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Saturday, May 2, 2009

Pretty is, as Pretty Does


Our reporting has evolved from only exposing acts and abuses committed by President Charles R. Wiggington, Sr, which we believe are contributing to Priority One's decline, into a study in abherrent human behavior.  

Though the President spent 2007 and 2008, committing rampant abuses and exceeding his authority, 2009 is being characterized by his reactions to disclosures made in this blog. It's apparent, that neither he or the Board of Directors ever thought that their acts were being observed or that they might eventually elicit a response to their decisions and behaviors. Their inability to understand the principle of cause and effect further attests to how ignorant these people really are. 


Prior to January 2009, President Wiggington often walked through the various departments located int he main branch in South Pasadena, California, divulging the names of employees he terminated and the reasons for their terminations. His disclosures were violations of confidentiality, violations of the Privacy Act and all together, illegal. Thanks to the corrupt Board of Directors and equally corrupt Human Resources Department, the President escaped being terminated and sued. 

The President also recently refused to withhold posting March's Monthly Income Statements which is a violation of state law. The President evidently forgot that the credit union's financials are posted each quarter on the NCUA's website. And though the monthly reports provides more specific information about the credit union's individual expenses, the quarterly reports provides sufficient data verifying the credit union's performance. 

In their quarterly filing to the NCUA, Priority One reported that "Net Income" for the quarter ending March 31, 2007, totaled an amazing negative -$3,470,435.00. That is unprecedented in Priority One's 80-year history. Of that amount, -$1,271,678.00 is Priority One's portion of the NCUSIF Stabilization Expense owed to the NCUA. This leaves a negative balance of 

On April 14, 2009, Human Resources issues forms to be read and signed by every employee at each branch and agreeing that they would not divulge confidential information and that they would report co-workers who they observed violating confidentiality. Doesn't sound like this will cause any problems, does it? On April 18th, a notice was posted on the credit union's website disclosing the annual meeting is scheduled to take place on Wednesday, May 27, 2009. 

Expect the meeting to be tightly controlled. The President and Board Chair will make sure to limit disclosures to what was achieved throughout 2008 and what lies awaits the credit union throughout 2009

if you expect the President and Board Chair or for that matter, the Board's Treasurer or the Supervisory Committee Chair to talk about Priority One's losses or provide insight into what they've done wrong in directing the credit union, the you will be disappointed. 

The President and Board Chair are despots. They control what they want member-owners to know. As Chairperson, Mrs. Harris-Brooks is supposed to posses general knowledge about Priority One's operations and she's to act in good faith while exercising due diligence to ensure the credit union functions in accordance to all policies and achieving its identified goals. But Mrs. Harris-Brooks is not a Chairperson who is about to be inconvenienced by something like ethics or accountability. She after all is obsessed with control and covering up the illegal activities perpetrated by and under, Charles R. Wiggington, Sr.

Unfortunately, Mrs. Harris-Brooks does not embody "integrity, business sense or morality" required of a Director. She also shirks accountability for the blunders committed by her hand-picked President and sanctioned by the Board. Under Mrs. Harris-Brooks none have suffered the consequences for the refusal by the President and the Human Resources department to abide to policies and procedures. What's more, not Mrs. Harris-Brooks, O. Glen Saffold, Thomas Gathers, Bobby Thomas, Joe Marchica, Janice Irving, or Richard Hale can be viewed as responsible or competent and none has done anything that has lead the credit union into a state of success.

Furthermore, not all of the Directors are committed or dedicated to satisfying their assigned responsibilities. To the contrary, some of the Directors habitually only attend some of thee Board's monthly meetings. A review of the Board's minutes will easily prove who is attending meetings and who is not. 

As we've reported previously, education seems inconsequential to the Board which we believe is contributing to the credit union's ongoing decline. According

The Credit Union Department of Texas' policy states that "Credit unions operate in a dynamic, highly regulated environment, and the need for informed, competent directors has never been greater." Priority One's Directors are uninformed by choice. When sent to educational junkets to other cities, states and countries, they forgo classes and conferences to act like tourists. 

The President, the Board Chair and the entire Board of Directors, has spent less time developing strategies that generate upward mobility than they've spent involved in cover-ups and distractions used to deter attention from the horrendous failures caused by Charles R. Wiggington, Sr. inept decisions. 

Prior to his paid suspension in 2008, during which an investigation was conducted to determine if President Wiggington violated or didn't sexually harass a former employee, he often verbalized criticisms against Chair, Diedra Harris-Brooks, and the other Directors. Here are some of his most memorable statements:
  • "They're (the Board of Directors) not too bright."
  • "Diedra is an ass."
  • "The board doesn't tell me what to do."
  • "Diedra doesn't tell me what to do."
Clearly, his relationship with the Board is disingenuous. The fact is, the Board doesn't understand the credit union's financials. According to President Wiggington, they don't understand the reports that are provided to them and he must constantly interpret for them. 

In 2008, the Board approved borrowing $20 million from Priority One's line-of-credit based on the President's insistence that he needed to the money to reverse losses when the purpose of the loan was to increase the amount of Net Income on paper, though at a monthly cost of $30,000 to $33,000 per month in interest payments, alone. 

However, President Wiggington is incorrect when he says "no one tells" him what to do. Diedra Harris-Brooks does tell him what to do. After all, she reinstated him and covered up the evidence he sexually harassed a former employee. There is no denying, he made a pact with a devil and he now owes her his allegiance, insincere as it might be. 

In our previous post, we published the Credit Union's notice, posted on their webiste and inviting members about the impending annual meeting which is scheduled to take place in South Pasadena on May 27, 2009.

Annual Meeting Notice Wednesday May 27, 2009

The annual meeting of Priority One Credit Union will be held Wednesday, May 27th, 2009 at 6:00 PM. The meeting will be held at South Pasadena Headquarters 1631 Huntington Drive South Pasadena CA 91030

At the meeting, the CEO will report on the status of the Credit Union.

In addition, the results of our election will be announced at the Annual Meeting. In accordance with the Credit Union’s bylaws, notice was given to the membership that Nominations by Petition were sought for one (1) vacancy on the Board of Directors, and two (2) vacancies on the Supervisory Committee. Nominations for these vacancies closed at midnight on February 28, 2009, and no nominations by petitions were received. Thus, in accordance with the bylaws, the nominees selected by the Nominating Committee for each of the positions will be deemed elected.

Except as provided above, no other new business will be conducted at the Annual Meeting. 

Priority One Credit Union


Article IV, Meeting of Members, Section 400. Annual Meeting.

(a) The annual meeting OF THE MEMBERS shall be held each year in the month of May at 6:00 p.m. on a Wednesday to be determined by the Board of Directors unless such day shall fall on a legal holiday. In such event, the meeting shall be held at the same hour on the next succeeding business day that is not a legal holiday. Annual meetings shall be held at the principal executive office of the credit union or at such other place in the state as may be determined by the Board of Directors and designated in the notice of such meetings. 

Though the notice states that "no other new business will be conducted, it is important that Members know that the by-laws all any member to request prior to the meeting, for specific topics to be placed on the agenda for discussion. Did the board forget to include this in their notice? Hardly. 

At a time when the credit union is being intensely scrutinized you would think that the Board and Supervisory Committee would be more flexible and allow the discussion of topics not on their agenda. After all, they've proven no difficulty in defying polices, procedures and decorum to realize their purposes. If you have any questions, please visit the California Department of Financial Institution's website at:

You may complete a Complaint Form by visiting

Complaints and concerns can be submitted in writing to:

By Mail:

Department of Financial Institutions 
Consumer Services 
1810 13th Street
Sacramento, CA 95811

By Fax: 

(916) 445-2123

By Email: 

The President and Board Chair have exerted tremendous effort to hide the unethical and illegal acts they've committed. At this stage, its tantamount to hiding and elephant under a leaf. 

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Anonymous said...

Just after the credit union closed Charles called a meeting with all the employees.

He told us that he is late but wanted to tell us how valuable we are and thanked us for our dedication. He also sent out a memo saying the same thing.

All last week he acted like a jerk. He looked angry and pouted some little kid. After whe weekend he acts like he has been changed into a new man. Yeah, right. No one changes over the weekend and with his long list of abuses most of us know (except for the dull employees at our office) that he is being insincere and his words mean nothing. Talk is cheap and actions speak louder than words. I can forgive him but I can never trust him or Diedra.

John said...

"Expose a dishonest man and he will act like an honest man."

Napoleon Bonaparte

One can only hope that his praises of his valued staff were an honest expression of his true feelings but they were probably as disingenuous and insincere as anything else Charles does.

Interestingly enough, a source has advised me that some of the "stories" he told the hired accounting firm prior to the all-staff meeting (which took place on 4/23/09), were found to fall short of the truth. I wonder what the consultants at the firm may have told him?

J P L said...

You are right about how Charles was acting last week. A lot of times he is rude to Rodger though I don't understand why Rodger takes it. A lot of us have heard how he talks to his secretary. He is rude, critical, and always making fun of her. Does Charles own a mirror? Talk about needing a make over.

He had the meeting because of this blog. His dirty laundry has been put out there.

Hey, where is the DFI? I thought they were suppsed to investigate wrong doing?

Anonymous said...

Today we have our Cinco de Mayo lunch. Employees all brought food but the person who did not bring food ate first. Guess who? Yes, Charles Pig Wiggington!

When the credit union stopped buying food for the employees on pay day, some employees decided to buy food for everyone at South Pas. Idiot Smock said the employees were trying to make trouble. Make trouble for buying food? Hey Smock what happened to all those complaints we filed with you over the years that you never investigated and that you never told us how they were solved? Idiot!

When the employees brought the food in, guess who was one of the first to eat? Yeah, Wiggington. He sent his secretary to get him some food (just like he does so often). What Wigg, your not making enough money to buy your own bagle?

You need to keep your dirty little hands off our food and keep you mouth shut and do your work. Start buying your own food or get Diedra to buy it for you.

Anonymous said...

While sitting in employee lunch room Charles came in with his side kick Rodger. They sat down with Manny after serving themselves food. I could hear Charles tell Rodger that he forgot it was the day of the employee pot luck.

This man has no class. Was he raised by dogs? He forgot to bring food but he didn't forget to go and eat. Huh? He makes the most money out of any body at the credit union but he takes what isn't his. Employee food, member autos, people's jobs.

And while he ate he talked with his big mouth full. And Rodger must be a proctologist because his face is always up Charle's butt.

Anonymous said...

Employee meetings at P-1 used to be great. They kept employees informed and provided important info and motivated the staff.

After 1/07 Wigg steps up to the podium and puts on a phoney smile and assures employees that the credit union is doing great. If it is, how come he walked out of the room when the cfo began to talk about the financials and did not return until the report was finished? The cfo even said that in his 19 years he had never seen such losses and even shook his head. Charles lied again as he lies about everything.

I think Charles really believes he can get up in front on the employees give them some BS and that everything he has done and that has been posted here will somehow be swept under the rug.

This has gone way too far and for too long. Charles needs to go. And what is the board doing? Not a damn thing. Where is Joe Marchica and Bobby Thomas? And where is Larry Brown?


Know one knows who will show up to the meeting but the staff is hoping a lot of members will and that they will speak up and demand answers.

Borcia said...

I am so amazed that members are not up in arms. Larry Brown knows better. The credit union has always provided their support to the members of the NALC but when it comes time to support the employees at Priority One and to react to all the recorded acts committed by the horrible Wiggington, then I wonder, does Larry care about anything but the NALC.

Two weeks ago, tired of what Charles has done month after month after month, I filed a complaint with the DFI. I received an email from them just a few days later. You may want to inquire with them about your complaint.

Wiggington should be thrown out by the seat of his old, dirty pants. He has done so many horrible things but people like Bobby Thomas, Janice Irving, Joe Marchica, O. Glen Saffold, Sharon Thomas & Thomas Gathers have decided to be apathetic or follow Diedra. Does she have a magic flute that she uses to make them follow her?

Anonymous said...

Borcia, you wrote that Sharon Thomas is on the board of directors, but she isn't though she did win the election and got the position for some inexplicable and mysterious reason, she is not serving on the board.

Here is a little bit of trivia for those of you who may not have witnessed all that goes on behind closed doors at POCU.

Last year's Annual Meeting, Diedra Harris-Brooks, the chairman of the board, and Charles Wiggington took Sharon Thomas into a closed door meeting in one of the offices at the S. Pas branch.

And what do you think happened? Sharon never began to serve on the board while former member, Richard Hale, returned. Now if Sharon was voted into office by the members by what authority did Charles and Diedra remove her from the board without following protocol.

Yes, its just another of those mysterious things which happens so often at Priority One. Abracadabra and Wiggington gets a members car. Hocus pocus and no March 2009 financial statement. Wiggle his nose and now members are being told that only 2 topics will be discussed during this years annual meeting. Wave of the wand and a member with a 518 credit score walks off with a $26,000 auto loan.

Does anyone really believe that Diedra could ever run an honest election?

Does anyone think she or Charles would ever want to have a new person on the board who they might not be able to control?

I wonder what kind of "MEN" serve on the board? Diedra has no problems controlling them like they've been neutered. If she says bark, they bark. If she says play dead, they play dead. If she says stay dead they....

John said...

A reader sent me the following message earlier today:

Next week April financials should be available and they [members] should start requesting them.

For sure they should ask about them at the Annual Meeting....
they also might want to send their topic items for new business at the annual meeting by certified mail or drop them off at South Pasadena and ask for a witness...sadly it has become all too evident that many people cannot be trusted at P1."

Thank you.

This is extremely important. We do not know what new plans Charles and Diedra might have to try and control what is disclosed during the meeting.

Anonymous said...

I was exploring Priority One's site and found this reference under Career Opportunities.

Priority One Credit Union, A progressive $175 Million credit union, is an equal opportunity employer.

We offer competitive salary and benefits packages within a friendly team-oriented environment. We provide career growth opportunities for those that demonstrate the potential and have accepted the challenge of responsibility.

All positions require candidates with friendly, positive attitude, and professional demeanor having work experience in customer service areas. For more information regarding employment with Priority One Credit Union, please contact:

Their ad is so wrong on so many levels.

First, $173 million!

Competitive salary? They don't start their new employees at a very good salary and THEY CURRENTLY HAVE A FREEZE!

Benefits package? What benefits package? Their employees have to pay a lot of money for the coverage offered them. Why? Because Rodger Smock uses the same insurance broker, year after year without ever shopping around. They offer nothing in the benefits department except insurance which reduces already low paying salaries!

Career growth opportunities? Where? They don't develop their staff, they rarely promote because there are few positions to move up to. Priority One is known in fact not to promote talented employees, probably because Charles is threatened by anything that is intelligent.

Friendly, positive attitude, and professional demeanor? Charles is not positive or professional and is probably one of the biggest embarassments anyone will ever meet. He is bad mannered, rude, not willing to help, and smells.

John, this is a joke!

Anonymous said...

Diedra used the good standing rule to get rid of Sharon.

Diedra used the rule in Sharon Thomas' case but has not used it to get rid of members of the board of directors or board of supervisors who have abused their accounts.

She only used to make sure she got members on the board who would back her up. Miss Thang can be shrewd, can't she?

Its easy enough to prove. Order an audit of the account activity for all members of the board. You will find Sharon wasn't the only one who may have violated the good standing rule but she sure was the only one that got tricked and kicked.

Diedra also made a decision to remove Sharon without first telling the board.

Her other mistake is that she had Charles present when she spoke to Sharon. Charles is under the board, so why was he asked by Diedra to take part in a meeting he had no business in? If you answered because they are dishonest then you answered correctly.

Anonymous said...

Wiggington is a big time MOOOOCHER because he plays dumb when it comes to pot lucks. He almost always says he FORGOT!!! so that he is excused from bringing a side dish. He can always go to Costco or grocery store! if he really cared or had some kind of consideration he would of never eaten until he brought something for the pot luck. i am not surprised! he has NO CLASS OR MANNERS! WIGGY YOU ARE A MOOOOCHER AND A DISGUSTING SLOB. you are an embarrassment to us. At least chew your food first, then talk. I can't stand when you are eating and talking talking talking!!!DONT YOU EVER SHUT UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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