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Friday, September 10, 2010

Another Road to Nowhere, Part 1


As we warned in past posts, Priority One Credit Union is now being forced to take drastic measures to try and stabilize the cycle of loss caused by President Charles R. Wiggington., Sr.'s horrendous business decisions and irresponsible behaviors. 

The credit union has now announced the planned closure of its Redlands and Valencia branches which will close at the October and November, respectively. The announcement shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone who has been monitoring the credit union's financials. 

In 2009, the President and Board hired Beatrice Walker as the credit union's first COO and who allegedly possessed the ability to stave off the dynamic of loss ushered in by President Wiggington. Ms. Walker is failing. 

Earlier this year, the President and Board hired Saeid Raad as the credit union's new CFO. Mr. Raad has been busy finding ways to reduce expense, manipulate financial reporting and holding off timely payment of the credit union's debts but his contributions are hardly proactive and none have improved the credit union's current plight. 

Despite all of the signs pointing the failure, the President and AVP, Rodger Smock, continue to insist business is good and growing which is of course contradicted by employee terminations, reduction of employee work hours, elimination of benefits reduced budgets and now, the impending closure of two branches. 

Trying to find a silver-lining for the planned closures, COO, Beatrice Walker, recently said that members working and residing in Santa Clarita can keep their Priority One accounts and instead of utilizing a real branch populated by real staff they can instead use Shared Branching to deposit and withdraw money. That's wonderful. So what is a member to do if they wish to obtain an loan, open an IRA, CD or for that matter, any other type of account? Will Shared Branching allow them to dispute issues with their accounts? 


Last year, Robert West was asked to rewrite the credit union's mission statement and according to President Wiggington, his protégé came up with an original statement that better conveyed the President's "vision" for t he credit union and included the terms "financial fitness center" and "win with money." A search of the Internet located the following quote from famed speak and consultant, Dave Ramsey.

“I came to realize that my money problems, worries, and shortages largely began and ended with the person in my mirror. I realized also that if I could learn to manage the character I shaved with every morning, I would win with money.

It's impossible for a credit union that can't resolve it's own financial problems to serve as any member's financial fitness center or help anyone win with money. In July the credit union finally accrued profit in the amount of $24,583. That's it. Hardly what one might expect from a financial fitness center. 


The philosophy of the credit union industry is a simple three word phrase, "People Helping People." For more than one and-a-half centuries this phrase has attempted to communicate to the world what credit unions are all about, and what is the major difference between credit unions and banks (i.e., "members helping members" vs., "bankers helping themselves").

While all credit unions, everywhere around the world have received direction and inspiration from the high ideals embodied in this simple statement, Priority One Credit Union has decided to make a bold move with regard to it: a move we believe will help you to better understand how we are different from other credit unions, as well as banksOur bold move does not involve departing from the spirit of the "people helping people" message. It involves our attempt to redefine it, and as a result, reinvent ourselves and improve our value position with you—our loyal membership.

Recently, we revised our mission statement and tag line to more clearly define what we are in the business of "helping people" to do,and communicate to the world how we want our members to think about us.   


To help our member-owners and employees achieve financial fitness. We are
committed to offering quality products and services that help you win with money.

Tag line:

Priority One Credit Union - Your Financial Fitness Center

By making these changes, it is our intent to tell you in a way that maybe we haven't before, that we are passionately committed to your total financial well being, and to transforming the credit union into a place where you will feel uniquely connected and celebrated.

Therefore, whether you need to buy a car or a home; get out of debt or avoid bankruptcy; understand and improve your credit report, or plan for your financial future, we have the resources and information to help you take control of your finances and reach your goals. Comedian Bob Hope said it best when he remarked, "A bank is a place that will lend you money if you can prove that you don't need it." As "your" credit union, we want you to experience Priority One as a place that will lend and help you win with money when you need it. This is what being Your Financial Fitness Center is all about.

Robert West
Manager Education and Training

Mr. West's message is insincere and hollow and evidently one that purposely ignores Priority One real and well-documented shortcomings. It is also relies heavily on phrases created by other authors. We recently were informed by a reader that while driving they noticed a sign advertising a game playing at a Southern California casino inviting people to come and "win with money.We also located


We're not usually superstitious but if we didn't know better, we'd think President Wiggington brought some bad juju to the once thriving credit union. Though he insists the problems facing Priority One were all caused by the U.S. economy we have to believe that his failed projects, wasted spending, and abhorrent personal behaviors might have something to do with the credit union's decline. 

In 2009, the President boasted he was going to hire a COO "to do my work." He recommended his long-time friend, Beatrice Walker, formerly of Electricore, Inc. in Santa Clarita and allegedly an expert in business development and expense reductions, to serve as his second in command. The board, actually it's Chair, Diedra Harris-Brooks, took the bait and hired Ms. Walker who began working at Priority One on June 1, 2009. 

However, before starting, the President, Board Chair and the new COO created a story that described how the COO read an ad in a newspaper, advertising for a COO. She replied to the add, was called in for an interview and offered employment. The purpose of the story was to emphasize that Ms. Walker never met the President prior to her date of employment. The story might have succeeded had three employee not disclosed that they saw Ms. Walker in company of the President almost one-year prior to her hiring. 

The creation of the story was completely unnecessary but the revelation of their lie says much about the character and ethics or lack thereof, of the President, Board Chair and COO. 

The hiring of Beatrice Walker has added more than $100,000 to the credit union growing debts. What's more, she's proven to be as ineffective a strategist as President Wiggington and allegedly former postal service marketing master, Diedra Harris-Brooks. We've received emails recently from people that worked with Ms. Walker at other credit unions and the allegations leveled by each person serve to further affirm that in character and abilities, she is as lethal to business as is Charles R. Wiggington, Sr. 

A reader wrote:

"I worked with Beatrice [Walker] at AIRCO FCU. When she was there, we lost a lot of money because of her mismanagement but CUMIS paid the claim and she was let go.: She's the worst and should never be hired by any credit union." 

Another reader, wrote:

"Beatrice came to work at Universal City Studios Credit Union. She was horrible. She caused division and she treated those people she was jealous of with so much contempt. Some people left because of  her and the President finally fired her because he didn't like her way of doing business."

Did the Board ask for references? Did they do a background check? Did they only hire her because she was recommended by President Wiggington? 


The late 2006 merger with Inland Counties Postal Credit Union was not only short-lived, but though a wonderful idea possessing tremendous potential, the former Riverside County credit union couldn't withstand the gross incompetence of President Charles R. Wiggington, Sr. The closure of the Redlands branch leaves the only tiny almost insignificant Riverside branch in charge of overseeing the needs of members in all of Riverside County. The Redlands branch is scheduled to close it doors on October 15, 2010. 

According to COO, Beatrice Walker, the closure of the Redlands branch and the scheduled closure of the Valencia branch at the end of October 2010, will eliminate the costly expense of paying to lease both locations. As we've asked in a previous post, why is it that the credit union had not problems paying leases while William E. Harris was President?  We expect increased closures of member accounts though recently President Wiggington stated, "I don't care if the people in Santa Clarita close their accounts. They weren't loyal to us, anyway." 

New membership openings have actually been increasing at both the Valencia and Redlands branches since early 2010, bring into the question the wisdom of Ms. Walker's decision to close both locations. 

The Redlands and Riverside branches were formerly known as Inland Counties Postal Credit Union and were founded in 1937. At the end of 2006, they merged with Priority One, an acquisition structured by former President William E. Harris and which increased Priority One's physical size by 7208 square miles and added $14 million to its Net Income and approximately 2819 new members. 

In 2007, Charles R. Wiggington, Sr. branded the merger a "mess" he was forced to inherit from President Harris but the fact is, the losses in business were the result of President Wiggington's refusal to respond to technical issues which initially affected the transfer of Inland Counties' members records into Priority One's database and his failure to market the Riverside locations. The merger was a sound idea but it failed because Charles R. Wiggington, Sr. lacked the abilities, competence, imagination and savvy to manage the vast territory. One has to remember that President is a little excuse factory and loves is possible, playing the victim to the hilt. 

The failure impacting the Riverside County locations is also attributable to Board Chair, Diedra Harris-Brooks, and later, COO, Beatrice Walker. Mrs. Harris-Brooks has spent the last three and a half years covering up the President's failures though she is responsible to ensure the upward mobility of the credit union. She too like the President is ineffectual and unqualified to serve on the Board of Directors. 

Beatrice Walker's failure is that  her abilities and competencies are pure hyperbole. In a little more than a year, she has proven that she has no idea of how to respond to the strategical needs of Riverside County and evidently, has no concept of what is required to spur growth in the Santa Clarita Valley. 

The challenge for the credit union was to connect to employees of the United States Postal Service who live and work in Riverside County. Not only was the credit union provided the opportunity to build lasting relations with this sector of postal workers, their charter allowed them to extend membership to families of postal employees. Unfortunately, the three louts had a wonderful opportunity to develop business in Riverside County, they just are destitute of all talents to do so. 

Just prior to announcing closure of the Redlands office, the President, the COO, and CFO, Saeid Raad, drove to the Redlands branch and assured the AVP assigned to that location and her mostly part-time staff that Priority One is doing well financially and business is not only good, it's actually growing but to remain solvent and to remain in business, it has become imperative to close the location. What???????? 

Clearly, the decision to close the Redlands office is directly related to the credit union's declining and fragile financial state. It is also highly improbable that closing the office whose monthly lease approximates $5300, is going to help keep Priority One solvent. The President and his COO are addicted to concocting absurd stories whose real purpose is to deceive people into thinking that everything is just great at a credit union where nothing is rarely even good. 

We recently received the following comment from a reader using the handle, "KayO" regarding the merger with Inland Counties Postal Credit Union. The fact is, Charles R. Wiggington, Sr. is foremost responsible for the failure which has now forced the scheduled closure of the Redlands branch. Based on the small physical size of the remaining Riverside branch, how long before the credit union announced it's closure? In arguably, members are not the credit union's "First Priority" nor is the credit union living up to its claim that is is a "Financial Fitness Center" possessing the ability to help members "win with money." Here is KayO's comment: 

KayO wrote:

The only one hurt in the merger was Inland Counties Postal Credit Union.

Instead of using XP system to do the conversion, they chose to do it by inputting all accounts and information, thus saving $50,000. BIG BIG mistake. 

Pertinent information was left off accounts such as joint owners, telephone numbers, loans just to name a few. Debit card where issued and to activate them, the member was to call from their home number. Unable to activate, as no phone number [appeared] on the system. Their old debit card from Inland had been shut down on Friday. So they were unable to access their funds. Checks were issued with out the joint members name on them, as this information is taken from the system. 

Retirement, Social Security and other direct deposits were not posted to account because they had not been set up correctly. The deposits were rejected and Priority made no effort to correct the rejections. They just sat back and waited until the member called wanting to know where their money was or checks had been returned because the funds were not in there account. Loans were delinquent because the transfers where not made due to funds not in their account. Late notices were sent and calls made to members. Priority One took a loss of over $60,000. due to all the errors they made in the merger.

All because they want to save $50,000 You should ask them how many accounts they lost over the merger from Inland Counties CU. This is just the tip is the iceberg of the problems that Inland Counties members suffered during the merger not to mention what their employees.

I hope NCUA does something about the board (who wanted to get paid a monthly salary, which is against the Regs) I guess they forget they are VOLUNTEERS ( UNPAID WORKERS) as described in the dictionary. They are just in it for themselves and what they can gain.

KayO is absolutely correct. Priority One chose the frugal approach in converting Inland Counties' member records. The savings of $50,000 eventually cost $100,000 to resolve. 

KayO also brings up a little known suggestion made by the Board in 2007, which asked that they be paid a salary to serve on the Board. Yes, if the suggestion had been ratified, it would have been illegal and a conflict with the industry's mandates which require voluntary board members.  

The debacle caused by the conversion was made worse by the failure of Charles R. Wiggington, Sr. to respond quickly and effectively. Instead, the lazy President ordered his staff to only respond to members who took the time to call and report problems with their new Priority One accounts. 


On Wednesday, September 8, 2010, President Wiggington and AVP, Rodger Smock, drove to Santa Clarita and informed the Valencia Branch Manager that her office would close at the end of October 2010. 

According to the President, the closure was ordered by Beatrice Walker and CFO, Saeid Raad, who decided the closure will save the credit union approximately $5500 currently being spent to lease the space. 

The decision to close the Valencia branch is grounded in something that is disturbingly emotional and grounded in obsession. The reason the President and AVP drove to Santa Clarita was to discuss a complaint filed by the Branch Manager just a few days earlier, against her supervisor, Beatrice Walker. 


In 2009, Beatrice Walker stated she was considering closing the Valencia, Redlands and Burbank branches as a means by which to increase net capital and increase profit.

She changed her mind when she visited the Branch and met the very attractive Branch Manager of the location. She immediately removed Valencia from the chopping block and for a period of several weeks and at the end of each day, Ms. Walker left her office in South Pasadena and drove to Santa Clarita which is also where she resides. 

She would sit in the Valencia branch and gossip unendingly, inviting the Branch Manager and in time, dropping by the manager's home on weekends. Employees noticed the attention being poured upon the Branch Manager and soon, the rumor mill went into full throttle. The rumors reached the ears of the President and soon afterwards, told Ms. Walker that she must remain in South Pasadena until the end of her shift. However, Ms. Walker was not dissuaded and continued in her efforts to force a friendship with the Branch Manager. 

However, the Branch Manager grew tired of Ms. Walker visiting her at her home on weekends, announced. By the way, the Branch Manager is married. However, Ms. Walker was proved tenacious and began asking the Branch Manager to show her where buys her clothes and cuts her hair. 

During the week, she would spend the day talking about the Branch Manager to her clique- Credit Resolutions Director, Yvonne Boutte, and Loan Manager, Joseph Garcia. She was smitten. 

This past January, Ms. Walker issued a notice informing all branches that the Valencia Branch Manager was going to start working at the South Pasadena branch indefinitely, at least, three-days per week. 

On the day of her arrival, the Valencia Branch manager was met by Ms. Walker at the reception desk. Ms. Walker wore a neatly pressed dark purple-colored suit, a cream colored blouse and a strand of pears. No one had seen her dress so formerly since Ms. Walker's arrival at the credit union on June 1, 2009. 

She accompanied the Branch Manager to a desk in the Loan Department and she remained sitting alongside the Branch Manager while she sat receiving training in how to fund consumer loans.  Ms. Walker's behavior did not elude the attention of employees in the Loan and Member Services Departments and further instigated rumors about her sexuality. We've got to admit, the cross-training session was unusual since Ms. Walker was not being trained to fund loans. 

Also peculiar is that the Valencia Branch Manager was to undergo training in every department at the main branch, but aside from four days spent in the Call Center, she spent the remainder of her time sitting in the Loan Department.  

During her training, Ms. Walker would visit frequently and sit at her desk, gossiping and fawning over how happy she was to have the Branch Manager at the main branch. In Ms. Walker's words, "I'm so happy that you're here with me." 


Ms. Walker usually doesn't drive to work. She travels to South Pasadena by train and has arranged being picked up each morning at the train stop in South Pasadena.

However, since she and the Valencia Branch Manager live in the Santa Clarita Valley, she asked the Branch Manager to pick her up at her home each morning so that they could drive together to work. Over the weeks, Ms. Walker grew more comfortable and when speaking about the Branch Manager, began referring her as "my driver" and "my chauffeur."   

Apparently, the Valencia Branch Manager was not receptive to the condescending label that had been placed on her by the emotionally erratic, Ms. Walker. As their working relationship grew strained, Ms. Walker began publicly mocking the Branch Manager's Spanish accent and publicly impugning her character. Rumors spread that Ms. Walker was furious that she'd been scorned by the popular and well-liked Branch Manager. 

One day, the Branch Manager did not report to work. Rumors spread that she'd been terminated because she rejected Ms. Walker's overtures for a "friendship." The rumors evidently reached Ms. Walker who informed Yvonne Boutte and Joseph Garcia that the manager left the credit union on a medical leave of absence. The two, known for their addiction to gossip, informed many other staff members and soon Ms. Walker's statements reached the staffs at all branches. 
During the manager's absence, Ms. Walker loudly plotted the termination of the Branch Manager because according to the COO, the Branch Manager was "difficult." We have to point out that Ms. Walker's verbalizations constitute a breach of confidentiality, a breach she and the President used to terminate numerous employees throughout the end of 2009 and through mid-2010.

During her absence, Ms. Walker and notorious AVP, Sylvia Perez, often visited the Valencia Branch and met with employees, asking them what they thought of the Branch Manager. One one occasion, Ms. Walker and Mrs. Perez, took the entire staff to a local bar for happy hour. 

The Branch Manager returned to work during the first week of September and five days later, Ms. Walker decided that the Valencia branch must close by the end of October 2010. The rejected Ms. Walker chose to close the Valencia branch all together rather than relocating the office and its staff to a less expensive location. Evidently, her reaction was to destroy the entire location and force the unemployment of the office's entire staff, all because she'd been jilted. On an unrelated note, Ms. Walker is almost 50 years old. 

Undeniably, Ms. Walker has not talent for creating new business or successful streams of income but she is a master at launching scathing campaigns designed to destroy those who reject her unwanted attention. 


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Anonymous said...

It was so obvious Bea like Susan. She was always talking to her. If she'd had a tail it would have been wagging. I thought they got along even though we heard her call Susan her driver and chauffer. Bea is clingy and more dude than woman.

Anonymous said...

Once again John you have hit the P1 'BULLSEYE'. Congrats on your last record breaking post. John, you are a HERO to many.

Anonymous said...

Bea Walker and Wiggington, don't get it. If priority one was approved to do business in certain communities, then they should have a branch in that community to conveniently service members.

When priority one began to grow they opened more and more branches to attract more members and add convenience. Shared Branching was brought in to add convenience not substitute for a branch. When priority one joined shared branching, they started telling members "you can still keep your accounts" even if you move out of state, retire, or leave the post office (that was intended for members that were postal employees). It didn't work. Members still closed their accounts, because members want to know that they can visit their cu if they absolutely have to. Bea Walker has taken that away. Expect lots of account closures when the Redlands office is closed. The Riverside branch is just too small and as what will be their only branch, gives the impression that priority one is not doing well. The little branch is nothing to be proud of. When the Van Nuys branch was located in a small trailer they didn't get a lot more business until they opened an actual nice looking and larger branch. After Valencia closes, members can close their priority accounts and go to Telesis or any of the many banks and other cu's in Santa Clarita valley. If Bea closed the Valencia branch as an act of vengeance then she's an idiot in need of a psychiatrist. Whatever her reasons, this is one broad who doesn't know what she's doing or where to take the credit union. Definitely, she not taking priority one to the next level unless you mean she taking it a step down.

Anonymous said...

You can throw Esme in the mix. She says the blog is a lie. Why would priority give her a position in hr to someone who doesn't know how to read her cu's own monthly reports? And I thought she was just acting ignorant. She drank the Kool-Aide and has decided to put her beefy hands over her eyes.

Anonymous said...


Yes Please said...
If Bea stays on her usually course then she has less than a year left a P1. From what I have read about Bea she usually changes jobs every two years or so. So everybody keep those fingers crossed that it will be LESS than two years at P1. God help us.

YES PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hitler would have loved Emeralda, he would tell her he's helping people and she would think nothing bad was happening to the Jews. How stupid can you be? Well look our back office and there's your answer.

Anonymous said...

Esmeralda is stupid. She's never grown or developed. She's stuck in 1992 plus she's more than a sell out, she's a backstabber. You have a lot of those at P1, like Sylvia and Lynnette, Georgina and Gema, Wigg and Rodger, Diedra and everyone on the board. Rodger should have been fired when he had that affair with that boy and Wigg should have been fired when they found he sexually harassed that employee. Wigg's bullshit has made a mess of P1 and Bea is just plain loco and I ain't talking about pollo loco either.

Anonymous said...

"Bea is just plain loco and I ain't talking about pollo loco either." Bea's not loco, she's loca as in La Pizza Loca.

You know, for a woman in her late 50's she wastes time gossiping and backstabbing with that big black friend of hers, Yvonne Booty, no wonder they have to fire people, close branches, and play with da numbers.

Anonymous said...

No one believes anything Bea or Wigg have to say. You have to be blind to not see the place is falling apart or to believe that business is up. Even with all those cut backs which means less spending, they are still losing. Wigg is horrible and embarassing and he should never have been made president but Bea is worse! A lot worse and she's so stupid!

Anonymous said...

Bea's an idiot. In July they made less than $25,000. How is that supposed to cover expenses. She should go back to selling make-up.

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

Funny Bea would use things to get people fired that she and Wigg and Rodger have done. Sexual harassment, abuse, office affairs and probably porn.

Anonymous said...

I don't know what its like at other branches, but at SPas its horrible you can cut the tension with a knife. People are scared for their jobs and a lot of us are struggling to make enough money to pay our bills. Bea walks around like everything is great and she her girlfriend, Yvonne, don't seem to have a care in the world. You hardly see Smock and Wigg is either in his office or wasting time gossiping at someone's desk. It's awful and it isn't like theres a lot of jobs out there so you can just get up and go somewhere else. If the economy was good, people would be quitting right and left and if employees could do it, they would all quit at once. Maybe then Bea might do some work. And tomorrows Monday.

Anonymous said...

I am shocked by how much the place has changed. I left 2 years ago and things had changed since Wiggington became president but now it sounds like a nightmare.

Anonymous said...

It is a nightmare and things will only get worse. The members have now received letters stating if they don't use bill pay then they will be charged $3. Wasn't there a push to sign these people up for bill pay when they opened their accounts. If you didn't cross sell the service then you were reprimanded. Now they want to charge everyone? I don't think so. It says to contact the credit union if you want to cancel the service. What, stay on hold for 20 minutes just to be told to send a letter that will be lost? More unhappy members and employees under pressure. Is this Bea's revenge to get back at employees that developed this? Another dumb move by Bea.

Anonymous said...

You're right. First, Bea introduces courtesy pay and instead of offering it, automatically enrolls every member in it even though she said only qualified members would be eligible for it. Now they're going to charge members if they don't use bill pay. They also started enforcing a clause on the loan agreements member sign which says the cu hold a members pink slip if they are delinquent on another cu loan.

Two problems. One is they have only started enforing the clause after Yvonne Boutte noticed it and told Bea. That means they didn't enforce it for years and probably can be sued by members who can easily prove that they did not enforce the clause for years and years for hundreds and hundreds of members.

The second problem is Yvonne and Bea didn't think it was necessary to train the loan dept staff about all the clauses on the agreement.
This means the loan dept staff processes loans without telling members what could happen if they payoff their auto loan but are delinquent on some other loan. It should have been the job of the training mgr, Robert West, to teach these but he's ignorant about loan processing. In fact when Mr Harris was president, Mr West used to have Kim Burke help him train employees about loans because he couldn't.

Members and employees and readers can't even imagine how mismanaged priority one is. I have accounts at Wescom and at Lockheed and those mgrs & their staffs know what they're doing.

Anonymous said...

Manager's that don't keep employees informed? Poorly trained staff? At P1? No, never.

John said...

This comment entered in August 2010in a post published on this blog in early 2009, cites an incident in which Priority One has refused to release a vehicle title (pink slip) to a member who has a deliquent HELOC. The person who identifies themselves as Marisol, may not be aware that Charles Wiggington is the current president of Priority One CU or that Priority One's loan agreements do state that the credit union will not release titles to a member who has other loans whose payments are delinquent.

Marisol said...

I dont really care about Mr Harris, but his employees are sucks!!! they are holding my title for A PAID CAR as an excuse to get a arragment with a HELOC that is in collection due to my several hardship (I lost my job, and separate with 2 kids and zero child support assistance!!!)

I will do the most until find out if this procedure is completelly legal.

August 24, 2010 5:12 PM

As pointed out earlier today, Priority One only began enforcement of this contractual t clause in 2009. For years prior to this, the credit union released titles to many members who had other other loans, which were delinquent.

Failing to adhere to the language contained in the agreements used by the credit union, Priority One may have set a legal precedent for failing to uniformly enforce the very language in their agreement. And as also pointed out earlier today, the loan department personnel have failed to inform members of this fact, possibly due to a lack of adequate training.

For those members who have been refused your pink slip, confer with an attorney, write to the DFI, or contact the Better Business Bureau. Priority One has a responsibility, at the time a loan is funded, to properly inform members of their rights as recipients of a loan issued by the credit union; and of the credit union's rights as stipulated under the loan agreement. Its a two-way street.

Anonymous said...

One of Bea's profiles says she does consulting. Anyone interesting in putting out good money to hire to consult for your company?

Anonymous said...

Bea says cutbacks are saving money but why is it there still losing money? And now we're losing Redlands and Valencia. She wants us to believe business is good when everything shows its not. I bet Jodi Hurst is so sorry they ever merged with priority one.

Anonymous said...

Jodi Hurst, the staff at Redlands and all employees at all branches that care or cared about P1 have to be miserable with Bea's "cut-backs."

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
Bea says cutbacks are saving money but why is it there still losing money? And now we're losing Redlands and Valencia. She wants us to believe business is good when everything shows its not. I bet Jodi Hurst is so sorry they ever merged with priority one

CORRECTION: Bea and her 'friends' are doing good, remember how Loren got 'paid'.

Anonymous said...

Bea is doing GREAT! She has a nice remodeled office and an expensive laptop charged to the credit union credit card. She had carpeting put in her house in Santa Clarita and had those old leaky pipes changed. She gets over $100,000, medical benefits and a 401k. Yup, she's doing just GREAT!

Anonymous said...

Hope Bea got her bff (wink, wink) some flowers and candy with a her stolen loot.

Anonymous said...

At any other cu you would fire Yvonne after you promote and give her a raise and she still can't get delinquencies under control.

You would never promote Joseph to manager over loans and credit unless he had actual experience and had done the job before with a record of success.

You never would give Esmeralda a HR without a degree or studies on the subject. A lot of companies want you to have a BA but not at priority.

Other companies would have fired Wiggington JUST for being accused of sexual harassment.

Syliva Perez is the worst manager you could ever have. She is confused and pushy and jumps around like a Mexican jumping bean. When she left Van Nuys her replacement discovered she never trained her people properly on bank procedures. She never showed them you have to count actual money not just bundles. She got rid of him. Over the years there have been so many complaints about how she abuses employees but priority kept her because she fits right in with the other managers.

You would never hire Lynnette Fortson because after 30 years she still doesn't know how to do the work not even approve loans or process them and she's jealous, uneducated and plain old ghetto. Also another one who talks about Jesus but is evil.

Bea has wasted cu money on more than new carpeting, she has gotten people promotions and raises while firing other employees and she hired her friends, Saeid Raad and Randy McBride.

I wonder, did Bea forget to take her medication?

Anonymous said...

What did happen to Loren? For that matter, what happened to the call center and getting all that new business Bea said she was going to bring in?

And are they going to have a yard sale to get rid of the stuff at Redlands and Valencia? I might be interested in a computer and a chair. I guess I'll have to wait til they close S Pasadena to get some of that carpeting.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Wiggs can sell you (at a greatly reduced price) a bmw he stole from another member.

Anonymous said...

I think he already sold it to his buddy, Odell.

Anonymous said...

Remember when Wiggington used to say people were jealous of him because the board named him president? Jealous of what, because he sexually harassed Kim and Diedra protected him? Or because he gave Patrice that $26,000 car loan when her credit score was 580? He never thought anyone would ever find out he was bringing Henry Justice back even
after Henry kept all that money the cu sent him to pay for cars he sold to members and then never gave the cu the pink slips. And he got that poor members car and put it under his name and then sold it. I don't know why he gets so upset when the TRUTH about him comes up. Man it up Wigg cause no one is jealous and you are guilty.

Anonymous said...

Everyone who works and has worked for P1 knows of Wiggs dirty deeds. What has been whispered for years is now being shouted on this blog. Note to management clean up your act and dirt can't be posted here.

Anonymous said...

What the h-ll is going on at p1? A few weeks ago, Bea sends out a message saying Rodger is no longer over HR and that she will now be over HR with Esmeralda under her.

Today, they send out ANOTHER message this time saying HR has been given to Robert West. First of all, Bea had no reason taking HR to begin with.She only did it because she wanted her grubby paws on the employee records and that came from her big mouth. But why did they take it away from her? Did they find out that what the blog says about her is true? Or are they getting a lot of complaints about her (which is also true)? Everyone is getting whiplash from all the back and forth changes they make at this messed up company.

Anonymous said...

Bea ordered new cubicles for the area outside of Rodger and Patti's office. Their going to move accounting to the new cubicles. So where are they getting the money to pay for the cubicles and to pay the guys who are going to install them? Is Bea already spending money their going to save from closing Valencia and Redlands.

And how come they didn't give HR back to Rodger? Was it because he violated policy all those years he was over HR? Or is it because he left the cu open to legal problems? Or was it that affair he had with that boy?

And how surprising they took HR from Bea after she's been doing such a great job bad mouthing employees, firing people and closing down branches.

Anonymous said...

Is West qualified to be over HR? Why ask, Rodger wasn't.

Anonymous said...

All the changes they make each week proves they don't know what they're doing. All the in fighting proves they are in chaos. And there is a struggle for power between the people that causing the credit union to fail and they're putting their employee's jobs in danger. Way not to run a company, losers (Bea, Wigg, Yvonne, Sylvia, and even you Smock).

Anonymous said...

Robert West head of HR? Was Smock really that bad where they don't want give HR back to him? Looks like West STILL will not be doing any kind of W-O-R-K.

Anonymous said...

Robert West? ha, ha ha ha ha ha ha
West really? ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

Well he fits in sleeps in his office ,does no work and is black

Anonymous said...

Wiggington, you made a mess of P1. You haven't done anything right since you became president the cu has lost lots of employees and is going to lose 2 branches. You have put so many ex-employees in debt and you've lied and lied and lied. And you are the one that brought in Bea to finish off the mess you started. You kept Rodger who should have been fired a long time ago like they did at Superior Industries. Why don't you high tail it out of P1 and find some other company to screw over. Maybe you can get a job at Walmart as a greeter because no bank or cu should evere higher you or Bea unless they want their business to go down the drain. Think its a lie, look at your monthly reports from Jan 09 to July 10.

Anonymous said...

Who in the HELL would hire Wiggs? What are they getting? A loud mouth getto fool who talks and talks and talks about his childhood, talks about his stupid bmw's, talks about his sexual ablities (none) plays with himself in front of employesses, talks bad about his family, talks bad about his staff, talks about people who are jealous (no one is) of him, likes to hide in his office and not talk or HELP members. Yes I can see where another company would like to hire Wiggs, what a prize he is (not).

Anonymous said...

And who would want to hire Rodger? He pretends to care for employees and then helps Wigg backstabs them.

And would you hire Bea? What did she do at Universal Studios CU that got her out? And she backstabs everyone even those 2 big idiots, Rodger and Wiggington and after putting the knife in their backs, she twists it.

Would you hire Lynnette? She speaks ghetto, she's stupid, and she's jealous and another BIG TIME backstabber.

And what about Sylvia? She's horrible in every way possible. She can say praise the lord and stab you in the back.

Anonymous said...

This blog has been right so often and once again, its right on. Keep up the good work and keep slapping the idiots at P1 with the truth.

Anonymous said...

Its bad enough that Wiggington is president and thought it was okay to share his sex life with others, but he's also, how do I put this? Well, ugly. I mean, I don't know if what he said was true or if he made it up, when you see him you can't imagine it at all. Just an opinion.

Anonymous said...

So how many employees are they going to layoff at Redlands and at Valencia? All these layoffs and the cutbacks should have pushed them into the positive a long time ago but can anyone explain why they are still in the negative?

Anonymous said...

They are laying off everyone in Redlands and Valencia.
I hear trough the grape vine that Suzanne and Judith will stay. Maybe they will put them in Burbank since there is no branch manager in there. I feel sorry for them and for Redlands branch. Bea Walker's plan to close Valencia succeeded in revenge against Suzanna. I hope you feel happy Bea Walker. May God bless your soul!

Anonymous said...

I hear Jodi is retiring and there will be only 2 people from Redlands who are going to go over to the Riverside branch. Keeping that tiny branch open tells members, "HEY, WE'RE BROKE." They are going to lay off the rest of the crew. That's Bea's way of helping add to the unemployment rate.

Judith said Bea offered her the assistant branch manager job at Burbank and she accepted. Suzanne and SOME of her staff are going move to Santa Clarita distribution Ctr but what I can't figure is how Bea expects non-postal people to use that office if the only people who can get in are postal workers. Did that even cross Bea's mind? And I agree, closing the Valencia branch was Bea's way to get even with Suzanne. When they got along Bea did everything to keep the branch open but as soon as she got mad at Suzanne, she started talking bad about her and then the branch closes. Bea didn't even consider moving Valencia to a cheaper location. She's like that woman from the movie Fatal Attraction except meaner and uglier.

Anonymous said...

Wigglenada sexually harasses an employee, takes a members car, and causes the cu to lose more than 1/2million $ in 2009, but he keeps his job.

Employees who work hard, get their hours cut and benefits taken away.

Bea wastes money on decorating, uses the company VISA to buy that laptop, makes racist remarks, and slams employees, but she's still collecting over $100,000.

At least 5 people got fired because Bea said they were the blogger but she's been caught lying like when she made up the story that someone had said she embezzled money at Honda and when she said she found an ad for the COO job.

Two girls get in a yelling fight at the LAPDC in front of members but the one person who scolds them for fighting, gets fired.

They find 1 year of unopened letters WITH member checks inside Lynnette's desk and her employee runs off with over $50,000 of member money, but she still has a job. Her side-kick, Virginia "no nothing" Medford is a walking mistake but still has her job but Lynnette gets rid of the person who knows atm's, teller work, VISA's and fsr work.

See a pattern?

Anonymous said...

Here is some of the cut backs Bea made to "save" money and bring new business:

Fired employees who were not needed, didn't like her, or they were the blogger.

Cut the whole bus dev team's hours to 20 a week and made the member service staff at South Pasadena and Redlands, part-time.

She took away medical benefits and ordered that P1 not match 401k contributions.

She cut courier service so pick-ups went from 5 days down to 2 days a week.

She cut down supply ordering and she reduced money spent on promotions/advertising.

They stopped buying paper and
styrofoam cups.

Employees are not to drive on business as much as they used to, to cut gas reimbursements.

She is ordering Redlands and Valencia be closed.

Thats just a few cut backs and they should have made a big difference on how much they spend. So why does the July finanical shows they are -$325,660 and that they ONLY made $24,581 for the month? They paid out another $33,638 on interest on the $10 million Wigg borrowed a couple of years ago and they spent $11,168 on consultants for only July. So where is improvement showing that paying consultants has brought new business?

They spent another $5863 on lawyers for July only which brings the ytd total to $40,341, twice what used to be spent when Harris was president.

So why have Bea's "cut backs" not worked? Why are we still in the negative? And the reports Saeid sends out look like he's not reporting a lot of things Manny used to report. Why? It looks like he's hiding numbers. There is no way they are reporting everything because there's a big hole in their story.

Anonymous said...

There's been big holes in all their stories. They say business is up but they do all these cut backs and now are going to close 2 branches. There stories have more holes then Bea's face.

Anonymous said...

So, they take away HR from Rodger and gave it to Bea. Bea goes in to all the employee files, takes out things that are incriminating or plants things that are not true. Now they give the responsibility of the dept. to Robert West so he can take the fall. He has no clue as to what is going on. Next thing on the list coming up--a memo stating that Rodger is no longer an employee of POCU and we wish him the best in his new endeavors. They can't afford to keep him around when he knows where the skeletons are buried.
Legal expenses up-- you bet. There are several employees and former employees suing the credit union, and rightly so. This is just the beginning.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Wow, that's a great point. Bea could have spent the month going through employee files pulling out docs that incriminate her and the cu of wrong doing and she could have taken things out that people filed against her.

As for Lynnette, she's always been a major backstabber because she doesn't have the intelligence, class or professiolism to stand on her own. She has gotten rid of great employees and kept Virginia one of the worst employees you'll ever meet at any company. Then again, Lynnette can't speak proper English, can't write, lazy as hell and I don't know what to say about that "butch" look that she thinks looks so professional.

Anonymous said...

Bea could have spent the month going through employee files pulling out docs that incriminate her and the cu of wrong doing and she could have taken things out that people filed against her.

Your right eveyone should get a copy of thier file anhd make sure that it's correct.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said, “So, they take away HR from Rodger and gave it to Bea. Bea goes in to all the employee files, takes out things that are incriminating or plants things that are not true.”

You are so right. Bea had HR for 4 to 6 weeks with more than enough time to put things in employee files and take things out. A lot of employees know she's a liar
and we have seen her back stab people. There are a lot of rumors about lawsuits by former employees and complaints from employees working at P1. I agree, P1 should be sued and Bea Walker and Wiggington should be named in those suits and so should Diedra Harris-Brooks and that useless Board. They have helped employees get abused and harassed and they all know there’s a lot of evidence against them. Someone should subpoena the records from EXTTI, Inc which prove Wiggington sexually harassed the ex-employee.

And the main reason why Lynnette is still employed is because board member, Janice Irving fought for her to be promoted to avp after Liz Campos got fired for kiting. I bet Mrs. Irving regrets that.

Lynnette’s branch does produce 50% of the business made by P1 but not because of anything Lynnette does. The branch is located inside the LAPDC which has a huge number of postal employees. It is the postal employees working there that use the LA branch. Plus a lot of non-members use the branch to cash checks for a small fee. Also, when Kim worked there she processed a lot of loans and so did Cathy. Whitni could cover any desk and take care of ATM’s but Bea decided that Cathy and Whitni were the enemy and Lynnette helped get them fired.

Virginia Medford is a big embarrassment. She made so many mistakes in the past that they took away her rights to process loans. Every 2 years, they send Virginia to the South Pasadena office to train and train and train on the same old things and she still doesn’t learn. Everyone knows Lynette is 100% ghetto. She’s like an old version of Flavor Flav, except not as pretty. In 09, Lynnette took credit for the numbers at her branch but that’s not possible, because she doesn’t do the work. She should get her ass out on Florence, Central and all the streets around the branch and get the business. In all the years she’s been there (over 30) she never spends time visiting businesses in south LA. They should have fired her when she firs got hired back in 1940.

Anonymous said...

Employees can review their personnel file. Employees can get a copy of the documents they signed like reviews and warnings. Its the only way to verify if mgmt put documents or taken documents out of your file. No employer has to give you copies of what you don't sign but you can take a pad of paper and write down what docs are in your file that don't have your signature (or were never shown to you). P1 probably doesn't know, but you can write down a page number on every page you find in your file (1,2,3...).

If Bea or anyone else put anything in your file without your knowledge or if you find they took something out that should be in there, you can use the information to file a complaint with a government agency or as part of the evidence you might need in a lawsuit. If your personnel file was tampered with, you can bet that Bea or Wiggington did it and that also means Rodger or Esmeralda were involved because they are HR and have access to personnel files.

Anonymous said...

I am so glad I don't work there anymore.

Anonymous said...

Here are excerpts from an article by Adrian Savage.

How To Deal With A Nightmare Boss

It can happen to anyone. there's a change in the organization and -- suddenly -- you find yourself working for the boss from Hell. Arrogant, demanding, ignorant, bullying and insensitive. [Refer to Bea Walker, Sylvia Perez, Charles Wiggington, Lynnette Fortson]

Here are some tried and tested ways of coping with impossible bosses -- and coming out on top.

1. Find ways to boost your confidence
This is the single most important indicator of success. ASSHOLE BOSSES TYPICALLY WORK TO UNDERMINE YOUR SELF-CONFIDENCE THE WHOLE TIME. Don't allow this to happen. Recite your strengths back to yourself. Keep notes of accomplishments. Celebrate every success.

4. Be your own advocate
Don't explain your ideas to your asshole boss and let him take them to the people who matter. (Please refer to Sylvia Perez, Bea Walker, Lynnette Fortson). You can be sure he'll (or she'll) imply he thought them up himself and will take all the credit. Make sure you present your own ideas. Try informal meetings at first -- invite a few people (plus your boss) to "help you" with something you're trying to sort out. Make use of opportunities of formal meetings as well. Don't try to undermine or obviously bypass your boss. (In other words, don't turn into Bea Walker or Charles Wiggington). Just come out with the bones of the idea and make sure people know it's yours. If he (she) tries to stop you, say you were getting feedback before bringing the completed idea to him. You know how busy he is and don't want to waste his time with something that may turn out to be impractical.

6. Develop your staff
Work as hard as you can at developing your own staff. (Note Bea Walker doesn't respond to emails & voice mail messages and doesn't connect with staff). Be EVERYTHING to them your boss isn't to you. Nothing gets people noticed faster than capable, loyal staff who tell everyone what a great boss they have. If the people below you are headed upwards fast -- and they're loyal to you -- they'll push you up ahead of them.

7. Spread the word subtly
Copy the right people in on your messages, but do it subtly. Don't copy everything to everyone. That will make you look pushy. Just ask yourself who else (other than your boss) has a legitimate interest -- who else could find what you're saying genuinely helpful -- and add them to the cc'd list. [Sylvia Perez needs to read this one over and over and over].

8. Create a portfolio of your best work
Use it to remind yourself of your worth and boost your self-confidence. It will also be extremely handy if you need to think about getting another job that fits your abilities better (and another boss who isn't an asshole) and need to revise your CV/resume.


Anonymous said...



9. Document, document!
Keep your files and paperwork meticulous. Document everything important. If your asshole boss tries to blame you for his mistakes, make sure you have documentary proof that you did exactly what you ought to have done. Never argue or get angry. Let the facts speak for themselves.


10. Treat others well
Always treat others as you want them to treat you. If you want them to take your achievements seriously, make sure that's what you do. If you want them to see you as someone important, treat yourself that way. No one will ever see you as more useful or important than you see yourself.

Organizations are like clubs
The people who get to the top positions choose others they like. They don't choose problem people they don't trust. You need to establish three things without question:

1. You're outstanding at what you do today.

2. You're completely trustworthy.

3. You're a really nice person to have around.

Do this and you'll be unstoppable -- whatever your boss says.

Adrian W. Savage
Read the whole article at;read=153

Mr. Brooks said...

Hey Diedra, in the annual meeting you said, "we have the right management team in place." Do you still feel that way, you stupid bitch?

Anonymous said...

Every employee at P1 should contact HR in writing and ask to see their personnel file.

Over the years, mgmt has made up a lot of lies to fire people and they've been helped by Rodger and Esmeralda. The chances are they put something in a person's file to support whatever lie they said.

Its important like checking your credit report and will show if these people did something behind your back.

Anonymous said...

I never thought of it, bet no one did, but why did Bea really want to take over HR? It looks suspicious particularly when she was the person deciding who was going to get fired and she was also the person who told Yvonne and Diedra who she thought was the blogger. That was more than a conflict of interest, P1 gave her the chance to maybe do something illegal. Can complaints be filed with the state?

Anonymous said...

California is an at will employer which means your employer can fire you for anything. They can even be rude and that's still not illegal though it wouldn't reflect well on them as a business.

If an employee says their employer created a hostile work environment then they have to prove that the company violated federal law and committed discrimination.

For example, in the case of Bea Walker, if she has abused, slandered or fired a Latino/Latina employee, particularly one that had a good performance record,
then the employee might be able to build a case against Bea alleging
that her abuse is motivated by racism. She said that Mexicans at the South Pas office are all members of the Mexican mafia. An employee or ex-employee could use this to prove she is a racist and that her abuses are discrimination because they are Latino/Latina.

It would be difficult for P1 to try and claim that what Bea said was a joke or that there is no relationship between her harrassing or firing Latino/Latina employees and her statement that Mexicans are members of the Mexican mafia. If you believe she has discriminated against you for anything found under federal law you can consult a lawyer or file a complaint with the Dept of Fair Employment and Housing or EEOC.

Its hard to believe that the COO is not aware of federal law but if she isn't and her statement were not truly racist, she should be fired anyway, because she is a HUGE liability and ignorant.

Anonymous said...

P1 Management, the Board and Supervisory Committee ARE A BIG JOKE!

Anonymous said...

Diedra spent 2008 hiding the facts so Wigg wouldn't get fired for sex ual harassment. She only kept Wigg because she knew that she would have more power over P1 if he stayed in office. When Mr Harris was president, he put a stop to her abuses and if you'll remember she knew her place and never overstepped her boundaries. After she saved Wigg from being fired, he owed her. That's why he goes to her for every little thing, he has to. Boards aren't supposed to exceed their authority but this one does because they saved Wigg's job. Diedra is also responsible for hiring Bea and she's also responsible for giving Bea so much power to abuse. Diedra is also the reason why Bea spent more than $100,000 redecorating and Diedra is the one that approved building of the sucky call center.

Diedra also let Bea bring in Saeid and Diedra approved his more than $100,000 a year salary when P1 is doing so bad. Diedra is also the reason why Wigg was able to borrow $20 million in 2008 and why they now pay more than $30,000 every month on interest alone on the remaining $10 million balance. Diedra also approved hiring Randy McBride and Diedra ok'd the terminations of Dane, Theresa, David, Kim, Tsui, Marc and lots of other employees. Diedra is also the reason why Wigg didn't get in trouble for taking that member's car and she's also the one that covered up for him when he tried to bring Henry Justice back, even though Justice had stolen more than $80,000 in money from the credit union. If P1 is sick its because Diedra is a virus.


Diedra sounds more like a TERMINAL CANCER.

Anonymous said...

Is there such a thing as a TERMINAL butt rash?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous: "Is there such a thing as a TERMINAL butt rash?"

Yes, its called BEA. That stands for Bubonic Epidermus Ass.

Anonymous said...

A COO possibly getting into employee files, a president who got away with sexually harassing employees, a Senior VP who helped back stab employees and a supervisory committee and board of directors, who break rules and the law and don't know a single thing about leading the credit union. Don't believe it? Are they getting ready to close 2 branches?

Anonymous said...

Your coming up on 25,000 readers (or number of times people got on this blog). That's like in what 7 months? P1 has a few members than that. Maybe you can show them how to get their numbers up.

Anonymous said...

Business as usual today. I've been trying to call POCU. I've left voicemails and no one calls back. Really great customer service.

Anonymous said...

You call and you get a long wait and listen to a recorded commercial about the things they offer. Then you wait and wait and wait and either you get tired and hang up or you speak to someone who is in a hurry, rushes through some list about what they offer or they give you the exact answer to your question, or they can't answer your question and promise to call back, which they don't. And notice unlike almost every other company, you can't press zero to speak to the operator or receptionist.

Here's an idea, offer good service.

T. Gathers said...

They are so disorganized, they need to hire a COO! Oh wait, they have one.

If you want to speak to the receptionist, press 1096 but usually he or she is too busy helping the call center (does that make sense?), members visiting the office, vendors, and delivery people. You can try calling-

Pres. Wiggington at 1001
Beatrice Walker at 1004
Yvonne Boutte at 1081
Saeid Raad at 1002
Rodger Smock at 1003

These overpaid execs won't answer their phones, will probably never call you back, and will probably forward your call to Irma, the exec ASSISTANT or some other employee.

T. Gathers said...

Forgot, the credit union's number is 626-441-1999.

Pres. Wiggington at 1001
Beatrice Walker at 1004
Yvonne Boutte at 1081
Saeid Raad at 1002
Rodger Smock at 1003

Anonymous said...

Bea Walker is not so much a COO as she is coo coo, coo coo.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
Is there such a thing as a TERMINAL butt rash?

Yeah the kind that you can't scratch in public.

Anonymous said...

There is a itch you can scratch in public, just ask wiggy. How many times have we been forced to watch him itching and scratching. Or as my father says PLAYING WITH HIMSELF, ewwww.

Anonymous said...

Bea and Wigg are trying to sell shared branching to members living in Riverside and Santa Clarita. If I live in Santa Clarita and I want to sign my loan papers I am not driving or taking the train to Van Nuys, Burbank, or South Pasadena when I could just open an account in my community where they actually want to provide convenience. If I live in Riverside County, I am not driving to that tiny poor man's branch in Riverside when I could join Altura CU. I wouldn't even want to show my friends the Riverside branch and say this is where I bank. They're going to wonder if I joined a cu that only caters to people on welfare.

You can't close 2 branches and cut service and say you're a financial fitness center.

Anonymous said...

If you can't get thru to Wiggington, Bea, Saeid, Yvonne, or Rodger, you can also call Esmeralda in HR. Her number 626.441.1999 x 1007.

Anonymous said...

Wiggington and Bea intercept whatever mail comes to South Pasadena to the attn of the Board of Directors and Supervisory Committee. If you are fed up with
your letters to the Board or Sup Comm not being answered or tired of dealing with the bad management team and horrible service, you can call Deidra Harris-Brooks, the "Board Chair" at (626)441-1999 x 1094 or Supervisory Committee Chair, Cornelia Simmons at (626)441-1999 x 1095.

Anonymous said...

Priority One CU
Contact Info

Call 626-441-1999 and press any of the extensions right after the recorded message answers.

Pres. Wiggington at 1001
Beatrice Walker at 1004
Yvonne Boutte at 1081
Saeid Raad at 1002
Rodger Smock at 1003
Esmeralda 1007.
Diedra Harris-Brooks at 1094
Cornelia Simmons at 1095.

Anonymous said...

HA! notice how no one put Robert West's ext.? West will too busy taking a nap to answer his phone. Robert West and work = zzzzzzzz.

robert west said...


George Washington said...


Its the truth, like it says in John 8:32 "Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free."

Tim Gunn said...

Stop picking on Mr. West!

The reason he naps in his office is because he's in a sleep study.
He's also tired because of that part-time job he has as a dog. Remember, how in the last staff meeting he obeyed his masters, Wigg and Bea, and made a fool of himself in front of the whole staff?

Anyway, if you keep talking about him, you might provoke him to grab another microfone and start trying to twist things so anyone who disagrees with mgmt or reads this blog is a hater. What did he say in the meeting, that if you show haters love its like putting hot coals on their heads? I was confused, I thought he was telling us how they barbecue at his house.

I do have a bone to pick. Why include Esmeralda's name on the list? She's as useless as shoes with no souls, I mean soles. Unless you like talking to someone who always has to say "its my job, its my job" (she's starting to sound like Tattoo from Fantasy Island) you'd be better off calling..... Second thought call her, because none of them act like they're educated and none act like professiionals. Carry on.

Anonymous said...

Here are SOME Credit Unions in RIVERSIDE with actual branch locations.
Call them for locations throughout Riverside/San Bernardino

421 N Sierra Way, San Bernardino, CA 92410
(909) 881-3355
550 E Hospitality Ln, San Bernardino, CA 92408
(909) 379-6500
621 Carnegie Dr, San Bernardino, CA 92408
(909) 383-7300
9267 Haven Ave, Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91730
(909) 987-8657
592W Foothill Blvd, Rialto, CA 92376
(909) 421-0103

Bourns Employees Federal Cu
1200 Columbia Ave, Riverside, CA 92507
(951) 781-5600

Crc Federal Credit Union
632 6th St # E, Norco, CA 92860
(951) 737-6262

California Center Credit Union
9500 Cleveland Ave, Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91730
(909) 476-8018

California Credit Union League,
9500 Cleveland Ave # 200, Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91730
(909) 980-8890 /

First Financial Federal CU
1906 Commercenter E # 107, San Bernardino, CA 92408
(909) 388-1364 /

Fontana Federal Credit Union
17235 Arrow Blvd, Fontana, CA 92335
(909) 822-4487

Inland Valley Fed Credit Union
9389 Cherry Ave, Fontana, CA 92335
(909) 822-1810

March Community Credit Union, 23520Cactus Ave, Moreno Valley, CA 92553
951) 656-4411

13800Heacock St, Moreno Valley, CA 92553
(951) 656-5083
650 S Lincoln Ave # 101, Corona, CA 92882
(951) 372-9800

Mount Slover FCU
695 S Rancho Ave, Colton, CA 92324
(909) 825-4441

Oro Grande Federal Credit Union
1500 Rubidoux Blvd, Riverside, CA 92509
(951) 683-3014

Wescom Credit Union
4330 Mills Cir, Ontario, CA 91764
(909) 581-3003

Anonymous said...

Here are SOME cu's located in or around the Santa Clarita Valley.

Antelope Valley Fed Crdt Union
(661) 255-7929
25375 Orchard Village Rd, Santa Clarita, CA

Premier America Credit Union
(661) 702-8928
27550 Newhall Ranch Rd, #203, Valencia, CA

PSCU Financial Service
19515 Sidani Ln, Santa Clarita, CA

Calcom Credit Union
(661) 294-9711
28150 Industry Dr, Valencia, CA

Itt Aerospace Controls FCU
(661) 295-4031
28150 Industry Dr, Valencia, CA

Matadors Federal Credit Union
(818) 993-6328 20045
Prairie St, Chatsworth, CA

US Postal Svc Credit Union
(818) 365-8698 10919
Sepulveda Blvd, Mission Hills, CA

Premier America FCU
(818)772-4000 19867
Prairie St, Chatsworth, CA

Anonymous said...

I heard Wiggington telling someone on his cellphone that P1 is looking for a merger. If they're doing well, which they're not, and if Bea's cut-backs are saving money, which they're not, then why look for a merger? And they can't possibly be hoping to buy another credit union when they are about to lose the main office at Redlands which merged with P1 one back in 2006.

So why merge except to save themselves and hopefully get a bigger, stronger cu to buy them. But who would buy P1? What do they bring to the table? If I bought P1 I'd get rid of the CEO, COO, CFO and the Senior VP. Plus they hardly spend money promoting their name anymore. Seems the only one putting their name out there is this blog.

LMAOA said...


Anonymous said...
Robert West? ha, ha ha ha ha ha ha
West really? ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

Well he fits in sleeps in his office ,does no work and is black


Anonymous said...

"Seems the only one putting their name out there is this blog."

Well, Bea and Wigg finally found a way to promote the cu name and not spend any money. That's using their head (not heads).

Anonymous said...

P1 will become a huge success when cows fly, Bea becomes the face for Cover Girl, Wiggington is named one of the great minds of the 21st century, Esmeralda loses 50 lbs and Rodger becomes a priest in Mexico.

Anonymous said...

All those terminations, taking away benefits, reducing work hours, reducing pay and closing two branches haven't helped P1 grow, prosper or get out of the negative. At some point you have to admit, that's the most uselss board in the industry thanks to Ms. Brooks-Walker and to the supervisory committee. I don't even include Wiggington who is the worst failure and based on what I read here, no small liar.

Anonymous said...

Where's Augusts financial? Saeid has been dragging his big feet since he got here and never gets it out before the 21st though the DFI says they're supposed to be posted by the 10th of each month. Isn't he getting paid $115,000 annually to get the report out on time?

Anonymous said...

Plain and simple, Bea doesn't know squat about organizing any company. She's planning more cut backs even if there are already plans to layoff employees now working in Redlands/Valencia.
In the next month watch for more cutbacks besides the layoffs. She and Saeid are talking about putting more staff on part-time, cutting benefits and pay. Bea is a GREAT study on all the things you never should do as a COO.

Anonymous said...

They say you shouldn't live in the past, but I know a lot of employees must miss when Mr Harris was president. In those days lying and backstabbing weren't goals.

Anonymous said...

According to
Priority One is "adequately capitalized" at 6.6%. Wasn't it 10%on the day, Mr Harris retired?

Tyra Banks said...

If you don't feel like P1 has helped you win with money or they just ain't cutting it as your financial fitness center, here are a few other cu's in South Pasadena and Pasadena.

Lockheed Federal Credit Union
800 328-5328
180 S Lake Ave, Ste 100, Pasadena,

Pasadena Service FCU
(626) 351-9651
670 N Rosemead Blvd, Pasadena, CA

E Central Credit Union
(626) 799-6000
990 S Fair Oaks Ave, Pasadena, CA

LA Financial Credit Union
(626) 792-7441
1520 W Colorado Blvd, #1, Pasadena

Wescom Credit Union
(626) 535-1000
123 S Marengo Ave, Pasadena, CA

California Credit Union
(800) 334-8788
95 S Lake Ave, Pasadena, CA

Focus One Community Credit
(626) 685-9000
1 W California Blvd, Pasadena,

Pasadena Service Credit Union
(626) 351-9651
670 N Rosemead Blvd, Pasadena

Pasadena FCU
(626) 799-0882
1038 S Fair Oaks Ave, Pasadena

Anonymous said...

Priority One is "adequately capitalized" at 6.6%. Wasn't it 10%on the day, Mr Harris retired?

These figures are based on the financials that POCU posts. Do you really believe them? It's probably more like 5.8% but mgmt. doesn't want anyone to know because NCUA will come in.
If POCU merges with anyone then the agreement should be that all management from AVP on up be terminated from POCU and the board and supervisory committee be disbanded. Wish them all well in their future endevors. See how they like it.
A massive letter campaign to DFI and NCUA may be the only way to get them to take notice of the horrible management of POCU. Maybe one can be drafted and put on this blog with the address to mail it to.

Anonymous said...

A form letter listing specific things management has done that have caused Priority One to decline including the abuses committed by them against employees can be posted here and copied and pasted by members and ex-employees and sent to the DFI and NCUA (and even the Better Business Bureau).

Employees who were terminated by P1based on slander and if they have evidence that the company lied, should write the EEOC, Dept of Fair Employment & Housing, or California Dept of Labor Standards. Wiggington, Bea, Smock and if Saeid is playing with the #'s, should be kicked out and go and grace some other cu or bank with their talents and wonderful personalities.

Anonymous said...

Its sad to see that the president and COO chose backstabbing, slandering, and abusing staff over working hard to help the credit union grow. I encourage employees not lose hope. What Bea, Wigg, Rodger, Yvonne, Sylvia and even Lynnettee have done to people over the years is catching up. Is P1 doing good? Are they propering? Are people happy working there? Do people respect these managers?
They are not only not making progress but they are not getting new business, delinquencies are growing and they are losing branches. Karma? Reaping what you sow? Obviously they've done something wrong and things are getting worse.

Anonymous said...

Bea Walker and Wiggington had the nerve to say again, business is improving. Really? Then why are you closing two branches, you putzes? Business is good? How come you're not giving employees raises, taking away their benefits, and cutting their work hours? How come your financials show you're in the NEGATIVE? How come you can't even afford paper cups or office supplies? No one wants whatever it is you two are drinking.

"You can avoid reality, but you cannot avoid the consequences of avoiding reality." - Ayn Rand

You both need lithium.

Anonymous said...

It must suck to be Bea. She travels from credit union to credit union like she's trying to break some record. You just know she's going to go and try and get into some other credit union sometime in the future and if she does, she'll ruin them to. Anyway, what ever happened when she was at AIRCO CU and at Universal Studios CU?

And it must suck to be Wiggington knowing the proof he sexually harassed an employee is all in the files at the law firm that investigated him. And it doesn't look like Wigg will ever be president of another cu, at least not on earth. It looks like his next stop is Fat Burgers and it ain't to order lunch.

Anonymous said...

Bea can join Wigg at Fat Burgers because her face already looks like hamburger.

Anonymous said...

Wigg and bread puddin face at Fat Burger? I may never eat again, yuk, no thank you.

Anonymous said...

"Wigg and bread puddin face at Fat Burger? I may never eat again, yuk, no thank you."

You won't eat at Fat Burger and I won't bank at P1.

Anonymous said...

Bell Credit Union AKA P1

Anonymous said...

Well Bea's done it again. Yesterday she announced we are having another one of those waste of time all staff meetings in October. She reserved the War Memorial at 435 S. Fair Oaks Ave in South Pasadena (across from Orchard). That's appropriate? There are so few people working at the cu that she could have held the meeting at the main office. Everyone would fit comfortably in the employee lounge room. She's still spending more money on space they supposedly can't afford and they're going to give us some more of those stale coffee cakes like the did the last time with pieces of fruit. The cu is in the negative more than $200,000, so what's up with this moron? I thought she had Saeid that big time overpaid cfo helping her find ways to cut spending? You can't imagine how stupid she is until you have to work for her.

Anonymous said...

Bell CU? Didn't they have all those officials in court the other day dressed in orange jump suits, waiting for the judge to pronounce bail? Now that's an idea.

Anonymous said...

In August P1 made money but they're still in the negative. You have to wonder how they made profit when business is down and delinquencies are up. They're not closing branches for the heck of it and they are in trouble. They have cut from the bottm and are now too top heavy. I wouldn't go by what they report on their monthly but what they're not reporiting, like delinquencies and acccount payables. And are they
cooking the books?

Lindsay Lohan said...

Bea has a sense of humor holding a meeting at the War Memorial up the street from the credit union but when you consider how bad they're doing, maybe she should have reserved a room at the local Goodwill Store. And if she is helping Saeid cook the books like that little stunt she pulled with January's financials, then maybe the meeting should be held at the South Pasadena jail on Mission road.

Anonymous said...

Why is the woman whose job it is to save money spending money on a hall and food. So many people have lost their jobs and so many are now part-time with no benefits but she always finds just enough money to pay her salary, Saeids and Wiggs and now pay for breakfast (no matter how bad it is) and a room. Does she even have one good reason why the meeting can't be held at the main branch? And the board are idiots for letting her do so.

P1 Don't Have A Prayer said...

Maybe like Jesus this is our last supper.

Anonymous said...

I came across this link about B of A's abusive collection agency that used racist remarks to collect money. They were sued and the collector and B of A had to pay $1.5 million to a customer.

P1 might tolerate a COO who makes racist statements about Mexicans but its good to know not every company wants an ignoramous in their company. Members could have collected signatures demanding removal of Diedra Harris-Brooks and hte board and sent these to the DFI. The board has failed to protect P1 and chose Wiggington based on skin color (ask Saffold, Irving, Gathers) and keep him after sexually harassing an employee.

Hewelett-Packard's CEO was investigated for sexual harassment
and the company investigated and said he did not sexually harass a vendor but he did act inappropriately. He had the dignity to resign. The story is at:

If you've been harassed by any business, you can visit Federal Trade Commission: Consumer Rights

Just proves Priority One's Board and executives have no class or morals.

Anonymous said...

Bravo my friend, well said.

Anonymous said...

If bea would have made a 'black' remark she would have been kick out on her ass. You know how black people are when you talk about them. You can talk about everyone else but THEM.

Anonymous said...

Bea is pathetic. Wiggington started the credit union's problems but she has topped him and left his ass in the dust.

She lets her emotions affect everything she does. If she thinks you don't like her or agree with EVERYTHING she does, then you're her enemy and she'll try to find ways to get you fired.

If she were kind, compassionate and respectful you could ignore her roseacea, droopy eye lids, and big nose but because she is mean, obnoxious, vindictive and stupid, you start to look at everything that's wrong with her.

People who read this blog should spend 2 weeks with her. They'd see how horrible she really is. On her 1st day at work, she ignored the employees she thought were below her. If you walked towards her in the hall, she would turn away and not even say hello.

What is so sad is she want acceptance, love, and validation but who can give her these when she acts like a snake?

Anonymous said...

Wow! I do agree that she would have made trouble for herself if she made a comment about Blacks though I'm not sure the board would have done anything. Haven't you noticed that Diedra seems to grovel to Bea? Can't figure that one out. Bea must have invented a time machine because the board has taken a step back 200 years. Remember the annual meeting. I thought Diedra was going to make Bea stand up, pull her pants down and plant a big kiss on her flat, pasty ass. I mean, I could be wrong, but that's what it looked like.

Mr. Peabody said...

You're not wrong- Diedra has bent over for Bea.(I meant bent over backwards). Its because Diedra and that board don't know what they're doing. For example, Bobby Thomas works at NALC Branch 24 where he makes sure the agreement between the USPS and employees is enforced but he does NADA as a board member. At P1 he sits back like a fat old ferrel cat and just lets worthless Diedra run the show. And the Supervisory Committee is just as useless. You would think crass, ghetto hag, Cornelia Simmons would have led the committee to say, "That's enough, let's get rid of Bea Walker and Charles Wiggington and get down to business." That would require she have a plan and understand what P1needs. Maybe they just don't try because since 2007, they don't travel to Hawaii or Las Vegas anymore and before that, to Europe, to attend "business meetings."

And CONGRATULATIONS! 25,000 hits!
P1 has almost as many members as this blog has hits. There's a lesson to be learned here but I don't know what it is. Any ideas O. Glen Saffold or Thomas Gathers?

Anonymous said...

The meeting that's supposed to take place on 10/06 at the war memorial should be interesting. Bea will lie again like she does at every staff meeting and tell everyone business is going to get better now that they're closing down branches. Watch her nose, it might grow while she's talking (its already really BIG and WIDE).

I wonder if is going to open up the meeting by passing out plastic balls for employees to throw at one another like she did in April's meeting? She STOLE that idea from that seminar she attended in Anaheim in February. Does that woman have any original ideas? She'll probably give sexual harasser Charles Wiggington 3 1/2 minutes to tell everyone thanks for their hard work.

Wonder if part-timer, Rodger Smock, will speak and if he'll pay the role of everybondy's grandma again. Mr. Smock, its gotten tired. Just be yourself- a cowardly liar and major backstabber. They might have "liar in training" Esmeralda Sandoval remind employees they have to abide to the confidentiality and attendance policy.

I't should be another snooze fest with a lot of lies.

Anonymous said...

Looking at their June, July and August reports, something is missing. I don't think they're reporting their loan to loss amount correctly. Compare the figures, it doesn't look like they set aside enough money for loan to loss allowance.

And look at the amount of attorney fees paid between January and August. When Mr. Harris was president, the total amount paid per year was from $19,000-$21,000. Now, they are spending between $4500 to $6000 a month and in 2009, their attorney fees were more than $100,000.

And I don't think they're paying their accounts payables on time. In fact, notice how they don't prove much information since Saeid Raad became CFO. He's doing everything Manny refused to do. That's why Bea Walker succeeded in driving Manny out, she didn't want someone that was honest, she wanted someone that did what she told him to do.

The reports show they are paying BIG money to consultants, in fact for what they are doing in business, the amount of money spent is astronomical. Who are these consultants? What have they done for the credit union? What are they doing? And how is what they provide showing in a return to the credit union?

Since Sept 2009, they are paying interest on the remaining $10 million borrowed by Wiggington in 2008. The interest is between $30,000 and $33,000 a month! Why are they paying so much in interest and not just paying off the loan when they are struggling for money?

They have laid-off a lot employees they supposed could not afford to keep and they fired others who Bea said were the blogger. Why does the August report show they paid $5000 to temporary employees? Who are these temporary employees? Did the temporary employees replace permanent employees? How can they justify $5000 in one month on temporary employees and firing/laying-off "perm" employees and planning to close 2 branches?

And how much are they ACTUALLY paying Saeid Raad and why is it not shown on the monthly report?

These points can be put in a letter that members can send to the DFI to demand that Bea and Wiggington explain financials and that they fire both of them and the board and supervisory committee.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
The meeting that's supposed to take place on 10/06 at the war memorial should be interesting. Bea will lie again like she does at every staff meeting and tell everyone business is going to get better now that they're closing down branches. Watch her nose, it might grow while she's talking (its already really BIG and WIDE).

I wonder if is going to open up the meeting by passing out plastic balls for employees to throw at one another like she did in April's meeting? She STOLE that idea from that seminar she attended in Anaheim in February. Does that woman have any original ideas? She'll probably give sexual harasser Charles Wiggington 3 1/2 minutes to tell everyone thanks for their hard work.

Pleaseeeeeeee Bea shakes like a dog in the pound when she has to speak in front of people. If Bea wants someone to talk she should get her bff (boyfriend) Yvonne to speak. Bea needs to tell her cut the ghetto slang talk, Yvonne I am not one of your 'peeps' you are a low life ghetto back stabbing bi-sexual bitch, word to yo mamma. And as for Wiggy, who cares. He's fiddling (probably with himself) while Rome, I mean the credit union burns to the ground.

Yawn said...

Why don't they just put meeting bullet points on the intranet? That way they won't waste our time with some bullsh*t meeting.

Anonymous said...

Bea's holding the meeting at the War Memorial because she still thinks headquarters is bugged. They'll probably sweep it again for bugs soon. Maybe she doesn't want anything spilt on the floors or maybe she just wants to spend more money on foolish things. I wonder how long before the contents of the meeting shows up on the blog, maybe 15 minutes or 1/2 hour after it's over. You go bloggers.

L. Lillestrand said...

Anonymous said "Why don't they just put meeting bullet points on the intranet? That way they won't waste our time with some bullsh*t meeting."

That is a GREAT idea! Let's be real, those meetings are a waste. Before Wigg took over, the meetings provided employees with info on how the cu was doing financially and where it needed to improve. That all changed when Bea got hired. She decided in all her infinite wisdom to start gossip by saying some unnamed employees started she embezzled money when she worked at Honda CU. She even pretended to cry though she forgot snakes don't cry tears.

No one had ever heard the rumor because it never existed. She stood there, at the podium, shaking like a wet cat, her voice trembling and reading notes from her index cards, saying she was going to have 2 executives from Honda testify that she never stole money. Everyone waited and waited and waited, but guess what? No executives ever showed up. After the meeting, everyone started asking what she was talking about and a lot discovered the blog. Way to go Einstein. Then in the same meeting she lied and said she answered an ad looking for a coo and was interviewed and got hired.
That was also a lie because Wiggington knew her before she got hired, told her he wanted a coo and got her to apply. She may not know how to run a company or bring in money but she's an expert at lying, well that's until she gets exposed on this blog. In the last meeting in 2009, she lied again and told employees business was up. A few weeks later she laid-off employees.

In April 2010 she gets up and says business is growing, brings in her friend from AutoAlliance who says sales are up and then she and Wigg get Robert West to play the fool and try and manipulate people using the Bible. He calls the blogger and bloggers, "haters." Look whose talking, West, Wigg and Bea. A few weeks later, more lay-offs and more cut-backs.

Since then a lot of employees have been taken from full-time to part-time and lost their benefits. Her boy Saeid even drags his feet and reimbursing money and she has gotten that overweight idiot, Esmeralda Sandoval to become her Minnie Me, except without an education. Now the queen of failurs has decided to rent a hall to say what? I hope she isn't stupid enough (and she probably is) to tell us business is doing great, because closing down Redlands and Valencia says business is doing bad. I hope she doesn't get up and tell us that there's a bright future because the only way there is a bright future is if she mans up and quits along with Wigg.

If she want to spare employees and give them a real treat, don't hold meeting because we're sick of your BS. Like the other reader suggested, put what you have to say in bullet points on the intranet. It will save money and time and we won't have to hear you lie again and better still, we won't have to look at your face or Wigg's. Now that's an idea!!!

Anonymous said...

The South Pas branch is on the 2nd floor. Maybe Bea's having the meeting at the war memorial because it'll be easier to set up x-ray machines to scan employees on the day of the meeting and the roof can hold several sharp shooters plus the big hall can hold employees and at least 10 guard dogs.

Anonymous said...

are they hiding some of Saeid Raad
salary under temp-salary? you are right the reports stink of fowl play,

Anonymous said...

That's a good point, where are they reporting Saeid's salary. And is that $5000 under temp salaries is less than he makes. It could be part of his salary since it doesn't make sense to fire perm employees and replace them with temp salaries at a cost of $5000 a month. Bea got rid of Theresa the compliance officer and less than 8 weeks later hired a temp compliance person to help Patti Loiacano. They are either spending $5000 on temp personnel or they are hiding expenses under catagories like temp salaries, consultant expenses and depreciation. You can play with #'s, that's easy. Plus Bea hated Manny the last cfo because he refused to hide info and report the way she wanted $ reported. When he quit, she was happy and brought in Saeid first as a temp making a HUGE salary and about 4 months ago, made him permanent.
She is happy with Saeid because he does everything she wants which means he is doing what Manny refused to do. So who are the temps Bea is paying $5000 to a month and why?

Anonymous said...

And how come they don't list the amount of their delinquencies? They should post their account payables in detail. If you have nothing to hide then transparency shouldn't be a problem.

Anonymous said...

That's the problem, they do have something to hide.

If you work at South Pasadena you see Wigg spending hours (yes, hours!) in Saeid's office. He never spent even a fraction of that with the old cfo. In fact by November 2009, Manny was walking out of meetings with Wiggington and even raising his voice, telling Wiggington he that what Wiggington wanted couldn't be done legally.

Bea also spends SO MUCH TIME with Saeid. If Saeid is the cfo then he is supposedly an expert in finances. He gets reports from IT and reviews them to create the monthly financial and which he also uses to decide investments and where changes need to be made in how they do business and spend money. If that's what he does and if that's where he is an expert, then why does he need Wiggington who screwed over P1 for all 2009 in his office for hours?????? Why does he need to meet with Bea so much if her job is supposed to be handling the operation???? Her products stink. Her policies stink. Every idea she has has failed to bring in the amount of money P1 needs to perform well. Worse still, she destroyed employee relations. Her behavior and what she says about employees is horrible. She spends more time gossiping and backstabbing than find solutions and her relationship with Yvonne- whatever it is, is so INAPPROPRIATE and counter-productive!!!!! Yeah, they have something to hide, otherwise why would Bea have planned all those terminations? So what are Bea and Wiggington hiding?

Anonymous said...

the financials are posted late there is a ruling that state the reports need to be posted by the 10of each month. Bea gave out orders about x employees getting a copy of the report? While for her info any member is good standings can get a report and also get a copy of the board report and if she starts her crap about them getting a report call NCUA and report her ass.

P1 Management Sux said...

Hiding something in the financals Bea-tch? Give it up moo cow, what is hidden will make its way to the light. How do you think we know about Wiggs sexual and verbal harrassment? Ask Kim B. and Kim H. about that, I'm sure they can talk ya'll some stories. And how do you think we know about you and Yvonne nasty ass relationship? Oh thats right you put it in our face everyday yuk. Thankfully Suzanna didn't want none of that half oreo cookie mess you were trying to sell.

Anonymous said...

Yes law states financial reports must be made public which means posted in a visible place at each branch, by the 10th of each month. At over $100,000 a year, Saeid should have that puppy out by the 2nd of each month.

And have you visited her public profile on.....






She only lists her employment starting with Priority 1 and even lies about her start date which was 6/01/09 NOT 07/01/09. If she has nothing to hide, then why not provide more about your past employment? If you look at Cathy's profile on the Internet (former branch manager of Valencia) you see her employment before Priority 1 and after, but not with old Bea Walker.

And Bea couldn't sell her oreo cookie mess just like she couldn't sell Coutesy Pay or Priority Pay.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
And Bea couldn't sell her oreo cookie mess just like she couldn't sell Coutesy Pay or Priority Pay.

And lets not talk about how bad the call center is, its a hot mess.

Anonymous said...

The call center. What call center? When Bea "setup" the call center she brought Joseph Garcia in from Redlands because she liked the way his lips felt on her flat butt. She puts up this announcement on the intranet that Joseph is going to be a "temporary" supervisor until the cu can find a permanent supervisor but a lot of us knew she was lying because that's just what she does.

After she announced that Joseph is was the new call center supervisor, not so slick, Bea, decides to hire Johnny Garcia, who everyone at South Pasadena knows is the biggest kiss butt you'll ever meet. In fact, when Yvonne Boutte told Bea not to trust Johnny because all he does is "kiss butt", Bea replied, "I know but I love it." Of course you do, ass-less.

Bea also approves hiring Louis but Louis is actually bright and doesn't need to kiss butt. They also hire Veronica who proved herself as a receptionist. Joseph starts scheduling early morning meetings with the call center staff. He must have thought he was running the Pentagon. He had meetings during the week before 8:30 a.m. and on weekend meetings for training. One day he gives Johnny a gift and Louis a gift for their good work, but tells Veronica that he forgot about her and promises he'll buy her something in the future. Dufus thought being call center supervisor was equal to being Secretary of State. Later, they add Cynthia and Colleen to the call center.

A few weeks later, Johnny starts calling in sick and then his wife, who was pregnant, starts having health problems so he schedules time off even though the credit union is riding other employees who take personal time off for illness.

When Burbank is short staffed, Bea sends Cynthia there, which only leaves Colleen, Louis and Veronica on the call center. It was hard enough for 5 people to answer all those incoming calls, but now there's only 2 people on the call center plus Kim, the former receptionist. Joseph ordered Kim to answer call center calls even though she had to also speak to members and vendors visiting the office, and keep logs of incoming mail and packages. All the while Joseph Garcia sits at his desk ringing a bell each time a loan is booked. He must have thought he was Tinker Bell.

When the cu asks people to volunteer for part-time work, Veronica volunteers which only leaves Louis and Colleen to answer phones. See where this is going?

In the meantime, supervisor, Joseph Garcia, is also overseeing the loan department, but guess what? Consumer loans are dropping like Bea's chin. So now they're short-staffed on the call center and loans are dropping.

Then Said, the CFO, decides he wants to take over the real estate loan department because they are performing well and he wants to know why real estate is doing well but consumer loans are down. Guess it never occurred to "I make $100,000" a year that consumer loans are down because Joseph Garcia is not qualified or experienced to run the consumer loan dept.

So what this all proves is that Bea Walker is Dr. Frankenstein and the call center is her monster. And this is just one of her f'ups! The woman should be sent to Devils Island but she'd probably F that up too.

Anonymous said...

The call center is horrible. I remember when Kim was told she would greet members and vendors, receive mail and packages AND then be part of the call center. Seems they wanted her to fail.

Anonymous said...

That's how Wigg and Bea do business. If they don't like you, they set you up for failure. They assign you goals but take away the tools you need to achieve them. Its abuse, but its 100% Wigg and Bea.

Am I the only one that thinks there's a conflict of interest at P1? Bea took HR even though there were lots of complaints against her. Plus she is the one that started rumors about employees she said were the blogger or against her. And why does Saeid, the CFO, oversee the real estate loan dept? Why is credit resolutions under him? They took the loan dept away from Patti when they put her in compliance because Bea said it was a conflict of interest, but they give Saeid a part of the loan dept and collections and Bea took HR even though it was for less than 6 weeks.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone remember this info from 11/12/2009 on Priority One's intranet:

For several months, Irma Sanchez has been assisting in the HR Department. Now that Esmeralda has returned, Irma will be assisting the President/CEO and COO as 'Executive Coordinator'.

She will be reporting directly to the President/CEO. Irma will be in this position on a 'temporary' basis.

Please corporate with Irma in her new role. Her extension is 1008.

What is sad is how they sold it to Kim, complete lies and how she believed that she would be growing and helping the credit union.

Anonymous said...

That was just one of the many lies Bea Walker posted on the Intranet. She said Gema would be at the Call Center for a period of weeks. That last 3 days. She said she would keep Valencia opened. Its closing this November. She said Kim would be sent to the reception desk while Irma cross-trained, all temporarily. That never happened and Kim's gone. Bea said she would turn business around. Two branches, closing lots of lay-offs, firings and hiring her bossum buddies Saeid and Randy and still no change- in fact its worse.

The Professor said...

Irma is a lame brain dum-ass, she has the I.Q. of an ice cube. But she wears those too, too tight clothes so I guess bea and wigg must be happy with that.

Anonymous said...

Bea forgot she was hired to save the credit union not finish it off. She lost focus (that's if she ever had it) and instead of starting a plan to help P1 out of the MESS Wigg started, she decided to "go a lynching." She got rid of Theresa, Dane, David, Tsui, Marc, and Kim because she was sure they were the blogger or blogger. She used to adore Suzanna but when single white woman didn't get what she wanted, she black balled Suzanne and now is closing down her breanch. Wigg, the sexual harasser, and Smock the one who broke policy to hvae an affair with Henry. decided to accuse an employee of sexual harassment and downloading pics of naked guys. The investigator they hired to lie for them must have accidentally scanned Rodger's computer. Before Bea got there, Wigg went after Maggie, got rid of Aaron, said horrible things about Whitni and Karen in Riverside, Dorothy and said he had to clean up Mr. Harris' mess. And how many of us had to sit there while he went ghetto and said, "I'm gonna get her" or "I'm gonna get him." By the way moron it's, "I am going to get her/him."

Bea, Wigg, and Rodger are disgusting. The business is failing because these 3 overpaid idiots couldn't focus on business but let's face it, even if they had focused they don't have the intelligence needed to lead P1. Why isn't Bea at Universal Studios CU or AIRCO CU? Why couldn't Wigg get P1 out of the negative for all 2009? Why didn't Rodger step up and enforce policy instead of conspiring with Wigg and Bea? And what about that useless board and supervisory committee? It doesn't take Madame Zelda to tell you that this cu will either have to merge
with a bigger, better cu or close down all together. Any bets.

Anonymous said...

Why doesn't the cu website mention the closing of Valencia or Redlands branches.

The Gamber said...


Anonymous said...

What's the purpose of the 10/6 all staffing meeting? Is business good or are they going to lie again?

Anonymous said...

Yesterday, the hottest day ever, the air conditioner went out in the back offices. They put up fans, but the area has no windows or ventilation. Wigg told Irma to close his office door because the air was working in his office and he didn't want the hot air from the other side of the building coming into his space. She must have thought he was joking but he didn't laugh and told her to close it. Its so typical of him. He doesn't do a thing to help the cu but he makes sure his old black ass stays cool while other people suffer. Its a great example of how selfish and stupid he is. Useless and only thinking about his comfort and contributing nothing to anything or anyone. Thanks, Diedra, Gathers, Saffold and Irving, for picking such a great president.

Anonymous said...

The August report shows they made a BIG $77,136 for the month. Congratulations Bea. But they are still in the negative by negative by -$248,524. Simply, NO PROFIT! All those cut-backs and NO PROFIT! How? Their asset size is now $159,345,474. Its dropped AGAIN! If you deduct that $10 million they still owe that Wigg borrowed back in 2008, then their real asset size (if they're aren't playing with the #'s) is $149,345,474. THEY KEEP DROPPING!
On that $10 million they paid $32,038 in % for the month of August alone. That a YTD total of $258,978!!! Their legal YTD expenses are $45,822. FOR WHAT? And their consultancy fees, YTD are $136,514. DO YOU SEE ANYTHING IN THE BUSINESS THAT SHOWS THAT $ SPENT ON CONSULTANTS IS PAYING OFF? More proof that Charles Wiggington and Beatrice Walker, and Diedra Harris-Brooks, don't know what they're doing.

Anonymous said...

Oh, and I forgot, $ spent on Temporary Personnel for August was $5027 and the YTD is $40,925! How are you paying more than $40,000 on temporary personnel when you have fired and laid-off so many permanent employees and taken away medical and retirement benefits? Next weeks all-staff meeting should be interesting. Wonder what Bea Walker has plotted, I mean planned?

Anonymous said...

Bea hired Randy McBride to be manager over IT even though Tsui was managing IT and doing a great job. Randy has been there for for about 5 or 6 months and has already taken 6 weeks vacation. When Tsui was there he fixed our computers, checked the system, maintained printers. Randy doesn't know how to do any of this and he acts like he doesn't care. He doesn't fix equipment and then doesn't reply to requisitons for repairs. The computer room's air conditioner hasn't been working. Doesn't the computer room temperture have to be kept cold? If Tsui was there he would have had that fixed immediately.

Randy gets to work after 10 am and leaves between 4:30 and 6 pm. plus he takes his lunch each day. Tsui used to get in early and work really late but Bea didn't like him because she wanted him to do things that were not possible.

Its gotten so bad, they had to go ask Bea to order a cartridge. She got Rodger to order and deliver it. Is that VP's job? Rodger's turned into a regular house n....

And why isn't Saeid Raad at work 5 days a week, 8 hours a day? He gets over $100,000 for what? Is he out looking for work? Come to think of it, you don't see Bea around much either. Is she looking for work? Give it up Bea, with your reputation, only a company that wants to go out of business would hire you. And I can't imagine what Ms. Walker is going to say next Wednesday at the all employee meeting? I hope she doesn't say things are great or getting better because I think if she does, we all ought to slap the ugly out of her. A few weeks ago we went for days without napkins. Now we're going without plastic forks. They aren't ordering supplies we needs and they aren't spending money on repairs. Charles was crying that there were termites in his office. Why complain, he looks like he's used to living with bugs. He had them call someone to come and treat his office. Funny, but when terminates were flying around the old IT dept, Rodger Smock said it wasn't important, that's until the termites got into Bea's office and then she made Rodger call the exterminator right away. By the way, the whole building needs to be exterminated not just little areas. Its just horrible but Bea keeps saying, "business is good." Really? Where, at Kinecta CU?

Thats Mis Bread Puddin Face To You said...

Business is good, I'm making a $100,000 PLUS a year, aren't you?

Anonymous said...

Since business is going downhill anyway, maybe it doesn't matter if the computer room stays hot and the computers get ruined.

Anonymous said...

Business is going downhill. That's a given, making it more strange that they would schedule an all staff meeeting. Based on what I read here, management isn't even trying, taking advantage of the company by not putting much in but collecting a nice big check. Ya, its Bea's fault but the one that got the ball rolling is Wiggington.

Yesterday, there were reps from AT & T at South Pas all day long, trying to correct problems. Each time they show up, its $150 per hour. So what are they doing and why is P1 spending so much money on a system Wiggington chose that everyone knew was a BIG failure.

And whoever wrote about them not having the money to buy things the credit union needs, is right on. I'm waiting for the day when decorator, Bea Walker, sends out a memo telling us we all have to recycle toilet paper. Or that we are no longer allowed to flush the toilet. Or asking us to check the trash cans in south pasadena looking for food. The only ones who suffer are the employees. They have to be careful with their overtime or Esmeralda will write them up. They have to be at work on time or else Esmeralda will write them up. They can't even say anything negative or Esmeralda will write them up. In the meantime, ugly old Bea can come and leave as she chooses taking 2 hour lunches with her man, Yvonne, and Wigg works what? 4 hours a day, maybe. And what does Smock do. All you do is see him sitting at his desk. What special projects is he doing? And Saeid is there part-time, getting $100,000, and leaving to play golf and by the looks of it, Randy McBride is also part-time and doesn't understand computers though Bea did make him the manager of IT. Then again she's supposed a COO and Wigg is supposedly a President just like Smock used to be HR. Then again, you have Joseph who should be waiting tables at Sizzlers and Yvonne who should be shooting hoops for the Lakers.

Anonymous said...

The woman is a failure but is she worse than Wiggington (and is that possible)?

Anonymous said...

I got a letter that says they're closing down the Valencia branch. Does the credit union expect me and other members to keep our accounts open when we can just open an account at another credit or a bank. You can't sell your business if you don't provide business.

Anonymous said...

Maybe they don't want to keep business. Everything I read seems like getting business and keeping members is not there goal. Maybe they're trying to get someone to buy them out. It just doesn't seem like Bea Walker cares and Wiggington should be ashamed of himself, but then that requires feelings he probably doesn't have.

Anonymous said...

Last year a rep from University of Phoenix told Sylvia Perez, "You guys are on a blog. All that stuff I read is shocking." Sylvia said, "It just someone whose trying to hurt the credit union." Sylvia is just another run-a-the-mill manager that you find at Priority 1. The monthlies say, something is wrong. Complaints say, something is wrong. Charges filed with the state say something is wrong but this 2 bit good for nothing avp, who couldn't act professional if you trained her, can sit back and say the blog is by someone who is trying to hurt the cu. No one can hurt the cu except what the cu does. Pathetic.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like Sylvia. Is she still going to be avp after they close Valencia? What will she be avp of, Burbank and Van Nuys? Why?

Anonymous said...

Who knows how long she'll be avp. She has become Bea's flavor of the month. That idiot (Sylvia) went out on medical to have surgery. The entire time she was away she called Burbank and Van Nuys to check on business.

She got back Monday, worked a presentation and today she looked like crap and complained her bladder was hurting. Everything is the cu and then she complains she and her husband aren't getting along and she's having problems with her daughter. You can't look at her and say she's dedicated when she's being an idiot.

Anonymous said...

Sylvia is now Avp of region II.and we also have an acting AVP Cecilia PEREYRA. They're both the same power-rage bitches. Strange things happening at Priority One. Sylvia's Is so happy because Bea Walker is talking to her more. Ah..funny Bea has sweet talked them only because Bea is running out people and has no choice but to bite the bullet and pretend she likes Cecilia and Sylvia. Despite the fact that ina year Sylvia and Cecilia were lucky to get at least one phone call or Email answered. It's pathetic!
They're only close to Bea now because I believe suzanna is oit the picture now. Aparently suzanna is a tough cokie. What was the point in having and acting Avp to manage whom or who? The only one manager in town? Is Susanna unmanageable? Uhmm!???
Like Judith us saying atthe Burbank branch that she is relieved because suzanna is Taft and too strict and she is talking shit behind suzannas back with Teresa. Funny how ungrateful people are. For what I know Judith it's is not a saint she is also a snake just like Dana and Bea. Judith and Dana forced Nora Torres to quit Priority one few years ago. Sylvia allowed it by gossiping with Dana and by micromanaging poor Nora until he could not take anymore.
Judith don't forget you're still employees only because Suzanna stood up to Sylvia and decided to keep you. I never ever heard suzanna bad mouth any of you. Just remember what you and Dana did to 2 years ago. You're body frien Dana can't keep her mouth shut and waist no time to gossip about her manager with Sylvia and Bea in Suzanna's absence. Judith shut your mouth we know in sous pas who you really are yes quite but dangerous. If only suzanna knew what your saying about her.

Anonymous said...

For those who dont know the drama. About 2 years ago Judith had text Dana a message trashing suzanna and saying that she wish Sylvia will make her quit for once. Judith was upset because suzanna will make her work and keep everyone busy. I don't know the whole story but there was more to the story. So Sylvia said that suzanna needed to terminate due to insubordination. Suzanna refused to do so and gave them another opportunity and this is how Judith pays her. Wow!!!! I wonder why people does staff like that to her. She comes across to be a very professional manager. I do know for a fact that she does
no take shit from nobody though uhmm?? What will she do
now that Valencia is closing? I called her and she did not
say much. After her comeback she now have to face
branch closure and possible loose her job too. I wonder
why Bea walker had not even talk to Suzanna.

Anonymous said...

Bea Walker stops talkng to anyone who she "believes" does not love her 100%. She's mentally screwed. You can tell by the way she runs the credit union. She turns against anyone who doesn't agree with EVERYTHING she does or say. Like that's how life works for any of us. As for Judith Barajas, she is a big backstabber. She is there because managers liked her and saw her potential. She knows the job and does it well, but her gossiping and backstabbing have hurt many people and caused Nora to lose her job. Dana is another. She pretends to be nice and smiles in your face, but she has said so many horrible things about Nora and now about Suzanne. I think its jealously. Barrio and ghetto girl don't like anyone who has a position that's higher than theirs or who acts professional and carries themselves like a manager.

Anonymous said...

And Sylvia Perez is a mess. The only reason she stayed so long at P1 is because Wiggington likes her. She's the only employee at P1 that agrees with everything he does. Guess she never heard of being unevenly yoked. She is the reason so many employees quit and why she is literally held in contempt. She lies and backstabs and praises Jesus in your face. Just another big hypocrite at P1. As for Cecilia, she's always had that I smell poop face but she's been a good manager until lately when her TEMPORARY AVP title got to her head and started acting up. Why on earth would you need an AVP for the Burbank branch where usually there is little business? Why would you need one for Valencia if its going to close? You don't need one for Santa Clarita because only postal workers can go there and do you need a single, overpaid AVP for just the Van Nuys branch? That idiot Charles thought creating AVP's would keep him from doing any work and that he could sit back while they worked to get the business. So how did that work for you Wiggington?

Anonymous said...

Judith and Dana are uneducated. Yes, Judith and Dana have learned the procedures needed to their jobs but they involve themselves in gossiping and backstabbing, the favorite pastime of the insecure and ignorant. Did you hear that Beatrice Walker and Charles Wiggington because you two are no different?

On Wednesday Sylvia met with Bea to talk about how things are running at Burbank and Van Nuys.
Sylvia told Beatrice about the GREAT presentation she attended this week at a middle school and how they got a lot of new member accounts, MOSTLY Youth accounts. Lets see if anyone who opened one of these deposits more than the min $1 into the account. If you look at P1's reports, you see the majority of Youth accounts maintian a $1 balance and never is money deposited in these again.

Bea also wants Sylvia to find new ways to develop business in Santa Clarita now that Valencia branch is scheduled to close this Nov. It OBVIOUSLY never occurred to Beatrice Walker that if you close the only branch open to all members, you might actually ruin the chance to get new business and keep members. Now, that Beatrice is TEMPORARY bossum buddies with Sylvia Perez, she wants Sylvia, the woman who has driven many employees away from the cu and is disliked by a lot of the people who are forced to work with her and who a lot of educated members
won't speak with, to hammer out a plan to get new business in Santa Clarita. Beatrice doesn't have the brains to get new business so she is relying on social misfit, Sylvia Perez. She might as well have asked one of the chairs in her office for ideas because in the marketplace, Sylvia is like a yard sale and never like Nordstrums.

Anonymous said...

Sylvia Perez craves validation. She NEEDS to hear people telling her she's doing a good job. Well, she does as much as you can expect from an old chola. Whoever posted P1 is her life is so right. A friend of mine who works at the hospital where she had her surgery a few weeks ago and said Sylvia was passing out business cards trying to get new members. For years she has needed compliments from sexual harasser, Charles Wiggington and wanted to show everyone how good she was so she took credit for ideas of other employees. When George created reports to log in new business and visits, she told Rodger and Wigg, it was her idea. The woman knows zilch about creating reports and have you seen her writing? Yikes! Every month she used to attend the Burbank chapter meetings. She would demand her staff sell business, but the gathering is to network and develop relations first and foremost. In fact some of the people who head the chapter meeting could not stand dealing with her because she is pushy and instead of having conversations where each person gets a chance to talk, she clacks like a wet hen and dominates every conversation. She let out one day that at her church people told her to tone down her behavior. She is so giddy that Bea even gives her the time of the day, the minute the COO calls she gets excited and makes sure people know she is talking to Bea. That's weird because earlier this year, Bea said Sylvia is pushy and a nuisance and Sylvia went about howling that "Bea does not like me." When Suzanne was out on leave, Sylvia managed the Valencia office and spent a lot of time in meeting in private with Dana where they slammed Suzanne. Sylvia went around trying to make allies and win them away from Suzanne. Now at Burbank, Judith is always inside Sylvia's office slamming employees. Someone wrote that Sylvia hates Theresa. That's true because she has said it over and over but when Theresa went out on stress, Sylvia complained she needed Theresa because Theresa knows the work. Should of of that before you suspended her, idiota.
The backstabbing, the hatred, the slamming, they're all part of the environment Charles Wiggington and Bea Walker created. Business may be down but backstabbing is growing.

Anonymous said...

Sylvia treats Theresa horribly. Theresa knows more about branch management than Sylvia could ever know.

Anonymous said...

Have you ever called Sylvia's cell phone? She answers, "This is Sylvia Perez, AVP of region II." Did someone say, "pretentious"?

You know who people really are when you slap a title on them. Look at Sylvia, Lynnette, Bea, Wiggington, Joseph, Yvonne, and now Cecilia. Cecilia has had attitude for a long-time. She's got that annoying smirk that makes her look like someone stepped on her foot. Its like a look of agony.

The only reason Sylvia looks "happier" is because Bea Walker is rubbing her belly. If Bea says "play dead", Sylvia wags her tail and plays dead. Its kind of pathetic. To the person wrote, "Bea is running out people and has no choice but to bite the bullet and pretend she likes Cecilia and Sylvia" I agree. If you look at Bea's public profiles you can guess why she doesn't list her past employers. She's probably burned bridges everywhere and has a reputation no one should ever want.

And Bea proves she incompetent by keeping Sylvia as an AVP and assighing Cecilia as an acting AVP. Here's a secret Bea doesn't want anyone to know, but the only reason she named Cecilia acting AVP was because she wanted to make Suzanne feel unwanted. Unfortunately, the COO can't keep her plots a secret. It never occurred to Ms. COO that each P1 office has a branch manager so that they can make sure goals are met. In fact branch managers answer to Bea which another reason you don't need an AVP. Under the current structure, a branch manager is under an AVP and under Bea. How does that make sense when you consider P1's size (which is shrinking by the minute)? It's ANOTHER waste of BIG and GOOD money.

As for Judith Barajas, her reputation has been well-known in South Pasadena for a long time. She would be a better assistant branch manager if she would shut her mouth, stop bad-mouthing people, and put away her fangs. She's starting to smell like Bea, Yvonne, Sylvia, Wigg, Lynnette, and Dana. And yes, she, Dana and Sylvia and a few other employees are ingrates forgetting they have jobs and have been promoted because someone believed in their abilities (though obviously didn't know them for what they are). And Sylvia is always wanting to fire someone for insubordination. That's how she got rid of Centeno and Freed and why she had that overweight moron, Rodger Smock, come by and suspend Theresa. She has tried to fire George until he stood up to her and sent letters to HR telling them how Sylvia was treating him and how he thought it was due to racial discrimination. And who knows why Bea doesn't talk to Suzanne? Bea also stopped talking to a lot of other employees. Guess if she thinks you don't LOVE the way she manages makes you her enemy. Or maybe as in the case of SOME employees, she goes out to slander employees who don't return her affections. You be the judge.

Anonymous said...

That's so true, George did write to HR and report in writing that Sylvia was harassing him and treating him differently than she did all the other non-Black empoyees. As usual, old Rodger "Road Kill" Smock didn't respond, until George drove all the way to the South Pasadena branch and walked into Smock's office to speak to him. But if you think about it, why would Rodger Smock make any effort to investigate allegations Sylvia Perez might be discriminating against a Black man, when Rodger didn't respond to complaints Charles Wiggington was sexually harassing Kim? Rodger was even present and saw and heard what Wiggington said, but didn't even have the courage to warn Wiggington.

Wednesday's meeting should prove interesting. Let's see what Beatrice "Felix the Cat" Walker has in store for us from her Bag of Tricks.

Anonymous said...

I knew Judith was treacherous but I didn't know much about Dana, probably because she's not that interesting and sort of invisible. Maybe Sylvia should take a cue and become invisible too and maybe Bea should go and work at a credit union on some unpopulated planet.

Anonymous said...

More than a year ago, Sylvia said that Judith Barajas wrote some nasty things about Suzanne and ordered that Judith be fired. Suzanne, instead, chose to give Judith a chance.

When Suzanne was out in August, Bea started chumming it up with Judith and getting Judith to say horrible things about Suzanne. Before Suzanne returned from her leave, Bea decides to close the Valencia branch but offers her new BFF. Judith Barajas, the assistant branch manager job at Burbank.

While Suzanne was out, Dana Gillam also developed a friendship with Sylvia. They met everyday inside Suzanne's office and both said horrible things about Suzanne. Because of that, Bea liked Dana and ordered that Dana be kept employed after the Valencia branch closes in November.

Bea did give the temporary AVP post to Cecilia Pereyra, all just to make Suzanne feel like she was not wanted and hoping Suzanne would resign. While Suzanne was away, Bea contacted IT and ordered that they scan Suzanne's computer and look for compromising emails and other documents to prove Suzanne was conspiring against her and to see if Suzanne was helping the blogger. Some people see ghosts and some see pink elephants. Bea walker sees bloggers. Sweetheart, its time to medicate.

Anonymous said...

Sweetheart? Please, there is nothing sweet about that acid bitch. Bea's a low life who will do anything and I mean, anyhing, to get her way. Lying, slandering, manipulation, abuse... transferring money from the loan loss allowance to January's net income, just to name a few. The list is endless. Obviously, Bea's looks keep her from getting the things pretty girls get so she developed horrible behaviors that hurt and try to destroy others. She's made a mess out of the credit union and based on what I read, the backstabbing, slander, and pitting employee against employee is all this pathetic excuse for a COO, can do. Guess its true, misery loves company. Its just who she is. Ugly is as ugly does.

If Diedra Harris-Brooks and Charles Wiggington could conceive an unattractive White baby, it would have been Bea Walker. Rosemary ain't got nothing on their baby.

Anonymous said...

The complaints about the credit union are just so hard to believe, but it clearly shows that there is something wrong with management. What is really disturbing is that there isn't a single comment that supports or defends the decisions of the president or Coo.

Anonymous said...

You can't defend their mess.

Truth seeker said...

Anonymous said...
The complaints about the credit union are just so hard to believe, but it clearly shows that there is something wrong with management. What is really disturbing is that there isn't a single comment that supports or defends the decisions of the president or Coo.

I could defend Charlie Manson and Ted Bundy better than the management at P1.

Anonymous said...
You can't defend their mess.

THAT'S THE TRUTH! Something manangement know very, very little about.

Anonymous said...

Notice how P1's problems all began right after Diedra Harris-Brooks, Thomas Gathers, O. Glen Saffold, and Cornelia Simmons, ignored evidence proving he sexually harassed a former employee?

When he got back after being suspended for 8 weeks, everything in the work environment changed. People were miserable to see him come back because they saw how useless and lazy he was and how business was starting to decline. Plus there were so many member complaints that he did not respond to their calls.

In 2009, the cu fell into the negative for each and every month but Charles Wiggington said it wasn't his fault and blamed the economy, the US Postal Service and even Mr. Harris. He brought Bea Walker to the cu and since then, she has hurt the working environment and so many people. She, like Wiggington, can lie to your face even when you know the truth the businesses losses.

Anonymous said...

The credit union started to decline within a year after Wiggington became president. I guess that wasn't enough of a sign to the board who decided to keep him and even gave him a Xmas bonus at the end of 2007.

Since he became president he has said so many terrible things about Mr Harris and even refers to Mr Harris as "my predecessor" as if Wiggington had ever done anything that made Priority 1 a better credit union.

So in 2010, we have a credit union that's losing each and every month and is now worth less than $150 million even though it was worth more than $172 million under Mr Harris. Wiggington, what happened to the $22 million?

Not only that, the credit union is losing business and left a lot of staff unemployed contributing to the state's unemployment rate. Wiggington is still getting paid a salary he doesn't deserve but the worst thing is hiring useless and stupid Bea walker. Wiggington should put his tail between his legs and go hide in some dark corner.

Anonymous said...

The board also gave Wigglesleeze
a bonus at the end of 2008. If business was starting to drop why did the board think he deserved a bonus?

In Dec 2009, the board also approved a bonus for Wiggington and Beatrice Walker. Why if the credit union was in the negative all 2009 and they are in the negative again in 2010? Their asset size is dropped. What's their capital? Is it getting closer to 6%? And closing branches doesn't save money, it takes away service and that means less money.

Anonymous said...

"Anonymous said...

The board also gave Wigglesleeze
a bonus at the end of 2008. If business was starting to drop why did the board think he deserved a bonus? In Dec 2009, the board also approved a bonus for Wiggington and Beatrice Walker."

That proves how stupid the board is.

Anonymous said...

When Bea was hired Wiggington and Smock took her out to lunch for 3 weeks. After 3 weeks she dumped them for Yvonne Boutte. One of the things Wiggington and Smock told her when she arrived at P1 was about the blog. Diedra Harris Brooks told her she must find a way to bring an end to the blog.
Right after she started, Wiggington got Bea to write a letter to the DFI, responding to complaints that the cu was not posting their monthly financial statements. She lied in writing, telling the DFI what Wiggington told her to say, denying that P1 had not posted the financials on time or on each month. Her next big lie was telling employees that someone spresd a rumor she stole money while at Honda, but she knew that no such rumor existed and she was only trying to discredit the blog. When none of this worked, she told Rodger, Diedra, and Wiggington that Dane was the blogger and they laid him off. When the blog continued, she convinced them that Theresa was helping the blogger and they laid her off too.

Bea told some of the managers that David was the blogger and that Kim was helping him. She said, "I don't know if I can protect Kim much longer." This woman is so diluted. She is the one that ordered Kim fired and never protected her but then again, didn't she do the same thing with Valencia?

She ordered the Wiggington fire David. He and an Asian guy who was an investigator, called David to a meeting where the non-employee Asian told David he was being fired for being the blogger, for downloading porn and sexually harassing employees UNLESS he agreed to resign and accept a severance package. They fired him but as he walked out of the office A NEW post suddenly appeared on this blog. Bea later got rid of Marc because she said he was a blogger even though he was loyal to her. She also fired Kim. The woman has issues and definitely needs her head examined. She has gone after the Valencia office with the help of hypocritical Sylvia Perez and the two middle-aged women even took the Valencia staff out for drinks, which Bea paid. Her told Sylvia that they would get the staff to dislike Suzanne so that when she got back from her medical leave, she would not no one that would like her or be loyal to her. I guess some people win people by how they conduct themselves and others, like Sylvia and Bea, need to buy people with money and flattery other wise people would want nothing to do with them. By the way, isn't the cu responsible if they provide alcohol to their employees and one of those employees gets into an accident?

Anonymous said...

Once you see how Bea does business, you see that what people write about her is true. I think she believes RULES WERE MADE TO BE BROKEN.

Anonymous said...

The president sexually harasses an employee and takes a member's car. The senior vp has an affair with a male employee. The coo makes up stories assassinating employee reputations and makes racist remarks. When do they have time to do their work? Based on the Aug's financial, they don't. All in a days work at P1, your financial fitness center.

Anonymous said...

p.s. And the coo and avp (Sylvia Perez) buy booze for the Valencia staff. Wow, Sylvia, how quickly you forget your church lessons.

Anonymous said...

I bet bread puddin face will fire Suzanna next for being the blogger or helping the blogger. How stupid can you be? Speak up bea-tch.

Anonymous said...

What are you saying anonymous?
Bea has not even mention or will think of suzanna doing such a thing. Mrs. Walker knows
Suzanna is not stupid! In addition suzanna will not put her neck on the line by doing something like that. We all know suzanna enough by now. Please stop unnecessary speculations.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous you wrote "Bea has not even mention or will think of suzanna doing such a thing. Mrs. Walker knows Suzanna is not stupid!"

You're right, Suzanna is not stupid and know one knows that better than old Beatrice Walker herself. In fact, Suzanne is more presentable and professional than Bea could ever wish to be. So what? What does that have to do with whether or not Beatrice would try to accuse her of things that aren't true? Let me answer that for you. Not a damn thing. You are also more than a little misinformed. In May, July and July, Beatrice began saying that she did not trust Suzanne and that Suzanne had not lived up to her expectations. She said this to Sylvia Perez, the worst manager imaginable, and to unqualified, Joseph Garcia, and not-so effective, Yvonne Boutte. Bea is a dullard, so who should ever care about any of her low level expectations?

Bea has fired a lot of people, some using the pretext they were being laid-off. Unfortunately, stupid, couldn't keep her big mouth shut. Plus, none of the people she fired stuck their necks out, they were Bea's targets. Beatrice the COO can't tell the truth, can't do her job, prefers gossip and backstabbing over hard work, and who OBVIOUSLY can't get the business off the ground. Seen their August report? The proof is in the pudding and I'm not talking about her face. The fact is management at the credit union is their own best enemy because they can't keep their mouths shut. Look at Wiggington, Smock, and even West.

For someone like Bea Walker, its easy to point her finger at anyone she imagines is her enemy or the blogger. No one that got fired by Bea and that retard, Wiggington, ever asked to be fired or asked to be profiled or made a target. Beatrice thinks that anyone who doesn't agree with the way she does business, is her enemy and she will make-up any lie to get them out, including accusing them of being the blogger. She is such a huge failure. Do you remember that stunt of her in January where she told several employees that the credit union made money when in fact, she ordered transferring money from the loan loss account to net income? No, its not speculation, its fact! Beatrice Walker proves she doesn't need evidence to decide who she gets rid of for being her enemy and again, that's not speculation!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I have to disagree with anonymous who wrote..

"What are you saying anonymous?
Bea has not even mention or will think of suzanna doing such a thing."

No, Bea has said malicious things about Suzanna. That's no secret and its well known by some staff at South Pasadena, Burbank, and Valencia. Remember, Bea is the ultimate unprofessional.

"Mrs. Walker knows Suzanna is not stupid!"

That I agree with. She does know that but obviously there is something about Suzanna's intelligence and competency that has made Beatrice Walker turn against her and make disparaging remarks about her performance which is professional versus Bea Walker's and Sylvia Perez's.

You also wrote, "In addition suzanna will not put her neck on the line by doing something like that."

Right again, Suzanne would never turn against Bea Walker and blogger about her or spread rumors about her. Bea on the other hand has said malicious things about Suzanna and Bea has also fired several people she thought were the blogger though she didn't have any evidence to support her neurosis. So if she's done this with others, why wouldn't you think she would do it with Suzanne particularly when she and Syliva have already slandered her? Well?

And you're right, "We all know suzanna enough by now. Please stop unnecessary speculations" but obviously you don't know Bea Walker. If you are an employee, where have you been hiding that you wouldn't know what the coo has done is capable of doing. And just to add, if she were the true competent professional she alone thinks she is then why do the monthly reports for June, July, and August document a steady decline? If she were competent, why do her products and services stink? If she knew anything about professionalism, why would she have to spend so much time with Yvonne in various areas around the office and have to take lunch with her each and every day? You know what it looks like! And Beatrice Walker is quite capable and can be attested to by a lot of now former employees of lying, like she did in January when she said business was up but when she in fact played with the numbers and transferred money from one account to another?

No offensive, but your statement is pure speculation and ignores the facts which prove Beatrice Walker is a horrible COO and complete failure. Then again the good folks at Universal Studios Credit Union and Airco Credit Union seemed to have discovered that a long time ago.

Anonymous said...

Sylva is back and ready to take over the region if there still one. Lol. What will happen to the power give to acting AVP Cecilia PEREYRA? Hum??? What power rage she had. Calling Burbank and talking to Judith like Judith reports to her. Like it or not Judith still reports to Suzanne even-though Judith is talking crap about Suzanne, saying she is much happier in Burbank only because Suzanne is too strict and tough.

Wow these people are so stupid and ungrateful. Sylvia told Linda that she wanted Judith to be terminated. But Suzanne gave her a second chance. She did forgive her and this is how you judith and Dana show gratitude? It's clear that people don't change. Once you're snake you will always be.
a snake. For those who don't know the story about Dana and sweet Judith here you go.

Judith texted Dana bitching about their manager Suzanne But instead of sending the ugly text to Dana she accidentally sent to Suzanne's cellphone. I heard it was not a nice text message it said something about "I hate her
I will make sure Sylvia makes her quit" she is good for nothing.. Lol. She makes us work to much. Sylvia will make her quit just like she did to Nora Torres. To their surprise Sylvia was on Suzanne's side at that time. So sylvia said to Burbank Manager that she was going to fire them both but Suzanne did not want to. Sylvia was frustrated only
because she says in her book she has no room for forgiveness to such behavior.

Sylvia enjoys when people calls her " the terminator" Her ego gets bigger and bigger everyone. So not sure why Suzanne did not get rid off those two snakes instead gave
Judith a second chance to proof herself. She still talks to
Judith and Dana like nothing happened! Another employee
made a comment that, yes Suzanne is strict and she likes structure and but does not like to micromanage. She assigns tasks to her people and expects results and she does not forget about them. What is wrong with that? That is manager job isn't? She also likes to grow people and treats everyone with respect she does not use her title to overpower them at all. The fear employees had about making a mistake was gone. She does not like lazy people though and created structure and developed each-one of us strength and abilities to our best.

I hear trought the grapevine thet Dana always seem to criticized Suzanne and also bad-mouthed her at the plant with members and to employees ag south pasadena. Dana hates Suzanne and i can't
understand why??? Suzanne called
everyone in to a meeting with Dane and one on one talks with everyone. Things got better for a while. Then Adriana and Dana became very good friends and created a circle where they were used to laugh about Suzanne's and other employees that struggle. They will meet after work to
gossip about everyone. We experience Judith Dana and Adriana gossiping and slandering her with existing members. We wanted to tell suzanne about it but we were
afraid of those snakes. We do remember how much and how they tormented Nora Torres. Sylvia you're crooked bitch get a life and go back home take care of your weak bladder. Stop pretending by showing off for Bea Walker because you're just too scared to loose your job. Bea is using you and Cecilia. You're both pathetic idiots you're but Suzanne's left overs. When Bea was in good terms with Suzanna you two did not even exist to Bea? Got it?? Beatrice Walket is running of people and guess what, comgratulations you're next!

Anonymous said...


Calling on Loren Lillestrand cause he always knows what to do (for a fee).

Sending Beatrice (and Sylvia) to obedience classes. I suggest Cesar Millan.

Or getting two Bark-off collars so each time they bark, the signal will make them stop.

Anonymous said...

Suzanna told her employees that she will go to Santa Clarita office after Valencia closes.

Anonymous said...

Yes, that is true, after the Valencia branch closes, Suzanne accepted to go to the Santa Clarita
office at the postal distribution center though only employees of the US Postal Service have access to that office, which means non-postal workers can't enter the property.

Bea kept the Valencia office open when she was getting along with Suzanne but as soon as she got mad at Suzanne, she decided to close the branch. She had a hissy fit.

In addition to closing Redlands and Valencia, Bea HAD said she wanted to close the Burbank branch because the rent is too high and that branch is not that busy (even though Sylvia Perez would insist it is. It's not!). Bea tried to work out a deal with Providence St. Joseph Hospital, so that P1 could open a branch at the hospital. Bea sent Yvonne Boutte and Sylvia Perez to negotiate a deal for a space space and Bea was so excited about moving to the hospital so she could close down the Burbank branch. The members at Providence really like Priority One but not some of the administrators. Since the meeting, the hospital has been deciding if they might want to open their own credit union which is what some hospitals do. They are wondering if keeping everything in-house would be better than entering into an agreement with an outside credit union, particularly one with such a bad reputation and who coo and president are an embarassment.

Anonymous said...

Remember, the all-staff meeting takes place at the War Memorial (auditorium) this Wednesday, October 6th, at 8 a.m.

435 S. Fair Oaks Ave.
South Pasadena, CA, 91030

Anonymous said...

Hardly any employee want to go to the meeting. Its going to be another waste of time listening to Bea tell some lie like she does at every staff meething. She will probably say business is great or business is not great but about to become great or tell us that someone in the office made up a story about her thats not true.
She'll probably get her girl, Robert West, to come up and read something from the Bible even though Bea doesn't believe in anything that's in the Bible and she'll command Wigg to talk for a minute or two so that it looks like everything is okay between them. He'll get up and say he appreciates everyone even though most of us haven't gotten raises in years or our hours have been cut and we don't have med benefits. A lot of others are workng outside their classifications and they haven't updated our job descriptions.
And then in a week or three, a notice on the intranet will say some employee or employees got laid-off (wink, wink) again. I guess the only thing to look forward to is the free coffee, concentrate orange juice and the coffee cakes which taste like they came from the day old store. Yup, another great meeting to look forward to.

Are You Stupid Or What said...

Anonymous said...
I bet bread puddin face will fire Suzanna next for being the blogger or helping the blogger. How stupid can you be? Speak up bea-tch.

Yes we're waiting for the next round of laid offs (wink,wink)

Anonymous said...
What are you saying anonymous?
Bea has not even mention or will think of suzanna doing such a thing. Mrs. Walker knows
Suzanna is not stupid! In addition suzanna will not put her neck on the line by doing something like that. We all know suzanna enough by now. Please stop unnecessary speculations.

ARE YOU F%#KING STUPID? Of course Suzanna is not stupid, of course she is not the blogger. So were the others who were laid off not the blogger. Beatrice Walker will do whatever it takes to get back at someone. And that does include lying! Suzanna can keep her head high know she did not bow down the bull dagger. Suzanna is a smart, beautiful lady, she is management that P1 can be proud of, now go run and tell dat, home boy.

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with the last post, particularly that
"...'Suzanna is not stupid, of course she is not the blogger. So were the others who were laid off not the blogger. Beatrice Walker will do whatever it takes to get back at someone. And that does include lying! Suzanna can keep her head high know[ing] she did not bow down [to] the bull dagger. Suzanna is a smart, beautiful lady, she is [the type of]management that P1 can be proud of..."

There is absolutely no doubt, that Beatrice will use anything she can from making about untrue stories about people to spending money that isn't hers on trivial, unnecessary decorating, to prove she is the boss. Yes, Beatrice is the boss- stupid, unworthy, dishonest, brazen, lazy, ineffective, and incapable, but she is the boss nonetheless.

Anonymous said...

Some of us can't understand why Bea has decided to have a staff meeting at a rented hall. Like someone wrote, she lies at every meeting. Since the last meeting where she said business was good, people have been cut to part-time and their benefits taken. We are getting ready to close 2 branches. They have cut the budget to buy supplies and most of us who are not management haven't got raises or reviews in years. So what does she have to say? Is she going to surprise us that business is bad? We already know it is. Is she going to tell us that 2 branches are closing? We all know. Maybe the meeting should be about how much she, Wiggington, Randy and Saeid are paid. In fact they must be going good because a few weeks ago, Saeid bought a house and a few days ago, bought new furniture for his new house. Some of struggle to pay the rent and buy food, pay for our cars and take care of our children but its sickening to hear that she and her staff can spend money. All it says is they have nothing to fear because they're set as long as the cu is open. If we close or merge, I hope they all lose their jobs and don't get hired by another credit union for the sake of all employees and members of other companys.

Anonymous said...

Bea will be able to get another job if she can find another credit union with a retarded board like P1's. As for Wigg, who would want him? Saeid might get by but any future employer should ask him to prove what he accomplished and what he knows, because investments and a lot of things he should be doing are being done by Jennifer Kelly in accounting. Gee, Saeid, at over $100,000 a month, I expect you to fly.

Nu Management Plz said...

Anonymous said...
Yes, Beatrice is the boss- stupid, unworthy, dishonest, brazen, lazy, ineffective, and incapable, but she is the boss nonetheless.

Thanks for reminding us beatrice walker is our boss. We can see that everyday by the way she walks around showing those nasty capped teeth of hers. She lets us all know that shes the bea-tch in charge.

Anonymous said...

When she cuts employee hours, she's sending out a strong message that she's the boss and you better be afraid. When she says a person is the blogger and fires them, its because she has to remind people she has the power to fire. Everything she does to employees is dictated by trying to create fear in the work place. Yes, stupid as hell, but that's old Bea who hopefully will never be hired to ruin another credit union again like what she did to P1. Wiggington, the sexual harasser and car thief started the process but she had a chance to fix things and didn't because the voices in her head told her that she had to prove she could break people and things vs make things better. And yes, I have seen the green build up on her caps, where they meet the gum line. Frankly, it matches her wardrobe which screams bad taste (or no taste) and with her skin condition.

Anonymous said...

Not all management has escaped cut backs (even though Bea, Wigg and Saeid continue to get paid 6-figures). Rodger Smock's hours were cut and so were Patti Loiacano's. I wonder if they cut their benefits too? Sure, Bea and Wigg will hold as long as they can to the perks.

Anonymous said...

RE:The members at Providence really like Priority One but not some of the administrators. Since the meeting, the hospital has been deciding if they might want to open their own credit union which is what some hospitals do. They are wondering if keeping everything in-house would be better than entering into an agreement with an outside credit union, particularly one with such a bad reputation and who coo and president are an embarassment

Providence Credit Union merged with POCU about 7 years ago. I bet they are sorry now. The management and employees are getting wise to POCU and no matter how much Sylvia tries to bribe them with gifts, they would be smart to steer clear.

Inquiring Minds Want to Know said...

Well, this was a weird meeting. In that last meeting in 2009, Bea took full control over the meeting with her fat dog, Rodger Smock helping her and that moron West, playing his tired, boring music and acting like a nerd. This time, Bea didn't show up until AFTER the meeting was over. Wassup with that? That is really strange. What happened? Was it because everything she's done to people- backstabbing, lying, saying horrible things, and making the cu lose lots of money and all her failed products, keep her away?

Anonymous said...

She probably didn't show up because she was having the branch swept for bugs again and looking for the bloggers.

Anonymous said...

I was hoping they were going to announce that she was leaving forever and taking Wiggington with her

Anonymous said...

What happened is right. This meeting lasted less than an hour. When Mr Harris was there you got a report from him, the marketng director, the cfo, even Esmeralda when she used to be human. What was the purpose of renting a hall to have a meeting which was a waste of time? By the way, Bea did everyone a favor by not showing that face.

Anonymous said...

"She probably didn't show up because she was having the branch swept for bugs again and looking for the bloggers."

The only bugs Bea Walker or idiot, Charles Wiggington, will ever find will be the termites that infest South Pasadena but they might suspect that its the termites are leaking confidential information.

Anonymous said...

That was weird. They cut hours for a lot of employees from 40 to 20 and take away their med benefits. They're getting ready to close 2 branches to save money on rent. They stopped buying supplies and are really strict about reimbursements. They don't spend much money promoting their products and those poor board members haven't been able to go to Vegas, Europe or Hawaii since Wiggington became president. Of course they have enough money to pay Saeid so he was able to get himself a house and buy new furniture. They have enough money to hire Randy McBride and they have enough money to pay him the 6 weeks vacation he's taken the last 5 months. They have enough money to pay Charles Wiggington and Bea Walker, the 2 people who have most hurt business. They have enough money to rent a hall and for a meeting that was so shoooooort!!! And I thought they were just acting stupid.

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