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Sunday, March 29, 2015


Without question, the theft of $1 million in cash allegedly perpetrated by a former Assistant Vice President ("AVP") assigned to Priority One Credit Union's Los Angeles branch during the years of 2010 through 2012, has left many pondering how that amount of money could have been taken without anyone noticing the theft. 

In 2014, CUMIS paid a claim in the amount of $880,000 against the $1 million claim filed by the Credit Union. Shortly afterwards, CUMIS filed a criminal report with police authorities, against the AVP who allegedly committed the crime and filed a lawsuit against the Credit Union's accounting and auditing firm, Turner Warner Hwang and Conrad AC ("TWHC") who they allege, failed to identify the thefts during audits conducted of the Los Angeles branch's records during the months prior to February 2013. 

To be fair, it was TWHC discovered the theft of more than $60,000 during an audit conducted in late 2009 and early 2010 audit of the Los Angeles branch's records. The firm concluded the theft had been perpetrated by a former receptionist who was later prosecuted but never incarcerated nor ordered to repay the monies she'd stolen. The theft of more than $60,000 should have prompted the Credit Union's Supervisory Committee and Board of Directors to evaluate its internal security procedures and introduce immediate improvements to avoid incidence of future internal thefts. 

In late 2012, President Wiggington informed COO, Yvonne Boutte, that she would be temporarily reassigned to the Los Angeles branch to observe the performance of AVP, Pearl Lynette Fortson, and that office's staff. At the time, Ms. Boutte informed employees of the Credit Resolutions and Member Services Departments that there were issues involving Ms. Fortson's management of that branch and numerous complaints by Members, describing that office's staff as "rude" and "lazy." 

In January 2013, Mrs. Boutte reported to the Los Angeles branch and soon there after, informed her staff in South Pasadena that Ms. Fortson left on a personal leave of absence because "she didn't want to be there [at the branch] while I'm here." 

In February 2013, internal auditor, Diane Huffman arrived at the branch and immediately, notices were posted by Mrs. Boutte on the branch's doors informing visitors that the office was closed due to a "power outage." President Wiggington also ordered that the same notice be posted on the Credit Union's Intranet. At the time, Members contacted the South Pasadena branch and informed employees of the Call Center and Member Services Department that if there was a power outage at the Los Angeles branch, then why were the lights inside the office on and why were employees working at their desks? Because the Los Angeles branch is located within the Los Angeles Postal Distribution Center "LAPDC"], we contacted the LAPDC's administrative and maintenance departments and were told no power outages had been reported for any part of the complex including the space occupied by the Los Angeles branch. 

A few weeks later, Mrs. Boutte informed her staff that AVP, Pearl Lynnette Fortson had been fired after Ms. Huffman's audit disclosed that the AVP embezzled money. Mrs. Boutte also threatened termination to any employee of the Los Angeles branch who chose to communicate with Ms. Fortson. 

However, the President and Board Chair decided not to report the crime to police in their effort to avoid unwanted publicity of yet another illegal act committed under President Wiggington. And so, the Credit Union filed its claim with CUMIS and decided to avoid any discussion concerning the theft. 

CUMIS, however, was not privy to the President and Board Chair's plan. CUMIS paid out $980,000 against the claim filed by the Credit Union. They also filed criminal charges against the former AVP and filed a lawsuit against the Credit Union's accounting and auditing firm, Turner, Warren, Hwang, and Conrad ("TWHC") for allegedly failing to identity the thefts during audits conducted prior to February 2013, of the Los Angeles branch's records. During an interview with the CU Times, TWHC's attorney stated the Credit Union never filed a lawsuit or complaint against his client. Is the attorney naive? Evidently, the basis for CUMIS' lawsuit against TWHC is based on statements made by Priority One's President and some of his staff. 

Unquestionably, Priority One's President, its Board of Directors, its Supervisory Committee, it's COO, it's EVP, it's in-house auditor and the entire Accounting Department all failed to notice thefts which took place during the period of late 2010 through 2012. Inarguably, the Credit Union's officers and the Accounting Department each failed to ensure the Credit Union's security protocols were both maintained and deemed effective. Subsequently, one has to wonder why CUMIS thought paying Priority One's claim for $1 million (minus the deductible) was a prudent and sound business decision. 

The theft of more than $1 million serves as yet more evidence to the state of buffoonery characterizing the manner President Charles R. Wiggington, Sr. chooses to manage the now small and insignificant Credit Union. For years, President Wiggington boasted about his his above-average intellect and keen prowess as a strategist though the theft of more than $1 million in cash proves that his self-exalting exclamations were nothing more than outlandish bragging by a man whose self-proclamations appear to be nothing more than a transparent ploy to hide his far flung ineptitude. So what can we expect next? 


On March 17th, just one day after publishing our last post, Charles R. Wiggington, Sr. became a follower of this blog or any other blog published on 

He obviously didn't realize that Google issues notices each time a person with a Google account requests to become a follower of this blog. 

We of course welcome Mr. Wiggington hoping he'll chime in, providing clarification about the reasons underlying some of his decisions, answering questions and verifying with evidence, some of the subjects we write about. All we ask is he use his real name when posting on this blog. 

"Charles Wiggington is now following your blog"
(message sent by Google)


So why did the former AVP allegedly steal $1 million? To attribute the theft to mere greed is too simplistic. What is all too clear is that she never encountered a single obstacle during the 24-months the Credit Union alleges she perpetrated the theft. This is not only phenomenal but serves as another amazing testament to the gross ineptitude of President Charles R. Wiggington, Sr., the Board of Directors and the Supervisory Committee. Were the President, Directors and Supervisor asleep during the 24-months the thefts allegedly took place?  Ms. Fortson, unlike Turner Warren Hwang and Conrad AC, has not filed a lawsuit against her former employer, but don't construe this to imply she hasn't been busy. In fact, Ms. Fortson has implemented her own strategies intended to minimize the repercussions she may suffer should she ultimately be indicted and convicted.

According to Los Angeles Superior Court records, in 2014, Ms. Fortson was sued by American Express Bank, FSB Inc. ("American Express") for unpaid debts. Ms. Fortson proceeded to court and lost. This might explain why she allegedly stole more than $1 million in cash from Priority One Credit Union. Here is information regarding the lawsuit filed against Ms. Fortson by American Express. 

Case Summary
Case No. YC069680

Parties to the Lawsuit
  • Plaintiff: American Express Bank FSB, American Express Centurion BankParties involved in the case were:
  • Plaintiff's Attorney: Michael M. Lina
  • Defendant: Lynnette Fortson aka Pearl L. Fortson, Pearl Lynnet Fortson aka Pearl Lynnette Fortson

Summation of actions occurring during litigation of the lawsuit:
  • Ms. Fortson was served on 3/11/14.
  • On 5/05/14, a default judgment was entered by the court against Pearl L. Fortson aka Pearl Lynnett Fortson aka Pearl Lynnette Fortson aka Lynnette Fortson
  • On 5/27/14, a dismissal of part of the case against Ms. Fortson
  • On 6/30/14, a default judgment was ordered by the court for American Express Bank and Ms. Fortson was ordered to pay the Plaintiff $32,495.95 in damages and an additional $500 in costs.
Ms. Fortson, the former Branch Manager and later AVP, of the Los Angeles branch and now defunct, Airport branch, certainly had a hefty number of aliases. The only other time we've found a similar case is Board Chair, Diedra Harris-Brooks who is aka Diedra Harris, Diedra Brooks, Diedra E. Harris-Brooks, Diedra E. Harris, Diedra E. Brooks, and Diedra Elaine Brooks. Clearly, Ms. Fortson was in debt. However, if she stole $1 million to pay her debts, then she took far more than she actually needed. 

Following the filing of CUMIS' lawsuit and criminal charges, Ms. Fortson moved quickly to raise defensive measures. The theft of $1 million constitutes a federal offense punishable by either probation and/or prison time and if the court chooses, an order to pay restitution. Based on the judgment issued against Ms. Fortson in 2014 and for all intents and purposes, she did not have the money to pay the debt due to American Express Bank. This is of course true, if you believe she didn't steal $1 million from Priority One Credit Union. However, it is unlikely that if she stole the money that she would have deposited in a bank or credit union account. She might also have avoided conspicuous splurging on luxuries. Ms. Fortson is probably well aware that her spending will be meticulously dissected by CUMIS' attorney. 

We recently obtained the following additional information revealing some of Ms. Fortson's strategizing:

Case Summary

Case Number: BC542611
  • The Plaintiff is CUMIS Insurance Society, Inc.
  • The Plaintiff's attorney is David R. Bence. 
  • The Defendant is Pearl Lynette Fortson
Ms. Fortson responded to the judgment by filing bankruptcy. Though bankruptcy will not help avoid criminal prosecution, if granted, if could help avoid restitution that might be ordered by the state and would free her from repaying the monies due to American Express Bank. 

A hearing is scheduled on August 5, 2015 which will  take place in Department 58 at Superior Court in downtown Los Angeles located at 111 N. Hill Street, Los Angeles, California 90012. The purpose of the case is to address Ms. Fortson's bankruptcy filing. The parties involved in the lawsuit are:

In a Declaration Re-Order to Show Cause, filed by CUMIS' attorney on December 11, 2014, Attorney, David R. Bence, informs the court that during a case conference conducted on August 1, 2014, he was informed that Ms. Fortson had filed for bankruptcy protection. At the time, the court scheduled a bankruptcy status conference for October 30, 2014.

On October 30, 2014, the attorney appeared at the status conference during which he informed the court that his client, CUMIS, was going to file an Adversary Complaint whose purpose was to obtain a judgment from the court denying Ms. Fortson's bankruptcy filing and thus enforce a potential future judgment ordering that the former AVP repay whatever monies she may be found guilty of embezzling. 

Evidently, CUMIS is exacting its muscle to fight and defeat any effort by Ms. Fortson to avoid any potential restitution that may be ordered by the court.  

In the following filing by CUMIS' legal counsel, David R. Bence, the attorney informs the court that he never received notification that a July 30, 2015 bankruptcy status conference had been rescheduled by the court and took place on December 8, 2014.  

The following is a copy of the notice issued on January 9, 2015, by the Superior Court of California to CUMIS Insurance informing them that bankruptcy status conference is now scheduled to take place on August 5, 2015. 

Each year over the past five years, we've published excerpts from Priority One's 990 IRS filing which have consistently shown that despite his long list of failures, each year, President Wiggington's salary continues to increase. Usually, salary increases are awarded for a job well-done but why would Priority One Credit Union's Board of Directors under leadership of Board Chair, Diedra Harris-Brooks deem his abhorrent and failed performance worthy of an annual increase in salary?   

The latest available filing is for 2013 and unlike the filings submitted by the Credit Union in previous years, the 2013 filing omits the salaries of several of the Credit Union's top officers including Executive Vice President, Rodger Smock, COO, Yvonne Boutte, and Vice President of Lending, Patricia Loiacano. 

As referenced below, in 2013 Charles R. Wiggington, Sr. was paid $164,484. The amount may not be astounding compared to the salaries paid to CEO's of other companies but it is an immense amount paid to a man whose failures caused the closure of six (6) of the Credit Union's nine (9) branches during the period of 2010 through 2014. 

It is also an immense amount when one considers that under his leadership, the Credit Union's Net Income dropped by more than $20 million.

He was also found guilty of sexual harassment in 2008 and due  to his violation of state and federal laws the Credit Union was sued by four (4) former employees and one Member. The Credit Union moved quickly to settle each complaint though after issuing payment, the President boasted that the amount of the settlements paid out were inconsequential to the failing Credit Union. 

Its also interesting that many in his staff have not received salary increases for more than four (4) years.


It is highly possible that the person stealing $1 million from Priority One's Los Angeles branch will be prosecuted and possibly ordered to repay the stolen funds, but a bigger issue plaguing the Credit Union is its failure to protect Credit Union's assets. This is not the first time thefts have occurred and evidently, the thefts have not been sufficient motivation for Priority One's President, Charles R. Wiggington, Sr. and the Board of Directors and Supervisory Committee to develop and implement effective measures that succeed in reducing or all together eliminating internal thievery. 

Stealing $1 million occurred during an approximate twenty-four (24) month period. According to the Credit Union, the thefts began at the end of 2010 and probably continued through the end of 2012. An audit conducted in February 2013 by the Credit Union's in-house auditor revealed the theft which was attributed to the AVP who had been assigned to the Los Angeles branch and who was an employee of the Credit Union for approximately 40 years. So has the credit union audited that branch's records for the years prior to 2010? The Los Angels office was also the site of the theft of $60,000 embezzled by a former receptionist. That theft was discovered months after being perpetrated during an audit conducted by Turner, Hwang, Conrad, and Turner, the same firm currently being sued by CUMIS. Years earlier, a large number of Travelers Cheques were stolen from that office. An employee was never found and soon afterwards, the Credit Union ceased selling Travelers Cheques.

The Credit Union's Accounting Department monitors money provided and received from branches. So why didn't the department ever notice discrepancies in the reports provided by the Los Angeles branch? Ultimately, however, it is the overpaid President and the ignorant Board of Directors and evidently, equally inept Supervisory Committee that is responsible for the safety of Credit Union assets. Despite this fact, the President has over the past eight (8) years avoided accountability for his failures, finding protection in his patron, Board Chair, Diedra Harris-Brooks.

What's more, each year, Supervisory Committee Chair, Cornelia Simmons, publishes her address in the Annual Report assuring readers that her committee has once again found that all is safe and well at a credit union bombarded by thefts, losses, and violations of state and federal laws. Is Ms. Simmons' so out-of-touch or so immersed in denial that she can't differentiate between what defines a sound running Credit Union and one subjected to an abhorrent state of management? 

The following address signed by Supervisory Committee Chair, Cornelia Simmons, and appeared in the Credit Union's 2013 Annual Report, inappropriately titled, "Maintaining Forward Progress". The statements made by Ms. Simmons were written only four (4) months after an audit revealed the theft of $1 million allegedly stolen by an AVP. 

Over the past five years, CUMIS ignored the filing of four (4) lawsuits by former employees and one lawsuit filed by a former Member, opting instead to maintain its relationship with the troubled Credit Union. We know this because CUMIS' representatives called some of the Plaintiffs who filed lawsuits to inquire about why they were suing Priority One Credit Union.  

Furthermore, in 2010, CUMIS conducted an investigation of a claim filed by Priority One for monies taken by two married Members who withdrew all the money from their HELOC after the date the loan was scheduled to be closed. The reason the Members succeeded in withdrawing the funds is because the staff in Priority One's Real Estate Department failed to close the loan leaving it open and vulnerable to the dishonest couple. During the investigation, CUMIS' investigator contacted former employees once assigned to the Real Estate Department to ask if the failure to close HELOC's on their scheduled dates was a frequent occurrence. The employee told CUMIS' investigator that the failure to close HELOC's on their scheduled ending date, was not uncommon.  

Its also suspicious that following the 2010 disclosure that more than $60,000 had been stolen by the former receptionist of the Los Angeles branch, that President Wiggington, Board Chair, Diedra Harris-Brooks, then AVP, Beatrice Walker, and EVP, Rodger Smock, decided that they would not file a criminal report with police authorities in an effort to avoid adverse publicity to the waning credit union. However, the police were contacted after the incident was first reported in this blog and only after former Board Director, Janice Irving, demanded the former receptionist be prosecuted.

In 2013, Mrs. Harris-Brooks and the President decided not to call the police for fear the theft could result in more adverse publicity and cause Members to lose confidence in the Credit Union's ability to protect their assets. However, what they did not expect was that CUMIS would not only file a complaint with police authority but would initiate legal action against the former AVP and against the Credit Union's accounting firm, Turner Warren Hwang Conrad AC. We can't comprehend why police authorities were not contacted following findings that $1 million ha been stolen. The refusal by the Credit Union to initiate legal action against the AVP has caused us to wonder, what is it that the President and Board Chair are hiding? 

Three COO's

  • During the years (2010-2012) the thefts occurred, Priority One had three Chief Operations Officers in place. The first was Beatrice "Bea" Walker during whose infamous stay the theft of $60,000 embezzled by a former receptionist of the Los Angeles branch was discovered. Based on the Credit Union's own disclosures, the thefts which would ultimately amount to $1 million began in late 2010 while Ms. Walker remained COO. However, Ms. Walker was terminated in July 2011 after her efforts to oust the President failed and after the Board discovered that she had described them as uneducated and unqualified to serve as Directors. 
  • The second COO was the equally notorious, Cindy Garvin. Ms. Garvin began her employment in August 2011 under much fanfare initiated by Executive Vice President, Rodger Smock, who proclaimed her expertise in real estate and consumer lending, marketing and business development. She was terminated at the end of 2012 for failure to perform her duties and only after the President discovered that she described the President as incompetent and ignorant. 
  • Currently, the infamous Yvonne Boutte serves as Vice President of Operations. Ms. Boutte has no prior experience as a COO. Her former capacity was overseeing the credit union's collections department. In 2012, she attempted to subjugate a Member into submission and provoked a lawsuit which was quickly settled by the Credit Union for approximately $20,000. It is also Mrs. Boutte who in March 2012, disclosed the reason why the AVP was terminated and revealed that more than $1 million in cash had been stolen from the Los Angeles branch's vault. She not only violated laws governing confidentiality, she also defamed the former AVP. 

Priority One Credit Union may not be any Member's Financial Fitness Center and it may not know how to help any Member or employee Win with Money, but its security measures are sufficiently lax and ineffective to allow opportunities for some employees to successfully abscond with Credit Union and Member funds. If the former AVP is indicted, tried and convicted, she could be incarcerated. And if her bankruptcy filing is approved, it could help her avoid having to pay any ordered restitution. However, none of this explains how a single individual could steal more than $1 million in cash without the President, Executive Vice President, the Accounting Department, the Board of Directors or the Supervisory Committee ever noticing. 

We've no doubt that the Credit Union's ability (or inability) to protect Credit Union and Member assets will be a subject of debate in the lawsuit filed by CUMIS against Turner Warren Hwang and Conrad AC; and in the lawsuit filed by Turner Warren Hwang Conrad against Priority One Credit Union. And expect the President, the Board Chair and other officers of the Credit Union to scramble and concoct stories which may help them escape accountability for the blunders they alone committed.      

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Anonymous said...

Stupidest people you'll ever meet at any credit union. Hell, stupidest people you'll ever meet, period!!!

Chief Jay Strongbow said...

John, Everyone knows Wiggy and his cronies (Smock, West, Yvonne, etc.) have your blog on their shit list radar. But now you reveal Wiggy has signed up as a subscriber hoping you wouldn't notice. I suspect Wiggy's plan was to catfish you into somehow revealing your ultra-secret identity or your numerous inside sources.

A word of caution - Wiggy is incompetent, but he has proven to be a treacherous sneak. Don't fall for any catfish scheme.

J Rodarte said...

@Chief Jay Strongbow

I completely agree. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Wiggington used to say that only people who proved themselves would be granted a raise. So how did he get an increase of $14,000 from 2011 to 2013? He is the worst most stupid president in the industry and should have been fired but Diedra thinks this moron deserves raises.

Anonymous said...

Wiggy, We know youve been doing it for years now, but in the name of humanity please stop incessantly scratching your balls.

And while you're at it stop chomping your lunch with your mouth wide-open. No one wants to see what your eating or your extensive dental work.

Anonymous said...

Owing that much money to American express is a good reason why she might have taken the money even if what she supposedly took is way more than what she owed. If she owed more than $32,000 to American express, how much more might she owe to other debtors? What you do see in the theft of $1 million is an example of the kind of culture Wiggles created. For years, Bea Walker used to charge personal items on the CU's VISA. She used to submit receipts for reimbursements with the name of the vendor torn off.

Diedra spent the money the credit union gave her for junkets, on her bar tab. And when she and the board went to Las Vegas and Hawaii, they didn't attend the seminars but did the tourist thing instead. Its all stealing.
Years ago the board wanted to attend a seminar in Europe. Mr. Harris said no but the board got its way and when they got there they went sightseeing.

For years Wiggles reports profits where none occur to reduce losses on paper. He's done that for years. That's why he, Bea and Rodger ran Manny, the old CFO, out of the company because he didn't want to fake profits or losses.

Lynnette, if she stole the money, is just another example of how Wiggles runs the credit union, a place where lying and stealing are okay as long as you don't get caught. And if you do get caught, lie, lie, lie to cover up your wrongs.

Anonymous said...

So true

Anonymous said...

How long has this blog been reporting on these clowns? Its unbelievable that Wiggington was never kicked to the curb. Guess its true. Everyone's trash (Wiggington) is another person's (Diedra) treasure.

Anonymous said...

Is it a surprise P1 got robbed again? I think the CU needs to be audited and find out where exactly money has gone to. I bet they'll find that the AVP wasn't the only officer ripping off the place. And please, don't have the DFI do one of their lame ass audits. Those people do things that are superficial and they don't really care about any credit union. 2 years ago they were supposed to make sure every credit union had boards that understand their responsibilities but to date nothing has been done. What is needed is a neutral outside firm to come in and and do an extensive audit.

Anonymous said...

I'm broke. I wonder if I could get a job at Priority One as a manager? The pay is low, the medical benefits suck, but the perks are AMAZING!!!!!

Anonymous said...

A few days a month, I sit down and while having some coke (the soda not the drug) I visit this blog. I almost blew the soda through my nose when I read that Wiggington requested to be a follower of the blog. He's been reading this blog for years, why suddenly did he become a follower and why did this dumb piece of cow poop not realize that his request might be noted? As they say, stupid is as stupid does though in his case, stupid is as stupid looks. Same for his drug peddling son.

Anonymous said...

So Wiggington is what you get for $164,000 a year? Yikes. Used to be a time you wouldn't have a thing like him on payroll.

Anonymous said...

What's Rodger up to now days? Does he still walk around the office complaining his back and feet hurt? Is he still the Coupon Queeen? Does he sit at his desk, staring at his computers, only to reach out every few minutes to take candy from the bowl that's on his desk?

Anonymous said...

I so agree. Wigglenutless, if you're going to suck as a president at least
stop scratching your ball (singular) and chomping with your mouth wide-open.
And please oh please, use deodorant.

Anonymous said...

You gotta hand it to Diedra. She insists on going to every Vegas Conference put on by the credit union movement. Does she attend the training seminars? No way. Basically she hangs around the casino bars guzzling johnnie Walker Blue or Grey Goose on the credit union's tab. Of course, there is no audit trail since she always gets her daily per diem doled out in casino chips.

Wiggy, Stop scratching your balls. I caught you and your Uncle grabbing your roots at Fat Burger last month.

Anonymous said...

Anyone who was working at the credit union when Mr Harris retired and Charles Wiggington became president knew he would ruin the credit union but none of us could ever have guessed that he would destroy the place and leave it vulnerable to thefts.

One reason why the credit union hasn't been vigilante is because Charles, Rodger Smock, Yvonne Boutte, Robert West, Esmeralda Sandoval, Gema Pleitez and Alex Suarez have been too busy indulging in gossip, office intrigue and not doing the work they are overpaid to do. Charles spent years sitting on his ass bragging about how great he was and designing plots to go after employees he believed were after his job. He was helped by lazy and useless Rodger Smock and aided by Robert West and Yvonne Boutte. They wasted so much time backstabbing and plotting that they didn't protect the credit union and that's probably why one woman could report to work everyday for two years and walk away with one million dollars safely stashed away in her purse. At any other credit union, double custody would have been strictly enforced and the President, the COO and the accounting department would have discovered that something was wrong with the figures provided in the Los Angeles branch's records. What's more, the board receives reports every month as does the supervisory committee but all the directors and supervisors are so stupid and unqualified that none understand the reports and instead, rely on the interpretation provided by President Wiggington. This is a stupidly managed credit union and the biggest embarrassment in the industry.

Anonymous said...

I think Diedra also guzzles Boone's far and T.J. Swan straight out of the bottle while sitting in her car, by herself, while parked in the parking lot of Circus Circus.

Good Governance Guild of America said...

On behalf of the Guild we hereby bestow upon President Charles Wiggington our Good Governance Award (GGA) for presiding over an outstanding Credit Union - Priority One. You and your management team, as well as your dedicated Board of Directors are well known throughout the credit union industry for producing excellent financial results. Your efforts to streamline branch operations while improving loan quality and boosting employee morale are nothing short of remarkable.

We know in the daily hustle and bustle of your busy workday sometimes outstanding CEO's do not get the recognition they truly deserve. To rectify that situation the GGA will be sent directly to your headquarters office immediately.

Congratulations once again for winning our most prestigious award.

Anonymous said...

Bares repeating..

Anyone who was working at the credit union when Mr Harris retired and Charles Wiggington became president knew he would ruin the credit union but none of us could ever have guessed that he would destroy the place and leave it vulnerable to thefts.

One reason why the credit union hasn't been vigilante is because Charles, Rodger Smock, Yvonne Boutte, Robert West, Esmeralda Sandoval, Gema Pleitez and Alex Suarez have been too busy indulging in gossip, office intrigue and not doing the work they are overpaid to do. Charles spent years sitting on his ass bragging about how great he was and designing plots to go after employees he believed were after his job. He was helped by lazy and useless Rodger Smock and aided by Robert West and Yvonne Boutte. They wasted so much time backstabbing and plotting that they didn't protect the credit union and that's probably why one woman could report to work everyday for two years and walk away with one million dollars safely stashed away in her purse. At any other credit union, double custody would have been strictly enforced and the President, the COO and the accounting department would have discovered that something was wrong with the figures provided in the Los Angeles branch's records. What's more, the board receives reports every month as does the supervisory committee but all the directors and supervisors are so stupid and unqualified that none understand the reports and instead, rely on the interpretation provided by President Wiggington. This is a stupidly managed credit union and the biggest embarrassment in the industry.

Anonymous said...

There are a lot of differences between Mr Harris and Wiggington. Mr Harris was above all a man while Charles is a child trapped in a very old body.

Mr Harris was cautious and made business grow that's why the credit union opened branch's in Van Nuys, Valencia, the Santa Clarita postal distribution center, Burbank, and why they got all of Riverside County.

Charles caused the closure of the Valencia and Santa Clarita branches. He opened the Airport branch but less than 4 years later, closed it. He opened a new Santa Clarita branch but less than 2 years later, had to close it. He closed the Redlands and Riverside branches and no longer have representation in all of Riverside County.

Vendors, lawyers and representatives of other credit unions respected Mr Harris. Charles on the other hand is the laughing stock of the entire credit union industry.

Mr. Harris was an officer with the DFI whereas Charles' son, Chuckie, got arrested by police officers.

Committee for Vindication said...

Our Committee would like to thank the Guild for Good Governance for bestowing their prestigious GGA to ouR President Charles Wiggington. We hope this is the first in a long line awards to be given to P1's CEO for outstanding work ethics.

Anonymous said...

I miss Mr Harris and the credit union before Wiggington ruined the place. Absolutely the worst person I've ever had the misfortune of working for.

Anonymous said...

What embarrassing information does Wiigy have in his "dirt " dossiers on the Board of Directors? Wiggles must really have the goods on Diedra.

Anonymous said...

I suspect the Good Goverance Guild of America is really Smock, West and Yvonne. Nice try you idiots!

Anonymous said...

Is the person or person posting under the handle, Committee for Vindication serious? If they are, they must be mentally challenged and if they're not, they're being stupid and not funny. So there's the choice, retarded or stupid. Committee, pick one. Wiggington must have a dossier on anybody that supports him cause no intelligent human being would want to have anything to do with that scum.

Anonymous said...

PS: Smock, West and Yvonne are the 3-Stooges for the 21st century.

Anonymous said...

I still don't get how one person could go in the vault for more than a year and walk out with $1 million without anyone noticing. That's just amazing.

Anonymous said...

Wow! Now that Wiggy has received the Good Governance Award I propose the entire staff throw him a real nice Tar and Feathering party to celebrate this great honor.

Anonymous said...

I think we could all enthusiastically support a party for long as it involves Tar and Feathering.

Anonymous said...

The fact that Wiggington has been president since 2007 and there have been so many huge internal thefts, branch closes, losses of net income, termination of great employees while keeping the worst officers of any credit union employed and insured and of course, his stealing of a car and sexual harassment and he in deed does deserve a party. Some ways to celebrate are:

1. Tar and feathering

2. Shooting him out of a canon only that's pointed towards the grand canyon.

3. Tying him to an anchor and dropping it into the Atlantic (poor sharks).

4. Placing him and Diedra on an isolated island where they can live the remainder of their lives away from human folk.

5. Sentencing Wiggington to travel across the country giving lectures on why sexual harassment is illegal and should not be tolerated.

Anonymous said...

Or he can visit credit unions all over the world and talk about how racism can actually provide job security.

He can lecture about raising children.

My personal favorite would be asking him questions like why he used to say he couldn't understand why Rodger chose to be gay and why he thought being gay was strange. But what I'd really like to know is what was he doing in Rodger's bedroom where he saw an ex-male employee's photograph on Rodger's night stand and then told people in South Pasadena about what he'd seen. Why was he in Rodger's bedroom? Was he checking out the decor? Was he trying to get some tips on how to decorate? Was he hoping to find a photograph of himself on the night stand?

Anonymous said...

I used to wonder how his wife and son can stand living with him. If he drives people crazy at work, can you imagine him at home?

Anonymous said...

How about placing him in a pinata?

Committee for Vindication said...

President Charles Wiggington receiving the prestigious Good Governance Award is a joyful occasion that will surely be celebrated thoughout the credit union movement.

Yet almost every commenter or on this website makes a mockery of the GGA presentation. Believe me when I say this is a legitimate award, not the sham you people make it out to be. Quit making this a travesty.

The members of the Committee for Vindication demand an immediate stop to negative comments.

Catfish Jackson said...

@Chief Jay Strongbow:

You are so right, Wiggington and his clowns do have this blog on their shit list but they are addicted to it. Before Diedra and Wiggington told Yvonne and Alex to stop talking about confidential subjects in front of their staffs, the two used to talk out loud about what they read on the blog.

The used to have these two horrible COO's, Bea and Cindy, who used to talk about what they read on the blog.

Never heard Rodger talk about the blog but Esmeralda Sandoval used to tell employees that the blog was full of lies. She stopped saying this when John started posting documentation. She even used to warn employees that they'd get fired for reading the blog. Sorry sista, but you can't fire people for reading a blog on their own time. I think Esmeralda is a communist.

Wiggington reads the blog in his office. Though he hates what people write about him, he can't stop reading it. Its like a drug.

Robert West used to talk about what he read on the blog and he used to call it the devil's work.

Wiggington, like you wrote, is incompetent but Mr. Sissy is treacherous and I agree, his plan was to catfish the blogers.

Anonymous said...

The Committee for Vindication certainly appears to be staunch supporters of President Wiggington. If you're so proud why don't you reveal your names?

BTW - Wiggy's favorite meal used to be Fat Burget. But now it appears he loves Catfish. Nice try Wiggy, you dope!

Jethro Bodine said...

I pledge to stop writing adverse comments about Wiggy, P1 management and the Bd of Directors once the Committee For Vindication reveals their true identities.

Chief Jay Strongbow said...

@Catfish Jackson

Catfish, You're 100% spot-on. Wiggy and his crony clowns read this blog religiously. They study each comment as if they're reading the Dead Sea Scrolls hoping to glean a small nugget of information which will ferret out the anonymous posters so they can then be fired if they are working at P1.

I've seen West, Esmeralda and Yvonne often reading the blog on their computer screens. I suspect Smock does too, if he's not busy shoving candy into his pie hole.

Anonymous said...

I agree, the committee members should post their names. That would validate their support of Charles "Sex Obsessed Dumbas Dirt" Wiggington.

Anonymous said...

Charles and his clown posy will find someone to blame for the theft of $1 million. The big question is, will their stories succeed? Here's a brief rundown on some of Charles' past excuses:

In 2007, ballots were mailed out with member account and social security numbers printed on the outside of the envelope just above member names and addresses. CHARLES BLAMED ALAN THE IT SUPERVISOR BUT IT WAS CHARLES WHO REFUSED TO REVIEW THE INFORMATION BEFORE IT WENT TO THE PRINTER BECAUSE IN HIS WORDS, "I'm the president, I don't do that."

2007 his hand-picked AVP Liz is found to have kited. More than 24 separate NSF incidents between October/November 20006. Charles told the company attorney he never knew she had been kiting and would never have promoted her to AVP. When she was kiting, he was Assistant VP of Operations and the investigation of the AVP revealed he reversed each of the more than 24 NSF fees she incurred. HE BLAMED MEMBER SERVICES AND TOLD THE LAWYER, THEY REVERSED THE FEES WITHOUT HIS KNOWLEDGE.



So who is he going to blame for the theft of $1 million? Is he going to blame his son who got arrested 3 years ago for selling meth?

Or is he going to blame his mom, who used to lock him in the closet when he was a kid because he talked too much?

Or is he going to blame Yvonne who after all is the COO?

Or maybe he'll blame the pollution in Los Angeles?

Anonymous said...

Wiggington has always been a liar and an excuse factory. He'll tell you how great and smart he is but as you listen to him you realize that he sounds like he's uneducated and a product of the ghetto. You look around and you see how everything he touches turns to shit. The credit union used to have lots of branches and was growing until he took over. He ruined the business, employee morale and he surrounds himself with losers like Miss Smock and Yvonne. In they're little, twisted world, they're not the problem. They're great at what they do. Guess if they had to look in the mirror they'd all drop dead from what they'd see.

Anonymous said...


Be aware Charles Wiggles and this crony henchmen are trolling this blog in hopes finding out the anonymous identities of Commenters.

You're busted Wiggy

Speaking of catfish, I would like to invite Wiggy and his Uncle to a Fish Fry Party next Friday.

Anonymous said...

Catfish Fry Party or Tar and Feathering Party?

Anonymous said...

Catfish fry party or tar and feathering. Can we combine the two? Can we fry Wiggington in tar and then feather him while spectators feast on a delicious southern home-styled cat fish dinner?

Anonymous said...

A Catfish Fry combined with a Tar and Feathering Party.


I wish I'd thought of it!

Anonymous said...

FMake sure there is plenty of catfish for Smock to gorge himself on. And how about 5 extra tar kettles for Smock.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure this is one event that will attract the attention of members and non-members. A great catfish dinner while watching Wigglenutless get tar and feathered.

Fortunately, the amount of food Rodger Smock might consume will be controlled by charging guests for their meal. Actually, there should be a charge for each fish eaten. You'll have to watch Robert West because as the credit union's official moocher, he'll try to get a free meal. He'll probably use the excuse that he forgot his wallet or that he only has $2 in his pocket. Whatever his story, he should be made to pay. Enough with his sponging off hardworking employees.

I just wonder how much tar will have to be purchased to get a nice layer over Wigglenutless body. And make sure to buy white feathers. It will make him feel extra special.

Anonymous said...

ps: Remember to invite Lynnette or whatever alias she's using nowadays.

Anonymous said...

Lynette should subsidize the entire Catfish and Tar & Feather Party (with only a tiny portion of the stolen Million) just to show Wiggy her gratitude for not being thrown into prison.

Anonymous said...

Lynnette allegedly stole $1 million in cash and you have to wonder how much money has been taken by Wiggington and Diedra from the credit union. By the way, Diedra is another person that uses alias. What's up with that? Is she hiding something?

Anonymous said...

This is how they hide their numbers.

1. Wiggington dictates what amount of losses are to be published and he has at times, transferred $ from GLs and posted them as profit. Obviously, they're not profit.

2. If you look at the monthly balance sheet, they don't report everything. Basically, the less members and employees know, the better.

3. During annual audits by the state, Rodger Smock and Emseralda Sandoval review the contents of every file requested by the auditors. Smock and Esmeralda pull out documents which could potentially show the credit union didn't follow procedures.

4. Rumor: According to some members of the accounting department, the credit union has two books where financials are recorded. One is the book shown to auditors the second is the one with the real figures.

5. And every supervisor, manager and CFO with exception of Manny Gaitmaitan, willingly altered reporting at the request of the president.

Anonymous said...

For those of you who had the terrible experience of working with Wiggington's White twin, Bea Walker, she finally got a job with Electricore the former employer she worked for before leaving to work at Priority One. She had a lot of trouble finding full-time employment and worked as a consultant though I can't imagine why anyone would hire that bag of personal problems. She's the most horrible person most of us worked with. Treacherous but not as smart as she thought because when she tried to push Wiggington out, she failed.

Anonymous said...

Bea will never be a COO at any other credit union. She screwed herself by behaving so horribly. Wiggington will never be a president for any other company. And all those AVPs he appointed, not one will ever be an AVP at any other company.

Anonymous said...

Wiggington doesn't have to worry about getting a job at another credit union, because he has a lifetime job at Prioroty One as long as Deiedra is running the show .

Committee for Vindication said...

President Wiggington is doing a stellar job at Priority One. He is supported by a wonderful Management Team and an outstanding Supportive Board of Directors, so there is no reason why he would ever want to leave P1.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
Wiggington doesn't have to worry about getting a job at another credit union, because he has a lifetime job at Prioroty One as long as Deiedra is running the show .
Yes, Wiggington is doing a stellar job. His goal when he became president was to destroy Priority One and he has succeeded thanks to the help of lame ass Diedra and the backwoods Board and of course the Supervisory Committee led by number one ignoramus, Cornelia.

And he indeed is supported by a wonderful body of officers including:

1. Miss Smock
2. Robert Erkle West
3. Circus Fat Girl, Esmeralda Sandoval
4. Classless Bigfoot, Yvonne Boutte.

Plus when he retires, he's got more than one retirement plan, social security, and what ever else he pillages from the rubble of what used to be Priority One.

Way to go Wiggles, you're plan is working.

Anonymous said...

Wiggington is like the captain of the Titanic. He's got a title, he gets pay he clearly is undeserving of and he's steadily leading the ship through cold choppy waters to an awaiting iceberg. Yep, he's a great leader.

ps: By the way, he doesn't have any lifeboats so when you hit the cold water, don't expect to survive.

Anonymous said...

Wiggy is also like Captain Bligh in that he is a moronic, cruel and disliked by his subordinates. In the end, the crew of the Bounty mutinied against Bligh just like the staff of P1 will against Wigglenutless.

Anonymous said...

He, Smock and Diedra have setup this plan to try and make employees think everything is good. After 5 years they finally approved for SOME employees to get raises. All along, employees have been working earning 2007 salaries. These people are stupid enough to think that giving SOME people raises after 5 years is going to help. This still means most people are earning 2007 salary levels and those that got a raise, are earning 2008 salaries. Wiggington on the other hand has had his salary raised by $24,000 from 2007 to 2014. Does that seem fair? Does he deserve a raise? He should be made to give up his salary and apply the $18,000 in raises he's gotten amongst all employees. Did you know that Miss Smock has also gotten more than $15,000 in raises over the past 5 years. Can you name one thing Miss Smock does while at work? How has he contributed to the credit union?

Anonymous said...

Captain of the Titanic? Captain Bligh?
He's more like the 99 cent store version of Captain Crunch.

Anonymous said...

I can name one thing Smock does while at the credit union. Miss Smock chomps on a lot of candy, and he gorges himself with massive quantities of food. If you meant does Smock do anything work related - then the answer is he does absolutely nothing.

Speaking of food, when is the combined Catfish Fry and Tar & Feathering Party honoring Wiggy's wonderful accomplishments occurring?

Anonymous said...

The upcoming Catfish Fry/Tar&Feathering Tribute for Wiggy is very exciting. It's generating a tremendous buzz throughout credit union-land.

Will any celebrities or credit union dignitaries be on the guest list?

Anonymous said...

Rodger should have been canned a long time ago, the same way Superior Industries fired him when he couldn't cut it in HR. He's not only a disgrace to HR, he's pompous and corrupt. He's always bent over for Wiggington because he knows better than anyone else that he would probably never get hired by another company and if he was, he'd get fired for being lazy and ignorant. Chomping on candy is really his strong suit. May I suggest he get a job in the food industry like in food tasting. Did you ever ask him an HR question? The man is ignorant.

And I'd like to buy a ticket to the Catfish Fry and Tar and Feathering. I hope we're allowed to apply hot tar on tattered old, has-been Wiggington.

And did West go to Baltimore to try to bring peace to the city?

Anonymous said...

Everyone is welcome to Wiggy's Catfish Fry and Tar&Feathering Party. No ticket is needed. In fact, I heard several staffers say they'd like to change it into a Neck-Tie Party just fo repay Wiggy for all he's done to ruin P1.

West is threatening to go to Baltimore if only someone would pay for the cost of his round trip. He probably would get more than a few takers if he promised never to return.

Anonymous said...

Robert West is probably excited about attending the Catfish Fry and Tar and Feathering but that's because no one has told him there's a $5 charge for the food and another $5 for tar and feathers. A Neck-Tie Party? Can we instead consider a "Noose Party"?

West should go to Baltimore. They could really use his expertise as an ex-college DJ. I think his on-air name was MC Erkle. I'm sure with his mooching abilities and integrity he could bring peace to the city. Yes, some people might argue that he's purely on the side of the Black man and looks down on all other ethnicities I would donate if he would agree to a one-way trip to Baltimore or the mid-Atlantic.

Anonymous said...

It must be tough being Wiggy. He's one of those rare guys in the credit union movement everyone basically dispises. From sexual harassment, to theft of repos, to scratching his balls, to giving a free pass to a $1 million vault thief, to running a shitocracy stocked with incompetent managers like Smock, Yvonne and West. Now everyone is piling on with a Catfish Tar and Feathering Party, that some want to turn into a Noose Party. How will it end?

Anonymous said...

How will this end?

It will end in a bizarre, exotic non-gourmet disaster of southern fried catfish combined with a Tar and Feather tribute to Charles Wiggington that cannot be salvaged no matter what spin the Committee for Vindication or Diedra puts on it.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous, you are so right. Wiggington is despised by so many people but old "poop for brains" used to say the reason people were against him is because they were jealous because he was made president. That's always the excuse of people who can't see what they are so they have to twist it so its everyone else that is the problem. When I read the list of things you wrote about him it made me realize that in his own loony tones way, Wiggington has accomplished what no one else at Priority One ever could. To cover his embarrassment when they found he sexually harassed a former employee, the board forced all employees to attend sexual harassment classes though in more than 70 years, Charles Wiggington was the only employee to have been found guilty of sexually harassing an employee.

He also took ownership over Mr Wafa's car and then made up paperwork to make it look like the car was sent to auction and sold when he got the car without paying a penny. That means he also defrauded the credit union and ruined a member's credit.

And he is disgusting. His breath smells so bad that when he opens the door to his office, the room smells bad. This is for real. He also talks with his mouth full and spits out food while yapping. Sickening.

He used to place his hands in his pockets when he was speaking to employees and you'd see his hands moving up and down and around. He never understood that no one wants to see him massage his testicle.

And he surrounds himself with dredges. Smock is lazy and dishonest. He's the reason why the credit union got sued by several ex-employees. If he'd been honest and had HR do what is right, no one could have sued.

Yvonne Boutte is an opportunist and far less smart then she thinks. She's not only caused the credit union to be sued by one member but she is divisive and bad for morale.

And I'd have to agree, let's throw noose party for this group of stooges. The biggest problem is getting a rope that's strong enough to suspend Rodger.

Ernst Stavro Blofeld said...

A while back I met Wiggy at a credit union function. When I found out who he was I ask him about this blog and the barrage of negative comments about himself, Smock, West, Yvonne, Esmeralda, Diedra and the Board.

You can imagine the shocked look on his face when I brought up the blog. Trying to regain his composure he then proceeded to give me the full runaround as he attempted to refute at length the numerous negative comments about sexual harassment, stolen repos, ball scratching, arrogance, his Uncle-Fat Burger and Patrice, his know-it-all attitude, etc. I only wish I'd known about Lynette and the $1 million theft to hear him defend that debacle. Of course, all of Wiggy's points defending himself were nothing short of ridiculous. He took blame for nothing and often shifted the blame incompetent subordinates. One more thing - during our conversation he continued speaking with a wide-open mouth full of food while he nervously fondled his root. The entire conversation was quite traumatizing.

Chief Jay Strongbow said...

@Ernst Stavro Blofeld

Your comments are confirm Wiggington is a definitive Dick. It's no surprise Wiggy would shift blame to his incompetent managers. Too bad you could not get capo Smock's input on what he really thinks of Wiggy. I'm sure that would be an eye-opener.

Anonymous said...

Years ago, just after he became president, Wiggington asked me to contact the then marketing director, Aaron, and tell him whenever I found errors in the language used in advertising, the newsletter flyers, and mailing stuffers or if the graphics selected by the marketing committee that we not in alignment with the credit union’s promotions.

One of the first advertisements created by the new director, who by the way was appointed Director of Marketing by Wiggington even though he had no marketing experience, promoted financing for recreational vehicles. Not only was the language deficient but the “director” selected a photograph of a vehicle that looked like it was 25 years old. It was an embarrassing piece and quite telling of what was to come from the director and marketing committee.

I left a memo for the director in his personal mailbox. For all intents and purposes, the correspondence was written for his eyes only. Two days later, Wiggington calls me to his office and when I arrived, Aaron and Rodger Smock were sitting quietly in the room. Wiggington demanded to know who put me up to critiquing the promotion. What he was trying to do was get me to say that the ex-marketing director had somehow coaxed me to send the new director a memo. Not only did I never inform the ex-director of my memo but Wiggington who has the memory of an old sock, completely forgot that it was he who asked me to inform the director of any poorly produced advertising.

A few days later, I happened to be in Smock’s office and told him that it was Wiggington had instructed me to bring problems with advertising to the director’s attention. Smock who is an obvious and deficient would-be-manipulator and proven troublemaker, tells me, “Maybe you misunderstood what Mr. Wiggington asked you to do?”

I replied, “Why don’t you explain how I misunderstood his instruction that I contact the marketing director whenever I found problems with advertising he produced and/or approved?” Smock’s face flushed red but he couldn’t provide an explanation. Dumb ass.

Employees knew Wiggington would ruin the credit union when it was announced he was going to be the new president. When he was VP of operations he was loud, brash, and just nasty. The board directors who said they chose him because he was black were incapable of seeing that he was and remains a big incompetent. He was and is embarrassing and one of the biggest liars I’ve ever worked with and for. He is truly more awful than what the comments on this blog say and believe me, the man or whatever he is, is oh so stupid. If he isn’t, then how could one person walk out with $1 million in cash?

Anonymous said...

Ps: Before Wiggington was named president, Smock used to run into Mr Harris' office and complain that Wiggington was lazy and unprofessional and Wiggington used to run into Mr Harris' office and complain that Smock was lazy and if he was president, he'd fire him or make him work.

Anonymous said...

Okay, since nobody will do it, I'm going to play devil's advocate and pretend that I support Wiggington.

Why did he sexually harass a female employee?

A. Because she was asking for it; or
B. He mistook her for a man.

Why did he repossess a member's BMW and put it under his name without paying a cent?

A. Because the member was asking for it; or
B. Wiggington wanted to impress his boyfriend with his new car.

Why did he approve an auto loan to Patrice P when all she had was a 526 fico score?

A. Because he was hoping she would allow him to sexually harass her; or
B. He thought she was a man.

Why didn't he notice that an AVP was supposedly stealing money from the Los Angeles branch vault over a 24 month period?

A. Because he's a moron and sexual harasser. Maybe if he'd play less on the Internet while at work, reduce his lunches to one hour a day, stop his non-stop yapping, and stop thinking about Smock, he might notice when someone is stealing money, just like when he stole a member's car.

Committee for Vindication said...

All of these incessant charges against President Wiggington are groundless. They are complete falsehoods. We demand retractions by all you nameless, anonymous cowards immediately.

If there is going to be a tribute to Wiggington it should not be a low-grade Catfish Fry that normally would be limited to an inner city sod farm. Our Committee proposes a ritzy statewide Credit Union Gala honoring our wonderful CEO for the excellent work he has done since taking the reins in 2007.

Anonymous said...

Is there really a Committee of Vindication? That's almost as pathetic as watching Rodger Smock trying to slip into a pair of speedos.

Charges? Actually, the complaints are provable so what's your real beef? You don't like your DARK Lord being outed?

The only thing that should be retracted is his appointment to president.

And its only your opinion that the Catfish Fry is low grade. If it is, then its even more appropriate that backwoods hick, Wiggington, should indeeds have a CatFish Fry held in his honor, I mean dishonor.

By the way, the committee's level of sophistication and culture is betrayed by your use of the word "ritzy."

I wonder how many CU representatives would attend a posh affair held in honor of sexual harasser, Wiggington?

Anonymous said...

I'd attend. I mean, how often do you have a chance to see a sexual harasser, car thief and a person who destroyed a credit union?

Anonymous said...

@ Committee for Vindication

Everyone is clamoring for the combined Catfish Fry & Tar and Feathering Party. The demand is unbeievably high.

On the other hand, if there is one millimeter of interest in having a "ritzy" Gala to fete Wiggington it must be coming from toadies Smock, West and Diedra who fear Wiggy revealing what he has in his dirt dossiers.

About that Noose Party said...

Just learned after the infamous Captain Kidd was hanged his body was dipped in tar and then hung over the river Thames as a warning to other cheaters, ball scratchers and sexual harassers. Just saying!

Anonymous said...

Years ago, there was this really awful AVP named Sylvia who was also a friend of Wiggington's (or so she thought). She told us that Wiggington was a "great president" (great in the same way she was a great AVP).

She got employees of each office to collect money so that we could buy Wiggington a gift. Most employees refused to give a cent because hardly anyone liked him and we all knew he was an embarrassment. Now I might have donated money if they had decided to collect money to buy a muzzle or to send him off to Antarctica on a one-way trip, but not for anything else.

They collected enough money to buy him an MP3 or iPod. There wasn't enough money collected to get him the top of the line. On the day they gave it to him, Sylvia was sitting by the reception desk yelling, "You deserve it, you deserve it!" What he deserves is getting tarred and feathered, not another piece of technology to keep him from doing his job.

Compared to Wiggington, Captain Kidd was a saint.

Anonymous said...

I'm all for a shindig where Wiggy is feted with a Catfish Fry, then followed by a dip in boiling tar ending with a light feathering. A fitting finale to the whole shebang would be an old fashioned Hootenanny Necktie Party for the entire management team. Let's all show Wiggy what we really think of him.

Anonymous said...

A necktie party is a good idea but there are some logistical issues that would have to be addressed.

1. What kind of rope is needed to keep Miss Rodger Smock suspended? Does it even exist?

2. As a Big Foot, Yvonne Boutte might be a protected species. Better check first.

3. Esmeralda Sandoval: Same problem as Miss Smock.

4. Patti Loiacano: She's a hick. She'd probably like a catfish anything. She's evil but is she as evil as the others?

5. Alex (Alejandra) Suarez: I think tar and feathering would be preferable for that misfit.

Anonymous said...

Well, Joseph Garcia finally left the credit union. He is another perfect example of the type of person Wiggington promotes and then abandons.

He used to work in Redlands where he seemed to do okay though with Joseph it was never what he knew but what he said he knew and as all his promotions and demotions proved, he knew as much as Rodger Smock and Charles Wiggington. Still, while better employees got harassed and others fired or forced to quit, Joseph remained on salary and didn't do anything in terms of work and was no contributor. In fact, he like Wiggington, Smock, Bea and Cindy Garvin and let's throw in Yvonne Boutte for good measure, get paid yet not one of them has ever done a single thing to make the credit union better or to fix the messes Charles created.

Anonymous said...

He was the worst. Bea who got fired in 2011, brought him over to South Pasadena because he's one of the few men on earth who used to tell her she was pretty and smart.

Joseph got promoted to supervisor over the call center but he proved to be a big incompetent and a misogynist. On several occasions I saw him mistreating female employees. He used to belittle some of them or hit up on the ones he found attractive which is weird because he gave off so much female energy. When he lost his temper, he'd go ballistic. I remember he bought all the "boys" in the Call Center gifts to celebrate their work but didn't buy one for the only female in that department. He told her he'd forgotten to buy one but promised he bring one at a later date. That never happened.

When Wiggington started closing down branches, he promoted Joseph even through Joseph had been demoted 3 times. He made him AVP of sales but Joseph couldn't cut it. He couldn't motivate staff and he could never make his monthly numbers. I so agree, Joseph is a reflection of Wiggington who has failed horribly but who the all black board thinks deserves to remain president and continues to give him annual raises and bonuses.

Anonymous said...

Joseph used to complain that comments on this blog were hurtful but he never thought of how making up stories about co-workers, helping management black ball employees, and targeting who would get fired was hurtful too. And as big a liar as the other managers at that horrible credit union.

Anonymous said...

Joseph is gone. His mentor, Bea Walker, is gone. That only leaves Yvonne Boutte who was one of the trio who thought they would get rid of Wiggington. When Wiggington quits, gets sick, or is fired, I suggest we all sing, "Ding Dong, the Witch is Dead."

Dr. Beiter said...

After the Catfish Fry, rather than a Necktie party for the entire management team (which is a waste of good rope) I propose a human centipede composed of a tar and lightly feathered Wiggy as the front of the centipede followed by Smock, West, Yvonne, Esmeralda, Patti, Alex, with Diedra in her rightful place at the tail end. Once the centipede is assembled these cretins could all low crawl around the So. Pasadena office to the cheers of the adoring crowd.

Anonymous said...

Maybe after they complete their centipede tango, we shoot them out of a canon pointed towards the Pacific.

Committee for Vindication said...

Posters on this website should immediately stop disrespecting our outstanding President, and Credit Union legend Charles Wiggington. Repent now before it's too late.

Mark our words, continuing with your adverse comments will bring bad karma on all you negative posters. Eventually all you Schmucks will get what you deserve.

Ernst Stavro Blofeld said...

@Committee For Vindication

Haters are gonna hate. In this instance. everybody hates Wiggy, except for members of the Committee - I'm talking to you Blubber Boy Smock, Religious Fanatic West and Bigfoot Yvonne.

I must admit I have great admiration for Dr. Beiter and we all wish him well in his attempt to build a human centipede out of the most heinous CEO and management team in the USA.

Anonymous said...

@Committee for Vindication said...

You mean like the "karma" that hit Priority One like a pie in the face? Losing members, dropping sales, internal conflicts, thefts by an avp, thefts of a car by ghetto president, Charlie Wiggington, etc. That kind of Karma?

Anonymous said...

Bares repeating....

Ernst Stavro Blofeld said...
@Committee For Vindication

Haters are gonna hate. In this instance. everybody hates Wiggy, except for members of the Committee - I'm talking to you Blubber Boy Smock, Religious Fanatic West and Bigfoot Yvonne.

I must admit I have great admiration for Dr. Beiter and we all wish him well in his attempt to build a human centipede out of the most heinous CEO and management team in the USA.

Anonymous said...

Poor Wiggy cannot catch a break. Even a Catfish Fry tn his honor turns into Tar and Feather, Necktie Party. Then to make matters worse, if he survives all of that the illustrious Dr. Beiter wants to place him at the head of a human centipede that'll be made to low-crawl all around the South Pasadena office. How much humiliation can Wiggy take? Whatever it is, the schmuck deserves it.

Anonymous said...

@Dr. Beiter

As long as you're putting together a human centipede can you place all of the incompetent Board members and Wiggy's Uncle into the mix, too? The more, the merrier!

Anonymous said...

You're right, Wigg can't catch a break nor should he. He's got to be one of the most evil and stupid president's in the banking industry. His son and wife must be proud.

Anonymous said...

Correction: Wiggy is gonna catch a minor break, in that he is set to be the "head" of the human centipede, rather than the tail end like bug-eyed, fish-face Diedra

Anonymous said...

I heard he was telling people that he purposely closed branches to increase profits. That makes no sense. The more branches you have, the more income is generated, that is if you know how to manage those branches. When he opened the "new" and no longer operating Santa Clarita branch he said the place would attracted people who would want to become members without him having to spend money on marketing and business development. He really thought that Priority One is so wonderful people would be begging to join. You can see how his way of thinking is beyond useless because that office closed in about 2 years.

When he opened Airport it was because he had to. After the old Worldway office was closed he promised postal employees he would open a new office but 15 months later there was no new office and he started telling members he was going to open a kiosk instead of a branch. That caused an uproar and the postal manager at the Airport post office called Diedra and told her he had a space where they could install a new branch and if Priority didn't take it, he would offer it to a bank, another credit union or a Starbucks. Useless, good for nothing Diedra panicked and she ordered Wiggingon to open an office and he did but 4 years later he had to close it because of a lack of business. He never promoted the location so its no surprise it failed. Who thinks like him? That's why all his ideas go nowhere and what's worse is that Diedra not the board, keeps him. You have to wonder what does he have on Diedra that makes her want to keep him.

Anonymous said...

It's a well-known fact Wiggy has "dirt" dossiers on most Board members containing embarrassing information that he threatens to reveal if the Board members get out of line. The dossier on Deidra is rumored to be extensive and detailed, so it's no mystery Diedra bows to Wiggy's demands and ludicrous promotions.

I can't wait to view Dr. Beiter's human centipede parading around So. Pasadena with Wiggy at the "head" and Diedra as the caboose. What a glorious sight it will be to see these incompetents low-crawling head-to-ass around P1's main office.

Anonymous said...

What does Wig have on Diedra? That she'd dishonest? We all know that.

Is it that Thomas and Hale are as useful as six legs on a dog? We all know that.

Is it that O.Glen Saffold will never be a lawyer or that he truly does believe O.J. was setup by the "White" man?

Now I know she purposely "tried" to cover-up the evidence that proved he is a sexual harasser but that's no secret either. We all know he's a car thief so she can't possibly holding that over him.

Anonymous said...

Wiggy must have a helluva lot on Diedra and the Board to keep them toeing the line.

It's similar to the way North Koren leader Kim Jong Un keeps his top officers in line. They're deathly afraid of disagreeing with Kim lest they get put in front of a anti-aircraft gun firing squad. That's the kind of brainwashing mind control Wiggy asserts over his robot-like incompetent management team.

So what exactly does Wiggy have on Diedra. I suspect it has something to do with corruption or sex or both. Could the rumors be true Diedra is the love child of Slappy White or is she a Dominatrix?

R. S. said...

It's evident Wiggington has demonstrated truly scary ineptitude.

For example, he claims to be a champion of women, yet he constantly sexually harasses them. He says he is honest, yet he schemes to repossess a members BMW so he can steal it for himself. He says he's all for security, yet he lets an AVP steal $1 million right out of the LA branch vault. He says he values confidentiality, yet he over-babbles and gossips incessantly.. He says he wants to increase profitability, yet he closes branches.

Wiggys incompetence is mind-boggling!

Anonymous said...

There’s a lot of love children at Priority One.

1. Diedra is the child of Slappy White and Mom’s Mabley.

2. Cornelia Simmons is the love child of Zira (Planet of the Apes) and Redd Fox

3. Charles Wiggington is the love child of Lancelot Link and Rodger Smock

The list is endless.

Wiggington a champion of women? I don’t think drag queens count. He thinks he’s a player but he’s really a dud at best.

And he not only took the member’s car and violating the agreement credit solution worked out with the man, but he ruined his credit and didn’t care yet he fired lots of employees who he claimed violated policy. Hypocrite, liar and a big coward.

And he might as well have helped the AVP carry the money to her car because he didn’t enforce security procedures.

And you’re so right, no one but no one at Priority One has broken confidentiality more than Wiggington. He blabbed about the reasons why people got fired, he gave it up about him and Diedra cheating in the 2009/2010 election. If you’re going to cheat and lie, keep you’re big mouth shut!

And his biggest delusional lie is that closing branches was to increase profit. Nope dope, he closed branches because the credit union couldn’t afford to keep them open and the NCUA and DFI urged him to close offices that weren’t cutting because net capital was dropping to 6% which would have meant a take over. That also would have gotten Wiggington, Smock, and other officers fired

Dr. Zsigmondy Freud said...

Thank you filling everyone in about Diedra's true lineage. I knew Slappy White was the Papa, but I did not know Moms Mabley was Diedra's real mother.

Now it makes perfect sense that Diedra has such a raspy voice and why she's so disrespectful and insolent when dealing with credit union staff and the Board of Directors.

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