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Sunday, November 9, 2014

A History of Failures, Part 2 of 4


As 2014 approaches to its end, the month of October proved to be another lackluster month for Priority One Credit Union in South Pasadena, California. Just as attested to by its monthly performance during the past seven (7) years, there was no evidence again, of an impending avalanche of new business and increased profits as promised by President, Charles R. Wiggington,Sr. just three months ago, when he revealed that that the closure of six (6) branches since October 2010 were part of a carefully executed plan designed to produce a surge in new business and fuel a level of financial and physical growth not witnessed at Priority One since before he became its President on January 1, 2007. For Charles R. Wiggington, Sr., the Credit Union's performance during the month of October 2014, served to further solidify our belief that he is incapable of extricating himself from his well documented legacy of failures. 

As we've reported since January 2009, President Charles R. Wiggngton, Sr.'s maladroit business decisions have forced branch closures and replaced many senior, full-time permanent employees with part-time staff who are not recipients of medical or retirement benefits. His mismanagement of the once successful Credit Union transformed Priority One into a smaller and less successful company heavily reliant upon expense reductions as key to its continued survival. Under his leadership, the Credit Union's relationship with its once largest membership group- employees of the United States Postal Service ["USPS"], has grown tenuous. He also eliminated the Credit Union's once prize-winning Marketing Department in 2007 as part of a frantic effort to reduce spending and prove to his constituents that unlike his successful and respected predecessor, he had a smarter and better way of doing business. He was wrong. 

In 2012, the President eliminated the Credit Union's once successful Business Development team who for years had contributed to the development of new business, helped increase membership and had been pivotal in developing and maintaining relations with the many diverse communities served by Priority One. The team's elimination coupled by the closure of six (6) branches brought an end to the Credit Union's visible presence within much of its vast territory.  

Through the years, the President's horrendous business decisions have been continually enabled by the Board of Directors, however, even his business decisions have been overshadowed by his bizarre and at times, illegal behaviors. During the years of 2010 through 2013, the President's inappropriate, unethical and illegal acts have forced the spending of more than $5 million in legal fees. These exorbitant legal costs were spent on expensive and often unscrupulous attorneys, who scrambled to create defenses built upon aggressive tactics designed to vilify the President's victims and raise a facade the protected Charles R. Wiggington, Sr. from any retribution for his illegal acts. 

However, in rushing to forge settlement agreements with former employees and one Member who sued the Credit Union, the attorneys inadvertently helped produce irrefutable evidence of the President's guilt. After all, if Charles R. Wiggington,. Sr. were truly innocent, then why would the Credit Union offer monetary settlements to what would have been frivolous and unfounded complaints? The only thing accomplished by Priority One's attorneys was helping President Wiggington avoid what woiuld most assuredly have been embarrassing and all too telling court trials. 

This month's post....

contains copies of numerous documents supporting our continued contentions against President Charles R. Wiggington, Sr. Some of the documents have never been previously published on this blog. We also include financial information recently obtained from the NCUA's website, revealing Priority One's actual financial performance versus the hyperbole continually being spewed out by President Wiggington and the Board of Directors.

We recently noticed that following our September and October posts, that the President has ceased his unabashed and very public campaign, justifying why he ordered closure of six (6) branch locations while simultaneously, trying to create and bolster a fictitious image that he is a prudent leader. The biggest deficiency plaguing the President's incessant storytelling is that his often infantile excuses are never accompanied by tangible evidence. His campaign asserted branch closures were designed to jump start new business and promote physical and financial development though conspicuously failing to explain how the elimination of convenient branch locations and member service, are supposed to produce growth. As is often the case with any story fabricated by Charles R. Wiggington, Sr., his insistence of what he says is true lacked logic reducing his "story" to more gibberish from a man who is incapable of telling the truth and who always exacts efforts to escape accountability for this blunders. 

But every cloud has its silver lining and when it comes to the deceptive assurances and juvenile excuses made by President Wiggington, it is always wise to demand evidence proving that what he says is indeed true. 



For those unfamiliar with Southern California, Los Angeles County is approximately 4,084 square miles in size, including Santa Catalina Island. This poses a logistical problem for Priority One Credit Union whose President has deemed it sufficient to relegate the Credit Union's sprawling territory to a single Business Development Representative ("BDR"). The BDR, Joseph Garcia, has held a myriad of managerial titles since his arrival to the South Pasadena in January 2010, though proving quite incapable of carrying out his assigned responsibilities in each of his short-lived capacities. Unfortunately, for the Credit Union, for Members, and for Employees, Mr. Garcia lacks the skills, a proven track record of documented accomplishments, diplomacy, or the savvy needed to create and maintain relationships with the communities found in Priority One's demographically diverse communities.

While serving as President and CEO, the honorable and ethical, William E. Harris, orchestrated several mergers which increased the size of the Credit Union's territory and added new branches, amassed increased Net Income, and augmented memberships. During the last quarter of 2006, Mr. Harris finalized a merger with Inland Counties Postal Federal Credit Union, acquisitioning all of Riverside County whose physical size is 7208 square miles. The addition of Riverside County provided Priority One with the opportunity of developing new business with employees of the United States Postal Service and their families and also their families'.  It was an incredible opportunity with seemingly endless possibilities. 

Unfortunately, for the Credit Union, the merger was finalized at the end of 2006 and Mr. Harris retired on December 31, 2006. On January 1, 2007, Charles R. Wiggington, Sr. became the Credit Union's new President and CEO, inheriting the task of developing new business in Los Angeles and Riverside Counties. As history has proven, he was unqualified to do so, in part because unlike his predecessor, he's unmotivated and when he became President, boasted that he would in his words, "Just sit back and let the AVP's do all the work." Charles R. Wiggington, Sr. sincerely believed that all he had to do was lounge without making any effort and that his subordinates would bring in all the business required by the Credit Union to promote growth, accrue profit, and increase membership.

By April 2007, the disgruntled and slothful President complained, "Mr. Harris left me a mess (Riverside County)." Not so unusually, Mr. Harris never experienced a problem developing new business in the communities served by the Credit Union, but President Wiggington who is chronically unaccountable would fail to enact a single strategy that produced the level of new business required in Riverside County.

The fact is, President Wiggington was not left a mess. He was provided a wonderful opportunity that he was unqualified to handle. If Riverside had truly been a mess then how does he explain his failure to develop new business in Los Angeles county? In 2007, he arrogantly mocked his predecessor, describing him as "old school" and promised to show "everyone" that he had a "better and smarter way" to do business. Seven years later, we're still waiting. If President Wiggington, Sr. possessed a modicum of the competency demonstrated by his predecessor, he might never have resorted to cutting expenses as a primary means by which to keep Priority One's doors open for business. He might also have succeeded in developing new business and establishing relationships with the communities located in the more than 7,000 square miles that make up Riverside County

But first.......

We intended to limit the subject of President Wiggington's abuses committed before and following his appointment to President to only two posts but due to the amount of information we intend to publish, we've had to add a third post which will be published in December 2014, concluding our series, "A History of Failures." 

This past October 24th, the NCUA published Priority One Credit Union's quarterly Financial Performance Report ("FPR") for the quarter ending September 30, 2014. The disclosures in the report are inconsistent with the President's periodic insistence that business is doing well and on the verge of surging something that has yet to be realized despite more than four (4) years of assurances that at any moment, business might erupt. 

According to the latest FPR, as of September 30, 2014, Priority One's income size totaled $149,491,398. Just for comparison, on January 1, 2007, the date Charles R. Wiggington, Sr. began his appointment to President, the Credit Union's income size was approximately $172 million.  As of September 2014, the Credit Union's net income has decreased by approximately $23 million

To better gauge Priority One's recent performance, we extracted the following record of its total income size for each quarter from September 2013 through September 30, 2014. 

As referenced above, the Credit Union's Net Income or Net Assets have declined during the quarter ending September 2013 through the quarter ending September 2014 by approximately $1 million. According to its FPR, Priority One's Net Income was $150,479,488 on September 30, 2013 while on September 30, 2014, Net Income fell to 
$149,491,398. This of course brings into scrutiny, the President's explanation that the closure of the Redlands and Valencia branches in 2010; closure of the Riverside branch in 2011; closure of the Burbank branch in 2012; closure of the Airport branch in 2013; and closure of the Santa Clarita branch in 2014, were part of a carefully devised strategy that will increase new business and membership and escalate the amounts of the Credit Union's Net Capital aka Net Income and Assets. Based on the disclosures provided in the FPR's its quite clear the President's alleged tactic is failing to achieve its intended purpose. Either that or his so-called plan is nothing more than a ruse designed to cover-up the President's bombastic inability to strategize effectively or intelligently. 

However, if one chooses to ignore the history of well-documented losses resultant from the President's many failed enterprises coupled by his deplorable conduct then yes, one could readily believe that the President's tactic is progressing exactly as planned. Of course, ignoring the evidence would be absurd, yet that is exactly what President Wiggington would like people to do. 

As we've revealed often over the past four (4) years, President Wiggington is unscrupulous and wholly dishonest. A visit to the Credit Union's Career page*, located on Priority One's s website [] discloses that Priority One is a "$154 million Credit Union" when their own FPR shows they are worth approximately $5 million less then the misinformation contained on their webpage.  

"Priority One Credit Union, A progressive $154 M [million] credit union...."

The Credit Union's own "FACTS" about itself are both erroneous and intentionally misleading. The Credit Union has not been a $154 million organization in more than a year, yet the $154 million reference was added to their webpage this past September 2014. Obviously, the intent of exaggerating the Credit Union's worth is to deceive anyone visiting their webpage.

This is not the first time the President has exaggerated the amount of the Credit Union's Net Income. Prior to September 2014 and for a period of a few years, the Credit Union referenced the amount of its Net Income at "$175 million".  At the time President Wiggington's predecessor retired, the Credit Union's Net Income approximated $172 million whereas under Charles R. Wiggington, Sr., the Credit Union's Net Income peaked to approximately $180 million in mid-2008 only after he borrowed $20 million from the Credit Union's line-of-credit. 

Inarguably, Charles R. Wiggington, Sr., Executive Vice President, Rodger Smock, and the entire Board of Directors find it impossible to accurately report the amount of the Credit Union's actual Net Income. 

We suggest the President and his cronies also take a moment to familiarize themselves with the definition of the word "progressive." Priority One's own reports prove that in 2014, the Credit Union is a smaller and less successful than it was in the years before Charles R. Wiggington, Sr. was appointed President. The financial losses incurred under the current President during the past seven (7) years prove the Credit Union is NOT progressive. 

On December 31, 2006, the date President Wiggington's predecessor retired. the Credit Union's total Net Assets were $172,250,649. At the end of September 2014, Credit Union's Net Assets totalled $149,491,398, indicating a loss of $22,759,251 over the past seven years during which Charles R. Wiggington, Sr.served as President and CEO. Not only has Priority One lost more than $20 million but the President finds it necessary to continue exaggerating the amount of the Credit Union's Net Income by approximately $5 million. 

So What Does Say?

We decided to again visit as we do from time to time and obtain a record of their most recent assessment of Priority One's actual performance versus the propaganda spewed out by the President.

For the period ending on June 30, 2014, issued a three-star rating to Priority One. Three-stars, as shown below, indicate the Credit Union is merely "performing."  

According to Bankrate, the Credit Union's three-star rating is attributable to high capital. As we've shown since late 2010, the President's bludgeoning in spending forced closure of six (6) branches, sharply decreased the budgets once spent on prize-wining marketing and advertising and in 2012, resulted in the elimination of the once successful Business Development team. All of this was done to ensure Net Capital grew and remained above 6%. In 2009, auditors informed the President that Net Capital was declining and might soon fall below 6%. It was suggested to him to find ways of reducing expenses including identifying and closing branches that were performing poorly. 

However, prior to 2010, the President and Board realized sales were in decline creating a financial strain to the Credit Union as it struggled, more and more to offset its outgoing expense. The President and Board Chair, Diedra Harris-Brooks, decided that borrowing $20 million from the Credit Union's line-of-credit would serve to create the impression of growth. Opting for superficiality over substance and results, the money was borrowed, temporarily increasing the amount of the Credit Union's net Income but adding a financial burden in the form of interest on the loan, approximating between $30,000 to $33,000 per month in addition to principle. 

As shown below, as of June 30, 2014, Priority One's Net Capital remains well above 6%, ensuring the Credit Union remains operational. However, contrary to President Wiggington's disclosures made to employees in November 2011, Net Capital is not synonymous with profit. Nowadays, reducing expenses is needed by the Credit Union to assure it remains in business. Another effect of the Credit Union's addictive need to cut spending is attested to that in 2014, Priority One employs a large contingent of part-time staff who are not recipients of medical or retirement benefits. Ten months ago, in January 2014, the President ordered closure of the Santa Clarita branch in a frantic attempt to fuel an increase of Net Capital. However, what is all too clear is that President Wiggington is incapable of developing strategies the create a consistent flow of profit and attract new business. So will the President close another branch should Net Capital again teeter as it did in 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013? And if so, which branch might end up on the chopping block? Will it be the large Los Angeles branch, the small but profit generating Van Nuys branch or the dismal main branch in South Pasadena?  

Unfortunately, for the troubled Credit Union, Bankrate's analysis is not all good news. Yes, capital is high but according to Bankrate, the Return on Assets ("ROA"), as shown below,is "Substantially Below Average".  Another point of concern to Bankrate is that Priority One's overhead is "Significantly Higher Than Average."   

This is actually the third consecutive year in which concludes Priority One's "Overhead" is higher than the industry average and cites that this could potentially be problematic and an indicator that it could "lead to financial deterioration." Bankrate concludes buy suggesting initiation of an in depth investigation  but don't expect either President Wiggington or Board Chair, Diedra Harris-Brooks, to initiate queries as investigations are a threat to these two who have spent the past seven (7) years, exacting tremendous time, effort, and the Credit Union's monies, to conceal the truth about the Credit Union's performance from Members, employees and the public at large. This past May 2014, the President ordered that employees limit mailing out copies of the 2013 Annual Report. His directive remains firmly in place and evidently his fear of further exposure is of deep concern for the chronically inept President.  

As shown below, overhead is in Bankrate's opinion, a serious and potentially detrimental factor that could come to impede the Credit Union's future. 

Bankrate's Earning Analysis reveals Priority One reported "net profit of $367.47 thousand" or an return of average assets ("ROA") in the amount of 0.25%". Bankrate adds that in the year preceding June 30, 2014, the Credit Union reported "net profit of $665,131" or an return of average assets ("ROA") in the amount of  0.44%. Obviously, the Credit Union's return on average assets has declined over the past year despite President Wiggington's continuous efforts to create an unevidenced impression the Credit Union's business is progressing forward and upward. ROA's are a primary measurement used in the credit union industry to gauge profitability. In Priority One's case, its ROA is .25% while the industry average is 0.81%. Irrefutably, Priority One's business is doing poorly and falls far below the industry average. 


High capital aside, Priority One's documented performance reveals it is not generating sufficient new business to offset its overhead. This inability by the Credit Union also inhibits amassing profit and promoting physical growth. This doesn't bode well for President Wiggington; Executive Vice President, Rodger Smock; Vice President of Operations, Yvonne Boutte; Vice President of Lending, Patricia Loiacano; and the entire Board of Directors who are all apparently ill-qualified to develop effective strategical planning. 



In 2001, a beautiful Afro-American woman and Member of the Credit Union, visited the Loan Department in Priority One's main branch in South Pasadena, California and applied for a automobile loan in the amount of $31,876.  Unfortunately for the Member, who we will refer to as "Patrice", her FICO Score of 518 and a few adverse credit references in her credit report, disqualified obtaining approval of the loan. The EndAs with any incident involving Charles R. Wiggington, Sr., the circumstances in this situation would prove anything but simple. 

Charles R. Wiggington, Sr. happened to be walking through the Loan Department while Patrice sat at a desk, speaking to a Loan Officer. Seeing the beautiful woman, he made beeline to the officer's desk using the pretext that he wanted to say hello. After greeting the officer, he turned and introduced himself to the Member and handed her his business card, inviting her to call him if she needed his assistance. The Member called Mr. Wiggington. 

Patrice called and informed the President that she didn't qualify for a vehicle loan due to her low FICO Score and bankruptcy and charge-offs referenced in her credit report. Mr. Wiggington assured her he would look into the matter. It is important to note that this is a unique even as Mr. Wiggington has for years, refused to speak to members about loan requests which have been denied approval due to adverse credit references. 

As shown below, the Member's Experian Fair Isaac Score was 518, indicative of poor credit. Her credit history contained a reference to a past due amount f $20,094.   There are also references to a bankruptcy and to a judgment. The latter was issued by the Antelope Municipal Court. 


To ensure the Member understood the terms of the Credit Union's loan agreement she would be required to adhere to, Mrs. Wiggington scheduled a meeting to discuss the agreement and answer any of the Member's questions. The President called the Member and asked her to meet him at Fat Burgers located at 4070 Marlton Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90008. 

Asking the Member to meet with him at a hamburger stand was wholly inappropriate and could have created a situation that could potentially result in legal ramifications to the Credit Union though it was quite clear that any such considerations were inconsequential to Mr. Wiggington whose self-indulgences have always taken precedence over the good of the Credit Union. 

Mr. Wiggington, accompanied by his uncle, arrived at Fat Burgers and waited for the Member to arrive. Mr. Wiggington would later state that when the Member entered Fat Burger, she sauntered across the room causing every man to turn and stare but quickly adding, "Everyone looked at her but she came to us."  And before jumping to conclusions, the President was not 17 years old on the day the meeting took place. 

After their meeting, the President returned to the South Pasadena office and approved the request. The Member clearly worked Mr. Wiggington like a pony at a children's birthday party.

As shown below, the Member received approval for the automobile loan in the amount of $31,876 with an APR of 15.75%.  In abusing his authority and deviating from Credit Union directives found in policy, the President also discriminated against all other Members whose FICO Scores were identical or higher than that of this Member but were denied their requests due to a low FICO Score and/or because of adverse credit references in their credit report. So is beauty justified under policy a basis for approving a loan application? Or does Priority One's policy cite attractiveness deemed a justified reason for denying approval of a loan application?

Since 2010, a growing number of complaints accuse Priority One of having eligibility loan requirements that are too stringent. Evidently, in Patrice's case, no such requirements were enforced. And though we can't comment on the reasonableness of the Credit Union's eligibility requirements, we can on the defiance by Mr. Wiggington to adhere to rules which were reviewed by the Credit Union's attorneys and subsequently ratified by the Board of Directors. Though these were clearly established to protect the Credit Union, Charles R. Wiggington., Sr. showed no hesitation to disregard these in the case of a Member whose request should have been denied.  

So how many Members whose credit reports reference a FICO Score of 518 or higher and whose credit history doesn't reference a bankruptcy found their application for a loan denied?

Under Article 8.3, Credit Bureau Score, in Priority One's Loan Policy, it states:

The Credit Union RELIES on the bureau score developed by Fair Isaac and Companies. This score is known as “FICO” when ordered through Experian, “Beacon”, through Equifax and “Empirica”, through Trans Union. Loan officers WILL USE THE SCORE TO DETERMINE RISK ALONG WITH OTHER CRITERIA REVIEWED HEREIN. 

Not surprisingly, there isn't a single reference in the Loan Policy written to accommodate attractive women or men. Charles Wiggington's intentional disregard for Loan Policy was due more than a temporary lapse in judgment. Though the Loan Policy was reviewed by Credit Union attorneys and later, ratified by the Board of Directors, Mr. Wiggington's behaviors, actions and verbalizations suggest he may believe he is exempt from complying to the organization's policies which he has historically treated as suggestions. Furthermore, in the case of this Member, he showed absolutely no concern or interest in protecting the Credit Union. 

Despite a FICO Score of 518 and adverse references in the Member's credit report, Charles R. Wiggington, Sr. approved the more than $31,000 automobile loan.  

Not surprisingly, the Member never contacted Mr. Wiggington after obtainment of the loan. The scorned President later told the Loan Officer who funded the loan that the Member
 "Used me. I will never talk to her again."  To be fair, it was Mr. Wiggington who acted unethically when he disregarded the Credit Union's Loan Policy. He alone approved the Members application for an automobile loan. Furthermore, his decision to approve the loan application was unrelated to business and just a means by which to ingratiate himself to her. The Member never violated Credit Union policies and she never compromised herself. Her role in this incident, was purely manipulative and once she obtained what she wanted she immediately terminated her business relationship with the obnoxious, policy-breaking Officer.   

In 2009, a then 101 year-old Member-Owner named Carrie Willis Williams, contacted Priority One's Member Service Department to request closure of her Credit Union accounts. Ms. Williams was no longer able to care for herself and decided to move out-of-state with her niece. 

When she called the Member Services Department, the Member discovered to her dismay that monies had been siphoned from one of her accounts by her caregiver, Delores Gleaton, without the knowledge or authorization of the Member. The withdrawals had taken place in Las Vegas which Ms. Gleaton had visited for the purpose of gambling. 

When then COO, Beatrice Walker, and President Wiggington were advised of the incident, the two refused to return Ms. Williams' monies from her accounts. Not only did they refuse to mail her a check for the money contained in her account, they also refused to return all monies that were withdrawn illegally. At the time, the rationale given by the COO and President was that they were concerned that Ms. Williams was being coaxed into closing her account. The issue with their concerns is that there was absolutely no evidence that Ms. Williams was being manipulated to close her accounts. It was pure conjecture on the part of the COO and President. 

What is most peculiar is that at the time the monies were taken out of Ms. Williams' account, no one at Priority One, including the COO and President, made certain the Credit Union's protocols designed to protect Member assets, were being strictly enforced. What is also peculiar is that no one at Priority One ever noticed that the 101 year-old Member seemed to be spending an inordinate amount of time in Las Vegas casinos. Though possible suspicious triggers were evident, no one at the Credit Union took notice of these.

As we've published in past posts, in 2009, an audit of the Los Angeles branch's records confirmed that more than $60,000 had been taken from Member accounts by a former receptionist assigned to that office. 

In early 2013, another audit of the Los Angeles branch's records showed that other thefts had occurred. At the time these were discovered, Vice President, Yvonne Boutte, told employees of the South Pasadena branch that the thefts had been perpetrated by the AVP who had overseen the Los Angeles and Airport branches. Why would the Credit Union not take notice of what most assuredly constitutes suspicious patterns of behavior?

Following the refusal by the COO and President to release Ms. Williams' funds, the Member was forced to procure the services of an attorney. In his letter dated September 20, 2009 and never published by us previously, attorney Ruben A. Spivey, addresses the issues of  $17,080.00 taken without authorization from Ms. Williams' account. In his correspondence, shown below, the lawyer aptly asks why the Credit Union never realized that large withdrawals of money were being taken from the 101 year old's account?

Not only did the Credit Union fail to perform its due diligence, they failed to notify police authorities. It appears the Credit Union experiences tremendous difficulty enforcing its own protocols and clearly, they aren't very adept at protecting Member assets.  


As 2014 rapidly draws to its end, it appears Priority One Credit Union in South Pasadena, California remains securely entrenched in the cycle of loss and failure first begun by President Charles R. Wiggington, Sr. in 2007. The challenges facing Priority One also include its apparent inability to market its aging products and services supposedly designed to improve a person's financial life, yet in a Credit Union where its products are neither unique or new, what are the actual specific benefits any Member should expect to reap from what the Credit Union offers? 

Since January 1, 2007,. the date when Charles R. Wiggington, Sr. began serving as President, he has compulsively shown his disdain for the Credit Union's policies, state and federal laws, and even for the well-being of Members, and employees. His long record of violations are numerous and have proven periodically, costly to a Credit Union struggling to garner new business. Before being appointed President, he intentionally circumvented Loan Policy and approved a more than $30,000 automobile loan to a Member whose FICO Score was a mere 518 and whose Credit Report referenced a bankruptcy and other adverse credit references. In the meantime, many other members with scores of 518 and better have been denied their requests for loans because they didn't meet the Credit Union's eligibility requirements. Not only did he create a precedent, he discriminated against other Members whose history was no worse than that of the Member he approved because he found her physically attractive. 

Through the years, President Wiggington has violated policies created to protect the Credit Union and forcibly causing the Credit Union to be sued and pay out settlements. Despite his reprehensible acts, he has always found protection in the Board of Director who under leadership of its Chair, Diedra Harris-Brooks, have freely approved use of Credit Union funds to hire attorneys and consultants, who weaved intricate and fictitious defenses in an effort to exonerate the roguish President. In 2001, while serving in the capacity of Vice President of Operations, the President manipulated Credit Union policy and approved an automobile loan for more than $30,000 to a Member whose FICO Score was 518 and whose credit report referenced a bankruptcy and other adverse credit references. 
  • We saw this same disregard for policy and federal laws by the President and Board of Directors in 2008, when an investigator proved President Wiggington had sexually harassed a former employee.
  • We witnessed this same disregard when he ordered repossession of an automobile from a Member who had fallen on hard financial times but who agreed to repaying the monies due on the loan. The Member's mistake was having financed a BMW, the President's favorite automobile. After repossessing the vehicle, the then owner of Credit Resolutions handed the President the title for the car. Mr. Wiggington never paid a cent for the vehicle which was supposed to be sent to auction to try and recuperate some of the unpaid balance. Instead, the President took possession of the vehicle which he sold a few years later, at a profit to himself. 
  • In 2007, the President chose not to enforce security protocols and as a result, ballots for that year's election were mailed out to members in envelopes on whose exteriors were printed Member credit union and social security numbers. 
  • In late 2009, the President and Board Chair committed collusion when the two disrupted that electoral process for the upcoming 2010 election. Their goal was to ensure the election did not result in the removal of any of the Directors who were loyal to Board Chair, Diedra Harris-Brooks, and the President and to whom ethics, policies and laws are based on their history of behavior, unimportant.  
The widespread record of documented abuses committed by the President and enabled by the Board of Directors are merely symptoms of the their underlying psychology. In 2007, while standing in the Member Services Department and in the presence of Members, the President exclaimed loudly, "I'm President and no one tells me what to do." The childish rant was both embarrassing and telling, revealing that Charles R. Wiggington, Sr. doesn't perceive himself as an officer elected to serve Member-Owners, but as someone not required to abide to a structure of conduct defined under Credit Union policy and state laws. 

Rather pathetically, Charles R. Wiggington, Sr. has proven he is a slave to his own unhealthy proclivities. His excuses verbalized to a select few employees that he ordered the closure of six branches as part of a well-honed strategy designed to fuel growth is both ridiculous and more than a little disturbing. If the Redlands and Valencia branches were closed in 2010 and the Riverside branch closed in 2011, for the purpose of reducing spending and driving sales and new membership, then why did he open the Santa Clarita branch in February 2012? The answer is both simple and obvious: He's lying. The President's absurd concoctions are intended to deter attention from his immense ineptitude and well documented failures. They're also intended to help him save face though after seven years of abhorrent behaviors, his reputation seems quite unsalvageable

Contrary to the bill of goods he'd like Members and employees to buy into is that Priority One's decline is not the result of the national economy or the high national unemployment rate. He has also never been the target of a group of apparently invisible ninja-like bloggers who out of jealousy, have sabotaged the Credit Union's ability to do business. The Credit Union's failure to attract Member and potential Member interest in what it offers are easily attributable to the President's immense ineptitude and ignorance of marketing and his equal inability to comprehend the necessity of establishing and maintaining relationships with the membership and the communities located within the Credit Union's territories. 

Bankrate's assessment which cites a concern about Priority One's overhead is a real and growing issue which could at worst, force the closure of another of the Credit Union's three remaining branches in the not-so-distant future. Oddly, it doesn't appear that President Wiggington can comprehend that closing branch locations reduces convenience to Members and in turn, serves to compromise the integrity of service levels. However, Priority One's internal and service issues are merely the by-products of the type of leadership provided by Charles R. Wiggington, Sr., the Board, and its Chair, Diedra Harris-Brooks, all of who have left Priority One a smaller, frail and ineffective organization. 


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Anonymous said...

Back in 2010, the auditors visited the South Pasadena like they do every year and stayed several days auditing records. While they were there, Charles would instruct Rodger and Esmeralda to give the auditors whatever files they needed. But what the auditors didn't know is that Rodger had specific instructions to review the contents of every file requested by the auditors and pull out any documents that could cause problems for the credit union. I remember Esmeralda and Rodger were not in one morning, so I was asked to pull the file and deliver it to the auditors. Later, when Rodger got back, he called me into his office and told me that I was no longer to give auditors the files they requested unless he went through them first and pulled out any documents Charles didn't want the auditors to see. Wiggington is a horrible example. Well, on second thought I can't think of anyone that would ever hold him as an example or who respects him. He is a liar and he surrounds himself with liars, like Rodger. Rodger has been his own personal hit man. Without Rodger, Wiggington would never have gotten away with half of the horrible things he's done. I am so glad that everyone knows their dirty little secrets and that they can't hide behind the bullshit fronts they put up.

Anonymous said...

The only reason Wiggles spends so much time trying to hide the annual report, income statements and fires people he says are leaking information is because he's got a lot to hide. Most employees and even Smock know the Wiggles has a big mouth and that he is the biggest violator of confidentiality at the credit union. If it wasn't for his big mouth, they wouldn't of been sued. He's lucky that the board, and all of HR as dishonest as he is otherwise he would of been fired a long time ago.

Anonymous said...

Last year when the auditors were in, we heard them talking about the big accounting mess and how our credit union doesn't keep good records.

Anonymous said...

rI applied for a personal loan 2 years ago and was denied because I had 1 charge-off and I was told my income was too low but my score was 645. How could someone with 516 qualify for more than $30K when I couldn't qualify for $3500?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous wrote:

How could someone with 516 qualify for more than $30K when I couldn't qualify for $3500?

She qualified because Wig was attracted to her. That's it. Unless your a beautiful woman (or maybe a man???), Wig won't approve you if your score is 516.

Anonymous said...

On the incident regarding assault of a white man by a Afro American male. Well folks its geting serious West is now contacting several employees doing all he can to cover and hide the incident and protect his fellow Afro American male. Because looks like now that employees are being intervied by the authorities. West has done it again cover up schemes and boghos incestagation inorder ti protect his own kind had lead the autorities in this. What did u think West People can get in to scuffles n assaulted at place of work with out autorities geting incolved . Btw white dude was fired . Afro still here

Anonymous said...

West and Wiggy you can try to get rid of a poor struggling white man who spoke the truth. You have your Afro American henchman assault them. But!!! Do not forget authorities will and are now involved and as far as i know there will be questions to be answered and justice will be served . Ps West Don't you ever preach the Bible u hypocrite.

Anonymous said...

Wiggy West both belong in a cage . Not at LA zoo but some poor third world country zoo lol

Anonymous said...

In other news Lorena Aguilar is now in heat with Wiggy we'll see if she's going to get the boot soon

Anonymous said...

West is disgusting because unlike Wigg and Rodger who are heathens, he knows and even preaches the Bible. He just doesn't obey it which makes him a deceitful hypocrite. He's unequally yoked to Charles and Rodger.

If he is calling employees to cover-up the alleged assault then he knows better than anyone else that there will be a price to pay and it'll fall on his head and that of his family. Homeboy better repent and stopping being Charles' whore.

I think a lot of us realized a long time ago that West sees the world as Black and non-Black. But he's not only racist, he's a misogynist because he prefers Black males over Black females. At P1 there is a big issue with same-sex preferences.

The White employee should go to the department of fair employment and housing and file a complaint. They will investigate. And maybe he should take his evidence and meet with an attorney to see if he's got a case against P1.

Anonymous said...

West should keep his mouth shut about anything Christian. He is Wigg’s friend and he supports Wigg when he breaks policy and law. Putting Wgg in a cage with his accomplice, Robert West, is a good idea but how about taking the cage and dropping it in the Atlantic?
And what did Lorena do? You know, I thought she was nice but problem with Lorena is she talks too much and she doesn’t exercise common sense or intelligence. Her friend, Pattie Lopez used to be a loan processor. Pattie SEEMED nice but she was always gossiping just like Wigg. For years Wigg said he wanted her out because he wasn’t going to tolerate her jabbering. Yes, Wigg the sexual harasser and car thief has a lot of nerve accusing anyone of talking too much, but then again, he is Priority One’s biggest scofflaw and hypocrite.
Pattie got laid off a few years ago but Wigg hired a replacement who he gave a different title to so that what he did wouldn’t look illegal. It was illegal because Pattie’s replacement did the same work Pattie did. Pattie gets this bright idea to call Diedra and tell her what’s been done to her. Now Diedra gets scared because at the time, the credit union was trying to find off 3 lawsuits filed by former employees. Diedra doesn’t like dealing with Wig’s violations, so she tells him to call Pattie and explain to her why he laid her off. He easily dupes Pattie into believing that her replacement was doing work Pattie had never done. Pattie is like a Mexican version of Wiggington except she’s really dumb when it comes to being sneaky unlike Wigg who can hide behind lawyers and Diedra. I doubt Lorena has the brain matter needed to respond to Wigg. She’s just not that bright.

PS: The White employee who got assaulted should get an attorney and subpoena Linda, David, Susanna, and Theresa who can't testify about the assault but can provide testimony about how Wigg and HR break the law and allow abuses. Let's get these people prosecuted, once and for all.

Anonymous said...

About a month ago I got a call from an agency asking me if I was interested in an FSR job at a credit union. The rep asked me if I still worked at Priority One and said she knows Wiggington and Smock but she hasn't heard from them in years, ever since business went bad and they started closing down branches and firing employees.

I guess not everybody falls for Charles bullshit that he closed branches to create new business. Say whattttttt??????????????? Looks like some people think he closed branches because of no business.

Anonymous said...

Wiggy's policy is we close branches to improve employee lunches. Destroy P1 little by little will make us grow within . We will achieve it all one we have south pasadena left! Then we are a well oiled smooth operating machine lol

Anonymous said...

A Chimp can run this run down garbage of a credit union better then Wigg can . Does anyone know if the Facebook scandal is going??

Anonymous said...

Wiggington smells like a bowl of shit! Why just walk by his office smell is enough to drive a bison away! The man stinks like crap!

Anonymous said...

"A Chimp can run this run down garbage of a credit union better then Wigg can."

I thought a chimp was running the credit union. What did happen to the FB scandal?

Anonymous said...

P1 now hiring . 2014
WARNING! Employees may be subject to
Sexual harassment , assault , retaliation and underpaid.
But with Priority one here we grantee a job yes you heard right! A job leading to a career in a well organized profitable credit union. One of the leading credit unions
In the industry . We close undersize kill business back stab and harass employees . Its survival of the fittest

Anonymous said...

Under our great leader KIM JUNG WIGGY .

Anonymous said...

Fb scandal might have taken a pause after it was revealed here.

Lancelot Link said...

I am the President of the Chimp Union. How dare you compare us to Wiggington.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I never forgot how Robert royally backstabbed Johnny. I don't know how Robert can live with himself, but when your an android, being human is not a quality you possess. Jack ass.

Anonymous said...

LOL. King Jung Wiggy! Except King is prettier and more charming.

Anonymous said...

P1 is hiring tellers for all offices. Well, for the remaining 3 offices.

1. Benefits
No Medical
No Retirement

2. Career Development
To be announced if ever implemented.

3. Perks
Work for and with the most notorious President in the industry.

Work for the most dishonest HR Department imaginable

Work alongside people who could never get hired by any other credit union.

See Rodger Smock who arrives to work dressed in drag on Halloween and dresses in drag while at home.

See a real living Big Foot

4. Character Development
Develop a tough outer skin. You may be subjected to sexual harassment, physical assault, retaliation, coercion or watch as the President and his vultures play with the books.

Be part of an organization that is shrinking faster than you can say "I can't believe any woman would ever want Wiggington!"

Anonymous said...

I also don't believe there's a man who would ever want Wiggles.

Anonymous said...

You can expect an ethical and unbiased investigation by West. We're talking about Kanye West aren't we?

Anonymous said...

Robert West investigation charges that a Black employee assaulted a non-Black employees is rich. Based on the importance of color at Priority One, I can believe he is not so much investigating as trying to find a way of covering up what happened and getting the Black employee off the hook something Robert West would never do if the employee was White, Latin, or Asian.

Diedra, O. Glen Saffold, Thomas Gathers and Cornelia Simmons are all Black and they all decided that the evidence that proved Charles sexually harassed Kim, should be ignored and swept under the carpet. Now remember, O. Glen studied theology and Thomas Gathers was always bragging about the fact he is an elder at his church. I don't know what religious affiliations Diedra or Cornelia have though I think they probably worship something with a goat's head.

Now Wiggington loves playing the race card but he married a White woman who I met and looks so miserable. Who can blame her. She lives with Wiggington.

Now Yvonne Boutte is Black and she, like Wiggington, plays that race card. Even speaks ebonics.

What Wiggington, the Board, Robert West and Yvonne may not realize is Priority One is a melting pot. Yes, they have a lot of Black members visiting the Los Angeles branch but that's because the branch is in a community that is heavily Black and Latino. Back, before 1960, those same neighborhoods were White and made up of Italians, Russians, Serbians and other non-Blacks.

If Robert is conducting an investigation then its probably not an investigation because just like the other policy breakers, he is more concerned with hiding the truth. That's just who he is.

Anonymous said...

Wow Wiggenstein, what a mess you've made of the credit union.

You realize employees don't like you and postal workers say you ruined Priority One.

The only reason Rodger, West, Yvonne and some of the others tolerate you is because you sign their checks.

In the industry you're known as loud mouth who is also a sexual harasser and car thief. You took Mr Wafa's car without paying a cent which means you robbed the credit union of money it would have gotten when the car was sent to auction. That makes you more than just a car thief. Plus you hurt the member and his family who were suffering because their relative was sick.

You told the idiot Board that Alan is the one that had all those ballots go out in envelopes where member account numbers and social security numbers were printed on the back, but it was you. I remember when we told you that the President always checks the disk and a sample batch of envelopes to make sure there are no mistakes and you said, "I'm the president, I don't do that." The idiot board should have fired you when that happened.

You blamed Anwar who was a temp FSR for a bunch of loans he processed that went bad but he was a temp and it was Neelam who approved the 5 loans so it should have been her, not Anwar, that got fired.

When the Cathy the old Valencia branch manager approved loans that went bad you told Mr Harris it was her fault but you were the VP of operations and you were the one who assigned limits to each branch managers. You were operations and you never trained her so it was you who should of been suspended or fired for not carrying out your assigned duties.

You also helped that witch, Sylvia Perez, and the other witch, Rodger Smock, set up David C the old Van Nuys branch manager and had him fired after he discovered that Sylvia didn't train the Van Nuys staff properly and never taught them how to count money or perform audits. You knew he was right but you and your two monkeys fired him anyway.

Now we find out you approved a woman who had a 516 credit score and bad credit because you were hoping to have an extramarital affair.

The problem with you Wigg is you're damaged goods. Yes, your nuts too, but you're damaged. No normal person with morals would have done all the shit you've done. Your mama must be proud. You're just insane enough to think no one would ever notice all the crap you pulled but that makes you neurotic. You're dirty, insecure and a challenged lowlife who destroys everything he touches. And when you get caught, you run and hide behind that old hag, Diedra's skirt, behind Smock's skirt, and behind rotten attorneys.

Lt. Colonel Doom said...

I have been asked by numerous friends to be nice again extend my $50,000 Stfu challenge to Capuchin monkey look-alike Charles Wiggington Sr. the $50,000 cas will be awarded to Woggy if the following stipulations can be met.

1. Wiggy must shut-up for 7 days. No talking what-so-ever. Complete silence.
2. No ball scratching for a week. It is permissiblr for Wiggy to scratch his balls in the privacy if his own house (dump).
3. No eating with your mouth wide-open Wiggy. No smacking as Wiggy eats.

It's easy money Wiggy. You can use the $50k to buy a slew of junker BMWs.

Anonymous said...

He can't shut up for 7 days. Just last week he was sitting in the lunch room telling employees that he contacted the FBI who is going after 2 ex-employees. If true, isn't that highly confidential? The old perv can't control his mouth. It's like it has a mind of its own and is going to do what it wants to do.

Anonymous said...

Instead of spending $500,000 on lawyers they should have had Wiggles mouth surgically removed.

Chief Jay Strongbow said...

@Lt. Colonel Doom

To give added incentive to Wiggy to compete in the STFU Challenge I will kick in an extra $10,000 if Wiggy successfully completes the Challenge.

If Wiggs won't complete the STFU Challenge he should just GTFO. To

Anonymous said...

I know the Wiggmeister is probably very tempted by the $50,000 challenge and throwing in an extra $10,000 is probably driving him batty but even he knows that keeping his mouth shut for 7 days, 7 hours, even 7 seconds is impossible. He should just GTFO and make sure to take Diedra, Rodger, West, Esmeralda an Yvonne with him. And don't let the door hit you in the.....

Anonymous said...

Wigg got rid of a lot of people that he said were holding business back and trying to get his job but he also got rid and drove out a lot of people that he used to say were his friends including Gerardo, Dane, Mary, Mike, Suzanne, etc. The man is no one's friend. He's a user. When he feels he doesn't need one of his "friends" he fires them. He used Bea Walker to get rid of good people including Joe, Sonny, and Wendy plus a lot more. Then when he didn't need her, she terminated her. Now she was supposed to help him get rid of his imaginary enemies but after awhile she realized he was not officer material and she tried to get his position with the help of Joseph and Yvonne. Now I don't know what information she shared with Joseph, but that's the only reason why he was never fired because he is the worst employee the credit union probably has ever had. All those titles and he could never do the work he was supposed to do. Even Bea caught on and turned against him but she got fired before she could show Joseph the door. It is a shame that Wiggington turned the credit union into a soap opera where playing games, lying and cheating are all a normal part of everyday business. And I'm surprised the Members haven't complained to the DFI to get him and Diedra removed.

And about the employee that got assaulted- did he file a police report? I don't know what the statute of limitations is but if he didn't, he should file one.

Anonymous said...

They need to change their name to Penitentiary One where management is its own priority.

Commissioner Gordon said...

GTFO Wiggy. GTFO Diedra.

Of course, we all know horn dog Wiggy will basically do anything to bone (have sex) anyone but his wife. Sexual harassment charges were settled by the Board of Directors to protect the job of the worst CEO in the US. Why wasn't Wiggy fired instead? No doubt it's because Wiggy has secret dirt dossiers on most board members that he uses to keep them in line.

In the name of humanity, please accept the newly juiced-up $60,000 STFU Challenge so the P1 staff can at least get a 7 day respite from your big mouth, ball scratching and wide-open mouth eating.

Anonymous said...

I had the displeasure of attending many functions where Wig was present. The man is an obnoxious big mouth. He talks and talks but says nothing, well nothing worth remembering.

I attended one function where all he did was bad mouth his then assistant. He said she was not cooperative and didn't want to accompany him to the Union Hall on Saturdays or some of the end of the year government work retirement luncheons. He is so pompous and so unbelievably stupid that the reason he wanted her there was so other people could see he had a secretary which he was deluded enough into thinking was going to give him some air of importance.

He also talked told us she was physically what he wanted in a secretary. Obviously, he has never looked at himself in the mirror.

He was also friends with another lowlife from the board, Thomas Gathers. Thankfully, Gathers resigned a few years ago. Useless, loud, and low class just like Wiggington. Put these two in the same event and you knew you were about to slum it up.

The day it was announced he was going to be President a lot of employees were shocked and knew he was going to change the credit union for the worse. He said he was going to make the credit union bigger and bring in technologies Mr. Harris was to timid to purchase but 7 years later, he pushed Priority One back to the stone age.

Professor Tar-n-Feathers said...

John I just got back from our annual T&F Convention and was flabbergasted to read your detailed account of Wiggington personally approving a Mercedez Benz loan to P1 member ""Patrice" who has an adverse credit history accompanied by a FICO score of 518. First of all kudos to you on obtaining all those loan documents so you could expose Wiggington for what he really is - namely a person of power as P1s CEO who tried to take advantage of his position so he could seduce a P1 member. In other words, Wiggington is a Sexual Predator, which is even worse than a sexual harasser. For this alone Wiggy should be fired.

Next we find out he brings his Uncle to a special secret meeting at Fat Burger with "Patrice" to review her loan application. Why the hell is lecherous Wiggy discussing confidential credit union business in front of his Uncle with a member at Fat Burger? Of course, it's obvious Wiggy was hoping (in his twisted brain) that he could coerce member Patrice into a sick psycho ménage-a-trios which would include his Uncle. How the Board of Directors can put up with this kind of behavior is mystifying. Why is Diedra protecting Wiggy?

It's time for sexual predator Wiggy to get fired before another sexual harassment lawsuit is filed.

Dr. Zsigmondy Freud said...


The Psychiatric Community has known for years Wiggington is one sick MoFo. I'm glad to see he has been exposed as a Sexual Predator.

Wiggles, Your straitjacket is ready.

Professor, Fire up your Tar Kettles for Wiggys long overdue T&F treatment.

Anonymous said...

@Professor Tar-N-Feathers:

Great point. Why was Wigg discussing the confidential terms of a loan in front of his uncle who has never been an employee of the credit union? Like its been said on this blog and by employees of the credit union. Wigg is a hypocrite who enforces credit union policy with the help of his boyfriends, Rodger and Diedra, but who acts like he's not in anyway obligated to obey policy.

Anonymous said...

I was interviewed by the investigator when Wigg was accused of sexual harassment. On a side note, that man was extremely intelligent and the opposite of Wiggington, Smock, West, Yvonne, Diedra and the whole board. He asked in general if I had ever heard or seen Wigg do anything that could be construed as inappropriate or sexual. After telling him what I'd witnessed, I also told him that Rodger Smock was present during many of the incidents where Wigg either told the employee that he wanted to whip or spank her ass or when he squeezed her thighs while she was napping in the lounge room. I also told him I was present at Charlie's Trio during the Xmas gift exchange when Wigg acted the fool and loudly told the employee to walk over to where he was sitting so he could whip her ass because she knew she needed it.

When we read Diedra's letters to Wiggington and the employee, we were shocked that she could say that she and the boared didn't view what Wigg said as sexual harassment as defined under law. If it wasn't sexual harassment, then why did the investigator urge the board to fire Wigg? Wouldn't a professional investigator who deals with sexual harassment know what sexual harassment is?

Now there are only three reasons why Diedra and the dishonest board would have brought Wigg back.

One is because he's black.

Two, because he's got something on the entire Board.

Three, they're all involved in something that is illegal.

By the way, there's a lot of Afron-American employees who can't stand Wigg and see him for what he is so I'd guess if there is racism its on the board. Wigg has backstabbed a lot of people of all colors but the board has protected a lot of blacks from being fired. Case in point, the black female employee that got into an altercation with another teller at the L.A. office.
If true, the employee who assaulted a non-Black employee. And of course, Wigg.

When the investigation took place Wigg already had caused the mailing incident where all those ballots went out with member socials an account numbers printed on the envelopes. He'd also promoted Liz Campos and 3 months later had to fire her because she was kiting. A year later he was accused of sexual harassment and the board was worried because business was dropping which was a reason why they decided that borrowing $20 million was a great idea. Mr Harris never had to borrow money but that's because he was a real president and unlike Wigg, he's a man. Wigg is a man in the same way Diedra and Smock are men.

I was present on the day they brought him back from being suspended. You should of seen Diedra, Gathers, Saffold, and Hale putting their arms around him like he was a hero not accused of being a pervert. They cheered his return and everyone congratulated him. These people are immoral, nasty and lowlifes. Probably the worst in the entire industry.

Carl Jung said...

I never thought about it before, but if Diedra thought offering to whip an employee's ass and spanking her was not sexual harassment, then what is Diedra used to in her life? When she worked at the post office was it common for some males to offer to whip or spank her ass? Or is that business as usual between her and her husband? Maybe that's why she didn't think it was sexual harassment. Maybe she and the board think offering to whip some ass is 100% normal.

Anonymous said...

Hey Diedra, get that old big ass over hear cause I want to whip it. Come on girl, get over here now!

Baron Zemo and the Krypton Council of Elders said...

@Professor Tar-n-Feathers you are 100% correct.

It's all wrong and probably illegal to discuss private credit union information at Fat Burger with your uncle present while you're attempting to seduce a member. This scenario is a Saturday Night live sketch if it weren't so sick. Wiggy the ball scratcher is perverted, and what does this say about his uncle.

Anonymous said...

Wiggy closes 6 branches to screw members.

On a positive note, Wiggy is opening a private branch office at Fat Burger so he can conduct seduction sessions with female members and his uncle.

Hey Wiggy, What other relatives besides your uncle can you bring along to these seduction sessions?

Anonymous said...

A branch at Fat Burgers would help justify talking about member confidential information outside the other branches. Wow, Wiggless, you're clever. So your uncle likes to accompany you when you seduce? So he's a watcher, huh? Starting to get a better picture of your family. How about your son? Does he like to do that too or just sell meth?

And I think Diedra should bend over in by the elevator in South Pasadena and let EVERY employee whip that big ass of hers. After all, she's been a bad, bad girl. Haven't you, D?

Anonymous said...

You guys are being sexist and unfair. If you're going to whip Diedra's ass, then you got to whip Saffold's and Gathers asses too. And don't forget Cornelia.

Roman Polanski said...

I don't know if whipping their asses is wise. Do you know where any of their asses have been?

Anonymous said...

Lorena, if Wigg is after you, then be smarter than him (which is no big accomplishment). If he and Yvonne or Gema call you to a meeting, take a notepad and pen. Write down everything your asked or told. Keep a log of events. Your journal will be your best friend particularly against these liars. Ask if you can tape record them. They'll probably say no, but write down that you asked and how they replied. Include dates and times. If you have witnesses to what they might be doing to you, get their names and phone numbers. This goes to if you are called by the liars in HR. Remember, Rodger is a royal backstabber who will always butter Wig's bun. Same for West who is like Wig's wife at work. And your know Esme is the company ho ho. She'll lie for them at the drop of a taco.

Jethro Bodine said...

So perverted Wiggles is setting up threesomes to include his Uncle. That's very generous of Wiggy to let his deviant Uncle in on all of his side action. I wonder if Wiggy is taping his threesomes for viewing on YouTube? Or better yet viewing at P1s Christmas Party.

P.S. Don't let Wiggy's wife know about his clandestine rendezvous's at his secret Fat Burger office.

Anonymous said...

Wiggington used to SAY he was a player but based on the way he looks, I always found it hard to believe. I mean, he's nothing to look at, he's out-of-shape, he smells, he scratches his privates and he talks with his mouth full of food. I can't think of any woman or man that would be attractive to that.

One day we were sitting at a table at an event and out of nowhere he starts telling us about how when he was young and just arrived to California, he got "a lot of tail." Mind you, the information was unsolicited and for some reason, he thought we really wanted to hear it.

He was talking so loud, a young woman at the table next to ours turned and just stared with her mouth wide open. She must of thought, "What a pig" or "How could a man that looks like that get any action." He used to like to point to members who visited saying he'd like to "hit that." You know that none of those women would ever have had anything to do with him.

You're right, why would his uncle go with him to Fat Burgers if he wasn't like Wiggington or involved in that kind of activity. That uncle is the one married to Wiggington's aunt Jenny. I feel sorry for all the women in Wiggington's life, well except for Rodger.

Anonymous said...

Okay, that piece of advice to Lorena is good but I’d take a step further and urge all employees to take pads and pens whenever they’re called into Human Resources or Wiggington’s office. Remember, notes are more reliable than your recollection and in the end it’ll always be their words against yours so arm yourselves and be prepared. Remember, Wiggington (actually, Wigginton), Smock, Yvonne, West, and Esmeralda all share the same brain. Wigginton and his brood don’t like people that take notes because if they weren’t evil and doing evil things, they’d have nothing to fear. I never uysed to understand how you could get so many evil, nasty managers in one company but when you have leaders like Wiggington, Smock and Yvonne, how can you not. Birds of a feather always flock together.

Anonymous said...

Geez, I hadn't heard anyone talk about sex the way Wiggy does since I was in high school. Makes you think that maybe he doesn't get any action. He used to tell us about his sex when he first got to California, his sex with beautiful Latina, White and Black women, his sex with fat girls, and skinny girls and who knows, maybe even pretend girls. The way he talked about it you'd think he was single, that he didn't have children., that he was 15 years old, and that he was hot. His wife must be a saint and his son was probably only selling meth so he could get the first month rent and deposit to move away from Wiggy.

Dr. Zsigmundy Freud said...

Initially I opined that Wiggy invited his Uncle to the Fat Burger sex seduction rendezvous with Patrice so they could make a feeble attempt at a threesome. But then I consulted with my learned colleagues Dr. keith Ablow, Dr. Drew Pinsky and Dr. Phil. After confering with this brain trust I've reached a brand new conclusion. It's now crystal clear Wiggy did not want his Uncle to participate in a threesome, he wanted his Uncle there to watch what he hoped would be a sexual act between himself and Patrice. Why would he want his Uncle to watch, you ask? Because that's the only way he can get-off. Viagra won't help. Neither will Cialis. But having a relative watch will do the trick. In other words, the only way Wiggy can get It Up is to have his elderly Uncle watch!!!

Anonymous said...

Maybe a more apt punishment is to lock Wiggington and Diedra in a room together for let's say 36 hours straight. During their incarceration he cal tell her little sweet nothings like, "Am gonna sop yo up like gravy", "Get that big ass over hear so I can spank it", "You know you want that ass whopped" or "Ya know yo been askin fer it fer a long time."

Anonymous said...

@Dr. Zsigmundy Freud

Is there any gravy involved while Wiggy's Uncle watches him get it up?

Anonymous said...

Yes, there is. There's nothing Wiggler likes better than combining sex with his favorite food- gravy. He's says gravy goes with everything, even when he and uncle are whipping Diedra's butt.

Anonymous said...

Diedra, I want to apologize. For years I thought you hide the evidence about Wiggy sexually harassing the employee but I now realize that you could not understand that sexual harassment is illegal and harmful because the you're from the Phantom Zone and over there, touching a woman without her permission and whipping/spanking her ass or inviting her to walk over to whip her ass, is a compliment.

B. Walker said...

Oh Diedra, let me spank your ass. I have a new paddle and a new thick leather belt. Please oh please, let me lay down that leather on your big old glutes.

Anonymous said...

It's almost Thanksgiving. You know that means plenty of turkey drippings to make huge vats of turkey gravy.

As an extra special gift to bossman Charles Wiggington I am going to bring all my left-over Thanksgiving gravy to P1 and place it in the middle of his desk (or I can bring the gravy to Fat Burger) so he can enjoy his favorite treat for the rest of the year. And I'll even supply Wiggington with fresh homemade cornbread for sopping!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Charles won't be able to contain his excitement knowing you're going to bring gravy. He usually likes it covering everything or poured into a trough. Make sure you cover Rodger with some of that gravy. It'll make him irresistible to Senor Wigglenuts.

Jethro Bodine said...

I can envision Wiggy dipping Rodger's balls in gravy for sopping.

And Wiggy will certainly want to slather Diedra's big booty with gravy so he can get full enjoyment while he kisses her ass.

Anonymous said...

Gravy slathered on Diedra's big ass.......hilarious.

Anonymous said...

Mrs. Irving said Diedra ignored the evidence proving Charlie sexually harassed an employee and she with the help of Saffold, Gathers, and Simmons to go against the investigator's recommendation that they fire Wiggington, then by all means, she should never mind anyone offering to whip or spank her ass or telling her they want to sop her up like gravy. If that's not sexual harassment to her, then it has to be a compliment.

Anonymous said...

Bares repeating:

Gravy slathered on Diedra's big ass.......hilarious.

Anonymous said...

Can you imagine the amount of gravy her big old Beyonce-styled butt need? Aye Chihuahua!

Anonymous said...

Diedra wanted to keep an all black board, actually an all black board of males with her being the only female.

She wanted to keep Wigster, because he's a welcome mat. She knows that with him as president, she can run the place. He owes her after she brought him back from being suspendd plus she covered up the crime.

So she gets everything she deserves for being dishonest and a liar and the worst board chair imaginable. Her punishment should be sending her to some remote island in the Pacific with Wiggington where he can invite her to whip her ass and sop her up. Couldn't happen to a more dishonest person.

Anonymous said...

John, we love your blog. It just amazes me how you obtain all this information and documents. Who ever you are, keep up the good work. These things happen in a lot of companies but they also don't happen in a lot of companies and in the industry, most self-respecting Boards would never behave like this credit union's board. I've talked to Afro-American friends who have worked at this credit union and even they say the board is racist. I don't know how this Diedra woman remained on the board and maybe if members had gotten her out, the credit union might have had a chance to survive. I don't think they'll go another year without having to close another branch.

Anonymous said...

Aside from causing trouble, what is it exactly that Wig does as president?

Anonymous said...

I was just reading the credit report for Patrice, the member who applied for a more than $31,000 auto loan and whose request was approved by Mr Wiggington. I couldn't understand why her debt ratio was so low. Normally, a person with a history of bad credit but who has a low debt ratio, might not be approved for a $31,000 plus loan because she or he would be a risk. What I understand now is that she filed for bankruptcy, which was approved, and her obligation to repay her creditors ended. Not only did it free her from repaying the debts she reported in her BK application but it lowered her credit score. A maximum debt ratio of 45% to 50% might get a Member approved but hers was 18% because the court approved the BK.

Anonymous said...

I disagree, P1 is in fact a very progressive credit union. What other credit union hires a president who is a-

1. car thief
2. sexual harass
3. Breaks loan policy
4. breaks confidentiality
5. Break security policies
6. Makes up more stories than Granny Goose
7. Gossips about everybody
8. smells
9. Scratches is balls publicly
10. Talks like he was raised by wolves
11. Slanders to fire people

And totally separate, has driven his son to sell meth and his wife looks so miserable.

Chief Jay Strongbow said...

Let me add to you list.

12. Wiggy won't shut up. Constantly talking.
13. Eats with a wide-open mouth as he chews his food like a hillbilly - no offense Jethro.
14. Is so delusional he thinks every woman is a sexual conquest for him to take or sop.

Anonymous said...

15. Gravy is his favorite condiment. Moron Wiggy goes to KFc and only orders sides of gravy to go so he can slurp the stuff while he drives home from work.

Anonymous said...

I'd like to add...

13. Psychotic. Suffers from delusions of grandeur and the belief he's irresistible. He might even believe he's more endowed than all men on the planet.

Anonymous said...

Oops. 15 not 13.

15. Psychotic. Suffers from delusions of grandeur and the belief he's irresistible. He might even believe he's more endowed than all men on the planet.

Anonymous said...

What Diedra and Wiggy have done to ruin Priority One is despicable. You cannot find a more vile, arrogant pair of old cunts in the credit union industry no matter how hard you look.

Anonymous said...

Make that 16 not 15.

Anonymous said...

Troublemakers at the credit union seem to come in pairs. You have...


They are arrogant and stupid. Brazen and uneducated. Egocentric and boring. Loud and uncouth. The lists are seemingly endless.

Anonymous said...

Esmeralda Sandoval for years and years said the blog was just lies written by troublemakers who wanted to see the credit union fail. If employees want to screw the credit then wouldn't they be screwing their own jobs?

With all the documentation published looks like it's fat chola Esmeralda who was lying. She backstabbed one of my coworkers and helped fire others. When an employee asked her if what the blog said was true, she got pissed and demanded to know if he was reading it and what comments he heard other employees make
About it. No secret she's Smock's prized pig. And a lot of employees know you can't ever trust that plnche vieja.

Chief Jay Strongbow said...

Evidently some folks (one guy) I've run into at credit union conferences say I have been a tad too rough on Wiggington. Can he really be that bad since he appears to have the full support of the Board of Directors, they ask?

So I've reconsideed my actions and decided to do something nice for Wiggy. I sent a scout team to all supermarkets in the area to search out the best deals on gravy this holiday season. Great news for you Wiggy, Heinz Turkey Gravy is only $1.77 a jar at Von's. It's the good gravy, the kind Heinz makes with real turkey drippings. And there is no limit on the number of jars you can buy! Just think, you can get yourself a jar for each of the 12 days of Christmas.

Never let it be said I've never done anything for Wiggy.

Anonymous said...

But is there enough gravy to lather on Smock and Diedra? Wiggington doesn't like to eat alone and his particular fetish always involves gravy and a willing (or unwilling) person's participation. Oddly, he doesn't appear to use gravy on Robert West but I know that Diedra enjoys a good session involving invitations to whip or spank her ass and she loves being objectified as a bowl of hot gravy. You go girl!

E. S. said...

Is there enough gravy?

To make sure there is sufficient sauce for Wiggy's gravy fetish I'm taking up a voluntary $$$ collection from all Priority One employees who wish to contribute to President Charles Wiggington's 12 Days of Christmas gift.

Our goal is to purchase 3 cases (24 jars to a case) of Heinz Turkey Gravy. Wiggy (and Diedra, Rodger, etc.) will be extremely happy once the gift is presented.

Anonymous said...

I worked at the credit union years ago. I left after Charles became president because he started ruining the place almost immediately after that idiot board named him president.

I started working in the loan department for Aaron. Aaron used to sometimes take 2 to 3 hour luncheons and sometimes he'd come back to work drunk after going out with his friend Mike. Aaron used to make a lot of sexual remarks about how big his penis was and about how he always left women smiling. Rodger Smock was the Director of HR and he not only had been told about the things Aaron did, but he had witnessed them and even sat there laughing when Aaron was breaking policy and federal law.

One day Aaron tells us that Rodger is bisexual and that he has "sex parties" at his home in Echo Park. He told us about some of the nasty pervert remarks Rodger used to supposedly say about female employees who came to his office to interview for jobs.

Charles was a VP when I worked there and everybody in loans, account, member serve and the tellers knew that he always talked about sex. He made no secret of it. Though let me say, he usually made his sex talk to other males in the credit union. I know Patti Loiacano had heard his talk but the woman is brain dead and so she never told him he shouldn't talk that way.

I have to say that Aaron, Rodger and Wiggington are all pervs but whenever they were around Mr Harris they acted so professional and nice. They were so two-faced. I was also at a party that Smock threw at his house. He had us swimming in his pool, refilling our glasses with booze. Anna got so drunk she took all her clothes off and Rodger just laughed. Rodger spent most of his time inside the house with Henry who worked in member service. Henry said they were dating and from what I saw, it looked like they had something going on.

Anonymous said...

Rodger and Diedra will be even happier when Wigg splatters them with gravy using a hot ladel. This will be a gift that keeps on giving.

Jethro Bodine said...

I am pledging $50 to Wiggy's 12 Days of Christmas gravy gift, with only one minor stipulation. The stipulation: I get to watch Wiggy slather Diedra's ass with gravy. Oh what fun it'll be to see Diedra squeal with delight as Wiggy's lathers gravy on her huge ass.

Anonymous said...

I think Rodger will probably squeal too and louder than Diedra.

Anonymous said...

The male officers that worked there when I was there, used to talk so much about sex. Its like they couldn't stop talking about it. Rodger knew about the sex talks because he was there, sitting and laughing though I don't remember him making him sex remarks. Not that this changes much because as the head of HR isn't he supposed to tell offices to not talk about sex because its inappropriate and because it could cause some employee to accuse some manager of sexual harassment? When I worked there, the loan director was always talking about sex and making comments to some of the woman in his department about their breasts or how he could put a smile on their face. The CFO used to watch porn and even talk about it openly to Wiggington and Rodger. Wiggington of course was always bragging about the sex he'd had with women who were not his wife. There was so much talk about sex that when an employee accused Wiggington of sexually harassing her, Diedra didn't find it a bit strange she couldn't even identify it as illegal because like she wrote, according to her understanding it was not sexual harassment as described under law. Then why did the investigator tell the board to fire Wiggington? I don't know what Diedra is used to though its obvious now, that talking dirty and nasty is to her, okay.

Anonymous said...

I don't think you have to offer $50 Wiggles $50. He and Diedra will do it for free. She thinks everybody likes being slathered or getting their ass whipped, or getting sopped up like gravy.

Professor Tar-n-Feathers said...

@Jethro Bodine

Jethro, Your generous pledge of $50 (is this money you're getting from your rich Uncle Jed?) towards the 12 Days of Xmas Gravy Gift is an inspiration to all of us who want Wiggy to enjoy unfettered access to gravy. Therefore, from now until The end of the year I am putting my planned Tar and Feather treatment for Wiggy and his cadre of despicable cronies in abeyance. Instead I too am making a matching pledge of $50.

I also challenge the following individuals to make similar pledges:
Commissioner Gordon
Baron Zemo
Chief Jay Strongbow
Krypton Council of Elders
Carl Jung
Dr. Zsigmundy Freud
Roman Polanski
Lt. Colonel Doom
Fred Mertz
Charles R. Wiggington's Uncle (or Aunt Jenny)

Arnold Ziffel said...

And you forgot, Chuckie Jr. As I understand, he's turning a huge profit in the meth market and he might feel inclined to donate a mere $50 to the "12 Days of Xmas Gravy Gift." I so agree, its about time we all showed our appreciation to Wiggles for his many years of hard work that have made Priority One what it is today. And though I know him to be exceedingly modest, Priority One wouldn't be the type of business it is today without Wiggles.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Wigg deserves so much. He should be given gifts and money because of all those unnecessary employees he fired using slander.

He certainly deserves being recognized for beating the evidence proving he's a sexual harasser.

And he also got away with taking that Member's BMW without paying a cent and putting the car in his name.

He needs to be awarded for being a shrewed business man. Who else at the credit union has ever gotten kick-backs from Allied Management and Henry Justice.

And who else could screw members over when he sent out all those ballots with member social security and account numbers printed on the outside.

And lets not forget how he's invested so much money in attorneys who made up stories to help him get away with harassing employees and violating federal laws.

He should also get an award and other special treatment for showing the world that he's one President that is satisfied with living in a dump located in a crime-infested area? Ask the postal people who deliver mail to his home.

And he's the greatest storyteller I've ever met. He has more sex than anyone else and women all want him.

Yes, this guy who knows laws and policies were not made for him and who treats people like they have no value, needs to be recognized and showered with money and gifts. You go girl!

Anonymous said...

I feel sorry for Chuckie. I can't imagine that you could be raised under the same roof as Charles without growing up having lots of issues (like Charles) or breaking the law (like Charles). Chuckie got arrested for selling meth and his dad got caught sexually harassing. Both are felonies.

The kid is a non-stop talking machinelike his daddy. And like his daddy, he talks about the most ridiculous things no one is interested in. He's egocentric too. He's on probation and hopefully he won't break the law again. It doesn't seem fair that you'd grow up IN Charles' home and not end up being messed up.

Commissioner Gordon said...

Did Wiggy breach the trust and confidentiality of The credit union when he had his Uncle accompany him to the special Fat Burger meeting to review Patrices's loan application for a Mercedes?

Perhaps Wiggy's Uncle is a P1 loan officer
Perhaps Wiggy's Uncle is an official FICO consultant
Perhaps Wiggy's Uncle works for a credit bureau like Experian and needed to be there to delve deep into Patrice's debt ratio

I'd like to hear Wiggles explain why his Uncle was at the Fat Burger meeting. Please tell us Wiggy exactly why your Uncle was present because we all need a good laugh.

Anonymous said...

Could it be that Wiggy's uncle is more qualified to review a loan application then this his slack jawed, knuckle dragging nephew? Believe me, if you're waiting for excuse to explain why his uncle was at Fat Burgers, Wiggy will have no problem whipping up some excuse.

Just like that really stupid, elementary school speech he gave a few months ago to some of us who had the bad luck of being in the wrong place at the wrong time.....

"A lot of people have said terrible things about me for closing down branches but the fact is, I did it because its how we're going to be able to get business going again. What they don't understand is that closing those locations is going to bring in more money." How odd? Didn't Mr Harris bring in more money by opening more branches? And wasn't business a lot better under Mr Harris? No borrowing $20 million to make things look better. No having to hire expensive consultants who give useless advice to an even more useless president. And how about him and Rodger putting their bios all over the internet. Why? Did they really believe that would bring in business? I'd like an explanation from either the sexual harasser or the fat, greasy Miss Smock how his bio is supposed to get new business for the CU. Are they magic bios?

Anonymous said...

Yes, they are magic bios. Just like Wig's magic badge that Merlin gave him and he passed out to every employee back in 2007. The words on it, "Just Ask", must of been a magic incantation that was supposed to bring in new business. And don't forget the time he traveled to the Netherworld and brought back Bea Walker. She was supposed to turn business around. What she did while she was there was similar to the new clothes that were given the Emperor. Even when everything Bea and stupid Joseph Garcia did was failing, stupid old, corrupt, buck-tooth, useless as a 6th finger on your right hand, Diedra "I Never Met a Lie I didn't Like" Harris-Brooks stands up at the 2010 annual meeting and says "Joseph is helping to improve employee morale and he and Bea are doing so much for the credit union. We believe we have the right management team in place." I wonder what she drank before the meeting because she was either high or she hit that old head of hers before the meeting. A year after her famous and stupid speech, Diedra orders Bea fired and Joseph got demoted, demoted and demoted again. Guess they weren't as wonderful as Diedra said.

Anonymous said...

I remember that stupid badge. It was big and bulky and said “Just Ask” or some shit like that. Wiggington told us that he was at home when he got the idea for the badge. Should be a lesson to all of us, never use ideas you get when you sitting in the shadows of your bedroom drinking alone.

The badge was big and heavy and ruined some shirts and blouses. We were ordered to wear them everyday but 3 weeks after he passed them out, no one was wearing them and most of us had thrown them away.

Wiggington is not just a bad stupid. I remember some guy walking up to me and asking, “What would you like me to ask you?” I didn’t know what he was talking about so I replied, “I’m sorry but I don’t know what you’re referring to.” He pointed to the badge I was wearing Now Wiggington said that the badge was “going to turn business around” and “its going to help.” Wiggington is an idiot because he believes his own hype and bullshit and he is always confusing his fantasies with everybody's reality.

Anonymous said...

I remember Patrice. She used to come to South Pasadena. She was good-looking and I can see where she could make people turn and look at her. What I don't understnad is how Wiggington could ever think think he was going to get with her. She wasn't blind. Plus he's married. Wasn't he happy with his wife? They have a son. Isn't he happy with his son? He has a house. Isn't he happy with his house?

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't donate ten cents to tha hoosier unless it was to send him to another planet.

Dr. Zsigmundy Freud said...

The lies that are central to Wiggy and Diedra's agenda are designed to hoodwink the P1 membership. For example:

Diedra claims she is attending credit union educational hal conferences in Vegas. Truth: it's just a vacation playtime junket where are she's only interested in booze-laden nights, while she gambles during the day. Don't forget to give her per diem money in poker chips.

Wiggy claims to be sensitive to member needs. Truth: he is only interested in sexually harassing female employees and female members.

Wiggy claims to be protecting credit union assets. Truth: Wiggy just wants to get his hands on a members repo'ed BMW.

Wiggy claims to be streamlining operations at P1. Truth: Wiggs closes 6 branches to make up for red-ink at P1.

Basically Wiggy and Diedra are pathological liars.

E. S. said...

I demand Wiggington tell the loan staff why his Uncle was at the Fat Burger "loan" meeting with Patrice.

Colonel Harland Sanders said...

I will donate $1.77 (the cost of 1 jar of Heinz Gravy) to Wiggs 12 Days of Christmas Gift fund if he promises to spread it all over Diedra's ass.

Anonymous said...

He's going to need enough gravy to fill a schooner's hull to cover Diedra old, wide, fat butt.

And yes, Diedra and her boy, Wigg, are liars and hypocrites. They lie to members and employees and they lie even when you know the truth. And they have their equally corrupt helpers (or legion), Robert West, Yvonne Boutte, Rodger Smock, and Esmeralda Sandoval.`

Anonymous said...

We should start a campaign at to get enough money to have Wigg's mouth surgically sealed (or removed). A straw will suffice to feed him nutrients. Not only will EVERYBODY be happy but Wigg might be grateful knowing someone broke his infernal habit of babbling non-stop.

Anonymous said...

I used to not understand how Charles who is supposed to be an example for all employees and who is supposed to enforce policy could be so totally dishonest and such a huge liar.

And Rodger Smock turned out to be the worst most dishonest person I've ever met. He fired people for breaking policy by he broke the law. He has spent years lying for Wiggington and Diedra and he's made a joke out of HR.

Anonymous said...

I might donate a cent to the purchase of the gravy.

Anonymous said...

How often does Priority One fund Diedra's booze-laden, lavish gambling trips to Vegas?

Does Diedra insist she stay at either the Bellagio, Wynn or Venetian?

Anonymous said...

I will contribute one roll of pennies towards the Heinz Gravy XMAS Gift for Charles Wiggington. Enjoy!

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful sounding credit union. Does anyone brag really about being a member of P1?

Anonymous said...

The "educational trip" to Las Vegas was a joke. Someone should have the credit union's accounting records pulled for that trip. Diedra used her credit union allowance, boozing it up, I mean enjoying the hotel bar. The money given to each Director was to be used entirely for expenses though the credit union paid for the hotel separately. Their responsibility was to attend classes that would make them better directors. Obviously, they didn't because they are probably the worst directors in the entire industry. Diedra exceeded her $100 a day allowance so Wiggington instructed accounting to disburse the monies so that it didn't look like she exceeded her $100 day allowance. Plus, the Directors didn't attend all the classes. They chose partying it up over their responsibility to Members and the Credit Union. So what's new?

Anonymous said...


And after Charles became President, he and Diedra changed the by-laws so that Directors are now paid gas mileage to attend their monthly meetings. Sort of changes the definition of volunteer because even though its not salary it is monetary compensation. Diedra and Wiggington, I mean Wigginton are opportunists. Sly and manipulative. Too bad they didn't take that talent and channel it into making Priority One a better credit union.

Anonymous said...

Diedra really does insist she get her daily credit union per diem allowance in Casino Chips when she attends a Vegas "educational" conference. The gall!!

Anonymous said...

Casino chips and free drinks and old D is in heaven. Now that's a cheap date unless of course you're the credit union.

Anonymous said...

Years before he retired, Mr Harris was against the board traveling to Europe for an educational trip but the Board outvoted him and got what they wanted. They went sightseeing, they ate, they drank and they did the tourist thing. Guess what they didn't do?

Rodger S. said...

I overheard Wiggy say this last week at Fat Burger:

wiggy: "My goal in life is to sop up as much gravy as I can. I can't wait to lather Diedra's luscious-big-ass-booty with turkey gravy over the holidays."

With the 12 Days of Christmas Gravy Gift no human in history has ever had a more achievable goal.

Count me in. I pledge $6.66.

Baron Zemo and the Krypton Council of Elders said...

A trip to Europe for corrupt Board members is outrageous. It's an obvious boondoggle. Really a criminal offense that deserves prosecution.

What can be learned in Europe that can't be learned in the USA?

I would think a Priority One funded "free" trip was a ritzy, lavish affair knowing this group of con artist grifters. Fancy meals, caviar, all expense paid guided tours, 1st class flights and hotels must be a minimum of $5000 per person.

Did the credit Union pick-up the tab for spouses, relatives (Wiggs Uncle) or even unmarried girl/boyfriends? If so, I would think the DFI and NCUA would consider that illegal; and they'd demand reimbursement as a minimum.

How many P1 directors went to Europe on the credit union's dime? Please name them so they can all be tarred and feathered, before they're run out of office.

Anonymous said...

One year, they also went to Oahu. Same thing as what happened in Europe and Las Vegas, they traveled all that way on the credit union's dime to have fun not attend classes. This board is not motivated by education. They like staying ignorant like a pig likes lying in mud. The worst kept secret at Priority One is just how stupid and lazy every director of the board is. They are uneducated, unpolished, and unimpressive. They are a disgrace but too stupid to know it. You have to wonder how they were raised. They used to have good, hard working directors but under Diedra they got character from Boondocks.

Anonymous said...

Everything that I've read about Wiggington is true. The industry has great leaders and hard workers, Charles is pond scum and the bottom of the barrel.

Several years ago I traveled out of town to attend a seminar. This was when Mr Harris was President and Priority One had the resources to develop staff and could afford sending employees to conferences and paying for airfare and hotel stays. I too got an allowance but unlike Diedra, didn't spend it in a bar. I actually attended classes during the days I attended the conference. There were others from Priority One who also attended and one of them was Charles Wiggington who at the time, was the VP of Operations.

This man is the ultimate hypocrite. He holds everyone to one standard but he himself has none. Classes stared at 8:30 a.m. There was a breakfast offered to all attendees which began at 8 a.m. I usually don't ever eat breakfast so I arrived to the wing of the hotel where the classes were to be conducted. I said hello to the others from the credit union and then went off to my first class. Charles followed a few minutes later and sat next to me. this was a 90 minute class but only 15 minutes after the class began, he whispers, "I have an important call to make" and gets up and leaves the room.

When the class was over, there were 15 minutes allotted before the next classes began. I decided to go to my room and change into a short sleeve shirt. As I walked down the path towards the hotel, I looked to my right and sitting alongside the pool under an umbrella, was Charles with a cocktail. It was a little after 10 a.m. and evidently his supposedly important call had ended. He never returned to class but he did seem to find his way to the bar. I'm certain like myself, he was sent to the conference to attend classes, not savor alochol.

When I returned, he was still sitting by the outdoor bar though he was not talking in his cell phone. If you know Wiggington, you know that he's always on his cellular. He spends more time on the cellular than actually carrying out his reponsibilities as President.

When I arrived at the building where classes were being conducted, a co-worker informed me that earlier that morning, Wiggington had asked why I hadn't arrived and that I was sent to the conference to attend classes. As I mentioned earlier, unlike Charles, I intentionally skipped the OPTIONAL breakfast but arrived to the center before classes begun. Charles being a hypocrite was concerned about my whereabouts, yet I arrived on time and during the next few days, attended all classes. He on the other hand chose to attend 15 minutes of the first class and over the days that followed, he was notably absent from any of the classes offered during the conference.

He has no work ethic which is why he's left Priority One a poorer credit union. He holds everyone to standards that he can never achieve because quite frankly, he is undisciplined, lazy, and childish.

One more thing. During the stay, he schmoosed with representatives of other credit unions, telling us about the parties he attended in some of their rooms. One night he talked to me while he drank 3 glass of Chivas Regal. I can't remamber anything he said because I tuned him out. He's immensely boring and so disinteresting. His favorite topic of conversation is himself which would probably put most people to sleep. This man is the worst and the comments that are posted here only cover but a small percentage of who he is.

Anonymous said...

That's one thing about Charles, he might be the worst employee ever, he might have a record of lying and cheating, we know he's broken laws and that he's a sexual harasser, but he is such a huge hypocrite that he will not only write up employees for allegedly breaking policies, but he will also, for example, terminate an employee who Robert West stole a sandwich, yet Wiggington has robbed the credit union by accepting a salary and not working.

Can't Stand Wiggles... said...

Back in 2010, Wiggles was standing by the reception desk while useless Rodger Smock stood at the podium and told all employees that the credit union was starting a new policy and that raises would only be given to employees who rated 5's on each section of their performance evaluation. It was a huge surprise because to get a 5 means your more than excellent but to have to get a 5 on every part of the evaluation is close to impossible unless you're a friend of managements. While Rodger was talking, Wiggington kept nodding his head up and down and in a low voice saying, "That's right- 5's. You're all going to have to get 5's."

In 2010 things were not nearly as bad as they are now but there were already lots of signs that we were in the toilet and sinking fast. Every employee knew that Wiggles was no president and that we were losing because he wasn't doing a damn thing to get business going. And even though we knew he was causing the credit union to lose money, he could stand there nodding up and down and demanding that we all get 5's in our performance evaluation when he wasn't even earning a 1.

Anonymous said...

Can anyone name the board members (and their spouses) who went on the lavish Junket to Europe on the credit unions dime? They need to be exposed.

Anonymous said...

@Can't Stand Wiggles

So any employee who got all 5's on each section of their performance evaluation would get a raise according to Smock/Wiggy. But you suggest it's impossible to get straight 5's - meaning the whole promise was rigged so no one would qualify, right.

Did anyone get a raise by getting all 5's?

E. S. said...

@Chief Jay Strongbow

Chief, Unfortunately I cannot afford to gift Wiggy a jar of Heinz Turkey Gravy for Xmas. But happily I can afford to give him a single packet of McCormick's Turkey Gravy that I'd love to sneak into his office - would a gravy packet be a suitable giftt alternative?

Anonymous said...

At priority one you don't get raises based on performance. That's why most employees have not gotten raises in years. Cronyism rules under Wiggles. Its who you know not what you know. Examples of this are Rodger, West, Esmeralda, Yvonne, and Charles because the board gives him a bonus each and every year even in light of the fact they've lost millions since he became President. If I had to guess, they justify giving him a raise because he's raised net capital even though he's done nothing to raise new business and create profit. This an ignorant, uneducated, dull, corrupt and horrible Board who rely on Wiggington to interpret financials since not one of them has taken the initiative to study financials. And he tells them what he wants to tell them. He's the industry's used car salesman, talking fast, making promises and always trying to close the deal. Wiggles can sell them anything when you have an ignoramus like Diedra running the board. Excuse my French but she is one stupid old bitch.

Anonymous said...

And no, no one met his all 5 requirement which is interesting because in all seriousness if I had to rate Wiggington, he'd get all 1's straight across the board. He not only hasn't introduced lucrative streams of income that create consistent incoming profit, he's cost the credit union millions and million of dollars in losses from his failure to improve business, the legal fees the credit union incurred because he violated federal laws, the settlements that had to be paid out to ex-employees, his hiring of Bea and Cindy, the jacked up call center, etc. Most credit unions would have fired him but the Board keeps him and rewards him.

Anonymous said...

I remember Diedra going to Europe. I wonder what she spent her daily allowance on?

Anonymous said...

@ES: Wigg doesn't care about the brand as long as he can get freebies. I'm pretty sure the house he lives in was not sold to him by his sister but given to him because there's no way, no how, that thing sold for money. Same for that fleet of junkers he drives.

Chief Jay Strongbow said...

@ E. S.

A single packet of McCormick's Turkey Gravy is a viable alternate gift for Wiggy. And even though Wiggy is an inept imbecile, he should be able to make McCormick's gravy without any lumps.

I also think Wiggy would appreciate gifts of ketchup, mustard and sugar packets for the 12 Days of Christmas.

Anonymous said...

You ask what Diedra spends her daily allowance on when in Europe, Vegas or Hawaii. The answer is always the same - Vodka, Wine, Scotch, Rum, Beer....realy any kind of booze.

Anonymous said...

Poor Diedra. I knew she was dishonest and a royal backstabber (ask Bea Walker, Mrs. Irving, Mr. Davidson, Mr. Shipley) but I didn't know she couldn't resist spending the allowance granted to her by the Credit Union on long hours in a casino bar. I think I'll prepare a Christmas Care package and load it with nicotine gum, patches, or inhaler. Maybe 3 of each might help. I'll have to check what a one month stay at Betty Ford might cost. It'll be great. Its like a resort but for addicts. Hope she doesn't get upset because Betty Ford doesn't have a casino bar.

Anonymous said...

At the credit union abusing spending has been going on for years, all under Wiggington. He's an appointed president but he's always spent money one things he wanted and he easily got the board to approve his spending. That's why he was able to create that AVPs. He promoted mostly dishonest people like Liz, Sylvia and Aaron and gave them big raises because at the time, the credit union had lots of money that Mr Harris and his staff created. After a few years, all the AVPs quit, got fired or demoted and now, the whole sector is scrapped but caused the credit union to lose hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Wiggington hired Bea Walker and Cindy and paid them both huge salaries because they were going to help him get rid of all the undesirable employees and bring in new business. Bea got hired in 2009 and fired in 2011 and Cindy got hired in 2011 and fired in 2013. He wasted hundreds of thousands on both.

Smock is on payroll but he does nothing and is not a contributor to the credit union.

Same for Robert West who is ignorant but Wigg keeps him because they're friends and he's black.

Wiggington has spent years playing with the books reporting profits where none are and shuffling money around to make it look like the credit union is making money when its not.

Bea used to buy things and then ask for reimbursements. Sometimes she would tear off the top of the receipt so you didn't know the name of the business where she purchased things. That's why she got rid of Tsui. She purchased an overpriced laptop without first submitting a requisition to Tsui the old IT supervisor. She got so pissed when he didn't want to reimburse her that she fired him using some lame excuse and Rodger Smock backed her up.

Now management is overpaid and Wiggington does get bonus' each year even though he has made a mess of the credit union. Diedra approves those bonus'. And its true, when the board used to go to conferences they went to play not learn and Diedra spending her allowance at the casino bar shows just how irresponsible she is.

Anonymous said...

A year or more ago, I read on the California/Nevada CU League site that the state was going to implement a program to gauge how much CU boards know. It would have been wonderful because having knowledgeable boards is good for the credit union and for members but since nothing else has been said, maybe because of budget concerns or just because its state government which is sometimes as efficient as Charles Wiggington, they haven't followed through.

Anonymous said...

Diedra and Wiggy are totally against the DFI gauging Board members knowledge. They're against educating Board members, too. Wiggy states the dumber the Board the better.

Anonymous said...

Well if dumber is better than Diedra, O. Glen, Bobby, Richard and Joe have more than qualify to serve on the board.

Anonymous said...

So when is Wiggington being presented the gravy? Next Wednesday or is it a Xmas gift? And how many jars? will he be able to douse Diedra and Smock?

Chief Jay Strongbow said...

Wiggy's "12 Days of Christmas Gifts" are scheduled to start on Christmas Day and last for 12 days.

Evidently many of you have pledged funds for at least 3 cases (24 jars per case) of Heinz Turkey Gravy - so there should be more than enough gravy for slathering and sopping for many months

Also, E.S. Has pledged a single packet of McCormick's Turkey Gravy. Others are pledging to bring Wiggy packets of ketchup, mustard and sugar. In fact, any gift given to Wiggy that's slipped under his door will be greatly appreciated by P1's illustrious leader. All in all, Wiggy is certain to have a wonderful Christmas.....or not.

Anonymous said...

Yes, no one deserves gravy more than Wig. He welcomes anything that helps fuel his fetishes and I know Diedra is looking forward to her lathering. Rodger also looks forward to it though probably because most living humans don't want to be anywhere near him, much less slather, lather, batter him with gravy.

Anonymous said...

I am pledging to give Wig tsome of hose teeny-tiny salt & pepper packets.

Anonymous said...

You're right, no one deserves several bottles of gravy more than Wig. It'll make his fetishes comes true.

He can even lather some on Smock, sort of a pity lathering cause no one else wants to do it.

I think Diedra doesn't deserve a lathering as much as getting her big old butt whipped just the way she thought the former employee deserved it.

Anonymous said...

I'd like to give Wiggington a tar and feathering more than gravy.

Professor Tar-n-Feather said...

A good ol' tar and feathering would be a nice way to start out the new year.

Anonymous said...

I'd like to see him blown out of a cannon. Smock too, except he wouldn't fit in a canon. Too much girth.

Baron Zemo said...

I'd like to see Priority One put Wiggy and Diedra in a big float on New Year's Day on Colorado Blvd. I can easily see Wiggy pouring gravy all over Diedra's big ass. He could slather the gravy all over her booty while the crowd roars its approval. Rodger could be on the float, too - he'd be sopping up gravy for Wiggy.

Anonymous said...

As gross as it is seeing Wiggy or Diedra's huge ass, I would like to see him sop her up like gravy though I don't want to see him sop Rodger up. I have my limits. I'd also like to hear him tell her to come on over so he can spank, slap or whip that ass. I understands she likes being talked to that way.

Colonel Harlan Sanders said...

I wonder if Heinz or McCormick would sponsor a New Years Day Float if Wiggington, Smock, Diedra and Robert West all participated in a live action wrestling Gravy Battle Royale as the float slowly moved down Colorado Blvd? It would certainly be a crowd pleaser. And interesting to see who would win the Battle Royale. My money says Diedra wins.

Commissioner Gordon said...

Why hasn't Wiggington been fired?

Dirt Dossiers.

Several have mentioned Wiggy has "dirt" dossiers on most Board members. What has Wiggy compiled in these "dirt" dossiers that is so sinister and embarrassing that the Board cannot terminate the most incompetent CEO in the USA?

Anonymous said...

The only reasons why the Board, actually Diedra, has kept Wiggy employed is either because he has evidence against her and the board or she's waiting for the day when he tells her she needs to be spanked because she wants it and needs it. I'm really stuck wondering which it is. How do you justify keeping a guy employed who sexually harassed, illegally repossessed a member's car and then transferred ownership to his name, or a man who slandered so many employees and got them fired, or who for years got kick backs from the old owner of credit resolutions and from his buddy, Henry Justice, or who has played with the numbers so it looks like they made money when none was made?

He used to say his wife had a drinking problem, that his daughters were out of control and getting knocked up and then we discover his son was arrested for selling meth. The family is either taking after him or he's driven them over the edge.

Anonymous said...

He also provoked 4 lawsuits which the credit union lost and then he and Yvonne violated the privacy act and got sued and paid off the member.

I've always wondered why a man who talks about all the women he's taken to bed spends so much time at Smock's house. He admitted he saw Henry's photo on Smock's nightstand. What was Mr Womanizer doing in Smock's bedroom? I think he talks too much about sex as if he's trying to convince himself that he's a man. Real men don't do that.

Anonymous said...

Couple points.

1. Yep. Wiggy has driven his family over the edge. Heck, he has driven everyone over the edge. Probably driven Diedra to drink.

2. In a Battle Royale wrestling Gravy Match I'd think Smock would have to be the odds on favorite to win just based on his 450 pound weight. With that kind of poundage he'd have a helluva finishing move with a Superfly Splash or maybe a pile driver.

Anonymous said...

I agree. Wig has probably driven his family to behave the way they do. Good, point about Diecra being driven to drink.

Smock too used to love anything that came in a bottle. Maybe Wug has driven him to eat out of control.

And you say Smock weighs about 450 pounds. He only weighted 450 lbs when he was four years old.

Dr Quacko said...

Working near Charles is horrible. I can't imagine what it would be like having to live with him. Must be awful knowing your husband and father is a coward and liar. I've kept in touch with some former employees and all of them make more money than they ever did when they worked at Priority One. All are happier and not one works for anyone like Charles, Smock, Yvonne, Alex, or West. There's bad people in life an at any company but at Priority you can't find a good or honest manager. They all lie, they all backstab, and they all gossip.

Anonymous said...

@ Colonel Harlan Sanders

No doubt Wiggy would win the Gravy Wrestling Battle Royale, but not because he has any great grappling skills. Wiggs would win cause he'd fix the match by having his Fat Burger sidekick Uncle installed as referee.

I also agree with the eminent Dr. Quacko.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Wiggy would win the Gravy Wrestling Battle Royale hands down because he'll fix any contest and is motivation are greed and gluttony. His favorite mottos are, "RULES ARE MADE TO BE BROKEN", "Birds of a feather flock together" and "Always count your chickens before they're hatched."

Anonymous said...

Agreed Wiggy would fix the Gravy Wrestling Battle Royale. He'd cheat, lie and steal to win. You gotta hand it to Wiggy - making his Uncle the referee is an evil underhanded move.

Prediction: After the match Wiggy and his Uncle will go to Fat Buger to celebrate the victory.

Frito Bandido said...

Yes, his uncle will be the referee and after Wiggington loses horribly, he'll declare Wiggington the winner!

During the competition his son will sell meth to the audience and tell stories about how to talk to ghosts. After the competition, they'll get into the BMW Wiggy repossessed from a member and they'll purchase their Fat Burger meals using money he got from years of kick-backs.

Anonymous said...

You might be right about secret dossiers but I think the reason the Black board keeps Wig is because he's Black. If it looks, smells, and walks like racism, it probably is.

Anonymous said...

@Frito Bandido

Maybe Wiggy, the Uncle and Chuckie Jr. won't have to pay for their Fat Burger meals because Henry Justice will be there to pick up the tab.

Anonymous said...

One time several years ago I entered Wiggy's office as he was reviewing information he had on several stacks of blue 5 by 7 cards. When he saw me he hurriedly took the cards and placed them in at least 8 separate packets. He then placed them all in a briefcase which he locked.

I believe these packets could be the secret archived dirt dossiers Wiggington has on the board and/or employees. Don't know for certain, but it us a strong possibility.

Anonymous said...

So true. Henry Justice will pick-up the tab hoping that Wiggy will try getting him back into the credit union using his new business's name, Henrietta Justicia Auto Sales. I'm sure they both would believe no one would ever notice the similarity in name to Henry Justice Autos.

And remember, Yvonne and Alex might post anonymous comments on this blog exposing confidential information about Wiggy's competition in the contest, forcing Wiggy to write yet another letter saying "I never authorized the publication of confidential information that only Priority One has on record. I'm innocent I say, I'm innocent. And yes I said the same thing when the investigator had 8 witness statements saying I sexually harassed but that's all pure coincidence! Ask Rodger, she can vouch for me."

November 23, 2014 at 9:48 AM
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Secret dossiers would explain a lot though it wouldn't be a surprise that poop for brains Wiggington would be looking at them at work. If he can talk about highly confidential and inappropriate subjects while at work, he would certainly browse through dossiers in his office.

For years, there have been rumors he allegedly keeps 2 sets of books- one he shows to auditors and one with the allegedly real figures. Now, I certainly don't know if its true but why is it that when auditors come and request files, Smock reviews them and pulls documents before having Esmeralda deliver them to the auditors? When people act suspiciously it usually points to something that they're doing wrong.

One time when Smock wasn't around, Esmeralda asked me to bring her a file (this was in the days when the credit union retained hard copies). She took it to Wiggington to look at first and after pulling out some pages, he handed it to her and she asked me to deliver it to the auditors.

Anonymous said...

@Frito Bandido

You can't blame Henry Justice for picking up the tab for Wiggy, Chuckie and the Uncle's victory celebration at Fat Burger. Henry will do whatever it takes to get back into the good graces and exalted status he previously had at Priority One. Henry and Wiggy had a very lucrative relationship at one time - it was win-win for both of these honorable scumbags.

Here is the scheme as told to me: Justice Auto would sell junker autos to buyers with bad credit at high interest rates. Priority One, under the direction of Wiggy, would finance these sketchy (bad) loans to ostensibly boost loan volume, but in reality to keep up his steady stream of kickbacks. A sweet deal for both Wiggy and Justice. A very bad deal for Priority One and its members.

Producer at Word's Dumbest said...

These people would be masters at deceit if they weren't so unbelievably stupid! So they ask employees to bring them files they remove documents from before before surrendering them to auditors? I think we're looking at World's Dumbest CU Officers. And yes, that includes two face, plumper Esmeralda, Sandoval. Stop telling people you're a Christian, mentirosa! You're 100%
unadulterated evil. That story you told us about the racial epitaphs you told a White woman who hit the car your boyfriend, not husband, was driving. Then there's all your lies told to Smock and Wiggington about employees you got fired. No Chola, you're clearly belong on World's Dumbest CU Officers!

Same for Yvonne. She thought she could threaten a member and order them never to complain again. Her tactic cost the credit union $20,000. Way to go dumb ass!

Alex is trying so hard to keep her really big mouth shut. Must be eating her up alive.

And Smock who prides himself for being more intelligent than all other employees is probably the dumbest, laziest, most dishonest and portly officers at that credit union.

And I wonder if Robert West is going to try to make his way to Ferguson, MO during the Grand jury deliberation of evidence intended to prosecute the police officer who shot an unarmed ROBBER? Being a pagan and hypocrite who sees the world through black lenses, Robert doesn't know just how twisted he really is. He doesn't believe in innocent until proven guilty, he believes in execute first, ask questions later. Loser.

Anonymous said...

@World's Dumbest

You're being too kind calling Smock portly. IMHO he is OBESE. Rodger (and Butterball Esmeralda) is eating way too many buckets of KFC and those sides of mashed potatoes and Mac and cheese don't help. Of course, under Wiggy's standing order every meal must be drenched in the Colonel's finger-licked good gravy.

Speaking of gravy, I see Von's has a special on jars of Heinz Gravy this week - buy 1, get 1 for free!! This is good news for Wiggy's 12 Days of Christmas gifting.

Anonymous said...

I'd like to buy Robert West a one-way bus ticket tonFerguson.

Anonymous said...

My plan is to drive to Ferguson, Missouri once the Grand Jury results are announced. It quite a long drive - 1825 miles one-way. To be honest my funds are quite tight, so I'd be willing to share the cost of gas, as well as share driving duties with Robert West. We'd have to check-in to several motels (we could share motel rooms to save on expenses) for the round-trip, so there is lodging expenses along the way, and the cost of lodging while in Ferguson.

Robert, If your interested in heading to Ferguson let me know by giving me a secret signal. The secret signal is either to wear a colorful hat or a white shirt to work. Or you could meet me at Fat Burger, but don't bring Wiggy's Uncle.

Anonymous said...


You may have some problems getting Robert West to pay his portion of lodgings and gas to Ferguson. Robert is the credit union moocher. He's infamous for never paying the total amount that is asked to participate in maternity and birthday luncheons but he makes sure he signs the cards and the gets a minimum of 2 plates of food. He might only put in $3 but when he's through, he's eaten $15 worth of food. He has trouble understanding the difference between a donation and an investment because he's always waiting for his paltry $2 or $3 to pay him triple.

I, personally, wouldn't want to share a room with Robert unless I had cameras set up in the room and after hanging up a big WHITE bed sheet to separate his side of the room from mine.

What you can count on is that the usual robotic and seemingly insipid Mr. West will march and march hard when he's at Ferguson. He'll turn into a regular firecracker. And he's right. An unarmed boy walks into a store and threatens to rob it. No one of course knows he doesn't have a gun because let's face it, most humans would get scared and go right into self-preservation mode. The kid gets shot and killed. No big surprise, he tried to rob a store, but people like West turn it into a race issue. When's the last time Robert West protested the killing of a Latino or White who tried to rob a store?

I wouldn't want Wiggy or his uncle to attend and unless you want to be subject to non-stop talking about topics like ghosts, the Candy Man, Flyer Saucers, Big Foot and drugs, you won't Wig's son, Chuckie, tagging along either.

Anonymous said...

You've opened my eyes about about taking Robert West along with me on my journey to Ferguson. Like I said I'm already having a hard time with my budget for the trip and was hoping West would help defray expenses. But now that I know he's a first-class moocher, as well as a cheapskate I rescind my offer. Plus, I don't want to a shrill religious screed for 3600 miles.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Robert if you're interested wear a colorful shirt or for that matter, borrow one of Rodger's moo moos. Wear a hat that's going to get you noticed. How about something with plastic fruit?
If you want to be identified by your shoes, you can't go wrong with a pair of satin pumps. You can also wear a fanny pack or better yet, a Calvin Klein evening bag. Preferably something with rhinestones. The world's your oyster girl, so get noticed and you're halfway to Ferguson, MO.

PS: To the person offering to drive to Ferguson, MO, remember to leave Robert there. If he wants to prove his loyalty to his people, he should live with them full-time.

Dalai Lama said...


"You've opened my eyes about about taking Robert West along with me on my journey to Ferguson. Like I said I'm already having a hard time with my budget for the trip and was hoping West would help defray expenses."

Response: This is what might happen. The first time you pull into a gas station and ask for half the money needed to fill the tank, Robert will say, "My wallets been stolen. Oh no. I really need to get to Ferguson. What are WE going to do now."

Comment: "But now that I know he's a first-class moocher, as well as a cheapskate I rescind my offer."

Response: Wise decision. It could add an undue financial burden upon you plus you know he'll expect to be fed breakfast, morning snack, lunch, afternoon snack, dinner and bedtime snack. Plus maybe its just me, but the idea of spending hours with Robert "Moocher" West in a car, in a hotel room, or at a demonstration is creepy.

Comment: "Plus, I don't want to a shrill religious screed for 3600 miles."

Response: His shrill is right because he clearly doesn't practice what he preaches and you know him by who his friends are. Charles Wiggington and Rodger Smock. Need anymore be said?

Anonymous said...

I remember right after Bea arrived she got up at the podium during one of those super boring all staff meetings that management only holds so they can listen to themselves talk, and she said "I never Mr. Wiggington before I got hired. I answered an ad in the paper, got called for the interview and got offered the job. That's how I ended up here."

Right after the meeting, Gema, Georgina and Jennifer Preciado told us how almost one year earlier, they were leaving Applebees and they saw Wiggles come out of the restaurant with this tall, unattractive woman. They said the two were laughing and talking loudly. Obviously, the two knew each other. Guess, Bea lied.

Then during the same meeting she says that there are rumors she's embezzled money while working for Toyota FCU and in what has to be the worst acting job ever, she pretends to shed a tear- an alligator tear, and she says she has 2 executives that are going to speak to all the employees and testify she's never embezzled money. We waited and waited and the two men never appeared. So did she embezzle money?

She was put up to it by Wiggles who thought he was going to scare employees. He did the same thing when moron of the century, Robert West got up, read the Bible and tried to guilt trip everyone. BTW, that man needs to keep away from a pulpit. No one knew what the scriptures he read about meant.

Anonymous said...

Bea probably wishes she had never worked at P1. She couldn't find a job so she freelances as a consultant. Hopefully she'll never ruin another company again.

Speed Racer said...

@ Dalai Lama

I said I rescinded my offer to take Robert West to Ferguson. But now I getting tons of encouragement from almost every line employee at Priority One to take West with me on my long trek to Missouri.

So now I'm in a quandary because I can't afford to take West on my own and I certainly don't want to be shackled with a world-class moocher for a 3600 mile trip. But on the other hand, I would like to make most every employee who works at Priority One really happy that I gave West a ride (one way, perhaps) all the way to Ferguson. I am not sure what to do at this point. I doubt West has the resources to pay his own fair share if he's the miser everyone says he is.

Does anyone have any input on what my final decision should be, short of selling plasma or pawning my gold tooth to make up my budget shortfall?

Anonymous said...

I am guessing that you're being encouraged to take West just to give employees a reprieve from the obnoxious and hypocritical officer.

You can ask employees to chip in to at least cover driving and feeding West on what should be a one-way trip to Ferguson.

Speed Racer said...

Is Robert West a miser or just a cheapskate?

I had considered asking P1 employees to chip in to defray my expenses of taking West all the way to Ferguson, especially since he's such a cheapskate who is unwilling to pay his fair share or even pony-up one red-cent out of his wallet. But asking P1 employees to chip in could be a real burden since many have already pledged money to get Wiggy gravy for the 12 Days of Christmas gift. I don't want to overtax the beleaguered P1 staff just so Robert West can glorify himself by protesting what he deems to be discrimination in Ferguson. It doesn't seem right.

Speed Racer said...

The Ferguson Grand Jury decision is coming tonight!!

Not to worry. I am all packed for the long trek to Misdouri. And we are fully prepared, since I took out a HELOC to finance our journey.

I've got flak jackets, Kevlar helmets, bug-out bag, bibles, MRE's, ninja throwing stars and nunchucks for myself and West, since I'm anticipating an all-out uproarious donnybrook once we get to Ferguson.

We are all counting know Robert to do his part to defend the good citizens of the Show Me State no matter how bloody it gets. And don't worry Robert I'll have your back in case someone tries to cold-cock from the rear (no pun intended).

Anonymous said...

I got to give it. To you guys. The credit. Union actually Wiggles and West got scared by all the comments the fired Devon, the black employee wig covered up for when he assaulted another non-Black male.

Anonymous said...

You're right. Asking employees to donate to get Robert West to Ferguson not only adds to their financial burden but Priority One is one of the lowest paying credit unions in the entire industry. Well, low pay for the workers not for the overpaid, incompetent management sector.

By the way the verdict is out and no charges will be filed against the policeman who shot the would-be-robber. I'm sure Robert West and even his ass-boss, Wiggles-know-nothing, have rationalized that "the Man" killed another Blackman though as with anything these two storytellers do, they conveniently omit the fact the young man was trying to commit a crime. You'd think that such a devout Christian as Robert would know that there are repercussions when we break God's and man's laws.

Anonymous said...

You're right. Asking employees to donate to get Robert West to Ferguson not only adds to their financial burden but Priority One is one of the lowest paying credit unions in the entire industry. Well, low pay for the workers not for the overpaid, incompetent management sector.

By the way the verdict is out and no charges will be filed against the policeman who shot the would-be-robber. I'm sure Robert West and even his ass-boss, Wiggles-know-nothing, have rationalized that "the Man" killed another Blackman though as with anything these two storytellers do, they conveniently omit the fact the young man was trying to commit a crime. You'd think that such a devout Christian as Robert would know that there are repercussions when we break God's and man's laws.

Anonymous said...

Why would Robert know that? He lives in an alternate universe where segregation is important and where he can work maybe 3 to 4 hours a day, take a 90 minute to 2 1/2 lunch, know nothing about HR, know even less about compliance and who sucked as a trainer. Of course, Robert can't possibly ever comprehend that if you decide to commit a crime, you might get hurt or worse.

Anonymous said...

The termination of the employee who allegedly assaulted another employee is just another example of how dishonest and unethical Wiggington, Smock, West, Esmeralda and the queen of darkness, Diedra, are. Whenever they get exposed of wrongdoing, they scurry like cockaroaches, running in every direction. Sometimes, they have to get the lawyers involved to make up stories to make these crooks look innocent. At others, they hide the evidence so that they don't get in trouble. In the case of Devon, Robert West and Wiggington were willing to cover up that he assaulted an employee because Devon is Black and so they have to protect him. What they didn't count on is that the VICTIM filed a complaint and that what happened ended up on the Internet. They don't want to be sued but they also don't want it getting out (too late). Nothing but the worst people you'll ever meet. If they're this horrible with their operation, can you trust them with your money and your business?

Anonymous said...

Please take him to Ferguson and leave him there.

Speed Racer said...

ATTN: Robert West

I will be coming by P1 Tuesday afternoon a 3 PM to pick you up for our trip to Ferguson. We'll be driving my heavily armored Dodge Charger, so we won't have to worry about snipers along the way.

When I show up at P1 I will ask you a question in secret code.

The Question: "How many pancakes does it take to shingle a doghouse?"

If you still wish to go to Ferguson answer the question in code by saying: "I like to wear a red dress in the park at midnight."

Hoping you won't back out.

By the way, if we drive in shifts we should make it to Ferguson in 20 hours - driving 90 miles per hour.

Anonymous said...

@Speed Racer: Too funny.

Anonymous said...

@ Speed Racer

Reports indicate the Ferguson protests are violent. Buildings have been set ablaze and there are over 60 arrests so far.

Speed, You and your compadre Robert West are doing tremendous good and exhibiting mucho bravery by going to the front lines at risk to your life and limbs. Good for you guys. Showing the "Man" solidarity with the good citizens of Ferguson is something Wiggy, Rodger and Diedra can be proud of.

Much respect!

I propose the entire P1 staff give Wesr a huge round of applause today as he departs for Ferguson this afternoon. And let's all give West a huge thunderous standing ovation, led by Wiggy the man himself, when he returns (if he returns) to Priority One.

Don't pussy out, Robert - keep your promise by joining Speed on the trek to Ferguson!

Anonymous said...

Speed is indeed quite courageous. Don't count on the same from Robert West. A few years ago when we experienced an aftershock the usually superficially calm officer ran across the department like a wet chicken.

I agree a huge round of applause should be given to Robert as he departs though I have one question. Is the round of applause to encourage and thank him for bravely leaving to Ferguson or merely employees elated that he's leaving the credit union?

One suggestion. For the code, Robert would prefer that his answer be, "I like to wear a black dress in the park at midnight."

Anonymous said...

IMHO West's round of applause is 50% for courage and bravery. The other 50% of applause is for the good riddance relief and elation the entire line staff will feel once West gets the hell out of P1.

West, Please do not disappoint your many fans - go to Ferguson with Speed. Prove you're a solid citizen.

I'm warning you, don't pussy out.

Anonymous said...

What happened with Speed and West - Did they leave for Ferguson?

Anonymous said...

Speed you're going to need a lot of luck and even more patience. I can't imagine spending hours with West in a car. It was grueling enough having to sit through one of his so called training classes.

Anonymous said...

Is West a Hero or a Pussy?

Has anyone heard if the intrepid duo of Speed and West took off for Ferguson?

If West is at work on Wednesday that'll mean he's not really committed to the cause as he claims. Of course, if he's at work then we'll all know he's a Wussy.

Anonymous said...

He's not committed in anything he claims to believe in so I'd expect him to be at P1 on Wednesday. My biggest concern is what will the people at Ferguson do without Robert West?

Anonymous said...

I'm worried for West and Speed Racer. Okay, I'm only worried about Speed Racer. I wonder why Wigg didn't want to go to Fergusion? He could have returned in a new BMW that he happened to find in a burning dealiership.

Anonymous said...

I know for certain Speed Racer went to Ferguson with or without West, because Speed is honorable. You can count on Speed to be a man of his word, Robert West on the other hand, can only be counted on for greed, gluttony, mooching and kissing Wiggy's ample ass.

I am willing to bet the farm West is staying put.

Anonymous said...

Yes, West is probably staying put. He talks the walk. In that respect he's Wig's twin brother. At least ethically.

Though the one that could of made an impact is Wiggington. He could have gone to Ferguson, offered to spank the police department's ass and maybe offered to cover them in gravy so he could sop them up. And he could have taken his uncle to watch.... and watch..... and watch.

Seymour Butts said...

Speed, Let us know how yorure doing. Everyone here at P1 is worried about you. And we're are all upset Robert West did not join you on your holy mission to save the good citizens of Ferguson. I hope you made it to Missouri in one piece without any harm.

So disappointed West broke his sacred vow to go to Ferguson. Appears his promises are worthless, just like his training sessions. Gotta admit almost everyone felt West was making an empty threat anyway when he said he needed to go to Missouri to show support for a thief & robber

Anonymous said...

@Speed Racer: You are very, very funny. Love your comment about the secret pass code. Hysterical. If you're an employee of P1, find work elsewhere because that place doesn't appreciate talent, doesn't know what to do with it, and eventually sucks the blood out of it.

I personally think that going to Missouri without Robert West is a plus. The man has no convictions to speak of. Well, let me clarify, he tells you what he believes in but he doesn't ever actually show it. You'd almost be better off driving to Ferguson with Diedra. The only thing West holds sacred is himself. He doesn't sacrifice for anyone, he doesn't stand by his convictions and he'd sell Wiggle's mother up the river if it would help him get ahead.

Of course, we could all be wrong and maybe he decided to protest in downtown Los Angeles though I can't imagine him taking the time to walk miles to state his point.

Speed Racer said...

Whew! I finally made it to Ferguson. I am near exhaustion after driving 1850 miles on my own.

As you can imagine things are pretty hectic with all the National Guard troops, grimy protestors, outside agitators and 100's of thugs trying steal as much as they can get their hands on.

Right now I am holding up in my bunker-like armored Dodge Charger. I' plan to venture out at midnight to get the lay of the terrain. For protection I am carrying phosphorus grenades, claymores, throwing stars and a arsenic-tipped truncheon.

When West declined to go I almost asked Dieda to join me. I was near panic at that point. I was really close to a mental breakdown after being betrayed by B
backstabber Robert West. To even consider asking Diedra I musta been insanely delirious. But I decided against taking Diedra - inviting Slappy White lookalike Diedra was a loony idea because I could not afford the extra time required to stop at every tavern, saloon or roadhouse between P1 and Ferguson to satiate Diedra's unquenchable thirst for booze.

I'll keep everyone posted on my mission after the holiday.

Anonymous said...

@Speed: I am so confused. You wrote "grimy protestors, outside agitators and 100's of thugs trying steal as much as they can get their hands on." Are you in Ferguson or at Wiggy's house for Thanksgiving?

Glad you didn't ask Diedra because she'd of backstabbed you even if she had nothing to gain from doing so.

I never thought of it until now, but you could have asked Redd Fox look-alike, Cornelia Simmons, the Supervisory Committee Chair, to go with you. I don't know if she would have chipped in for gas and lodgings or offered to drive part of the way, but the way she rolls over for Diedra, you probably could have got her to prepare you meals and do your laundry.

Seymour Butts said...

@Speed Racer


I am happy to hear you made it safely to Ferguson. Disappointed to hear you were stabbed in the middle of your back by Robett West. But I really didn't think there was a chance in hell West would join you as he previously promised. West is full of hot air and can't be counted on for anything. Check that - he can be counted on for being a greedy cheapskate.

From watching CNN It looks like the hand-to-hand close quarter fighting in Ferguson is worse than ground zero during the Tet Offensive or even Operation Phantom Fury. Face it Speed, you're smack in the middle of a shitstorm.

Based on your track-record we all know you're a true American Hero. No one can question your courage. But I strongly suggest now is the time to get out of the danger zone before it's too late, before you die. Right now you're the only living witness to Robert West's betrayal. I implore you to GTFO before you get injured, maimed or ambushed.

Anonymous said...

Poor Robert West. So confused.

Anonymous said...

I agree, Robert West talks the walk. He's horribly lazy and though he'll probably try and justify his deplorable behaviors, when he's at work, he is to work. For years he's done a lot of personal, non-credit union work from the comfort of his office and charging the credit union. He also does not enforce policy for management members. When an employee of the call center, started taking time off because his wife, who was pregnant, became bed ridden and he was forced to take care of her and his two kids. West threatened to fire him for taking time off and the employee resigned yet Robert naps in his office, once wrote a book that was not related to his job and all, while collecting a salary. He obviously doesn't understand he has a testimony and that proclaiming to be Christian means sacrificing self and being an example. He's like Wiggington who sexually harassed and has violated confidentiality and who took ownership over a member's car without ever paying a penny for the car and yet over the years, has many people who didn't make their monthly quotas and who supposedly broke confidentiality and in one the case of Wendy, fired her for taking a 6" sandwich without permission. If he's anything, its that he's a hypocrite who bends the rules for politics and skin color.

Dr. Zsigmundy Freud said...

You say West wrote a book while at work during business hours. If true, that's theft. Not surprising coming from weaselly West.

Was the book ever published? I'd like to buy a copy to gain insight into his psyche, unless the book is some sort of religious screed. I won't buy a religious book from a hypocrite!

I'd also like to hear West's justification for hanging Speed Racer out to dry by not going to Ferguson.

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