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Saturday, November 7, 2015

Does Character Matter?, Part 1 of 2

Under a Microscope

You may have noticed that some of our earliest posts are being republished. The reason for this is because we've initiated a review to primarily correct formatting issues that occurred when we changed publishing platforms in 2013. At no fault of our own, some of the posts could not be simply updated and required being republished. 

Our review provided an opportunity to reread information we published over the past six years. One unexpected result is having re-discovered incidents that we'd forgotten about and realizing the accuracy of some of our earliest warnings about what might happen if Priority One Credit Union's President, Charles R. Wiggington, Sr.'s behaviors and abuses were not reined in. 

We've also re-discovered that from the date he became President on January 1, 2007, Charles R. Wiggington, Sr. chose to intentionally neglect security protocols designed to protect credit union and member assets. It is this disdain for protocol that we believe culminated in a series of vault thefts of cash at the Los Angeles branch during the years of 2010 through 2012, which totaled more than $1 million

Having spent days and many hours rereading our posts left us even more perplexed as to why the Board of Directors and actually, it's Board Chair, Diedra Harris-Brooks, has fought so fervently to ensure Charles R. Wiggington. Sr. remains President and CEO. What is also evident is that the theft of $1 million in cash would never have occurred had the Supervisory Committee under leadership of its Chair, Cornelia Simmons, chosen to carryout their assigned responsibilities.  The thefts were avoidable and though CUMIS, the insurance carrier, has filed a lawsuit accusing the external auditor, Turner, Warren, Hwang and Conrad of negligent auditing practices that they allege, caused the thefts to go unnoticed, the fact is, if Priority One Credit Union had ensured all security protocols were being performed, the thefts would have been discovered early on. 

What CUMIS and Priority One hope a court will believe is that Turner, Warren, Hwang and Conrad, who were contracted to perform annual audits, failed to discover that thefts were being perpetrated, allegedly, by a single AVP. What they hope to avoid is the responsibility the credit union had to ensure all security protocols were in place and being performed; and draw attention away from the fact that the Supervisory Committee, the Board of Directors, the President, two former COO's, the CFO, and the Accounting Department never noticed a discrepancy between the Los Angeles branch's vault records the Accounting Department's records. 

The credit union has remained unusually quiet about the AVP, who allegedly absconded with $1 million in cash. If security measures were being practiced, then how could one woman enter the vault each week over a 24-month period, and abscond with more than $1 million. We're certain other credit unions would like to know how this was done so that they can implement measures that would deter this from occurring at their organizations. 


And what has happened with the case against Pearl Lynnette Fortson, the AVP, who allegedly and single-handedly perpetrated the theft of more than $1 million without being observed by any of the tellers, FSR's or receptionist assigned to the Los Angeles branch.

A search of the Superior Court's records show that her bankruptcy filings continues under review. We've yet to find anything indicated that she's being prosecuted or that she was ever arrested. CUMIS has clearly not demonstrated the level of aggressiveness shown against the external auditor, Turner, Warren, Hwang and Conrad who they hold responsible for the thefts despite the conspicuous fact that the external auditor was not involved in the perpetration of any of the thefts that occurred during the years of 2010 through 2012; nor was the external auditor responsible for ensuring security protocols were being maintained. At present, the former AVP is scheduled to attend a status conference regarding her bankruptcy filing. The conference will take place on January 28, 2016, at 8:30 a.m. in department 58 at the Superior Court of Los Angeles, California to 


According to the credit union and CUMIS' statement to a reporter, the thefts were carefully camouflaged by Ms. Fortson who allegedly altered the vault's ledger. So does Priority One accept in faith the accuracy of everything that is entered into vault ledgers without conducting verification procedures? 

In reviewing past posts, we've rediscovered that during the May 2009 Annual Meeting, the President stated that he was reducing spending, "streamling", and "working smarter." His chronic failures and a series of large thefts occurring at the Los Angeles branch suggest that he knows nothing about "working smarter" and his alleged expense reductions have come at a cost to the workforce who continue to be subjected to a more than five-year wage freeze and who are rarely promoted while the President's so-called efforts are designed not to affect the salaries and benefits paid to credit union executives. Currently, the President continues to receive more than $150,000 per year plus annual bonuses. At Priority One Credit Union, the incompetent Board of Directors rewards incompetency and dishonesty and has gone out of its way to ensure that the man who was found guilty of sexual harassment in 2008, remains President and CEO.


Our recent review of past posts has rediscovered a large amount of information regarding past incidents occurring in the years since Charles R. Wiggington, Sr. was appointed President. Some of the incidents relate directly to Priority One Credit Union's security protocols and reveal that since January 1, 2007, President Wiggington has often refused to abide to credit union policies created to ensure the safety of assets and other incidents reveal the abuses perpetrated against employees who discovered that some of the credit union's officers had not adhered to required state and federal protocols and standards. 

The following account occurred at Priority One Credit Union's Van Nuys branch in 2007, the same year Charles R. Wiggington. Sr. began his appointment as President. 

The account consists of several incidents involving a new hired Branch Manager who was to oversee management of the Van Nuys branch. 

At the time the Branch Manager was hired, AVP, Rodger Smock, who is also the Director of Human Resources, issued fliers to all employees announcing the hiring of the new Branch Manager and descried him as a highly experienced and knowledgeable officer who would contribute to the success of the Van Nuys branch. 

Unfortunately, the highly competent manager would soon become a victim of President Wiggington's treacherous political system. What the following account reveals is that President Wiggington does not tolerate anyone who discovers that he and his staff have violated the credit union's own policies and state and federal laws laws. What the account also shows is that at Priority One Credit Union, dishonesty and incompetence are awarded and even protected as we witnessed in 2008, when evidence that the President sexually harassed a former employee, was squashed by the Board of Directors and the President's employment, retained. Here is the account: 

The Spider's Lair, Part 1, February 25, 2009

 Slander and Harassment 

In February 2007, Priority One Credit Union hired D. Centeno to replace former Van Nuys Branch Manager, Sylvia Perez, who had been promoted to Assistant Vice President ("AVP") and transferred to the Burbank branch. 

Director of Human Resources, AVP, Rodger Smock, produced and distributed fliers to all branches announcing the hiring of Mr. Centeno who according to Mr. Smock, possessed extensive banking experience and qualities which the credit union believed would contribute to increasing new business throughout the San Fernando Valley. Those who came to know Mr. Centeno described him as the consummate professional, possessing tremendous knowledge of banking procedures.

Under Priority One's procedures and policies, all new managers and before they can begin working at their assigned branch, must attend classes conducted at the main branch in South Pasadena. The classes orientate managers to the credit union's philosophy, mission, policies and procedures. Because of training, Mr. Centeno did not report to work at the Van Nuys branch for approximately 2 weeks. 

When Mr. Centeno did finally report to the Van Nuys branch, he almost immediately experienced difficulties with the branches two most senior employees, Neelam Verma, the Assistant Branch Manager, and Lillian Valladares, an FSR. 

The relationship between Mr. Centeno and the two employees grew strained when he discovered they were not following state mandated banking procedures and violating state law. What's more, they were leaving the credit union vulnerable to potential losses. 

Mr. Centeno also discovered that Mrs. Valladares was arbitrarily reversing NSF fees without first obtaining authorization from her supervisor. He also discovered that Mrs. Valladares had frequently failed to review mandated ATM and NSF reports. 

The two employees contacted Mrs. Perez who they had worked under for several years, and accused Mr. Centeno of being unduly difficult. Mrs. Perez grew irate because the issues Mr. Centeno discovered were all attributable to her. While serving as Branch Manager, she never taught her staff proper, state-mandated procedures. What's more,  she had allowed them to violate credit union banking policies. 

After Mrs. Valladares and Mrs. Verma complained to Mrs. Perez, the AVP drove to the Van Nuys office and during her meeting with Mr. Centeno, informed him that "the knowledge your brought from your former corporate environment will not be tolerated." 

Fueled by anger and we suspect, a fear that the credit union would discover that she failed to implement to provide her staff with the proper training and knowledge needed to carryout their assigned responsibilities. Mrs. Perez next launched a scathing attack against Mr. Centeno, fabricating accusations which disparaged his abilities and which AVP, Rodger Smock, allowed her to use in sealing Mr. Centeno's ouster. 

Mrs. Perez has established a well-earned reputation for having little self-control. She is known to be hyper, nervous, emotionally volatile, aggressive, impatient and highly vindictive. She also likes to declare that she is highly religious bit her alleged religiosity is not attested to by her behaviors. 


Despite the irrational response by Mrs. Valladares and Mrs. Verman, Mr. Centeno tried to resolve the differences with the two women but they refused, remaining uncooperative with their new supervisor. 

Mr. Centeno contacted Mrs. Perez and asked if she could schedule to meet with him, Mrs. Valladares, and Mrs. Verma in what he described as an effort to resolve the personnel problems he was experiencing. He also asked if the President and Mr. Smock could be present. Mrs. Perez told him she would contact the President and Mr. Smock and would call him back with a date and time when they could all meet. 

The following day, Mrs. Perez called Mr. Centeno and advised him that the meeting he requested would take place at the main branch in South Pasadena on June 18, 2007.

On June 18, 2007, Mr. Centeno arrived at the South  Pasadena branch and asked to go to the office of Rodger Smock. When he arrived in Mr. Smock's office, only Sylvia Perez was present. Mr. Centeno was informed that the President, Mrs. Valladares and Mrs. Verma were unable to attend. Mr. Centeno was informed by Mr. Smock that it had been decided by President Wiggington to end his employment immediately. He was handed a Warning Notice containing a list of allegations lodged against him by the credit union. This included an accusation that he failed to issue a performance evaluation in a timely manner for an employee named Lourdes. The notice, written by Mrs. Perez, stated that the evaluation was submitted 4 weeks late. On May 12, 2007, Mr. Perez allegedly ordered Mr. Centeno to produce a performance evaluation. The evaluation was completed on June 5, 2007, which is less than 4 weeks and thus not late. 

What's more, Mr. Centeno had been employed by the credit union for more than 90-days and under the credit union's procedures, he was to have received a performance evaluation no later than the 90th day of his employment. Obviously, Mrs. Perez was late and violated the same policy she was enforcing. What's more, Rodger Smock allowed Mrs. Perez to document allegations that were clearly untrue and failed to address Mrs. Perez's own violation. In a memorandum dated, January 8, 2008, issued by Vice President of Operations, Rodger Smock, and issued to "All Members of management and Staff", he stated: 
All performance reviews must be completed within a reasonable time frame following the end of the review period. Reasonable time frame is defined as 1-2 pay periods following the end of the review date. Completed is defined as performance review has been discussed, signed and original sent to Human Resources (copy should be given to respective employee).
Mr. Centeno did not violate the credit union's policy though Mrs. Perez clearly failed to complete her evaluation of Mr. Centeno in a timely manner. Furthermore, the credit union's own records prove that many managers issue performance evaluations long after the 4-week timeframe has passed.  Records show that often, evaluations are completed six to twelve months after they are due. 

Mrs. Perez's Warning Notice also accused Mr. Centeno of failing to respond in a timely manner to a complaint filed by a member who alleged her $200 deposit had never been credited to her checking account. 

The complaint was filed immediately after Mr. Centeno was hired and while he was in training in South Pasadena. He could not have been aware of the member's complaint. What's more, the complaint should have been responded to by either the Assistant Branch Manager, Neelam Verma, or AVP, Sylvia Perez. 

Mrs. Perez purposely alleged a violation of policy that Mr. Centeno never committed. What's more, Mr. Smock chose not to address the apparent distortions of facts presented by Mrs. Perez and suggesting that he was involved in a plot to terminate Mr. Centeno. 

This is not the first time the President and his cronies have conducted a sham meeting to persecute employees. The plot forged against Mr. Centeno is typical of President Wiggington's mode of administration which resorts to the use of unscrupulous and unethical tactics intended to disparage and wound employee reputations. 

President Wiggington has stripped away the dignity that once characterized the credit union and has transformed its former business environment into a soap opera saturated with intrigue and far flung backstabbing. 


Following Mr. Centeno's departure, an audit of the Van Nuys branch disclosed that Assistant Branch Manager, Neelam Verma approved five loans, all of which became delinquent and were referred to collections and some which were eventually, charged-off. The total amount of losses incurred from the bad loans approved by Mrs. Verma, approximated $45,000. 

Its important to remember that Mrs. Verma had been trained by AVP, Sylvia Perez, in the years while Mrs. Perez served as Branch Manager of the Van Nuys office. 

Mrs. Verma was assigned high loan limits by then Vice President of Operations, Charles R. Wiggington, Sr. It was Mr. Wiggington who never ordered training to Mrs. Verma so that she could understand the principles governing loan processing. Not only was she not trained to process loans, there was nothing in her experience or training that qualified her to serve as a Loan Officer.  The loans she approved were not properly screened to determine risk factors for each loan applicant. Furthermore, Mrs. Verma failed to perform federally-mandated processes as required under the Patriot Act.

When the problems with the loans approved by Mrs. Verma were discovered, President Wiggington and AVP, Aaron Cavazos, drove to the Van Nuys branch.

Though the mistake was Mrs. Verma's, the President found a scapegoat in a temporary employee named A. Gant. Mrs. Verma reviewed the loan applications and then ordered A. Gant to fund the loans. Because he was a temporary employee, his experience in loan funding was extremely limited. 

Nonetheless, President Wiggington informed A. Gant that he was being terminated for funding "bad loans." Mrs. Verma was stripped of her title but retained her employment without a reduction in pay. What is also peculiar is that A. Gant was not an employee of the credit union. He was employed by Stivers Staffing whose offices are located in Pasadena, California and temporarily assigned to Priority One Credit Union. Subsequently, he was not employed by Priority One, yet President Wiggington informed him that he was being terminated when the correct procedure would have been to inform Mr. Gant's actual employers- Stivers Staffing, that his assignment was being ended immediately.


Not surprisingly, Mrs. Verma wasn't the only officer of the credit union who despite little or no training in loan processing, was assigned exorbitant approval rights by Charles R. Wiggington, Sr. Like the incident involving Mrs. Verma, the following incident involves a series of approved loans which quickly became delinquent and were all eventually,charged-off.

In 2009, then Burbank Branch Manager, Linda Nisely, approved 4 automobile loans. Within a few months, the loans were deferred to Credit Resolutions. The department failed to procure the delinquent payments, forcing the credit union to charge-off the unpaid loans. 

The loans were issued to a man who visited the the Burbank branch and informed Mrs. Nisely that he was the owner of a San Fernando Valley dealership and wanted to obtain loan funding for some automobiles. Mrs. Nisely may have seen a wonderful opportunity to clinch a fast sale that would probably impress President Wiggington and so, she approved the loans. 

In the weeks that passed, neither Mrs. Nisely, the Loan Department and eventually, Credit Resolutions, experienced any success in reaching the member at the telephone numbers he provided when he funded the loans. 

Exasperated, Mrs. Nisely drove to the dealership but to her shock and dismay, discovered that the business address the member provided was to a business renting postal mail boxes. 

As in the case of Mrs. Verma, it was President Wiggington who authorized Mrs. Nisely loan limits. He never verified if she was qualified to make loan decisions but nonetheless, provided her with limits that should never have been given to her. His failure to train her, to test her abilities and knowledge and any other measures needed to ensure she was fully qualified to review and approve loan applications contributed to the incidence to even more losses to a credit union that since 2007, has lost millions of dollars in Net Income and lost more than 50% of its branches. 

On a side note, Mrs. Nisely was terminated in 2010, allegedly because the credit union was being forced to reduce spending. 

In October 2010, Mrs. Nisely filed a lawsuit against the credit union in which she alleged she had been subjected to age and race discrimination. She was one of the few White employees at Priority One. At the time, the credit union's attorneys of Richardson, Harman and Ober, informed their client that Mrs. Nisely's case had no merit. The attorneys and credit union began amassing a list of employees who would testify in court that Mrs. Nisely was a racist who hated Latins and who had been insubordinate and refused to participate in business development efforts. 

The case which allegedly had no merit was settled soon after Mrs. Nisely provided a copy of a letter written to Priority One's Human Resources Department by the former Valencia Branch Manager and described in detail that she had been victimized by then COO, Beatrice Walker, who created a hostile work environment, harassed and sexually harassed the Branch Manager and had even stalked her. 

What the letter proved is that the entire Board of Directors, President Wiggington, and AVP, Rodger Smock, and Human Resources "clerk", Esmeralda Sandoval, not only failed to investigate the Branch Manager's allegations but allowed a scathing campaign to ensue which eventually forced the Branch Manager's resignation. As a result of the letter, Mrs. Nisely's case was settled and a monetary settlement paid. Mrs. Nisely never called and thanked the Branch Manager for the letter which enabled her victory. 

To be continued........

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Anonymous said...

Poor Alan. I remember talking to him when he got back from being suspended. He was so depressed. He said he took the disc to Wiggington to review because it was his first time compiling the information that was going to be sent to the printer. Wiggington told him just mail it because he was too busy to check it. When it was discovered that the envelopes had been mailed out with member account numbers printed on the outside, Wiggington told him the board wanted Alan fired but that he talked them into only suspending him.

Wiggington made the mistake and then like the cowards that he's always been, he blamed Alan. the stupid board who are all useless and embarrassing let an innocent person get punished for what Wiggington did.

Now fast forward to 2009 and Miss Martin walks out with $60,000 of member money. She only goes to court because the bloggers exposed what happened. She gets probation and doesn't have to pay back a cent.

Fast forward to 2013. The credit union finds some discrepancies with the vault reports so they send Huffman out to the L.A. office and she discovers lots of money is missing. The credit union calls TWHC who perform a more extensive audit and discover more then a million were stolen. Then CUMIS who is so useless, sues TWHC when everything points to Wiggington not enforcing policies to protect money. The man should be fired and hopefully if CUMIS loses their lawsuit, he will get fired.

Anonymous said...

He and horrible ignorant Sylvia were horrible to Centeno. Silvia was the worst.

Anonymous said...

Someone please explain , how you walk off with million dollars and no one see that in accouting? better yet was the branch asleep? and why if the manager did take they money did they not put her in jail?

Way too many questions for me to believe that they let her go with out putting her in jail! they always cash count the money when a new shippment comes in, and in 2 years she never called in sick or took a vacation? they Vault report is handle by accounting, So please expalin how not one person in 2 years did not see something wrong!!!

Anonymous said...

Sylvia was a joke. Actually, she was Wiggington's joke and later became Smock's joke. Wiggington told us in a meeting back in 2008 that he wished every employee was just like Sylvia. Sorry, Wiggles, but most employees and maybe all, wouldn't want to be neurotic lunatics like Sylvia and of course, you.

The woman used to brag about how she was a master business development representative and she used to shame her staff because their numbers weren't as high as hers. But guess what, her numbers weren't high at all. She was a female Wiggington. In 2012, when they gave us monthly quotas, all of a sudden she could never make hers. She was assigned $150,000 and she could never get more than $25,000. How is that possible when for years, she told her staff that she was pulling in $300,000 a month. That all changed when she had to prove it. She should have done what Georgina and Gema did. They went through the credit union's monthly production reports and pulled out records for members that funded loans. They, themselves, didn't get the business but they took credit for it and they fooled dumb as dirt, Wiggington, Miss Joseph Garcia, Cindy Garvin and Miss Rodge Smock.

What Sylvia hated about Centeno is that he discovered that she not only didn't properly train her staff but they were violating policies and laws, all thanks to her buffoonery. Because she was Wiggington's buddy connected at the butt, he immediately turned against Centeno and let Sylvia and Rodger set him up for termination. This is the kind of managers Priority One has. They're all cut from the same piece of crap that Wiggington, Smock, West and Esmeralda are cut from.

Anonymous said...


That's the million dollar question or questions. If Lynnette stole $1 million, how did she do it? No one is saying. Now CUMIS and Priority One told the CU times that she walked into the vault, altered the vault books and then walked off with the money but there's a lot of holes in that story. First of all, double custody is required. Not one employee at the L.A. branch ever entered the vault by themselves. So how did Lynnette enter the vault by herself without being noticed? How did she walk out with thousands of dollars each week for 24 months without a single person noticing it? Right outside the vault used to sit 1 receptionist and three FSR's. So how could she get passed them with a shit full of cash? Did she put the money in a big bag or purse? If she did, how come no one saw it? And usually you do call the police but what is Priority One waiting for?

And that's a great point. Didn't she ever call in sick, take personal time off or go on vacation in the 2 year period? Wouldn't someone have noticed that vault cash wasn't balancing with the vault book/ledger.

I'd like to know what tired old Cornelia and her group of supervisors was doing during the 24-months the cash was being stolen. And why didn't accounting ever notice any discrepancy in the vault report?

I think Wiggington, Diedra and Cornelia should be investigated.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone noticed how sexual harasser, Charlie Wiggington, always picks losers as managers? He picked Sylvia who was nuts. I'm surprised they didn't drag her out in a straight jacket. And he promoted Liz who was a kiter. He promoted Aaron who was a sexual harasser and closet case. He promoted Patti Loiacano who is a major backstabber. He promoted Yvonne Boutte who caused the credit union to get sued and who was fired a few months ago. He hired Bea Walker who turned out to be a tyrant like himself and got accused of same-sex sexual harassment. He's kept Rodger who's as useful as a hernia. I guess birds of a feather do flock together.

Anonymous said...

Well Lynnette could have stolen the money if she...

a. Carried a back pack into the vault
b. Wore moo moos to work
c. Wore a ten gallon hat whenever she went in the vault
d. Drugged the entire LA staff so they were knocked out when she went in to steal the money

Anonymous said...

It's so ridiculous. I hope Wiggington is cornered and asked to explain exactly what the credit union does to protect assets. He was a horrible VP of operations and even so, stupid Diedra thought he would make a great black president. Everything he did wrong as a v.p. he repeated as president.

Anonymous said...

Well, now we know Wiggington's been ignoring security since he became President. I hope he and the credit union get caught in all the lies they've told and they lose the lawsuit.

Anonymous said...

Not sure whatyou mean by vault books are but everything goes into the systems , wich if you are short or over the accounting dept. shouild be on it right away. you are also right what about the cameras? I do not believe she took any money however one of your x- vp friends work at that branch and Wigg wanted to get rid of Lynnette,if anyone messed with the money it's your friend Wigg.

Anonymous said...

Does Priority One maintain vault ledgers? How do they record money that comes in from the main branch and money sent out to the main branch? And isn't the accounting department the one that oversees cash send and received from all branches? And didn't the COO's oversee security? And what about the supervisory committee? Weren't they responsible for overseeing security for the entire organization?

And you're so right about Sylvia Perez. When she got hired, Rodger couldn't stand her because she was supposed a "Christian" (she wasn't, believe me) and he said all "Christians" hate homosexuals. Rodger is such a hypocrite, he judged her the same way he said she would judge him. Sylvia was trouble, just like her creator, Charles Wiggington. When Charles Wiggington became president and started praising Sylvia, Rodger did completely changed his point of view and started talking about Sylvia like she was the greatest thing since Latino boys were created.

Sylvia was sickening just like Wiggington and Rodger.

Anonymous said...

Start by investigating Wiggington and Diedra. Those two are dirty. We know they're liars and does anyone trust them?

Anonymous said...

I'm serious. When I worked with him, Wiggington really believed or believes, he doesn't have to comply to policies which is why they've had so many security issues since he became president. He used to say that he was president and so didn't have to follow procedures. He had his fat lap dog, Rodger, bending the rules and covering up for him so he was able to get away with violating policy. He also had the board covering up for him. So what do you get when you break the rules, you get envelopes being mailed with account information printed on the outside, you get a receptionist to take out money from member accounts, and $1 million in cash disappears from a vault. I don't care what CUMIS game plan is, if you really want to find out how one person got in the vault and took out money, you better start investigating Wiggington, Diedra, and ex-COO, Bea Walker.

Anonymous said...

He's really is insufferable to work with and even worse to know. He doesn't know how to create anything that brings in money but he a talent for making the credit union lose money. And you can add useless tired Rodger who doesn't have a degree in marketing and ex-retail postal worker Diedra who knows shit about financials.

Anonymous said...

He got rid of marketing, he destroyed advertising, he tried ending the relationship with postal workers because he said he wanted SEG's and business owners instead of postal people, he hired Bea, he hired Cindy, he hired Saeid, he hired Loren Lillestrand, he had the whole South Pasadena office remodeled, he remodeled Burbank office, he made Aaron, Liz and Sylvia AVP's and then fired Aaron, fired Liz because she was stealing, and pushed Sylvia out. Is this moron ever have a single good idea?

Anonymous said...

Does Wiggles still spend time talking to aunt Jenny and his uncle, "the watcher"? No one could waste more time that that dumbass.

Anonymous said...

Does Miss Smock still walk around the office complaining about her legs and back? Does she still talk about her son aka lover? I miss hearing Smock trying to keep it all in the closet.

Anonymous said...

John, can you explain why Auto Alliance is suing? Did you provide court docs? When I worked there they were awful car brokers. There were so many complaints that they were slow to get vehicles, sometimes taking as much as 3 to 6 weeks before a person got their car. And if you bought a car from them and it had problems, they wouldn't respond. I'm surprised they have enough grounds to get a trial. They're just as bad as Wiggington but what do you expect, they were brought in by horrible Bea Walker.

Anonymous said...

The Finally some good stuff news for Wiggy: it's only a few weeks before Thanksgiving, and we all know what that means. Yes, plenty of turkey gravy for Wiggy to do the kind of serious sopping that goes along with his sexual harassment duties.

Anonymous said...


Committee For Vindication said...

Our Committee has just about had enough of all the haters on this site. Not only are haters singling out President Wiggington, but they choose to denigrate outstanding people like Smock, West, Diedra and the Board of Directors as moochers and bottom feeders. The continuous prattle of naysayers only serves to illustrate how Ignorant you posters truly are. If you do not believe our Committee then you must believe the NCUA Call Report ratios and numbers that show growing profitability and healthy Net Worth.

For P1's strong Capital position we all owe our heartfelt thanks to President Wiggington for his sound and stable stewardship. Praise the Lord!

Committee For Vindication said...

Net Worth = 9.06%

All gratitude to our visionary CEO.

Anonymous said...

@Committee of Retardation

If you hate it that much then why do your continue to read and comment on it, Committee of Tards?

Capital is 9.06%. That is healthy. Used to be 10% when Mr. Harris was President.

Net Capital is $153,072,82 as of 9/30/15. Was over $172 million when Mr. Harris was President.

Current Branches: South Pasadena, Los Angeles, Van Nuys

Credit Union on the date William E. Harris retired: South Pasadena, Los Angeles, Van Nuys, Burbank, Valencia, Worldway, LANDC, Redlands Riverside

Branches opened by Charles Wiggington: Santa Clarita, Airport

Branches closed by Charles Wiggington: Santa Clarita, Airport

Committee of desecration, why don't you get all your dumbass facts straight and stop lying like your master, Charles "the sexual harasser" Wiggington. The credit union is losing lots and lots of money because this big mouth troll doesn't know squat about business. He's just some backwoods ghetto yokel who only knows how to lie, backstab, and lick gravy off his dirty stubby fingers.

Anonymous said...

Correction - Assets are $153.0 million not Net Worth.

Anonymous said...

Question - Does Wiggy lick gravy off his dirty stubby fingers or does he suck off his gravy soaked fingers?

Anonymous said...

Assets are $153 million. That means they've lost like $19 or $20 million in 8 years. Does Wiggington even realize how bad that is. Last year we were in a meeting with him and he said that no one understands that to make money you got to close branches. Does he understand his own plan?

@Anonymous: He licks and sucks. Apparently, that's the only thing he's good at.

Anonymous said...

I heard that he likes his uncle to lick the gravy off his stubby, dirty fingers.

Anonymous said...

It's true, Wiggy likes his uncle to lick the gravy off his fingers. But his uncle prefers to suck gravy off Wiggy's stubby, fungus-infested said toes!

Anonymous said...

That must be the most interesting if not gross, Thanksgiving gathering.

I've heard that after uncle and nephew have finished licking fingers and toes, everyone retires to the garage (Wiggington's house doesn't have a den) where Wiggington sits back in a recliner he found outside on someone's front lawn, and while scratching his crotch, tells everyone who will listen, about his days as a "play-a". Everyone is handed an umbrella before he starts his storytelling sessions so that they can cover themselves from flying food that shoots out of his mouth like a projectile.

It's really a warm, old-fashioned Thanksgiving gathering.

Anonymous said...

I can't imagine having Thanksgiving with Wiggles. He used to come and sit down at the table where I was eating my lunch with other employees. He'd start talking with his mouth full of food. I always got up, threw away my uneaten food (I was grossed out) and I'd hurry out of the lunch room. You really have to sit with this clown to know just how horrible he is to eat with. I wonder if his family wears raincoats on Thanksgiving?

And Rodger doesn't talk with his mouth full and he doesn't shoot food while talking but I wouldn't go to his house either. He's got cats. I love cats. I just don't like them anywhere near my food. Somehow cat hair in my food is my pet peeve.

Rodger S. - Please, can I get an invite? said...

Man-oh-man! Wiggington's Thanksgiving family get-together is exactly the kind of shindig I've been looking for. Licking and sucking on his turkey gravy-soaked fingers and toes sounds delicious. So yummy. How can I wrangle an invite for me and my son?

Anonymous said...

To get invited you have to prove you can steal a BMW or show him you've been accused if sexual harassment and got away with it or lose millions of dollars. Its sort of rite of pasaage but it'll clinch an invite.

Rodger S. said...

I doubt if I can squeeze into a BMW. I could come up with a phony reason to terminate an employee(s) Wiggington wants to ax. Perhaps that'll get me an invite to his lavish Thanksgiving shindig. Let me tell you, I'm desperate for an invite so I can suck his uncle's toes.

Anonymous said...

Rodger certainly can't fit in a BMW. I don't even know how he gets into his Charger. But I think he already has an open invitation to Wigg's Thanksgiving bash. That's because he always brings some of his old fashioned grandma-styled pumpkin pie. In fact, if Wiggington's fingers need licking, Rodger will be more than glad to handle the job.

Anonymous said...

I never understand the friendship between Wiggington and Rodger. They used to go to Dodger Stadium together after work and Wiggington was at Rodger's home on weekends just like Henry. Wiggington used to make fun of gays so why would he hang out with Rodger? When Wiggington said he had cancer, Rodger would go with him to chapter meetings and go and serve his food and refill his glasses of water just like a waiter, slave, or girlfriend.

Anonymous said...

Will Lynette be invited to Wiggy's for the Thanksgiving feast? She certainly could enlighten the festivities by teaching all of them a thing or two about lax security procedures.

Anonymous said...

Wiggy should be invited to Wiggington's. She can show him how to "win with money." If she really stole the money and I suspect she did not, then why haven't they fired him and made her president or head of compliance. If she is the thief then she, unlike Wiggington knows what she's doing.

Mahatma Kane Jeeves said...

Now you're onto something. Firing Wiggy, who is obviously coasting at this point and replacing him with someone with a "can-do attitude" and a strong moral fiber would be a step in the right direction.

But replacing Wigg with alleged thief Lynette would not be a good idea IMHO. The Board should look within the current staff to replace Wiggy. I think high energy Robert West, a deeply religious man, has the kind of inner strength to lead P1 once Wiggy gets the ax. Another quality replacement would be Rodger Smock who has the gravitas to be a hefty CEO. Even the Committee for Vindication would surely agree with either of those outstanding candidates..

Anonymous said...

@Mahatma Kane Jeeves

You must by a ankles ng my chance n if you consider Robert West to be a high energy person!

Anonymous said...

Yes, "high energy" aka "no energy", Robert West might be a great replacement for "no success" Wiggington. Too bad Yvonne left. She would have been a wonderful replacement for Wiggy. But Lynnette still offers something that the others don't- a proven record of success. If she did what she's accused of doing then she is great at acquiring money, making her money grow, and knowing how to work the system. After 8 years of failures, she might be a positive change and knowing her like I do, she might succeed in getting craggy old Diedra off the board.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone really believe Lynnette, a not very bright officer, walked out with a million in cash? And how could supposedly above-smarter-than-average Wiggington, Diedra and Cornelia never have noticed?

BTW, Wiggington's Thanksgiving bash sounds like something out of American Horror Story.

Rodger S. said...

Wiggy's Thanksgiving bash is certain to be a major blowout. There is gonna be 2 turkeys with all the trimmings, a Honey-baked ham, collard greens, chitlins, a vat of farina, braised rabbit, sautéed sweet potatoes, stewed parsnips, bowls of retried beans and 15 pounds of BBQ brisket.

Everyone will be encouraged to dip their fingers and toes into the specially prepared 10 gallon drum of slow-cooked turkey gravy. Don't worry, all in attendance will have the opportunity to enjoy the kind of finger licking and toe sucking the Wiggington clan is famous for during the holidays. I got my invite (and an invite for my son) and I can't wait.

Be there or be square.

Anonymous said...

Is it true a preening Rodger will be attending Wiggy's Thanksgiving bash wearing only his underwear?

Anonymous said...

@Rodger S.

"Wiggy's Thanksgiving bash is certain to be a major blowout. There is gonna be 2 turkeys with all the trimmings, a Honey-baked ham, collard greens, chitlins, a vat of farina, braised rabbit, sautéed sweet potatoes, stewed parsnips, bowls of retried beans and 15 pounds of BBQ brisket."

And what will everyone else eat?

Anonymous said...

Is Robert West invited? How about buffet queen, Esmeralda Sandoval?

Lex Luthor said...

@ Mahatma Kane Jeeves

As improbable as it seems Wiggy has invited his entire management team to his Turkey Day shindig. Wigg made it clear this morning that attendance is mandatory, no exceptions. Yes, West and Esmeralda are compelled to attend. Now here is the kicker, it turns out Wiggy is charging $50 a head for each attendee so he can defray the cost. Of course, cheap-ass miser West (a known tightwad) says he should pay only $10 cause he'll only eat the chitlins and collard greens.

The only person who will not be required to pony-up is the guest of honor, Diedra Harris-Brooks. Wiggy wants to fete Diedra for saving his job. After all, Wigg knows if it wasn't for Diedra's intervention his ass woulda been kicked to the curb a long time ago for stealing a BMW, sexual harassing members and staff, and because she looked the other way when $1 million "walked" out of the LA branch vault.

Anonymous said...

Is everyone supposed to honor Diedra by licking her gravy-soaked fingers and sucking her toes - Wiggy must be insane!

Anonymous said...

That's gonna be one jiggy Thanksgiving bash.

Anonymous said...

West will get away with paying $10 and then he'll eat everything that is served and will make sure he gets a few plates to take home. He'll later complain that $10 was a lot of money to pay to feed himself, his wife and his 2 children.

If Smock and Esmeralda are going, how many turkeys is Wigg going to buy or steal? Those 2 don't look the way they do because they watch what they eat.

Of course Diedra get in for free and I would be surprised if she and Wigg siphon some credit union monies to pay for the entire shindig and still charge everyone $50 too attend. Remember, Wigg used to get kick-backs from Justice Auto and Allied Management Company.

Too bad he can't use his evil for good. Actually, that also goes for West, Smock and Esmeralda.

Anonymous said...

Word is Diedra is insisting she sit at the head of the table, while her supplicants spoon feed her ladles of refrained beans, farina and choice slices of hand-carved turkey, BBQ brisket and honey-baked ham. Once she's fully stuffed Queen Diedra will straddle a specially designed golden throne so Wiggy, Rodger and West can show proper respect as they suck her gravy-soaked toes.

Wonder if Henry Justice will make a surprise appearance - probably if a kickback is involved.

Revolted by Wiggy said...

Do you really mean Queen Diedra will be straddling a golden commode?

Chief Jay Strongbow said...

All hail Diedra as she sits atop the golden commode. What a wonderful tribute.

It's a spendid capper (or should I say crapper) to Wiggy's Thanksgiving Pow Wow.

Anonymous said...

This is info on Wiggles' fabulous villa. I found it at

Area of property: 982 SQUARE FEET
Kent Street, Los Angeles, CA 90026
Total land value: $82,465 (it was $78,859 in 2009)
Total building value: $46,171 (it was $44,153 in 2009)

Sounds like the perfect location for a big party.

Anonymous said...

If you want to buy Wiggington's pad, it's for sale. Guess Wiggles needs the money for his big holiday bash.

Zestimate®: $567,577

2607 Kent St,
Los Angeles, CA 90026
2 beds 2 baths 982 sq ft

Anonymous said...

982 sq. feet is not very large for such a distinguished CEO. How is Wigg going to fit everyone into that small house (shack)?

Anonymous said...

If he removes the HUGE satellite dish at the back of the house, he might have enough room to fit Smock and Esmeralda.

Confused said...

Ah, I'm more than a little confused. Wigg used to say he lived in a house that was appraised at more than $1 million in value. If he's only selling it for $630,000, is he underselling by a huge amount?

982 sq ft? He said he lived in a large house filled with antiques and art. Where does he keep his treasure trove because it can't possibly be in the house? A 982 sq ft home that is selling for a million would have to be located in Bel Air, Malibu, or maybe the Hollywood Hills, not Echo Park.

What does Wigg need the money for, his defense? He is a defendant in the lawsuit filed by Auto Alliance. Is he unloading the house so can file bankruptcy and not have to pay if he loses? Wonder if he learned that from Lynnette.

A few years ago, one of the employees was called to jury duty and the trial involved a shooting by a gang that lives in Wigg's neighborhood. I was speaking to Wigg's mailman sometime back and when he told me he delivered mail to his home he added, "That neighborhood is dangerous." What's going on?

Anonymous said...

BYikes Magikes! Wiggy's shack was built in 1921! That's right the place is almost 100 years old. I'm sure the plumbing and electric wiring are in tip-top condition......NOT.

Is he selling it cause it's condemned?

Anonymous said...

LOL. Good point. Never thought about the age of the plumbing. We're assuming the place has plumbing and electricity.

Serious Buyer said...

Posing as a buyer I went with a local realtor to take a gander at Wiggy's house. We were both shocked when we saw Wiggy's casa.

"No need to take a tour," he said. Then the realtor apologized profusely for wasting my time. He labeled Wiggy's place a DD - Dilapidated Dump.

Anonymous said...

Dilapidated dump would be a huge improvement on the shack he lives in. I think some of the comments make good points. Does the place have wood floors or dirt? Does it have electricity or is Her Wiggington using candles? Does it have running water? Are their closet? Does it have kitchen? The description says it has 2 bedrooms but are they actual bedrooms or a place where cardboard boxes lie strewn about? And why is he selling his $1 million diggs for $630,000? Isn't that bad business to undersell? And what about that mammoth sized satellite dish in the backyard? Is that even a real dish? If you had toured the place it would have probably taking 45 seconds to make your way through the 982 sq ft of shack.

Anonymous said...

I thought Wigg's house was condemned a long time ago.

Serious Buyer said...

I wanted to take a tour but the realtor wouldn't take the risk. He said the place was such a "ramshackle mess" that there was a good chance the roof might fall in on us. He said he didn't want to be responsible for our safety in the event of a caved-in roof.

Wiggy's upcoming Thansgiving bash is gonna be held in his dump as a last hurrah before the city condemns it, I guess. I hope Diedra enjoys festivities.

Anonymous said...

I have to agree that Wiggles selling his house when he's being sued is not coincidence? Does he think he's going to lose the lawsuit? Maybe this years bash is his swan song.

Anonymous said...

For Sale

Lovely 2 bedroom Cape Cod inspire cottage
Great view of ginormous satellite dish
1 bathroom
Enough driveway to store a fleet of stolen BMWs
Lovely neighboorhood (except after sundown)
A STEAL at $630,000. Owner swears house is worth $1 million

Anonymous said...

@Serious Buyer: You've got a great Realtor who's looking out for you.

Anonymous said...

His house/shack/hovel has 2 bathrooms. If you want to read the comps go to
House for Sale

Anonymous said...

It's been on zillow for 59 days. That's getting to be awhile. Why isn't anyone snatching up this beautiful piece of.......... property?

Anonymous said...

Photos of the Wiggles Estate

Anonymous said...

Press the "street view" button on the bottom right side of the aerial view. You'll get to see Wiggington's beautiful home with two trash cans parked in front of his home and a huge satellite dish at the back of his property. Also check out the beautiful lattice work hanging on one side of the front porch. Lovely.

Anonymous said...

I pressed the street view as you suggested. It can only be classified as a DUMP.

Wiggys Kent address has a sordid history. Is it true the LAPD Vice squad raided the property in 1923.

Rumor has it silent film star Fatty Arbuckle was running a brothel in the bed rooms, while operating an opium den in the living room.

Anonymous said...

Fatty Arbuckle you say - I always suspected Rodger Smck was related to Fatty.

Anonymous said...

I thought he was related to Shamu. My mistake.

Anonymous said...

I don't think I want to go to Wiggles bash. The crime rate is s high. John I'm going to send you the stats.

Anonymous said...

Wiggy, I'll give you $5 for your property.

Stuart P. said...

A short time ago I met up with Wiggy during a credit union function. During the break several of my fellow CEOs and myself were discussing property values in Southern California. Sure enough Wiggy butted-in and attempted to control the conversation by bring up what he called his "palatial estate." He said that he lived in a stately mansion built in the Hollywood hills in a bygone silent screen era Rancho. He even compared his place to Mary Pickford's estate Pickfaire. He yammered on and on about mountain and ocean views, his large foyer, French doors, massive bedrooms and a newly refurbished custom kitchen. He said with a big shit earring grin on his face "I don't want to brag boys, but my place is easily worth $1.5 million."

Turns out from looking at Zillow the place is a dump and Wiggy is a confirmed liar.

BTW I can confirm Wiggy was scratching his balls incessantly during the entire conversation.

Anonymous said...

Please send those crime rates stats for Wiggy's zip code ASAP. The Thanksgiving bash invitees need to be forewarned before they enter a battle zone.

Anonymous said...

Wow, what a palace. At least well all now know that he isn't spending a dime of his $150,000+ salary on landscaping or maintenance. Wiggles, can you clarify something for me? Is 1921 the year your house was built or the last time someone cleaned the yard?

Squirrel said...

West strolled in today at almost noon and he's been sitting in the breakroom now for over an hour shooting the shit. wtf?!! lazy douche.

Anonymous said...


Do you really expect West to put in 2-4 hours of work a day. After all, he's only aping I the work ethic of his lazy boss, Charles Wigglenuts. Monkey see, monkey do.

Anonymous said...

@Stuart P: I attended the same function and was standing nearby with a group of other industry personnel as we listened to Wigg talk about his Pickfaire-styled mans. We were particularly impressed by his description of the hand-carved Spanish doors that lead to his opulent library where you can find original editions of famous literary works including the original Gutenberg Bible though I though he said that the kitchen alone is worth $1.5 million.

And yes, we did observe the scratching and watched as food shot out of his mouth like falling meteors.

Anonymous said...

@Squirrel: That's West, a real gold bricker. Lazy, useless, and a non-contributor.

Anonymous said...

If you visit your local real estate office, they can provide you comps of the area where Wiggington lives. Here they are:

Kent Street, Echo Park/Silverlake, CA


3.1- National average 1.0

1.48- National average 1.0

3.34- National average 1.0

1.82- National average 1.0

Total: 2.48- National average 1.0


0.91- National average 1.0

1.09- National average 1.0

Motor Vehicle Theft
2.5- National average 1.0

Total Property Crime
1.25- National average 1.0

Total Personal and Property
1.69- National average 1.0

Murder, Robbery and Motor Vehicle theft are more than double the national average

Maybe the house shouldn't be selling for $630,000. How about $6.30?

Anonymous said...

Wow. I hope the Thanksgiving bash takes place early in the day when it's safe. What would be a good time? 8 a.m.?

Hey, what does Robert West do while at work? How does he contribute to the credit union? Can anyone name a single thing he's over done that's improved business or morale?

Anonymous said...

On the bright side, burglaries are slightly lower than the national average.

Anonymous said...

Well if the bash continues after the sun goes down, I'm sure guests can stay in one of Wiggington's many guest rooms.

Anonymous said...

Wiggy, I want to go to your party. I'll bring a couple of cases of gravy so you can sop it up. Please invite me!

Anonymous said...

AThe Thanksgivin shindig can certainly use a few cases of extra gravy cause all the guests are not blighted to suck on n Diedra's gravy soaked toes.

Anonymous said...

@Stuart P.

Is it a dump because it has an outhouse?

The more gravy the better for the T-Day bash. Wiggy ordered his beleaguered wife to freshly bake 30 loaves of Irish Soda Bread and 15 French Baguettes because he wants everyone to sop up any left over gravy after all the toe sucking is done.

Have Lynette or Yvonne been invited to the celebration?

Anonymous said...

Actually, Lynnette is buying the turkeys.

The Real Stuart P said...

All comments aside, these really show how much respect people have for Wiggington. He spent so much time trying to force people to obey him even breaking laws and he never once thought about how he was going to affect the credit union. Nice legacy Wigg. You always said you were going to take P1 to places Mr Harris never took it to and you did it. Congratulations moron!

I'm Stuart P. said...

@Stuart P. & @The Real Stuart P.

I was at the same credit union function with both of you highly respected CEOs. Yes I agree Wiggy is a blowhard who eats with his mouth wide open and of course, everyone observes him scratching his low-hanging balls. But you neglected to mention how Wiggy tried his utmost to sexually harass the female servers. This jackass pretends to be happily married, yet he is a weaselly low-class brazen skirt-chaser. It's an embarrassment to the credit union industry.

Anonymous said...

I was at the same meeting and I happen to know Wig's wife. He's so happily married that he spent years talking about all the women he bedded allegedly outside his marriage. He's happily married like he lives in a million dollar estate.

Anonymous said...

That must have been some meeting. I was one of the few people lucky enough to be invited to Wiggington's home which he refers to as Western Versailles. He's even named the party. This year it the "Great Gravy Lick-off." For entertainment, Rodger will dress like Judy Garland and sing a series of songs that made the real Judy famous. Diedra will have the seat of honor. Wiggington has spray painted the toilet in the clean bathroom, gold. It's really the party to be at on Thanksgiving day.

Chief Jay Strongow said...

@Stuart P/The Real Stuart P/I'm Stuart P

Boy oh boy, I'd give just about anything to get an invite to Wiggy's Thanksgiving extravaganza. I understand Rodger is going to be singing In a full-drag outfit a series of renditions from the Judy Garland songbook. The finale will be The Man That Got Away - How appropriate!

The highlight of the night will be watching a waist-high gravy-soaked Diedra straddle Wigg's golden commode in preparation for her toe sucking tribute by her adoring minions. I'd love to see that live on Periscope or YouTube.

Of course, Wiggy is pulling out all the stops at $50 a head. The guests will gorge themselves to their hearts conrent on 7-layer dip, turkey with all the trimmings, slow-cooked BBQ brisket, honey baked ham, fried chicken, collard greens, candied yams, farina, mac & cheese, retried beans, waffles, tator tots, chuck roast ala Wellington, plum pudding, peach cobbler, pecan pie, pumpkin pie, buttermilk pie, red velvet cake, hand-churned ice cream, 30 loaves of Irish soda bread and 15 French baguettes for sopping.

Anonymous said...

Actually, Rodger is also going to re-enact Marilyn Monroe's famous happy birthday Mr. President song but he's retitled it, "Happy Thanksgiving Day Mr. President." He will also be wearing what has to be the world's biggest gold lame' dress (a very large copy of Marilyn's) and gloves that extend elegantly to his elbows. I am jealous that I was not invited though I was told that guests must leave by 4:45 pm, lest they fall victim to criminal activity in the neighborhood. Are there any scalpers out there that'll sell me a ticket?

Anonymous said...

P.S. You forgot to mention that Wiggington will be serving Kool-Aid.

Anonymous said...

Selling his house? Wow. Divorce? Afraid of being dinged by the court? That's really a strange move. Based on the pics I don't see how he'll get $630,000 but you never know.

Anonymous said...

Heard Wiggy has rented a "gravy fountain" for his bash. Is it too late to get an invite for the gala event?

Anonymous said...

I saw the menu for Wigg's bash printed on the backside of Priority One letterhead. You're correct, he is going to have a gravy fountain and the desert table is going to offer cherry stuffed possum. Nothing is being held for his shindig. At the bottom it says BYOG. This is the place to be if you're anyone in Echo Park.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely, this is the Turkey Day bash that cannot be missed! Someone, anyone, please sell me a scalper's ticket? I've got to attend. Yes Diedra, I'll bring my own gravy (BYOG).

Right now, the vibe surrounding Wiggy's shindig is electric with positive energy.

Everyone at P1 buzzing about the golden commode. Can't wait for an attendee to post their after-party comments tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

Pay per view? Periscope? Live streaming? Cable?

Anonymous said...

I thought BYOG meant bring your own gun

Anonymous said...

Actually, Wigg is going to be showing homemade movies in the projection room in his house. Exciting.

Anonymous said...

With Wiggy charging $50 per person I sure hope he's providing more entertainment than his boring home movies.

Anonymous said...

I heard the party ended at 10 a.m. because Wiggington and Diedra had to get ready to celebrate Black Friday. They think its a holiday.

Anonymous said...

I think I saw them at Big Lots.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately I was a so-called guest at Wiggy's Thanksgiving bash. Now, three days later I'm still hungover from all that gravy. Kind of a gravy stupor.

I will say besides collecting $50 a head at the door, Wiggy had the audacity to add-in what he called at $15 "Resort Fee" like they do at the Strip hotels in Vegas (that musta been Diedra's brainchild). Wiggy said the "Resort Fee" covered unlimited use of his bathroom, Handi-wipes to wipe off gravy, security, Zantac, Tums and Rolaids. One of the extra items covered by the "Fee" was a big bowl of loose cigarettes and toothpicks. More later........

Anonymous said...

More, please........

Anonymous said...

I too attended the party and though I forked over the $50.00 I was able to get away with not paying the $15 resort fee because I brought a couple of extra bottles of gravy and a roll of toilet paper. I got there after Rodger and Esmeralda so most of the turkey was gone. Diedra had a fit when her gold commode started to peel and demanded that Wiggy tell her why he said he spent $15,000 of credit union money on the commode. For awhile I didn't think Robert West was going to show up but then I saw him scaling the fence at the back of the property so he wouldn't have to pay the $50 fee. He also convinced Wigg that he paid the $15 resort fee to Diedra and we all know, Wiggy doesn't have the balls to ask her if West paid her the fee. I skipped the gravy because I noticed most of the directors and supervisor were leaning over and letting the gravy poor into their mouths. The whole event was by candle light. Wigg said he wanted to create a romantic mood but I later found out his electricity had been shut down for non-payment. It was interesting though I've felt spent since that night. I hope I didn't catch something. By the way, I didn't see his fabulous art collection. When I asked, Wiggy said he lent it to the Louvre.

Teddy Bass said...

I went to Wiggy's so-called Bash as a guest of a staffer. Big mistake. I knew going in it was gonna cost $50, but this last minute Resort Fee added insult to injury. The Fee was outright gouging.

A few observations:

The first thing I spotted after walking in was Wiggys uncle, who was hovering around the loose ciggerette bowl. He was grabbing 4-5 cigs every few minutes and stuffing them into his right pocket. Then I noticed he had lined his other pocket with tin foil. He was stuffing BBQ brisket slices into that one. Pretty disgusting.

As promised Rodger, dressed in drag, sauntered among the guests singing the Judy Garland songbook. Later she serenaded a smiling Wiggy while imitating Marilyn Monroe's breathy delivery of Happy Thanksgiving Mr. President.

Gravy was everywhere. Most invitees brought their own Heinz bottled gravy.

Not nearly enough food. The advertised menu was skimpy on just about everything but the refrained beans and the collard greens. Oh yeah, there was plenty of bread for sopping.

The highlight of the day was, of course, Diedra straddling the golden commode for the gravy-soaked toe-sucking by her minions.The first to imbibe were Wiggy, Rodger and West. It was an insane scene.

Anonymous said...

That sounds better than the Xmas parties Wigg used to throw.

Anonymous said...

Why is he selling his house? Does anyone know?

Anonymous said...

Several reasons he's selling:

The house has been condemned by the county.

Wiggy's neighbors are running him out of town due to the stench emanating from the bedroom.

He finally decided to move next to a Fat Burger franchise.

He's moving in with his uncle.

Needs more space for his BMW collection.

Diedra gave him his marching orders.

It has somerhing to do with gravy.

Anonymous said...

Did Lynette and/or Yvonne crash the Bash?

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous: You are correct. Wiggington's mansion has been condemned though the order is slightly different from most in that he is ordered to remain inside the house while it's being dynamited.

Wiggington might move with his uncle who he often said is "rich" or he could finally be moving in with Rodger Smock who has a far better house than Wiggington's.

Smock's house doesn't have a very large driveway but it does have an ample garage that might be able to store 1 or 2 of the President's junker BMW's.

I heard that the neighbors are tired of the continual smell of gravy or watching Wiggington sit in his rocking chair on the porch, dipping his fat fingers in gravy and then licking them off. It is an eyesore.

Lynnette arrived late. She was wearing the most beautiful mink coat and a tennis bracelet made of diamonds. She also had two body guards.

Yvonne spent the day in the forests of Washington state scaring off hikers.

Bucky Beaver said...

Is it true Wiggy inaugurated a Kickstarter Campaign to raise funds to provide "Liquid Sustenance" in the form of turkey drippings for vitamin deficient Individuals who lack sufficient avian fatty lipids in the bodies?

Squirrel said...

overheard Wiggy saying the credit union is being sued again...I think he said something about a blind person suing over an ATM. maybe a ADA issue? he seemed
pretty damn nonchalant about it too. shocking huh? hopefully you guys can dig into that

Woody Woodchuck said...

I heard the Kickstarter Campaign is another scam designed to line Wiggy's pocket with cash, while filling his gullet with gravy.

Anonymous said...

Well .... Looks like Wiggy's big mansion is up for sale. Check out this palatial estate here!,-CA_rb/?fromHomePage=true&shouldFireSellPageImplicitClaimGA=false

Rocky Racoon said...

Heard Wiggy's house is so dilapidated the county has scheduled it to be demolished.

Anonymous said...

Wow. What a beautiful home. Love the neighborhood. So safe. And the landscaping is so immaculate. It's definitely been well-maintained. Someone smart is going to snatch up this palace.

Anonymous said...

So why's he selling the house he got from his sister? Is he planning on making a run for the border if he loses the lawsuit? By the way, nice yard Wiggington. Do you have a professional landscaper?


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