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Sunday, September 6, 2015

The Liar's Club


There's probably few people that would deny that Priority One Credit Union's President, Charles R. Wiggington, Sr., is a man embedded in the superfluous. Over the years, he has spent an inordinate amount of time and credit union funds on hiring consultants who are paid to create facades that hide the effects of his abysmal performance. 

We were reminded of this in early August when a reader of this blog accused us of publishing inaccurate information about the date when President Wiggington was first appointed President and CEO of the then successful and growing credit union. The reader pointed out that many of the President's online biographies, CV's and resumes state that he began his appointment on March 1992 and not January 1, 2007., The latter, is the date we have alluded during the past 6 years. 

A search on the Internet revealed that Charles R. Wiggington, Sr. does in fact state he began ins appointment in March 1992 which is clearly inconsistent with the date we've often provided. So did we err? If we did, that's a discrepancy of 15 years. Or has Charles R. Wiggington, Sr. provided inaccurate information about himself?  Its unlikely that President Wiggington would forget the day he became President and certainly, how could he fail to differentiate between 1992 and 2007? 


As shown below, on, Charles R. Wiggington, Sr. does indeed state taht he began his appointment in March of 1992.  The date provided by President Wiggington
is incorrect. Actually, the incorrect date constitutes fraud. 


its easy enough to prove that Charles. R. Wiggington, Sr. was not appointed President in 1992. In October 2006, Priority One’s no longer existent Marketing Department sent out the following invitation to employees, vendors, Directors, Supervisors, and associates in the credit union industry. 
As shown above, the invitation was to attend the retirement dinner for then President and CEO, William E. Harris. The  party was held at the Queen Mary in Long Beach, California on the evening of Saturday, November 11, 2006. Yes, the event was conducted in 2006, proving Charles R. Wiggington, Sr. could not have been President on any date prior to January 1, 2007

Amongst the many guests who attended the retirement party on November 11, 2006, were then Vice President of Human Resources, Rodger Smock; and Board Chairperson, Diedra Harris-Brooks. The three not only attended the party but each spoke briefly, providing tributes to then President William E. Harris.  Furthermore, prior to January 1, 2007, Charles R. Wiggington, Sr. was the Vice President of Operations.
Despite having been present and spoken at the November 2006 retirement party, in 2012, Charles R. Wiggington, Sr. embellished his employment history and chose to reference March 1992 as the date he was first appointed President. The image of the above-shown invitation dispels that Charles R. Wiggington, Sr. was President of the credit union in 1992, 1993, 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, or 2006.  

One might also have thought that Executive Vice President, Rodger Smock, and/or Board Chair, Diedra Harris-Brooks, would have taken a moment to remind the dishonest President 
that lying negatively impacts the integrity of member trust in the organization and asked that he remove the fraudulent reference from his biography, but evidently neither was ethically motivated to do so. 

So why would Charles R. Wiggington, Sr. wish to publish an inaccurate record of his employment while at Priority One Credit Union and if he could provide a fraudulent account of his time at Priority One, can we trust any of the information provided about his employment prior to his arrival at the credit union? The only plausible though not rational reason for exaggerating his employment history is to embellish it. But why? Isn't he satisfied with the real record of his employment? 

Historically, President Wiggington has wasted years and tens of thousands of dollars trying to create campaigns that present a fraudulent portrayal of the credit union's real performance. When called to testify in court, can we expect Charles R. Wiggington, Sr. to tell the truth or will he again gush out concoctions intended to escape accountability for failing to enforce security protocols which have resulted in internal thefts committed by now former employees? 

However, if one to gives Charles R. Wiggington, Sr. the benefit of the doubt, then the reference to March 1992, currently found in his biographies, CV's and resumes, might merely be the result of chronic forgetfulness? If so, then this points to a larger, more serious issue. If he suffers from an inability to remember things, could this be the reason why in 2009, a former receptionist of the Los Angeles branch succeeded in embezzling $60,000? 

Could a possible state of forgetfulness also be the reason why in 2010, a married couple withdrew $100,000 from a HELOC checking account that should have been closed months earlier? 

And lastly, could a case of chronic forgetfulness be the reason why during the years of 2010 through 2012, an AVP found an opportunity to allegedly embezzle more than $1 million in cash from the Los Angeles branch's vault? 

The President and Executive Vice President's biographies, CV's and resumes which are strewn about the Internet were the brainchild of consultants hired in mid-2012. At the time, Board Chair, Diedra Harris-Brooks, became frantic about repairing the credit union's horrendous public reputation. The consultants performed a generic analysis of the credit union which included mailing questionnaires to past and present employees and members which asked for suggestions on how to improve business. Predictably, there were few responses to the queries.

The assessment of Priority One's internal and external performance led the consultants to conclude that Priority One needed a new, revamped, more colorful webpage. At the time, the President boasted that the new, more user friendly interface would simplify locating information about what the credit union offers and expedite applying for loans. As time would prove, the new webpage had no effect upon improving sales.

The consultants also informed the President and Board Chair that it would benefit the credit union if the President's and Executive Vice President's work histories were published on the Internet. These would serve to show the competency of the credit union's leadership which would in turn elicit confidence in members and potential members. And so, the over-saturation of the work histories was begun and the President, the Executive Vice President, and the Board of Directors awaited for business to improve.

Its important to note that the biographies, CV's and resumes were all reviewed by Executive Vice President, Rodger Smock. Since January 1, 2007, it is Mr. Smock who reviews the President's addresses to members which were once published monthly in the no longer existent newsletters. It is also Mr. Smock who composed and/or reviewed the addresses for nominees and incumbents who vied for one of the seats on the Board of Directors or Supervisory Committee during Priority One's annual election. 

Like the President's exaggerated biography, the Executive Vice President's record of his employment and education contained references that no one at the credit union had heard of prior to 2012. In his biographies, Rodger D. Smock stated he studied business and marketing while attending the University of Cincinnati during the mid-1960's. 

This came as an utter surprise to many employees and to several former officers of the credit union, none of who had ever known he studied either business or marketing. In fact, in the years prior to 2007, he periodically disclosed he studied psychology while at the university. What's more, during depositions conducted in 2013, he affirmed he studied psychology. 

His alleged studies in business and marketing are not attested to by anything he did while overseeing Priority One's marketing committee during the years of 2008 through 2009. During that period he assisted in composing articles for the newsletter and with the help of the credit union's contracted publishing company (versus marketing consultants), he assisted in writing copy and selecting graphics for planned promotions.

His so-called education in marketing seemed limited to advertising which is not synonymous with marketing. Additionally, if he studied marketing in the mid-1960's, then by 2008, when he temporarily took over marketing, Rodger Smock would have been more than a little out-of-touch with current marketing methodologies. He also never achieved success or industry recognition achieved by the Marketing Director who for years, oversaw marketing until January 1, 2007, the date when Charles R. Wiggington, Sr. bludgeoned the marketing department out of existence.

Evidently, the revamped webpage and the President's and Executive Vice President's mass published biographies, CV's and resumes, had absolutely no positive impact upon business and in the end, their efforts amount to just more abuses of credit union resources, all sanctioned by the Board of Directors and its always ignorant Chair, Diedra Harris-Brooks.  

This month, we've decided to focus on recent events occurring at Priority One Credit Union, all of which affirm that this is an organization juggling an immense number of problems that are not consigned to litigation. We will resume our reporting on the credit union's numerous lawsuits in next month's post. 

The incidents we are reporting about, all contrast sharply to the concoctions continually gushed forth by President Wiggington which always insist that business is wonderful and growing and that his plans for the credit union are proceeding as planned. As we've often written, if his plans are proceeding according to a plan he forged, then failure must be his ultimate goal. 


This past August, long-time employee and Consumer Loan Officer, Georgina Duenas resigned after more than 15 years of employment. Her resignation allowed the credit union to further reduce spending on her salary and medical and retirement benefits, all which contribute to the credit union's efforts to maintain net capital well above the dreaded 6%. 

What makes Ms. Duenas' departure noteworthy are statements she made about the credit union just after submitting her notice of resignation. 

Prior to leaving, she took two weeks of vacation time to go and work with her future employer, just to determine if the work was compatible and apparently, it was. 

Following submission of her notice of resignation, she confided to co-workers that she had grown weary of the credit union which she said offered no career development. She also complained that she had grown tired of working for low wages and working under a five-year freeze, implemented by President Wiggington in mid-2010. At the time, he said the freeze was temporary and would be lifted as soon as business picked up. His alleged short-term fix which is on its 5th year serves as yet more evidence that the credit union's financial standing is faring poorly and that rumors of declining business are evidently true. As of September 2015, their is nothing to indicate the freeze will be lifted at any time in the foreseeable future. 

As a long-time member of both the Consumer and Real Estate Departments, Mrs. Duenas expressed tremendous dissatisfaction with the credit union's current mandates, which requires all employees of the Consumer Loan Department to aggressively try and acquire new business. The problem with the mandate is that members whose loan applications have been approved, refuse to follow through and obtain funding. As we've reported in previous posts, under President Wiggington, sales trump service. The crux of Priority One's inability to acquire new business is directly tied to its public reputation and poor quality member service. Many members whose loans have been approved, eventually go to other credit unions to obtain funding they seek. As the old adage says, "You can lead a horse to water but you can't make him drink it."

The President's remedies, all enacted in 2010, are now contributing to growing employee dissatisfaction with their employer and undermining the ability to reverse the multitude of problems introduced by Charles R. Wiggington, Sr.., in the years following his appointment to President. The "temporary" wage freeze, his gauge treatment of members, his inability to create marketing strategies, and insipid product offerings are all contributing to the credit union's ongoing decline. Furthermore, to retain net capital above 6%, President Wiggington has caused the credit union to become addictively reliant upon expense reductions as key to its continued survival. 
. . 


President Wiggington may have proven to be quite incapable of developing strategies that produce real profit, but what he lacks in imagination and competency is over-compensated with by his adamant need to camouflage the credit union's lagging performance. 

In early 2008, the President and Board became concerned by the radical decline in business. Initially,. the blame was placed on the AVP of Lending who was only reporting to work 2 or 3 hours per day and when at work, performing duties for his second source of employment at Century 21 Realty in Alhambra, California. 

The President and Board Chair, Diedra Harris-Brooks, decided the credit union would borrow $20 million from it's line-of-credit. The loan would be used to increase the amount of the credit union's net income on paper. The impetus for borrowing the money was again, purely superficial and immensely dishonest.  Over the next two years, the credit union would pay out $30,000 to $33,000 per month, in interest. hardly the type of prudent planning that should be entered into by a credit union that is in dire need of new business and from an organization that touts itself as a financial fitness center. On December 31, 2009, and despite having borrowed $20 million, Priority One ended the year with more than $5 million in losses. This had never occurred under any other of Charles R. Wiggington, Sr.'s predecessors. 

In February 2010, the credit union issued its Income Statement/Balance Sheet which reported profits in excess of $200,000 for the month of January 2010. So how could a credit union that ended 2009 deeply immersed in the RED, generate more than $200,000 in profit during the month of January 2010, which is traditionally the second slowest month of the year? As it turned out, the credit union never generated profit during the month of January. The President and then COO, Beatrice Walker, transferred monies from one of the credit union's general ledgers and applied them to the month of January 2010, all to create the appearance of profit. Later that year, on December 31, 2010, the credit union reported losses in excess of $500,000. 

Earlier this year, the President changed one of the Loan Department's procedures. Under credit union policy, approved loans remain active and eligible for funding for a total of 30-days. After 30-days, they are no longer active and cannot be funded. If a member wishes to fund that loan, a new credit report will be ordered to determine if the member's credit history has undergone any changes. The procedure is designed to protect the credit union and it also protects a member who might not be able to afford obtaining a loan. 

The new procedures allows an approved loan to remain actively in the credit union's database even after the 30-day period has expired. The only reason the President would implement this change is to create the impression that Priority One is doing brisk business and has lots of approved loans on file. As Charles R. Wiggington, Sr. has proven time and time again, he is not a man daunted by reasonableness of policies or laws.  

Of course, this current violation of loan policy is but one in a long list of abuses perpetrated by the adversarial President. For years, he boasted that Priority One's membership approximated 30,000 members but as we reported in our last post, earlier this year, Employee Services Director, Robert West, authored an article for HigherUp in which he stated that the credit union's membership approximates 26,000 members.  Like the reference in his employment history, President Wiggington is again exaggerating the truth. We have to point out that at the time he was appointed President, membership approximated 32,000 which means that over the past 8 years, Priority One has lost approximately 8,000 members. Inarguably, this is another indicator to failure. 


As we reported a few weeks ago, Priority One's sole Business Development Representative, Joseph Garcia, resigned and left the credit union for new employment. Before leaving, Mr. Garcia composed a farewell message of sorts, bidding employees adieu, however, recent disclosures originating from the South Pasadena office reveal that Mr. Garcia's departure may not have been either amicable or voluntary.  

Mr. Garcia's stay while at Priority One was both peculiar and initially, propelled by favoritism. In 2010, he was transferred to the South Pasadena branch using the pretext that he was to serve as interim Call Center Supervisor until a permanent supervisor was hired. Less than three weeks later, Executive Vice President, Rodger Smock, posted a message on the Intranet announcing that Mr. Garcia had been selected to be the new permanent Call Center Supervisor. Over the next three months, his patron, COO, Beatrice Walker, would promote him to the post of Credit Manager, and Real Estate and Consumer Loan Department Manager. He held all the titles to his different positions for just a few months before these were gradually but consistently transferred to other people. 

Due to his inability to learn procedures, by June 2010, he was stripped of his titles of Credit Manager and Real Estate Loan Department manager. By November 2010, his former alliance with COO, Beatrice Walker, had deteriorated and the two stopped speaking to one another. 

In January 2011, he was stripped of his title of Consumer Loan Department Manager and instead, assigned to oversee the Member Services Department. He held the position for a few weeks before being returned to the Consumer Loan Department but a few weeks later, with the help of a Branch Manager, he left the credit union on a medical leave of absence, alleging work-related stress. 

In July 2011, COO, Beatrice Walker was fired and Mr. Garcia returned to work just a few weeks later. However, upon his return, he was told he was being demoted to the post of Assistant Loan Manager and would have to report to the newly hired Chief Lending Officer, Cindy Garvin. 

However, Mr. Garcia entered into an aggressive self-promotion campaign, wooing President Wiggington and easily convincing him that if he was given authority over business development he could not only force employees to bring in large amounts of new business but he would target and remove anyone he viewed an enemy to President Wiggington's authority. The President ignored Mr. Garcia's well-documented record of failures and promoted Mr. Garcia to AVP of Sales and Business Development. 

Mr. Garcia and Ms. Garvin assigned every employee monthly sales quotas that they must meet or be suspended or terminated. In 2012, the two entered into an aggressive campaign to cajole employees to meet their quotas but their campaign spawned widespread cheating amongst many employees who falsified their sales quotas. Employees who didn't cheat but who couldn't meet their quotas, were issued written warnings. Employees who were unable to achieve their assigned quotas for a consecutive two month period were promptly terminated. The strong-arm tactics implemented by Mr. Garcia failed to increase sales and increased employee dissension. In late October 2011, Mr. Garcia fled the credit union on a second medical leave of absence.   

Mr. Garcia returned to work on January 15, 2013, and was promptly informed that he was being demoted and would from hereon serve as the credit union's sole business development representative. Unfortunately, as in all his prior positions, he was never able to attain his assigned $150,000 monthly quota but despite his history of failures, Charles R. Wiggington, Sr. chose to retain him on payroll with full benefits. 

Unfortunately, during his time as Business Development Representative he could never attain his monthly sales quote of $150,000. Despite his history of failures, Charles R. Wiggington, Sr. chose to retain Mr. Garcia on payroll. 

And so Mr. Garcia remained on payroll though never able to fulfill his responsibilities in a satisfactory manner. Approximately, two months ago, the President contacted one of the credit union's SEG's and asked if they were pleased with Mr. Garcia's services. The President was informed that Mr. Garcia had never visited the company. A review of Mr. Garcia's monthly reports revealed that he had reported visiting the company. The President ordered Mr. Garcia's termination. 

As we've reported for years, members had complained for years, alleging Mr. Garcia never returned their calls, never advised them of the determination regarding their requests for loans and would not keep appointments. Despite the numerous complaints, Charles R. Wiggington, Sr. and Executive Vice President, Rodger Smock, found it prudent to retain Mr. Garcia. The fact that they chose to retain Mr. Garcia on payroll is a contradiction of the President's chronic insistence that spending must be streamlined. 

We have one question. How could Mr. Garcia be terminated for violating credit union policy when he falsified his monthly reports and President Wiggington retain his employment after a long and well-documented history of violating policies and breaking state and federal laws?.  


The departure of Joseph Garcia has left the credit union without any business development representatives to visit the communities served by the credit union. Of course, in view of the fact that Mr. Garcia was rarely or not visiting all together, the communities served by the credit union, his departure is inconsequential to business. And though Priority One's territories extend south into all of Riverside County and north into the Santa Clarita Valley, the fact is, Priority One has been financially unable to send representatives into those territories or to maintain a presence in most of the regions it serves.  

In 2010, COO, Beatrice Walker often boasted to Branch Managers that she possessed the ability to bring in more business than the entire business development team combined. At the time, the team consisted of 5 full-time employees. 

Ms. Walker easily convinced the pliable Board Chair, Diedra Harris-Brooks, that the business development team was overpaid and ineffective. She also convinced Mrs. Harris-Brooks that if allowed to implement changes without interference of either President Wiggington or Executive Vice President, Rodger Smock, she could easily resolve the credit union's business development and service issues. Upon receiving permission from Mrs. Harris-Brooks, Ms. Walker quickly implemented the following changes, promising these would induce growth, create profit and enhance member service:
  • Installation of a new call center in the South Pasadena branch
  • Dismantling the Business Development team
  • Introduction of a payday-styled loan
  • Introducing courtesy pay (costly overdraft protection)
  • Remodeling of the entire South Pasadena branch
  • Remodeling of the Burbank branch; and
  • Promotion of Joseph Garcia to the positions of Call Center Supervisor, Credit Manager, Consumer Loan and Real Estate Loan Manager
With exception of Courtesy Pay, Ms. Walker's newly introduced streams of income proved quite unprofitable. With regards to Courtesy Pay, the credit union obtained profits from charging exorbitant fees the use of overdraft protection. Courtesy Pay is not new or unique and was not the brainchild of Ms. Walker but it was the one factor which impelled Priority One's metamorphosis from credit union to that of a traditional bank. 

Ms. Walker's failures, personal behaviors and her insubordination to the President, Executive Vice President and the Board of Directors were sufficient to warrant her termination in July 2011. Contrary to her boasting, Ms. Walker provide as incapable as President Wiggington and Executive Vice President, Rodger Smock, in formulating a single strategy that would propel business forward. In fact the only person she apparently had the ability to sell anything to was Board Chair, Diedra Harris-Brooks, who without reservation, bought into everything promised by Ms. Walker. 

In late 2012, President Wiggington officially dismantled the Business Development team just as he had dismantled the once successful and industry recognized, Marketing Department 
Not only did he bring an end of the team's visits to the communities served by the credit union but at the time, Executive Vice President, Rodger Smock, disclosed that the credit union could no longer afford to send representatives to chamber luncheons or to participate in community sponsored events.

Recently, President Wiggington revealed that it has become imperative the credit union regain a foothold in the communities it is supposed to serve. His reasons are not so much driven by a need to create ties with the communities but rather to try and acquire new business. As part of his newest enterprise, the President has ordered reinstatement of a former senior business development representative who in 2012, was ordered to work in the Call Center. The employee who has been employed by Priority One for more than 40-years, had over many decades, built strong, lasting relationships with employees of the United States Postal Service and SEG's but for some inexplicable reason, Charles R. Wiggington, Sr. chose to take the successful representative who had an actual documented record of success and replace him with Joseph Garcia who had an actual well-documented record of chronic failures. 

One could spend hours trying to discern the reasoning behind the President's many empty and ineffective decisions but does his attempts to resurrect business development come a little too late? 

In 2007, the President ordered reduced efforts by the business development team to try and acquire new business from employees of the United States Postal Service. At the time, he ordered greater focus placed on SEG development, a segment of the credit union's business which had never brought in much business. 

Similarly, in 2007, he ordered cessation of all season loans developed by his predecessor, William E. Harris. Though the loans had proven one of the credit union's most successful products, the President declared that he did not wish to offer anything created by his predecessor. In 2014, President Wiggington ordered reinstatement of season loans. 

In 2010, Executive Vice President, Rodger Smock, scoffed at the overall importance employees of the postal sector upon Priority One's business yet in 2015, the credit union is resurrecting efforts to regain its former relationship with members who are also employees of the United States Postal Service.

The success of the credit union's current efforts is contingent on so many factors not the least of which is that Charles R. Wiggington, Sr. is a president who has no understanding of the importance of member relations and whose administration is characterized by deception, illegal acts, and scandals.  


In February 2012, the Los Angeles branch closed for three days. At the time, President Wiggington issued a notice to employees on the credit union's Intranet and posted notices on the branch's doors, disclosing that the office was closed due to a power outage. As time would prove, the "excuse" was a lie an another of Charles R. Wiggington, Sr. greatest fumbles. There was no power outage. Though the office was closed, members and employees of the Los Angeles Postal Distribution Center, the facility housing the branch, reported seeing lights on in the office and employees working at their computers. 

In March 2012, employees of the Los Angeles branch began reporting that the branch was closed during which Internal Auditor, Diane Huffman, audited that office's records. Ms. Huffman's finding that money had been stolen from the vault of the Los Angeles branch,  resulted in the termination of AVP, Lynnette Pearl Fortson, who was accused of stealing money. Ms. Fortson's termination was divulged by employees of the Credit Resolutions Department, some of who were informed of the theft by Vice President of Operations, Yvonne Boutte, who had been reassigned to the Los Angeles branch during the months of January through April 2014. 

Earlier this month, members visiting the Los Angeles and South Pasadena branches reported that both offices were closed. This time, President Wiggington did not post a notice on the credit union's Intranet nor did he order placement of a notice on the doors of either branch. Employees arriving at both branch's were surprised and wondered how long the branches would remain closed. 

Employees of both offices were told that the credit union's network had sustained technical issues that caused the closures, however, the Van Nuys branch which shares the same network as the Los Angeles and South Pasadena branches, was conspicuously unaffected. So how is this possible? It's not. As we've often reported since 2009, Charles R. Wiggington, Sr. may be an obsessive liar but he is also an inept one. 


During the month of August, notorious Vice President of Operations, Yvonne Boutte, left the credit union. Allegedly, Executive Vice President, Rodger Smock, disclosed that she was ill  and would be gone for awhile, however, she did return momentarily and was observed re-entering her office with Mr. Smock and afterwards, quietly departing the credit union. A notice was posted the following day simply stating she was no longer an employee of the credit union. 

Ms. Boutte's departure is significant despite the efforts by President Wiggington, Sr. to keep her adieu as quite as possible and even with Rodger Smock's divulgence that Ms. Boutte was ill. She was evidently well enough to return to the credit union to be escorted to her office where she picked up some belongings while her other personal property was packed by her friend and subordinate, Ms. Alex Suarez. 

We've received a few messages from readers that asked if she was being terminated for the theft of $1 million in cash taken from the vault of the Los Angeles branch during the period of 2010 through 2012. We doubt it. Ms. Boutte was not appointed Vice President of Operations until after Cindy Garvin was terminated in December 2012. The robberies occurred prior to her appointment  and though we know that Charles R. Wiggington, Sr. has developed a well-founded reputation for targeting scapegoats to suffer the consequences for his blunders, it would be inconceivable to try and attribute the losses to Ms. Boutte for a period in time when she clearly wasn't overseeing operations. 

However, her departure comes immediately following closure of the Los Angeles and South Pasadena branches which were not opened earlier this month, due to an alleged network issue. The excuse seems like another Wiggington ploy to deter attention away from something far more telling, like another audit of the credit union's records. The excuse of a network issue is too similar to President Wiggington's 2012 excuse that the Los Angeles branch was closed due to a power outage that never occurred. And as stated previously, if the closures were in fact due to a network problem then why did the Van Nuys office remain open? 

Mrs. Boutte was hired in 2008 to head the credit union's collection department known as Credit Resolutions. For years, the credit union depended on an a paid contractor to perform collection proceedings but in 2008, the President chose to create an in-house collections department, ending Priority One's agreement with the outside contractor. The contractor was informed by then AVP of Lending, Patricia Loiacano, that Priority One would not be renewing its agreement with the long-time contractor. However, Ms. Boutte arrived at Priority One before the actual agreement between the credit union and its contracted collector was actually in effect.

Following departure of the contractor, Mrs. Boutte brought in three collection agents that she had supervised under a previous employer. The women immediately became known for being aloof and unfriendly. They created a their own clique and segregated themselves from other employees. They also became known for their constant gossiping and whispering. Inarguably, Mrs. Boutte's was fostering development of a divisive culture within the working environment and one neither President Wiggington or Executive Vice President, Rodger Smock, took issue with. 

In October 2009, Mrs. Boutte began what would be a short-lived "friendship" with then newly hired COO, Beatrice Walker. From 2009 through mid-2010, the women would meet, in what they believed to be secretively, in the parking lot located under the credit union's South Pasadena branch and in the alleyways and streets located around the branch, and gossip about staff and the President.  

Mrs. Boutte became a part of Ms. Walker's three-person clique and along with Joseph Garcia the tree plotted their eventual displacement of President Wiggington. Inadvertently aiding their plan, was Board Chair, Diedra Harris Brooks, who began transferring much of the President's authority to Ms. Walker.  Unfortunately, Ms. Walker's caustic personality caused the disbandment of her clique and Mrs. Boutte soon became one of the COO's most avid critics. The day after Ms. Walker was terminated, Mrs. Boutte asked members of her staff if she thought the Board might name her Ms. Walker's successor. 

Mrs. Boutte also established a well-deserved reputation of being disrespectful to employees and speaking to them in a condescending manner. She had no problem belittling staff or showing preferential treatment to those she favored. 

She also chronically violated the credit union's policy governing confidentiality, discussing the credit union's most confidential information loudly, in the collections department. 

In 2012, it was she who informed Alex Suarez, that money had again been stolen from the Los Angeles vault and it was she again who said the money had been stolen by AVP, Pearl Lynnette Fortson. 

In mid-2012, she or someone on her immediate staff, published highly confidential account and personal information about a member, on the Internet. When she was ordered to squash versus resolve, the member's allegations that the disclosures were a violation of the Privacy Act, Mrs. Boutte tried to subdue the member, but her coercive tactics ricocheted and the member, a law student, filed a lawsuit which the credit union settled quickly. 

Mrs. Boutte was confident if not arrogant enough, to often boast about her alleged expertise as a strategist but in her oversight over the Member Services, Credit Resolutions, Teller, and Call Center departments she contributed absolutely nothing that led to actual physical expansion of the credit union or which generated profit. Mrs. Boutte's talk was louder than her walk and in the end, she succumbed to the same demise met by so many who served President Charles R. Wiggington, Sr.


August fared no better for Priority One whose attorney went to court to argue why his client should be allowed to cross-sue Turner, Warren, Hwang and Conrad. Despite the facade President Wiggington has chosen to use, he evidently has confided with some of his staff that he doesn't want to have to go to court. Of course, unless he manipulates the law as he did in 2013, when he found the opportunity to use his then medical cancer treatments as an excuse by which to obtain excemption from a lawsuit that named his Defendant. 

However, the lawsuit filed against Turner, Warren, Hwang and Conrad is only one of several lawsuits. Here is a summary of the current lawsuits filed both against and by Priority One:



Case: EC063303
Type: Other Contract (General Jurisdiction)



Case: BC542611
Type: Other Intentional Tort-notPI/WD/PD (General Jurisdiction)



Case: BC541935
Type: Other professional malpractice, not medical or legal


LEWIS SEIDEN (Auto Alliance)

Case: BC563815
Type:  Contractual Fraud (General Jurisdiction)

We will report further in next month's post about the credit union's current legal problems and in particular, about the lawsuit filed in 2014 by Lewis Seiden, the owner of Auto Alliance, one of the credit union's formerly contracted automobile brokers. 

When we last reported about the former automobile broker's lawsuit, Priority One's attorney had filed a motion seeking dismissal of Lewis Seiden's lawsuit on the basis that Mr. Seiden's allegations did not constitute a breach of contract and were in essence, unfounded. 
The Plaintiff responded to each of the credit union's reasons seeking dismissal and the court determined there is a sound basis for the Plaintiff's complaint alleging Priority One breached its agreement with the automobile broker and so, the case will now proceed to court. 


Charles R. Wiggington, Sr. and Board Chair, Diedra Harris-Brooks, have spent immense amounts of credit union funds and hours, on campaigns intended to beautify the credit union's abhorrent public reputation. In 2012, they listened to consultants who suggested infusing the Internet with images of the President's and Executive Vice President's biographies, CV's and resumes. At the time, the goal, to draw member interest in the products and services offered by Priority One, but the expensive efforts missed their target. 

We have no reason to believe the consultants ever suggested the officers falsify their employment histories but the opportunity to create an embellished online persona may have been too great a temptation to Charles R. Wiggington, Sr., a president who spent years distorting the truth. Unfortunately, the President repeatedly opts for superficiality over substance and though he repeatedly fails to achieve his unrealistic objectives, he continues to resort to the use of the same old expensive tactics.  

The Credit Union's Board of Directors have aided Charles R. Wiggington, Sr. but gamblng credit union resources on failed and costly campaigns designed to deter attention away from the credit union's decline, embarrassing scandals, illegal acts, and their bungling business decisions. There is no amount of SPENDING that can succeed in cloaking the harrowing record of abuse and mismanagement amassed under President Wiggington and the Board. The efforts to hide his failures and undisciplined personal behaviors have all been sanctioned by the Board of Directors and funded by the credit union. 

In the meantime, we have to wait patiently for the outcome of the many lawsuits being litigated by the credit union. It's important to note that from 2010 through 2013, Priority One spent more than $500,000 on legal expenses. That amount of spending on litigation was astronomical for a credit union that once spent $20,000 to $22,000 annually on attorneys. It was also  financially draining to a credit union's whose business is in decline and whose overhead is above the industry average.* Despite the immense increase in spending during 2010 through 2013, the President and now former Vice President of Operations, Yvonne Boutte, arrogantly boasted the amounts paid out in settlements to Plaintiffs were paltry and meaningless to the organization. They might not have donned such a cavalier attitude had they been forced to pay the settlements from own personal funds.

However, the immense amount of money previously spent on litigation is being overshadowed by the amount which has been spent since April 2014. If the court determines that Turner, Warren, Hwang and Conrad are innocent of the allegations brought against it by CUMIS, then that outcome will serve as an indictment against Charles R. Wiggington, Sr. and his executive staff and will prove that they failed to ensure the credit union's security protocols were being maintained and due to their negligence, enabled one individual, to walk out with more than $1 million in cash from the vault of the Los Angeles branch. 

During the years of 1992 through December 31, 2006, the years proceeding the appointment of Charles R. Wiggington, Sr. to President, Priority One physically grew in size, in the amount of its net income, and in the size of its membership. Its then competent and respected President structured mergers absorbing other credit unions and expanded Priority One's territories. It was a golden age and one that quickly unraveled starting on January 1, 2007, the date Charles R. Wiggington,Sr. was appointed President. If one is seeking evidence of the credit union's decline, then one only need look at the three remaining branches, the amount of the credit union's net income, the amount of lawsuits that have been filed since Charles r. Wiggington, Sr. became President, and the inability of the executive sector to reverse the multitude of problems ushered into existence under President Wiggington- a man whose reality requires fabricating embellishments about himself.  

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Anonymous said...

I never looked at his bios. Frankly, who is that interested in knowing anything about the credit union's loser president. Today I looked and you're right. What a moron. This man can't help himself. He has to lie. It's just who he is. No wonder business is down. An friend told me that Wiggington is desperate to get new business. She told me that they're not only not getting new members but they're losing members by the boat load. One problem is the credit union's reputation. Its horrible. But the problem is worse because of poor member service. Employees are either rude when you call the office or if you visit, they're unfriendly, finish your transaction and send you out the door. I'm sure that working for low pay and in a depressing work environment takes it toll but Wiggington is hiding in his office and doesn't do a thing because he doesn't know what to do. As for Diedra, what a useless old hag. She needs to be sent to the glue factory. And Yvonne's termination is not due to health problems or that she got another job. Let's face it, this is the last time the woman is a VP at any company.

Anonymous said...

I know Charles and he's actually worse than this blog says. So is Smock. Diedra is just stupid. This may or may not come as a surprise but they may be the worst managers imaginable but they are wonderful at cowardly backstabbing. They've spend 8 years on backstabbing when they should of spent it on creating business. And Joseph was just as horrible. He was a tool and a bad-tempered one at that. He lied for Bea and later for Wiggington and got lost of employees fired. He lied and kissed ass and got promoted and then demoted. He should of been embarrassed but he's too stupid to be embarrassed. I didn't know he got fired. I was told he quit but it makes a lot more sense he got the boot then if he left on his own. And yes, back in 2011 he asked one of the former branch managers to help him find a way of leaving the credit union on sick leave. She was nice enough to help him though he later turned against her and that ended their so called friendship. Good riddance to him too.

As for Yvonne, she must have done something really bad though based on what I see, they might have found out she didn't perform one of her duties. They would only have fired her because their under the gun and their records are being checked. After $1 million got stolen supposedly by Lynnette, a lot of what they do is under the microscope and Wiggington who is ultimately at fault for everything that goes wrong, will always try and find a scapegoat. That's what makes him the industry's biggest sissy.

Anonymous said...

LOL. I got hired in 1994 and I left in 2008 and I know for a fact, Charles was the worst VP of operations before I started until the end of 2006. What a lying sack of camel poop.

Anonymous said...

I don't remember a single lawsuit was president and none of the stupid intrigue.

Anonymous said...

So Yvonne is gone. I had read she was escorted to her office by Rodger something they never do when you resign. Well good riddance to that horrible woman. She was the most conniving, vicious and mean spirited person I ever had the misfortune of meeting. She was as bad as Bea, Rodger, Wiggington, and Esmeralda.

Anonymous said...

Yvonne is finally gone. Guess better late than never. She and her flying monkey, Alex, made life miserable for so many people. The two are addicted to gossip and the two like to abuse employees. Oh, they also like to tell you how smart and nice they are. Yep, they're delusional. Miss Yvonne was so abusive, rude and out of control that I'm sure no one will miss her.

Anonymous said...

Another of Wiggington's lies


Committee For Vindication said...

It is a well-known fact that President Charles Wiggington respects and appreciates all the hard work put forth by all Priority One employees. Unlike some bosses, CEO Wiggington is honestly upfront in dealing with staff. His open-door policy gives all personnel the opportunity to communicate with him privately knowing all frank discussions will be held in strict confidence and without recrimination.

In recognition of his integrity our President has recently received the prestigious Good Governance Award, an honor well deserved for this longtime credit union veteran.

Righteous men will triumph over those with evil in their hearts. Light will triumph over darkness spake the Lord.

Anonymous said...

"It is a well-known fact that President Charles Wiggington respects and appreciates all the hard work put forth by all Priority One employees."

Reply: How can he appreciate hard work, when he's lazy and useless and prefers playing on the internet and talking on the phone on personal calls?

"Unlike some bosses, CEO Wiggington is honestly upfront in dealing with staff. His open-door policy gives all personnel the opportunity to communicate with him privately knowing all frank discussions will be held in strict confidence and without recrimination."

Reply: That's a complete lie. He doesn't have an open door policy and years ago ordered that employees are not allowed to come to his office.

In recognition of his integrity our President has recently received the prestigious Good Governance Award, an honor well deserved for this longtime credit union veteran.

Reply: Wiggington wouldn't recognize integrity if it slapped him on the face. The man is so righteous he's inundated the credit union in costly lawsuits. Keep writing committee because nothing says insane like trying to defend Wiggles.

Anonymous said...

I don't get how Charles is still president. He used to brag that "They wanted me out but I'm still here." If you really think about what he's saying, its that he, a suck ass president, has managed to keep his job. That's nothing to brag about. They fired a lot of horrible employees, all managers like Bea, Yvonne and Joseph. They drove horrible Sylva out and Liz but they kept Charles who is the worst one of all. It doesn't make any sense. What's sadder is that horrible dumb Diedra and her board of clowns hasn't been removed. What the state needs to do is sweep down on these people and do a heavy audit of their records. With all the thefts by employees I bet they're going to find more money taken maybe even by Wiggington and Diedra.

Anonymous said...

I agree, Yvonne's departure comes at a weird time. The credit union's operational practices are going to be dissected in court and she, the VP of Operations, leaves while evidence is being collected against the credit union and while Charlie is trying to get his story straight so he doesn't sound like the irresponsible officer that he is.

Just curious said...

Has Wiggy ever come up with a successful promotion or innovation?

From reading this blog it appears everything he touches or gets involved with pretty much backfires or turns to shit. Even Wiggy's most staunch supporters the Committee for Vindication only speak in platitudes without any definitive proof of specific achievements.

Bozo the Clown said...

Well I gotta admit Wiggy came up with an outstanding detailed vault security procedure for the Los Angeles branch right up until the exact moment Lynette figured out a way to steal $1 million right under the eyes of the Supervisory Committee and the internal auditor. So that was a successful innovation for a nanosecond!

Anonymous said...

@Just curious: No, Wiggles, as we his friends refer to him, has never come up with a successful promotion or innovation. Early on, he invented a badge that he said, "I know this is going to bring in the business we need." The badge was white and contained a message written in big red letter, "Just Ask." I was actually out with Wiggington at an event when a man told me, "Well, I'm asking." I paused, unaware of what he was referring to. He repeated, "Well, I'm asking." I apologized and told him I had no idea what he was saying. He pointed to the badge I was wearing. Stupidest idea ever. Smock or Miss Smock, told all employees that they were required to wear it but the badge had a large thick pin that would ruin any fabric. Within 3 to 4 weeks employees stopped wearing the badges all together. I don't know what Wiggles thought the badges would do. During an employee meeting, he said he had been at home when the idea for the badges came to him. That should teach anyone not to think of promotions or inventions when they're drunk.

The committee are probably one or several escapees from some state mental hospital. They never offer evidence to support their praises but that's probably because there's none to back up any of their statements.

Mugsy Malone said...

@Bozo: You're right. Wiggington's eagle eye developed a 100% full proof procedure until mastermind, Lynnette, realized she could walk into her vault by herself, take whatever amount of money she wanted from the vault shelf and place it in an over sized purse. There is no procedure on planet earth that could have stopped her.

Anonymous said...

LOL. I guess Wiggington's failure to enforce double custody was not something that ever crossed the sexual harasser's mind. And how clever was Lynnette if she allegedly perpetrated her crime over a 24-month period? I thought Wiggington used to brag about how much smarter he is than most people. This man would be considered dumb amongst a tribe of chimps.

Anonymous said...

Under Wiggles supervision, a receptionist got away with over $60,000. When she went to court, the judge liked her and only issued probation with no restitution.

When CUMIS' investigator was in South Pasadena looking into why an old married couple were able to withdraw money from their $100,000 HELOC checking account AFTER the date the loan was terminated, he discovered that Priority One, under Wiggles, sometimes forgets to close HELOC checking accounts.

Lynnette, who I knew personally, was no genius. She was lazy and sloppy just lime Wiggington and Smock, yet unlike Wiggington and Smock, she came up with a plan that took two years to complete and netted her more than $1 million. She proved that Priority One is indeed a person's financial fitness enter and that Robert West was right, they can help employees "WIN WITH MONEY."

Otis said...

I guess they can improve the lives of some employees. Big hand to Wiggles for making at least 1 employee a lot richer (maybe more but we won'd know that until the credit union is thoroughly audited).

Anonymous said...

Nice way to lie on your resume Wigg? Did you fire Joseph for lying? I notice you forgot to put in that you were a male model in Milan, ambassador to Kenya, Archbishop of Canterbury, and King of Uranus- the planet of course.

Anonymous said...

Let's be fair people. He's fired lots of people for breaking policy. He's fired a lot for breaking confidentiality but Wigg is the biggest violator of confidentiality at Priority One.

He fired people for stealing but he did take a member's car, didn't he?

He fired the lending director for all the complaints filed against him including sexual harassment, but wasn't Wigg found guilty of sexually harassing an employee?

He got rid of Joseph for fraud but isn't that what he's been doing for years with the monthly reports? Audit January 2010 and you'll find there was no money from sales.

Oh that Wigg, no one is a bigger hypocrite than him.

Still curious said...

How come the Board hasn't terminated Wiggy? He seems to have his grimy fingers in every misstep, sexual harassment crime, policy violation and screw-up committed at Prioroty One since he was appointed President.

Why is the Board protecting Wiggy - is it really possible he's able to keep his job because he has "dirt" dossiers on every Board member that he threatens to reveal if they mess with him.

Anonymous said...

Diedra is the board. The 4 other monkeys- O. Glen, Hale, Joe, and Bobby are just yes men who obey her like dogs. Diedra has an interest in keeping Wiggington because no other president would ever allow her to push her agendas and control every aspect of the operation. Now she has something on Wiggington which is that she saved him from being fired when they got evidence he sexually harassed a former employee. She covered up the evidence or ignored it and brought him back. So he'll owe her until his last day of employment.

Anonymous said...

You're right, Diedra is the board. Only at Priority One and at the post office where she used to be a retailer manager, could she get away with her ignorant crap. There are still people at the PO who remember working with her and not one has anything nice to say about her. A few years ago before she destroyed the credit union's elections, she would go down to the union hall in L.A. and sit at the from with tired O.Glen Saffold, hoping that them being there would help sway people to vote for them. Thank goodness that the president of the NALC carriers 24 has the common sense never to have let them talk. Some of the officials thought she was nervy to show her old face there when she wasn't invited plus she and O. Glen worked retail and clerks and were never carriers so no matter how arrogant they were, they were not welcome.

Anonymous said...

If you want to see just how bigger a liar wiggles is, go to Its a PDF of his resume and at the bottom you can see all the webpages where you can find his resume. You were right, John.

Anonymous said...

I found another one too. You can find it on:

Charles Wiggington

SINCE 1992, CHARLES R. WIGGINGTON, SR. HAS BEEN PRESIDENT AND CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER at Priority One Credit Union, based in South Pasadena, California. Mr. Wiggington is charged with overseeing all operations of the credit union and its branches, with responsibility for the loan portfolio, share growth, budget, employee management, and other reporting to the Board of Directors.

Anonymous said...

Wow Charles, you just can't help lying can you, BOY?

Anonymous said...

Now what do you think Otis would say if he knew what had become of you?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Okay, Wigg's told 1 or 2 lies, but is it really all that bad? Oh wait, there's more than 50. Sorry Wigg, but that makes you a really big liar!

Anonymous said...

Wiggles, what's wrong with you? I just read you bio on and it says you've been president since 1/1992. Is it 1/1992 or 3/1992? Well, actually its 1/2007. If you're going to lie, and you are, at least keep it uniform. Man, what are you good at? You're no good at business development. You're no good at strategizing. You're no good at picking competent managers. You're actually just no good. If you're going to be evil and you are, at least do it well. Stop lying and then letting everybody know you lied. Now I know you think you got game and you don't and I know you say you're a player ("playa") and you're not, but come on man, at least play it up like you are.

Anonymous said...

I saw Charlie over the weekend at union hall. Boy is he stupid He sat there smiling and being chatty not aware that a lot of carriers can't stand him. They've seen how he ruined the credit union, they see him as a liar and they know he's a sexual harasser but old brain dead just don't see it.

Anonymous said...

He really has a horrible reputation with postal people.

Anonymous said...

When he's in court, I'm sure the opposing legal team is going to shred his character apart. Though certain things may not have anything to do with the actual theft or what CUMIS and P1 are accusing the auditors of, they do tell the judge and jury a lot about the character of the president, the practices of the credit union and all point to their ethical conduct.

The evidence that Wigg sexually harassed which is a federal offense, is that the offices of EXTTI, Inc. The evidence serves to prove that he sexually harassed and that Diedra covered it up. There is probably a record of the recommendation by the investigator, urging them to fire Wigg.

You also have the incident involving the car Wigg stole from a member. Not only did he repossess it after a repayment plan was agreed to, but he put it in his name and never paid a penny for the vehicle.

There is also the allegations brought against him in several ex-employee lawsuits and the violation of the Privacy Act which he and/or someone on his staff committed against a member.

There's also his manipulation of reporting. As someone pointed out, look at the January 2010 monthly statement and track where the supposed profit actually came from.

If the credit union was enforcing security then how did a receptionist make off with $60,000, two members with $100,000 and an AVP with more than $1 million in cash?

His online bios are a lie, He has purposely changed his employment information. Character has to play a big part in proving that this is a derelict president with a useless board and supervisory committee.

Anonymous said...


And subpoena all the employees he slandered and who sued and those he slandered and didn't sue. That'll provide information about his character and the credit union's practices.

Anonymous said...

I'd testify if they subpoenaed me.

I got to meet one of their shyster, bottom feeding, scum-of-the-earth lawyers. The man who was a White Wiggington, asked me lots of questions that were not at all related to my case though I guess when you're gathering information, acting like an ambulance chaser for your lowlife client, Priority One, is just what the big bucks require you to do. I think the lawyer, who admitted he had a plastic hip which must match his plastic heart, thought he would corral me it his little plot but it failed. After the meeting, he called Charles and Diedra and my lawyer to gloat and brag but where it kind of blew up in his old pasty face is when Old Lady Charles Wiggington started talking about what the lawyer told him and Diedra. Big mouth former VP, Yvonne Boutte, started to brag and then she posted some of the confidential information on the Internet. The big mouth lawyer got nervous and called and chewed out Charles who got scared and told Yvonne to stop posting information on the Internet.

Priority One is a corrupt, worthless credit union. Some people say its falling but I say its fallen. I had the displeasure of dealing with fat HR bitch, Esmeralda Sandoval. The woman is a liar just like Wiggington and she'll make up malicious stories to get any employee she dislikes, in trouble. Now she claims to be a Christian but don't believe it. Her lord lives under the ground.

Anonymous said...

You guys talk about a tar and feathering party. how about just putting him in a pinata?

Bozo the Clown said...

Some posters say Wiggy is a stupid incompetent CEO; others say he's a perpetual liar.

I say why do we have to chose between Wiggs stupidity or his lying ways - he's both!

Anonymous said...

Hmmmm, a piñata? I'd like to stuff Wiggy inside a piñata, then dip it in a kettle full of bubbling tar. While its still dripping with hot tar we can then feather the piñata before it cools.

Rodger S. said...

Wiggy is disgusting (sexual harasser), as well as dispicable (hoodwinking a member out of his BMW) of that there can be no doubt. I just can't get my mind around how he gets unflinching support from a brain-dead Board. The whole sordid situation does not compute; it's gotta be the dirt dossiers old Wiggy has on the Board, right?

Anonymous said...

And then take the tar and feathered Pinata and place in Pinterest.

The board's support of Wiggington is mind-blowing. Lots of people throughout the industry can't comprehend how any board would keep this moron.

By the same token, lots of people in the industry can't believe the board hasn't been removed which points to the apathetic attitude of the credit union's membership who obviously don't care anymore, about Priority One or its employees (minus all managers). Also, the DFI has proven to be nothing more than another government agency that doesn't do its job. 2 years ago they said board members would be tested to see if they qualify to serve as governors of a credit union. Well, 2 years later and where's the tests? And the California CU League knows what I'm talking about because they published the article.

Anonymous said...

I don't think anyone can find a good reason why Diedra hasn't been removed and Charles fired. Back in 2009, when this blog first came up, Wiggington convinced a lot of people that he was being attacked by a group of employees who wanted his job and who were jealous because he was named president. I guess it never occurred to this sorry excuse for a male, that maybe people were concerned that he was causing the credit union to hemorrhage money and lose members. Of course, the uneducated, backwoods almost all Black board went along with the story because some of them like O. Glen Saffold have said that the White man is out to get the Black man. Like I said, backwoods.

Now, 6 years later, the credit union is being sued by TWHC and Auto Alliance for breach of contract. If TWHC wins, they should sue them for slander. From 2010 to 2013, they were sued by Linda, David, Susanna and Theresa, all ex-employees and they got sued by Jazz, an ex-member. Over the years, Wiggington and the credit union have been accused of....

Age discrimination
Sexual harassment
Same sex sexual harassment
Race discrimination (Latin discriminating against White)

Now back in 2013, Wiggintgon who a lot of people think is a sissy, hid behind the Diedra the liar and his lawyer, bottom feeder, Paul of Schimley, and Mr. Shyster called the opposing party's attorney and told her that if they didn't remove Wiggington's name from the lawsuit, he would file motion after motion to postpone a trial for years. He threatened that he would use the excuse that Wiggington had cancer and was undergoing treatment. Problem with the ambulance chaser's story is that Wiggington the coward, was driving to and from work every day, he was walking around the branch telling us about how he had "ball cancer" and he talked and talked and talked about all the medical treatment he was undergoing. I guess even cancer couldn't keep that idiot's mouth shut.

Now he's been named a defendant in the lawsuit filed by Auto Alliance. Let's see if he can come up with another of his lies to get out of going to court. Don't be surprised if he claims to have another relapse but don't believe it because people with cancer aren't gaining weight and they can't drive to and from work and they can't talk unendingly.

Anonymous said...

That shyster lawyer was a lowlife bottom feeder really thought he was Perry Mason until Wiggington started repeating everything he was told in confidence. The ambulance chaser got thrown off his game and he learned that Wiggington was guilty of everything he was accused of doing.

A Day in the Life of Wigg said...

CU Attorney: Mr Wiggngton, we’re having a big problem with your credibility and I don’t want jurors to get stuck on all the things your accused of doing over the years, so I’m going to need information from you that I can use to explain some of what is being said about you. Do you understand?

Wiggington: Please call me President Wiggington.

CU Attorney: Ah, okay President Wiggington but do you understand what I need from you?

Wiggington: Yes, but I need to tell you that all my life people have been jealous. I have a BA. Do you happen to know what BA stands for?

CU Attorney: Anyway,……. Can you tell me about the sexual harassment charge?

Wiggington: I was the real victim. The woman beguiled me with her feminine wiles and made me tell her things like, “I want to whip you ass” and “I want to sop you up like gravy.” It was horrible [sob]. I felt so violated [sob].

CU Attorney: Well, I subpoenaed EXTTI’s records and I’m sorry to tell you but their records contain more than 8 witness statements that said you sexually harassed the woman.

Wiggington: Like I said, people have been jealous of me all my life. I’m like the Zac Efron of my generation.

CU Attorney: Ah……………………………….

Wiggington: Did tell you my momma used to lock me in the closet because she said I talked too much?

CU Attorney: I can understand why, I mean, that’s terrible. How about these allegations that you manipulate financial reporting?

Wiggington: That’s completely untrue, a lie I tell you.

CU Attorney: Can you provide me with your accounting ledgers so that we may review them?

Wiggington: I can do better. Let me call me office. [Dials his cellular a moment later, Rodger Smock answers] Rodger, it’s me. I need you to go to my office. In the filing cabinet next to my conference room table is a green envelope. There’s a key in the envelope. Walk over to my desk. Reach under the middle drawer. You’ll feel a metal lever. Pull it. If you look down under the desk, you’ll see a door slide open. There’s a lot of black leather bound books, those are the dossiers I have on Diedra and the other board dorks. There’s a red ledger. That’s the real ledger showing all the credit union’s real financials. Pull it out and I want you and no one else to take it to the post office and send it to our lawyer by overnight express. Thanks, Rodger.

Wiggington: Mr. Steele, why’s your mouth open. Are you okay?

Anonymous said...

@A day in the life of Wigg

Thank you for providing the detailed proof of Wiggy's secret dirt dossiers, as well as the 2nd set of financial ledgers. Many of us including Bozo the Clown, have suspected all along these secret documents actually existed. I sure would like to know the specific dirt Wiggy has on Slappy White lookalike Diedra. Is there anything you can provide?

Anonymous said...

Sloppy White look-alike. Perfect. Lol.

Anonymous said...

I meant Slappy but Sloppy might be appropriate too.

T. Gathers said...

So are Slothy White and Slutty White. White?

A Day in the Life of Wigg said...

Part 1

Smock: I’m worried, Charles.

Wiggington: Call me President Wiggington. On second thought, call me Mr. President just like Marilyn Monroe told John F. Kennedy.

Smock: I’m worried about the upcoming trials, Mr. President. Do you think the other side is going to bring up the sexual harassment or you taking a car from a member or the four lawsuits filed by those former employees? Let’s face it, we did break the law and thought we covered it up. Dam those ex-employees.

Wiggington: Damn those employees is right. You know all of those ungrateful employees were jealous of me, don’t you?

Smock: Mr. President, did you forget to take your meds again?

Wiggington: It looks bad to the untrained eye but I know there’s more than enough money left in the credit union to protect me. Plus Diedra better get off her useless ass and protect me. If I go, I spill the beans. I’m not leaving quietly, I’ll squeal like a pig.

Smock: Well, you did say the same thing years ago when Kathy Santos approved all those loans that went bad. You almost got in trouble too for giving her giving her such high loan approval limits when you never trained her to process or approve loans. Luckily, got away with that too.

Wiggington: What do you mean too?

Smock: Ah, I didn’t mean anything by it. What are we going to say when they ask us why we never noticed over 24-months, that money was being taken from the Los Angeles office vault? We can blame the auditors but they’re here only once a year and they’re gong to say that you were the one that told them what to audit and what not to audit.

Wiggington: I know, I know, but maybe we can blame Yvonne, Bea, Cindy or our auditor, Diane. After all, I’m president. I rely on these people to their jobs. I’m busy with my own stuff.

Smock: Thinking to himself, “What stuff? All I ever see this guy doing is playing on the Internet, taking long lunches like Robert West, and talking on the phone with his relatives.”

A Day in the Life of Wigg said...

Part II

Smock: You can’t blame Yvonne. She wasn’t VP of Operations when the robberies took place. I agree, we can blame Bea and say that she wasn’t doing her job that’s why we fired her. I’m not sure blaming Cindy is wise but when you gave her authority over all branch operations, she had no previous experience in operations. Remember, I sent out that memo which said she was an expert in loan and business development. I never mentioned operations. Plus, how would the court ever hold her responsible if you gave her a position and work she was not qualified to do?

Wiggington: Cindy didn’t have to accept the position. When she said yes, she was saying yes to everything including taking the blame for any mistakes that happened. Who cares that I appointed her to oversee operations when she had no experience in operations.

Smock: I hope they don’t subpoena Mr. Wafa. If they do, he will tell them how he signed that repayment agreement and then you repossessed his car. And you know if they subpoena the file, its no longer here. By the way, to you have it at home?

Wiggington: I don’t have it and if I did, I wouldn’t tell you or anyone else. Anyway, I got that covered. I’ll tell them Mike Lee took it when we ended our agreement with his company to be our collectors. Anyway, its not like Mike and I are friends.

Smock: So you don’t think there’s going to be a problem with the phony papers you and Mike made up to make it look like the car went to auction when it didn’t ? Even if you tell them the car went to auction, how do you explain how it came into your possession and how are you going to prove you paid for it when there’s no record of you paying anything for it?

Wiggington: Whose side are you on, Nancy Drew?

Smock: Yours of course, but I think those are important considerations.

Wiggington: How come you’re a horrible HR Director but you’re suddenly a great detective? Remember, I saw Henry’s photo on your night stand. Why was the photo of one of our male employees on the nightstand of the HR Director. Explain that Sherlock Holmes!

Smock: Remaining silent but thinking to himself, “I used to tell Mr Harris how Charles was a lazy, good for nothing officer and I was right.”

Smock: I’m sorry. Can I bring you some water or do you need your shoulders massaged?

Anonymous said...

Wiggles needs to hire consultants to help him through this very difficult time. Most of any credit union's money is supposed to be spent on defending presidents.

Anonymous said...

I'm joking in case you took me serious.

Still Curious and very serious said...

Of course, everyone on earth knows about Wiggy's sexual harassment history, especially when Wiggs and his Uncle tried their best to tag-team Patrice at Fat Burger. And all of us know about his gravy sopping comments. But I'm just curious, has Wiggy ever had actual physical sex with a P1 member, employee or Board member? Details please.

Committee For Vindication said...

President Wiggington is under siege because he stands for truth and the Word of the Lord.

Our Committee has faith the honorable Charles Wiggington is surrounded by the breastplate of righteousness, the helmet of salvation and the whole armor of God, so that he may be able to repel the wiles of all haters and devils on this site. Those that seek to undermine our CEO will one day have to answer for their wickedness.

Anonymous said...

I don't know. Have you seen him? He's not what I could describe even as remotely attractive unless talking with you mouth full of food is something that one finds attractive. A friend of mine who worked at South Pasadena once told me about a short-lived alleged incident between him and a former collection representative but I'll have to ask her again for the details.

Anonymous said...

@Still Curious and very serious

You pose an excellent question about Wiggy having sex with a member, staffer or Board member. May I remind the Committee for Vindication it's not very righteous to cheat on ones wife. Can someone please answer before Wiggy's TWHC trial testimony; then at least we'll find out if he's broken his solemn marriage vows.

Anonymous said...

@Committee for Vindication: Your defenses of Der Wiggington are getting shorter and though they're never convincing, they're even less so now. And this latest post has to be your most stupid one yet. Well, they're all stupid but this is the stupidest.

Jesse Jackson said...

Wiggington was married when I started working at Priority One and he's still married, but that never stopped him about talking about all the sex he'd had before and AFTER he got married. When he went on credit union business trips, he'd return and brag about the women he met. When he got back from Chicago, he told us about how he danced with a "fat girl" and while they were dancing he knew for a fact she wanted him. I was in a meeting one time when he walked in and pointing to a young black woman who was crossing the lobby, he said, "I want to hit that. I just wanna hit that." Sometimes female members would come to the office and he'd tell us, "I had her" or "I hit that." None of and let me emphasize, none of us, ever believed him. First of all, the women he pointed to were usually attractive, like Patrice Polley, but like Patrice, he never had sex with them. It was all pure fantasy to try and show us what a man he was. Real men don't brag about their sexual conquests and real married men aren't adulterous.

A Day In the Life of Wig said...

Part 1

Wigginton at Attorney Steele’s office again.

Attorney: I asked you to come to my office because we’re experiencing several problems all involving your character and as you know, the integrity of your character will impact your credibility.

Wiggington: I’m not sure what you mean by integrity or character. Can you explain? As you should know, Rodger, Diedra and I have been working for hours to get our stories straight so no one should question my credibility.

Attorney: Its obvious you don’t understand. For example, we don’t know how to explain the reason you told an employee you wanted to “spank her ass.” Can you help us and provide a believable excuse why you said this to her?

Wiggington: The whole thing has been blown way out of proportion thanks to that nasty blog. My father was a Methodist and he taught me that “ass” is the Biblical name for donkey. Now maybe I was wrong, but I thought the woman owned a donkey and I thought the donkey was misbehaving. I’m a gentleman and always willing to give any woman my hand, so I offered to help her discipline the donkey which I referred to as ass. That’s what I meant when I said, “I’m going to whip your ass” or “bring that ass over here so I can whip it”.

Attorney: Uh, huh.

Wiggington: As I told you before, all my life, people have always been jealous of me. Everybody wants my job. They want a piece of me. You’ve probably heard its hard on beautiful people.

Attorney: I don’t know how to respond to what you just said, but I’m not sure a jury is going to believe that you were offering to spank the employee’s donkey. .

Wiggington: It’s the truth I tell you, it’s the truth.

Attorney: Since you’re the one that brought up the subject of “truth”, we’ve learned that in January 2010 the credit union reported a profit for that month. This was the first profit earned in over a year. Is this true?

Wiggington: That’s 100% true.

Attorney: If you ended 2009 with more than $5 million in losses, how did you earn a profit in January 2010? Before you answer, you should know I spoke to Bea Walker and she at first swore the credit union made a profit in January 2010 but when I told her that my office discovered that money was transferred from one of the credit union’s general ledgers and fraudulently reported as profit when there was not profit, she retracted her statement and said you told her to transfer the money and report it as profit. Is this true?

Wiggington: I knew Bea couldn’t be trusted. I swear to you , no way would I ever be so dishonest. That’s horrible and its news to me.

Attorney: So you knew nothing about the transfer?

Wiggington: No, never heard of it. That’s horrible. I bet that was one of Bea’s plots that I didn’t know about. Saeid our old CFO, was her friend probably helped her do that. That’s why he’s not here anymore.

Attorney: Actually, the transfer happened several months before Saeid got hired, so he was not involved. Can you explain how Bea could transfer monies from the general ledger and report these as profit without your knowledge? And if that’s what you’re saying, then the plaintiff’s attorney is going to build a case to show that because you were not aware of what was going on, an AVP was able to steal more than $1 million from the Los Angeles branch.

Wiggington: I plead the 5th!

A Day in the Life of Wigg said...

Part II

Attorney: This is not a trial. If you want me to help you, you need to be up front with me. Let’s move on. I couldn’t get copies of Danny Wafa’s credit union file where his automobile loan documents should have been filed. Your office couldn’t find microfiche copies of the file either. Do you know what happened to the file?

Wiggington: I’m not a file clerk. Ask Wendy. Oh wait, I fired her for stealing a 6” sandwich. I will not tolerate theft.

Attorney: You fired someone for stealing a 6” sandwich when you’re accused of taking ownership of a member’s car?

Wiggington: I plead the 5th.

Attorney: We also learned that back in 2010, you told Terri Nabors from Turner, Warren, Hwang and Conrad that you bought the car at a dealership. Can you tell me what dealership you purchased the car from?

Wiggington: Ah, Henry Justice Auto Sales in Carson but they’re no longer in business.

Attorney: Can you bring me the agreement you signed when you bought the car?

Wiggington: I don’t know what happened to the contract. I live in a big house so the papers could be almost anywhere. And why’s Terry telling you what I said? That was a confidential conversation. Doesn’t he know the importance of confidentiality?

Attorney: Wasn’t Mr Justice the same person who refused to pay $80,0000 of money owed to the credit union for cars purchased by members from his dealership?

Wiggington: Yes, one and the same.

Attorney: Is it true that after he refused to pay, he filed for bankruptcy and the court granted it so he never paid back the monies he owed.

Wiggington: That is correct.

Attorney: And didn’t you try to bring him back in 2007 as a partner of your credit union?

Wiggington: That is also correct.

Attorney: Don’t you see how this makes you look?

Wiggington: No, I don’t. I think if anyone tries and makes me look bad its because they’re jealous. Let me tell you, in 2009, I put a bunch of cameras in the office to make sure I’d that I’d see anyone who might be making their way to my office with a gun in their hand. I also hired Sepia Consultants to come in and search for electronic bugs. I knew my office was being bugged by jealous employees. That’s also why I hired an undercover armed guard to stand watch over the annual meeting we had back in May 2010.

Attorney: Who paid for the cameras?

Wiggington: The credit union. Diedra said it was for my safety.

Attorney: Who paid for the consultant?

Wiggington: The credit union. Diedra said it was for my safety.

Attorney: Who paid for the guard with the gun?

Wiggington: The credit union. Diedra said it was for my safety.

Attorney: Did anyone ever come to your office with a gun?

Wiggington: No.

Attorney: Did the consultant find any hidden surveillance equipment in your office?

Wiggington: No.

Attorney: Did anything happen that disrupted the May 2010 annual meeting?

Wiggington: No, it was uneventful.

Attorney: Do you know how this makes you look?

Wiggington: Can you be more clear?

Anonymous said...

I know you're being humorous in exposing Wiggington. I forgot about Henry Justice. I heard his business, Justice Auto Sales, isn't around anymore. Do you know how much trouble that man caused us? Because he refused to send us the titles for the cars our members bought from his dealership, we had to go each month to the DMV to get temporary registrations. Not only were the members' deprived of a regular registration, it added so much work to our employees. Plus Henry Justice was Wiggington's friend for several years before Wiggington told Mr Harris that he had a reputable dealer who wanted to work with us and would help us get more business. IT TOOK 2 YEARS TO FINALLY GET REGISTRATIONS FOR THE MEMBERS. That was 2006.

Wiggington becomes in January 2007 and in 2007, here comes Henry Justice strolling into the main office likes he's something special. Two weeks later, Wiggington tells the loan department that Henry is being reinstated even though we lost about $60,000 plus on this man. The only reason he got away with our money is because he filed bankruptcy and he blamed his daughter, saying she made off with the money. He reopened his business but under his son's name but they weren't making enough sales, that's why in 2008 he came to ask Wiggington to take him back and Wiggington did.

Wiggington went around and passed out Henry Justice's business cards and told every loan officer and processor that they had to refer members who were looking for a car, to Henry''s dealership but the loan department wasn't having it and they decided not to refer anyone to Justice Auto Sales. Patti Loiacano also told Wiggington that it didn't look good to reinstate Justice when he made off with more than $60,000 of credit union money. So Wiggington calls Justice and tells him to repay about $1300.00 of the thousands he made-off with and Henry agrees. That would have worked out really well if the story wasn't published in the blog.

After the story got published, Wiggington runs around the loan department picking up all of Justice's business cards that he passed out and the one's he placed on the table where business cards of lots of businesses used to be displayed. Then he rushes back to his office and calls Henry and tells him that if anyone from the board calls him and asks if he's coming back to do business with Priority One that he's to say "no".

1) Wiggington is the one that introduced Henry Justice to the credit union.

2) When Henry refused to surrender the pink slip, Wiggington never stepped in to talk to his friend because he didn't care about the members or employees who were inconvenienced and he didn't care that the credit union lost money.

3) He knew Henry caused more than $60,000 in losses and got away with it because he filed for bankruptcy but he still invited Henry to come and return to the credit union which means he didn't care about the credit union.

If he did all this, why on earth would anyone believe that he wasn't careless and typically stupid when a receptionist stole $60,000 in 2009 and when an AVP stole more than $1 million? Sorry Wiggington, but you're not only a stupid president but you actually wanted to rebuild a business relationship with a crook. Has anyone ever noticed the amount of crime that leads back to Wiggington either through negligence or because of his friend, Henry Justice?

And to TWHC's lawyers, don't go easy on this rat.

Anonymous said...

Wiggington is brain dead.

Anonymous said...

POCU and CUMIS are suing the outside auditor (TWHC) because the auditor was supposedly negligent when they audited the credit union's records and as a result, they violated the agreement with the credit union and their negligence resulted in the theft of $1 million in cash.

They better have a great plan of attack that proves that because the auditor was negligent, an AVP, Lynnette Fortson, was able to walk into the vault at the L.A. office and steal $1 million over a 2 year period. The biggest problem with CUMIS' and POCU's tall tale is that the auditor was only at the credit union twice each year. If they were only their twice a year, what was Priority One, actually, Wiggington, Diedra and the Supervisory Committee doing to ensure assets were being protected which includes reconciling vault cash?

And how is TWHC in anyway responsible for the physical removal of the cash from the vault. According to the credit union, Lynnette the AVP removed the cash. Did she do so with TWHC's assistance?

It takes a lot of gall for the credit union to get on the bank wagon and join CUMIS in trying to collect money that was stolen by one of the credit union's employees because Charles Wiggington chose not to make sure security measures were being performed. He has a long history of being negligent and dishonest. Here's a synopsis of his mistakes and crimes:

A. He repossessed a member's car and transferred ownership to himself without paying a dime.

B. He promoted an branch manager to AVP even though she had more than 24 NSF incidents from 9/2006 to 10/2006 and when she was investigated, it turns out she was kiting.

C. He introduced his buddy, Henry Justice, the owner of Justice Auto Sales to the credit union and later Mr. Justice runs off with $80,000 not $60,000 of credit union money. Mr Justice file bankruptcy and gets away from repaying any of the money taken from the credit union.

D, In 2008, Wiggington tries to bring Henry Justice back as a preferred car broker even though Mr. Justice got away without repaying $80,000 owed Priority One.

E. In 2008 he gets accused of sexual harassment and the detective concludes Wiggington did it but Diedra, O. Glen, Thomas Gathers and Cornelia Simmons ignore the evidence and reinstate Wiggington.

F. He hired Bea Walker and with Rodger Smock's help, the 3 slandered and fired so many employees. He provoked 4 ex-employees into suing and later settled the complaints.

G. He and a member of his executive staff violated the Privacy Act and published confidential information about a member and her car loan,, on the internet.

H. He didn't enforce security and in 2009, a receptionist made off with $60,000.

I. He didn't enforce security and a couple whose HELOC checking account should have been closed, withdrew $100,000 from their "closed" account.

J. He didn't enforce security and from 2010 to 2012, more than $1 million in cash were stolen from the Los Angeles branch.

So when the credit union goes to court, should a jury believe that Wiggington, the Board and the Supervisory Committee always follow procedures and that they always obey the law or should their dirty little acts that they tried so hard to hide, be brought into the open?

Anonymous said...

Wow. Wiggington is like a juvenile delinquent except he's really old and he's worse. He should be sent to prison just for forcing people to listen to his sex stories. Yuck.

Anonymous said...

Subpoena Danny Wafa's file. He's the member whose car Wiggles took.0

Subpoena Patrice Polley's file. She's the member that got a $24,000 auto loan with a credit score of 526.

Subpoena Henry Justice and ask him why he filed bankruptcy and how much used to pay Wiggington each time a member got referred to his auto dealership.

Subpoena Jazz Nylonda Sharnese and ask her about her information being published on the Internet.

Subpoena EXTTI's records on their investigation of Wiggles that proved he sexually harassed.

Subpoena Bea Walker and see if she talks like a parrot about the things Wiggington ordered her to do when she was COO and in particular, reporting profits where none existed.

Bozo the Clown said...

Attn: Robert West

Enough is enough. Quit concealing your identity behind the fake Committee for Vindication. We've all heard you jabber-on about Salvation, Haters and Righteousness many times. At this point, it's 99.44% certain you are the "secret" frontman for the CFV. If you want respect from your coworkers just come out and admit you're the one-man Committee. Stop hiding behind Rodger's skirt or risk being labeled Wiggy's permanent lapdog forever.

Anonymous said...

I agree, Robert West. References to scripture, use of the word "hater", calling evil good, etc. If it walks like Erkle and Looks like Erkle its probably Robert West.

Anonymous said...

To Robert West and his Committee for Vindication:

Do not waste your time defending Wiggy any further. Your strident defense of Wiggy is a joke. And your reliance on scriptures and faith to support Wiggy makes you look even more pathetic than you really are. Enough already.

Anonymous said...

What does Robert West do at P1? 3 officers in HR of a CU with less than 75 employees total.

Anonymous said...

I hope Wiggington is called to the witness stand to answer questions about the credit union's security. He is such a liar and any of us who worked for him, are familiar how he stutters and avoids looking at your face whenever he's cornered and trying to pull a fast one. Maybe he can charm the court by telling one of his sex stories or he can explain why he thinks fat girls are better in bed. This will be his time to shine like the sun.

Anonymous said...

Wiggington is a coward and so out-of-touch. He's afraid of confrontation, that's why he hides behind fat Rodger and old Diedra. If he goes to court its because he couldn't find a way of getting out of appearing. And he lives in a bubble, which lets him show his face in public thinking that no one knows all the things he's done. Well, maybe not all because this clown has done a lot.

Mahatma Kane Jeeves said...

Wiggy is very anxious about his upcoming testimony. He's praying that the Judge will be a female, so he can get the edge he needs. He thinks then he'll be able to charm the court with his shit-eating grin, which is alwways a crowd pleaser.....not He thinks if he scratches his balls in open court and then winks slyly he'll turn on the Judge, just like he does with all women.

I sincerely hope he's not so nervous that he soils himself in open court; that would be beyond embarrassing.

Anonymous said...

@Mahatma Kane Jeeves:

So agree. Wiggles is hoping the judge is female because he has a way with women that turns them into puddy in his paws. He'll give her those come hither eyes and she'll melt like ice cream on a hot summer day. He plans on bringing out the big guns. He'll have the shit-eating grin, he'll scratch incessantly, and he'll pull out a sandwich, put it in his mouth, chew incessantly and then while the prosecution is presenting its case, he'll start talking to show that he can talk and eat at the same time. If the judge doesn't find him innocent before the trial starts, then she is an ignoramus. But don't think Wiggles' powers are limited to women alone. He believes men find him irresistible too.

Caitlyn Gender said...

@Mahatma Kane Jeeves

Wiggy has no chance in court. In fact, let me me be blunt, Wiggy is a cunt.

Anonymous said...

When Wiggy soils himself in court it will be a particularly sad end to a CEO who once showed such easy charm and talent.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know why Yvonne got fired and what did they find in the recent audit?

Anonymous said...

I am so glad I don't' work there anymore. Reading about what Wiggington did is so sad. When Mr. Harris was President employees cared about the credit union because set an example as a president and man. Wiggington ruined all that. He bragged that he was going to change the credit union because he had vision and he did change it. They've never been sued by employees, members, and others until Wiggington became president. They never closed branches until Wiggington became president. They had great marketing until Wiggington became president. Employees rarely quit before Wiggington became president. The board was never abusive until Wiggington became president. There were no charges of sexual harassment until Wiggington became president. Sad and pathetic is what the credit union has become.

Anonymous said...

@Caitlyn Gender

Caitlyn, I like your straight talk. You are quite blunt, and Wiggy is a cunt.

Dr. Zsigmundy Freud said...

What will a nervous Wiggy be thinking as he sits in court just before he takes the stand?

1. I hope none of these bastard attornies ask me about P1's horrible sham vault security procedures.

2. If it wasn't for that thief Lynette I'd be chomping on a juicy Double Cheese Fat Burger right now.

3. I sincerely wish obese Rodger was sitting right next to me, comforting me by holding my hands.

4. My sweaty balls itch really, really bad. I gotta scratch em, oh, this is so embarrassing. On the other hand, maybe that'll turn on the Judge.

Any other thoughts on what Wiggy might be thinking?

Anonymous said...

@Zsimundy Freud and Caitlyn Gender- You're both right.

Wigg is accustomed to hiding behind people. He never was at any of the meetings when he fired managers. He was even too scared to face Bea Walker on her last day. When he lied to the last Valencia branch manager and she called him, he wouldn't return her calls and then told people that he hated when people misunderstood when he said things. If he doesn't want people to misunderstand him maybe he should try speaking in English. I know that he was pooping bricks when he was named in the lawsuit filed by the Valencia branch manager and he cried (yes, cried) to his attorney claiming he was too sick to go to court because he was dying (serious, that's what he said). That was 2013 and he's still here so I guess he wasn't lying. When his lawyer got the manager's attorney to removed Wiggington as a defendant, Wiggington went around the South Pasadena office laughing and bragging that his attorney tricked the other attorney. Wigg needs to be committed, not for psychiatric evaluation, just committed. Maybe people can chip in and send him to Devil's Island.

Anonymous said...

@Dr. Zsigmundy Freud

What's Wiggy thinking on the stand: OMG! Everyone's starring at me. They're hoping I shit myself due to nerves. Ha-Ha, jokes on them because I'm wearing my Depends.

Anonymous said...

Wiggy on the Witness Stand

"Why is everybody staring at me? Why, oh why? Oh wait, they want me. They really, really want me. I knew I still had it. You're alright playa!"

Anonymous said...

Lawyer: Mr. Wiggington, can you please tell the court how your organization failed to notice that cash was being removed from the Los Angeles vault during almost every month in 2010 through 2012?

Wiggington: I like to be called President Wiggington.

Anonymous said...

Lawyer: Mr. Wiggington, doesn't your accounting department review vault ledgers to make sure they balance and to identify discrepancies that could point to theft?

Wiggington: I like to be called President Wiggington.

Anonymous said...

Lawuyer: "Does your company have a COO?"

Wiggington: "Not no mo."

Lawyer: "Well, did you have a COO at Priority One during the years, 2010-2012?"

Wiggington: "Yes, Bea Walker."

Lawyer: "And did she....."

Wiggington: "And Cindy Garvin."

Lawyer: "Oh. Well did they...."

Wiggington: "And until recently, Yvonne Boutte, who I used to call Yvonne Booty, behind her back."

Lawyer: "You had 3 COO's during the years 2010-2012?"

Wiggington: "Yep."

Anonymous said...

Okay, you guys, this isn't fair. Wiggington isn't as dumb as you make him sound. He's just challenged. He suffers from an inability to focus and its not that he's dumb, he just lives on another planet in a universe, far, far away.

I'm Just Saying said...

The theft of $1 million is just amazing and for so many reasons. The theft of more than $60,000 back in 2009, shares so many similar factors with the theft of $1 million. In 2009, a receptionist pillaged member accounts included IRA's. The first incident occurred when she opened an IRA for a member in the amount of approximately $6500.00. After the member left the branch, she closed the IRA and reopened it for a much lesser amount. The reason the credit union discovered the theft is not because they audited records but because after the member closed the IRA, she discovered that it was thousands of dollars less than the amount she opened it with.

The credit union sends its external auditor, Turner, Warren, Hwang and Conrad to the Los Angeles branch where over a 3 week period, records are studied while AVP, Lynnette Fortson, sits alongside the auditor during his entire review.

1. Why was a receptionist, opening IRA's for members? Member service might be a responsibility in her job description but opening accounts probably is not.

2. Evidently, the credit union was not auditing member accounts because they never discovered the theft until much, much later and only because a member complained.

3. Doesn't it seem more than a little odd and completely inappropriate that Wiggington and Bea Walker allowed Lynnette Fortson, the AVP and branch manager, to sit next to the external auditor for the entire 3 weeks he reviewed the Los Angeles office's records when the reason he was there was to determine how much money ha been taken and by whom?

Fast forward to 2013.

Priority One discovers a discrepancy with vault cash at the Los Angeles branch. In February 2013, they send their nifty in-house auditor to the location. Whatever information triggered off the audit was serious enough to warrant closure of the entire branch for almost 3 business days.

It will be interesting to hear why a credit union with 3 CFO's during the years of 2010-2012 and a CFO, a Supervisory Committee, a Board of Directors and a president who insists he is highly educated and financial savvy, never noticed one of the many thefts that occurred during the years of 2010-2012.

I'd like to hear from Wiggington or the Supervisory Committee how a single AVP could enter the branch vault without double-custody as required under policy and then alter the vault ledger, remove cash, and afterwards, walk through the branch back to her office without ever being noticed.

And where did she place the cash after leaving the vault? She couldn't have walked out with a bundle or bundles of cash and taken this to her office without either an accomplice or without using a purse, briefcase, or brown paper bag.

If she stole more than $1 million over 24 months, that means that each month, she'd have to walk out with more than $41,000. Over a 4 week period, that more than $10,000 each week or approximately $3,000 a day. How is that possible?

Wiggington, Diedra, Cornelia and the other supervisors have a lot of explaining to do.

Turner, Warren, Hwang and Conrad are only at the credit union once or twice a year, so what excuse are CUMIS and Priority One going to use that deflects all attention from the credit union's responsibilities and security procedures to show that Turner, Warren, Hwang and Conrad somehow caused or contributed to the theft of more than $1 million? I hope CUMIS and in particular, Wiggington and Diedra, are prepared to play hard ball.

On a side note, this should be a lesson to all other credit unions about the security they have in place and about their staffs. Are your staffs doing their due diligence? Are your managers ensuring security is being enforced? Is double-custody being performed?

Anonymous said...

She stole $40,000 plus a month? Maybe Priority One is an employee's financial fitness center.

Squirrel said...

so Gema has been promoted to AVP. da fuck? that woman is a god damn idiot!

I Though Gema was a Boy said...

Its strange isn't it. She's lazy. She hates talking to members. I remember when I'd tall her there were members requesting to speak to her, she always say, "Send them to my voicemail." Back in 2012, and despite her horrible performance, Wiggington made her AVP over the call center and the Riverside office. A few weeks later, the Riverside office closes but based on the lack of effectiveness of the call center, its obvious that the woman doesn't know anything about member service. Now, she knows procedures but she's also one of the worst violators of policy. For years, she'd have her staff clock her in when she took more than her 1 hour lunch or if she was late for work. She also violated policy and arbitrarily removed holds on checks for her friends. And though she has committed fraud just like Wiggington and Smock, she not only has kept her job but she's gotten promoted. I hope the lawyers are reading this to see the kind of environment Wiggington has created.

Bozo the Clown said...

At the upcoming trial I think Wiggy will be able to sway the court, especially if he can offer a female judge backroom sexual favors. I know this to be true because according to Wiggy no women can resist his raw sexual magnetism.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Wiggington sees himself as sexy while the rest of see him as unhygienic.

Anonymous said...

Since she's been at Priority One, Gema has gone from FSR to Branch Manager to AVP to Yvonne's dog and now, AVP again. That's actually typical at Priority One.

Years ago, Patti Loiacano was promoted to loan supervisor but Charles who at the time was the VICE PRESIDENT OF OPERATIONS, demoted her because he said she had attitude and he didn't like the way she treated people (case of pot calling the kettle black). Later after she became assistant to the loan manager, Charles promoted her to AVP of Lending, then AVP of Compliance, then back to AVP of Lening.

Charles promoted Joseph Garcia to Call Center Supervisor and then added Credit Manager and Loan Department to his title. Then Joseph loses the Real Estate department and later he loses the call center supervisor title and later he loses the Consumer Loan Manager title and becomes Assistant Consumer Loan Manager. A few months later he's promoted to AVP of Sales and Marketing but then loses that to be the only business development representative until he got fired this past August for fraud.

If Gema got a promotion it just part of Wiggington's Jojo, schizophrenic, fickle, confused, all over the place, and scattered way of doing business. Dumbass.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, they have horrible managers but the worst one is Wiggington. Maybe instead of firing Joseph, they should of fired Wiggington. Better to have a lazy and dishonest business development representative than to have a lazy, dishonest and sexual harasser.

Anonymous said...

Charles has really built up a nice documented history of buffoonery. In 2007, he decided to ignore security and the result was all those envelopes being mailed with member numbers and social security numbers printed on the outside. The stupid, ignorant board demanded termination of the person that violated security and he blamed Alan Santos. Alan went on to work for the city of L.A. which improved his income and quality of life something Wiggington is unable to do for employees.

In 2009, he hired Bea Walker as a "hatchet woman" to help him drive out "enemy" employees. She proved to be a White female version of Charles Wiggington and over the next 2 years, she violated federal law, harassed employees, manipulated financial reporting and with her then buddies, Yvonne Boutte and Joseph Garcia, formed a clique to try and drive Wiggington out. Problem was, she started telling some employees that the board was uneducated and ignorant and the board started thinking she might be a lesbian plus everything she did, failed. So Diedra Harris-Brooks had her terminated.

In 2011, Charles hires Cindy Garvin who was to replace Bea Walker and though she was to oversee loan development, within 3 months after hiring her, he promotes her and gives her control over all branches though she has no experience as a COO. Over the next year and a half, she too fails and soon finds herself unemployed though just before being fired, she began to complaint that Charles was incompetent and didn't know what he was doing.

After Cindy left, Charles promotes Yvonne Boutte to VP of Operations and she starts harassing and mistreating employees and members and driving staff out. When she left the credit union recently she was earning about $100,000 a year but she did nothing over the past 8 years that improved business. And she and her side-kick, Alex Suarez, like to tell people they brought reduced delinquencies but what they never mention is that a lot of old delinquent loans were written-off. Obviously something happened since August, because that story Rodger Smock told that Yvonne was ill, was a complete lie (big surprise that fat boy told a lie). She was removed and right in the midst while the credit union is litigating lawsuits.

Charles should write a book. Maybe he can title it, "A Baboon Like Me as President."

Johnny Weissmuller said...

Wow - You're really on to something with Wiggy's autobiography A Baboon like me as President.

I see whole Chapters on ass-kisser Magilla Gorilla Smock as chief banana gobbler. His lazy assistant Lancelot Link West as his number 1 goon. And Cheetah Diedra is the meddling chimp who always sticks her nose where it doesn't belong.

Any other Chapters you readers would like to suggest?

Truman Capote said...

@Johnny Weissmuller:

You're on the right track of developing a true story about Wiggington and his gang of goons.

Title: A Baboon Like Me As President

Magilla Gorilla played by Rodger Smock

Lancelot Duh Link played by Robert West

Cheeta played by Diedra Harris Brooks

Chapter 1: "Baboon Like Me" (about Charles Wiggington)

Chapter 2: The Talking Gorilla (about Rodger Smock)

Chapter 3: Four Eyes and Not Wise (about Robert West)

Chapter 4: Escape from Ape City (about Diedra)

We need chapters on Yvonne Boutte, Alex Suarez, and Esmeralda Sandoval and maybe a couple of paragraphs about Gema Pleitez.

Anonymous said...

Yvonne Boutte is, for good reason, referred to as Big Foot and Bea Walker, who was as tall as Yvonne, had numerous nicknames like Muffin Face, Oatmeal, etc. Chapter 5 could be titled, "Big Foot and the Yeti."

Johnny Weissmuller said...

Chapter 5: Ape Shit - A Chapter devoted to Rodger's bathroom habits.

Madame Zelda said...

My crystal ball reveals no one but no know likes Wiggington or Smock.

Anonymous said...

Rodger has dumped on a lot of people.

Dr. Zsigmundy Freud said...

I beg to differ one person, Robert West, likes and greatly admires Wiggy. You're right West does not like (in fact, he despises) Rotund Rodger.

Anonymous said...

@Madame Zelda

Can you please take a deep look into your crystal ball and tell us what coworkers think of Robert West and Gema?

Anonymous said...

West adores Wiggington because he's black and because Wiggington fills the void where Robert lacked a male parental figure. Of course, I can't imagine anyone wanting Wiggington to fill that void.

And Rodger Smock is exactly the opposite of everything Robert likes in a person. He's the antithesis to Robert's belief system.

I don't know what people think about Gema but I know I think she's the very image of what you should never want in a manager. Then again, I also believe that about Wiggington, West, Emseralda, Alex Suarez, the entire Board though with extra emphasis on Diedra, and of course, the entire Supervisory Committee who just didn't seem to notice that $40,000 were being taken out of the Los Angeles branch's vault for 24-months.

Anonymous said...

PS And what's up with Loiacano? She looks terrible.

Anonymous said...

Anyone who worked at Priority One's main office knows that the managers never liked one another. Before he got promoted, Wiggington used to complain about Rodger Smock. Rodger used also complain about Wiggington and he also complained about Christians because he said they don't like gays. Rodger is ignorant.

When Bea worked there she said she couldn't stand Sylvia Perez. And Sylvia told people she couldn't stand Bea. Robert West couldn't stand Sylvia and he was afraid of Bea because she had plans to fire him.

Smock kissed Bea's butt like she was a boy but when she started making plans to fire him, he got scared and ran to Wiggington and Wiggington protected Rodger like they were boyfriend and girlfriend.

Bea and Yvonne were tight, if you know what I mean, but when their "friendship" ended, Yvonne started telling the employees in collections, the call center and card services that Bea was a stupid manager.

Bea told some employees that the board were uneducated and ignorant. She was actually correct on that point. The board loved Bea until rumors spread that she might be gay. Then they turned on her.

Cindy Garvin turned against employees until she snapped out of her coma and turned against Joseph Garcia and started telling people that Wiggington was an incompetent. Right after that she got fired.

Joseph used to run behind Bea when she walked through the main branch and he'd tell her that her hair was pretty and that she was so smart until they had a falling out and then he started telling people that she was abusive and horrible. He forgot that he helped her fire a lot of innocent employees because like Wiggington, Sylvia, Robert, Rodger, Yvonne and Bea, he too was a hypocrite and dishonest.

Management at Priority One hate each other. Its never been a love fest. Yes, when they have to, they group together and attack victims but when the victims have been destroyed, they turn against each other. POCU must stand for People Of Corruption United.

Purva Sharegistry said...

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Anonymous said...

Is this spam or Wiggington trying to pass himself off as a woman?

Anonymous said...

Actually, for a numskull like Wiggington, sending out emails to anonymous people accompanied by an invitation to apply for a POCU loan, might actually work. God knows his magic badge, his incompetent COO's, his lamer than lame, EVP, and of course, Wiggington, his payday styled loan, the call center, etc. have all failed. Maybe he should considering spamming people. Anyway, it'll go along with all his other unethical acts.

Chief Jay Strongbow said...

Follow me on this logic:

The "spam" says Dr. Purva is a God fearing man.

The Committee For Vindication always talks about the Armor of God, while they pepper their comments with scriptures.

Many of us are certain Robert West is, in fact, the CFV.

Therefore, IMHO Robert West, acting on behalf of Wiggy is moneylender Dr. Purva.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Robert West needs $ to start his own credit union.

Anonymous said...

If Gema was reinstated as AVP right after Yvonne was terminated, what are her responsibilities? Is she going to manage the call center (just as she's supposedly done since 2013) and member services (which she did for years until 2012)? If so, then nothing has changed. Plus as Branch Manager which she started doing in 2005 or 2006, she has been totally ineffective. There's not one thing this woman has ever done (like West, Wiggington and Rodger) that has made the CU a better place. I really think Wiggington is nuts. No one does stupid like he does.

Anonymous said...

I don't know if Gema was ever stripped of her title. When Yvonne was named V.P., she became Gema the AVP's, supervisor. The company never sent out a notice saying they stripped Gema of her AVP title. Yvonne may have always thought she was smarter than everyone else but she had no idea how to run the call center. That's why she asked Suzanne to be the supervisor of that department. Suzanne had worked at Fiscal's call center for many years, so she was qualified to run the department. But she quite a few months later because she got tired of working in Priority One's horrible environment. She got a job at another company where she is happy.

Now Yvonne inherited Gema and Virginia Contreras. Virginia was just awful with employees and members but she had a lot more knowledge about the member services department than Gema has ever had. But Yvonne couldn't stand Virginia so she started threatening her in front of other employees that if she didn't meet her sales quotas she would be fired. You knew she planned on driving Virginia out because Gema, Georgina, Joseph, Alex Suarez and a lot of other employees never made their monthly quotas but they never received warnings either. I've got to give it to Gama and Georgina because they would go through the production reports that you find on XP and take member and loan numbers and enter them into their monthly reports so that it looked like they met their quotas. Cindy and Joseph and stupid Wiggington never noticed because they never verified the information in employee monthly reports. Virginia left on medical leave and was never heard of again. She escaped being fired by just an inch.

Gema is lazy. She is condescending to employees and rude yet she's the picture of what no company should ever want in a manager. From her look-alike suits that come in different colors, to her playing on the Internet while her staff works, to the way she speaks, Gema is a NO in business but she does fit perfectly into Wiggington's stable of managers.

Anonymous said...

You can only say so much Gema because in the end if you're going to talk about how awful she is then your going to have to have to pull in evil Wiggington and backstabber extraordinaire, Rodger Smock.

Anonymous said...

Who's the worst at P1. Is it Wiggington who spent credit union money on failed projects, sexually harassed, created conflicts or is it the board who covered up for him?

Or maybe old, useless, lazy, policy-breaking Rodger, who is the reason why the credit union got sued by former employees?

Or is it Robert West, who pretends to be Sister Untouchable but who turns the other way whenever abuses are being committed?

Or is it Diedra, the power hungry board chair who couldn't be a board chair at any bank on earth but who thinks her volunteer, no-salary position makes her special?

Bozo the Clown said...

Your question about who is the worst at P1 is almost impossible to contemplate, so much so, that my head is about to explode as I try to come up with the right answer. I have decided to get back with you in the morning after I sleep on it.

Anonymous said...

Diedra is the cause of all of P1's problems.

Anonymous said...

The credit union grew for years before Mr Harris retired and when Diedra knew that she had limited authority. She, Saffold and the other directors chose Wiggington because like they said, "the credit union needed a black president" and after Wiggington became president she would arrive at the credit union unannounced and interrupt closed door meetings but Wiggington was too cowardly to say anything because he felt he owed her for choosing him to be president. It got worse after she covered up all the evidence he sexually harassed and brought him back to be president and since then, business has nose-dived. Diedra is the cause of Priority One's fall.

Bozo the Clown said...

I thought long and hard about who is the worst person at Priority One. I reviewed P1 from a historical perspective. I analyzed all Call reports from 2007 to the present. I looked at personnel, morale and key management changes over the years. I even acknowledge Diedra created the Dr. Frankenstein Monster known as Wiggy. But in the final analysis the Monster Wiggy did all the damage, including paying out numerous settlements. I'm at When you add-in stealing a member's BMW and lots of sexual harassment I must say Wiggy is hands-down the very worst.

Anonymous said...

Wiggington or Piggington as he prefers to be called, acts like he's a 12-year old spoiled child but he's 60 years old!!!! What the.....?

I wonder if he has contradicted himself when telling stories to his attorney. It would be so interesting to read the depositions he's called to. I bet they're going to be full of contradictions and "I don't remember." He might even pull out the cancer card. What a pussy.

Anonymous said...

I have little respect for CUMIS. Their lawsuit targeted TWHC because they have the ability to pay any award that could be ordered by the court whereas the alleged embezzler, Pearl Lynnette Fortson, does not. Actually, if she still has all of the cash, she could repay it but she's hardly going to step forward, if she took it, and hand it back. That's an official admittance of wrong doing and whose going to risk that with the potential of spending a few years in prison.

For all intents and purposes, CUMIS is doing what is politically advantageous to them. CUMIS is a company that chose to retain an ongoing relationship with Priority One even though they were well aware of the lawsuits filed against the credit union in recent years. CUMIS chose not to do a thing. Each time an employee sued and/or a member sued, CUMIS was informed so that they could be aware that the credit union was preparing to enter into litigation. This doesn't mean they eventually paid because all the lawsuits that were settled by the Board including the one filed by a member, were paid out using credit union funds, that's why Wiggington and Yvonne Boutte would later walk around the South Pasadena office bragging that the lawsuits were paid for such little money that it meant nothing to the credit union. I bet it would have meant something to Wiggington and Yvonne if they had been ordered to pay out of their personal bank accounts.

In 2011, I was contacted at my home by an auditor from CUMIS, even though I had not worked at the credit union for three years. He called because a married couple who were members of the credit union, withdrew more than $100,000 from their HELOC checking account AFTER the date when the account should have been closed by the credit union. The investigator asked me if it was common for the credit union to forget to close HELOC's on the date their terms were scheduled to end? I told him it was. The problem at Priority One is that its management that gets the reports that tells which accounts are scheduled for closure. At the time, Wiggington was the first person at the credit union that got the report but if you know Wiggington, you know him for being lazy and irresponsible. The reports would also go to Aaron and after he left, to Patricia Loiacano. Patricia is knowledgeable but she's an insecure control freak so when she gets a hold of anything, she's not always willing to release it which probably contributed to some of the cases where HELOC checking accounts remained open when they should have been closed.

Now, there's no way that Pearl Lynnette Fortson walked in and out of a branch vault for 2 years and made off with more than $1 million. That's impossible if safeguards are being performed but they're not because Wiggington the ex-VP of Operations doesn't know anything about security. In fact, he doesn't care. That's why he sent out all those envelopes back in 2007 with member social security numbers and their P1 account numbers printed on the outside of the envelopes. Who does that?

CUMIS also paid out a claim back in 2010 on the more than $60,000 taken from the L.A. office by the ex-receptionist. CUMIS is either as mismanaged as Priority One or they're just as dishonest but they should not have paid out P1's claim. Actually, TWHC prepared the statements that went into the claim but CUMIS rejected it because the claim didn't meet their criteria, so the credit union hired attorneys who rewrite and resubmitted the claim which CUMIS later paid. CUMIS needs to recuperate the money, so recuperate it from the credit union that didn't follow procedures and that has a history of thefts all taking place at the L.A. branch!

Anonymous said...

CUMIS is a joke.

Anonymous said...

Rodger was the VP of operations from 2007 to 2009. He was the VP when the $60,000 was stolen from the L.A office. So isn't he responsible? And that was before they hired TWHC. I and a lot of other people would like to know that the old, useless, pathetic geezer does at the credit union.

Anonymous said...

I hope TWHC's attorneys are paying close attention to what is being said on this blog. Aside from people's opinions and suggestions as to what should be done with Wiggington and his sorry lot, there is a lot of information that is verifiable and points to Wiggington's and the Board's practices.

If TWHC is truly at fault then why did a receptionist make off with more than $60,000 fromt he L.A. office back in 2009?

CUMIS is suing for breach of contract, then look at the contract Danny Wafa signed with the credit union and then collection supervisor, William Brinkley? Not only did Wiggington rescind on the agreement, he ordered the car repossessed and when it was brought to him, he put the title in his name.

Look at what he did to Kim when he sexually harassed her and look at how Diedra Harris-Brooks, O. Glenn Saffold, Thomas Gathers, and Cornelia Simmons squashed the evidence presented by EXTTI, Inc. and allowed federal law to be broken.

Anonymous said...

I'd hope the attorneys are going to subpoena records to show that President Wiggington is a dishonest and lazy president who failed to protect the credit union assets. The evidence should serve to prove that Diedra Harris-Brooks and her goon squad and Cornelia Simmons and her Supervisory Committee all failed to carryout their duties and left the credit union vulnerable for thefts. The only winners in this situations re the former employees who robbed the credit union.

I also hope that Miss Rodger Smock gets subpoenaed. She was the VP of operations for while and she did nothing to protect the credit union. He's like Jabba the Hutt, just sitting back, shooting the breeze, letting the board and Wiggington and other managers violate policy while he collects over $100,000 a year for doing shit. He ACTS like he's smarter than everyone else but what he's just lazier than everyone else. Nothing but an overweight leech.

Committee For Vindication said...

Many haters continue to post negative comments about President Charles Wiggington. Our Committee and his numerous supporters see Charles Wiggington in a very different light.

Wiggington truly is:

A courageous CEO, a fearless President
A great Orator -- a pure Patriot
A faithful Friend, a loyal Boss
A devoted Husband and Father
A Consistent Christian, who spiritually follows biblical principles
An Honest Man, who fights injustice wherever it leads

All the paths of the Lord are loving kindness and truth to those who keep faith and His covenants.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I think the committee is stupid and just writing to disrupt. Might be Robert West, might be Rodger Smock. I know its not Esmeralda because English is not her strong suit.

Yes, Wiggington is courageous just like the Cowardly Lion in the Wizard of Oz was courageous.

Yes, Wiggington is oral, very oral.

Yes, when it comes to friendships, Wiggington is a regular Benedict Arnold.

Yes, he is so devoted he talks about all the women he has supposedly slept with who are not his wife and when his son got busted for selling meth, he didn't put out money to get him a lawyer. Yes, Wiggington is the epitome of what a husband and father should be.

His father, Otis was a devout Methodist however Wiggington is about as spiritual as a 3 legged dog.

And you're right, he does fight injustice but what he defines as injustice the world defines as good and just. His views are in reverse. He thinks backstabbing and lying are wonderful attributes.

Anonymous said...

Wiggy a great orator? No - he's a well-known mumble mouth.

Anonymous said...

Yes, "mumble mouth" is an apt description. I remember him standing to one side of the loan department during all staff meetings while other officers talked at the podium and Wiggington mumbling to himself, "Yeah, yeah", "No body is going to get a raise unless they're perfect", "That's right, you better get 5's on your reviews", etc. Old stupid did realize that the people sitting around him could hear him talk, I mean mumble.

Anonymous said...

I miss the old Wiggington. I used to like when he'd take a seat in the loan department and talk about all the people he was going to fire because they weren't up to par. Or how he'd talk about who he fired and why he fired them. Oh man, those were the days! Loved when he would take a seat at one of the desks in consumer loans and yell across the room to Kim, telling her, "get over hear so I can whip that ass." What a charmer. And there was nothing better than when he took an hour or two to tell you about all the women he had. He must of been another Hugh Hefner when he was young except he wasn't White, rich, surrounded with beautiful women and he doesn't live at the Playboy Mansion.

Anonymous said...

Is Wiggy a mumble mouth or does he just talk to himself under his breath?

I agree Wiggy is a faithful friend, if you define faithful friend as a backstabber.

Anonymous said...

Wigg mumbling to himself reminds me of a mental patient in a straitjacket.

Anonymous said...

He has to talk to himself because he's the only one that believes his own stories.

Anonymous said...

Well, he also talks to Rodger but that's like talking to himself.

Anonymous said...

I wonder what they talk about? It isn't business.

Anonymous said...

So why was Yvonne Boutte shown the door? What did she violate? That woman was the worst. She acted like she was an expert in everything. She stole so many ideas from other employees and then claimed them as her own. She lied, she back stabbed and she put people down. So many people that got hired by her and Alex left because they couldn't stand these two idiots. Plus these two are addicted to gossip. Good riddance. She'll ruin any business. Someone I met from another credit union told me she used to handle their collections but they fired her.

Anonymous said...

I know that a lot of people were shocked that Wiggington was named president. Even vendors wondered why the board chose him and his supposed friends at the credit union like Aaron, told staff that choosing Wiggington to be president was going to ruin the credit union. Now fast forward 8 years and everything and more that people dreaded might happen has happened. The credit union has an awful pubic reputation that wasn't made better with Wiggington's and Smock's online bios. And adding pretty colors to the website didn't make a difference, did it? It will be interesting to see if Wiggington tries to pull another fast one to try from going to court. And if he can't avoid going to court, it will be interesting to hear his testimony. The man has spent years hiding behind Diedra and HR and he's always found unsuspecting victims to blame for his bad choices.

Anonymous said...

Until today I must confess I thought King Wiggy was born in Arizona, moved to Babylonia and lived in a condo made a stone-a. Now I realize he's just a lying jackass.

Anonymous said...

You say King Wiggy and I say Queen Wiggy. I too believed some of his stories and though he flew to work in a Lear Jet, drank a bottle of Cristal at lunch and indulged on steak Diane Flambe for dinner. You can only imagine how disappointed I was to discover he's a Fat Burger kind of guy/gal and likes to drink his liquor out of a brown paper bag while sitting on the sidewalk outside his lavish Silver Lake estate.

Mahatma Kane Jeeves said...

Priority One is a dreary place controlled by thugs (Board of Directors) who have the ethics of a pack of jackals. They're only interested in lining their pockets with Vegas junkets.

Everything King Wiggy touches is befouled by this horse-toothed jackass whose claim to fame is his so-called sexual magnetism.

Anonymous said...

@Mahatma Kane Jeeves

I agree. When Wiggy walks into a room he emits such a foul odor. Have you noticed his stench, too?

Anonymous said...

Mr Harris was an expert at merging that's how the CU got Santa Clarita, Van Nuys, Burbank and all of Riverside county. Wiggington is just the opposite. He lost Santa Clarita, Burbank and Priority One doesn't do anything in Riverside County. Of course, stupid thinks that getting South Pasadena was a big accomplishment when it doesn't produce business that is needed. One president had a green thumb and the other is just dumb.

Anonymous said...

I can tell what I'm sure Wiggles has brought to the credit union but none of it has been good for members or employees. The man is a jinx.

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