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Sunday, December 7, 2014

A History of Failures, 3 of 4


As is usual throughout the Credit Union industry, business is beginning to slow down at Priority One Credit Union and will continue to do so until the end of January 2015, when it will gradually increase. Though this has been a common phenomena at the Credit Union for many decades, the failure of President Charles R. Wiggington, Sr. to introduce strategies that might have amassed profit throughout 2014, only serves to add to Priority One's ongoing financial burdens. The failures incurred in 2014 only mirror those which have become the norm at the Credit Union since he began serving as President on January 1, 2007. Prior to his appointment, Priority One was a thriving and growing organization that flourished under the competent leadership of his predecessors. 

On January 1, 2007, the President inherited an organization whose net worth exceeded $172 million and which possessed nine (9) branches. Also, at the end of 2006, Priority One experienced a substantial increase of its net worth and physical size as a result of a merger with Inland Counties Federal Credit Union in Riverside County, California. The acquisition of Riverside County provided the Credit Union a vast new resources which under a competent President, would have enabled the Credit Union to promote its name and products in a territory exceeding 7000 square miles in size and a means by which to acquire potentially unlimited numbers of new members.

Regrettably, Charles R. Wiggington, Sr. would bring an abrupt end to Priority One's expansion and due to what appears to be a complete lack of motivation and incompetence, fail year after year, to develop strategies designed to market the Credit Union's name and products.One cause to the Credit Union's unraveling might be cited in a January 2007 statement, in which the President boasted, "My AVP's will bring in the business while I just sit back." His expensive and unqualified AVP sector failed to cultivate business within their assigned region at a level which would have amassed profit, promoted growth, and enabled to the Credit Union to offset its overhead. Despite their failure, President Wiggington continued to languish comfortably in his office, spending a typical work day playing on the Internet, talking on his company paid cellular for hours each day conversing to his aunt, uncle and wife and leaving the office for 2 1/2 to 3 hours each day for lunch. The Credit Union founded in 1926 began to quickly unravel which the apathetic and unqualified Board of Directors under leadership of its Chair, Diedra Harris-Brooks, donned an apathetic stance, watching the hard of the President's predecessors buckle under the incompetence of its horrendous President and his bumbling staff. 

On January 4, 2007, the President promised to introduce state-of-the-art technologies that would thrust Priority One into the 22nd century and enable it to rival larger, richer Credit Union. That year, he spent Credit Union monies purchasing an updated version of Outlook Mail and a $600,000 telephone system which he chose without consulting his executive staff and whose subsequent technical problems would force the Credit Union to spend huge amounts in repair costs over the next seven (7) years. 

But President Wiggington's failures could never have been enabled were it not for the Board of Directors and more specifically, its Board Chair, Diedra Harris-Brooks. Under her tutelage, the Credit Union has hemorrhaged losses totaling hundreds of thousands of dollars. It was she who in late 2006, led her confederates in deciding that Charles R. Wiggington was the best, most qualified person to succeed former President, William E. Harris. Immediately following the Board's announcement that Charles R. Wiggington, Sr. would be the next President, Directors, Thomas Gathers, O. Glen Saffold, and Janice Irving disclosed they selected Mr. Wiggington because what the Credit Union needed most was a "Black president" while Mrs. Harris-Brooks would assert he'd been selected from amongst a group of better qualified candidates because of Mr. Wiggington's "past" experience at Bank of America. Inarguably, neither his skin color or banking experience proved beneficial in leading the rapidly shrinking Credit Union. 

Without question, the Board ignored competence, a tangible record of proven accomplishments, ethics, and character as factors in selecting Mr. Wiggington. In the end, it is the Board of Directors who enabled ruination of the once robust Credit Union.


We're not proponents of lying but if you're going to lie, make sure know one knows the truth. Over the years, Charles R. Wiggingon, Sr. has proven an insatiable propensity for fabricating stories which alter his personal history and serve to embellish who he is and what he's done. His stories about his sexual escapades, his above-average intellect, his accomplishments while employed by Bank of America, and his boasting about his palatial estate and fleet of BMW's. Unfortunately for President Wiggington, his embellishments have often been proven to be untrue, reducing his verbalizations to mere conjecture from a man who may be dissatisfied by how his life turned out.  

Recently, while perusing the Internet, we happened upon several of the President's biographies and noticed he has subtly altered his employment history by omitting all references that he once served as Priority One's Vice President of Operations during the years of 1992 though the 1996. His omission constitutes fraud. It is important to note that his biographies were created by consultants who merely documented the information they were provided by the President and his Executive Vice President, Rodger Smock. Before the biographies were published, someone at the Credit Union had to proofread the drafts to ensure they were correct. Evidently, the President hopes that omitting his role as Vice President of Operations will somehow serve to enhance his employment history while at Priority One Credit Union. 

Here is one of the biographies and resumes we located during our search. We've segmented it for the purposes of our review. The biography and resume can be viewed at

Charles R. Wiggington, Sr.


Executive Charles R. Wiggington, Sr., holds more than 35 years of experience in the savings and loans industry, holding NUMEROUS leadership positions with banking institutions, credit unions, and other financial services firms throughout his career. Presently, Charles R. Wiggington serves as President and Chief Executive Officer of Priority One Credit Union which he joined in 1992. Leading HIS company, Mr. Wiggington presides over all of Priority One's operations,  providing directorship over investments, budgeting, loan portfolio management, and other administrative matters. 

President Wiggington was hired in 1992 as Vice President of Operations but as stated previously, was not promoted to President until January 1,  2007. The omission implies he was hired in 1992 in he capacity of Vice President of Operations, which is wholly untrue. The Credit Union is Member-Owned and not owned by Mr. Wiggington dispelling any suggestion that the organization is "his." 

Prior to joining Priority One, Mr. Wiggington served as Vice President of Operations at Security Pacific National Bank. He served the company for nearly a decade, directing branch operations such as losses, maximum profitability, audits, expense control, staffing development and circulation, and customer relations.  
  • It is incredible that an allegedly accomplished Officer like President Wiggington with extensive experience in operations is the same person who caused Priority one to lose six (6) of its nine (9) branches during the years of October 2010 through January 2014. The former Vice of Operations at Security Pacific National Bank seemed impotent in implementing the Credit Union's security protocols in 2007, when he allowed the mailing of ballots to Members on whose exterior were printed Member social security and Credit Union account numbers. 
  • He again seemed completely helpless and incapable of reining in his own behaviors and was found guilty of sexual harassment during a 2008 investigation conducted by EXTTI, Inc. 
  • While serving in the capacity of Vice President of Operations at Priority One Credit Union, Mr. Wiggington could not control his emotions and urges and approved a more than $30,000 automobile loan to a Member whose FICO score was 518 and whose credit report referenced a bankruptcy, unpaid accounts, and charge-offs. 
  • While serving as Vice President of Operations at Priority One Credit Union he also assigned lending approval rights to the Valencia Branch Manager. She would subsequently approve several loans that all became delinquent and subject to collection proceedings. At the time, the Mr. Wiggington exclaimed, "If I go down, I'm taking her with me." 
  • Audits conducted in late 2009 and in 2013, revealed internal thefts committed by branch personnel though the thefts were not discovered as a result of the Credit Union's security protocols but reported by Members who discovered the thefts. 
Conspicuously, note that there is no reference to his accomplishments while employed by Security Pacific National Bank.  


Additionally, Charles R. Wiggington, Sr., has held other executive roles of varying degrees since 1977, accumulating vast expertise in managing savings and loans operations. After leaving Bank of America in 1979, where he held a position as a Teller, Mr. Wiggington joined California Federal Savings and Loans, serving the company as Senior Savings Officer. At California Federal Savings and Loans, Mr. Wiggington oversaw the company's savings department, responsible for department reports, wire transfers, second trust deed note collections, and general ledger balances. He then joined Allstate Savings and Loans in 1982, acting as Branch Manager. There, Mr. Wiggington presided over all operations within the company's savings branch, including branch losses, expense control, business development, security, and budget attainment. 

The President of course, offers nothing tangible to quantify his alleged past experience, however, if we gauge his vast expertise solely on his performance as President of Priority One Credit Union, we'd have to conclude that his biography is just another far-fetched concoction intended to create the impression of competency which he clearly doesn't possess. 

Note: California Federal Savings and Loans and Allstate Savings and Loan, no longer exist.

A graduate of California State University, Charles R. Wiggington, Sr., holds a Bachelor of Arts in History. An active member of his local community, Mr. Wiggington has served as Board Treasurer of the Silverlake Neighborhood Council and as a volunteer basketball coach for the Los Angeles City Parks and Recreation Center.

The President's degree is in Afro-American studies though what he learned about Afro-American culture was never utilized in creating ties with the large Afro-American membership.  The President has also not served as the Board Treasurer of the Silverlake Neighborhood Council for many years before his biographies were published across the Internet. 


Also published alongside his biography, is the President's resume in which he states he has served as President and CEO of Priority One, "which he joined in 1992." It may be subtle, but his reference is yet another lie. He was hired in 1992 as Vice President of Operations. He held the position for the next 15 years until he was promoted to President in 2007. So why does he omit all reference to the fact he was the Vice President of Operations? Poor Charles Wiggington, he's never met a truth he couldn't distort. 

#5- Objectives

Serves as President and Chief Executive Office of Priority One Credit Union, which he joined in 1992.

The objective in a person's resume defines the type of position a candidate is seeking in a new position and serves to elucidate their personal goal in seeking employment. Evidently, expensive consultants paid for with Credit Union monies and despite having a highly experienced Executive Vice President (Rodger Smock) on payroll, the President is quite incapable of understanding the purpose of the objective and merely provides us again, with his official title and the year he was hired by the Credit union.

#6- Education
California State University 
California State University, South Pasadena, CA

Graduated: June 1979 


President Wiggington fails to provides his GPA. 

#7- Employment History
March 1992 – Present: President/CEO 
Company: Priority One Credit Union 

South Pasadena, CA

Oversees the complete operation of the Credit Union and all branches. Has the overall responsibilities of financials, investments, loan portfolio, budget, and operational requirements. Represents the credit union at various organizations, makes presentations, attends events, etc. Reports to the Board of Directors making recommendations on operational issues.

Again, there is no reference to the fact he was the Vice President of Operations during the years of 1992 through 2007. 

Also, the President has not made presentations and certainly has refused to establish relations with Member-Owners. His "recommendations on operational issues" is certainly a point of dispute if only because he has demonstrated tremendous ignorance about operational issues and solutions affecting the Credit Union's operation. 

February 1983 – March 1992: Vice President of Operations 

Company: Security Pacific National Bank 

Los Angeles, CA

Managed and directed all operations for a full service branch, including branch losses, maximum branch profitability, audits, completions of all daily cash, customer relations, expense control employee development and turnover.


July 1982 – December 1982: Branch Manager 

Company: Allstate Savings and Loan 

Glendale, CA

Responsibilities for the savings growth, general and administrative expense control, branch losses, and maximum branch profitability, business development, customer relations, employee development and turnover, maintenance, security, budget attainment.


December 1977 – January 1979: Bank of America 

Company: Bank of America

Los Angeles, CA

Cash handling and balancing, customer satisfaction and service

#11- Professional Skills

Customer Service- Expert
Customer Service issues and problems have plagued the Credit Union since Charles R. Wiggington, Sr. began serving as President and CEO. His alleged expertise is another lie. Unlike his predecessor, President Wiggington refuses to meet or speak to Members calling his office and has never demonstrated a desire to build and maintain relations with the Credit Union's membership. 

#12 Hobbies & Interests

Customer Service

It's incredulous that this President would claim to have a hobby and interest in customer service when as mentioned before in this post, for years he's maintained a closed door policy to Members and has made no effort to resolve the Credit Union's chronic member service issues. 

The President's alteration of his actual employment history is intended to embellish his employment and supposed expertise. However, his claims to expertise in operations, leadership and customer service are laid waste by the horrendous internal issues plaguing Priority One's operations and member service. What's more, his inference is that he's been President of the Credit Union since 1992, which constitutes yet another lie from a man who has no desire to conduct himself in a manner that is ethical or responsible. 


"I never said anything to her." 
Charles R. Wiggington, Sr., July 15, 2008

If we've learned anything from some of the President's outlandish acts, its that when exposed, he scurries hides behind the Board of Directors, Human Resources aka Employee Services, and/or behind expensive attorneys. Through the years, his protectors have produced a myriad of lies and excuses intended to exonerate the President of all wrong doing. When the President chose to violate policy and laws, it was ultimately his  staff who suffered most.

In 2008, the Credit Union's attorney, William Adler, of Styskal, Wiese and Melchione, located in Glendale, California, received a letter from a former employee of Priority One, informing them that she had been victimized by Charles R. Wiggington, Sr. who for a few years, subjected her to unwelcome salacious comments in addition to inappropriate touching. 

The attorney met with the Board of Directors and informed them that an investigation must be conducted during which President Wiggington would be placed on suspension. A meeting was convened with the President who was informed of the accusations and who was told he was being placed on suspension though Mrs. Harris-Brooks told him he would be suspended with pay. Historically, all employees placed on suspension are not paid during the days they are on suspension. It is important to also note that there has never been exceptions to this, either before or after President Wiggington's suspension.

During the President's approximate eight (8) week suspension, a detective who is also an attorney from EXTTI. Inc.interviewed numerous employee witnesses who allegedly witnessed the President's inappropriate sexualized statements and actions to a former employee. At the conclusion of his investigation, the investigator met with the Board to present his findings. However, even before the meeting took place, Board Chair, Diedra Harris-Brooks, had determined herself to ignore the evidence and reinstate President Wiggington irrelevant of the findings. She extended an invitation to Directors, O. Glen Saffold and Thomas Gathers and Supervisory Committee Chair, Cornelia Simmons. The Directors and Supervisory Chair were loyal to Mrs. Harris-Brooks and as the event would prove, would concede to her efforts to ignore and squash the evidence and exact every effort to ensure the President was reinstated quietly and without further incident. Unfortunately for Mrs. Harris-Brooks, her effort would not proceed quite as smoothly as she planned. 

The day before the meeting, uninvited Director, Janice Irving was contacted and informed that Mrs. Harris-Brooks had scheduled a meeting in South Pasadena to hear the evidence gathered by the investigator but had purposely not invited either Mrs. Irving or Director, Joe Marchica. Mrs. Irving contacted Mr. Marchica and the two showed up at the meeting just prior to its start. Mrs. Harris-Brooks was discombobulated by their appearance and tried to convince them that th meeting was not sufficiently important to warrant attendance of all the Directors. Of course, Mrs. Harris-Brooks excuse was absurd and very much a la Wiggington in style. Mrs. Harris-Brooks' effort failed and Mrs. Irving and Mr. Marchica not only listened to the evidence gathered by the investigator but were the two dissenting votes who wanted the President terminated for sexual harassment. 

Mrs. Harris-Brooks, O. Glen Saffold, Thomas Gathers, and Cornelia Simmons ignored the evidence proving Charles R. Wiggington, Sr. had indeed sexually harassed an employee as witnessed by more than four (4) employees. The decision by Mrs. Harris-Brooks and her confederates to reinstate the President proved they had no concern over the well-being and safety of employees, over the reputation of the Credit Union as a business and employer,. and clearly had no interest in the potential legal implications and legal costs that were spent during the investigation and that might again be spent should another similar incident again occur. 

After the meeting, Mrs. Irving contacted an employee of the South Pasadena branch and revealed that Mrs. Harris-Brooks and her allies ignored the evidence presented by the investigator and disregarded the investigator's recommendation they terminate the President, voting instead for his reinstatement.

And though it was Charles R. Wiggington, Sr. who was found guilty of verbalized sexual comments to a former employees and of occasionally squeezing her knees and thighs, it was the entire staff who would be subjected to remedial efforts that should have been solely directed to President Wiggington. After all, in its more than eighty (80) year history, Charles R. Wiggington, Sr., the President and CEO, was the only person ever accused and found guilty of sexual harassment. Mrs. Harris-Brooks mailed letters to the VICTIM and the President, advising each that sexual harassment as defined under federal law, never occurred. Mrs. Harris-Brooks also disclosed that the VICTIM had participated and encouraged the President's sexualized verbalizations and behaviors and that some of the witnesses had interpreted the sexualized exchanges as nothing more than inappropriate jesting. Mrs. Harris-Brooks' intent was to invalidate an illegal act and reduce it to nothing more than a series of acts grounded in humor. Mrs. Harris-Brooks further victimized the former employee and tried earnestly to reduce the then fifty-some year old President's statements to the employee- "I'm gonna whip your ass", "you need a good whipping"and "I'm gonna sop you up like gravy" to playful exchanges. 

Here is a copy of the letter, written by the VICTIM and sent to attorney, William Adler, and which would be the catalyst for the subsequent investigation:

Here is a copy of the letter sent by the Board Chair to President Wiggington, disclosing the Board's findings:

In the first page, Mrs. Harris-Brooks states, “Based on the facts available to us we have concluded that numerous exchanges occurred between you and [the former employee] during the course of her employment at the Credit Union. Behavior during this time included EXCHANGES initiated by BOTH YOU AND [the former employee] and [the former employee] also alleged that an improper GESTURE and COMMENT   was made by you at an office holiday party…”

"Based on the facts available to us?" Is Mrs. Harris-Brooks stating that there were facts not presented to the Board? Mrs. Harris-Brooks lied in her politically-fueled response. During the investigation, several employees attested that during a pre-Christmas party conducted at Charlie’s Trio in South Pasadena, California, the President, in the presence of several employees, ordered the employee to walk to where he sat so he could "whip your ass." He also told her, "You know you want it." All employees witnessing the incident, told the investigator that the employee never responded to the President, remaining quietly seated with co-workers. Mrs. Harris-Brooks continued:


The problem with Mrs. Harris-Brooks is that the Board’s conclusion relied upon their “understanding of the circumstances.” Mrs. Harris-Brooks' personal prime directive is to ensure that there are no changes impacting the Board who are completely loyal to her agendas. In 2007, Mrs. Harris-Brooks retaliated against the only White Board Director, chastising him for delivering an anonymous letter mailed to his residence and which exposed a then AVP of abusing her checking account privileges. The result of an investigation would later prove the AVP had knowingly kited using checking accounts held at three (3) different institutions, including Priority One Credit Union. Mrs. Harris-Brooks told the Director that he should have instead, submitted the letter to the Board so that they could resolve the accusations against the AVP. Mrs. Harris-Brooks had deluded herself into believing she possesses the intellect, knowledge of federal laws, and ethics needed to investigate a federal offense. We believe that if she had been given the letter, the federal offense would have been quickly squashed, just as she squashed the investigator’s findings which proved Charles R. Wiggington, Sr. sexually harassed a former employee.

Continuing, Mrs. Harris Brooks admits the sexualized comments and unsolicited physical touching were “not consistent with the Credit Union’s standards of conduct” but based her actions and that of the Board, insufficient to warrant the President's termination.

A few weeks after the President was reinstated, a meeting was conducted at the main branch in South Pasadena, California, which all employees were required to attend. The meeting- a seminar about sexual harassment was conducted by an officer of EXTTI, Inc. Just prior to the start of the meeting, Mrs. Harris-brooks in her typical controlling manner, walked through the Loan Department, where the meeting took place, and ordered all employee to sit directly in front of the podium while she, the Board and the President, sat at the back of the room, behind employees. 

During the meeting, employees were informed about what constitutes sexual harassment and were instructed to report incidents they believe are sexual harassment to their Human Resources, to the Board Chair or the Supervisory Committee Chair. The absurdity of the recommendations doesn't elude us. It was Executive Vice President, Rodger Smock, who is also the Director of Human Resources, who told the investigator that he was present during the party and other incidents when the President made inappropriate sexualized statements and that in his opinion, the President and the employee were "joking around." Furthermore, it was Mrs. Harris-Brooks and the Supervisory Committee Chair who voted for the President's reinstatement. So why then, would any employee report suspected incidents of sexual harassment to either Human Resources, the Board Chair, or Supervisory Committee Chair? Due to the ethical make-up of the Human Resources Department and the Board and Supervisory Committee's Chairs, we instead recommend employees contact the Department of Fair Employment and Housing should they believe they are the victims of sexual harassment. 

On page two of her letter to the President, Mrs. Harris-Brooks states, ".... be mindful regarding the level of familiarity of that dialogue." It's incredible that the then 53 year old President had to be reminded that he must be "mindful" of what he says. Over the years, its is Charles R. Wiggington, Sr. who has most violated Credit Union policies and state and federal laws. He has proven he cannot control his verbalizations, even about highly confidential and inappropriate subjects. His violations have often placed Priority One in legally precarious positions, forcing the hiring of expensive attorneys and consultants who have been paid to fabricate defenses which subvert lawsuits and complaints and avoid what would assuredly be costly and embarrassing court trials.  

Mrs. Harris-Brooks also states, "...we instruct you to maintain a high standard of professionalism and to take care as possible perceptions inconsistent with OUR standards of conduct and Unlawful Harassment policies in conversations with volunteers, EMPLOYEES and members at the Credit Union."  Mrs. Harris-Brooks' letter is nothing more than a means by which to create the appearance the Board did its due diligence and took action after conducting a fair and impartial investigation. There was nothing wrong with the investigation because it was conducted by an investigator who was both ethical and intelligent however, Mrs. Harris-Brooks' response to the evidence is what turned this case into a travesty and proved that the Board Chair had absolutely no qualms in trying to cover up an offense of federal law. 

The following pages are excerpts of documentation provided to all employees attending the 2008 sexual harassment seminar though logically, the only person who should have been present was the Credit Union's sole violator of sexual harassment laws- Charles R. Wiggington, Sr. 


Since the inception of this blog in January 2009, the President often accused us of victimizing him and described us as jealous employees who wanted to take his job. As is often the case with any of the President's exclamations, his assessment was quite amiss. We don't have a desire to take his position. We never have. We would like, however, to see him replaced by a man or woman who is competent, ethical and committed to seeking the best interests of Members and employees. We don't believe we're being unreasonable though we have no doubt that the childish President would take issue with anything we have to say. 

During the years of 2007 through 2009, the President boldly violated state and federal laws, subjecting many employees to harassment, retaliation and overt violations of federal law. In 2010, after the Credit Union received its first notice they were being sued by the former Burbank Branch Manager, the President and his herd, hurried to cover-up evidence of wrong doing and even initiated a review of personnel files to remove anything that could be viewed as a violation of federal law. 

In 2007, at the time he was appointed President, Charles R. Wiggington, Sr. was appointed an attractive and well-liked Administrative Assistant to manage all of his clerical needs. The young woman, an Afro-American, was well-liked by staff though the President spent months criticizing her openly to non-management personnel and maligning her reputation and work ethic. The best way to describe his hostile attitude towards her is bullying. After a few months it became apparent that the President seemed jealous of her popularity. On her birthday, employees from all departments left gifts and food atop her desk while on Charles R. Wiggington, Sr.'s birthday, he received a card from his executive staff. The President also frequently described her "looks", stating that she wasn't what he wanted in an assistant. Evidently, President Wiggington doesn't own a mirror. 

During a luncheon for federal retirees, the President complained that his assistant refused to accompany him to weekend events and that he was going to have to do something to "let her know I mean business."  Realistically, there was no logical reason for her to accompany him to weekend events. His reason for demanding her presence was merely that he wanted people outside the Credit Union to know he was President of the Credit Union and that he had a "secretary" (actually, administrative assistant). 

In late 2009, his personal attacks increased as he berated his assistant to more and more people, including then COO, Beatrice Walker. His attacks were willingly and always aided by Executive Vice President, Rodger Smock, who enabled the President's abuses and even assisted in the issuance of written warning to the victimized assistant. 

In late 2009, the Executive Vice President provided the President and COO with the names of employees he said were the blogger, bloggers, and confederates of the blogger(s). The President and COO began a plan of attack based solely on Mr. Smock's statements. The witch hunt which followed would result in the expulsion of several employees. During that period, Ms. Walker with the help of President Wiggington and Executive Vice President, Rodger Smock, transferred the Administrative Assistant to the reception desk, using the pretext that she would temporarily cross-train with the receptionist who would in turn, train to be the President's assistant. Ms. Walker assured the President and Executive Vice President that isolating the receptionist to the one-person reception desk would bring an end to her leaking of confidential information.

The "temporary" position became a permanent position for the President's former assistant. Furthermore, confidential information originating in the office of the President, found its way to the Internet. And though logistically, it was impossible for the President's former assistant to be involved in the leaks of information, the President and COO continued to insist that she was somehow obtaining information that only the President and COO possessed and leaking it out into the public. 

In late 2010, the former Administrative Assistant was called by then Human Resources "clerk", Esmeralda Sandoval, to the office of Executive Vice President, Rodger Smock, where she was told that they were "so sorry" but that it had been decided that due to a lack of  business, the credit union no longer needed a receptionist. But months earlier, Executive Vice President had assured the former Administrative Assistant that her transfer to the reception desk was in both "temporary" and for the purpose of "cross-training." If this was in fact true, which it was not, then why would they not have laid-off the President's temporary Administrative Assistant? Because Mr. Smock lied. The former Administrative Assistant had been victimized by Charles R. Wiggington, Sr. long before she was sent to work at the reception desk. He had berated her, slandered her and in the end and with the help of Rodger Smock, attributed to her, acts she never committed. 

The former assistant proved to be another casualty of the delusional President who has somehow convinced himself that he is the only victim at the Credit Union and not the perpetrator of abuses and illegal acts. The former assistant never filed a lawsuit against the Credit Union, the President or the COO despite being subjected to duress, a hostile work environment and having her reputation defamed by the two officers. 

On a side note, the employee who became the President's new receptionist was later terminated for allegedly breaking confidentiality and disclosing to vendors and co-workers that Charles R. Wiggington, Sr. was suffering from testicular cancer. Her termination seems peculiar when one considers that it was the President who in 2011, told employees of the Accounting, Member Services and Loan Departments that he was suffering from "ball cancer". 


Since 2007, the President's victimization of employees has been commonplace at the continually shrinking Credit Union. President Wiggington's abuses of staff have always been intended to oust the enemies looming in his imagination and allegedly purposed to improve business. We are still waiting for the improvement in business. The President's other reason for ousting targeted and victimized personnel was to nurture development of a sector of employees who showed blind loyalty to his regime. 
In November 2010, we received the following account describing the termination of an employee which occurred earlier that same year. The employee shared his experience with a coworker who forwarded the account to us. Though we’ve been in possession of the email for almost four (4) years, we thought it appropriate to include it in this our final post for the series, “A History of Failures” which concludes our expose’ of past acts committed by Priority One Credit Union’s President, Charles R. Wiggington, Sr. We thought the incident appropriate for inclusion in our review. The allegations in this incident are telling, providing insight into the unethical tactics and practices employed by Priority One’s most heinous President. 
We must point out, the account also reveals much about the ethics or lack of ethics, of the Human Resources Department who is staffed by Executive Vice President, Rodger D. Smock; Director, Robert West; and Manager, Esmeralda Sandoval. Though the three serve as a liaisons between the Credit Union and its employees, their actual role, based on their history of enabling President

As you read through the account of what allegedly transpired on June 1, 2010, take note of the tactics employed by the President in his pursuit to expel employees he deemed enemies to his authority. If he had been ethical and responsible, he would have compiled actual documented evidence to support his accusations against the employee. What is also disturbing is that the entire staff of the Human Resources Department- Executive Vice President, Rodger Smock and his then assistant, Esmeralda Sandoval, had no qualms enabling the President’s use of illegal acts to realize his attack on the employee. On a side note, in 2010 through 2012, the President with the help of Mr. Smock and Miss Sandoval, employed unethical practices to rid the Credit Union of his imagined enemies.



I thought you’d find this story interesting. It happened to one of my co-workers and maybe you’ll publish it so everyone can see just how dirty and dishonest Charles Wiggington is.

I spoke to a co-worker a few weeks ago and asked him why the credit union laid him off. He told me he wasn’t laid off. He got accused of downloading gay pornography and sexually harassing his co-workers. He also got accused of being the blogger or knowing the blogger and leaking information to you.

He said that right after Memorial Day he gets a call on his cell phone from Esmeralda [Sandoval] but its garbled and he can’t make it out. So he calls Esmeralda and asks if she could repeat her message because it was garbled. He says she starts stuttering and  gets defensive. She says, “What do you mean you couldn’t understand?”. ”Why wasn’t it clear to you?” 

He asks her to please repeat her message. He said she nervously says “You have an HR meeting at 11 a.m.” He thanks her and hangs up. He said that for weeks he’s known something is up because certain people at the credit union are behaving oddly around him including Esmeralda, Rodger Smock., Robert West, and Joseph Garcia.  He said the only reason employees are called to HR is when they’re going to be fired so he drives to his office in Burbank and clears out his desk and then drives down to South Pasadena, California.

He arrives outside Rodger Smock’s office at about 10:50 a.m. and greets Esmeralda. Esmeralda gets up and goes in Rodger’s office but he can hear Rodger tell her he’s awaiting an important call. She tells him its going to be a few minutes. He then tells Esmeralda that he’s going to get a cup of water in the lounge room. She says, “I have to go with you.” Why she needed to accompany him seemed strange since he is an employee of the credit union but affirms that something is up.

After they return from the lunch room, he sits down and Esmeralda goes back inside Rodger’s office. He can hear Rodger say that he is on an important call and can’t attend “the meeting.” She walks to her desk and calls someone. After hanging up, she asks the employee to follow her. They go to Charles’s office but the door is closed. She knocks and Charles opens the door. He tells the employee to come in. Inside the office and sitting a the small conference table is an Asian man dressed in a suit. The man looks up but stays quiet. Charles asks the employee to sit down and introduces the man as an investigator. The man identifies himself as a “forensics investigator” and he says he’s been scanning the employee’s computer and discovered that he’s been visiting gay porn sites and printing copies of pictures of naked men. The man opens a manila folder where there’s what looks like a ream sized stack of photocopies but from the angle where the employee sits, the images look really dark. The investigator adds that the employee has also been leaking information to the blog with the help of his “confederates.” He tells the employee that he’s committed egregious acts and that he has 24 hours to either shut down the blog or order the bloggers to shut down the blog. The employees says he tells the investigator he didn’t know what he was talking about. He also asks the investigator to let him look through the pile of photos he supposedly copied. He said the investigator has a hissy fit and yells, “I don’t have to show you these!”

Turning to Charles he asks, “And who have I sexually harassed” but the investigator cuts in saying, “We don’t have to tell you that!”

The employee responds back saying, “You do because you’re accusing me of downloading porn. Since I allegedly downloaded I have a right to see your proof. The investigator closes the manila folder and threatens the employee to either shut down the blog or he will be taken to federal court.

The investigator then tells him that he interviewed Joseph Garcia and Esmeralda Sandoval both who said he was leaking information to the blog. The employee rarely speaks to either and his work doesn’t require he interact with either Joseph or Esmeralda, so why would they provide evidently false statements?

Then Charles cuts in and tells him that if the employee signs a severance agreement, he’ll receive severance pay equal to one week of pay for each year of employment with the credit union. He also says that if the employee doesn’t sign the agreement,  the credit union will deny unemployment and give bad references to anyone calling the credit union for references.

The employee turns to the investigator and asks, “What is your name?” He said the investigator’s face flushed red and he yells, “I don’t have to give you my name!”

Charles then tells the employee, “I don’t care if the blog stays up but I want you to tell the bloggers to stop calling me a sexual harasser and to remove all references that call me a sexual harasser.

The investigator cuts in and says, “Charles, I’m trying to get him to shut down the blog!”

Charles responds, “It can stay up I just don’t want to be called a sexual harasser plus I have 4 other things I want removed.” The employee says again, “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

The investigator starts backtracking and says, “You can’t sue me because I’m not an employee of the credit union.” The employee ignored the investigator at this point because it was obvious he was hired to lie for Charles and that he was a coward because he refused to provide his name.

Charles tells him, “Please tell the bloggers to stop calling me a sexual harasser.” The employee tells me that it was obvious that what the blog says must be true if Charles is going to such extremes to make up stories so his name can be taken off the blog.

Charles then invites him to go into the branch and tell his co-workers good-bye. Why would an employee accused of downloading porn, sexually harassing co-workers, and leaking information be invited to go through the branch to say good-bye to his co-workers?

The employee filed for unemployment. He advised the Department of Employment Development (“EDD”) that he was fired for allegedly downloading pornography,  sexually harassing co-workers, and leaking confidential information on to this blog.

Days later, an employee from the EDD contacted the former employee and informed him that his request for unemployment was being denied because Esmeralda Sandoval informed the department that he had violated confidentiality, a terminable offense.

The employee explains that during his meeting with the President and the forensics investigator, he was informed he was being terminated for downloading same-sex pornography, for sexually harassing unnamed co-workers and for breaching confidentiality but adds that the President offered him a severance package if he signed an agreement in which he agrees not to seek legal recourse against the Credit Union.

He is advised by the EDD representative that offering a severance agreement to someone who has violated company policy is highly irregular but she adds she will have to call Esmeralda Sandoval to ask about the other reasons why the employee was allegedly terminated.

Later that same day, the EDD representative calls the former employee and advises him that when she told Miss Sandoval that he had been terminated for downloading gay pornography and sexually harassing co-workers, that the Assistant to Rodger Smock stated, “We don’t know what he’s talking about. Maybe he’s confused a conversation he had with someone else.”

The EDD representative asks the former employee to fax a copy of the severance agreement to her office. He does so on the same day.  The representative calls Priority One again but Esmeralda Sandoval never returns her call. The EDD approves the former employees request for unemployment benefits.

The account reveals that Charles Wiggington is a man who has no qualms about committing egregious acts and employing slander as a means by which to realize his illegal purposes. He concocted a phony and slanderous story with an evidently dishonest forensics investigator whose services were paid for with Priority One’s funds.

Miss Sandoval apparently had no hesitation in taking part in the President’s duplicitous and insidious plot and without hesitation, lied to the EDD representative.

Similarly, then Loan Department Manager, Joseph Garcia, apparently had no problems providing fictitious testimony to enable the termination plot hatched by Beatrice Walker and President Wiggington.

Mr. Wiggington’s history proves he has a penchant for criminal behaviors. He concocted a phony story  with fraudulent evidence and later denied having ever accused the employee of downloading pornography or sexually harassing co-workers. President Wiggington, the entire Human Resources Department, the former COO and her then confidant, Joseph Garcia proved that their personal agendas have precedence over ethics, morals and even the law. The President’s denials remind us of his 2008 denials that he never sexually harassed a former employee or his 2007 denial that he was culpable for the mailing debacle which violated the Credit Union’s security protocols.

On the day of the termination, the always cowards and dishonest, Rodger Smock, hid in the recesses of his office refusing to attend the meeting in the President’s office.

But there’s more. The employee also revealed that while working in South Pasadena, he was told by co-workers that one of the collection representatives, Alex Suarez, was always gossiping about him the women’s bathroom, saying she knew he was the blogger.  Alex also told female employees that her boss, Yvonne Boutte and Bea Walker were “on to him.”

He also learned from people in the Accounting Department that Charles had said that they shouldn’t talk about confidential information around the employee because “he writes everything down.” Now wouldn’t it seem peculiar to see someone from another department standing or sitting in your department and writing down everything you’re saying?

He is also learned from a Manager, that it was Rodger Smock who told President Wiggington, the Board and Beatrice Walker, who he knew were the blogger and bloggers.  It was Mr. Smock who single-handedly caused the victimization of a Member Services clerk, the Marketing Specialist, an AVP,  a Business Development Representative, the BSA Officer and many others. Of course, being simpletons, the President, the COO, and Board Chair, Diedra Harris-Brooks believed as fact, Mr. Smock’s statements without demanding he provide evidence.

Also, in February 2010, the employee attended some conference in Anaheim. The following day when he returned to work, all his possessions in his desk had been packed in boxes and thrown on a cart. A temporary employee was sitting at his desk and he was told that he was being relocated outside of Rodger’s office. Rodger joking told him, “Now we’ll see if you really work.” I guess Rodger didn’t realize that the employee would now be able to see if Rodger really worked.

In late January 2010, following a Board meeting in the Credit Union’s conference room, the board walked into the back offices to look at the Call Center which opened earlier that month. He says that Diedra the board’s Chair walked over to where he sat working while the remainder of the board huddled several feet behind her just outside of Yvonne Boutte’s cubicle.  He said Diedra stuttered and couldn’t look at him in the eyes and asked, “Do you like this desk? I don’t like it. Lets see if we can get you a nice office somewhere in this branch.”

He thought her conversation was totally disingenuous and betrayed by her obvious nervousness. She then told him she would look into getting him a nice office. He had already heard rumors about him leaking information, about things said behind his back by Bea Walker, Alex Suarez, Rodger Smock, Robert West and President Wiggington so Mrs. Harris comments were suspicious and out of character.

That same night, Rodger calls the employee at his cell phone and asks him if he’d like to be relocated to Burbank instead and says he’ll be given his own private office where he can work undisturbed and that he will work independent of the Burbank branch manager and just do the assignments he receives from Bea or himself. He also says that the employee is not to help the branch manager under any circumstances and that he is not to do “branch work.”

The employee gladly accepts the post, hoping distancing himself from South Pasadena will bring an end to the chronic gossip that permeates South Pasadena.

He goes to Burbank but once he’s there, he says the Branch Manager is constantly trying to get him to do her work and even through Rodger said he wasn’t to assist her for any reason.

She calls Rodger and complains and he calls and asks the employee why he’s refusing to help the Branch Manager. The employee reminds Rodger that he specifically said that he was not to do branch work or help her.  He said Rodger starts stuttering (always an great indicator that someone is lying) and Rodger says, “Can’t you at least process loan applications?” He reminds Rodger that because he no longer works in the Loan Department, he does not possess loan processor rights. Rodger stutters and tells him he’ll call him back.

The Branch Manager’s harassment begins to escalate and he soon learns that she’s not only complaining to Rodger but she’s also complaining to Bea Walker.  Behind his back, Bea Walker begins to ask the Branch Manager to keep an eye on his comings and goings.

His co-workers in Burbank begin to tell him that the Branch Manager has told him he is leaking information to the blog and that Charles is having him watched. If true, why would a branch manager share that information with her subordinate staff? 

Its also strange that he left South Pasadena to get away from the gossip and also to distance himself from “confidential” information Charles believed he was allegedly documenting but even though he physically distanced himself from the South Pasadena office, he was still being accused of getting access to information that would have required he be physically present inside the South Pasadena branch.


Clearly, finesse is not a quality possessed by either the President or any of his artless executives. The corrupt President hired a dishonest consultant who prostituted himself and created a fictitious record of fraudulent documentation accusing the employee of acts he never committed. The irony is that just two years earlier, in 2008, President Wiggington was found guilty of sexually harassing an employee and for years, it was a well known fact that at South Pasadena, some of the executives would spend their day visiting pornographic websites on their company-issued computers, a fact which was only known about because these paragons of professionalism would openly talk about what they'd seen to their staffs.

And it's also not by sheer luck that the President found willing accomplices in the despicable Esmeralda Sandoval and Joseph Garcia, both who like the consultant, prostituted themselves and provided false testimonies used to solidify the President's bogus case against the employee. The fraudulent case brought against the employee began to crumble when the Employment Development Department contacted Miss Sandoval and asked her to explain why the employee had been accused of downloading pornography and sexually harassing co-workers. Miss Sandoval buckled and denied all knowledge about the allegations and even declared the employee was confused.

Nowadays, after having exhausted numerous positions, all of whose responsibilities he failed to perform satisfactorily, Mr. Garcia serves as the Credit Union's loan Business Development Representative though in almost 24-months, he has failed each and every month to meet his $150,000 monthly quota of funded loans. 

Miss Sandoval refers to herself as a Christian. We urge her to acquaint herself with what the term Christian means and the responsibility which comes with being a proclaimed follower of Christ. 


It is almost mind boggling that after seven (7) years of chronic, unwavering failures, Charles R. Wiggington, Sr. remains President and CEO of what is now a three-branch Credit Union. 
He continues to receive $150,000 plus for what is apparently leading the Credit Union to extinction. Nowadays, he no longer boasts about how he intends to introduce technologies that will rival those of bigger, richer credit unions nor does he boast about how he will achieve success and growth at levels never achieved by any of his predecessors. He also never mentions that over the past seven (7) years, Priority One's Net Income has declined by approximately $22 million though on occasion he does try to dupe anyone who will listen into believing that the Credit Union's net capital is synonymous with profit obtained from new business and being careful to avoid any reference the drastic and desperate expense reductions he's been forced to introduced in an effort to avoid net capital from dropping anywhere near 6%. 

What is equally amazing is how this untalented leader possesses the ability to populate the ranks of his tattered corporate sector with people who are as unethical and incompetent as he is. And despite his insistence that branch closures are part of a well structured plan that is going to spew forth immense amounts of new business, the fact remains, Priority One is a credit union in financial straits. 

The President proves that there is a relationship between the Credit Union's decline and his insidious behaviors. Over the years, the President has shown he is no respecter of policies, laws or people. In fact, his defiance to structure and orders speaks of a pronounced disdain for things which ensure compliance to rules and laws. Over the years, he's gushed a myriad of lies exaggerating his abilities, his past employment, his achievements, his sexual escapades, and his defamatory attacks against any person he believed was out to topple his empire. 

His style of administration is punctuated by wasted spending, abuses of authority, and deceit. The cumulative effect of his indiscretions have reduced the Credit Union's financial standing, undermined its ability to generate new business at a level needed to offset the amount of its above average overhead and impeded the amassment of profit. His deplorable failures have also allowed the incidence of internal thefts at the Credit Union's Los Angeles branch.

Though as President, he is expected to ensure policies are maintained and enforced, his involvement in sexual harassment, his repossession of an automobile whose ownership he transferred to his name, his approval allowing the collection department to create bogus Facebook accounts as a ploy by which to trap Members who had been referred over to collection proceedings and the multitude of other unethical and illegal acts he's committed, only serves to affirm his vast hypocritical nature. 

In an effort to protect his throne, the President has freely employed slander, concocting vicious stories that viciously maligned employee reputations, and with the help of Executive Vice President, Rodger Smock, and Board Chair, Diedra Harris-Brooks, reduced the Credit Union from a business-generating entity to one reliant on expense reductions as a means to its continued survival.  

  • In 2008, he borrowed $20 million from the the Credit Union's line-of-credit. He immediately afterwards, informed employees that Net Income had increased as a result of new business when the actual reason for the increase was the $20 million the Board authorized him to borrow. 
  • In 2009, he boasted again, that business was increasing yet at the end of the year, the Credit Union sustained more than $5 million in losses.
  • In 2010, he and then COO, Beatrice Walker proclaimed that the Credit Union was on the road to financial recovery. Their declarations were echoed by Board Chair, Diedra Harris-Brooks, who during the May 2010 Annual Meeting, attributed the alleged increase in business to the COO and her assistant, Joseph Garcia. Five months later, in October 2010, the Credit Union closed the Redlands and Valencia branches in a desperate effort to increase net income. 
  • In 2011, the Board terminated COO, Beatrice Walker, and in her place, hired Cindy Garvin as the Credit Union's new Lending Director. During the year, the Credit Union closed the Riverside branch bringing an end to Priority One's physical presence in all of Riverside County.
  • In 2012, the President implemented monthly sales quotas to all employees and from March 2012 through September 2012, terminated a large contingent of employees who failed to meet their assigned quotas during a consecutive two-month period. In November 2012, the President informed employees that Priority One was well on the road to financial recovery pointing to high capital as evidence of increased business. His "story" was a lie. The reason for the increase in capital was unrelated to an increase in new business, but rather drastic expense reductions which served to undermine the Credit Union's ability to develop new business, employ effective marketing, or resolve its many member service related problems. 
The President's current documented lie, infers he's been President since 1992 and tries rather ineptly to enhance his dull employment history which is conspicuously devoid of any accomplishments. The dull President seems incapable of comprehending that it is what one accomplishes that testifies to their abilities, not some embellished, lie ridden biography and resume. Charles Wiggington was hired 1992 in the capacity of Vice President of Operations, a position he maintained until December 31, 2006. There is absolutely no reference to this fact in his online biographies or resumes.  From 1992 through the end of 2006, the President of Priority One Credit Union was William E. Harris. It was Mr. Harris who orchestrated numerous mergers which expanded Priority One's presence in Southern California, increased the Credit Union's Net Income, augmented membership, and increased branch locations. Since Charles R. Wiggington, Sr. became President, the Credit Union has lost six of its nine branches, suffered losses in membership, and its Net Income has declined by more than $22 million. 

Even President Wiggington's most fantastical creations can't dispel his well documented record of failures whose impact upon business has been almost catastrophic. So when might we expect any of the President's promises of impending success to be realized? We've waited for seven years but have yet to see anything indicating even a slight improvement to the woes caused by the President. And don't expect to see a sudden reversal of the Credit Union's misfortunes over the next 8 weeks. We doubt Senor Wiggington will do anything that will improve business at any time in 2015 and we wouldn't be surprised if he again has to close one of the Credit Union's three remaining branches in order to keep business going, albeit it a pittance of the business that existed before the Board appointed him President. And 
if history serves as an indicator of anything, its that President Wiggington will probably never reverse the process of deterioration he set in motion on January 1, 2007.

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Anonymous said...

I'd like to know what happened to the illegal Facebook plot? And what happened to the FBI and the 2 employees who were selling something from the credit union? For a man who is the biggest liar at the credit union, its hard to believe he has the nerve to fire people for breaking policy when he's spent years breaking policy and laws. His family must be so proud.

Ernst Stavro Blofeld said...

I haven't been on-site at P1 in a year, so I'd like to know If Wiggy is still eating food with his mouth wide open?

Loud talking?

Still scratching his balls in public?

Anonymous said...

Remember, you can't teach an old dog new tricks so its likely Wigg the old dog is probably still eating with his mouth wide open or worse, talking with his mouth full of food. I used to find him so gross. Well, I still find him gross.

Anonymous said...

@Ernest Stavro Blofeld

I recently saw Wiggy at Fat Burger. He was definelty eating food with his muth wide open. He spent a lot of time juggling his balls and appeared to be yanking his crank a lot - maybe he was playing a game of pocket pool.

Anonymous said...

You saw him at Fat Burger? Was he with his uncle? Was he going after some young woman that is way out of his league? Who paid for the meal or did he eat and dash?

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful man. He treated his assistnat with the same disrespect we all feel towards him and then the old sexual harasser and car stealer, framed an employee. I'm sure employees, his wife, his son and his aunt and uncle are so proud to be associated with this sack of fertalizer.

Anonymous said...

When I saw Wiggy t a Fat Burger he was with an older gentleman - not sure if it was his Uncle.

Wiggy was trying to put a move on the young girl taking orders behind the counter like he was some sort of lothario akin to Bill Cosby at the Playboy Mansion in 1980. She wasn't buying his act. To impress the counter girl he pulled out a wad of $100 bills. Then he peeled one off to pay for the meals (Double burgers with fries and shake). To cap things off he stuffed the wad of $100s in his front pocket and said loudly so everyone can hear "This roll of $100s is so big my balls need more room."

Anonymous said...

Is there one manager at the credit union who isn't a lowlife? Wiggington is incapable of good. He's pure evil. But Rodger is just like Wiggington plus the big Mo has made sure employee rights were not protected by policy. Then there's that horrible big foot look alike, Yvonne. The woman is a backstabber, braggert and conniver. She plated Bea Walker like a video game. There's Esmeralda who has to be the worst. A liar, backstabber and evidently, someone that has no problem assassinating a person's character. Plus fat girl is a racist. She used to talk about Whites in the most horrible way. Guess she didn't notice Rodger is White. What does she think he is, the Abomoniable Snowman?

Can someone, anyone step up and explain why Charles Wiggington is a good president. I have never heard or read anyone defend him not even his own staff. Come one, someone step up. How about you O. Glen or Cornelia? I'm sure one of you has something to good to say about your boy.

Anonymous said...

The man you saw with Wiggy might have been his uncle or boyfriend. Who knows.

Unless the girl was blind, there is no way a young girl would pay attention to Wiggington. He doesn't sound like a poet when he hits up on a woman plus I'm sure when he talks there's projectiles of food shooting out like missiles.

I'm sure that there's plenty of room in his pants even with a massive wad of hundred dollar bills stuck in there. Remember, his genitalia have always been small but now days they're much smaller. Thats why he has to tell you about how great he's in bed. Its overcompensation.

Anonymous said...

He did abuse Kim so often before sending her off to the reception desk. There were several times I walked in the bathrooom and saw her crying. Wiggington is a psycho. He should be put in some asylum far from human kind. Kim used to leave work at 5:30 pm. One day at 5:15 pm he gives her an assignment that he says has to be done before she goes home. She works on the project and finishes it at about 6 pm.. When she turns in her timecard he calls her into the office and yells, wanting to know why she is claiming overtime. She reminds him that she gave him a project at the end of the day which he wanted completed before she went home. He tells her, "I don't care if God tells you to do something, you don't do it unless I authorize it." The man is looney. This is the same phuc-up who has screwed over Priority One, tried covering up his failures with lots of ridiculous lies, and then his mother, Diedra, gives him a bonus each and every year. Now aren't bonuses a gesture for a job well done? Why the hell does he get a bonus when he has almost decimated the credit union.

Anonymous said...

I was at one of the functions when Charles out of the clear blue sky, started bad mouthing his assistant. He said "I don't know why she doesn't come out when I tell her to but if she doesn't shape up, I'm gonna get her." He also said, "She doesn't look the way I want my secretary to look, so I'm gonna find someone that looks the way I like." I never understood how such a physically ugly man could think he could rip into anyone's looks. He definitely has a face that only a mother could love. I never understood why he thought it was okay to talk about people. He talked about his assistant and he talked about a lot of people. If you listen to him, know one is good or smart enough to work for him yet when I look at the credit union's numbers all I see is a company that is going down the drain because of a dumb ass, knuckle dragging troglodyte who doesn't know a thing about being a president and even less about being a man. Then again, neither do Smock or West.

Anonymous said...

Dear Charles:

I work with the most horrible employee imaginable. First of all, he's lazy. He has a job to do, but he spends hours on the phone and when he's not on the phone, he wanders aimlessly through the office talking to anyone he sees. He talks about his personal life and never about work. He also hasn't been obeying policy and because of him, money was stolen from one of our offices. He's also been found guilty of breaking policy but the head of HR covers up for this employee. As President, can you tell me what we should do with this employee? He's trouble and he's bad for business. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Wow! The employee you describe is terrible. A real rotten apple like you describe is a bad example for the entire staff. If the bad employee continues to get away with this feckless work ethic it destroys everyone's moral. Why work diligently if one employee is allowed to get away with murder.

I ask you why in the world would the Board of Direcrors tolerate such horrible behavior? It would be like allowing a proven sexual harasser to continue on the job. It's insane.

Chief Jay Strongbow said...

What action should be taken against an employee who exhibits shockingly inappropriate grotesque behavior? For example:

The employee constantly scratches their balls and yanks their crank at work as if they were some sort of penis performance artist.

The employee eats food with their mouth wide open while smacking loudly.

Due to the employee's hideous behavior P1 has paid out large cash settlements to victims of sexual harassment.

Anonymous said...

Well a good old fashioned tar and feathering would seem appropriate. No reason why such a horrible employee should be tolerated. They collect a check for sitting on their ass and worse still, disturbing the people who are working chit chatting about their private life that probably most people are not interested in hearing about.

Here's some other suggestions...

Maybe a year on Devils Island

Having his mouth wired shut

A collar that sends electric shocks each time he slacks off or talks when he's supposed to be working.

What happened to the days when you could take a person like this to the city gate and stone them as an example to others?

Anonymous said...

You forgot burning him on a stake. Actually, old White fat Mo, Rodger Smock is the real puppet master at Priority One. That old queen knows how to manipulate Charles and use him to get his way. Rodger is a dumbass but he's smarter than Wiggington or than ghetto queen, Diedra Harris Brooks or whatever alias she uses nowadays. Maybe burning Rodger would be part of the solution but with his girth, weight and blubber, expect that fire to burn for weeks.

Professor Tar-n-Feathers said...

An old fashioned tar and feathering is always an appropriate punishment for those who not only don't pull their fair share, but are lazy sloths to boot. And let's not forget to run the tarred victim out of town on a rail.

Anonymous said...

If I could get a deal on tar, I'd tar and feather Diedra and Smock. They're the ones that helped create Wigg. He's been able to screw over members, the credit union, and employees because of useless dishonest Diedra and fat, lazy, good for nothing, Rodger.

Anonymous said...

When they told Wig's assistant well former assistant that she was being laid-off, fat Esmeralda told her she was so sorry to see her go and Rodger said he was so sad when she was demoted and mistreated because of him. She should have taken them to court.

Professor Tar-n-Feathers said...

"If I could get a deal on tar"

A deal on tar? Depends on what kind if tar you're talking about. You could use bitumen (Asphalt), coal tar or pine tar. All have pluses and minuses. I prefer pine or coal tar since they heat well in medium-size kettles. Both are awfully sticky, making the application of feathers fairly easy.

Anonymous said...

Can some of the left over tar be poured into Wig's big lying mouth?

Anonymous said...

I lost count a long time ago about the number of people Wiggles backstabbed.

When he got mad at Manny because he wouldn't fake the numbers, he, Rodger and Bea pushed him out until he quit.

When Mr Harris retired, he and Rodger backstabbed the marketing director and after demoting her and putting her on hourly pay, they laid her off.

He got rid of one AVP who had been his friend and then he got rid of G, even though he always said G was his buddy.

He hired Bea to help him backstab employees but when he was through using her, he fired her.

He did the same with Cindy who was going to help him get rid of more employees, bring in lots of new business and cut costs. She helped get rid of people but turns out she couldn't sell anything so he fired her too.

For years he said he wished all employees were like Sylvia but when Diedra said get rid of her, he did.

The man has no friends. That's why he calls him aunt, uncle and wife all day long, everyday because he has no real friends and he's no one's friend. Plus anyone that spends so much time and energy plotting to do people in can't be well. No balanced person does all that he does. The man is pollo loco and everything he touches gets ruined.

Dt. Zsigmundy Freud said...

What you're describing is an opportunistic sociopath, who acts out of pure self-interest. A selfish, paranoid individual who thinks only about themselves. They blame everyone for their many failures, and are quick to throw others, even so-called friends under the bus to save their own skin. In other words, this person is a backstabber who lies frequently.

Conclusion: A borderline personality type such as this needs intensive psychiatric treatment. I recommend confinement to a mental institution for a minimum of 4 years. Additionally, a restricted diet, exclusively from the Fat Burger menu should be imposed during the 4 year confinement.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Dr. Freud. Intense psychiatric treatment and I will add, a lobotomy. I'm assuming he still has brain matter.

Anonymous said...

Dr. Z. Freud,

If a patient confined to a mental facility is uncooperative, in that they refuse to eat a strict diet of Fat Burgers would it be advisable to feed said patient forcibly via rectal rehydration?

Anonymous said...

Well Wiggles looks like he was raised on Fat Burgers. Maybe he should change his name to Wimpy if Rodger hasn't taken the name for himself. He must love Fat Burgers because of the ambiance. Its the perfect place to meet incognito and go by yourself to meet with your intended victim or go with your uncle.

Anonymous said...

BTW, we're not getting loans. They're pushy us but how can you sell something members don't want?

Anonymous said...

Dr SF I think you're right. Wig sounds like a sociopath. He doesn't have a conscience or cares about the havoc he creates. I don't think Rodger is a sociopath. He's evil, no doubt but he does have a conscience even if its only about himself and no one else. Ever read his bio? He says he contributes time to unnamed gay organizations. Which ones and what does he do for them? I doubt he takes care of the sick or the poor. And I dont think Diedra is a socio path either. She's just a dishonest ghetto baby.

Anonymous said...

Dr. Zsigmundy Freud,

If a confined mental patient (sociopath) refuses to eat and you're forced to feed them via rectal rehydration do you load the "feeding tube" with puréed Fat Burgers or with Heinz Turkey Gravy?

Anonymous said...

How can one credit union have so many evil people? There's bad people in any business, that's just life but how can everyone in one small insignificant credit union attract so many horrible and dishonest managers. They ought change their name to Netherworld Credit Union.

Anonymous said...

I think watching Wig ingest food through rectal rehydration would be preferable to sitting in front him while he talks with his mouth full of food while you dodge shooting projectiles. And since Wig admits he likes to sop things up like gravy, I think he'd like to be fed turkey gravy. Hell, he'd probably eat dog gravy.

Anonymous said...

I am grateful I don't work there anymore. One of the worst employers I've worked for. Before I left, Wiggingon and Smock turned the credit union into their own soap opera and they destroyed everything that so many hard working men and women had built up. The day Wiggington and Smock leave will either be the day everybody celebrates or will mean the credit union shut its doors. These vultures are picking it clean thanks to the retarded board.

Anonymous said...

Wigg used to say business always slows down after Thanksgiving but I have friends that work for other credit unions and December is usually a busy month for them. At priority, business always drops at the end of the year and Yvonne is riding the managers to get more business because loan funding has dropped again. After so many years, Wigg keeps talking and talking but he doesn't bring anything new that's going to bring in business. I wonder if they're going to give him another bonus?

Anonymous said...

You want to read something funny, though its not meant to be funny. On Charlie says "During his 35 years as a professional in banking, savings and loans, and credit unions, Charles R. Wiggington, Sr., has worked in a variety of management and executive roles that have helped shape financial institutions so they can best serve their clients and members. Most of the home savings places he worked for, don't exist anymore. And P1 is losing money. Is that how he shapes financial institutions? He also wrote, "Charles R. Wigginton, Sr., has leveraged his experience in the financial sector to improve operations and member relations while maximizing profits for those associated with a given institution."

Uh, huh. Either homeboy is the biggest liar in Los Angeles or he's nuts or both.

Anonymous said...

Imagine what fun you could have pumping puréed Fat Burger via a rectal tube to the world's worst CEO. I'd volunteer to perform the rectal rehydration to assure his proper nutrition needs are met.

Anonymous said...

Wiggles probably love the holidays as does West. They get to eat food the low paid employees prepare. Its free to Wiggles who makes $150,000 plus. West gets to eat and never brings anything to share. That's just not him. Smock lies it but he maintains a low profile because around the holidays, a plumper like him knows he could become the prey of some hunter who knows his girth and weight could feed a whole lot of people.

Anonymous said...

In an unexpected announcement Rodger Smock declared he would like to have a rectal rehydration procedure performed on him, too.

Upon hearing this Robert West in an unprecedented display of personality smiled and said he'd gladly administer the feeding tube by pumping 3 gallons of puréed Fat Burger into Smock to make his wish come true.

Anonymous said...

Business is bad- really bad. Maybe Wiggles should consider using the credit union's untapped talents and open a freak show. People can watch Rodger feed via rectal rehydration while Robert West administers the grub with his sneaky, wily Cheshire Cat smile.

Yvonne can be the Incredible Big Foot Girl and Alex can be Two-Face. Esmeralda can be the Female Baby Huey. And Wiggles can the ventriloquist and talk while his mouth is full of food. A fun time will be had by all.

Anonymous said...

So no bonus' this year? Well, I'm not talking about Wigg because Diedra always makes sure he gets a bonus. Makes me wonder if he gives her a cut of whatever bonus they give him?

Anonymous said...

There definitely will be a bonus for Wigg. The board has approved one each year since he became president even though he's ruined the credit union. That's just how the board works. Actually that's how Diedra works. The one is a monster! When things started to go bad, he used to tell us that he had to make up stories to get them to believe things were going to get better and though things got worse, they still gave him those bonuses.

How Smock owns apartment buildings and has investments (he's better at making money then Wigg could ever dream about) so no matter what, he'll be fine. He continues to work for 2 reasons. The first is he's Wigg's ally and will back up Wigg no matter how horrible he is. The 2nd and probably the most important is that Smock gets paid a lot of money and all he does is show up at work, sit in his office and piddle each day away. Great pay for doing nothing. Name the last time he contributed anything good that made P1 a better credit union? He's also anal. His former gardener told us that Smock would have him landscape and move sprinklers around. Then a week later, he'd want them moved again. He's that way at work. He does things- horrible things and then he does them again later- just a little different and always with no value.

Anonymous said...

There's 2 ways to look at Wiggles. One is, cry because of what he's done. He's done the equivalent of sawing someone's leg off. The other less painful way to look at what he's done is to make a joke out of it. How many businesses that you know would allow such a big moron to ruin the business and then essentially say, "Less is MORE?" Sure, he's like EBOLA to the credit union but who else could boast that he got aways with sexual harassment or violating lots of employment laws? Is it because he's smart or clever? No, its that the board spent more than 1/2 million dollars from 2010-2013 to make sure he didn't get prosecuted. Charles Wiggington is a stupid man. Maybe one of the most stupid you'll ever meet or hear about but he's also pathetic. You can't but wonder what the hell is going on in that big head of his? It must be horrible to be him.

Anonymous said...

Yes Wiggy is stupid, yet he is smart enough to keep secret dirt dossiers on each and every board member. That's how he keeps his job in spite of his incompetence.

Anonymous said...

Secret dossiers, phony accounting records, misappropriating CU monies and a lot more are things you never heard about under Mr Harris. If they're just rumors then why does Diedra fight so hard to keep him as president? Why did Manny say he was leaving because he refused to alter reporting so it looked like the CU was making money when it was losing money? And why has Wigg reported profits in months when they lost money? Add to that all the money supposedly spent on attorneys, on technologies, etc on a credit union that is moving into the stone age. And if they have money and books aren't being played with, then why is accounting still under orders not to pay bills for 2 to 4 weeks after they're received? Because the budgets they have can't adequately afford to cover all their expenses.

And don't forget, when Bea was there, she and Wigg spent so much money on a lot of products that never cut it. Plus Miss Diedra still approves Wigg's annual bonus. If it smells like corruption and walks like corruption, its probably corruption.

Anonymous said...

I will not give my name but I am a member of Priority One's management team, and I am grossly overweight (perhaps you can guess my identity if you think about it). And yes, standard medical charts catagorize me as obese.

I ve been trying to lose these many extra pounds of fat for years now. Each year my New Year's resolution is to lose weight. To be honest, I start out each January on a positive note and am able stay on the hot new fad diet for about 10 days before I backslide into my old eating habits, which some would call gorging. By February I binge for almost every meal when no one is watching.

As a last desperate attempt to shed fat and blubber I will have my mouth wired completely shut this January, making it impossible for me to eat solid food, or even drink through a straw. In order to get sufficient caloric intake I will be receiving nutrients based on newly published CIA protocols via a rectal feeding tube.

Wish me luck by giving me a wink when you see me!

Anonymous said...

LOL. Oh that Smock. Rumor has it he used to be the Circus Fat Lady at Circus Vargas. He doesn't have a racist bone is his body. He'll bend over.......... backwards for many Latinos (not Latinas). He may be grossly obese, but his husband describes it as baby fat. Wiggington used to tell us that Smock wore the biggest pants he'd ever seen. I always wondered what he was doing in Smock's closet and why was he going through his wardrobe. Now Smock maybe on a perpetual diet though why does he keep a dish of candies atop his desk. For years, he'd lug around his bowl of candies to meetings. I guess that was part of his brand- a big, candy eating useless slob.

Anonymous said...

So if Smock's brand is being a big useless slob then Wiggington's must be being a usless, lazy, dishonest, policy breaking, sexual harassing, car stealing, slanderous scofflaw. At least he's established a reputation for himself even if its one nobody but he wants.

Anonymous said...

Are we 100% certain Smock wrote the comment above about starting a rectal feeding diet starting this January. Couldn't it possibly be another P1 employee - what about a female staffer?

I have to admit it probably is Smock. In fact, I will wish him luck on the upcoming diet by winking his way when I see him this week.

Anonymous said...

Not sure he wrote it though it sounds uncannily like him. Of course Mr. Anal- a reference to his compulsive habits and not anything else, might want to lose the reputation given him by his buddy Charlie Wiggingonto/Wigginton that he wears the largest pants imaginable.

Satan said...

It definitely sounds like Smock's speech an writing pattern. I've also heard him talk obsessively about losing flab and blubber quite a bit over the years. At times Smock appears desperate to lose weight since he knows he is on the verge of having a heart attack.

The most telling bit of information in the comment, though, is the fact that he barely eats while at work. By observing Smock you'd think he was a dainty girl who hardly ever eats during the workday. Therefore, ,it's obvious he must be bingeing and gorging (on fried chicken, ice cream and creme puffs) when he is alone in the privacy of his own residence.

So yes, it's almost certainly Smock IMHO.

To wish him luck on the Rectal Ffeding Diet I'll be sure to give him a wik.

Anonymous said...

Years before he became Wiggles' right hand man(?), Robert West used to say the devil lives at Priority One. He was partially right. The devil moved in when Wiggles was named president.

Smock, like Wiggles, is evil. Actually like Yvonne, Alex, and even West. That grandma front of his doesn't cut it anymore. Everyone sees him for what he is. A conniving old buzzard who will manipulate, cover-up wrong doing, and break policy right and left.

Smock is more desperate to lose weight now then he was a year ago. More than a decade ago when he began to put on tonage, he began wearing slightly bigger pants, shirts, sweaters, sweater vests and coats. Its hard to find pants that fit even at the Big and Biggest Men's Store and sweaters fit him like a spandax athletic top. Coats are mostly a thing of the past except when his stylist, Omar the Tent Maker, whips up a new frock but Smock is frugal if not downright. Check out his work out shoes. Nuff said.

And S, you are so right, he hardly eats while at work but what most employees don't know is that he had the trunk of his car conveted into a freezer so that he can store anything from ice cream to a moose carcas. And though he'd love for people to think he eats (and acts like a "dainty girl"), he's just a geezer. Don't be surprised if he shows up to work wearing a moo moo since its getting more and more difficult to find things that fit him.

And is Yvonne gaining weight again? She lost all that weight when she and Bea were a thing but I guess its time to return to her original shape.

Anonymous said...

Well years before Charles was made president, he used to complain that Rodger was lazy and that if he ever became president he was going to make him work or fire him. And Smock used to complain that Charles talked too much and did nothing. They were both right and they are both hypocrites.

Anonymous said...

Poor wretched old Rodger. The fat snake is finally out...... again.

Anonymous said...

omg! you have a mental running the CU. It's serious, I can't believe no has called to mental ward. serious action needs to take place immediately.

Its been years since Ive worked here and yet i can picture everything that is being described. I left because I saw this coming and can't believe Wigglenuts is still in charge. you all are doomed. You will suffer because he is sick

Anonymous said...

he's a sick sick dirty little bastard

Satan said...

Let's be fair and square with Smock. This "dainty little girl" who barely eats while in public is on the precipice of a major coronary. Smock's condition is extremely delicate. His blood pressure is through the roof. And rumor has It Rodger has been measured for Moo-Moos, Caftans and Super-Sized Snuggies to wear while at work, after Wiggy insisted he get a wardrobe that fits his Jabba The Hutt-like body.

Therefore, I applaud Rodger's health conscious decision to lose unsightly flab and blubber by wiring his jaw shut so he can be given nutrients strictly via a rectal feeding tube.....unless his New Years resolution is a hoax. I guess we'll all find out if he is trying to make fools of everyone come 2015.

Anonymous said...

Mental is right. There's no way, no how anyone could do all the crap Wiggington has done and be sane. How can you be mentally well and do those things? How can you have a conscience and do those things? You can't unless you're nuts or a complete sociopath. What's left of the credit union is the result of this nut sack who has no morals and disrespects all people. He even talks about his own family. Wonder what they say about him?

Anonymous said...

Smock is anything but dainty though he is fem though when you're 6'3" and weigh 350 lbs its hard to play the dainty little girl cause you end up looking more like a mastodon trapped in a tar pit.

He actually wants to lose enough weight so that he resembles the much more slender and fit, Jabba the Hutt. His dream is to be able to recline comfortably on a chaise while a nubile and frightened Latino boy cowers chained to his dais.

I too will applaud Rodger if he finally loses some of that unsightly blubber. I understand he also plans to show up to next year's LA Marathon. Now I wrote, "show up" not run.

Anonymous said...

Does Smock still lumber slowly through the office, complaining his legs and back hurt? Guess he never made the connection between obesity and his pains.

And I know after being exposed on the blog, Wigglenuts stopped bothering everybody with stories about his "ball cancer". Anyway, how can you have ball cancer if you don't have balls? And he doesn't talk about sex anymore in the office not because he got accused of sexual harassment but because everyone knows he must have such a small pecker he's got to brag about all the women he's never had.

Anonymous said...

I still wish to keep my identity secret, at least until mid-January, when my jaw will be wired shut - then everyone will see my true identity. But now I need some input about the kind of ingredients that should be in my daily rectal feeding.

The CIA recommends making 10 gallon batches of puréed hummus, raisins, sunflower seeds and yogurt. My boss, who I won't name, told me a paste made of Fat Burger, KFC extra crispy thighs and gravy would have the most nutrient value. Others suggest a fresh mixture of Kale, Broccoli, coffee grounds, Castor Oil and Limburger cheese should be combined in VitaMix and then poured into the feeding tube for optimum rehydration.

With all this conflicting information I'm really in a quandary as to which way to go. Does anyone who reads this blog have any suggestions on what to put into my feeding tube?

Anonymous said...

Well, Smock would like a pureed Latino boy put in his feeding tube but I think that might be illegal. Wigg on the other hand is less discriminating. He'll take either a make-believe woman and possibly a man. Robert West won't take either, at least not publicly because it would conflict with the image he's trying to project. Esmeralda would like her food in a trough and Yvonne and Alex will take it anyway they can get it.

BTW, Wigg got his Xmas I mean holiday bonus.

Anonymous said...

You guys are so unfair. I’m tired of everybody ripping into Wiggington. You guys don’t see that there’s more to Wiggington than meets the eye. When he thought his office was bugged, he used CU money to hire a consultant to find the pesky spy equipment. Of course, none was found, but he believed there was enough imaginary evidence to prove someone was out to get him and he even knew, someone was going to try and shoot him. Okay, he was misguided but his heart was in the right place.

Then there was the time he jacked up all those ballots and he blamed Alan but that’s just what a good boss does, he delegates blame.

And yes, his son was caught red-handed selling meth but like Robert West reported on this blog, his son was driven to sell meth because of the bloggers. I don’t see anything unreasonable about what he said, do you?

And true, he’s told people his wife is a waitress with a drinking problem but that’s disclosure under those pesky “truth in packaging” laws and as we all know, Wiggington will always obey all laws.

So come on guys, be nice and see that he’s not at all what he appears to be. There’s more to Wiggington than meets the eye.

Anonymous said...

Smock, In answer to your question about rectal rehydration I recommend a "recipe" of minced granola, Alpo, puréed mackerel, crushed dried cockroaches combined with Hienz Turkey Gravy.

If you need assistance in pouring the mixture I outlined above into your rectal feeding tube let me know, and I'll be more than glad to give you the necessary assistance.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Wiggles can administer the feeding. I'm sure Smock would like that.

Anonymous said...

I applaud Smock for finally admitting he is obese. It is incredible and incredibly brave of Rodger to submit himself to rectal feediing. You are to be commended by all Priority One staff for taking this last desperate measure to lose all the unsightly and unhealthy blubber you've put on since working under the masterful leadership of Charles Wiggington.

As far as administering the rectal feeding tube I recommend that honor be given to Board Chair Diedra.

Anonymous said...

I must take exception to giving Diedra the only honor of administering the rectal feeding tube to Smock. The honor should go to a panel of at least three esteemed nominees.

Therefore it is my high privilege to nominate a 3-person team: Wiggington, Diedra and Robert West.

Anonymous said...

If Smock ever admits to the truth, its probably because he's either drunk, confused from old age or hit his head on a wall. Other than than, there is no way this man would ever admit to the truth though he can't exactly deny that he's morbidly obese.

Anonymous said...

PS: And don't expect con artist, Diedra Harris-Brooks, Diedra E. Harris-Brooks, Diedra E Brooks, Diedra E Harris, Diedra Elaine Brooks, Diedra Elaine Harris.... to ever admit the truth. She's a natural born liar. By the way, why so many variations of her name? Usually we associate so many variations to con artists.

Anonymous said...

This is the only credit union I know of where the President gets a Xmas bonus for ruining the entire organization. We used to be able to call the branches but the president disconnected those numbers so that we're forced to call the main branch and wait 10-15-20 and sometimes 30 minutes for someone to answer. They also don't send representatives out to our company anymore so there's no convenience. They don't open on Saturdays, they don't have many offices, and they're service sucks but the president gets a bonus. Sickening.

Anonymous said...

Poor Smock. I used to tell him that he could lose weight if he cut down his eating to 8 or 9 meals a day.

Anonymous said...

It's no secret that Charles Wiggington is the worst credit union manager in the USA. What I can't get my head around is how this incompetent, useless, sexual harasser continues to get bonuses from the Board of Directors year after year.

I ask myself how is this possible - is it really true he blackmails the Board into not only keeping him around with secret "dirt" dossiers, but he demands a large bonus at the end of each calander year?

Anonymous said...

He's probably the worst manager in the universe, but why quibble. A lazy, good for nothing, law breaking scumbag and that's the positive. I can't understand why he gets bonuses either. Hell I can't understand why he gets a paycheck. He should be forced to pay back the money spent on attorneys, consultants like Sepia and Loren Lillestrand, on detectives and shyster forensic investigators. Maybe if he had to pay from his money he'd act more responsibly. He's just a run of the mill, backwoods Hoosier.

Anonymous said...

I can still remember poop for brains sitting back in the lounge room talking loudly to the employees who were trying to enjoy their lunch, saying how he was making the credit union better than Mr Harris could ever have made it. What happened? Charles is a tard. Stupid too. He told us how his mama used to lock him in the closet because he talked too much. If she was still alive, I'd sue her for letting him out. Hummm... Interesting she kept him in the closet, isn't it?

Anonymous said...

The bad news is that Charles Wiggington has survived another year as CEO at P1. How this brainless, gravy loving, sexual harassing, oaf continues in his position is mystifying.

The good news is that dainty Rodger Smock is about to lose a ton of blubber by starting the CIA designed Rectal Feeding Diet come mid-January. Congratulations Fatboy!

Anonymous said...

Can you imagine how much more Rodger is going to sag after losing his tonage?

Anonymous said...

This year there were no Ralph's certificates or bonuses (except to some management) and in 2015 they might close another branch. Nice way to end the year, Wiggles.

Anonymous said...

You mean Wiggy and a few of his cronies get sweet bonuses while the rest of the P1 employees get zilch?

Anonymous said...

Wigg, Smock and West luv working at P1 because its one of the few credit unions that's going to hire 3 hacks with a record of destruction and who are still going to keep their jobs because of a board who only sees black. Way to push human and business development back several decades.

Anonymous said...

Rodger, Dieting requires a level of planning and enterprise which you've never exhibited. You're going to need lots of support to stay on your 2015 Rectal Feeding Tube Diet. Please ensure you're feeding tube administrative team (Wiggington, Diedra and West) are fully committed to "plugging" the feeding tube into your proper "socket" as scheduled in a timely manner.

I'm warning you to stay on the diet, lest you be made a a bigger laughingstock then you already are.

Anonymous said...

I'm pissed because Wiggy and the Board quit giving employees bonuses or Ralph's Gift certificates.

I bet the Board did not cut back on their annual ritzy Christmas party where unlimited booze and gourmet meals can be had by a bunch of freeloaders.

Anonymous said...

Attn: Rotund Rodger Smock

Chubby Smock, The writing is on the wall and on Twitter. Your legion of fans are concerned about your ever expanding waist. We want you to shed all that unsightly flab even if you have to resort to a rectal feeding tube diet. So in that sense you are to be commended.

You know you've had many early warnings of a coronary, such as shortness of breath, angina and numb extremities. If you don't diet at least name a worthy successor!

Anonymous said...

Rodger, dieting requires a level of discipline fat boy has never had. And believe me, he ain't no boy.

Though the Rectal Feeding Tube Diet sounds perfect for the anal VP and a dream come true, I'm sure that at some point, he's going to yank out the tube and gorge on a buffalo size sandwich.

And Wigg's perv side looks forward to inserting the tube while Diedra, a frustrated dominatrix, will enjoy administering it too. West will say he won't have anything to do with it, but he'll watch.

A few years ago, Rodger dressed in drag for Halloween (was it really a costume?) and he had a stuffed dog doll placed in not on, his derriere. I heard that he's gains so much weight, he couldn't squeeze the Chihuahua in.

And though employees no longer enjoy an annual Xmas party or bonuses or gift certificates, Wiggington, Rodger, West and the Board do.

Anonymous said...

Twas the night before Christmas and at Priority One

The employees looked miserable, all donning frowns.

No work for employees, some were combing their hair,

Knowing that Members no longer care.

And Robert the Director, sat snug in his chair,

Dreaming of money and women, trapped in his lair

And Rodger looked anxiously at the clock on the wall,

Wondering why he likes men who are small.

And suddenly there arose, oh such a clatter,

It was Esmeralda who dropped a food piled platter.

And soon but not surprisingly something appeared,

An old BMW driven by a man with a beard.

On top of his head, lay a badly worn cap

With gum in his mouth, that you could sure hear him smack

And he stepped from his car, making his way to the stairs,

Knowing the salary he gets, just isn't fair

He got to the door and turning the key,

Called out to his stooges and a flying monkey.

Usually lazy, they ran and they came,

While he yelped like a Beagle, calling their names.

And the ceiling it shook, from the sound of their hoofs,

And I wondered how much would be spent replacing the roof

And as they moved down the halls, the walls all did shake-

And Rodger fell through the roof, causing a quake.

And as Wiggington turned, where I hid from his sight

He said you may be poor but I sleep like a baby at night

And then he laughed loud, like a wicked old troll

And talked about sex, it was all really droll

And as he rose up and out to the sky-

He added sarcastically, “One thing is for sho, I really can lie!”

And with the help of his pack and a blow on his whistle,

He and his goons flew away like a missile

And far in the distance I could hear him exclaim-

You know that I’m nuts and completely insane.

Satan said...

Your parody of 'Twas the Night Before Christmas is Brilliant! And true!

Chief Jay Strongbow said...

The 12 Days of Christmas Gifts for Wiggy are about to commence. I hope you enjoy the 4 cases of Heinz Turkey Gravy you're about to get. With all that gravy you'll be able to do some serious sopping for at least 6 months.

Anonymous said...

Let me preface by saying that I am by no means protecting POCU. This place is a shit hole full of incompetent, lazy people at every level, not just the executives.

It's kind of sad reading comments on this blog. The majority of the comments are attacking subjects such as people's sexual orientation, weight and table manners. How are these things relevant? If we are going to sit here and collectively talk shit/expose the flaws of this place we should be focusing on pertinent details.

I challenge you all to focus on aloof staff, poor policies and procedures, poor ethics, etc etc. There are so many things to say about Yvonne, for and example, but we focus on her gigantic feet. Although it's true she has skis for feet why aren't we talking about how she loves to antagonize staff? Or how she is completely misinformed about important regulations?

Anonymous said...

I agree with you but I think the very personal comments about staff and executives are born out of frustration and being subjected to rampant abuses, some illegal and some violating policies. And you're right, Yvonne Boutte is an example of the abhorrent character type populating the credit union's highest echelon. She arrived at Priority One in 2008 and brought with her three of the most horrible characters imaginable, one of who was Alex Suarez a horrible and despicable woman who has for years maligned staff and fueled the gossip mill. She and her mentor/master, Yvonne Boutte, have manipulated staff and spent years ebbing away at employee morale while asserting they are "good" and "honest" managers. They're both deluded and if they're not uneducated, they sure come off as ignorant and misinformed. Wiggington proves that birds of a feather, do indeed flock together.

I think the only reason people have used Rodger as a target is because of his immense dishonesty. This is a truly horrible and insidious man. However, though his sexual preference should not normally be a target of attack, some of his abuses have been influenced by his sexual preference. His affair several years ago with Henry which should have been deemed a violation of credit union policy, his pool party during which he poured drinks to female employees, one of who swam nude in the pool, his refusal to enforce policy and his participation in slandering employees in addition to his one-time hiring of several Latino male tellers he found attractive, make him a target for mockery. He like West, is a joke.

Anonymous said...

I agree. Let's reduce the personal attacks on the following people:

Fat Old Gay, Rodger Smock
Big Time Nerd, Robert West-Wiggington
#1 Sexual Harasser, Charles Wiggles Wiggington
Yvonne Yeti Boutte
Alex "Rupaul" Suarez
Joseph 2-Faced Garcia

Merry Xmas

Anonymous said...

I couldn't get past this line... "Let me preface by saying that I am by no means protecting POCU. This place is a shit hole full of incompetent, lazy people at every level, not just the executives."

Anonymous said...

Its going to take a lot of cases of gravy to start Smock's new diet regiment.

Anonymous said...

So how is Smock- that old policy breaking queen?

Anonymous said...

Well known gravy sopping enthusiast Charles Wiggy will be getting a special delivery during the 12 Days of Christmas. Hint - it's not a Gift Certificate to Fat Burger.

Anonymous said...

Wigg is probably excited about getting some of that old southern styled gravy. Next to unsuspecting female employee or a repossessed BMW, he loves gravy.

Anonymous said...

Did you enjoy the gravy Wiggy?

Don't forget your New Year's resolution of doing some serious sopping each and every week during 2015. Plus, it would be nice to have your Uncle join in on the sopping fun.

Anonymous said...

Of course he enjoyed it, it was free. He's a moocher like West and like Smock. By the way, the end of the year doesn't look so good at the credit union. Sales were down again and homeboy is trying to create some facade to make it look like it wasn't nearly as bad as it turned out. Tsk, tsk.

Anonymous said...

I heard Gema's been pushing people to get more sales. Back in 2012, when joseph and Cindy were firing people for not making their numbers, Gema lied on her monthlies by pulling accounts from the monthly production report and reporting them as her own. That's the only reason she escaped being fired. Guess everytime homey barks orders pushing for more and more sales, she forgets that not only didn't she get sales, she lied on paper. Yvonne must be having getting ready to give birth to a cow, knowing that as VP of Operations she doesn't know shit about business development. But like Gema and Alex, they push people to do what these three big incompetents can never do.

Anonymous said...

They all cheated on the monthlies and Joseph knew. Of course that moron hasn't gotten any of his sales for more than a year. Makes you wonder how he keeps his job. He's either got something on Wigg or he's dating him.

Anonymous said...

Well that's the kind of culture Charles Wiggington and Diedra created. They assign unattainable goals and threaten employment and employees in turn, cheat. Not all employees but the ones like Gema, Charles, Smock, Yvonne, Alex, Esmeralda, and Robert West who have no scruples or ethics. The other factor why Charles raises up cheaters like himself is due to a complete lack of staff development. The reason a woman like Yvonne Boutte subjugates staff and diminishes their confidence is because she's an ignorant dumb ass who has nothing to offer the credit union. Name anything she's done that's made Priority One a bigger, stronger, better credit union?

You have long time staff like Rodger Smock who may have gotten his BA at the University of Cincinnati in 1840, but the man is ignorant. Superior Industries saw that and fired him and he moved on to Priority One, probably one of the few credit unions that would have tolerated his blunderings, horrible performance and disregard of policies. Its Rodger Smock who is at fault for allowing opportunities to arise which led to 4 lawsuits filed by 4 former employees. For years he'd take on that condescending, know-it-all attitude and offer his suggestions on how to develop new business but his idea- all his ideas failed. He used to say that SEG membership was good for employers and that according to some unspecified Fortune 500 study, membership to a credit union is something highly valued by employers. Is it? When was this study conducted? Who conducted it? And let's see the actual findings since nothing Smock says can ever be believed at face value. Despite his immense failures and violations of policies, Rodger Smock remains employed and gets more than $100,000 a year but for what? Name one thing he's done that has made Priority One a bigger and better credit union? In fact, have Esmeralda, Robert West, Gema Pleitez, and Alex Suarez provide anything that shows how they've made the credit union bigger, better and richer? And don't hold your breath for them to reply. They're all bitches!!!

Anonymous said...

For years they published a list of SEGs on the webpage. A huge amount of them were inactive businesses that had closed, moved, or sold to new owners. I and others told Rodger about this but he refused to update the SEG list which showed about 200 companies. He said the list was to be left as is because "it looks good." Yes, an inaccurate list that misrepresented the number of participating SEGs was not good for business. Smock's words just show how dishonest and ignorant this man is. No wonder he turned a blind eye when it came to enforcing policies when managers violated policy and laws. I lost all respect for this toad soon after I got hired and spent years tolerating his two-faced dishonesty. This is a horrible man (and I user the term loosely) who lies, helps Wiggington breaks laws and I agree, who is responsible for the credit union getting sued by 4 employees. Then again, Diedra Harris-Brooks and her tribe are equally responsible. Everybody knows this credit union is going to have to close more branches to stay in business and that they can't make it with only the Van Nuys, Los Angeles, and South Pasadena offices. No way, no how this place is ever going to be what it used to be.

Anonymous said...

It took years for me to see what a jackass Rodger is. He's the worst. Unlike brain dead Wiggington, Rodger actually has a brain that he refuses to use except for evil. He is the reason so many good and innocent employees got framed and fired by lowlife ghetto roach, Wiggington and Diedra. Unless you work or worked with these people, you can never know just what a bunch of lowlifes they all are.

Anonymous said...

No doubt, Wiggington is horrible and stupid. Well, stupid enough to think he's a genius. Diedra is a moron. Her accomplishments include taking computer classes and helping ruin Priority One CU. Same for the uneducated and really stupid Directors like Saffold, Hale, and Thomas. I exclude Joe because he has no backbone, he's old but not stupid. Useless but not stupid.

Yvonne is born out of the same pod as Wiggington. This lowlife, ghetto queen is uneducted but thinks she's a leader of industry.

Esmeralda and West are jokes and Rodger is horrible. Someone wrote he has a brain. I guess. He doesn't use it and in the end he's as big a lowlife as Wiggington. He also lies, cheats, and breaks policy and makes sure that every manager who Wiggington protects, never gets subjected to the disiplinary actions under policy. Wiggington and Smock fired lots of employees for not making their numbers, some for passing bad checks and some for breaking confidentiality but Wiggington sexually harassed, stole a member's car, lied on financials, lied to attorneys, lied to members, misappropriated credit union monies on things like a consultant to scan his office, and has broken confidentiality year after year since 2007, yet he remains President. Black Diedra and the Black board make sure Black Wiggington and Black West and even Black, Yvonne, stay employed getting salaries they don't deserve and letting them each contribute to the credit union's decline.

Anonymous said...

Spineless is a good description for Fat Boy Smock. He used to hate Sylvia Perez because he said she was a "Christian" and "Christians hate gays." This, by the way, is coming from a homosexual who hates being stereotyped. Now in 2007, when Charles became President he promoted Sylvia because she was his supposed "friend", not because she was a good manager. Right after she gets promoted, Smock starts going around telling people Sylvia is a "wonderful" employee and "one of the best" at Priority One. In 2012, the company assigns monthly quotas to every employee and Sylvia who used to brag she could bring in more business than any other employee, suddenly couldn't make her $150,000 quota. There's only 2 reasons why she started to fail. Either she lied for years and said she was a great sales person which means she lied on her reports for years and years or she suddenly lost her mojo. She spent years putting down so many employees because in her opinion, they couldn't get sales like she could but it turned out she couldn't get sales like she said she could. After February 2012, Wiggington stopped promoting Sylvia and he stopped responding to her emails and telephone calls. Smock stopped building her up too and he avoided answering her calls. What happened? I mean this was a woman Wiggington promoted to AVP when for years, employees had complained about her abusiveness. What happened was that she lied about herself and Wiggington and Rodger lied about her too. By the way, Wiggington is a horrible incompetent president. Sylvia was a horrible incompetent manager and no Christian. Rodger is still a big Mo.

Anonymous said...

Spineless? Try dishonest. A horrible person. He had first hand involvement of so many employees Wiggles, Sylvia, Bea, and others set up. He's like Robert West in that neither are good but they pretend to be. Throw in Alex Suarez who is a cesspool of gossip but will tell you with a straight face that she's "good". There is absolutely nothing good about that woman. Pure nasty.

Anonymous said...

So we're ending yet another year millions of dollars under what we were before Wiggles because Priority One's sorriest excuse for a president. I can't wait til May when he and Diedra will publish another annual report that they'll hide like the 2013 report and try to convince everyone that the reason P1 isn't making money is because of the US economy.

Anonymous said...

You sure didn't expect Wiggington to end the year on a positive note did you? The man is a moron. He actually prides himself on being supposedly adept at lying. What stupid never understands is that the only people who believe his lies most are innocent employees not indoctrinated into his corrupt ways and the stupid and ignorant backwoods board of directors. Back in 2007 he bragged about how he would make the credit union something no one else could achieve. 2008 when reports showed business was not moving forward, he convinced the board that it was a temporary problem that would pass but to make it look like things were going better than they were, he asked the board to approve borrowing $20 million from the CU's line of credit. They approved it and immediately the net income went up $20 million but a year later, the CU was more than $5 million in the hole. No worry. Wiggington convinced the board the problem was the US economy and that every CU was having the same problems. Do you think any of these morons bothered to verify if what he said was true? In 2010 with the help of Bea, they took some monies from various GL's and reported it as profit but even with cheating they ended the year with more than 1/2 a million in the hole. And a year later they started closing branches. Charles R. Wiggington, Sr. is a lying sack of cow poop. The man couldn't tell the truth if his family's life depended on it. Diedra is a liar and uses her ignorant followers to try and hide all the mistakes Charles has made but she fails because no matter how much she insists things are improving, the FPRs and call reports show losses. Get ready because before 2015 is over, I predict another office will close.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Wiggy is such a good liar everyone knows when he lies. The only person that believes his lies is himself.

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year!!!
What Can We Expect in 2015

Things that won't change:

Wigg will still be talking too much and lying.

Employees still won't get raises for the 4th year in a row.

Wigg will announce that business is up and they're making money and 3 months later close down Van Nuys,

Yvonne will come out and announce she's a Big Foot.

Rodger Smock will come out of the closet and announce he's straight. He'll also claim he lost 100 lbs. Nobody will believe either story.

Robert West will start his own snake handling church.

Alex Suarez will announce that she's really a man. No one will be shocked.

Gema will announce she's a real woman with the body of a 15-year old boy. No one will blink an eye.

They'll get sued by another member.

The 2014 annual report will not be passed out....... again.

Esmeralda will change her name to Jabba Sandoval.

Diedra and the board will blame the credit union's problems on the White man.

O. Glen Saffold will not pass the bar exam again.

Bobby Thomas' unpopularity at the Union Hall will continue to grow.

Richard Hale will get a job as a door stop.

Patti Loiacano will continue hiding in the shadows.

Gay porn will be found in Wiggington's office but he'll say it belongs to one of his friends.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to Rodger Smock. You starting your rectal feeding tube diet is a courageous step in losing unsightly blubber.

We all hope your specially prepared nutrients of puréed Fat Burger and gravy will do the trick.

Anonymous said...

If we can get Rodger's unsightly tonnage resolved, then the next step is to fix his character. I don't think there's any amount of gravy that can do that. Wigg has expressed interest in rectal feeding but not because he needs to lose weight. He just likes the sensation.

Anonymous said...

Wiggy imbibing in rectal feeding for simply recreational purposes - that's awesome.

If for some reason Smock fails in the rectal feeding tube diet he shouldnt give up because scientists are on the verge of perfecting an artifical heart that runs on cholesterol.

Anonymous said...

Now I understand why people refer to Charles as anal.

Anonymous said...

They also refer to Smock as anal.

Anonymous said...

An artificial heart that runs on cholesterol? Well, they better invent kidneys that run on cholesterol. I hope fat boy loses some of that unsightly weight. As for Wigg, have they invented a muzzle that completely shuts a person's mouth?

Jethro Bodine said...

Please stop making me try to imagine Rodger and Wiggy with rectal feeding tube (RFT) up their asses. Thinking about it makes me literally sick - like puking.

On the plus side, I wish Rodger luck with his RFT Diet.

Anonymous said...

The journey is sometimes awful but arriving at the destination is what matters. Hopefully Rodger will lose some tonnage and hopefully someone will invent a muzzle with a feeding tube that will bring Wigg's inane babbling to a final end.

BTW, Esmeralda should consider the rectal feeding tube. Unlike Rodger, all she needs to lose is a couple of hundred pounds.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you 100% Jethro.

Anonymous said...

Who is putting the tube in Rodger?

Anonymous said...

Rodger's RFT team is cloaked in secrecy, however word has leaked out a cadre of high ranking P1 officials administer the feeding tube 4 times a day. I won't name names but the team member initials are:

C. W.
R. W.
D. H-B.

Rumor has it C.W. has his Uncle fill-in from time-to-time.

Anonymous said...

Rodger's RFT team is cloaked in secrecy, however word has leaked out a cadre of high ranking P1 officials administer the feeding tube 4 times a day. I won't name names but the team member initials are:

C. W.
R. W.
D. H-B.

Rumor has it C.W. has his Uncle fill-in from time-to-time.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure Rodger is subjecting himself to the feedings to lose weight but I question Wiggington's motivation because when his uncle administers the feeding, Wigg demands that his uncle talk dirty to him. Just saying.

Anonymous said...

Maybe the credit union should diversify and start offering rectal feedings. You know they won't make it another year without shutting down another branch.

Anonymous said...

January started out like gang busters. Members don't want loans because they say they can't afford them. We're offering low APRs so why don't they want loans?

Jethro Bodine said...

Your idea of diversifying into offering rectal feedings to members is brilliant. It's certainly another way for Wiggy to expand profitabilty and boost earnings.

I can imagine Wiggy issuing quotas to P1 staff on generating leads and member sign-ups for RFT. Overweight members could come into P1 several times a day for their daily feedings. I see quite a profit center with this innovation. And Rodger would definitely deserve some sort of merit bonus for being first to sign-up. Plus, think of all the positive publicity P1 would get for the credit union movement.

Just about every P1 employee could be cross-trained to administer the feeding tubes - so any employee participating in the feeding tube administration could get exta pay, too. It's Win-Win all around.

Anonymous said...

It would be Wiggy's first attempt to diversify offerings to members that might actually work.

They could use before and after photos of Smock, Esmeralda and Yvonne "Big Foot" Boutte to show the effectiveness of rectal feedings.

They can assign employees to stand outside the credit union dancing and twirling signs that say, "Come on in and ask about P1's rectal feeding program." Now if there was only a way to combine Charles Jr keen sales abilities to sell "legal" drugs at the branches?

And I've heard that not wishing to be left out, West is in the process of writing a new book, "How to Mooch on $3 a Day." This is finally becoming a cutting edge credit union.

Anonymous said...

Well, its good to see that Lazy, Good for nothing, Know Nothing Smock finally has found a purpose at the credit union. Now to figure out a role for Wiggington, Esmeralda, and West.

Anonymous said...

I don't care if Rodger ends up losing some of his excess weight, he's still the biggest ass I've had the mifortunte of meeting. Lazy, useless, a chronic liar and always covering up for management. Fat boy should lose 1000 lbs and disappear forever.

Cassandra said...

Supposedly Smock has been on the strict feeding tube diet for over a week now.

Question: is he really on a diet? If so, has fatboy Rodger lost any appreciable weight that anyone can see. Is Wiggington, Diedra and West still administering the feeding tube (yuck!).

Anonymous said...

When it comes to Rodger, even the loss of a hundred pounds would be difficult to see. Much like a dinosaur, his girth will probably camouflage any loss of weight until he's lost 200 to 300 pounds (same goes for Esmeralda Sandoval). Its commendable that at the age of 85, he's trying to lose weight.

E. S. said...

I have been closely observing Rodger this week to determine if he is losing weight. In my opinion, I would say YES. It looks like he lost maybe 1 or 2 pounds.

He knows he's fat. Everyone at P1 knows he's fat. And he knows everyone at P1 knows he's fat. So even though he lost only a pound, let's give this Fatboy encouragement.


E. S. said...

Rodger does seem a tad grumpy now that he's been on the rectal feeding tube diet for a week I guess a one would be grumpy if they were in the same position; I.e., bent over while taking the feeding tube.

Anonymous said...

To E.S....

Rodger loses more than 1 or 2 pounds each time he misplaces his lunch. That said, you're right we should encourage this Shamu look-alike.

I bet he's grumpy. Having to reduce your daily food intake to 7 meals per day and to top that, having the food fed into you via a tub must be taxing his patience. And though bending over shouldn't be new to Rodger, being fed in that position is quite another story. Tsk, tsk.

Anonymous said...

Its no secret at P1 that this may be the year they merge. The employees may or may not be out of a job and clearly any new owner will get rid of Wiggington, Smock, Yvonne, an West (believe it or not, they may keep her only because she's affordable). Of course Wiggington got paid over $150,000 annually since 2007 so he'll be okay. Smock owns apartment buildings and he could always start charging his much younger boyfriend to live at his Echo ParK home. Yvonne may not have as much luck. She got fired from Premier America plus she's been a horrible presence at Priority One violating confidentiality, slandering employees, and being abusive with staff. West is unnecessary in any capacity. Wiggington just doesn't have the cranial capacity that'll make the credit union survive.

Baron Zemo said...

Wiggington should not have a problem getting employment as an African-American scholar. Or he could become a short-order fry cook at Fat Burger.

I envision Smock opening a chain of Rectal Feeding Tube Diet Centers based on the Jenny Craig business model. Of course, Esmeralda and Yvonne could easily tranision their skills acquired at P1 to seamlessly become roving feeding tube administrators under Rodger's expert tutelage

I concur with your conclusion on West. He's pretty much worthless, unemployable and has a good chance of winding up living in a shelter.

Anonymous said...

Wow. I can't believe they're still in business even if they're now a mom and pops credit union. Anyone who knew Wiggington knew he would screw the credit union. He never had the brains to be president but guess the board was too stupid to know that.

If Wiggington got his BA in Afro-American studies, he probably is still unqualified to teach anything on the subject. When I worked at the main branch, no one ever thought he had a BA even through he bragged about it. He just comes off as uneducated. He probably could get a job dressed in a statue of liberty costume, holding a sign and trying to dance while advertising for some Crenshaw Blvd tax service. He could also be a short order cook but would you trust Wiggington's hygiene?

I so agree, Smock could become the King of Everything Rectal. With that grandma grimace he could be the face of a chain of rectal feederies (made up word).

LOL. You are so right, Big Foot and Esmeralda could transition their stable of skills to becoming feeding tube administrators for Rodger's new enterprise. Maybe they could pose for before and after shots for advertising.

West is a frustrated author. He could pen his memoirs about his time at the credit union. He could write about how he was hired as trainer, promoted without experience to HR and finally landing the job of pandering brown noser and royal backstabber for Der Wiggington.

Anonymous said...

I left P1 a few years ago and now work in a scandal-free credit union. My employer can afford to buy supplies for employees. When I worked at P1, we were told that we would have to buy our own supplies plus we weren't getting raises. Good times, good times. Plus there are no scandals. The president and the managers don't sexually harass, they don't break confidentiality, they don't have a board made up of laboratory rejects and oh yes, we get raises. For employees that want to leave P1, believe me, there's life outside of that credit union/circus.

Anonymous said...

I work at a credit union too. I don't think about it often but at Priority you'd come to work always expecting the worst. You didn't know if you were going to get mistreated by your supervisor, if you'd have to witness more cheating from co-workers, or if HR or Wiggington were going to issue one of their micromanagement policies to try and control employees to the point of insanity.

Anonymous said...

I don't work at a credit union but I've never missed the credit union. It was the worst most underpaid job I've ever had. I liked Mr Harris but like most employees, couldn't stand looking at Charles or Smock or West or Esmeralda. These people are enough to make you sick. there are pressures where I work, that's normal but there Priority One is a soap opera where bored and stupid managers bring their personal issues to wok and then force you to take part in their dysfunctional lives.

Anonymous said...

Wiggles bing a sexual harasser and car stealer are actually the 2 least bad things he's done while President.

Baron Zemo said...

Wow!! You came up with a catchy, yet sophisticated name for Rodger's diet franchise salons - Rodger Smock's Rectal Tube Feederie!

Yes, Big Foot Yvonne and Esmeralda must stand outside the Feederie drumming up business like carnival barkers during business hours, twirling colorful signs featuring long tubes sticking in asses to get passing motorists attention. What a great business opportunity.

Anonymous said...

Did you guys notice that the credit union just published the 2013 annual report? The only reason it got published was because consultants told Wiggington it wasn't a good idea to keep it from members. Poor Wiggington, he's just too stupid for his own good.

Anonymous said...

@Baron Zemo

Absolutely correct. Big Foot Boutte won't have to wear a costume while twirling a sign. As for Esmeralda, the challenge will be finding a costume that fits. Aside from that this is a business model that might just work.

Anonymous said...

Let's see. The annual meeting was held on 5/27/14. For years and years, the annual report is passed out to everyone attending the annual meeting but this year Wiggington ordered the report not be passed out or given to member unless member called in and asked for it. the credit union's consultants tell poop for brains that its not a good idea to hide the financials so he orders them posted in December on the company webpage. Truly, this is a really stupid president (as if most people don't already know that). If they want to save money, they should just pass out a flier at this year's annual meeting and post a copy of it on the website. All it has to say, "We're doing bad just like we've done every year since Charles Wiggington became president." You don't even have to type it. Just scribble the message on a piece of paper. No one will be surprised since this credit union has been plummeting since 2007.

Jethro Bodine said...

Roger Smock's Rectal Tube Feederie is not only a great business model but it's a helluva investment opportunity for franchisees. Yes, now is the time to get in on the ground floor before the chain goes nationwide.

And I hear Wiggington plans on having Priority One make loans to Francisees for up to $250k for each Rectal Tube Feederie location. Wiggy told Diedra it's a fantastic way to boost profitability at P1. He called it Win-Win.

The only hitch is that fatboy Smock needs to lose the weight to show prospective investors the Feederies are a viable investment opportunity. As a minimum, Rodger has to lose at least 150 pounds of blubber for the before and after pictures. So far it appears to me Smock has lost only 5 pounds.

Anonymous said...


Right on.

Finally a business solution to Priority One problems and the mess Wiggles created. "Roger Smock's Rectal Tube Feederie" is a dream come true though I'm not certain Diedra is going to like the fact that it took a White man to introduce this wonderful business opportunity.

I'm not sure Wiggles has the cranial capacity to sell franchises plus do you really trust him with money?

If people are going to send them $250,000 for a franchise why would we think the car stealer would not run off with the money?

Rumor has it that Wiggles' son wants in on the action and will introduce a variety of drugs to help people who might want to enhance their rectal experience. He's sure his expertise in sales will enhance this one of a kind business opportunity.

Well Smock may not lose the weight. He loves chocolate, cookies, cakes, sandwiches, steaks, etc. (all eaten in the same day and sometimes in a single meal). If he can't lose the weight, he can have his picture photo shopped or photo chopped. Can Rodger lose 150 lbs? I think you might have a better chance of catching a Big Foot. Oh wait, they've got one at P1.

Come on Rog, I know you can lose the tonnage. Remember we're here for you!

Anonymous said...

What's up with Wiggles? Is he still hiding in hide office or running around the main branch blabbing about his family, cars, or how great business is going despite everyone sees it swirling down the toilet?

Anonymous said...

Answer: Wiggles is spending all his time setting up the Rectal Tube Feederie loan program. Besides working with a leading national franchise attorney to set up the loan program Wiggy is also on rotation as a feeding tube administrator for Smock. So you can see Wiggy is pretty busy right now.

Warren Buffett said...

I see a fabulous investment opportunity in Rodger Smock's Rectal Tube Feederies. Once the Feederie concept is proven to be viable, I plan on signing up for several franchises.

I see the money rolling in as the fat melts away.

To get the ball rolling Fatso Rodger needs to lose 150 pounds for those compelling Before and After pictures. I sincerely hope Smock can lose the weight so all involved can get on the millionaire bandwagon.

Anonymous said...

Many of us always thought of Rodger as anal, so the rectal feederies seem to be quite appropriate. Kuddos to Rodger for taking a huge risk and pushing the paper. I look forward to reading about him in Forbes.

Anonymous said...

@Warren Buffett

Warren Buffett is the most successful investor in the world. So if he gets in on Smock's Feederies before it goes IPO it must be a fabulous investment opportunity.

Who woulda thunk Rodger and Wiggy could finally come up with a good idea after years and years of failures.

Bravo to you Rodger for losing blubber.

Anonymous said...

I wonder what Wiggington is doing today? Is he contemplating about what a great example Martin Luther King made and wondering, "What the hell happened to me?" When did I take human kind back 200 years?

Now Smock maybe be White but you know that he's hoping his new feederies will be a hit with Whites, Blacks and one of his favorite colors, the Browns. Yellow is not one of his favorite colors plus they rarely if ever amass the tonnage he's managed to gain over the last 125 years.

Yvonne is probably not as affected by the holiday because its not about Big Foots.

Esmeralda Sandoval could care less as her focus has always been Mexican food and how much she can eat in an hour.

Robert West is probably out visiting families hoping he can get a handout.

Happy MLK Day everybody!!!!!

Anonymous said...

You guys are too funny. Poor Smock. All the filth he took part in and the filth he caused. Don't know how the geezerr sleeps at night. Wouldn't want to be him.

Anonymous said...

Smock is comforted by the real estate he owns, the man who shares his bad and knowing that his job is secure because Wiggington considers him a friend and knows will break rules and laws to protect his boss.

Anonymous said...

Have any of you been to Smock's house? God knows no one wants to go to Wiggles slump pad.

Anonymous said...

A lot of comments have been made about Robert West being cheap and tight with a dollar. But I am slightly confused on one point:

Is Robert West a Mooch OR is he a Freeloader?

Anonymous said...

I polled several coworkers on whether West is a moocher or a freeloader. Several said neither, which is good for West. But then they said he was a sneak-thief. Another said he was a filcher.

Anonymous said...

Go with me on this for a second. If you were going to open a chain of Rectal Feederies to help desperate fatso's lose weight you'd need a franchise frontman who has already lost a ton of fat as proof the rectal feeding tube weight loss methodology works, right?

Well how come is it looks like Smock has not shed any pounds whatsoever?

Could this be another Wiggington scam to extract money from unsuspecting investors by charging large franchise fees. I smell a rat.

Anonymous said...

Isn't a mooch a freeloader? Or did you mean pooch?

Anonymous said...

Actually, one of my former co-workers used to visit Rodger's home. She said the place was nice and clean. She'd also been to Wiggington's house and said Rodger's house is a palance compared to Wigg's dump. She said Rodger 2 guys, not 1, living with him. He called them his sons but they were Latinos and accents so they probably aren't his sons in the traditional way of what a son is. He also has cats. he's sort of a cat lady without being an actual lady.

Chief Jay Strongbow said...

Smock and Wiggy are promoting those Rectal Feederies as if they were the next Facebook. A can't miss investment with real results.

I think it's a scam.

A mooch will kinda ask quasi-permission before they take something (money, food, free ride, etc.) - a freeloader won't ask.

Anonymous said...

If Rodger is opening his Feederie couldn't Wiggington open a

Anonymous said...

Why is it that if P1 is down to 3 branches and according to Wiggles, this is a way of getting more profits and spending less, why is their net income still dropping and why is business down?

Dr. Zsigmundy Freud said...

From everything I've read on this blog it appears Smock's Rectal Feederies will be a very profitable grift for Smock and Wiggy if they can get it off the ground. Of course, it will be a non-starter if fatso Rodger doesn't lose a significant amount of blubber.

Anonymous said...

Thank goodness, nowadays we have photoshop so we can dub a photo of Rodger with an "after" photo of what he looks like. Of course that wouldn't help if he's got to make public and television appearances or at a book signing. And if he does lose even a little weight, he should appear in public with Esmeralda and Yvonne. Standing next to them might make him look like he lost more weight than he actually did!

Anonymous said...

Having Rodger pose next to Esmeralda & Yvonne would be just the type of optical illusion Wiggy would use to promote Smock's Rectal Tube Feederie.

It's highly doubtful Smock's Weight Loss Feederie will get off the ground since fatso Rodger is incapable of losing weight.

Anonymous said...

Charles doesn't care at all about the credit union. He only works 3 days a week and he looks like crap. He says he walks 2 miles a day. I doubt tit. He might crawl 2 miles a day. Obviously, him reporting to work 3 times a week tells you he's not needed. Miss Smock and Big Foot Yvonne run the place when he's out. Actually, they don't do anything either. Rodger is always walking around complaining about his back, his legs, his head but at least his appetite hasn't been affected. Yvonne is so lazy, she's pawned off a lot of her responsibilities on know-nothing Gema and business continues to go down, down the toilet.

Anonymous said...

Rodger lose weight? It'll be easier for him to become straight than lose one pound. Sort of like it would be easier for Wiggington to turn Swedish than act like a responsible president.

Anonymous said...

Has Rodger lost any weight since he started his feeding tube diet?


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