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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Mr. Toad's Wild Ride

Missing Deadlines,
 Lying to the DFI,
 Withholding Member Deposits
& Altering History

According to ancient Greek mythology, King Midas could turn anything he touched into gold. In contrast, over the past week Priority One Credit Union's President, Charles Wiggington, Sr., has proven that he damages whatever he touches. 

The President has spend the last several days fabricating stories to save his reputation. In his latest scheme, he tells tall tales in which he plays the victim. He was recently overheard telling new COO, Beatrice Walker, that he is under assault by an alleged group of invisible conspirators who are driven by jealousy to destroy his reputation. He further alleges that all of his efforts to elevate the credit union to take it to new heights are continually being subverted by this heinous group of conspirators. 

Of course, this is President Wiggington's version of what has actually, transpired and is always, his scenario is tainted with his special version of reality. Since being appointed President, he has continually been aided by Board Chair, Diedra Harris-Brooks, who in 2008, tried to secretly squash evidence proving the President sexually harassed a former employee. Fortunately, Director, Janice Irving, revealed that t he evidence proved the President had violated federal law when he victimized a female employee.

The President's egregious acts could never have been realized without the consistent assistance of AVP, Rodger Smock, who is Director of Human Resources. The President has often fabricated accusations of wrong doing against employees and with the help of Mr. Smock, has used the bogus accusations to seal each employee's terminations. 

While confiding to the COO, the President failed to mention that a few years earlier, he took possession of a member's BMW and afterwards, transferred ownership to himself without ever paying a cent for the automobile. The car was repossessed despite the fact the member, Danny Wafa, signed a repayment agreement which would have enabled his credit union loan payments to become current. The President's actions not only resulted in a derogatory reference being placed on the member's credit report but defrauded the credit union of money it was owed. The President kept the car for a short while before selling it to his friend, Odell Richards. 

He also never told the COO about the years in which he sexually harassed a former employee, frequently and in the presence of employees, inviting to "whip your ass" and "sop you up like gravy." 

Charles R. Wiggington, Sr. is trying in earnest to rewrite his abominable history of misconduct and abuses, though unfortunately his behaviors were all too public and perpetrated in the presence of many employees. It is clear, that what he is striving to do is convert Ms. Walker into an ally who will embrace his far-fetched fantasies at safe value. 


Preparations for the opening of the new Airport Branch have been beset with problems. The cause is quite simply, President Wiggington, who has made no secret of the fact the he was "forced to create the branch."  

An in-house memorandum issued to only employees disclosed the branch would open quietly and without advising members during the week of June 20th. Later, the opening was rescheduled to Tuesday, June 30th. The President, as reported here previously, has said he does not want the new branch to be inundated with throngs of new members who could overload branch staff. He also is concerned that many of the members visiting the location will only utilize the branch as a check cashing facility. 

We first don't understand why anyone, at least not a self-proclaimed and savvy President like Charles R. Wiggington. Sr. would be concerned of having too much business. Furthermore, if he's concerned that the rabble will over-power branch staff assigned to the location, then add more staff. The solution seems simple to an incredulous problem. 

So what is the basis for President Wiggington's concerns? There is none. He has absolutely no evidence to support his assertions. It's just another Wiggington concoction borne out of an imagination that has no bounds and is out of touch with reality. 

The following excerpt is obtained from a memorandum dated Monday, June 7, 2009, issued by Rodger Smock, to all employees of the credit union:"

Our new location 9029 Airport Blvd will be opening for business on Tuesday, June 20th. The hours of operations will be, Monday thru Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. 

In addition to the full service branch, a 24-hour ATM is already in operation for use by the general public. 

Our first point concerns the grand opening of the location. June 20th came and passed and the new brand did not open. June 21st, 22nd, 23rd, 24th, 25th, 26th, 27th, 28th, 29th and 30th came and left and the branch remain inoperative. So what could have happened? Rumor has it that President Wiggington is intentionally prolonging opening the office that he never wanted created. 

Another issue concerns Mr. Smock's statement that the ATM at the new branch is intended for "use by the general public." The ATM cannot be accessed without an employee postal badge. That is the only way to open the door that leads to the constricted space where the ATM is located. On a side note, the poorly planned branch space was designed by Charles R. Wiggington, Sr., proving he is less than an architect than he is a President. 

The new branch will also not be stocked with promotional giveaways like pens, notepads and other items. The President has also ordered that few brochures describing products and services be provided to the new branch. Clearly, the President does not wish the branch to succeed. So when can we expect the new branch to open? 



Recently, AVP, Lynette Fortson, complained to other AVP's, that the floor plans she designed for the Airport Branch had been rejected, without explanation,by the President. 

Not only did he reject the plans she created, she ordered Ms. Fortson to make certain all construction was completely quickly even though it is he who has continually postponed opening of the new location. 

The President may be adding pressure to Ms. Fortson because she is after all, the last remaining employee who the President has branded "Harris' people" (a reference to his predecessor, William E. Harris. 


President Wiggington recently confided that he has asked Training and Education Manager, Robert West to rewrite a new mission statement. His reason for recreating the statement is that the old one was commissioned by his predecessor and he wishes to severe all references to Mr. Harris. As we've reported previously, Charles R. Wiggington, Sr. is a slave to his own undisciplined emotions. He isn't a strategist but he is a reactionary. Here is a peek at the new statement which awaits approval by the Board of Directors.

Priority One Credit Union -- Your Financial Fitness Center

Our mission: "To help our member-owners and employees achieve financial fitness. We are committed to providing quality products and services that help you win money."

Priority One is not a "Financial Fitness Center" as attested to by its financials which remain in the negative. They can't help members or employees win with money as attested to by the company-wide wage freeze implemented by the President several weeks ago. 

The quality products and services they allude to are generic and offered by other, better, more prosperous credit union. 


Annuitant's deposits electronically deposited to their accounts each month, are usually posted by the 28th of the month. During the month of June, the President that posting should be withheld and not posted until July 1, 2009. He of course, failed to inform members forcing them to wonder where there deposits had gone. So are members the credit union's "First Priority"?

During the month of June, account closures increased dramatically. The credit union reported the closure of 100 accounts. Reasons for the closures included, lack of convenience, poor member service, insufficient branch locations. 

So what happened to the retention program President Wiggington raved about in January 2007, which he promised would reduce account closures? 


To reduce spending, the President has stopped all overtime. His wage freeze continues in effect. For the time, the credit union will not be promoting non-exempt staff. 

However, promotions within the management sector continue as do wage increases. He also orchestrated the hiring of COO, Beatrice Walker. Evidently, streamling is only targeting non-exempt staff, the one sector who is paid the least. 

Charles R. Wiggington. Sr. is toxic to the once thriving credit union. He is self-indulgent. His refusal to post the credit union's Monthly Income Statements prove he really has deluded himself into believing that he can violate state laws when he chooses. His treatment of the Airport Branch attests that he will sabotage business to placate his childish and undisciplined fits. Don't expect Priority One to recuperate at any time soon, not while Charles R. Wiggington, Sr. remains President. 

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Anonymous said...

Yes the new mission statement sucks. Shared Branching did not work because IT just cant do anything right. Withholding the deposits caused an overflow of members calling in.

Anonymous said...

Your right anonymous. Its the staff that has to clean up Wiggs messes. He makes a mistake and we all pay including not getting raises.

Anonymous said...

Mister Toad is right on the money (or in wiggys case the loss/lack of money) no amount of kissing will turn that frog in to a prince.

Dexter said...

He is the most hated person at Priority.

Anonymous said...

He also forgot to tell the COO how he blamed Alan Santos when it was he who screwed up the ballots that wenot out with SSNs and account numbers posted on outside of envelopes.

Anonymous said...

And he blames Mr Harris for the negative balance. Stupid.

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