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Friday, March 12, 2010

Slight of Hand, Part 2


After spending all of 2009 immersed in the RED, Priority One Credit Union has finally re-entered the BLACK. This is certainly good news and so unexpected. 

According to the January Monthly Income Statement, the credit union actually generated real profit. The financial disclosures referenced in the Monthly Income Statements reveal the credit union generated profit during the first month of the new year. Of course, one shouldn't ignore the fact that Priority One ended 2009, in the negative. During the first week of January, it was this the credit union's failure to escape the negative the prompted the angry President Charles R. Wiggington., Sr. to angrily exclaim, he was not going to make the December Monthly Income Statement public. Of course, he changed his mind after being reminded that his refusal to post statements in early 2009, resulted in the filing of two complaints to the DFI. 

What we find perplexing is that after 12 consecutive months, Priority One generated profit. 
December's Monthly Income Statement references losses of -$5,458,432Not only did they allegedly generate profit, but they did so in what is historically one of the slowest months of the year. How is that possible? 

Because President Wiggington has spent the last three years fabricating lie after lie trying to cover-up his failures, we find it incredible that suddenly, profit has been produced. During the month of January, the Loan Department complained that sales were extremely slow, prompting the President to dispense orders that every Loan Processor and Officer expend more time contacting members whose requests for loans have been approved and try to persuade them to fund their requests. The Business Development Department also reported sluggish sales.

We will be keeping an eye on the credit union's financials as we know all too well that Charles R. Wiggington, Sr. is a President with a proclivity to alter reporting. In fact, last year the President ostracized, CFO, Manny Gaitmaitan, because of his refusal to "cook the books" and show profits where none exist and reduce reported losses. This is a President who is less concerned with creating effective strategies and introducing proactive measures to reduces losses than he is in creating fraudulent impressions of success..  

More on this, later in this post. 


As we've reported in recent posts, more and more of President Wiggington's decision-making authority regarding the development of products, services, and promotions has been transferred to COO, Beatrice Walker. The President who for years flaunted his authority, seems to be evolving into a figurehead. The fact that it is a decision he doesn't agree with is most attested to by his demeanor which is quieter. What's more, he looks miserable. 

The COO has also changed. She is cockier, more arrogant and has made it a habit to walk through the entire South Pasadena branch, several times each day, in company of her clique, Director of Credit Resolutions, Yvonne Boutte, and Loan Manager, Call Center Supervisor, Credit Manager, Joseph Garcia. While strolling through the branch's various departments, she will loudly talk about the changes she intends to make when she is appointed President. During her many walks through the branch, she's been overheard talking about her plans to retire AVP, Rodger Smock, who she frequently describes as "useless" and "overpaid" and her plans to terminate, Education and Training Manager, Robert West, who she describes as "unnecessary." 

The products she's plagiarized and implemented, have been met with lukewarm interest though her spending has been astronomical. The Board has continually approved  her requests for more and more money used to develop products, used to create the call center and used to hire consultants because she promises that the monies spent are actually an investment that will eventually reap high returns. 

Currently, she has entered into a wild refurbishment of the main branch, installing window treatments, painting, and is planning to re-carpet the entire branch. She has also purchased more cubicles which will be installed alongside the call center and collection department. She is also sprucing up the President's office. Several weeks ago, purchased a new $5000 laptop. The procedures is to submit a request to the IT Department who will review and approve or deny the request. If approved, the department will order the laptop. Mrs. Walker charged the laptop which she selected and picked up from a store and then instructed the IT Supervisor to process payment for her computer. He refused. 

Ms. Walker might do well to acquaint herself with the credit union's revamped Mission Statement which describes the credit union as a financial fitness center. When one considers that 2008 and 2009 both ended in the negative, one might have thought that the Chief Operations Officer might have acted more conservatively and spent a lot less until it is proven her efforts are actually producing profit. Ms. Walker is evidently assuming that all that she does is going to bring in huge amounts of profit sometime in the near future. For her sake, let's hope so. 


Last June, AVP, Rodger Smock, declared that one of COO, Beatrice Walker's competencies was to create products and services that generate income. We've investigated her past employment and have found no evidence to this and have to wonder what the AVP based his statements on. 

As we've reported previously, Ms. Walker has plagiarized ideas from acquaintances in the industry. The launching of Priority Pay just a few weeks ago, proved a fiasco when she failed to confirm that the invitations sent to members included the customary Disclosure Statement and Fee Schedule. 

She as described her new call center as a "one-stop call center" and we certainly hope that in time, the center will live up to the hype. In the meantime, we've decided to briefly describe some of the key products launched by Ms. Walker which the Board claims, will provide profitable sources of income. . 


Ms. Walker revealed several weeks ago that Skip-a-Pay was an idea provided to her by an acquaintance in the industry. The premise of the product is, you can skip paying your consumer loan premium for an entire month and use the money to splurge on something else, like a vacation. 

Realistically, Skip-a-Pay will only help a person whose monthly loan payment is relatively high. We can't imagine someone using a $55 monthly payment to travel. This past December, Ms. Walker disclosed that Skip-a-Pay generated $12,960 in profit to the credit union. We disagree.

The program cost $50,000 to design and implement so by our calculations, a profit has not been made. According to the COO, Skip-a-Pay will only be offered once per year. Based on her statement, it may take four or five years for the product to actually prove profitable. Based on Ms. Walker's disclosure, the credit union needs to generate another $38,034 before profits can be gained for the offering.  


The credit union's version of a payday loan was launched with little fanfare. We previously reported that the product has received a lukewarm response, but we may have been wrong in our assessment. 

According to Loan Department personnel, members have shunned Priority Pay. A number of members who were surveyed said they don't want the credit union "involved" in their "personal business." So is Priority Pay intrusive? Apparently some members think it is. 

As mentioned in our last post, Priority Pay charges a flat monthly fee of $59.00, no matter what amount is borrowed. On the surface, that seems like a fair deal. 

However, what the credit union fails to mention is that obtaining a loan through Priority Pay is a membership based program which means members will continue to be charged $59.00 per month irrelevant of whether or not they've borrowed money. Members may opt out of the program but what one has to again question is the integrity of a credit union who is not telling members up front, about the required monthly $59.00 fee.

Furthermore, the money is not be lent by Priority One Credit Union but by a third-party lender. Priority One receives a payment for each member who obtained a Priority Pay Loan. We believe this product will fail. 

Courtesy Pay

This is another product "borrowed" by Ms. Walker from acquaintances in the industry. Courtesy Pay is another name for overdraft protection.  Whether the product is an actual courtesy is all dependent on the user. 

Like Priority Pay, the program encountered immediate problems at the point of its inception, though the problems afflicting Priority Pay stem from COO, Beatrice Walker's dishonesty.

Courtesy Pay was to be offered to only members in good-standing who have a checking account. Ms. Walker instead, ordered that all member accounts be coded for Courtesy Pay. What this means is, that if a member overdraws the account linked to Courtesy Pay, they will, unbeknownst to the member, incur an overdraft fee. The reason why she did this is clear - to generate increased revenue for the financially-strapped credit union.

Courtesy Pay charges a flat fee of $28.00 irrelevant of the amount that was overdrawn. This means that if a person writes a check for $200.00 but doesn't have the funds to cover the amount, they will be charged $28.00. 

However, this also means that if a person writes a check for $10.00 but only has $9.00 in their checking account, will be charged $28.00. Is this how Priority One is proving to be a financial fitness center?  Is this how it's helping members and employees "win with money"? 

Last December, Ms. Walker informed the Board that Courtesy Pay "will generate more income from fees charged to members and enhance service." Yes, it will gouge members. Inarguably, the credit union is in desperate need of money due to the horrendous business decisions made by President Wiggington and being repeated by Ms. Walker. Instead of targeting the cause of losses, Ms. Walker it going to charge members extra fees to help extricate the credit union from the chasm created by the President and sanctioned by the President. 

In her article, “OVERDRAFT PROTECTION: Big Business or Big Headache, Dianne Molvig presents the pros and cons of overdraft fees. Included with her article, was an account from Gary Perez, CEO of USC Credit Union, and his credit union's decision not to implement a version of Courtesy Pay. Mr. Perez states, "My sense is they [members - students and their parents] would prefer we say no to their Happy Meal as opposed to charging them $30 for it.” 

Ms. Walker on the other had,  chooses to charge exorbitant overdraft protection fees which create a cycle of debt when the role of all credit unions should be to teach members into adopting sound financial practices that protect their assets and help  them grow.  Mr. Perez also state:

“We didn’t want to put our members – especially our young members at risk of incurring heavy overdraft fees in exchange for common, ordinary debit card activities.” Rather than providing overdraft protection on checks and ACH (Automatic Clearing House), they chose to avoid levying NSF fees and instead have encouraged members to enroll in an open-end overdraft line of credit which does not charge a fee for transfers and a “nominal interest rate” of 9% to 15%, dependent upon their disclosed credit standing. The (vendors) position was, ‘Why would you do that? Just give it to everyone. You maximize earnings from fees and you help the most members.’ We agreed it would maximize earnings. We disagreed with their definition of ‘help’.”


A member recently contacted us and shared her experience with Priority One Credit Union after she discovered money had been withdrawn from her checking account without her authorization. 

A few weeks ago, the member discovered that $400.00 had been debited from her checking account using her Priority One VISA check card. She immediately called the Member Services Department in South Pasadena and they appropriately canceled her check card. 

The member asked that the credit union grant provisional credit which would restore the amount of the money taken from her account. She was told her request would be approved and the money restored to her account by the end of the week.  

She continued to monitor her checking account but by the end of the week, the money had not been credited to her account. Her frustration increased when messages left for the Financial Services Representative who she reported the theft to, refused to response to any of her voicemails. 

Frustrated, she instead called the Los Angeles branch.  The representative at the Los Angeles office called the main branch in South Pasadena and later, that same day, the member was called by Credit Resolutions Manager, Yvonne Boutte. Mrs. Boutte apologized for the inconvenience but informed the member that in the future, she refrain from calling other branches. But hadn't the member called the South Pasadena branch and left voicemails that were never responded to? 

Mrs. Boutte suffers from the same ailments afflicting most of Priority One's executive and managerial sector. Mrs. Boutte's response to the member's concerns was inappropriate and completely off-target.  Was the credit union's refusal to respond to the member and Mrs. Boutte's unsuitable response evidence that Priority One is a financial fitness center or how it helps member's win with money

By the way, the member was charged $50.00 by Priority One for its alleged research conducted during investigation of the theft.  Did someone say, Financial Fitness Center?


Though Priority One has recently disclosed that profit was generated this past January, in late December 2009, President Wiggington offered up the following address to the Board of Directors:

“The credit union continues to face many challenges. Our net capital decreased from 7.12% to 6.78%. The credit union’s allowance for loan loss account had to be increased by $370.829.00 and is now adequately funded. The increase was due to the credit union being under funded by $413,307.00 for the month of November (2009) and the 6 months net charge-offs increasing by $525,763.00

Every effort is being made to control delinquencies; however, we currently have $2,867,067.19 in delinquent mortgages, which represents 69% of our total delinquency. Our modified mortgages represent 61% of our delinquent mortgages. In future, the credit union will be reporting to the board every month on potential charge-offs covering a 3 to 6 month period. 

Loans decreased by $1,225,013.96 and shares decreased by $2,255,468.53. Our total membership increased by 41 (new members).”

As stated previously in this post, we have doubts regarding the credit union's reported profits for the month of January. It's incredulous to believe that in December 2009, Priority One was deeply mired in the negative and despite the President's depressing disclosures, Priority One somehow and inexplicably, generated sufficient profit to push the credit union into the Black

The news of profits generated during the month of January 2009 also seems starkly inconsistent with statements made by Real Estate and Consumer Loan Manager, Joseph Garcia, who warned his staff that unless more loans are funded, the credit union will have no choice but to lay-off staff. 

We advice taking any proclamations of profit with a grain of salt.  


The credit union reported profits of $230,000 for the month of January 2010 and according to both the President and COO, the profit was gotten from increased business. So is the money the result of increased new business? 

According to Priority One's December 2009 Monthly Income Statement, the credit union increased its Loan Allowance needed to cover potential loan losses, from $2,600,000 to $2,970,829.00. This was an increase of $370,829

During the month of January 2010, the credit union only used $2,593,983 of the $2,970,829.00 to cover loan losses.  This left an unused balance of $386,846. What it appears the President and COO did was take a portion of the unused loan loss allowance and fraudulently report it as profit for the month of January 2010. This would explain why following an entire year of losses, the credit union would suddenly, almost miraculously, experience profit during one of the slowest months of the year. 

It is important to also note that at no time during the years of 2007, 2008, and 2009, did the credit union experience profit in that amount until after CFO, Manny Gaitmaitan, was forced to resign by the President and COO, for refusing to alter the credit union's monthly financials. His expulsion at the end of 2009, finally provided the President and COO with the ability to falsify financial reporting. 

January's alleged profit was not based on the result of profits attained from sound strategic planning but rather the result of manipulating financial reporting. 

In response to our reporting the credit union has moved quickly to try and reduce its high number of dropped calls (members than hang-up before their call is answered). In fact, in her December address to the Board, COO, Beatrice Walker wrote:

“Currently, we are answering approximately 900 calls per week and losing approximately 200 calls per week.” 

That’s more than a 20% loss of all incoming calls. Concerned about their increasing negative public reputation, the credit union has now ordered that incoming calls to the Call Center be also diverted to the South Pasadena reception desk and the Valencia branch. But didn't the President and COO declare throughout late 2009, that the staff assigned to the call center would be able to answer all incoming calls and thus resolve a large percentage of Priority One's immense member service issues? 

This serves as yet another example of how President Wiggington is "working smarter" (his words, not ours). 

In 2009, President Wiggington spent $600,000 of credit union monies to purchase a new telephone system that has been plagued by continual technical difficulties, forcing the credit union to spend immense amounts each month on technicians, none of who has succeeded in bringing a stop to the frequently occurring technical issues. 

At the time the system was installed, the President ordered all calls diverted to the south Pasadena branch and any overflow, sent to the Los Angeles branch. It never occurred to the self-described :"educated" President to have calls equally diverted to all branches, not just two. 

In 2009, it became apparent that the $600,000 spent on the phone system had not only failed to resolve Priority One's many member service related problems but had actually exacerbated these. 

And so, the President and COO, Beatrice Walker, decided that the solution would be installation of a call center that the COO said would serve as a "one stop call center." So as of January 2010 and according to the COO, a huge number of incoming calls are being lost because weary members are hanging up and refusing to stay on the line waiting for someone to answer their calls. 

  • Phone System (2008)        $600,000
  • Call Center (2010)               $70,000
  • Telephone Technicians       $100.00 per hour


Last month. former CFO, Manny Gaitmaitan, who remains a member in good-standing, visited the Valencia branch and requested a copy of the January Monthly Income Statement. 

The staff asked why he wanted a copy of the report. When he advised them that they were required by law to provide all members, in good standing, with a copy of the report, the staff reluctantly surrendered the report. 

After the former CFO left the branch, President Wiggington was called at his office and informed of Mr. Gaitmaitan's request. The President immediately called Mr. Gaitmaitan on his cellular and demanded to know why he wanted to view the Monthly Income Statement and told the former CFO that if he ever wishes to obtain a copy of the report at any time in the future, that he must first call Mr. Wiggington. Evidently, the highest officer at the credit union is also ignorant about what state law clearly stipulates. His request to Mr. Gaitmaitan is not only completely inappropriate, its illegal.  Paranoid much?


We believe wholeheartedly, that any company's working environment and employee morale are a tone set by management. 

Over the past year, the credit union's Los Angeles branch has been the site of disturbances originating amongst non-exempt employees. As we've reported in previous posts, in 2009, an audit conducted by Turner, Warren, Hwang and Conrad discovered that more than $60,000 had been embezzled by a former receptionist of the Los Angeles branch. 

Approximately six months ago, too long-time employees entered into a loud verbal exchange near the lobby area and in the presence of members who were waiting to meet with tellers and FSR's. The loud exchange forced the AVP to leave her office and intervene. Both employees were suspended and counseled and each returned to work, a few days later. 

Three weeks ago, the another verbal altercation occurred. This time an argument ensued in the teller area in the presence of members and their co-workers. Both women were also suspended and upon their return to work, counseled. One woman filed a grievance against an FSR who intervened and tried to diffuse the argument. 

A few days after the complaint had been filed, AVP, Rodger Smock, and the credit union's attorney, William Adler, both visited the Los Angeles branch during which they interviewed employees. Three days later, consultant, Loren Lillestrand visited the branch during which he met with employees in an effort to dispel differences and animosities. Unfortunately, the problems at the Los Angeles branch are not going to be resolved by asking non-exempt staff to take an introspect view of their feelings and how they feel about their co-workers. 

The altercations point to a serious problem within the working environment in the Los Angeles branch. But loud verbal arguing amongst staff members was never an issue before Charles R. Wiggington, Sr. was appointment President. Coincidence? We hardly think so. 


On January 20th, a management meeting was conducted at the South Pasadena branch. During the meeting, obnoxious Credit Resolutions Director, Yvonne Boutte, verbalized comments about non-exempt staff members, affirming the arrogant attitude permeating the credit union's executive sector. 

During the meeting, Mrs. Boutte told attendees that in her opinion, "employees who don't carry their weight cooperate with changes should get off our bus and get their things and get on the little yellow bus." 

The statements were clearly offensive and inappropriate but the hateful Director echoed an attitude that embodies how President Wiggington views staff. 

For those who may not know, the "little yellow school bus" is a reference to buses used to transport mentally challenged children and adults. We don't care that her statement was politically incorrect or inane but what it says about the attitude she and other managers have towards the credit union's workforce. 
Mrs. Boutte evidently dislikes people who don't agree with the credit union's agendas, but under Charles R. Wiggington, Sr., his mode of administration consists of manipulating credit union policies and violating state and federal laws. She obviously is too morally and ethically confused to understand that not everyone is as pliable as she and some of the other managers have proven to be. 
"If you want to make someone angry tell him a lie; if you want to make him furious, tell him the truth. All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed, second it is violently opposed, and third it is accepted as self-evident."

Arthur Schopenhauer, Philosopher, 1788-1860

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Anonymous said...

You forgot to mention how suck-e the shared branch program is. I deposited my tax return and it was held for over 7 days. I also deposited cash and that was held for a few days as well. I was told going to a shared branch was like coming to Priority One. I have an account at B of A. When I deposit cash it is instantly put into my account (even at a ATM) and when I put in a out of state check I had the money on the second day. So goodbye to Priority One, you used to be a great place but now you are third rate.

Anonymous said...

You're right. I used share branching after I was told that there is no difference in time if I deposit my money at Priority One or another shared branch participant. TEN DAYS LATER, my check cleared! Priority One is MISREPRESENTING shared branching. Not all of us can afford to wait ten days. Definitely, members are not the credit union's first priority and I sure didn't win with money.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Loren can given the cu a refund. Anyway, Yvonne is just being uppity.

Gone Fishing said...


Anonymous said...

Saw another toyota in the parking lot, toyota cars have killed 58 people. What don't the credit union get about that fact? Anyone who buys a toyota is plain stupid or has a death wish. Don't know why I am dissappointed, after all it is Priority One.

Anonymous said...

Don't be dissapointed, P1 is famous for its 'killer' deals. They 'kill' your confidence in their services. You want to be 'killed' while waiting for someone to answer the phone. You will probably be 'killed' before a P1 staff member calls you back. You want to 'kill' customer service when they cannot help you with your problem and give you attidude. And last the president will 'kill' you with his breath. Yes, the Toyota is just the latest in 'killer' deals from P1.

Anonymous said...

Wigg is in the shadows. If he had much power left they probably wouldn't have let Dane Simmons go because they used to be friends outside the cu and Wigg is not one to let someone else get rid of people he brings in. The coo is in charge and you can see it in everything the cu does. But the problem is not even Wigg or the coo, its that stupid useless board headed by that dumbass, Diedra Brooks or whatever her name is now days. Kick the board out and reign in management otherwise these people who don't love the credit union will continue to sink it.

Anonymous said...

Wiggington is no ones friend, he would screw Rodger over if he had to as long as he can sit in his office and talk about bmws, about what employee hes going to get, whos jealous of him, whos out to get him, his aunt, his son, women who want him etc, etc, etc and collect that undeserved paycheck.

Anonymous said...

Priority pay is not a way to build strong relations with your members.

Anonymous said...

Wigg isn't a way to build strong relationships with your members either.

Anonymous said...

You would think that if anything Wigg should have learned is to obey laws. Telling the CFO he cannot get a copy of the cu's financial statement without first calling Wigg first proves how stupid P1's president really is. Like they say "you can't teach an old fat dishonest dog new tricks."

You folks are Wiggin' out!!! said...

Just thought you guys should know... To the rest of the world, 3,000-word blog posts every other week for 2+ years looks pretty nutty.

And no, I don't know anyone who works at this credit union. I was just Googling some stuff when I stumbled into this insane asylum.

One can't help but think of how all this energy could have been otherwise used.

Okay, that's it. You can have your crazy back now.

Anonymous said...

What's your point stupid ass? You'll be back for more.

Stupid People Piss Me OFF said...

Anonymous said...
Anonymous said, "Just thought you guys should know... To the rest of the world, 3,000-word blog posts every other week for 2+ years looks pretty nutty."

Putty? First, MORON, if you go back and look at the first post, this blog began in January 2009 which would make it slightly more than one year old. An opinion is one thing, a stupid opinion is another.

Anonymous wrote, "And no, I don't know anyone who works at this credit union. I was just Googling some stuff when I stumbled into this insane asylum."

Bullshit (like your comment). You do not about this credit union because if you were just be chance "Googling" then you would have found many blogs about many subjects many of which express personal opinions. So if you are going to post an opinion, why not at least try to write the truth instead of using the old, "I'm a a victim who just happened to..." IDIOT.

Same anonymous wrote, "One can't help but think of how all this energy could have been otherwise used."

Really? Well, we can't help but wonder "how all" your energy used to write your stupid comment could "have been otherwise used" like going and being a pest on some other blog where you can use your half a brain to annoy them.

Anonymous finally wrote, "Okay, that's it. You can have your crazy back now."

How can we have our "crazy back now" if you just finished writing and are going away? Bye bye Crazy.

p.s. Board member? Bea? Yvonne?

Sherlock Holmes said...

Correction: "You folks are Wiggin out!!! is not anonymous.

"You folks are Wiggin out!!!" is protecting the credit union by lying. Notice that they didn't comment on the credit union's service problems or explain why the president told the ex-CFO he cannot get a copy of the financials without first calling him. PLUS,"You folks are Wiggin out!!! said that 3000-word blog posts are entered every other week which is way off. If "Your folks are Wiggin out!!! had read the home page, it shows how many posts are put in each month. 1 post in January, 1 post in February and 1 post in March. Thats 3 in 3 months and not 1 post every 2 weeks.

"You folks are Wiggin out!!! lied to make a point and they can't count. Who does that sound like? Either a member of the board or management. Whoever they are, they would be better off doing what they do best, screwing employees and not giving members good service and charging them lots of fees like a bank. Time for them to get back on the little yellow bus.

Anonymous said...

No it can't be the board, they are all dumb ass and can not write.It has to be Bea or Yvonne, who are also dumb ass queen B.

Anonymous said...

This is hysterical. You just happened to be Googling and found this blog. What were you using to Google, words like Priority One Credit Union, Charles R. Wiggington, Sr, or credit union incompetents? I can't stop laughing. How old are you? 8.

Anonymous said...

P1 managment don't know how to run a credit union but they sure know how to lie. In January they told Theresa Castro that she could either work less hours with a big cut in pay or leave. She asked if she could have the fsr position Jonny left when he went to the call center but she was told that the position was not going to be filled. She decided to leave and they gave her a little bit of money. Since she left they have filled the fsr position. Thought they weren't going to fill it? Lie, lie, lie, backstab, backstab, backstab. Here a suggestion, act like your honest. She should sue them.

Anonymous said...

I think they got Theresa out because she suggested during the employee meeting that management should volunteer to cutback their salaries. Right after that Bea stopped talking to Theresa and a few weeks later Theresa is out even though she was probably one of the best fsr's Priority has ever had. And they keep Wigg and a lot of others who should be somewhere else destroying other companies.

Mr. Walker said...

It wasn't anyone on the board that wrote that stupid comment. The only thing the board knows how to do is write their names and put in an order at Church's chicken. I think Loren Lilestran wrote that post. In Nov or Dec he said employees had to forgive and forget and stop wasting time complaining. You want to stop the complaints, fix management you wad!!!! The guys a snooze fest but if you paid me more than $30,000 I might defend them too. Na, I wouldn't.

Anonymous said...

How is Bea different then Wig? How is Yvonne different than Wigg?

Anonymous said...

You forgot to add Rodger to that vile list, he is the one who gets rid of staff they don't like.

Anonymous said...

This is how she's different

AS - Interior Design - COC

Anonymous said...

Well that's not her photo on facebook but that is her school.
She got an associate degree in Interior Design from College of the Canyons? No wonder she remodeled her office and Mr. Wiggington's and is changed the blinds and is changing the carpeting an build the call center and is adding to cubicles and brought a $5000 computer with the company credit card. Oops, the last one had nothing to do with design. I only see women on her page, doesn't she have any male friends?

Anonymous said...

Her facebook page says what we all know - she graduated from LaVerne and she's a frustrated wanna-be designer. Maybe she's staging the place for sale.

Anonymous said...

it all makes sense!

Anonymous said...

I've been rereading this long blog. Last year you said Wigg brought Bea in because he wanted a coo to do his work. What happened? Based on what's on here, the board should have taken his authority away but they should have fired him. In a lot of companies someone like him would be seen as a liability and would be fired. Apparaently, the cu's board doesn't understand how much damage this guy has caused. If the board took a lot of his authority its probably because the financials were horrible in 2009 and because she might have told them she could improve the cu if they made him move aside which it looks like they did. Really a pathetic man.

Anonymous said...

He's back to his old tricks. Wigg was bragging that the cu hit the black on January. The guy is so stupid because if they did its not because of him. He's always taking credit for what he doesn't do.

Sneaking Around said...

What's up with Bea and Yvonne. One goes out the building and a minute later the other one follows. They meet outside and go off to lunch for a couple of hours like Wigg and Rodger.

You see them having meetings in the street away from the office or meeting outside and going shopping. Why all the hiding? What's up?

Anonymous said...

They made a profit in Feb. They either are shuffling #'s around which could explain why they drag their feet to get the report out.

Anonymous said...

How did this man convince anyone he could be President of a financial institution?
I don't understand how he was VP of Operations either.
This man can't even control his personal life (his family is ghetto) let alone other people's money.

He gets his ideas when he scratches his balls.

and Bea? who let a wanna be interior designer make decision on who gets to stay. the woman is clearly in the wrong business.

If you want to decorate go intern in interior design and stop firing people because they don't make the place look good.

You should clean up Senior management that's where the CU has gone wrong. You don't fire front line staff they're the ones who handle the members.

This place has it all wrong

again, who's checking the resumes?

Anonymous said...

Yesterday, Bea forced the secretary to help her set up the new furniture in the patio (at SPas). Is that in the secretary's job description?

That's getting your priorities straight! "We ended 09 in the hole because of big mouth Wigg. What to do for 2010? Oh ya, new patio furniture." All you have to do is plop off a few more employee heads and you have enough money left over for some new pillows and a happy meal.

Anonymous said...

The reason they have more loans is because they lowered their requirements. You give enough loans to people who didn't used to qualify and you'll screw yourself over somewhere down the road.

Anonymous said...

Irma is not the secretary, her title is executive coordinator or the go-for. From what I've seen staff still go to Kim for help. So now not only does she deal with internal problems but deals with external (members) problems as well, poor girl.

Fico Says What said...

Anonymous said...
The reason they have more loans is because they lowered their requirements. You give enough loans to people who didn't used to qualify and you'll screw yourself over somewhere down the road.

My credit score is 478, can I get one of dem thar credit union loans?

Anonymous said...

Wiggs was kept in place by Mr. Harris, we always wondered why Mr. Harris could not see him for the ass he really was. Now wiggs is being protected by the board cause they want a black man figure head. Now this black man has the credit union millions of dollars in debt and has made the credit union a joke in the cu community. What they should have wanted was the right man. But most of them look like they couldn't figure out where to put a postal stamp on the envelope. These are the fools that are picking who will run the credit union, or is loren doing that now?

CU Ambassador said...

You're right, the service at the cu is horrible! What does Gema do? You get lines of people waiting for 1 teller to help them. Where are the other tellers? They offer waiting members those cheap giveaways, like thats what they want. Why don't Gema or Virgina get ther butts out of their chairs and open a teller window when there is a line? Why don't they put Joseph over member services. He's positive, talks to members and makes sure they get service.

ishilcco said...

I see Joseph bought you with his candy and ice cream. He is the one giving away those bad loans. All he does is ring that stupid bell and dance all day. He bought a good coffee machine so now he should just run everything? Why not give him IT, collections, card service and everything. You idiot! He is already over the call center which still sucks and loans.

Anonymous said...

I called the call center and the phone rang 32 times, Guess what?
You are right no one answer the phone!

Anonymous said...

Some one stole my purse and my ATM card was used $150.00 was taken from my account using my ATM card. It took 12 days for me to get my money back then they charge me $50.00 for research. I closed my account. Talk about being robbed , I do not know who is worse the one who took my purse or the credit union who charge me because I was a victim of a crime.

Pres Obama said...

Joseph has been saying loans are up but what he didn't say is that they are giving loans to members who never would have qualified before he became loan mgr. And thats another point sneaky old Bea made him call ctr mgr but she's been keeping it secret that he is also the loan mgr. I guess the coo never thought people migh clue in when they saw him sitting in the middle of the room giving orders to the loan dept.

And if your a member who is sick of waiting for the phone to be answered, come and work at p1, its worse. People call and complain about the long waits, thats if they can get through. The complain about how when they call people don't answer their questions or don't return their calls. Its horrible. And how come Bea sends out a notice that she is going to be away til Monday and if anybody needs help, they call useless Rodger. When did they name her ceo? And why she going to be away without Yvonne with her?

P1, your financial sickness center.

What you talking about Willis said...

When I use to work at Priority I remember the reason there was only 1 teller and a long line is because Wiggs convinced Harris to buy this teller program. The program schedules the tellers. The managers have to follow the schedule to reach a certain goal. If goal is not met then you know what happens. The program is useless and I'm sure it was expensive.

Oprah said...

Its decisions like that makes it no surprise that Bea could start working on June 1st and by Jan 1st, she had most of Wiggs power.

Martha Stewart said...

Ever tried to talk to Virgina, Genevieve or Gema? They don't answer their phones and they don't call members back. And why does Gema sit behind the teller line and not at her desk? Isn't she still the branch mgr? Is she hiding from the INS?

Joseph is like annoying talk show host. He goes around prancing and trying to sound positive but he's got a bad temper and knows less about loans than the janitor.

Member services sucks and Wigg knows it and if Bea doesn't know it then why is coo? She should go work as a decorator at IKEA. And have you checked out the new paint job in the lobby? Teal. Really?

Wigged out said...

ishilcco said...
I see Joseph bought you with his candy and ice cream. He is the one giving away those bad loans. All he does is ring that stupid bell and dance all day. He bought a good coffee machine so now he should just run everything? Why not give him IT, collections, card service and everything. You idiot! He is already over the call center which still sucks and loans.

Thats ok P1 will be out of business by the time those loans go belly up.

Anonymous said...

Gema, Virginia, Genevieve...what do they actually do?

Gema always seems like she's hiding from someone (worst manager)

Virginia, got her post through a lot of ass kissing (people like that there) but the worst person to work with. The woman has no common sense. She acts like she knows what she's doing but lacks intelligence (like most people there)

Genevieve, she just puzzles me. I, don't even think she knows what she's doing.

Joseph, I never liked him. Always seemed so phony to me, but so is everyone at the Credit Union. Everyone is so fake. At one point they use to think they had it all together & they had attitude. But now, they all try to ACT nice.

You don't say said...

Martha Stewart said...

Joseph is like annoying talk show host. He goes around prancing and trying to sound positive but he's got a bad temper and knows less about loans than the janitor.

Goes around prancing? Sounds like theres another pansy in the bunch.

Anonymous said...

Mgmt is in your face about all the bad things they do. They don't hide the fact they lie or backstab or the fact that most of them are ignorant. They don't care that you know they are spending more than the cu should be spending or that they are terminating people so they can have money to spend on decorating. Bea also hired Loren who was a waste of money. He was boring, dishonest, and really had nothing to say. The guy should take some public speaking lessons because he was awful. The minute he said, "Bea and I are friends" you just knew he couldn't be trusted and it turns out, he can't.

Anonymous said...

Martha Stewart hit the nail on the head with many of her comments.She said that Joseph has a bad temper-you don't want to ever cross him.  If you are a female you better watch out.  He has that Mexican Macho mentality.  He will be the next one up for sexual harrasment.  He has done this in the past.He has no loan experience, just a janitor experience (also a bus driver) before he was hired at Inland Postal CU.  Before that he had been fired from First Financial CU.  That gives him something in common with Bea.  Common defined in Webster's is: passable, lower-level, second-rate, unsophisticated, uncultured and so-so nothing to write home about.  It appears that all of the about fit Bea and Joseph to a tea, as most of the upper management and board.
Joseph is just another BIRD - a strutting PEACOCK

Anonymous said...

Wow, the last comment was amazing! If you think about, P1 is like some bad comedy. You have a board that doesn't know anything and who chose a ceo because of skin color to "keep it black." Now they are answering (and they are answering) to a white woman. Way to go back in time. Its like a bad tarzan movie.

Anonymous said...

They have not posted February figures again, who do I write to was if DFI or NCUA If they do not post the figures there must be a problem.

Mrs. Garcia said...

There have been complaints filed at P1 about Joseph touching some of the women. Watch him. He still does it but on the down low. Watch him how when he stands behind a woman how close he gets to them. And Joseph giving out candy to the women is kind of strange when you consider the complaints. Those meetings EVERY DAY and that stupid bell are just so grammer school. He is really an angry guy and that facade is as phony as Yvonne's hair. I read that post and didn't know about the other stuff. Now, I'm not trying take his side but if he got fired from First Financial CU, anyone can get fired. And there's no shame in being a bus driver.

But how do you become the call center manager, the loan manager, and the credit manager when you been fired and your background is being a bus driver? Then again how do your become a coo when the president at Universal fcu thought you stunk? I know he wasn't a call ctr credit or loan supervisor at Redlands so how exactly did he qualify for these? Why did Bea choose him, did she think he was a girl? (He even says he's one of the girls).

Anonymous said...

Mrs. Garcia
When I said Joseph was a janitor and school bus driver, it was not to put these jobs down in any way. They are respectable jobs. It was to point out his past job experience. Both of these jobs do not qualify you to become loan operations supervisor, loan officer, let alone a credit manager. A credit manager is a very important position in the stablitly of any financial institution. And with the position P1 is in, you need someone with years of experience to turn things around.

He was promoted because he has two things females don't. Most of upper management are males. Also because of race. The majority of the employess are black, hispanic, or asian. Very, Very few whites.

He will get away with sexual harrasment, as he is the wonder boy now and Wigg is proof of that.

A Birdie said...

Joseph is a macho Mexican. Right now he has the women in the loan department fooled by pretending to be nice, giving them candy, cheering them on. That is all good but if you know Joseph you know its not sincere. He is a man who wants his way and when he doesn't he gets in your face. Since he arrived at S. Pas he has mistreated two females and tried to bully them. He does it so discreetly so only they can hear what he has to say. Well at least he thought no one could hear him
because like Wigg's big mouth, there are lots of ears at P1.
P1 does have White, Asian, and Latin members but the "black" board wants to keep the board one color and they wanted a "black" ceo but now know that everything on this blog is true and that his the biggest joke in the cu industry. James Smith, the candidate for the board, is also black so if he wins a seat it changes nothing. If you had a White, Asian, or Latin Ceo do what Wigg has done the "black" board would have fired him on the spot.
The "black" board caters to their own and I can't imagine why they brought Bea in unless they found her on the clearance rack.

As for Joseph, he can't behave for long and will probably end up doing or saying the wrong thing to some woman in the future. He's just too touchy and creepy and thinks that he can do whatever he wants.

Anonymous said...

You have a coo who some say have been fired from another cu for not performing well and is spending a lot of time primping the main office.

You have a guy who went from bus driver to branch mgr to call ctr mgr & 2 months later also was given the titles os loan and credit mgr & who is know to get touchy with female employees.

You have a president who not only couldn't cut the job but got suspended for sexual harrassment & then was brought back where he continued to bring the company down.

You have a board that wanted a black president & after he was suspended for sexual harrassment they brought him back. They have taken most of his power away but they still keep him & pay him more than $115,000 a year.

What the hell is wrong at priority one?

Anonymous said...

What does a predator do when he wants a girl to trust him?  He gives them candy, then he strikes.  This is Joseph -the BIG BAD WOLF IN SHEEPS CLOTHING.  Bea,Wigg, Roger, Virgina, Gena, Georgina, Patti L and Joesph are worthless.  The only reasson they are still around is they are like sheep and follow who ever is in charge.  It does matter if they are right or wrong.  All of them have no back bone to stand up for what is right.  Maybe they only know wrong.  These are the type of people the board and management keep around and get rid of the ones that question or stand up for whats right.  None of them do or care what is in the best interest of the CU and members.  I thought that was what CU's where all about - THE MEMBERS

Anonymous said...

He was a bus driver and now he is the mgr of the loan, credit and call ctr. I don't know if I should laugh or cry.

Anonymous said...

To the person that wrote "Bea
,Wigg, Roger, Virgina, Gena, Georgina, Patti L and Joesph are worthless." I don't know Bea's worth but Wigg and Rodger are part of the reason Priority One is so screwed up. You can add Diedra to the mix.

In any company a person would never move up as quickly as Joseph and given so much responsibility without experience or education in those areas but at Priority promotion is about who mgmt likes. Look at how Wigg promoted Liz who turned out to be a big time kiter and got fired. He promoted Aaron who harassed employees and abused the company before he got fired.

If Bea's choices go wrong she's not the one that's going to suffer, it'll be the cu and employees who suffer. At least she'll have a pretty office to sit in.

And HR has books of complaints about Gema, Virginia, and Georgina. Patti actually knows her stuff but the way she talks down to employees is horrible and several years ago Wigg demoted her from mgr to supervisor because of her attitude. Its not about members or employees at least not anymore and the comments prove that.

Anonymous said...

I'm not a member. I just found this blog when I googled Anyway, Bea, the ceo, ordered almost $50,000 in carpeting for south pas and she's having them redo the conference room too.

Anonymous said...

Her spending at the cost of employees is another sign that P1 is sick.

Anonymous said...

Joseph got fired from another credit unon as did Bea and Smock got fired from Superior Industries. Interesting that people who don't perform well elsewhere get manager positions at Priority One. What standards does the credit union have. Unfortunately, some of the men at P1 are dogs and can't keep from touching or talking sexually about women. They again, some women like Bea, Virginia, and Rodger think backstabbing is okay to achieve their goals. What a bunch of winners.

Anonymous said...

Management are all useless and lazy, I doubt management could handle members on a regular basis. Wiggs would rather chew off his own foot then talk and help a member. Staff knows that for a fact after seeing it for years.

Anonymous said...

People, who are always talking about sex and too touchy and feely, usually have problems and are very insecure. The do these unacceptable things to get attention. Since they have noting of importance contribute, this type of action makes them fell important.

As one person posted, P1 is like a bad, bad soap opera. They scraped the bottom of the barrel for rejects. They aren't even very good actors. Let alone the quality of employees that a CU the size of P1 deserves to represent it.

Someone really needs to go in and clean house from the Board down. There are a few good employees - but I think they are afraid of retaliation if they say or do anything. It will take a very strong person to make the necessary changes to turn this CU around to what it used to be and could be again. But there is no one with the qualifications at the CU.

But an interior designer to make things pretty and a janitor to keep it clean will not cut it. You also have a CEO who qualifies as a clown, but he's not even good at that.

Someone also said that Roger has many complaints on Joseph. But you can bet he has never kept a written record of any complaints on any of the sexual harassment that has occurred at the CU. This way there is no proof, just he said she said. That's why they have gotten away with it over the years. It took someone like Kim to bring a suit. I hope she takes them to the cleaners. The only problem is it will be the member's money to pay. They should take it out of Wigg salary and retirement, since he is the one who committed the crime. The Board should have to pay also as they are responsible for Wigg actions.

You will never see the financials posted in a timely manner. Who is going to make them? Writting a letter to NCUA doesn't seem to do any good. They just lie their way out of it and NUCA just bought it.

I hate to say it, but I don't see any positive changes in the near furture. You have a board that is self serving, not concerned for what is best for the credit union and its members. The board voted to receive payment for attending meetings, after they were told this is against regulations. They need to remember that their positions are voluntary and that P1 is a Credit Union owned by the members. It's not a bank. which is for profit and their board members receive payment.

Anonymous said...

Bea is the one responsible for the call ctr. There are cheaper better solutions but she insisted on the call ctr. Congratulations for not fixing anything.

Bea is alos the one who the board let reorganize the corporate structure. She took Patti L away from loans though Patti knows more about loans than anyone else at Priority.

Bea took Yvonne the collections mgr and at first gave her the call ctr but a few weeks later she took it away and gave it to Joseph.

Bea next took card services and gave it to Yvonne though Yvonne doesn't know squat about card services.

Then Bea sent out a message to all employees that Gema the branch mgr was going to work in the call ctr two days a week and Suzanne the branch mgr from Valencia would be coming to South Pasadena to cross train as branch mgr, 3 days a week. Why would a branch mgr need to cross train with another branch mgr? Gema worked the call ctr for 2weeks and Suzanne never showed up.

Bea didn't announce it publicly but Joseph let it be known that he was tne new credit mgr and loan mgr though he doesn't have any experience in either. Confused? Everyone is but its all Bea.

While all this is going on, she builds the call center for $70,000 and then buys umbrellas for the patio, has the lobby painted, is having the board room redone, remodeled her office and Wigg's and just ordered $48,000 in new carpeting for the place.

Anonymous said...

Shows how stupid the board is, the credit union is more than 5 million in th hole and they think making it pretty is going to help. GO EAT SOME WATERMELON YOU F-ING IDIOTS.

Postal Worker said...

Came into Priority One on Friday, so now you are decorating for Easter? So whats next? an Easter egg hunt? The Easter bunny giving out treats? Jesus rising up? Why don't you just give members good service?

Anonymous said...

Because you have to work to give good service and it takes no brains to put up pictures of bunny's, plastic eggs, flowers, baskets and paint the place in teal.

Appearance takes precedence over results. said...

The coo had men come in to show her sample blinds for the South Pas office. She took bids, they measured windows, she chose a company and they installed the blinds.

She had men come in to check out the areas she wanted painted, she took bids and chose the crew she wanted and they painted.

She interviewed companies, checked out samples and now chose new carpetng for the entire branch. Some of the carpeting she's replacing was only installed 2 years ago.

She did the same thing with the call center and she went out to choose those new umbrellas for the patio tables which replaced the umbrellas that were only 2 years old but that she didn't like.

She did the same thing with her office and Wiggs and is doing the same thing with the board room which is being worked on.

Ah, so much time spent choosing blinds, paints, carpeting, dividers, pictures etc. So when does she have time to do coo work?

Anonymous said...

What does Robert West do? P1 got rid of one useless black man, two more to go.

Anonymous said...

They told us we need to push loans and sell mbi and gap but how can we do that on the phone and answer all those incoming calls. They want us to provide great service but there just isn't enough of us to be able to answer all the calls and they haven't given us training needed to answer all the kinds of calls that come in. Plus the call ctr mgr can't answer all our questions so what are we supposed to do?

Anonymous said...

Wigg screwed P1 like he would his own mother even though the cu that pays him six figures and its Bea comes in and starts waving a hatchet around like she's Jason in Halloween 1 to 100, but its these two freaks who want employees to fix their f'ups.

Anonymous said...

Bea could have made a big difference and made things better is did not come to P1 with a stick up her ass. She could have skipped that stupid scene she made when she pretended to almost cry and said someone accused her of embezzling. No one accused her of embezzling she just got stuck on stupid. She could also have tried to correct mgmt instead of blaming employees for what what that perv Wigg did. She needs to change her attitude and that tired hair.

Mrs. White said...

A few weeks ago 2 tellers got in a fight at the LA branch. This was the 2nd fight in 6 months. The first was between 2 fsr's. Both times, the employees got suspended but during the recent fight. one of the women filed a complaint with the state because she said Cathy Rollins abused her after they broke up the fight. Cathy scolded her but is that abuse?

Yesterday, they fired Cathy but they kept the 2 girls even though they got in a fight in front of members at the teller window. Lynnette the AVP never liked Cathy and was jealous of her. Lynnette never like Kim Burke either because Kim was smart and got attention that Lynnette couldn't get if she paid for it. So there's been 2 fights in front of members in less than 6 months and one of Lynnette's employees stole $53,0002years ago. So if all this happened on Lynnettes watch, why hasn't Lynnette been fired?

Anonymous said...

Cathy got suspended when she and that old Virginia got in a fight a few months ago. The only reason Virginia got suspended is because Lynnette was told to suspend her otherwise Lynnette would only have suspended Cathy. Why didn't they fire Virginia too. The woman is stupid and doesn't know anything anyway. Dumb as dirt. Those 2 tellers should have been fired too.
Cathy should sue P1, Rodger, Wigg, and Lynnette. There's a lot of people who saw how Lynnette treated her.

Anonymous said...

P.S. She doesn't like Jeffrey Palenik either because he's white.

Lorena Bobbit said...

They fire Cathy for scolding some employee but they keep Wigg after lots and lots of employees said he sexually harrassed Kim Burke and even Diedra Harris Brooks said he told Kim inappropriate sexual comments. Maybe if Cathy sexually harassed somebody she'd still have her job. Way to go P1! You guys are the bestest.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like Lynette can't control her people.

Anonymous said...

Can't control her people, can't do her job, talks like she's in the ghetto. She's what you really don't want in a branch.

Anonymous said...

Cathy took a lot of abuse from Lynnette for a lot of years. She was probably tired of all the abuse. Lynnette has the worst turnover and she's so bad one of her employees cleaned out member accounts. What else is going happen? You know something else is going to happen as long as Lynnette is mgr.

Anonymous said...

The board showed up again. whats tha 50 meetings in 2 weeks? Why are they there so much, they don't do or know anything anyway. And the people from xp fiserv were there too, all day. Is the cu going to spend more money?

Anonymous said...

Having a lot of meetings is a good way for the board to give themselves a feeling they are important because they suck as a board.

Anonymous said...

Sound familar? Is it the job, or is it you?



Sign No. 1:
Conspicuously posted vision or value statements are filled with vague but important-sounding words like "excellence" and "quality." <----> These words are seldom defined and the concepts they allude to are never measured.

Sign No. 2:
Bringing up a problem is considered as evidence of a personality defect rather than as an observation of reality. <----> In a dysfunctional company, what it looks like is not only more important than what it is, it is what it is. If you don't believe that, you are the problem. A surprising amount of information is classified. Dysfunctional companies have more state secrets than the CIA. Anything that might embarrass the boss turns out to be a national security issue.

Sign No. 3:
If by chance there are problems, the usual solution is a motivational seminar. <----> Attitude is everything, especially in places where facts are embarrassing or inconvenient. In a dysfunctional family, there's an elephant -- usually a drunken abusive parent -- in the parlor, but no one ever mentions him. To appear sane, you have to pretend that the elephant is invisible, and that drives you crazy. Businesses are full of invisible elephants, too. Usually they are things that might cause difficulties for people with enough clout to prevent their discussion. The emperor may be naked, but if you have a good attitude, you won't mention it.

Sign No. 4:
Double messages are delivered with a straight face. <----> Quality and quantity are both job one. You can do it both cheaper and better, just don't ask how. If you're motivated enough, you should know already.

Sign No. 5:
History is regularly edited to make executive decisions more correct, and correct decisions more executive than they actually were. <----> Those huge salaries require some justification.

Anonymous said...



Sign No. 6:
People are discouraged from putting things in writing. <----> What is written, especially financial records, is purposely confusing. You can never tell when you might need a little deniability.

Sign No. 7:
Directions are ambiguous and often vaguely threatening. <----> Before you respond to a vague threat, remember this: Virtually every corporate scandal begins with someone saying, "Do it; I don't care how." That person is seldom the one who gets indicted.

Sign No. 8:
Internal competition is encouraged and rewarded. <----> The word "teamwork" may be batted around like a softball at a company picnic, but in a dysfunctional company, the star players are the only ones who get recognition and big bucks.

Sign No. 9:
Decisions are made at the highest level possible. <----> Regardless of what it is, you have to check with your boss before doing it. She also has to check with her boss.

Sign No. 10:
Delegating means telling somebody to do something, not giving them the power to do it. <----> According to Webster's Dictionary, you delegate authority, not tasks. In dysfunctional companies, you may have responsibility, but the authority lives in the office upstairs.

Anonymous said...



Sign No. 11:
Management approaches from the latest best-seller are regularly misunderstood to mean what we're doing already is right on the mark. <----> "Seven Habits of Highly Effective People," "Good to Great" and "Who Moved My Cheese?" all seem to boil down to, "quit griping and do more with less."

Sign No. 12:
Resources are tightly controlled. <----> Your department may need upgraded software, but there's been a spending freeze since 2006. Cost control is entry-level management, but in a dysfunctional company, anything more sophisticated is considered too touchy-feely. Whatever you propose, the first question you will be asked is if it can be done cheaper.

Sign No. 13:
You are expected to feel lucky to have a job and know you could lose it if you don't toe the line. <----> Dysfunctional companies maintain control using the threat of punishment. Most will maintain that they also use positive rewards ... like your paycheck. A few people are actually fired, but most of those who go are driven to quit.

Sign No. 14:
Rules are enforced based on who you are rather than what you do. <----> In a dysfunctional company, there are clearly insiders and outsiders and everyone knows who belongs in each group. Accountability has different meanings depending on which group you're in.

Sign No. 15:
The company fails the Dilbert Test. <----> Dysfunctional organizations have no sense of humor. People who post unflattering cartoons risk joining the ranks of the disappeared. When an organization loses the ability to laugh at itself, it is headed for big trouble. If you'd get in trouble for printing this article and posting it on the bulletin board at work, maybe it's time to look for another job before this one drives you crazy.

This is P1.

Sigmund Freud said...

Wow, that is P1 to a tee!

Anonymous said...

holy smokes batman!

Anonymous said...

does anyone know if Charels still works at P1,snice Bea is the one in
charge!it seem that she is making all the decision and Chalres is just showing up for work but has no power any more.He is not even in the major meetings and has no idea what is going on.

Anonymous said...

Charles didn't attend the xp meeting on Wednesday but Bea, Yovonne and Rodger did. Charles. attended the board meeting. I guess they made all the people who screwed up P1 attend the board meeting. So why is he still pres? Why is he still getting paid? Ever notice how he leaves early a lot? Looking for another job, maybe?

And what happened to the notice the cu put on the intranet that Dane left? It was up 3 days and then they removed it. And why haven't they posted that Cathy Rollins is no longer with the cu?

Anonymous, that list is so right on. Sign No. 14 is so true!

Anonymous said...

You can see how mgmt always jumps when someone posts something that hits them hard. Today they bought food for the loan dept because loans were great. Just last week and the week before they kep saying we need loans, loans are bad. So are we doing good or are we doing bad? The reason they bought food is because someone said they are dysfunctional. They think food covers up all the bad things they do and that it will make us forget we haven't got raises in years or that they treat employees differently. I'd rather have some money to pay my bills then have them buy me a little bit of food. We're not dogs but they want us to wag are tails. They don't buy enough supplies and they suspend Jason and Crystal for clocking each other in but don't suspend Georgina for having people clock her in and out for years and years and years. Like #13 says,employees should feel lucky they have a job though the one who messed up the cu still has a job and gets more than $100,000 a year. Everybodys got a price but lunch?

Anonymous said...

Wigg learned nothing from all he has done. He still blames others and tells people he was backstabbed and thats why he has no power when he should out of the cu calling the EDD to file his claim.

Anonymous said...

P1 has never been fair with its employees. Lots of complaints were filed against Cavazos and Wigg but Roger never documented the complaints, never investigated them and always made some excuse to protect them. He even tried to make it sound like it was the employees who had the problem or that they didn't understand. Because of Wigg, Cavazos and Roger, David Centeno, Carol Freed, Kim Burke, and Maggie Rios lost their jobs. They didn't do anything wrong but they were fired because Wigg and Cavazos made up stories that Rodger went along with. Cavazos who Roger knew was doing his business from Century 21 in the office and who was sexually harassing women but Roger covered up. Rodger didn't do anything with all the complaints that told him Georgina was having people clock her in and out or that she takes 40minutes breaks everyday and sometimes 2 hour lunches like him and Wigg. Georgina even deposited a check from another bank & withdrew the money even though the check did not have funds to cover it. Did she get fired? Then why did they fire Kim. Jason and Crystal get suspended for 2 or 3 weeks for doing a lot less than Georgina has ever done. Why can Lynnette lose $53,000 and still have her job but an employee loses $100 and gets fired? Wigg is at fault for a lot of it but so is dishonest, sneaky, backstabbing Rodger who always acts like he cares but its just an act.

I like when you call me Big Poppa said...

Priority One's history is filled with favortism and unethical behavior. Management has NEVER enforced policy or applied disciplinary actions consistently. Priority One is guilty of discrimination, punishing some employees for minor violations and totaling the actions of those employees they like.

Unlike Kim, when Georgina wrote a bad check she had the protection of Aaron Cavazos and Rodger Smock. They always covered up everything she did from having other employees clock her in to covering up the bad check she wrote. In fact Kim probably would not have been fired if it wasn't that Lynnette pushed for her termination and only succeeded because Charles is dishonest and a WHIMP!

Anonymous said...

Charles is a sissy. When angry members used to come and demand to speak to him he would hide. What he is really good at is planning a backstab. If he was as good at being a manager the credit union wouldn't have ended 09 in the red. Lynnette is just typical of P1. She has been at the credit union since 1910 and she still calls the South Pasadena office almost everyday with the same old questions. She never liked Cathy and she never liked Kim but if you watched her, you knew it wasn't because they were bad employees but because members liked her. And Georgina is one of a lot of employees at the main office who cheat the credit union but then so does Wigg and Rodger.

Anonymous said...

Virginia is also one who, if she feels threatened by you, she either becomes your friend (if you're smart you won't) but if you don't she makes your job a living hell! So many people have complained about her and nothing has ever happened to her, anyone can do her job but nobody in their right mind can actually work with such a moron. But you all know who's ass she kisses.

Bad checks? has anyone checked Genevieve's account lately? She loves to kiss some ass too.

Judge Joe Brown said...

At Priority 1 this is how it works.
You kite and you might get written up. If they don't like you, you get fired. If they like you, HR helps cover it all up and nothing happens to you, not even a write up. If they really, really like you, you get promoted. Examples, Georgina, Kim, and Liz.

At Priority 1, this is how it works. The president makes up stories full of lies and has the director of marketing, a branch manager, and a BD rep fired and that's okay. The blog exposes the same president with the truth and he has a hissy fit and cries he is being back-stabbed.

At P1 this is how it works. A teller, has some shortages which total about $250. They get written up. Another employee with about the same losses gets fired.

One employee is fired for allegedly bath mouthing the credit union but the same president sexually harrasses an employee and ruins the credit union reputation and he keeps his job.

An employee is fired because she was warned 6 months earlier not to get into an altercation and she is accused of getting into one a few weeks ago. 4 weeks later, she gets fired for a second altercation but was it an altercation? She was the only one talking and doesn't an altercation require at least 2 people arguing?

An AVP makes up stories about her assistant branch mgr and with the help of the president, fires the assistant. Yet that same AVP has an employee who steals more than $50,000 and is not going to get prosecuted. The same AVP also has 2separate fights happen in her branch in a 6 month period. The AVP's job remains safe.

At Priority 1, this is how it works, the same president who made up stories about a lot of employees so he could fire them, tells the CFO to report money where it doesn't belong and not to report money in other areas. When the CFO says no, the president tells everyone the CFO is refusing to do his job. 30 days after the CFO leaves the company makes a profit. Jesus must have come back and touched the credit union.

Confused Member said...

Damn! Are there any good employees at this credit union? Maybe I should take my money and run.

Another confused member said...

I would run.

Anonymous said...

To "Damn! Are there any good employees at this credit union?" There are good employees but they aren't appreciated and its a lot of the bad one's who get protected or promoted. The company wishes people would keep everything quiet. Wigg used to say that the surveys members submit help the credit union improve how they do business but if an employee points out something wrong with managment they get driven out or fired.

I remember said...

What happened to the days when Wigg was taking some member's car or talking about sex he had with a fat women or slandering employees or screwing up mailings to members letting the world know their SS #'s and acct #'s? Things were so much simpler then.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget the Board and Supervisory Committee who a bunch of old negro f*ck ups! Who know nothing about running a business.

Anonymous said...

The board and supervisory committee do know how run a business- run it into the ground.

Anonymous said...

Why the racial slurs? Please keep the blog clean of racial epithets.

Anonymous said...

To anonymous who wrote, "Why the racial slurs? Please keep the blog clean of racial epithets." A lot of people would agree that comments should not be racial but you can't ignore that it is Priority 1's board that made color an issue so any criticism about Priority 1 which refers to race was something the board first did.
Long before the blog, board member, O. Glen Saffold, used to say, the white man set O.J. up. He never said the latino or asian and he made a point that it was all about color. When the board decided Wiggington was better than everyone else they interviewed to be president, some of the board said they picked him because the credit union NEEDED a Black man. They didn’t say the credit union needed a president with experience, did they?

After Diedra became chairperson, she started to make decisions about the operation which the board is not allowed to do under law. The board even looked at marketing materials and always rejected pictures which just showed white people. The board said the pictures of whites didn’t represent the membership but Priority 1 is not a Black credit union and has people of every color. Wiggington loves to speak using ebonics even when he is speaking to people of other colors. That’s a form of segregation and he and the board have fueled the stereotype. He’s the worst example of a president and if you get right down to it, the worst example of a black man.

Huey Long said...

Last year Diedra and Wigg interfered with the election after David Davidson, a WHITE man, put decided to run for the board. Diedra let another candidate come in after the election deadline. A few years before that, when Dave was a board member, Diedra, a BLACK woman, and the BLACK board members, gave Mr. Davidsion a warning after he exposed that an avp was kiting. It might seem circumstantial but it sure smells like racism.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you, regarding Mr. Wiggington being a disgrace to the black race, however when racial slurs are made it takes away from the integrity of this blog.

Aunt Jenny said...

Someone ought to tell Wiggington its not Annanapolis but Indianapolis and not Tayota but Toyota. He must be from France.

Anonymous said...

Mrs. Irving is Black and Diedra and some of the other board have mistreated her too. Then again, ignorant people are always threatened by knowledge.

Anonymous said...

After the investigator told the board their was enough proof that Charles sexually harrassed Kim, Mrs. Irving and another board member wanted Charles fired but Diedra, Saffold, Gathers, and Simmons said they didn't want him to be fired and they won. After that Charles hated Mrs. Irving and Diedra black balled Mrs Irving (no pun). You really have to wonder why Charles would get mad at anyone who wanted him fired when he screwed over so many people with lies and made them lose their jobs.

Anonymous said...

Wigg has been telling employees about what great job they are doing but he has never done that. Mgmt is fronting to make it look like they all get along and tryng to show all of us that he's the president but if he is why is that Bea makes ALL the decisions? And whats up with Joseph. He is telling everyone to get more and more loans but he's not getting loans and he doesn't even understand loan processing. And the way he runs around offering members water, its like he works at Denny's. What's next, he going to start doing, taking tips and asking members what they want for desert?

Anonymous said...

Is P1 holding back from posting member pensions again?

Anonymous said...

What's a member pension?

Anonymous said...

I think the person meant an annuity.

Anonymous said...

Annuity like in retirement benefits? BTW, notice the carpet guys back at the office? The cu has paid about $20,000 of the $40,000 for the new carpeting. They must have hit the jackpot. And you're right, the board spends a lot of time at the cu, they were there again today. They have more meetings than B of A.

Anonymous said...

is the board getting a paycheck now? they are there so much more now. Well they do get $30.00 a meeting plus millage, plus sometime they get lunch.What a life lets show up at the credit union and sti around and talk about old times and get paid.

Anonymous said...

what happen to Feb statement? if they made money why are the hiding the statements.

Ghandi said...

The board is the reason Wigg screwed up the cu. As everyone should know, the board doesn't understand anything about running a cu. They never volunteer to take classes and the junkets which they used to take stopped when this blog exposed that they used those trips to party and not attend classes which was the purpose of those out-of-town, credit union paid trips. Before being exposed they went to Hawaii and Las Vegas and when Mr. Harris was president, they went to Europe though he told them he was totally against that trip because of the expense and how it reflected on the credit union.

What 2009 proved is that the none of the board knows squat. Well, maybe they do know squat but that's all. Diedra is uselss and dishonest and Bobby Thomas is the biggest hypocrite on the planet followed by O. Glen and Gathers. And you can throw that human doorstop, Cornelia Simmons into the mix and all you have is a bunch of uneducated people who think that being a board member means not having to know a damn thing about finances. And who knows what they really get? They are supposedly just given $30 but it could be more and their lunches are always paid when they are pretending to run the cu. They know so little that last year they ran up over $100,000 in legal fees calling the attorney to ask questions to a lot of things they should have already known the answers to. Have any of them even visited a library?

They trusted Wigg who proved everything on this blog to be true and now they trust Beatrice because she has more knowledge in her little finger than all the board has in its collective heads. That's why she is able to redecorate her office and that of Wiggs (which is probably going to be her office in the near future), paint the redo the lobby and now she is spending mroe than $48,000 to recarpeting the South Pasadena branch.

Everyone knows that when you were in the red for one whole year that the way to take care of your financial problems is to redecorate. At least that's the way they do it on Mars.

Anonymous said...

There were so many complaints today because Priority 1 held back posting member's retirement checks. They are usually posted on or before the 28th but so many members who live on a fixed income still didn't have their money in their accounts. I thought members were also owners and that at P1, members are the cu's first priority? And how is this helping the members win with money? Because of what P1 did, so many members didn't have the money needed to pay their bills! The cu is doing this gain interest at the expense of the members.

Anonymous said...

Of course members don't come first, carpeting does. That's why Bea had Joseph stay after work today and oversee whatever they plan on installing.

Diedra said...

They're not going to announce that Cathy is no longer employed. Before she got fired, she asked Roger to transfer her to the Airport office but he ignored her
because that's what he always does. He let her become another victim of Lynnette Fortson who destroys employees who are good and who she is jealous of.

Roger has always ignored evidence, because he is immooral. That's why Carol, David and Maggie lost their jobs. He knew they were being railroaded but he didn't care because pleasing Wigg was more important than doing what's right. Got that Loren!

Bea knows Roger is useless. When she told him there were termites in the office and a water leak he played it off like it wasn't important and no big deal, but she made him get people in to fumigate and fix the leaks. He was so pissed.

If you look at Cathy's numbers and at Lynnette's you'll see Lynnette doesn't even come close. Members liked Cathy, members tolerate or don't like Lynnette. Lynnette did not want her useless ignorant friend, Virginia to lose her job so she planned for Cathy to be fired. She told Cathy that she was going to be fired because she had been written up once before but
that's not true because Lynnete never showed Cathy the write-up and its not signed. Cathy should sue Lynnette, Priority One and Roger. Lynette is as useful as a broken door knob and if managment were smart they would take her out LAPDC and put her in another office where they could see how much she doesn't know but they won't because they are as screwed up as she is. Lynnette is a waste of good money and she doesn't know anything not even how to process a loan. Test her, she doesn't even know what the current loan rates are. She is useless all the way.

Anonymous said...

Over the years, Lynnette never even does the annual employee evaluations. Check the records. Its been more than a year and probably two since the last time she evaluating all her staff. She's worse than Virginia. Is that possible?

Anonymous said...

Whats going on a Priority One? You try to call to speak to someone and you wait and wait or you get someone who doesn't know have the answers or tries to find it for you. Its horrible. Whose in charge over this, the president or the coo?

Anonymous said...

This morning you couldn't use P1's ATM's and a lot of members couldn't use their VISA cards but their going to install the carpeting over the weekend. That puts the priority in Priority 1.

Anonymous said...

Priority One is just messy and I don't think there new captain is all that business smart.

Anonymous said...

I called yesterday and the wait was awful. I don't remember there being so many problems when William Harris was president. In fact if you visited the South Pasadena office, employees were courteous and people actually seemed happy. Now days they don't smile, they look miserable and service is bad.

Anonymous said...

What they are trying to do under the new unexperienced manager is take loans that never qualified in the past. So its good its easier to get a loan but they are taking a big risk. They were smart under Harris not to get into subprime lending which saved P1 but now they are taking risks that hurt a lot of other credit unions. They are even approving loans to members with fico's under 600. I don't think that's smart.

Anonymous said...

If I am understanding what some people wrote, those travelers checks missing several years ago happened when Mr Harris was president. Sure the branch mgr is responsible but what did he do respond to the problem?

Lookie Here said...

11,000 and counting.

Anonymous said...

Bea's paint job hasn't improved things at P1 or service to members.

Anonymous said...

More visitors in 1 month than new members at P1. Interesting.

Anonymous said...

The COO hired an outside firm to audit the thefts at the LAPDC because she did not want to go through the credit union's lawyers. After they discovered that more than $53,000 had been taken, they decided the cheapest way to solve the problem was only to give members back their money if they filed a claim. This meant that unless beneficiaries filed a claim, money would not be retured to dead member accounts.

Anonymous said...

Wigg has become Bea's bitch.

Anonymous said...

Wigg is Beas bitch, great way to put it, you are so right!

Anonymous said...

Yes I agree, everyone can see that Wigg is no longer in charge and Bea is the CEO She yells jump and Wigg jumps high. We can all see that Bea is now the new CEO
And as usually Wigg is just taking up space.

Anonymous said...

Wigg is also taking up oxygen and costing money.

Did anyone try calling into Priority 1 today? Long wait! Finally after an hour someone tells me the wires were cut by the people who installed the carpeting. Wasn't anyone from the credit union there to make sure telephone wires weren't cut? The service is the worst but at least they have new carpeting because thats what really counts. Don't they have someone checking on operations?

Anonymous said...

They're having their next company meeting for all employees at Almansor Ct in Alhambra. They always have the meeting at the main office but they're going to spen $ a banquet room. Spend, spend, spend or is it more waste, waste, waste?

Count Chocula said...

No matter what anyone thinks, I don't think Bea is bad. She has a vision and a plan. Its not a popularity contest. Wiggington never had a vision or a plan because he thought being president was a green light to play. Her big mistake was to listen to what she was told by Wiggington but noneof the changes she has made are bad as long as she proves she is nothing like Wiggington or his crew.

Anonymous said...

The real cause of Priority One's problems is Mr Harris who should have fired Wiggington. Because of this, the credit union lost so much money in 2009 and more importantly, people lost their jobs. Its pathetic.

Anonymous said...

I would have to agree with anonymous who wrote at 4-7 9:40pm, that Mr Harris is to blame for some of the problems that have occured in the past 3 years. Wigg had been with the credit union for 16 years prior to Mr. Harris leaving. I don't think in all that time Wigg could have been on his best behavior all the time, he had to slip at several points in 16 years. Either Mr. Harris was blind, didnt want to rock the boat or care. The same goes for Arron and some of the other misfits that have worked for and still work for P1. Everyone knows who they are as the have been mentioned in bog more than once.

As for Bea, a person who is not strong, very insecure and a control person, will always surround them self with people who are not strong or have the knowledge or experience for the positions they have been GIVEN. A person like Bea would be threatened by such a stong knowledgeable person. Positions such as Josephs requires years of experience and training, which he has neither. You want people who are strong in knowledge and experience. They would also require a stong back bone, to question things that do not seem to be right or in the best interest of the CU. Every employee of the CU should be looking out for the best interest of the CU and their members. It appears that they are only concerened about what is best for them. This type of attitude will always cause a weak foundation, which you can see in P1.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Wigg has become Bea's bitch.

Yes he is, when he walks through P1 you can smell the bitch aroma he leaves behind. He's use to it, he's been Diedra's bitch for years.

Franken Berry said...

Count Chocula said...

No matter what anyone thinks, I don't think Bea is bad. She has a vision and a plan. Its not a popularity contest. Wiggington never had a vision or a plan because he thought being president was a green light to play. Her big mistake was to listen to what she was told by Wiggington but noneof the changes she has made are bad as long as she proves she is nothing like Wiggington or his crew.

Anyone can hire people to paint and carpet a place, but what programs has she put in place that helps the members and the credit union? So far everything she's done is a bust. If she wants to be a stager there are plenty of jobs out there, but so far I am not impress with the way the credit union looks. Think about it, there is a reason why Bea has had so many jobs. She is costing the credit union lots of money, the staff meeting is proving this. But what ever you've been smoking all I say is puff, puff, pass, pass I want that haze you been living in.

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

You can't argue that priority one's service is the worst. Don't they have a manager over the call center? How about over member services? They are full just so full of problems.

Anonymous said...

Join the crowd. Some days you can't reach anyone in the call center and that's when the lines haven't been cut and other times you reach someone who can't answer your questions or sounds like they're eating and or who never calls you back. Nothing ever changes at that place.

Aunt Jenny said...

Wiggington came out again and thanked the loan department staff for the great work we did in getting a lot more loans. What gets my jitters is its no thanks to that idiot! He sits in his office and leaves early or goes and talks to anyone in members services to tell them about his family. He gets 6 figures for what? He's lucky. Because of us he still has a job and because of us he gets 6 figure salary he doesn't deserve. And what does he put into it? Not a thing. He's just a useless sack of monkey poop.

Anonymous said...

Wiggington is not monkey poop! You can actually use monkey poop to grow something.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
Wiggington is not monkey poop! You can actually use monkey poop to grow something.

Thats not true, Wiggs can grow dissater, Wiggs can grow bad debts, Wiggs can grow hate.

Anonymous said...

Why is Wiggington still getting a big pay check? He can't lead the credit unon so somebody else had to come in to do it. Sexual harassement, trying to bring back Justice who stole all that money from P1 and the service is the worst! Try calling 1-POCU-ONE. Make sure you have a magazine or something to eat because you might have to wait. And then if you do get through the employee might have the answer you need or they might promise to call you back but never do.

Anonymous said...

P1 has had bad service for years. If they keep the complaints on file there are years and years of these. But it looks like the call center not only didn't fix the problem its made it worse. And what vendors did they hire because if access to online banking is managed by a vendor and probably so is their visa, then maybe they should take some of that money being spent on decorating and pump up their service.

Anonymous said...

Have anyone noticed how fat and ugly Georgina is getting?

Anonymous said...

What happened to the election? Isn't there supposed to be an announcments and ballots mailed out like 8 weeks before the annual meeting? The meeting is in May, so they're late. Is the board playing another of its tired games. I heard James Smith and Mr Atwood are nominees and so are friends of some of the board members. Ask O. Glen or Diedra.

Anonymous said...

Its nice to know that Wigg is not allowed to ruin the credit union not as much, but why is he there? Anywhere else on plant earth they would have kicked him to be curb. And what can employees expect this next Wednesday at the all employee meeting?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
Have anyone noticed how fat and ugly Georgina is getting?


Feded Up Postal Worker said...

Anonymous said...

What happened to the election? Isn't there supposed to be an announcments and ballots mailed out like 8 weeks before the annual meeting? The meeting is in May, so they're late. Is the board playing another of its tired games. I heard James Smith and Mr Atwood are nominees and so are friends of some of the board members. Ask O. Glen or Diedra.

Heaven forbid that P1 get some smart people who really care about the credit union and not more of the same croniness that has the credit union where it is now. P1 doesnt need friend of a friend, looks like more stupid black folks coming in to put another nail in the coffin. Word to yo momma.


Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
Its nice to know that Wigg is not allowed to ruin the credit union not as much, but why is he there? Anywhere else on plant earth they would have kicked him to be curb. And what can employees expect this next Wednesday at the all employee meeting?

The damage is done, the only thing left for wiggs to do is burn or close the place down. If you have been a follower of this blog then you know that the board wanted a black man to run the credit union. Not a good man, a smart man or even a nice man but a black man. Which is racist and tells you something about the make up of the board. I'm sure the words smart, great, awesome, good and nice can and do go with alot black men just not wiggs. He should have been kicked out on his ass long ago, but it's hard to kick out one of your own, right board of directors. And by the way I'm not impressed with the white girl either.

Disgusted said...

You're right, the damage has been done. He is the key reason business declined and he's the only reason the company's credit union is shot. His behavior has been embarrassing like a child left in a candy store, he ran wild and then amuck.

Yes, it was all about color though if the president had been white, latino or asian, every member of the board would have voted to get him out. And if all the board members were anything but black, they Diedra and Saffold and Simmons would have cried out discrimination.

As for the "white girl," she lacks tact or good manners and her choices have been too based on who she likes vs qualification. But it is her turn to prove that she's better than Wigg. Then again, who isn't?

Anonymous said...

When Wigg was vp he used to get kick-backs from Henry Justice the guy who owned Justice Auto Sales and who later stole more than $81,000 of money from P1. Right after he became president, Wigg tried to bring Justice back because Henry and him are friends, but the blog exposed his plan and guess what? Justice didn't come back. There's so much Wigg has done but lucky for him this is one of those times when color paid off. Close one.

Anonymous said...

Rodger refused to transfer Whitni to business development because she just didn't fit the image. Aaron didn't want Patti Lopez in loans because she didn't look like what he wanted. Wiggington always said he wanted a hot secretary. Have you seen his wife? Have you seen Rodger's wife? Oops, Rodger is the wife. Have you ever looked at Wiggington, Rodger, or Aaron? That's how Wiggington looks at others. No wonder business went into the gutter when he USE TO to president.

Anonymous said...

What's astounding is that Priority One fired Liz Campos and Kim Burke for allegedly kiting and yet Janee Johnson embezzled $53,000 from member's accounts at Lynnette's office with no repercussion for her actions. Janee can still get hired at any credit union because Priority's lack of due diligence.

Anonymous said...

Now look who's running the credit union, the wanna be failed decorator and her bff. Sounds like a show down between wiggs and bea might be coming down. I would bet on the two girl-mans and not the man-girls. Bea is a tad smarter than wiggs but then so are the snails in my garden.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone seen March financials? Did they post them as required by law?

Anonymous said...

No,they haven't been because P1 thinks laws are meant to be broken.

Anonymous said...

The contenders of the board are James Smith and Gilbert Atwood. James Smith is Wigg's favorite but postal workers don't like him. The April newsletter is out. Its on Useless Wiggington wrote that Priority One's goals is "member fitness" and that "some of the members may already be
financially fit, but some still may need assistance." If "some" members didn't need assistance
then members would not need to get loans would they? Is Wigg an idiot or what? Wait I answered my own question.

Judge Judy said...

It must be nice being Wiggington. A complete failure and still getting more than $100,000 a year. Thank goodness that there's still a place where incompetents have a chance to become president or board members.

Anonymous said...

Indeed, I also read the news letter and it is most embarrassing, First of all the new tag line made me think of tennis shoes and gym shorts. And the new missions statements is a mess “that helps you win money” what are you placing bets now!

This line is funny “how we want our members to think about us” how about crap for service, the phone systems is soooooo bad and then you get a person who does not have any idea what they are taking about.

Yes you are different from other credit unions and banks you have a rotten board and your senior management team is god awful bad, you have a CEO who is a jackass and
The COO who spends money like it grows on trees, you have a VP of HR who is dumber than all hell and is a creep who besides the CEO would put nails to their mothers.

You tell 15-17 years old about opening all these services and tell them to bring a parent
How about putting in disclosures at the bottom stupid!

I wish we could put pictures on this blog, imagine this Wigg, Bea, Rodger, Patti, Yvonne,and West, on the cover with gym clothes and a work out video telling you about Financial Fitness Center.

HA Ha HA keep on laughing folks it seems this place can get worse

Anonymous said...

I would agree, the April newsletter is an embarrassment only because of the president's address, I mean lies. He really should have admitted he just doesn't have what it takes to lead the credit union and that's why the board hired the COO and that it is under her the credit union supposedly hit the black in January though there is some mighty fishy about going from deep in the red on 12-31-09 to the black at the end of January. Its like a dead person coming back to life 3 weeks after they died.

I have to disagree, I would not want to see any of the credit union's management in shorts and tennis shoes though it might look more appropriate if they dressed like clowns.

Based on the HUGE number of delinquences in Jan, Feb, and March, it doesn't look like alot of their members are winning with money. Or did they mean losing without money?

Well, when you consider sexual harassment, conspiring to fire employees, interfering with last years election, and their spending, it doesn't seem like Priority One cares what people think about them, does it?

And that phone system is a nightmare. The phone system cost a lot of money and continues to cost the credit union and members a lot of money. The phone system has never worked right. And it seems like no matter how much you try to fix the phone sytem, it just won't work. Hey, are we talking about the phone system or Wiggington?

I agree, if you go to other websites you find credit unions that talk proudly about their boards and how they are qualified and educated. You know why Priority One doesn't write about their board on their web site? Because the board is ignorant. Don't believe it, look at all of 2009's reports. Proof is in the puddin'.

I disagree, the CEO is not a jackass. A jackass can be used to carry things. And I think the COO is decorating so much because none of the places she worked at before ever let her redecorate their

And when did the credit union get a HR department? Is this something new?

And there's a good reason why the credit union does not print up disclosures for their teen accounts. That's considered too much information and that could make members a threat.

The credit union hasn't hit bottom,
they're still in a free fall.

Anonymous said...

Hey, why have there been so many auditors at the credit union the past few weeks? Last week there was a small army and before that there were more and before that. What's up?

Anonymous said...

i guess esmelda is human resources now .what the hell does roger do except walk around with this fake-ass smile pretending to be your friend . vp of what they just give these people titles and they run with it leaving in the dust good employees that have work hard for their company for years. but everything is being brought to the light even you roger. listen roger be careful what you do cause carma comes back to you. you have no feeling for your employees and never have.people know how fake you are so just stop pretending.

Diddy said...

Esmeralda is more qualified to head HR then Rodger ever was. Titles became really important when Wiggington took over. First thing Einstein did was promote Aaron, Liz, Sylvia and Jody to AVP's. That was a great idea for a medium size credit union. So where are Liz and Aaron, haven't seen them in a while? Oh yeah, they got fired! And before getting canned, Aaron was named Assistant VP of operations which he also couldn't cut.

Rodger went from VP of HR to VP of Operations to Senior VP, all in less then a year. What is a Senior VP anyway?

Bea's a white Wiggington. In less then 2 months she promotes Joseph Garcia from branch mgr of Riverside to Call Center mgr to Credit Mgr to Loan Manager.

Bea also changed Yvonne Booty's title from credit resolutions managerand then was going to supervise the call center then she made her Director of Credit Resolutions and now she's Director of Project Mgmt whatever that means.

At P1 titles trump good service. At P1, mgrs love drama. You can only imagine their home lives.
At P1, decorating trumps good behavior. Titles, drama, and decorating that's what makes P1 what it is.

Anonymous said...

oh yea let's not forget the other avp lynnette at the lapdc office what a bad choice. what exactly is her job duties. she only have a high school diploma or does she check her resume oh i forgot they didn't have resumes back in 1910. she has no people skills or technical skills. she's a waste of p1 money and time. take her out of her comfort zone make her earned her check. member tolerate her but why do we have to. get her ass out and someone who cares more about the member than a paycheck.

Anonymous said...

An army of auditors??? Perhaps the jig is up?? It could be the NCUA, DFI or both! Remember, they know about this blog and perhaps the sudden profitability in January finally got their attention that all is not well in P town.

We can only hope they hold those accountable for this mess, accountable. BTW, one of the first things State and Fed auditors look at is employee accounts...will be interesting to see if they find any of the hanky-panky referred to on this blog.

Anonymous said...

The All Employee meeting was strange, but what was surprising was Robert West the training manager said the blogger is a hater. If Robert West can't tell the difference between fact and fiction then why is he a trainer? Maybe that's why a lot of employees are incompetent. He is the worst trainer you will ever find and someone should ask God "to forgive him for he didn't know what he was doing."

Anonymous said...

Umph Umph Umph! SMH...Robert West blames the writer of the blog for P1 demise but don't hold Wiggington responsible.
Wake up Robert and blame the person that is the blame for the tsunami of destruction at P1.

Anonymous said...

Strange meeting is right! Since when does a business allow a manager to get up and preach? We were not in church we were supposed to be in an all staff meeting. “Bloggers are haters” and then go on about scripture, that takes the cake, Hay Robert you do know that we can report you for that Mr. Trainer. I would think that you would know the difference between the church and state. You need to get your facts straight before you put your foot in your mouth. Op’s you already did that.

Let’s take a stroll down memory lane, Robert do you remember when you would fall asleep in your office and we would pass by and you were sleeping like a baby on company time or coming in late and taking off for hours without any one knowing where you were at? Or how about you are writing your book on company time! Or taking off walking with Wigg to who knows where.

Yes Robert we are haters of what has happen to our credit union the cheaters, liars, the dishonest, sexual perverts, who run the credit union. And of course you description fits that also. DISHONEST

Anonymous said...

Robert West is an idiot plain and simple

Anonymous said...

Do we now call you Pastor West?
Of all the bull shit that happens in our credit union, you were way out of line, there is a violation in what happen today, I though Sylvia was going to start bang a tambourine While Wigg and Rodger past the basket around for a collection and Bea was going to started signing.

Some one pass out the black robes please!

Blog vs. P1 said...

Robert West, apparently is confused regarding the intent of this blog. So, Robert must I talk to you like you are 2? No need to answer, it's a rhetorical question.
This blog is about exposing wrong doings that has affected Priority One Credit Union's credibility as a "financial fit" institution. Also, the perception on how we are viewed has been affected immensely; and the lack of ethical behavior and professionalism is evident in all the scandals.
So, Mr. West, I ask what are you doing to make Priority One a better institution? Anyone can get up in a meeting and preach blah, blah blah, but a "real" man of God would stand up for what's right, not just sit back and get a pay check for absolutely nothing! Robert West, today I have lost all respect for you.

Rev Jesse Jackson said...

Guys, be kind. Robert West is confused. He thinks people or the person writing the blog are haters and he said haters is synonymous with blogger. He didn't know he should have first consulted a dictionary. He forgot what Wiggington did to Kim Burke, Maggie Rios, Carol and a lot of others which does not make Wiggington a blogger. Mr West has always been a hypocrite and you would never use him as an example of what a Christian is. He is self-righteous and not meek at all.

West also never said the blogger or bloggers are liars he just said they're haters. So he knows what appears on this blog is true he just tried to be clever. Here's a hint, leave cleverness to people who have a brain.

Bea showed her ignorance when she started clapping and wagging her tail and Wiggington went and wrapped himself around Mr West like a snake, as if the worst president in the history of Priority 1 thought that would make what Mr West said true.

And then there is the fact that Mr West read new and old testament scripture. Ah, the credit union didn't give Muslims, Islamics, Catholics, Wiccans or heathens equal time, did they? Did anyone feel Mr West infringed on their spiritual, religious or atheist beliefs? And its easy for Mr West to talk the walk but has anyone ever really seen him walk the walk? He used a cheap tactic to manipulate employees. If you go to Genesis you'll see the snake used the same tactic to trick Eve.

And of course he's going to defend the credit union because it helps save his job. He sucks as a trainer. You can tell by all the mistakes made by everyone who ever took his training classes. Here's some facts, West:

Wiggington plays on the internet and makes personal calls.

West writes his book on company time and sleeps in his office.

Wiggington demands employees perform well but he is an embarrasment.

West demands employees obey the company and do as he says not as he does.

West expects employees to give and give but whenever someone's birthday comes up or they are expecting a baby, he gives $2 or $3even though everyone else gives $5 or $7. When his wife was pregnant employees contributed and bought them a lot of gifts something he and his wife never do. They looked like vultures when the gifts were opened.

The apple doesn't fall far from
the tree and you can tell West is made out of Wiggington's rib.

Anonymous said...

Robert West is a pussy! If had any balls, he would have confronted the blogger(s) by himself. He got
up and talked on the microphone because he felt safe and that gave him the opportunity to get real stoopid or stoopider.

Hey, Walker how come you didn't provide financials like Manny used to? Hiding something? She's another one that doesn't walk the talk.

And why did Wiggington walk around in the back of the room and never sat hext to his COO? And why didn't he lead the meeting? Oh yeah, because they stripped his power.

As for Robert West he just proves look at the Shepherd not at the smelly sheep.

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr West:

I found this verse to help you out in your time of need.

"And Jesus said to them, "Well did Isaiah prophesy of you hypocrites, as it is written,

This people honors me with their lips, but their heart is far from me; in vain do they worship me,
teaching as doctrines the precepts of men."

Hang in their dude. Some of us have your back though most of know you would place a dagger in ours.

You weren't imposing your religion were you? And what gave you the right to call the writers haters for expressing their opinions? What happened to freedom of expression? You may not know this but God is watching us. Wink, wink.

Anonymous said...

Were we suppose to say AMEN at the end of this meeting?

Anonymous said...

Will someone please remove West lips from Wigg ass,it makes him look like a butt kisser Oh what is that they you are saying ? I am so sorry he is a butt kisser.

Mrs West said...

Anonymous said, "Were we suppose to say AMEN at the end of this meeting?" '

Actually Mr West wanted to end the meeting with everyone singing Amazing Grace but he talked too long. Wigg got pissed because he wanted to take an offering and the credit union's only witch filed a complaint because they didn't give her equal time to speak to the employees. They also did not have time to sacrifice a chicken or dance around a fire. Oh well, maybe next meeting.

Anonymous said...

West is an idiot like his boyfriend, Charles. At the end of his speech he said "and to the blogger, I hope you enjoyed your breakfast." He finally grew a pair. The breakfast was some pale white watermelon, some pieces of pineapple, packaged donuts cut in half, packaged stale coffee cake and hard bread. At Robert West's home that's breakfast but anywhere else that's prison food.

Anonymous said...

This bears reading again,


This was today, sound familiar?

Sign No. 11:

Management approaches from the latest best-seller are regularly misunderstood to mean what we're doing already is right on the mark. <----> "Seven Habits of Highly Effective People," "Good to Great" and "Who Moved My Cheese?" all seem to boil down to, "quit griping and do more with less."

Anonymous said...

What is a fly wheel?

Anonymous said...

Only at Priority One is it hateful to tell the truth.

WTF said...

What is up with credit union staff meetings? At one meeting Bea damn near has a crying fit and starts mumming something about she didn't do it, do what? Now at this meeting Robert West bibles up, and starts talking about people being haters, whats next? The staff meetings are becoming sideshows and a total waste time.

Snoop Dog said...

Mr. West got a lil cocky today, he went christian gangsta.

Anonymous said...

Where did Gary "Bulldog" Fortson disappear today at the meeting? I kept hearing a howl and I was wondering if it was her. And then I realized it was Bea.

Anonymous said...

West dose not have a pair of balls he borrowed Beas.

Anonymous said...

Bea put him up to that yesterday or Wigg he is to much of a mom's boy to act by him self.

Anonymous said...

Bea is probably the "brains" behind West's sperformance. When she started the meeting, she looked around at a piece of paper she had in her hand and her voice changed and she looked nervous. She did the exact same thing at the employee meeting last year just before she started babbling about someone saying embezzled money at some other cu. The lady protesth too much. Old stone face is not innocent and she should call Loren to teach her how to do sneaky well.

And West is a hypocrite and has always acted like he's 2 steps above everyone else, but even yesterday shows that even holy rollers who hide their children from public school, can make mistakes. Ah, put your children in public school so they can see what its like to live next to humans.

Charles was so proud because he got the hypocrite to do his dirty work. After West stopped talking, Charles hugged him and whispered in his ear. Probably told him, "You don't know all the things I wanna do to you right now."

P1 should have a theme song. How about "Oops, I Did It Again."

Abraham Lincoln said...

Are they breakin' laws again down at the old cu?

Anonymous said...

People, people, what is wrong with you? Do you not know that you already are the laughing stock of the credit union industry? Why would you let one of your employees make a complete full of him self and you? As it is P1 is a big joke around the industry and now this! Shame on you senior management team.

Anonymous said...

I am so sick of West. Every meeting he plays his same old music. Yesterday, he said the thems of CU is Proud Mary by Tina Turner. He started by saying big wheel keep on turning but the big wheels in his head were not turning. He talked about a fly wheel but the really intelligent smarter then everybody else forgot to explain whats a fly wheel. He talked about some book he read which he read from and then he turned into Rev Jimmy Swaggert.

Anonymous said...

Mr West maybe a hypocrite but what doesnt make sense is why he used a business meeting to talk about the blog or blogger or haters and why he read bible scripture. It was stupid but the coo, ceo and whoever else from management was there proved they don't know what is appropriate.

Anonymous said...

Welcome to P1.

Someone who has no respect for Mr West said...

Yesterday every employee got to see the real Robert West who is also known as the moocher. Its no secret that Robert looks down at everyone except the sexual harrasser who signs his check. He wanted everyone to see how smart he is and chose the lyrics to Proud Mary as a symbol for the credit union. What he showed a lot of employees is he's not smart, he's not honest and he's not deep. He acts like he's better then everyone else and swoops down to get what he can for free at the cost of everyone else. He didn't realize that the song he picked is about a riverboat not about a person or a credit union. A better song he could have picked would have been Smoke on the Water by Deep Purple. West, stick to what you do best and it ain't training.

Thump This said...

The bible thumpin needs to stay at home.

Christian Soldier said...

Maybe robert west can take manangement into the training room and read them bible verses until they all repent and are redeemed. Or maybe just give them a good slap across the face it.

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