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Monday, March 16, 2015

Oops, They Did It Again

Out of Their Control

2015 may prove to be the most embarrassing year experienced by Priority One Credit Union in South Pasadena, California since January 1, 2007, the date when Charles R. Wiggington, Sr. was appointed President and CEO of the once successful Credit Union.

We've been away for a few weeks, though during our absence, one astute reader of this blog, posted the following comment::

Chief Jay Strongbow said...

John, Did you see the article on Priority One in the on-line edition of Credit Union Times today about the $1 million theft and accompanying lawsuit? Any more insight on it?

March 9, 2015 at 11:32 AM

The article the reader alludes to was written by David Morrison and appears in the March 7, 2015 edition of the CU Times. Mr. Morrison wrote that a former, long-time employee of Priority One Credit Union, embezzled more than $1 million from the Los Angeles branch. 

In March 2013, we reported that then AVP, Lynnette Fortson ("Pearl Lynnette Fortson") left the Credit Union abruptly, after more than forty (40) years of service. Her sudden departure surprised many employees, resulting in myriad of rumors alleging she resigned, she was terminated, and she was laid off Her departure also prompted complaints from many employees of the Los Angeles Postal Distribution Center ["LAPDC"], the facility where the Credit Union's Los Angeles branch is located. 

Within a few days following Ms. Fortson's departure, Vice President of Operations, Yvonne Boutte, revealed to some staff members in South Pasadena and at the Los Angeles branches, that Ms. Fortson had been terminated for stealing money. 

In January 2013 and prior to Ms. Fortson's termination, Mrs. Boutte told some of her staff at the South Pasadena branch that she would be temporarily relocating to the Los Angeles branch during which she would conduct an investigation in response to mounting Member complaints alleging abusive treatment by the staff in the Los Angeles branch. 

In February 2013, Mrs. Boutte revealed that Ms. Fortson left the Credit Union on a personal leave of absence because she allegedly did not wish to be present during Mrs. Boutte's investigation.

However, at the end of February, in-house auditor, Diane Huffman, arrived at the Los Angeles branch where she conducted a three day investigation of that office's records. At the time, the President and Board Chair, Diedra Harris-Brooks perpetrated a hoax to try and hide the fact an audit was being conducted. On the day Ms. Huffman arrived, Mrs. Boutte posted a notice on the Los Angeles branch's doors, informing Members and visitors that the Branch was closed due to a power outage. The Credit Union posted the same message on their Facebook and webpages. As usual, the lie perpetrated by the President and Board Chair, was exposed. Members began reporting that though the Branch was closed due to a power outage, the lights in the branch remained on and employees could be seen working at their desks. At the time, we contacted the LAPDC to inquire about the outage, but we were told there were no reported outages for any part of the vast postal complex which includes the Los Angeles Branch. 

The President and Board Chair's simplistic and juvenile lie was also proven to be a lie when Mrs. Boutte warned the staff at the Los Angeles Branch that they were prohibited from ever speaking to Ms. Fortson. 

In reading comments posted in response to our previous blog publication, that a few supporters of the President seem ignorant about the latest predicament the Credit Union finds itself embroiled in. What's more, the theft of $1 million is not the first internal theft to occur at the Los Angeles Branch. In late 2009 and early 2010,  Turner, Hwang, and Conrad AC conducted an audit and discovered that more than $60,000 had been embezzled by a former receptionist assigned to the Los Angeles branch. This latest incident serves to again bring into question the ability of the Credit Union and its deficient Board of Directors, to protect Credit Union and Member assets. All indicators suggest that Priority One's security protocols are either outdated, ineffective, or not being practiced by executive and non-executive personnel. 

Since Charles R. Wiggington, Sr. was appointed President on January 1, 2007, the Credit Union has often found itself immersed in embarrassing scandals. Not only have many of the President's actions proven detrimental to the Credit Union but his immense ineptitude and illegal activities have been well protected by the Board of Directors. Since 2007, the Board has done everything in its power to ensure evidence of the President's abuses and illegal acts is suppressed. To ensure the President escapes retribution, the Board Chair and President have used Priority One's monies as their own personal piggy bank, hiring attorneys who fabricated defenses impugning the character of former employees and one Member victimized by President Wiggington and the Credit Union's unethical Human Resources Department. The evidence proves that under Mrs. Harris-Brooks, the Board has failed to:
  • Set policies that ensure growth, development and the protection of Credit Union and Member Assets. 
  • Made certain the Credit Union maintains a sound financial condition.
  • Established and maintained channels of communication that inform Members about services and products the Credit Union offers that will enhance and improve a person’s financial well-being.
  • Ensured executive officers achieve goals and objectives
  • Provided truthful and undistorted information to Members during the Credit Union's annual meeting concerning the credit union's actual financial state.
And though internal thefts have been a problem plaguing the Los Angeles branch, they represent a betrayal of the confidence Members should have in the Credit Union's ability to protect their assets. Other illegal and unethical acts committed by the President include:
  • Ordering repossession of an automobile that was subject to collection proceedings, though the Member had signed a repayment plan which would have allowed him to retain his BMW and become current. The President who only buys BMW’s, ordered the vehicle repossessed. He transferred ownership to himself and documented fictitious documents to create the appearance the vehicle had been sold at auction. 
  • In 2008, President Wiggington was found to have committed sexual harassment yet the Board spent thousands of dollars squashing the evidence.
  • In 2009 through 2011, former COO, Beatrice Walker, made numerous personal purchases which she was reimbursed for including buying a $5000 laptop. She also had workman hired to install new carpeting at the South Pasadena branch, deliver and install left over carpeting at her home in the Santa Clarita Valley. 
  • From 2010 through 2013, the Credit Union was sued by four (4) former employees and one now former Member, all who alleged violations of Federal law committed by President Wiggington, by former COO, Beatrice Walker, and by Human Resources which is under management of Executive Vice President, Rodger Smock. The cases were settled by the Credit Union  in an effort to avoid what would have been nasty and embarrassing court trials.
Here is the article authored by David Morrison which appeared in CU Times on March 7, 2015:

$1M Vault Pinch Hits Priority One

By David Morrison, March 7, 2015

A long-time employee of the $146 million Priority One Credit Union allegedly stole more than $1 million, according to a legal complaint filed by the CUMIS Insurance Society against the credit union’s former accounting firm.

The complaint alleged the credit union’s manager of its Los Angeles branch, Pearl Lynette Fortson, began to remove cash from the branch’s vault in late 2010 and allegedly falsified daily reports to hide loss.

Fortson was hired by the credit union on Aug. 1, 1974, the complaint said, and Priority One fired her on Feb. 26, 2013.

The complaint said the credit union discovered the embezzlement in February 2013 and claimed that other people may have been involved.  CUMIS said it reported Fortson to law enforcement, but did not say how law enforcement had responded. The credit union had not yet responded to calls for information on the Fortson case and CUNA Mutual said it had no further information.

Priority One filed a dishonest employee loss claim with CUMIS, for which the insurer paid just a little more than $980,000 after the credit union’s deductible, and settled the claim. CUMIS then sued Turner, Warren, Hwang and Conrad Accountancy, the Burbank, Calif., firm that had audited Priority One’s books since 2008.

CUMIS charged the accounting firm with negligence in its auditing the credit union’s books and operations.

“Defendant TWHC knew or should have known that Fortson was employed at the Priority One Los Angeles County Branch and that one of her duties was to perform reconciliations for that branch,” CUMIS argued in its complaint.

“Defendant TWHC knew or should have known that Fortson maintained singular control over the vault and vault balancing sheets for Priority One’s  Los Angeles Branch,” CUMIS added. “If defendants had ever opened the vault, counted the vault cash, reconciled the counted vault cash to the general ledger account or reviewed the balancing sheets prepared by Fortson during the course of their reconciliation of cash accounts, the fraud and embezzlement scheme would have been discovered by defendants,” CUMIS added.

Turner Warren referred calls about the case to its attorney, Randall Dean of the Los Angeles firm of Chapman, Glucksman, Dean, Roeb and Barger. 

Dean declined to comment at length on the case but said the firm considered it entirely without merit, adding that Turner Warren planned to fight it at trial in June of this year.  He also noted that Priority One had not brought the suit and had not expressed any disappointment with the firm's actions.

Source: CUTimes Article

Turner, Warren, Hwang and Conrad's attorney concedes that Priority One didn't file a lawsuit against his client nor ever expressed dissatisfaction with any work performed by its auditors. Clearly, President Wiggington's defenders, have ignorantly declared that the Credit Union filed the lawsuit against Turner, Warren, Hwang and Conrad when it is CUMIS who filed the lawsuit. . 

Following the filing of CUMIS' complaint, Turner Warren Hwang and Conrad AC  responded and on December 5, 2014, filed a lawsuit against Priority One Credit Union. 

In their complaint, CUMIS accuses the auditing firm of failing to identify thefts occurring at the Los Angeles branch, during their 2009/2010 audit. We hope that CUMIS has sufficient evidence needed to prove their allegations. The audit of Los Angeles Branch's records specifically reviewed documentation handed to the auditors by AVP, Pearl Lynette Fortson. Did she provide all documentation including those records that might have proven her duplicity in embezzlement of Credit Union funds? There is also the matter about the President's responsibility to ensure all security protocols are in place and being practiced by all staff Members. And aren't the Board of Directors and the Supervisory Committee responsible for ensuring all policies are being adhered to by every employee of the Credit Union? Couple this with the fact that prior to the 2009/2010 audit, a former receptionist absconded with more than $60,000 suggesting that neither the President or the two governing bodies performed their due diligence. We believe CUMIS is placing its hope and focus on the alleged failure by the auditing firm to identify the theft of $1 million by the then AVP of the Los Angeles branch though ultimately and as CUMIS knows, the responsibility to police its own records is the Credit Union.

In 2010, the Board, the President and then COO, Beatrice Walker, agreed they would not report the former receptionist to authorities in an effort to avoid public disclosure of the theft. Of course, within weeks following our expose' of the theft, the Board was forced to contact police authorities and the former receptionist was indicted and eventually convicted though she only received probation for the theft she perpetrated. 

CUMIS has leveled accusations against Turner, Warren, Hwang and Conrad which means they have the burden of proving their assertions. Can CUMIS prove beyond a reasonable doubt that at the time of their 2009/2010 audit, Turner, Warren, Hwang and Conrad were presented with a real general ledger and real balance sheets that contained evidence the AVP had absconded with $1 million?  During that audit, Ms. Fortson provided auditors the documents they eventually reviewed. Does this at all seem like a conflict of interest? We also have to believe that if Ms. Fortson perpetrated a crime that she would have done everything in her power to cover up the evidence. We certainly hope CUMIS won't try to deter attention away from the President, the Board, and the Supervisory Committee and from the fact that it was Ms. Fortson who had complete control over vault cash, general ledgers and balance sheets belonging to the Los Angeles branch.

Another fact is that CUMIS is well aware of every lawsuit filed against the Credit Union by four former employees during the years of 2010 through 2013 and they are also aware that President Wiggington was found guilty of sexual harassment in 2008. Despite these well recorded incidents it was CUMIS who decided to maintain relations with the Credit Union. 

What's more, in 2010, an auditor from CUMIS discovered that the Credit Union had at times failed to close checking accounts belonging to Members who were granted HELOC's. In 2010, a couple withdrew the money for the HELOC after the date the account should have been closed and CUMIS, paid the claim filed by the Credit Union. At some point one has to ask why knowing what they do about President Wiggington and the Credit Union's abuses and negligible acts, would they continue a working relationship with what is probably the industry's biggest pariah? Here is the summary of the lawsuit filed by Turner Warren Hwang and Conrad AC

Case #EC063303
Plaintiff: Turner Warrne Hwang and Conrad Account VS Priority One CU
Filing Date: 12/05/14

Case Type: Other Contract (General Jurisdiction)
Status: Pending
Future Hearings

05/04/2015 at 08:30 am in department B at 300 East Olive, Burbank,  CA 91502
Conference-Case Management

Chapman, Gluckman and Dean- Attorney for the Plaintiff
John C. Steele- Attorney for the Defendant
Priority One Credit Union- Defendent
Turner, Warren, Hwang and Conrad- Plaintiff

Documents Filed (Filing dates listed in Descending Order)

02/02/215 Answer (to Complaint)
Filed by Attorney for Defendent

01/09/2015 Proof of Service (of Summons, Complaint, Civil Case Cover Sheet, Civil Case Cover Sheet Addendum and Statement of Location. Notice of Order to Show Cause Re: Failure to Complay with Trial Court Delay Reduction Act filed by Attorney for the Plaintiff

12/24/2014 Proof of Service of Summons and CO/Ptn
Filed by Attorney for Plaintiff

12/24/2014 Notice (of Related Case (BC541935)
Filed by Attorney for Plaintiff

12/05/2014 Notice- Case management Conference
Filed by Clerk

12/05/2014 Complaint filed- Summons issued

12/05/2014 Summons Filed

12/05/2014 OSC- Failure to File Proof of Service Filed by Clerk

During the month of December 2014, Ms. Fortson called former employees of the Credit Union and stated she hired an attorney who she explained, was conducting an investigation to acquire evidence that her reputation had been slandered by the Credit Union. Though we do believe her reputation was slandered by Vice President, Yvonne Boutte, who in March 2013 revealed the reasons why Ms. Fortson was termimated, we believe her obtainment of an attorney is to defend her against the police report filed by CUMIS which accuses Ms. Fortson of perpetrating fraud. 

On March 15, 2015, comments were posted in response to our previous past congratulating the President and Board for suing Turner, Warren, Hwang and Conrad. Unfortunately, the President's supporters are either ignorant of the fact or intentionally trying to distort what actually transpired. What we wonder is if the comments are being posted at the request of the President or based on disclosures made by the President. Is Charles R. Wiggington, Sr. telling people that Turner, Warren, Hwang, and Conrad are guilty of negligence for not having identified the thefts allegedly perpetrated by the former AVP during audits of the Los Angeles branch's records? If true, then he has slandered Turner, Warren, Hwang, and Conrad and may be placing Priority One in yet another legally precarious position. 

Inarguably, Priority One never had any intent of reporting the AVP to police authorities but they and Board Chair, Diedra Harris-Brooks, may not have thought that following their investigation of the incident, CUMIS would contact police authorities and file a lawsuit against the accounting/auditing firm. 

There is no doubt that this latest legal entanglement will force the Board to again dig deep into the Credit Union's coffers to pay for expensive attorneys and litigation. Since Charles R. Wiggington, Sr. became President, the Board has made it a habit of pillaging the Credit Union's monies to cover-up negligible and illegal acts that only occurred due to the Board's inability to fulfill its appointed responsibilities which includes ensuring the well-being of the Credit Union. This latest scandal to rock the Credit Union again reveals that this Board is unconcerned with the safety and well-being of Credit Union and Member assets. 

Lie with Dogs, Get Up with Fleas

We could probably devote several posts to the subject of Turner, Warren, Hwang, and Conrad's and CUMIS' decision to enter into and maintain relations with Priority One and its notorious President. Most ethically managed companies might avoid establishing any relationship with a company whose recent history is marred by abuses of authority, violations of state and federal laws, and saturated by acts of overt negligence.

We actually hope the auditing firm wins despite our belief they compromised ethics when choosing to do business with the Credit Union. For CUMIS to win their lawsuit requires they prove the auditing firm failed to identify the theft of $1 million during its 2009/2010 audit and possibly any audits of the Los Angeles branch's records that may have been conducted by the accouting firm in 2011 and 2012. We can't imagine how CUMIS intends to explain how during the 2009/2010 audit of the Los Angeles offices records discovered more than $60,000 embezzled by a former receptionist but missed evidence proving the theft of $1 million. 

CUMIS may also have to prove that at the time of their audit(s), Turner, Warrne, Hwang, and Conrad were provided genuine records by Ms. Fortson. As stated previously, it seems a conflict of interest that when thefts were being investigated, Ms. Fortson was present while auditors perused records. Furthermore, it was she who provided them the documentation they audited.What's more, how was the auditing firm able to find evidence $60,000 were stolen by a former receptionist but missed all together, evidence of a theft of $1 million allegedly perpetrated by Ms. Fortson? Something seems awry and we believe CUMIS needs to provide something substantial that doesn't leave the impression they are trying to aid the Credit Union to escape accountability for its failure to ensure security measures were in place and being performed on a daily basis. At the moment, it appears that CUMIS' lawsuit is using Turner, Warren, Hwang and Conrad as a scapegoat in their effort to recuperate the $980,000 paid against the claim filed by the Credit Union.

It is important to note that the Credit Union only became aware of thefts perpetrated at the Los Angeles branch, AFTER Members complained money was missing from their accounts. 

Finally, where is the Supervisory Committee? They are responsible for ensuring Credit Union and Member assets remain safe and protected. Since we began publishing in 2009, the committee comprised of Board Chair, Cornelia Simmons; Anna Smith the Secretary; Hazel-Brown-Harvey; Lorenzo Ford; and I.D. Williams has remained invisible though each year, attendees of the Annual Meeting are subjected to Cornelia Simmons' scripted and boring assurances that everything is running well at Priority One Credit Union and never alluding to the thefts plaguing the Los Angeles branch. Its about time the supervisors were ousted and replaced with people who actually understand the purpose of their role on the committee. . 

In the meantime, we can all be assured that the destructive dynamic which has left Member accounts vulnerable to theft, remains soundly in place at Priority One Credit Union.  

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the post. This certainly put a big hole on the moron or morons who posted yesterday that Wiggington and the Board are heroes for filing a lawsuit against TWHC. Obviously, its the insurance carrier who filed the lawsuit without Charles Wiggington's or the Board's permission. So agree, Priority One can't protect anyone's accounts.

Anonymous said...

Okay, we all know anyone that supports Charles Wiggington and his vultures is a moron but this is really serious. Its not just a lawsuit by CUMIS to try and recuperate the almost $1 million stolen from the CU but it shows the CU can't protect member funds. Its more than a bad strike for the CU. If I was a member, I wouldn't want to have any accounts at this CU.

Anonymous said...

I'm not being racist but the $60,000 stolen in 2009 was taken by a black woman. The that employee hat assaulted another employee in 2014 was also black. Lynette is black. Charles who sexually harassed is black.

Anonymous said...

To Charlie Wiggles-Nothing:

Nice try getting Smock or Diedra or your lame ass son to post positive "lies" about you and the board. Good try but no one's buying. The trouble with you is you think you're smart. Makes you dangerous but never smart. Through the years you talked so many lies you really thought people would buy into your garbage. Sorry nutso, but the only one buying your stories is you. Not even Smock, who is only nice to you because he doesn't want to lose his job, believes anything you got to say. I remember all those years before you became president how you talked about your expensive fleets of BMW's and your million home. Turns out your BMW's were old and ugly and your home resembles a shack. According to the internet its less than 900 square feet. Hard to believe you share the space with a wife and your criminal son.

I remember when you had that short affair with that black woman that worked in collections. You didn't think we heard the two of you going at it in your old office?

Then there's that nasty case of you sexually harassing Kim. We all saw it including Smock but that embicile, Diedra, covered up your crime with the help of Cornelia, Saffold, and Gathers.

You have spent years lying about the credit union's performance. You told us you closed branches to bring in more money when you know you closed branches because you had to so the credit union would close down. Plus Smock told us you were ordered to by the DFI.

The only person believing your stories is you. What I find funny is that you still have 1 or 2 dogs that are willing to lie for you and talk about what a great job you and the board are doing when you are the reason for all of the credit union's problems. By the way, where did you find these retards who post for you?


Someone Who Can't Stand You

I. S. said...

I respect Mr. Kennedy McMahan. But I have no respect for Wiggington, especially since he's trying to hoodwink everyone into believing he will be vindicated in a lawsuit filed by CUMIS.

I want to put Wiggy in a Camel Ckutch and make him humble.

Anonymous said...

I so agree with I.S. or Kennedy McMahan. I do have a question, however. Is water boarding legal?

Wiggington is not worthy of respect. This is a completely rotten or horrible person who relies on his "legion of the walking dead" to spin stories about how great he is when everything proves he's as useful as 2 ass****s on a kitten. If he's been telling people that Turner, Warren, Hwang and Conrad are the reason why the credit union lost $1 million then he's more delusional than I thought. The money was lost because homeboy failed to ensure security at all branches was maintained. I saw this in 2008 when he allowed an assistant branch manager to approve several loans, all of which eventually went into collections because the assistant branch manager did not have the experience to approve loans. At the time, he demoted the branch manager but told the board the mistake was caused by a temporary $13 an hour temporary employee. The temp was terminated by the President and blamed for Wiggington's f**k-up.

He did the same thing in 2007, when he allowed Cathy, the Valencia branch manager to approve several loans even though she had absolutely no experience as a Loan Officer. The loans went bad and he convinced Mr. Harris that it was him- the VP of Operations, but Cathy who made the mistake. She ended up getting terminated.

No, homeboy is coward and liar and will do anything to escape accountability. He's a genuine SOB!

If he's telling people the auditors caused the loss, that's slander and they should file a nice fat lawsuit against him, the credit union and the board. Placing Wiggington in a Camel Clutch is not enough punishment. Placing him in stocks and throwing rotten food at him would be far more humiliating.

I See Stupid said...

Wiggington is the king of the mentaly ill. The comments his supporter posts every so often are not only untrue, they're outright crazy. I don't know what mental hospital he digs these people up at but if you take what he or she writes with a grain of salt, they're actually quite entertaining. There's something almost entertaining about their low class, uneducated postulating.

Anonymous said...

Poor stupid, incompetent, misguided, water in the brain Wiggles. He just could never man up and admit that he is not man enough or honest enough or smart enough to be president. Tsk, tsk.

I happen to agree with is one supporter who wrote we should through a parade for Wiggington. Yes, its about time some one threw a biggest Asshole Parade for Charles Wiggington.

Anonymous said...

So CUMIS is stupid enough to sue TWHC and TWhc has now filed a lawsuit against P1. The CU Times article says TWHC's attorney said P1 never expressed a problem with TWHC's service nor did they file a lawsuit. That should shoot down the lame Wiggington supporters who are giving him compliments for filing a lawsuit he never filed. Idiots.

But what no one who is posting is talking about is Lynette Fortson. She is the one who allegedly stole $1 million. Why was no one monitoring the AVP? Because Wiggington doesn't practice security measures. Remember the 2007 mailing fiasco. That was another fiasco caused only by Wiggington who refused to follow protocols and ended up costing the Credit Union more than $100,000 hiring TransUnion to monitor Member accounts.

CUMIS reported Lynnette to law enforcement but they haven't sued her. Could it be they chose to sue TWHC because they know they could get the accounting firm to pay for a loss caused by Wiggington?

I hope CUMIS loses and you have to wonder how Lynnette got away with $1 million. Only at Priority One.

Anonymous said...

ps: Has it occurred to anyone how much dirt TWHC might have on Wiggington?

Committee for Vindication said...

President Wiggington will finally be vindicated when he wins the lawsuit for the $1 million theft and all the blame is put in the lap of Turner Warren, etc.

The Board is sure to reward our leader with another large and deserving bonus, which is only right after all the indignities he has suffered because of this spiteful blog. Wiggington's victory will prove the Law of Retribution!

Anonymous said...

I just read the article. Wow. Obviously the people who are trying to proclaim how great Wiggington is are nothing but a bunch of ghetto dumbasses.

I worked with Lynnette. She was horrible. She treated people with so much disrespect. She was a horrible influence at the L.A. branch plus she was lazy and ignorant. She played on the internet all day long and talked to her friends on the phone, much like Wiggington.

She also never had employees perform double custody when counting money, filling or removing money from the ATMs. No wonder she was able to get in the vault by herself and supposedly steal money.

But I have a problem with what CUMIS is saying. They told the authorities that Lynnette stole money starting at the end of 2010. No way, no how. If she got away with more than $1 million that means she probably started stealing long before 2010 and she probably stole a lot more than $1 million.

At one time, cashiers checks were stolen from the L.A. office and cashed. The credit union fired one girl accusing her of stealing the checks but they never prosecuted her which left a lot wondering if someone else stole the money and the credit union used the employee as a scapegoat.

The article says that CUMIS called the police and reported Lynnette. If Lynnette got fired in 2013 for stealing money then why didn't Wiggington call the police? Why did he wait until after the credit union got a check covering the money Lynnette allegedly stole?

I think the reason Wiggington didn't call the police is because an investigation might discover that more money has been stolen from the credit union and not just at the Los Angeles branch. Ever wonder why Wiggington doesn't call the authorities? I wonder if he and some of the other executives and even some board members have stolen money from the credit union. Why else would Diedra always cover up for Wiggington? He provides them with free Internet. Could it be Diedra is involved in something illegal? Just asking because it all seems suspicious.

CUMIS filed the lawsuit because Wiggington would never do it and now Wiggington is being sued by Turner, Warren, Hwang and Conrad. So what does the accounting company know about what really is going on with the credit union's books? Do they know if Wiggington lies on paper or uses credit union money for personal reasons. I think and I so hope that this blows up in Wiggington's dirty little hands so that everyone can find out what this good for nothing loud mouth has been into all these years. And as for Lynnette, if she stole the money why didn't she leave the country? Stupid is as stupid does.

Anonymous said...

I thought I'd help correct the comment posted by the Committee for Vindication.

"President Wiggington will finally be vindicated when he wins the lawsuit FILED BY CUMIS AND NOT THE CREDIT UNION for the $1 million theft and all the blame is UNFAIRLY put in the lap of Turner Warren, etc.

The Board is sure to reward our SEXUAL HARASSER, LIE ADDICTED, KICK-BACK RECEIVING, DIRTY AND NASTY leader with another large and deserving BONER which is only right after all the EXPOSURES OF WRONG DOING THAT HAVE BEEN BROUGHT TO THE OPEN ON THIS BLOG. Wiggington's victory will prove the Law of HYPOCRISY.

Anonymous said...

LOL. Too, too funny.

Seriously, something stinks with the credit union's "story". How could a single AVP make-off with one million in cash from the vault without being noticed?

More importantly, when someone steals $1 million, the police are called. Its a federal offense. So why didn't Wiggington, actually Diedra Harris-Brooks call the police?

It looks like these not-so-funny clowns are hiding something, but what can it be? I have to agree with the person who posted that maybe they've been robbing the credit union. That's a good reason for not calling the police. What's more, it was CUMIS who filed the lawsuit and called the police. Why didn't Charles Wiggington do that?

Chief Jay Strongbow said...


A few clarification, please:

1. Did Lynette F. actually steal $980,00 in cash from the vault? It's hard to believe a branch would have $1 million in cash money lying in the LA branch vault. I suspect it's more likely the cash was taken by Lynette over time and she was able to hide/mask the missing funds through false General Ledger account transactions.

2. If the missing $980,000 was actually stored in the vault (but missing) then Turner Warren should have discovered the missing funds by doing a "hard vault cash count" during their annual audit. If that's true, then I would say TWHC are negligent.

3. Stealing $1.0 million is serious coin. How did Lynetee not serve major prison time? It appears she is not in prison, and now she's screaming her reputation is ruined, when in fact, she should be a convicted felon. Is a trail pending? The whole situation with Lynette is crazy if she got away scot free, especially i since it appears CUMIS paid P1 for the stolen million.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

What did Lynette do with the stolen million? Fancy cars, ritzy vacations, gambling, opulent lifestyle, boy toy, cocaine, crack, meth???

Anonymous said...

That's a good question. She's was still driving her unpainted 240Z on the date she got canned. She did seem to spend large amounts on clothes, jewelry and military haircuts. Don't think she did meth or crack but is she did, she could of got some at a good price from Wiggington's son.

I heard that Elton John has asked Rodger and Wiggington to return their memberships to the boy's club because they are disgraceful.

Anonymous said...

Lynette steals a million, yet she's driving an old 240z that badly needs a paint job the day she got fired.

Where did the money go? I hope someone on this blog can explain where the stolen million went.

@ Chief Jay Strongbow: Great Question: No prison time for stealing a million?

Anonymous said...

Does anybody find it odd that the article says, CUMIS reported the theft to police authorities? Why didn't the credit union call the police?

What did Lynnette do with the money? Well, she didn't spend it on clothes or hair products. Maybe its in an offshore account.

Committee for Vindication said...

Praise for President Charles Wiggington is long overdue. That's why the Committee for Vindication fully supports our true and loyal President who is doing an exemplary job by initiating litigation to recover $1 million in embezzled funds.

Wiggington's outstanding work ethic has resulted in superior performance evaluations (and annual bonuses) year after year by both HR and our wonderful Board of Directors.

When Wiggington is eventually vindicated this Committee hopes written apologies are submitted to this blog by all you petty, jealous haters.

The League of Chaos and Confusion said...

I agree. If President Wiggington were a bad President then why is he able to get away with breaking the law? Only a person of genius could do this. He is a man far ahead of his time. He alone has taken the credit union to places no other president was able to. He's made us a $146 million credit union. Now that's a of money. When he was born, they threw away the mold.

Anonymous said...

I never thought of it, but you're right, why would Priority One not file charges against Lynnette if she stole $1 million?

Some of the staff at the L.A. office spoke to Lynette after she got fired and she always said "I'm fine." She also closed out all her credit union accounts immediately following her termination and had her address removed from XP. But now it does seem strange that Priority One never called the police and that dumb folks at CUMIS are the ones to not only call the police but who are not trying to get Turner, Warrne, Hwang and Conrad to flip the bill for Charles Wiggington's incompetence.

The only reason Lynnette said she was "fine" is probably because she was assured on the day she was fired that the credit union was not going to call the police or take her to court and they didn't.

But CUMIS suing and calling the police is probably something they didn't think would happen. After all, CUMIS has been stupid enough to pay all previous claims for losses that really were caused by Charles Wiggington's incompetence.

So is Charles Wiggington involved in criminal activity that keeps him and the credit union from calling the police when employees rob the credit union? Does Lynnette have knowledge about activities Charles and Diedra might be involved in? Why else would the credit union not call the police on a person who they suspect stole $1 million. And is the reason the credit union didn't sue Turner, Warrne, Hwang and Conrad because the accounting firm has dirt on Charles and maybe other officers of the credit union?

I think this could be the beginning of a huge scandal and one Charles can't settle using corrupt attorneys.

The saga continues.....

Anonymous said...

Thank you for filling in the blanks that the CU Times article didn't cover. This is really interesting and just proves that Charles is a chump and incompetent and fairs poorly on CUMIS' policies which may be in dire need of an overhaul. Don't be the surprised if the accounting firm or Lynnette snitch and let the world know about some of the illegal things Wiggington have his little dirty hands in.

Anonymous said...

If the police were never notified of a $1 million theft then Wiggy aand the Board involved in a massive cover-up to keep what should be a convicted felon out of prison (for at least 10 years). How is this possible?

We're the police ever notified by CUMIS? If so, why wasn't Lynette arrested?

Many years ago I worked at a credit union where a teller stole $5000 out of her cash drawer. Once discovered the CEO notified the police who the handcuffed her at work and then led her straight to jail. That's the kind of decisive CEO P1 needs; instead we're stuck with a spineless jackass of a so-called CEO who contines to get a annual bonus by an incompetent Board. This is beyond bizarre.

In one respect I gotta hand it to Lynette though, she's got some huge brass balls to be complaining her reputation is ruined.

Anonymous said...

You are 100% correct. The credit union never called the police. They filed a claim with CUMIS who paid $980,000. The credit union paid the deductible of $20,000. But after CUMIS paid the claim, they conducted an investigation and determined that the accounting firm failed to identify the thefts when they audited the Los Angeles branch's records and so they filed a lawsuit. The fact President Wiggington and his subpar staff didn't do their due diligence and created the circumstances which allowed Lynnette to allegedly make-off with $1 million was purely inconsequential to CUMIS.

Now the accounting firm knew that Priority One was not ensuring that safety protocols were being implemented on a daily basis by the credit union. The accounting firm always informed the credit union that they protocols were not being performed but Wiggington who is the most inept and stupid officer you'll ever have the misfortune of meeting, ignored their advise.

Now on the day she got fired, the Credit Union never told Lynnette that they intended on calling the police and having her arrested. They did tell her they would investigate further but what Wiggington revealed at the time was that the credit union did not want another embarrassing incident being reported on the Internet. He and Diedra also said they were afraid Lynnette could sue, but how could she sue if she allegedly stole $1 million?

This is a derelict credit union that NEVER calls the police when employees are found to have embezzled money. When the receptionist at the Los Angeles office stole $60,000, Charles and the Board decided they would only file a claim with CUMIS because they did not want the incident becoming public but once it was reported on this blog, Mrs. Irving and Joe Marchica (former Directors) pushed that the police be contacted. Afterwards the case was sent to the District Attorney who found there was sufficient evidence to present the case to a Grand Jury. From there, everything else is history.

I believe Wiggington and Diedra have done more illegal activities that no one knew about and that calling the police and pressing charges against certain staff members who defrauded the credit union could potentially lead to discovering these illegal activities. For years, there's been rumors that the credit union has two sets of books documenting their financials. One is presented to auditors and the other has the actual record of the credit union's real finances.

Also, since Charles Wiggington became President, he and the board have used the credit union's funds as their own personal piggy bank. Look at all the wild and unnecessary spending Bea, Wiggington and the Board committed over the years.

So, why didn't they call the police and have Lynnette arrested?

Why didn't they sue the accounting firm?

And what information does the accounting firm that could prove detrimental to the credit union?

Anonymous said...

A lot of us knew back in 2006, the Wiggington had gotten kick-backs from Justice Autos and from Credit Resolutions.

When auditors used to come to South Pasadena each years, they would ask for specific files to review. Before the files were given to the auditors, Rodger would review these and remove any documents from the files that might indicate Priority One didn't follow procedures.

Wiggington always approved the reimbursement receipts submitted by Bea Walker even when she removed the name of the vendor from the receipt.

Wiggington always approved reimbursements for Diedra whenever she attended a CU conference. Often she spent more than her daily allotted allowance and she spent the money appropriated to her by the CU on bar tabs.

Rodger oversaw the termination of some employees who bounced checks for as little as $100.00, yet this embarrassing Director did not feel at all inclined to call the police on Lynnette Fortson. Rodger also reported many employees to CUMIS who had been fired for writing bad checks but never reported Liz Campos who was found guilty of kiting- a federal violation.

Is is too impossible to believe that Charles Wiggington, Diedra and even Rodger Smock might be involved in activities that are illegal? A major audit should be performed of this credit union's records. Not an audit of a sampling of records but an extensive far reaching audit to find out what exactly is going on at Priority One. And as for CUMIS, they're nothing more than a bunch of idiots who thought going to bed with a crook would never result in anything bad.

Anonymous said...

I would love to read a deposiotion in which Rodger Smock answers questions about the company's involvement in illegal activities. Fat Boy will lie like he always does and either deny any knowledge of wrong doing or accuse the plaintiffs of imagining laws have been committed.

I just wonder how Lynette stole more than $1 million since 2010 from the vault in the Los Angeles branch without being seen. The fact she never performed double custody is a violation of policy and banking regulations but how come Charles wasn't making certain his managers were following policy? And how did this get past Bea, Cindy and Yvonne who headed operations?

Anonymous said...

Correction: laws have been broken.

Anonymous said...

@ Chief Jay Strongbow - to address some of your concerns:

As of today Lynette who stole $1 million has never been arrested. She is living the good life and is threatening to sue P1 for ruining her unblemished reputation.

No one appears to know what Lynette did with the stolen funds.

Not reporting her crime to the police is nothing short of criminal misconduct by Wiggy, Diedra and the Board.

Mr. Kennedy McMahon said...

To the Committee for Vindication:

It's obvious to readers of this blog that your Committee for Vidication is a sham enterprise comprised of brown-nosing, ass-kissing, butt-buttering, sycophants. The fact you blindly support Wiggy is a travesty.

Today I was secretly given the names of the members of the Committee for Vindication. Due to legal reasons I am prohibited from giving out those names, however, the Committee members initials are:


J Rodarte said...

Part 1

@Chief Jay Strongbow

I am sorry that we are only now responding to you. Actually, the poster who responded to your concerns is correct to we will elaborate further. We're responding into two separate comments.

"Did Lynette F. actually steal $980,00 in cash from the vault?"

Answer: Cumis alleges that their investigation proves that she embezzled $1 million. CUMIS paid $980,00 and the additional $20,000 were the credit union's deductible which Priority One paid.

"It's hard to believe a branch would have $1 million in cash money lying in the LA branch vault."

Answer: The Los Angeles branch is the busiest of the credit union's branches. However, this doesn't explain why the branch maintains what may prove to be unusually high amounts of cash at any given time. This is not only inconsistent to banking practices but it presents can potentially create an opportunity for thefts which of course, occurred when more than $1 million were stolen from the vault. There is definitely a need for an investigation to verify if security procedures were being practiced, actually not practiced and why President Wiggington and the Supervisory Committee failed to perform procedures ensuring the safety of Member and Credit Union assets."

"I suspect it's more likely the cash was taken by Lynette over time and she was able to hide/mask the missing funds through false General Ledger account transactions."

Answer: You are absolutely correct. Ms. Fortson could only have absconded with $1 million over a period of time. The article published in the CU Times states that the robberies began in late 2010. We doubt this. We believe the thefts occurred over a longer period of time. Ms. Fortson was also branch manager of the Los Angeles branch for many years and later, its AVP. Clearly, she knew procedures, was well acquainted with the documentations used by the credit union to monitor the flow of incoming and outgoing funds. As readers have pointed out, during the 2009/2010 audit by Turner, Warren, Hwang, and Conrad, Ms. Fortson sat with the auditor in the branch's back office for a three-week period at the end of which he confirmed that a former receptionist had embezzled more than $60,000 from Member accounts. During that audit, it was Ms. Fortson who provided the auditor with the documents he reviewed. I agree with the reader who asked if this was a conflict of interest. The President should have ordered that Ms. Fortson not be present in the same room during the 3-week period the audit took place. Subsequently, one would think that Ms. Fortson made certain the auditor was not provided any documentation that might reveal that she was embezzling funds.

"If the missing $980,000 was actually stored in the vault (but missing) then Turner Warren should have discovered the missing funds by doing a "hard vault cash count" during their annual audit. If that's true, then I would say TWHC are negligent."

Answer: This is true but Turner, Warren, Hwang, and Conrad would have to assume that the documentation provided them by Ms. Fortson contained the correct totals of monies maintained in the account. However, we're not certain the auditor reviewed vault records and cash because at the time, Charles R. Wiggington asked that he review Member accounts not the cash vault. The reason for Mr. Wiggington's instructions is that all robberies perpetrated by the former receptionist involved pillaging member accounts, not vault cash. A more responsible and far more intelligent president would have order a complete audit but one has to remember, that Charles Wiggington lacks the intellect to view any situation logically and he certainly has proven that he has little regard for credit union and member assets. Its just not who he chooses to be.

J Rodarte said...

Part 2

@Chief Jay Stongbow

Continuing our response to your questions....

"Stealing $1.0 million is serious coin. How did Lynetee not serve major prison time? It appears she is not in prison, and now she's screaming her reputation is ruined, when in fact, she should be a convicted felon. Is a trail pending? The whole situation with Lynette is crazy if she got away scot free, especially i since it appears CUMIS paid P1 for the stolen million."

Answer: Great questions. Why didn't Priority One contact police authorities when they discovered the theft of more than $1 million allegedly committed by Ms. Fortson? This is a disturbing fact. We don't believe the Credit Union was trying to avoid exposure of another embarrassing scandal. This is a federal offense punishable by prison time and a possible order for restitution. What's more, Ms. Fortson's property, like her home, could be subject to a government lien. There is a reason Charles R. Wiggington, Sr. and Diedra Harris-Brooks chose not to contact the police though we look forward to them explaining why they chose not to.

At present there is no court trial planned for Ms. Fortson. She hasn't been indicted. The police will have to collect evidence which will be submitted to the district attorney for review. If the district attorney believes their is ample evidence to convince Ms. Fortson then the evidence will be presented to a Grand Jury who will determine whether she will be indicted and prosecuted.

We've also spoken to several former employees of the L.A. office who told us that Ms. Fortson did not require her staff to perform double custody when taking money from the ATM and vault at the Los Angeles branch or when refilling the ATM at the LANDC in the city of Commerce. However, back in 2005, a newly hired Branch Manager at the Van Nuys office was terminated when he discovered that then AVP, Sylvia Perez, had for years, allowed the staff of the Van Nuys office to fill and remove cash from that branch's ATM without performing double custody. When he tried to implement banking procedures to correct her mismanagement of the Van Nuys branch, Mrs. Perez complained to Rodger Smock and the two fired the Branch Manager using trumped up charges.

We've also been told by several employees who spoke to Lynnette following her termination, that she said she was "fine" and even "happy."
We don't understand how a person accused of embezzlement could be either fine or happy but maybe she knew the credit union would not call the police. If so, why would she think this? Certainly no one at the credit union pressed charges against her and no one at the credit union filed the lawsuit against Turner, Warren, Hwang and Conrad. What the credit union might not have expected is that CUMIS, the insurance carrier, would file a lawsuit against Turner, Warrne, Hwang and Conrad and that they would be the ones to report Ms. Fortson to law authorities.

The article which appeared in the CU Times discloses that Turner, Warren, Hwang and Conrad are looking forward to the court trial which is slated to take place this coming June. We wonder what information the defendant intends to present?

There is also the matter of the lawsuit filed by Turner, Warren, Hwang and Conrad against Priority One which may actually prove most revealing about what is actually going on at Priority One. Though the accounting firm and the credit union maintained a good relationship for a few years, you can bet the accounting firm is not going to allow itself to be used as a scapegoat by the credit union and its corrupt president.

Anonymous said...

Allow me to correct the Committee for Vindication's last post praising their dark lord.

A GOOD TAR AND FEATHERING for President Charles Wiggington is long overdue. That's why the Committee for Vindication fully supports THIS SELFISH, SELF-CENTERED SCUM BUCKET who is doing A HORRENDOUS job AND LYING ABOUT HOW HE FAILED TO NOTICE THAT $1 million in embezzled funds WERE STOLEN FROM THE L.A. BRANCH.

Wiggington's LACK OF work ethic has resulted in SUBPAR performance evaluations BUT THE RETARDED BOARD LED BY THAT OLD BITCH DIEDRA HARRIS-BROOKS, CONTINUES TO MAKE SURE OLD LAME ASS GETS HIS annual bonuses, year after year by both HR and THE COMATOSE Board of Directors.


Anonymous said...

I take one exception to TWHC vault cash count. The auditor is never to rely on documentation provided by staff to verify the vault cash or for example money in a teller drawer. An actual physical cash count should always be made.

It would be similar to an inventory review of Widgets I have in my warehouse. I look first at the books which documents I have 750 Widgets, and then I verify the reported total by physically counting every Widget to determine if my numbers balance, or I have a shortage or an overage. Hence, I think TWHC may have been lax in their audit if they did not complete a physical vault cash count.

Anonymous said...

I don't see a problem with what TWHC did. They were not asked to audit vault cash. Wiggington ordered they only audit member accounts because that's where fraud occurred. This included auditing CDs And IRA's. For the sake of argument, let's say that they audited vault cash. They would physically have had to count all cash and then balance it against the amounts referenced in the branches ledgers and the balance sheets. If the amounts referenced in the balance sheets and ledgers had been tampered with then there is no way the auditors could have known this. The fact that they were provided all documentation including the ledgers and balance sheet by Lynette compromised security and is a conflict of interest. Furthermore the president should Not have allowed Lynette to be present during the audit or to be the one to provide documents to the auditors. He again failed as a president. He did not perform his due diligence and again compromised security. Then again isnt his history at the credit union riddled with incident after incident where security procedures have been violated?

Committee for Vindication said...

The Committee is surprised by the continuing negative comments on this site, in spite of the fact that we have laid out numerous reasons why our leader, President Charles Wiggington deserves high praise for cutting expenses, streamline branch operations, promoting qualified staff to management positions and raising morale.

The lawsuit to recover the "missing" $1 million is the culmination of a year long investigation conducted personally by President Wiggington. You naysayers should note that our President has kept Lynette F. out of jail so as to not besmirch her impeccable reputation or the harm the good name of Priority One CU.

When the lawsuit eventually results in the full recovery of the $1 million you can be sure the Committee will throw a spectacular Parade for our CEO that will put the Rose Bowl Parade to shame.

Haters, we demand you stay off this site.

If you support the goals of the Committee for Vindication we would appreciate your positive comments on this site.

Anonymous said...

Nice try Yvonne but its so obvious that you're the troll masquerading yourself as the so-called "Committee for Vindication." As VP of Operations, how did you fail to ensure that Lynnette and all other managers are following procedure? If you had been vigilante which of course you never are, then useless, good for nothing, dumb-as-dirt Wiggington might nave realized vault cash was being stolen. Of course this would have required that you stop gossiping with Alex Suarez, spend less time mistreating staff, and maybe bringing an end to your gossip addiction. The fact you blabbed and told employees why Lynnette got fired is a violation of confidentiality but you've got such a god complex that you never understand that you've been violating laws and policies for years.
praise for cutting expenses, streamline branch operations, promoting qualified staff to management positions and raising morale.

Charles so hoped that no one would ever question Lynnette's termination. He wanted CUMIS to pay the claim and walk away quietly. And get your facts straight, scummy. You wrote, "The lawsuit to recover the "missing" $1 million is the culmination of a year long investigation conducted personally by President Wiggington."
Really? Lynnette was fired in February 2013 and reported to the police late last year. That's more than a year.

This is a credit union whose "good name" died when Charles Wiggington the sexual harasser, became President.

Committee for Vindication said...

If you have nothing good to say about our beloved President Charles Wiggington then you haters should keep your pie holes shut.

Detractors are not welcome on this site.

Anonymous said...

Committee, You gotta be kidding, you jerks.

Streamlining branch operations = Closing 6 branches
Raising morale = the lowest morale ever in any credit union ever.

I concur about throwing a parade for Wiggy, as long as he's first tar and feathered, and then paraded around on a cart in stocks.

Anonymous said...

Another example of President Wiggington's assbites at work and hiding behind the title, Committee for Vindication. By the way, this person is working with Charles the sexual harasser. Stupid (Charles) let it be known this past Monday that he has "a friend" helping to defend him on this blog.

Anonymous said...

I agree. And while he's in stocks, how about pelting him with eggs?

Anonymous said...

I don't think many people are surprised that money was stolen from Priority One by one of its employees, actually an officer but what most poeople probably want to know is how $1 million was stolen without anybody seeing the money get moved out of the safe and why didn't the Credit Union ever perform audits using its internal auditor, to verify that all safeguards were in effect? The whole thing is so suspicious. A million dollars is stolen, the AVP is fired after being accused of embezzlement, but President Wiggington doesn't call the police. I have to agree, what is he trying to hide? Is he stealing money?

Anonymous said...

When I worked there, they used to fire tellers who had outages of $100.

A co-worker who worked out of the Los Angeles office wrote a bad check in the amount of $100. Lynnette told her to report to Human Resources to meet with Rodger Smock. When she arrived at his office, Lynnette was inside waiting.

Rodger told her she was being fired because it is against policy for an employee to write bad checks. The exit meeting last 2 ½ hours because Lynnette badgered her over and over demanding to know why she thought she could write a bad check. Rodger never stepped in to tell Lynnette to stop. Rodger later reported her to the DFI. She learned that Wiggington wanted to make it difficult for her to ever get another job again in the industry.

A year later, the credit union discovers that $60,000 were stolen by Jennell. Four years later the in-house auditor discovers more than a $1,000,000 were stolen by Lynnette. Rodger Smock never called the police on Jenell or Lynnette. When Jenell’s theft was published on this blog, two of the board members pushed to call the police and prosecute Jennell. Finally, Rodger reported Jennell.

Rodger again didn’t call the police on Lynnette but CUMIS did. I’m sure Rodger, Diedra and Wiggington are not happy that the police were called. Remember in 2008, when one of the Directors took a letter to the credit union attorney that accused Wiggington’s friend, AVP, Liz Campos, of kiting more than 24 different times in a one month period? Diedra blew up and threatened the Director for going to the attorney. She said the board could have investigated the matter. No, the board would have buried the matter just like they did when they covered up the evidence that Charles Wiggington sexually harassed a former employee and how they covered up when he let all those ballots go out in the mail with member social security numbers printed on the outside of the envelopes.

Former Employee said...

Lynette was not only a horrible person she was a terrible manager. Yes, she shares this in common with Wigginton, Smock, Yvonne, Alex, Esmeralda and Robert West.

She mistreated so many employees and she ws jealous of some of her best workers. If a member liked you more than they liked her, she'd have a grudge against her employees.

She was lazy. Unbelievably lazy. Ever check out her desk. It was a pig stye. When she was on vacation, her staff found so many old letters from members containing checks that had been mailed to the branch for deposit. There were also requests for loans that were more than 12 months old.

She was also a huge hypocrite. Like someone wrote, she did fire employees who violated policy, the same policies she refused to comply to.

She claimed to be a Christian but Christians don't treat people the way she did nor are they lazy because their testament is important. And if she is prosecuted and convicted, then that will add to the long list of things real Christians don't do.

Anonymous said...

Lynnette fit right in with Wiggington and his other unprofessional and dishonest managers.

Anonymous said...

Why is CUMIS suing TWHC? Priority One has an in-house auditor, Diane Huffman. She was hired in 2010 by Wiggington. She supposed to audit credit union records. She's the one that discovered the $1 million missing after Wiggington sent her to the L.A. office when members complained there was money missing from their accounts. CUMIS needs to sue Charles Wiggington and that idiot, Diedra. You want to know how someone stole $1 million, just look at these two.

Anonymous said...

Hoe stupid do you have to be to think Wiggles is is good president?

Anonymous said...

In any other company losses like those at P1 would get the President fired,

Anonymous said...

Diane is the internal auditor but Wiggington is such a control freak that he has delegated she audit only specific things. If she were allowed to do her job like other auditors she might have noticed the discrepancy with the L.A. office's records. You have to wonder what is Wiggington hiding if he feels a need to control his staff? Also, Wiggington is controlled by Diedra. Sure, under state law she as a Director is to oversee how he performs but the law doesn't allow any Board Chair to "control" a credit union CEO. Then again he owes her because she has used credit union money to cover-up his crimes like sexual harassment, violalting confidentiality, violating security, and protecting him when he and Bea Walker victimized those 4 employees that filed lawsuits. What will be intersting to see is if Bea Walker gets subpeoned because she was COO when the robberies at the LA office began. Cindy Garvin who he ried in 2013, was COO when the robberies ontinued. Yvonne Boutte was COO at the end of the robberies and when the audit that discovered them took place but Yvoone had no involvement in ordering the audit that took place because members complained. Seems like members are better at monitoring losses than is Wiggington and his useless staff.

Committee for Vindication said...

Our Committee is utterly unafraid to support our President, a man of humility who continues to set lofty goals for Priority One.

Let us reassure the readers our loyalty and admiration for CEO Wiggington is unshakable, even though detractors post an unending slew of negative comments on this site.

From time to time the Committee for Vindication will single out the most vicious commenters to prove how heinous and unfair this blog has become.

The most egregious poster refers to placing President Wiggington in the Camel Clutch. Everyone knows that the Camel Clutch is always accompanied by an F in the A in order to make the recipient humble. This kind of comment is totally unwarranted.

Next our Committee demands posters no longer bring up giving anyone in management a "proper tar and feathering." Talk like this must cease and desist immediately.

On a positive note, we are delighted by all the positive comments we have heard both in person and on this website in reference to our Committe's staunch support of our leader Charles Wiggington.

Anonymous said...

Wiggington has established quite a history for himself.

Part A

1. January 1, 2007: Promoted Liz Campos to AVP and gave her a huge raise. Four months later she gets fired for kiting "for years" which he said he didn't know about even though he was the VP of Operations.

2. February 2007: Ballots are mailed out to Members with their account and social security numbers printed on the outside of the envelope just above member names and addresses. The credit union spends $100,000 on providing 12-month free credit report monitoring to members.

3. October 2007: Wiggington has a new phone system installed. He chooses the system without ever conferring with the CFO, the EVP or professional consultants. The sytem costs $600,000 and every month afterwards, technicians have to be called in to conduct repairs. The cost is more than $100 per hour.

4. 2007: Wiggington disbands the prize winning marketing department and replaces it with a committee made up of people who have no experience in marketing even though Rodger Smock later lied and said he studied marketing in the 1960's while at the University of Cincinnati. The credit union NEVER wins any more awards again and sales begin to drop.

5. 2008: Wiggington is suspended "with pay" while an investigation is conducted to determine if he sexually harassed a former employee. When the investigation is over, evidence proves he sexually harassed by Diedra the Board Chair fights to ignore the evidence and wins his reinstatement. The credit union then spends thousands more to have all employees taught about what is sexual harassment and how to respond to it even though Wiggington is the only person in the history of the credit union to sexually harass an employee.

6. 2009: He hired Bea Walker to be his "hit man" and target employees he thought were his enemies and help him get rid of Manny, the CFO, so that they could hire a CFO who was willing to report losses dictated by the President. Bea ended up spending more than $600,000 on a failed phone system, on consultants, on attorneys, investigators, remodeling and building a call center. Everything the consultants did either failed or was not utilized by Bea, Wiggington or Smock. The call center turned out to be a mess that continues to be overloaded and understaffed. And the Burbank office which she remodeled was shut down less than a year after it was revamped. He fired Bea when it turned out she was after his job, her decisions all failed and because the Board thought she was a lesbian. She also got paid more than $200,000 in salary plus bonuses approved by Diedra.

Anonymous said...

Part B

7. 2009: An audit discovers more than $60,000 stolen from the Los Angeles branch. The credit union files a claim with CUMIS but decides not to call the police or sue. After the incident is published on this blog, two board members force the credit union to call the police. The former employee is found guilty and placed on probation without restitution.

8. 2011: Cindy Garvin was hired as a marketing/business development/loan expert. Turned out she wasn't any of those things. She eventually started telling people Wiggington didn't know what he was doing and so at the end of 2013, she got fired after being paid more than $120,000 in salary for less than 2 years of employment.

9. 2011: Wiggington promotes Joseph to AVP of Sales and Business Development even though he had no experience in either. He failed. He failed miserably but he did plot and terminate a lot of employees who didn't meet their sales quotas despite that in 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, and 2015 Joseph Garcia has never made his monthly quota on any month.

10. 2010-2013: The credit union is sued by four ex-employees who claimed they were harassed, sexually harassed, discriminated by age, and retaliated against. The credit union pays out more than $500,000 in attorney charges and settles every complaint.

11. 2013: The credit union is sued by a member after either Yvonne Boutte or one of her staff published confidential information about the member on the internet and made disparaging statements about her character. Yvonne tries to bully the member and the credit union is sued again and they quickly settle.

2013: The credit union performs an audit and discovers that more than $1 million was stolen by a then AVP from the vault at the Los Angeles branch but they choose not to call the police. Instead, they file a claim with CUMIS who pays out $985,000 to the credit union.

2014: Cumis completes its investigation and finds the the accounting/auditors, Turner, Warren, Hwang, and Conrad never noticed that $1 million were stolen by the former AVP, so they file suit against the firm.

2014: Turner, Warren, Hwang and Conrad file a lawsuit against the credit union for breach of contract.

2014: Auto Alliance, a car broker, sues the credit union and Charles Wiggington for breach of contract.

Anonymous said...

A dog, any dog is a person's friend, not good for nothing, lying, sexual harassing, pond scum Charles R Wiggington.

Committee for Vindication said...

Our Committee is utterly stupid. Our individual IQ's fall far below 50.

We support our President because like him, we are immoral, unethical and proponents of crime.

We now that we wrote President Wiggington is a man of humility but what we meant to write is that he is humiliating and an utter embarrassment to the credit union, to Afro-Americans and his family particularly his drug peddling son, Chuckie Wiggington, Jr.

And we are so self-deluded and possibly even certifiable because we really believe we have readers.

From time to time the Committee for Vindication will single out the most vicious comments to remind readers that we are idiots and we don't want anyone to forget it.

And everyone knows that the Camel Clutch is always accompanied by an F in the A but we can't find a single person who wants to stick in our President because they don't know where his ass has been.

And we don't want anyone writing that Wiggington and the Board deserve a "proper tar and feathering". Why waste money on tar and feathers on a man who is not worth spending any money on. Save your money.

Remember that when reading our comments, that they are written by idiots, virtual village idiots and outright the stupidest people in the Western Hemisphere.

Committee for Vindicationthe members of the Committee are outraged said...

The members of the Committee are outraged by the so-called parody posts of our commentary.

We are sincere in our praise of our great leader and friend Charles Wiggington. What you're doing is nothing less than a mockery and we demand you cease making fun of P1 managent, as well as this Committee.

To John the founder of this blog, You should weed out posters who have nothing positive or constructive to say.on your site.

Anonymous said...

That would mean deleting all "committee" posts. Just delete them because they're trolls disrupting the intelligent comments criticizing credit union moron, Charles Wiggington.

Anonymous said...

The members of the Committee are Wiggington's dogs. I apologise to dogs.

Guild for Good said...

@Committee for Vindication

We absolutely agree wth the Committee's contention that Charles Wiggington is being unfairly criticized. While he's not flawless, he is a man of uncompromising character who spends every waking hour doing the best he can to improve Priority One.

Anonymous said...

Our committe whose mission is to protect dolts and sociopaths agree that Charles Wiggington's amoral character is absolutely flawless. Sure the credit union has lost millions under his watch and has become an industry laughing stock staffed by a corrupt old queen who has betrayed the principles and standards that should characterize HR and a tall out of control COO and a hypocritical Employee Services Director who is as evil as the a president. They are all absolutely flawless.

Anonymous said...

That's an impressive list of Wiggle's failures. When I worked there he like to blab confidential information in every department of the credit union. He used to talk about who he planned on firing and why, who he fired and why, and how he was going to make Priority One an amazing credit union. That's when he had just inherited $175 million credit union from Mr. Harris who unlike Wiggington, was a real man. Now in 2015, the Credit Union is worth $146-147 million. What happened to the more than $20 million he lost? Charles Wiggington is the biggest buffoon to hit any credit union. I wonder if he left the banking industry because maybe they were getting to fire him. It comes as no surprise that with exception of Bank of America, every savings and loan he worked at closed its doors. Despite being immensely stupid as documented in the credit union's FPR's, filed lawsuits, FPRs and now the loss of $1 million, this pea brain used to brag he was smarter than every other employee because he was "educated." He had a BA in Afro-American studies and obviously he didn't use what he studied in any of his jobs. Instead he went to work for banks and credit union and not only failed at business, he ruined livelihoods, humiliated the credit union and his laziness and lack of vigilance allowed the credit union to be robbed by employees. What a wonderful president Priority One has.

Anonymous said...

The Committee for Vindication is obviously Smock, West and Yvonne who have banded together to spread misinformation and confusion on this blog.

You are now officially busted!

Anonymous said...

That's the problem with Wiggington, he tells you he's smart, he tells you he's better than other CU presidents but in the end, he is a BIG FAILURE. I have to believe he's nuts. No one who is emotionally stable talks the way he does.

Anonymous said...

Wow, its been 2 years or more since I looked at this blog and I can't believe Wiggington is still president. Not surprised that he's a phuc up. That's just expected. When he became president, I think most employees just knew he would ruin the credit union. Now that fat slob, Rodger Smock was so happy because he was a Senior Vice President over operations and Wiggington gave him that phat cow Esmeralda to help him do his work. Esmeralda was so happy she wouldn't have to work as Wiggington's secretary but that meant poor Kim had to and over the next three years, Wiggington treated her horribly and with Miss Rodger's help, wrote her up at every opportunity.

When he first became president he said he was going to get rid of Jenny, Maggie and Lynnette because they like Mr Harris and he liked them. He didn't want anyone that had liked Mr Harris. I don't know but my guess Wiggington is starved for affection and attention. Maybe his mother locking him in the closet all those years made him insane.

Jenny died, he got rid of Maggie and he was going to get rid of Lynnette but the board didn't let him. Never thought of it, but the board kept Lynnette who is Black but got rid of Maggie who is Latin. Wrong skin color, I guess.

Everyone of Wiggington's "friends" who he brought in failed. Aaron, Sylvia, Liz all got fired for either violating policy or violating laws. Wiggington picks people who are as rotten as he is.

I'm just waiting for the credit union to take its last breath because no way this loser SOB can fix the mess he made.

Anonymous said...

You're so right about Wig. We used to have a loan manager named Aaron. The man was lazy, used to take 2 to 3 hour lunches during which he went out with his friend, Mike, got drunk and came back to work. Also, there were lots of complaints about him to Smock. Mostly female employees complained about how he was always talking about his penis, letting Georgina Duenas take 2 hours lunches and 2 forty minute breaks, how he covered for her when she bounched checks and on and on and on. Even though there were so many complaints and lots of evidence Aaron broke policy, old dishonest, two-faced Smock covered up for Aaron always giving him a heads up about the complaints and who had lodged complaints. Aaron of course then went after the people that complained and a lot of them got fired.

Despite his horrible track record, in October 2006, just 2 months before Wiggles was to take over as President, he offers Aaron a promotion to become one of his new AVP's. He raises his salary from $45,000 a year to $75,000 a year, puts him over marketing when he had no experience in marketinhg and put him over lending.

When Aaron started his new position as AVP he would report to work maybe, 3 hours a day. He would tell his staff he was working at home but what he was really doing was working for Century 21 part-time, mostly doing appraisals and selling houses. Sometimnes his customers at Century 21 would show up at the credit union to sign the sales agreements. By having them show up at Priority One, the customers thought they were at his executive office but it never occured to them they were at Priority One his actual full-time position. Employees started to complain and Smock didn't do a damn thing until loan production started to drop. When Loan production dropped, the board got on Wiggles' back and told him to push Aaron. On top of them, Diedra found out Aaron was only working 3 hours a day and bringing customers from Century 21 to the South Pasadena branch.

So Wiggington and Smock give him a warning and tell him they are transferring the loan department to Patricia Loiacano. Aaron blows up and yells at Wiggles, telling him that he should have first checked with him to see if it was okay to promote Patricia Loiacano. Now Patricia is 2 faced and a backstabber and she let a lot of illegla things happen when she was assistant to the lending director, but she does know lending though not much about anything else. Aaron tells Wiggles he's leaving on a personal leave of absence that same day because he's stressed. He leaves for several months but when he tries to return to work, Wiggles uses all those compaints filed before he promoted Aaron, submits them to the attorney and fires Aaron. Wiggles who is sick in every sense of the work, backstabbed his "buddy" (their relationship will have to wait for another post) even though he knew Aaron was a problem before he chose to promote him.

Anonymous said...

Aaron Cavazos was another great example of the type of managers Wiggington picks to serve him but like anyone he promotes or hires (Bea Walker, Cindy Garvin, Joseph Garcia, Yvonne Boutte), its always the worst choice possible for Priority One. By the way, what's that old hag Patti Loiacano up to these days?

Anonymous said...

How about Wigg's promotion of Joseph Garcia? Joseph went from Assistant Branch Manager to Supervisor of the call center, credit manager, Real Estate and Consumer loan department manager, then he lost real estate and remained loan department manager, then he became loan department and member services manager, then they took away both and made him assistant loan department manager, then he got promoted to avp of sales, then knocked down to business development rep and he can't even do that job right.

Anonymous said...

How about Yvonne Boutte? She started as Collection's Manager then became buddies with Bea Walker and started spending weekends at her house. After that Bea promotes her as Director of Project Management (whatever that is?), then Wiggington promotes her to AVP, then VP of Operations and then she provokes a member who sues and wins. Ah, another great choice by the biggest baboon in the industry- Miss Charles Wiggington!

Anonymous said...

Rodger wasn't hired by Wiggington but why he hasn't been canned is a big myster. Next to Wiggington, he has broken more rules and more than anyone else and he's the one that's supposed to enforce policy. Useless, lazy and corrupt are all that Rodger knows.

Committee for Vindication said...

Our Committee is shocked that many of you continue to take cheap potshots at President Wiggington for your own personal grievances. It's nothing short of piling on, even though P1 is on the verge of winning a $1 million lawsuit against TWHC, all due to the efforts of Charles Wiggington.

We demand you cease making negative comments as if Priority One's President is some kind of grand pompous ass; nothing could be further from the truth.

Anonymous said...

Committee wrote: "Our Committee is shocked that many of you continue to take cheap potshots at President Wiggington for your own personal grievances. It's nothing short of piling on, even though P1 is on the verge of winning a $1 million lawsuit against TWHC, all due to the efforts of Charles Wiggington."

Response: I guess some of the people posting on this site are right when they describe your committee as made up of retarded, amoral slugs. Wiggington didn't file the lawsuit, CUMIS did. So stop perpetrating lies.

Next, CUMIS not Priority One is trying to recoup the $1 million. The credit union's claim was paid by the morons at CUMIS. If CUMIS wins then Rodger Smock will turn heterosexual and ethical; Robert West will grow a pair; Esmeralda Sandoval will lose 300 of her 500 pounds; Yvonne Boutte will turn into a real girl; Diedra will start dressing her age; Patti Loiacano will move from the trailer park to her new home in Beverly.... Beverly Hills, that is; and Wiggington will finally become a man. Since none of this will ever happen, don't think CUMIS (not P1 you twit) will be collecting any money. Sort of what happens when you bet on the wrong or in the case of P1, the dead horse. Now, committee go pick up your dignity from the floor you slack jawed hicks!

Anonymous said...

Does Wiggy (or his management team) ever comment or react to all these negative blog comment post?

If I was Wiggy it would make me nutty!

Anonymous said...

Wiggy is nutty. Even before the blog, he was crazy and a big mouth. The man knows how to both bore and drive people crazy with his non-stop stories about how great he thinks he is. Certifiable and stupid.

Anonymous said...

Heard that $1 million vault thief Lynette was recently in Las Vegas having a great time with her I'll-gotten money, just like her idol Diedra.

Lynette is sure living it up, laughing out loud and spitting in everyone's face with stolen credit union assets.

Thank you Wiggy for not calling the police on thieves, you jackass. Your lack of procedures and policies are great for Lynette, but crappy for P1.

Anonymous said...

Diedre is kicking herself because she can't believe how easy it was for Lynnette to walk out of the credit union with $1 million.

Wiggington recently said, "There's only room for one bank robber in this credit union and its not Lynnette. I'm gonna get her!"

Lynnette may not have been a good branch manager and certainly, there is no logical reason why she was promoted to AVP, but she is smart enough to know that she couldn't leave a trail of wild spending. She didn't even use a penny of the stolen loot to paint that old beat-up car she drove day in, day out to and from the Los Angeles branch.

And I do believe Wiggles/Wiggy/Wiggington/dumnbass deserves a hand of applause for not calling the police and filing a complaint when he discovered Lynnette allegedly stole $1 million. Plus that's actually smart. He knows that calling the police could have revealed that he has been siphoning money from the credit union for years and an investigation might reveal he doesn't report all of the credit union's losses.

I'd suggest he become a magician because no one has the power to make 6 of 9 branches disappear like all Wiggles Bottom can.

Anonymous said...

You're right. Wiggington is smart, let me change that to, sly and knows that the last thing he needs is for some auditors to come in and do an extensive search, including pulling files where documents haven't been removed by Rodger Smock, so that they can perform an accurate analysis of the credit union's real financial standing and not the fairytale he and the board have been seling everyone for more than 7 yeras.

Anonymous said...

Having auditors who do far more than the annual superficial inspections should scare Wiggington. In the past they've been cited for not complying to state law. We know that he's lied about financials but what would be interesting to see is if the credit union actually spent money on all that it claims it did. This man is a liar on paper and verbally so there's no reason why anyone should ever believe anything he, Smock, Yvonne, Alex, West, Esmeralda or Diedra have to say. These are all corrupt people who use lying like its a business tool.

Anonymous said...

I know its been mentioned here before, but when auditors come to South Pasadena at the start of each year, all files they request are first given to Rodger who pulls out any documents that might indicate procedures weren't followed. Rodger demands that all files requested by auditors be given to him first. If they had nothing to hide and if they were doing everything legally then why would Rodger ever have to review, audit and even misrepresent information delivered to the auditor?

Anonymous said...

Rodger is sleaze. He's as big a lowlife as Wiggington but unlike Wiggington who can't hide his ghettoness, Rodger puts up a front though a little digging quickly proves its all a front. He's never been that bright. He got canned at Superior Industries and he came over to Priority One where he played a game pretending he knew what he was doing but he didn't and still doesn't. Thankfully, he's always called consultants when he was challenged with some HR issue he couldn't handle. You can tell how inept he is by the number of times they got sued between 2010-2013. Also, that scumbag attorney, Schimley, told Diedra and Wiggington that Rodger had violated state laws so they changed HR's name to Employee Services and made Robert West director over the renamed department even though Robert West is a major ignornamus about anything related to HR (and training). And even though Robert was made director, it was only in title because Rodger continued being the director. This was reported on this blog but the credit union denied until Rodger was subpeoned in 2012 and again in 2013 and when asked what his title was he answered, "Director of Human Resources." Yup, old fat boy is a out and out liar and completely dishonest and untrustworthy.

He's also been the source of a lot of vicious gossip for years and years. He’s the one that used to run to Wiggington and Bea and tell them what employees he knew were plotting against them. Of course, he never had any physical evidence and the two mental cases, never demanded that he prove his lies. Now Wiggington has always been able to work the board because there all uneducated yokel including that queen of all morons, Diedra. But Rodger always knew how to work Wiggington because Wiggington is cranially deficient. It’s a case of survival of the fittest and in the case of Rodger, the fattest

Anonymous said...

Rodger is a white Wiggington. Both are terrible officers and both USED to make sexual comments.

Anonymous said...

Aren't they going to have to subpoena Bea Walker because she was COO when the robbery supposedly began? Bea was useless and too involved in Wiggington's little backstabbing plots. Cindy Garvin was COO at the end of 2011 all the way through the end of 2012. I know Cindy was overburdened with having to run the Loan Department, Business Development, Marketing, and as COO, and six branches.

Anonymous said...

I would think that TWHC is going to have to prove that they were not provided records that would have shown the thefts of money supposedly stolen by the AVP. They might also do well to show that it was P1 who didn't follow through with their procedures because if they had, the credit union would have noticed the thefts long before the February 2013 audit. Irrelevant of what CUMIS is trying to pull, the fact is that monies were being stolen (according to CUMIS) in late 2010, all of 2011, and probably almost all of 2012. How did P1 miss the losses? If the AVP was that great a thief, then maybe she should have been named president because its obvious Charles Wiggington blundered again just like he did in 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 and again in 2015. If it looks like incompetence and walks like incompetence then its probably Charles Wiggington.

Anonymous said...

I didn't like Cindy but she was overloaded. Wigg always hires people who he sets up for failure so they can take the fall for his messes. Bea Walker wasn't that busy because she would walk around the office everyday with her crew- Yvonne and Joseph. All they talked about how they were going to push Wigg, Smock, and West out and change the credit union with Bea as CEO and Yvonne and Joseph as her VP's but her posy fell apart and then she got involved in sexually harassing another woman before Diedra decided it was time to let her go. In the meantime, the credit union was getting robbed but Wigg, Diedra, Rodger, Joseph and Yvonne were to busy plotting terminations and backstabs.

Anonymous said...

At any other credit union, a President who caused the closure of 6 branches, who committed sexual harassment,who allowed the theft of $60,000 in 2009 and $1 million in 2013, would have been fired. The fact he is still employed and being paid more than $150,000 a year says a lot about what seems to be a racist board and it also says a lot about the caliber of members who bank at Priority One. Responsible members who care about their credit union would have filed complaints to the DFI and demanded Wiggington's removal and that of the Board. Are most of Priority One's members in ChexSystems? Just can't understand why they don't care about their credit union or its employees.

Anonymous said...

You neglected to mention Wiggy continues to get annual bonuses as he continues to screw Priority One big time.

Anonymous said...

He has absolutely no shame or dignity. Anyone who knows they've damaged the credit union the way he has would never continuing accepting bonuses or might even reduce their salary. He's lucky he has an all black board, led by a disgusting board chair to cover up wrong doing and ensure he keeps getting paid money he is undeserving of.

Anonymous said...

I never heard anyone use the word dignity in the same sentence with Charles Wiggington unless they were referring to his lack of dignity. This is man is crass. He talks with his mouth full of food. He spits when he talks. He smells. Go in his office after he's been in door with the doors closed. It stinks. He's just nasty. Add dishonest and liar on top of that and this is a completely repulsive man. He wouldn't know dignity if it walked up to him and slapped him upside his head.

Anonymous said...

So how did "Pearl" make-off with $1 million from the vault? Did she put the money in her purse when she was in the vault? That would have looked strange as there's no reason to take a purse into the vault? And isn't there supposed to be double custody whenever someone walks into the vault? They had a receptionist at that office who sat near Pearl's desk and directly across from the vault door. Didn't she ever observe Pearl in the vault by herself? There were also 3 FSR's. Two sat almost directly in front of Pearl's desk and one just around the corner from Pearl's desk though there is a glass pane that would allow her to look directly at Pearl's desk. So in 24-months, not one receptionist or 3 FSR's ever saw Pearl going into the vault with double custody or walking in and out of the vault without a bag or large envelope where cash could have been put into?

Anonymous said...

I'm not exactly sure how Lynette stole the $1 million. But you can be sure she did. Naturally Wiggy tried to cover-up the theft by filing an insurance claim with CUMIS, but at the same time he conveniently neglected to file a police report so he could hide the theft from the members, P1 employes and the local press. In other words, if word leaked out that $1 million was stolen it would taint P1 and Wiggy's reputation (with Wiggys reputation already ruined it's unclear how general knowledge of the theft could make it worse).

This whole cover-up is proof moron Wiggy is a total incompetent who should have been terminated a long time ago. The board of directors, led by Slappy White lookalike Diedra is, of course, complicit in the cover-up.

Anonymous said...

What happens to the criminal mastermind Lynette, you ask?

Since Lynette wasn't turned over to the police she got away scot free. She's living large with no punishment whatsoever for stealing $1 million.

Right now she is considering filing a lawsuit against P1 for ruining her reputation!

Anonymous said...

I agree. Lynnette is a mastermind. Her crime, if she did it, was simple and so effective. She was never a good manager just like Wiggington, Smock, Yvonne, Alex, Esmeralda, Gema, and Robert West, but unlike those bozos, she made off with $1 million! She should be appointed President or even Board Chair without an election because what she did was more effective than anything sexual harasser, Wiggington, and Miss Rodger Smock have ever done in their more than 60 years on the planet.

Anonymous said...

I heard from people who spoke to her after she got canned that she was doing great, had no regrets about being fired, and at one point even talked about suing the credit union. I kind of think the last one was a lie but then again she's got a pair of balls, so she might just do it. She used to cry at the office whenever people made comments about her on this blog. She used to say, "What did I do to them?" and "Why are they talking about me?" Now that she's accused of allegedly stealing, her tears so more alligator then real. What a hypocrite! Plus she mistreated and abused so many employees and she was responsible for having so many of them fired. Plus I like a lot of other people thought she was a dumbass. Just awful. Guess she wasn't that dumb. If she stole the money, she proved she was a lot smarter than Wiggington or Bea, Cindy or Patti all who were supposed to oversee security. Of course you can't expect Wiggington to have noticed the thefts because he was the most stupid VP of Operations we ever had. Just an imbecile. Plus with kick-backs, car thefts, and other abuses, Lynnette would only be of several crooks at that credit union.

Committee for Vindication said...

Of course, Lynette stole the $1 million. CUMIS paid the insurance claim.

Now spearheading a lawsuit against TWHC is P1's champion, President Charles Wiggington.

This kind of leadership illustrates President Wiggington will not rest until the missing funds are recovered and blame is pinpointed on the lax efforts of those responsible, regardless of where it may lead.

Pam W. said...

Charles Wiggington is no one's champion, not even his family's. He's disgusting and sorry, but the man is as big a crook as Lynette, that is if she actually stole the money. I never thought she had the smarts to pull of a job like stealing money but then again, I never thought Charles Wiggington would be named President of any credit union. I would of thought he had a better chance of becoming the Grand Wizard of the KKK then become President.

Spearheading? Is that a racist comment? Are you implying Charles carries a spear?

And you're right, President Wiggington won't rest and neither will the ghosts of everyone he backstabbed. He's nothing but a punk and chump.

Anonymous said...

You start with low morale. Then you hire a bunch of incompetent goons for upper management to fire anyone who doesn't agree with you. You talk loud with your mouth wide open as you chomp food. You can't stop scratching your balls cause you think it's sexy. You sexually harass female employees cause you think you're irresistible.

Yeah, Wiggy is a champion jackass.

Anonymous said...

Wiggles is probably a big mouth because as a child he didn't get attention or validation. His need to talk over everyone just serves to solidify his insecurity about who he is as a person.

You're right, he is a crook. For years he got kick-backs from Justice Auto and Credit Resolutions. He dishonestly transferred ownership of a BMW he ordered repossessed without ever paying a cent for the vehicle. For years he approved reimbursements for Diedra Harris-Brooks or whatever her name is so it didn't look like she was abusing her daily allowance given to her by the credit union when she attended board junkets allegedly held to educate her and the other yokels on the board.

He lied each time the credit union got sued and he sexually harassed which is a federal offense.

Yep, not one honest bone in this moron's body.

Anonymous said...

Why the board keeps Wiggles is a HUGE mystery. Maybe like one person wrote, Wigg has dossiers on the Board or maybe sex tapes. Whatever reason, there's no logical reason for keeping him infamous by Kathy.

Anonymous said...

Infamous by Kathy?

Anonymous said...

Does anyone remember when priority one...

1. respected and liked by members, employees of other credit unions and vendors?

2. Does anyone remember when they had 9 branches and were growing?

3. Does anyone remember when employees would stay for years and years?

Anonymous said...

I do remember. Wasn't that long ago but it sure seems like it was.

Anonymous said...

I visited the South Pasadena office. I didn't recognize a single teller. I think over the past year, they've replaced all their tellers. The service was slow. One teller, 8 members. I saw an employee walk up and whisper to the teller but didn't seem at all concerned about the fact 8 people were waiting. The place is dark and depressing. I looked over to the loan department but you can't see it anymore. Its a bunch of cubicles. I've never seen the kind of cubicles they have at Priority One. They reach up to the ceiling. Its like a fortress. The impression is, "We don't want to be bothered." This place is not what it used to be. So sad.

Anonymous said...

How does Wiggy keep his job?

Mystery solved!

Wiggy's has extensive, detailed dossiers on the board, as well as on key management staff. He constantly updates his files with new data. Lately much of the information has been transferred to flash drives.

Wiggy uses the tawdry and embarrassing information to keep everyone "in line" much like the Scientology uses its secret files to keep Travolta under their thumb.

Anonymous said...

I'd have to agree, the ONLY way Wiggles could possibly keep his job is by keeping dossiers on every member of the board and some executives, but what is it that he knows? It can't be that they
re stupid because everyone knows this is probably the most ignorant board in the industry. It can't be that they're lazy because they are the laziest board in the industry.

About his staff, does he have a dossier revealing Rodger's real weight because everyone already knows he's gay.

What does he have on Yvonne? Does he know she lies about the actual amount of delinquencies?

Anonymous said...

What does he have on Diedra? I happen to believe Diedra has a lot on him but what I suspect is that she and Wiggington must have done something so heinous that they must support one another. For some reason, more than $1,060,000 have been stolen by a receptionist and an AVP at the L.A. office without the internal auditor, the vice president of compliance or any of the chief officers of operations ever taking notice. How is this possible? The thefts became an issue only when members complained there were monies missing from their accounts. So has other money been stolen from the credit unions by manipulating ledgers? If so, the only persons who could ever do it are officers of the credit union. Each year, Wiggington continues getting his bonus. Why is a man who has lost 6 branches and caused the loss of more than $20 million of net income being rewarded? I think to get to the bottom of what's going on at Priority One requires an intensive audit by outside auditors without interference of Mrs. Harris-Brooks, Wiggington or Rodger Smock who likes to pull documentation from files auditors request to see.

Anonymous said...

It has been confirmed Wiggy has tons of private and confidential information which is kept in his office with back-up at his residence. Data on P1's management and almost every Board member is documented and updated on an on-going basis.

The most embarrassing double-secret dossier contains revealing information on Rodger Smocks ever expanding waistline. Diedra's true relationship with her lookalike doppelgänger Slappy White is kept in a specially encrypted dossier under lock and key.

Dr. Zsigmundy Freud said...

Where are the vaults where Wiggington keeps these secret dossiers? If only we could locate them, they sound like a goldmine!

Anonymous said...

@ Dr. Zsigmundy Freud

Wiggy has several underground vaults including one in the Mojave Desert where here keeps copies of the secret dossiers. For easy access, he has the data on one master flash drive that his Uncle maintains at Fat Burger.

Anonymous said...

I've heard Wiggles' plots have been aided by the reptoids.

Anonymous said...

If Diedra has been duplicitous in anything illegal then Wiggington would have as much on her as she does on him. Its strange that they go out of their way to cover up their financials and hide facts from members and employees. Wiggington and Diedra have had a guard dog mentality since he became President. Why be so paranoid about your financials if you're not doing anything wrong?

Anonymous said...

How's a credit union that has a wage freeze implemented for more than 4 years, is losing business, has had to close branches because they couldn't afford to keep them opened, and which has lost over $20 million in 7 years able to continue paying Wigglenuts more than $150,000 a year and pay Rodger Smock more than $100,000 a year and paying Yvonne Boutte more than $85,000 a year? Is the little profit they get going to pay the high salaries of officers who have no talent to manage the once great credit union?

Anonymous said...

I'm sure Wiggy's uncle has one flash drive containing the evidence has against the board another in an underground value in the Mojave. But I've heard he also keeps a third in one of the many folds of Smock's blubber.

Anonymous said...

So the credit union discovered that Pearl Lynnette Fortson allegedly stole $1 million in cash from the vault but they never called the police (the police were called by CUMIS). So when Lynnette Fortson got fired, did the credit union let her collect unemployment or did they give her severance pay.

Anonymous said...

That's a great question. Did Wiggles approve a severance package for Lynnette on the day they fired her. If he did, then doesn't that prove that even though she stole over a million in cash, Wiggles decided the crime should not be punished by law.

Anonymous said...

Lynette was never turned over to the police by P1. Did she ever give the money back?

Right now Lynette is running around footloose and fancy free. People say she's been living it up in Vegas. One can only conclude she has dirt on Wiggy and Priority One, otherwise she'd be in jail for stealing $1 million. It's unfathomable that anyone who steals a million woukd not serve some serios prison time. And to add insult to injury Lynette is threatening to sue P1 for ruining her reputation. It's akin to Charles Manson suing the state of California for ruining his reputation. The whole situation is bizarre.

Anonymous said...

You guys are all correct. Wigginton deliberately chose not to call the police even after the audit proved Lynette stole $1,000,000. what Charles could not have called the police without first conferring with the board actually Deidre and here's the board.the big question is why didn't he trusts permit him to call the police?the theft is a federal offense and punishable by prison time and restitution. There is a reason why Pedro and Charles avoided calling the police and I'm sure whatever the reason is, it probably points 2 more illegal activity at the credit union.

Anonymous said...

No Lynette did not give back the money. Thats why cumis called the police?

Anonymous said...

For years I always found it strange that Wiggington and Diedra blocked employees and members from obtaining copies of the monthly balance sheets. Even when an ex-CFO who was also a member, tried to obtain a copy, Wiggington personally called him and asked him why he wanted to view the report. In 2010-2011, Robert West used to post the monthly balance sheet in the plexiglass frame that used to be located on the reception desk and he would tape the frame shut to stop any employee from taking a copy of the report. Why? The report only shows how much money the credit union makes and loses each month and where they spend money including the amount of delinquencies. So why have hide the numbers if Wiggington isn't doing anything wrong.

Now days it looks like Wiggington's been trying hard to hide the figures the big question is why? Have he and Diedra been skimming funds? What could be so pressing that they have to hide reports and when more than $1 million is stolen, why didn't they call the police? Are they afraid an investigation might reveal other thefts? The whole thing needs to be investigated thoroughly not just one of those superficial DFI audits that are so easy to dupe by the industry's worst president.

Anonymous said...

There is only one reason why Lynnette could legally sue P1. Actually, she probably can sue the credit union, President Wiggington and Vice President, Yvonne Boutte, for violating her rights when they openly told employees of the credit union why Lynnette got fired. There's more than enough witnesses who can testify that Yvonne told employees of the Los Angeles office why Lynnette got fired and even threatened to fire them if she discovered they spoke to Lynnette after her termination. Yvonne also told employees in the South Pasadena office and one of them- Alex Suarez, told some of her staff. Yvonne was hated by many of the employees of the L.A. office who despite being threatened with termination if they spoke to Lynnette, called and spoke to Lynnette.

What's incredible is that an employee could steal $1 million in cash for almost 2 or more years, without ever being observed by either the President, Executive Vice President, the COO, or the accounting department? What's more, not only was more than $1 million stolen but the police were never notified. Amazing!!!

Johnnie Cochran said...

The only logical reason Wiggy never turned Lynette over to the police:

Wiggy does not want to set a precedent of sending thieves like Lynette to prison. Why you ask?

Because one day (soon) when they catch Wiggy or Diedra or the Board stealing from P1 his attorney can say they never put anyone in prison. Hence, Wiggy is setting a legal defense precedent for himself and his cronies.

Anonymous said...

How did you guys find out Lynnette has been seeing attorneys to sue the credit union? Its true but it was supposed to be hush, hush.

Anonymous said...

Someone ought to sue Rodger Smock. That's the most treacherous man (?) at the credit union. Wiggington is sly but he's intellectually stupid. Rodger is a little smarter but not nearly as smart as he thinks. Yvonne is dumb shit but too dumb to know it. Also, someone ought to sue Rodger because of all the space and oxygen he takes up.

Anonymous said...

Lynette is in the early stages of suing Priority One. She kind of ratted herself out when one night several months ago, in a drunken stupor at a neighborhood bar she was babbling about how one day soon she was going to be very rich from winning a lawsuit against P1. Lynette claimed she will get the last laugh in her dealings with Wiggy if it's the last thing she does.

Anonymous said...

Wiggy is the most atrocious credit union CEO in the U.S.

He ruined a once thriving credit union by closing 6 branches. He gloms onto a repossessed car for himself. He surrounds himself with incompetent managers. He is a ball scratching sexual harasser. He refuses to turn thieving Lynette to the police. He fires anyone who disagrees with him. He has generated a grip of lawsuits by former employees against Priority One, causing numerous settlement payouts.

But in all fairness you can't blame Wiggy because he's an idiot.

Anonymous said...

Lynnette in a drunken stuper? I know that years ago Rodger was a heavy drinker. That's why he looks like W.C. Fields though heavier.

I wish Lynnette would sue the credit union. There's nothing worse than having one of their own turn around and use the same lowlife tactics used by Wigg, Smock, Esmeralda, Yvonne, West, and Alex. They all deserve each other though a more just course of action would be to place them all in a motorless boat and send it off to sea.

Anonymous said...

Back in 2007, Wig used to brag to some of us how he was smarter than his employees because he has a BA though he never told us what he earned it in until it came out on this blog.

He also used to say that he beat out all the other candidates who wanted the job. Actually, he only won because he and Diedra were tight and she let him have it and because the racist board wanted in their words, "a black president."

He also used to brag about knowing how to play some game that gets him what he wants.

So now its 2014, he lost 6 branches and lots of good staff. He caused the credit union to lose millions and our reputation sucks at the post offices and in the communities.

His BA in Afro-American studies didn't do shit to make P1 a better credit union.

And the idiot brags about some game he plays that helps him beat everyone else. I wonder what that game is?

Anonymous said...

The game Wiggy plays that helps him beat out (beat-off) everyone else is Pocket Pool. No doubt Wiggy is a premier ball scratcher and world-class Jack-off artist.

Anonymous said...

To be fair, he learned that game from Rodger Smock and Robert West.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure a lot of people have read that inside theft at a bank or credit union can occur with manipulating documentation, such as transferring a person's funds to a bogus account and then the employee, withdraws the money from some ATM such as occurred with the $60,000 stolen from the Los Angeles branch back in 2009. And employees can pocket actual cash which can sometimes be the thousands of dollars. BUT HOW DOES SOMEONE STEAL $1 MILLION FROM THE LOS ANGELES BRANCH WITHOUT OTHER EMPLOYEES NOTICING THE THEFT OR WITHOUT THE PRESIDENT, COO, EVP OR ACCOUNTING DEPARTMENT EVER NOTICING??????????????????????????????????

Anonymous said...

You ask how Lynette can steal $1 million from the vault without the President, CFO, COO or EvP noticing?

The answer is self evident in that you're dealing with world-clas idiots, morons and incompetents who selfishly are only concerned with themselves.

Anonymous said...

Is Wiggington retarded, I mean mentally challenged? I can't see how someone could just come to work everyday over a two year period and make-off with that much money. Lynnette was not the only person cleaning out the credit union. Does anyone really know if the losses reported by the credit union are actual business losses or just another ruse to cover-up internal thievery?

For years, Diedra misused the allowance granted to her to attend junkets. Instead of spending money on food, she spent her money in hotel bars. Its in the books and let's face it, the receipts prove Ms. Chairman of the Board misappropriated the allowance.

Wiggington stole a member's car. Over the past 7 years he and the board have used credit union to hire attorneys to protect the credit union when he and Rodger Smock and others broke federal and state laws. They used credit union money to pay off settlements so they could avoid court trials.

If Lynnette stole money, she ain't the first.

Foster Brooks said...

Allow me to defend Diedra since no one else will.

You can't blame Diedra for spending her time at credit union conferences (junkets) drinking at hotel/casino bars since she demands her daily per diem allowance be paid to her in casino chips. How else can she spend those chips?

Besides, she is way too inebriated to sit through a 1 hour seminar to learn anything anyway. So she might as well continue to booze it up.

Anonymous said...

May I add that if you looked like Diedra or were forced to interact with Wiggington, then drinking might be your only escape.

Plus inebriation explains why the board is run so poorly and why the credit union is doing so bad.

Anonymous said...

@Foster Brooks

Foster you cannot overstate the amount of liquor Diedra guzzles at credit union conferences. She is known to mix it up with top shelf Johnnie Walker Blue, Jack Daniels and Stoli. Every once in a while she'll down a Black or White Russian for fun!

Anonymous said...

Few people know this but Diedra "loves" White Russians. Her favorite drink.

Anonymous said...

Exactly! For Doedras White Russians she insists that "real" heavy cream float on top of the Stoli And Kahlua for maximum flavor, if you get my drift.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I think most of us get your drift.

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