY. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to know that when you only have a spread of 19 basis points you’re going to lose money. 

Even if they had 0% charge offs which of course they won’t, they would lose money because their overhead per loan costs more than 19 basis points. And that’s not including marketing costs or the fact that since they are already hemorrhaging money, how exactly can the afford to do this? 

We believe that Priority One may eventually reduce to drastic measures to ensure they remain in business including merger with a larger more stable credit union. We also received a second email from another reader regarding the credit union's Income Statement for the month of March 2009: 

I called the LAPDC branch, earlier today, and asked if they could send me a copy of the financial report for the month ending 3/31/09. I was told by the woman who answered the phone that the report had not yet been provided to their office though it usually is received by their office before the 9th of the month.

I next called the South Pasadena office and the woman who answered the phone said that the statement has not yet been posted in the lobby. She too thought it was late. 

I also called the Redland's branch and a woman said the "monthly" statement is only posted at the end of each quarter, a fact which I happen to know is untrue. 

So what's going on? It could be that the statement is late for some inexplicable reason but in view of the information posted on your blog and the losses being sustained each month by the credit union, it seems Mr. Wiggington might be trying to hide the statement from the public. If he's done nothing wrong, then why hide? 

When you are rumored to be dishonest, hiding the statement is definitely the wrong thing to do. In view of all the terrible things he has done, refusing to post March's monthly financial statement only affirms his guilt and again shows that he is dishonest and manipulative.

So, Mr. Wiggington, how do you plan on keeping Priority One financially afloat when rates and dividends being offered are insufficient to sustain the credit union over the long term? 

President Wiggington has already begun initiating cut-backs. Following a recently meeting with the Board of Directors, the President announced the following changes:
  • Elimination of overtime
  • Cancellation of all Holiday bonus'
  • Possible cancellation of this year's Holiday party
  • Immediate cancellation of purchases of food and beverages which for years were provided to all employees on every Payday Friday.
  • Immediate implementation of a company-wide wage freeze for all non-exempt staff

The President's frequent insistence that business is surging is consistently being disproved by the credit union's Monthly Income Statements, quarterly Financial Performance Reports filed with the NCUA, and by the President's own efforts demanding immediate reductions in spending. Are the areas where' he chosen to cut spending really going to have a positive impact in offsetting losses? We think the President's choices are cosmetic at best and in the long run will not suffice in slowing Priority One's growing financial problems. 

In 2007, President Wiggington installed an expensive AVP sector who he insisted would bring in more new business than has been gotten at any time during Priority One's 80-year history. Not only did each AVP fail to obtain the levels of new business they were required to achieve, but the salaries paid to the new sector cut deeply into the credit union's allotted budgets.So why hasn't the President eliminated the AVP sector? Why hasn't he voluntarily reduced his salary as well as that of his executive staff? 

The 2008, approximate 6-week paid suspension of the President, during which an investigation was conducted to prove or disprove he sexually harassed a former employee, forced the spending of tens of thousands of dollars in attorney and investigator related fees. 

What's more, in 2007 and again in 2008, he was paid a bonus approved by the Board despite his abysmal performance and without consideration to the amount spent on consultants, technologies, and attorneys to try and rectify his chronic blunders. 

In February, he received a check for more than $6000 paid in sicktime. Wasn't he suspended with pay for approximately 6-weeks in early 2008? 

The only thing Charles R. Wiggington, Sr. has succeeded in achieving is notoriety as the industry's most notorious President. Blinded by arrogance and a need to exact his will and avenge himself against his imaginary enemies, the credit union's has undermined the credit union's success and tarnished its once stellar public reputation. President Wiggington has sacrificed business, relationships between the credit union and its membership and ruined employee morale all for the purpose of self-aggrandizement.
We don't foresee an end to the President's abuses though we do foresee the eventual and complete failure of the credit union. We can't even imagine the extent of damage Charles R. Wiggington, Sr. will eventually cause the credit union.

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Attorney said...

I would urge former employees unjustly terminated by Charles Wiggington, to consider filing a class action suit against the president and CEO.

The board has failed miserably to carry out their assignd responsibilities. They have failed to safeguard employees and financial well-being of the credit union. The board has allowed employee safety to be compromised. One incident is the sexual harassment the former employee was subjected to.

The other is Mr. Wiggington's directive forbidding employees to call the police if they should observe a crime on the premises during business hours. Every person is required by law to report a crime or suspected criminal activity. His order which was accompanied by a threat of termination to employees who might choose to call the police places members, visitors to the credit union and employees in possible physical danger.

Members should demand the removal of the board and should file a lawsuit against the board in which Diedra Harris Brooks is named along with Mr. Wiggington.

George Washington said...

The man has no shame.

Constable said...

He should be tarred, feathered and shot out of a cannon.

Chief Jay Strongbow said...

Let's not be so uncivilized that we have to resort to tar and feathering of Sir Charles. However, Wiggy should be thrown in jail for a long time after a fair trial. This slug has more excuses that Casety Anthony - enough already.

Testimony from Danny Wafa alone should get him hard labor for gross mismanagement.

The Board of Directors should be ousted for criminal neglect.

Judge Judy said...

Well Surprise, Surprise!

I just received Priority One's newsletter for April and there is no mention anywhere in the letter to the Annual meeting!

The letter does have information about an ice cream social planned for April. By the way, ice cream social? Yup, another stupid idea from
the brains at P1-CU. What's next, open an account and get a photo of Wiggington driving a member's BMW?

So for some reason P1-CU omitted any mention to the election in their winter letter mailed to ALL members.

This month, P1-CU has omitted posting the financials for March 2009.

And now, no mention to the date and time for the Annual Meeting.

That's three in a row!

Come on members, it doesn't take a genius to see what's going on.

Everyone needs to show up to the meeting which will take place on 5-27-09 which is a Wednesday and force this jackass to answer questions about his actions.

Diedra can and should be sued
by the membership because she is the one responsible for the how the credit union is being managed and she is the one who heads the board!


I think failing to post the election so he could keep a board that supports his illegal acts, not releasing the March financial which is required under law, and failing to show the date of the annual meeting in the newsletter pretty much prove his character and only adds to the long list of acts he has committed as posted on this blog!

Let's make him answer once and for all!

Bernie Madoff said...

What time is the Annual Meeting?

And where is it being held?

I agree we need to show up in force to oust the board, as well as hold Sir Charles accountable for the red-ink that is drenching the balance sheet and income statement.

It's almost mid-April and the results for March are not yet posted - this is an outrage. I predict more red-ink. Anyone willing to disagree?

John said...

I completely agree with Bernie.

If things had improved dramatically he would have posted the financials just as they have been posted each and every month for many years. Of course that was before he was exposed publicly.

Anonymous said...

Being an Anonymous Voyeur to this blog, I hate to be the one who speaks out in the CEO's defense. But, I want to presetn a fair and balanced approach. There are two very legitimate reasons why the March financial statement has not been posted.

First, under NCUA Regulations, the financial statement is to be posted by the tenth working day of the month. That would the 14th, next Tuesday.

Second, the accounting treatment for writing off the loss on the credit union's investment in Wescorp is rather murky and unclear. Some certified public accounting firms are trying to develop procedures that follow Generally Accepted Accounting Principles and NCUA guidance. As one might expect, this is complicated and may take time.

Any way one looks at the Wescorp loss mess, it is really ugly. This is one loss that I do not believe belongs to the current CEO. The semi-permanent investments were probably made under Harris' watch years ago and were approved by the board. It is highly likely that both the DFI and the NCUA did not question the investments.

Further, several hundred other well managed and operated credit unions will record losses because of the Wescorp conservatorship. I know this still leaves the credit union with an additional $600,000 loss to write off. It merely plaves it in its proper perspective.

Concerned said...

"Anonymous", that is in fact a really good point and certainly there could be a legimate explantion for the delay in posting the financial. But it doesn't help Mr. Wiggington's cause when one considers that he did not post the announcement for the election in the Winter (DEC) newletter which is sent to all members, waiting instead to post it in the February letter which only is sent to members who have a checking account.

He has also omitted reference to the annual meeting in April's newsletter.

The financials may have a legitimate reason for not having been issued but when he has intentionally withheld announcement of an election and of the upcoming annual meeting, it looks suspicious.

Add to this all his other abuses and acts and his statements about his staff, and the conclusion is he has lost all credibility. He's like the boy who cried wolf- after awhile, you just can't believe (nor should you) anything he has to say.

Emperor Chow said...

Anonymous wrote-

"This is one loss that I do not believe belongs to the current CEO. The semi-permanent investments were probably made under Harris' watch years ago and were approved by the board."

Its possible that some investments made by the prior CEO could have come to affect the credit union's present problems but if this was in fact true, Mr. Wiggington has had more than 2 years in which to have identified these.

Plus the board approved the purchase of a $600,000 phone system and the borrowing of $20million in 2008. If anything these added obligations have hit Priority 1 hard. Add to this all those additional wastes of money, like hiring investigators, the creation of AVP's, and who knows the CU is going to have to pay a settlement to the employee he sexually harassed.

No, Wiggington has misused credit union money and has hurt the credit union and possibly the future employment of staff.

Classie Freddie Blassie said...

Come Wednesday of this week Sir Charles will be out of excuses in posting the March financial statement.

Many credit union's have already taken the "hit" for the Wescorp Capital deposit losses. They have already posted their finacials for all members to view. I don't think it's a murky issue at all - the Capital deposits have no value and they need to be written-off. I think the only murky issue is the timing of the 69% write-off of the NCUA insurance deposit. Again most are taking the NCUSIF write-down by March 31st, too.

This aside I predict the CU will still be posting red-ink even if you were to exclude these one-time write-downs.

What is really needed here is a Navy Seal surgical strike - the kind that went down off the coast of Somalia to rescue Capt. Phillips. We need some heros to rescue the credit union from a greedy Board of Directors and their pencil-neck frontman Charles Wiggy. The Board of Driectors is a den of rats. Get rid of the entire rat's nest.

Dick Tracy said...

I'm not going to make excuses for emperor Wigg! The statement should have been out irrelevant of what's happening with Wescorp.

The man refuses to be accountable and he avoids responsibility. He is negligent and unqualified. He should have made some attempt to get the statement out on time, so NO, he is responsible and I suspect, holding back on the statement.

I bet he is afraid its going to be posted on this blog again and as unsual, is probably hiding it because POCU is in the negative again.

The CU was in the negative in October, November, December, January, and February. March will make it six months in the negative. NO excuses for that looser!

A Victim said...

I wish to begin by quoting a scripture which affirms my faith.

"No weapon that is formed against me will prosper; and every tongue that accuses me in judgment I will condemn. This is the heritage of the servants of the LORD, and your vindication is from me," declares the LORD.” Isaiah 54:17

I am writing to describe my personal feelings about Charles Wiggington. I believe by expressing my experience that I can best convey to readers how Charles affected me personally and bring about healing of what he caused me and my family.

First, there was a time I felt complete disdain for Charles and his cronies, people who are always willing do what is dishonest so that they can remain in his good graces and probably because they fear losing their jobs. Even those who help carry out his plots know he is vicious and ruthless.

Reading this blog has made me realize that I am not alone and that there are many people that see Charles as the horrible person he is. What I urge to anyone he has hurt is that you not hate him because frankly, Charles is not worth the time or energy and in the end, hating him will only hurt you.

Mr. Wiggington orchestrated my termination. It would have been enough for him to terminate me for violating policy but he chose to create lies about me which ruined my reputation. At this time I cannot describe in specific detail the things he said about me but I hope I may be able to do so in the near future.

Charles' lies not only hurt me deeply but he also hurt my family and severed my only source of income. He caused me great humiliation and embarrassed me. Because of his lies, l have felt that people now see me as corrupt when in fact what he said about me were lies. Because of this, I no longer speak to any of my former co-workers.

Since Charles became president, he has set an awful tone for the credit union. He is surrounded by many corrupt managers who have no empathy for employees. He has turned the credit union into a place which breeds lies and dishonesty and which like a virus, contaminates everything and everyone. Charles also can easily turn on his own and will destroy anyone who is unaware of his tendencies. No one is invulnerable and if you are not destroyed by him you are transformed for the worst.

The environment at the South Pasadena and some of the other branches have become hot beds of malicious gossip, slander, and backstabbing. You either become a perpetrator like Charles or you become one of his victims.

And don't expect HR to do the right thing. He has succeeded in hurting people because HR chooses to do nothing. In fact by not doing what is right, HR has become his accomplice.

Charles should have been fired long ago. He was a terrible VP of Operations and I cannot but blame this on Mr Harris who was fooled by Mr. Wiggington.

As long as he remains at P1, he will continue to destroy the credit union and employee morale.

Anonymous said...

Charles should have been fired long ago. He was a terrible VP of Operations and I cannot but blame this on Mr Harris who was fooled by Mr. Wiggington.

How often did I see you laughting with CW and going after work for drinks with cw or just sitting in his ofice with him? so do not blame
others what you your self could have put a stop too. Do not let the jerk stop you from calling old friends for I do belive you, and know that he did hurt you, and anything comming from his mouth is pure BS and I am one who would call you a friend.

Anonymous said...

Some of us didn't speak up against Charles when we had the chance. Some of us were afraid to lose our jobs and some of us were afraid what our co-workers would think. I for one am sorry I did not complain against him because maybe he would not be there. And I understand how you feel about Mr. Harris because he could have done something, but Charles had him fooled though he did not have a lot of other people fooled who saw him as phoney and the backstabber he has always been.

When I worked at the credit union there was never anyone who was hated the way Charles is hated. No one has anything nice to say about him. If he was at least a good person and if he acted like a man, we could at least say he had integrity but the man is useless and as CEO, worthless.

Victim, I hope you know that people probably don't believe what Charles said about you. He is known as a liar and know one believes a liar. I bet that if you contacted your former co-workers they would treat you with the kindness you deserve.

Houdini said...

I'm not sure who is worse- Wiggington or the board.

Sherlock said...

Anonymous wrote "This is one loss that I do not believe belongs to the current CEO. The semi-permanent investments were probably made under Harris' watch years ago and were approved by the board."

Anonymous you are way out in left field. The current financial problems are Wiggington's all the way. The mess is 100% of his doing and no one else at P1CU is to blame.

If the membership were sharp they would demand to bring Mr. Harris back to the credit union and try to correct the mess caused by Wiggington. Many of us have enough faith in his abilities to put the credit union back on its feet.

Wiggington’s ego is too big and he refuses to listen to anyone but himself. What is really good at is hiding his true nature and all the terrible things he does.

What has happended in the last 2 years has been caused by Wigg and Diedra and no one else!

I called yesterday and the March figures have not yet been posted! I decided to test out your statement and called other credit unions- both larger and smaller credit unions than P1CU. Guess what? They all have posted their figures and they even asked if I would like a copy mailed to me.

I wonder, are you a member of branch 29 and are you one of the members of the board?

Sure your anonymous.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Admiral Beard said...

Anonymous, you wrote that if Harris had not sold the VISA portofolio the CU would have experienced a "substantial loss" and if it hadn't been sold Harris would not have known how to avoid the loss.

As a president, one has to make decisions that serve the credit union and its members, so selling the portfolio, even if it possessed some potential for future profit was actually a wise move on Harris' part.

Didn't Harris leave office with assets being at the highest they ever were during the history of the credit union? He left and they were over $172 million.

Yet, less than 2 years after he left they dropped by about $6 million.

Harris may have sold the portfolio but can you find any proof that he borrowed $20 million?

Not only has Wiggington lost money, he has added debt to the credit union.

I think if YOU review the reports you will find that in fact Harris left his post with the credit union having achieved its highest assets.

You may in fact be correct that growth came as a result of mergers, but it was growth not obsene losses!

The one thing I fault Harris with was his poor ability to judge his staff.

Unfortunately, the man was duped by Wiggington and even Cavazos. Both kissed his rear to secure their positions not knowing that behind his back, they were disloyal to him. He should have asked their staffs about what they thought of these two males (because neither are men).

Anonymous said...

This message goes to the person who submitted a comment under "anonymous". Why doesn't Charles enter his own comments? he is a grown person oh i mean a grown man. how childish he could be. Come on Charles, you are a good talker, we certainly have time to hear all of the answers for your illegal acts!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

John, please make sure Charles receives the results for all of the "votes",so he can start packing his boxes.

Demands Accountability said...

Ok I called the DFI earlier today and they confirmed that March's financial statements should already have been posted.

Why is Wigg deciding that this is something he doesn't have to post until 5/27/09 the date of the annual meeting.

Everyone who is a member needs to show up for the meeting and demand that Charles answers questions about why he chooses to violate the law.

I See You Entertainment said...

Dear Anonymous or Entertainment, you wrote:

"While it is true Wiggy caused many, many problems at POCU, Harris set the stage in many, many ways. For example, he convinced the board to sell the credit union's VISA card portfolio. This was short sighted on so many levels not the least of which was it was the CUs highest yielding asset...and of course, because Wiggy has no clue he too thought it was an excellent idea. What wasn't made clear was that had they not sold the portfolio that year, the CU would have had a substantial loss...that's right a loss on Harris's watch.....he only sold cause he had no idea how else to avoid the loss.

Furthermore, if Harris was such a great leader, how come he couldn't manage Wiggy better? He just continued to give him raises and bonuses because he was already checked out. I liked Harris as a man, but his knowledge (and ability) of how to run a financial institution the size of POCU stopped growing five years before the man retired.

Want proof? Just review the annual reports from 2003 to 2007 and you'll find that most growth was from mergers and was not organic and that ROA growth if any, was pathetic compared to industry."

First of all you lets get one thing straight, many credit unions sold their VISA card portfolios before and after Priority One sold theres.

As an "expert" you should know that credit card debts are one of the things people negelect first and credit unions (and banks) take huge losses when these occur. You should know this!

Priority One's business has for years profited on auto loans which have given the credit union a solid foundation and good income, that is until Charles became president.

Whats more, the credit union would not have taken a loss when Mr. Harris was president as is proven by the same annual reports you are trying to misrepresent and use to criticize his achievements.

And guess what, Entertainment, the credit union did quite well in 2003 to 2007 without your help!

Let’s also get the facts completely straight, the credit union only had 2 mergers While Mr. Harris was the CEO and although you think the ROA growth was "pathetic
you are once again, wrong.

You write about Mr. Harris'
knowledge and abilities but unlike Charles and Diedra, he is well respected and liked and had way more knowledge of the credit union industry than you ever had or could hope to have.

I think you need to stick to your job and quit taking pot shots at people who knew you were not a good leader even for P1CU. We all knew that you wanted Mr. Harris job but could never have it.

As I read you posts I realize you are like Wiggington. You are also a taker. You want to be heard and you want to control but you do not listen.

Get over the fact you were disliked and that you failed to take over P1CU. I might have been a little better than Wigg but only a little.

Anonymous said...

I am tired of hearing about Wiggle worms criminal acts. I want something done about him and his klan.I suggest submitting this information to the district attorney's ofc. for financial institutions. I assure you something will be done to prosecute Wiggs. Rodger is a bigtime IDIOT, why is he a follower. he needs to be a leader. Human resources? he is in the wrong dept.

Anonymous said...

John, i want to provide you with some more important information regarding credit resolutions! This is a Good One, Wiggs is going to piss in his pants when this information is exposed in this blog. I received the data from a former employee and have the documentation. will meet with u later for dinner.

Anonymous said...

Victim wrote: "Charles should have been fired long ago. He was a terrible VP of Operations and I cannot but blame this on Mr Harris who was fooled by Mr. Wiggington."

I have read you comments over and over and feel saddened that you never took the time to actually speak to Mr. Harris and report what Charles was doing to you.

It wasn't that Mr. Harris was fooled, its that he did not know. If you had told him Mr. Harris would have responded and investigated. Mr. Harris investigated some of his staff when complaints were made to him directly. Obviously HR never told him of the complaints they received, but that isn't Mr Harris fault.

We all know Charles is a liar. He is not capable of ever telling the truth. There is not one good thing about him. I remember years ago seeing you and other employees playing with him in his office, laughing and even going out with him for drinks after work. I myself did not know he was a Judist but I did know Charles is full of shit.

He has a big mouth but I never realized how many of his staff can't stand him and dislike and wish he were gone. He has a reputation for attacking anyone and everyone.

How many of the staff ever took the time to speak to Mr. Harris about what Charles was doing. Maybe if you all had, he would not be president today and would not be abusing people and the credit union.

Did you ever tell Charles to his face that he is a pig? If you wanted to take action against him and you went to Rodger, well then it was like talking to a wall. For years Charles and Rodger planned on day they would head the credit union.

I happen to know Rodger had parties at his home with all the “young” staff and based on what employees later said, they seemed to be having a lot of fun.

I knew Patti Loiacano was helping Aaron with his dirty little jobs and she got away doing dishonest things because none of the staff complained to Mr. Harris.

Even now, Wiggington continues to speak to Rodger and other of his staff in the most disrespectful way. In fact I am surprised he hasn't tied Rodger to a post and whipped him.

I have heard him yell at Manny, mistreat his secretary, Kim, speak disrespectfully to Dane and talk to others like they have no value and are unworthy of respect.

So my friend, only John has spoken about what Wiggington has done for so many years and thankfully, now others are also speaking out against the most horrible person to ever run Priority 1.

We need to continue speaking up and praying the devil take Wiggington to hell, just like Wiggington has done to so many employees.

I hope to see you at the Annual Meeting and remember you are well-liked and someone I feel I can call friend.

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