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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Devoid of Scruples

Like an over-privileged and out-of-control 20-year old celebrity, at the end of August, Priority One Credit Union could not refrain from embroiling itself again, in yet another scandal after Credit Resolutions (aka the "collections department") Supervisor, Alex/Alejandra Suarez revealed she instructed her staff to create bogus Facebook accounts which were then used by collection representatives to send out friend requests to unsuspecting Member-Owners whose accounts and loans were the subject of collection proceedings. The bogus accounts were also setup using photographs of attractive young women. Ms. Suarez steadfastly assured her staff and others, that the ploy was 100% legal. Unwary Members accepting a request for friendship from bogus accounts were afterwards contacted by collection department personnel, via Facebook, and ordered to remit delinquent payments due the Credit Union.  

On the surface, the procedure might seem clever, trapping unsuspecting Members who have failed to pay their monthly loan payments or who may have overdrawn their credit union accounts, though we are of the opinion that most companies who value their Members or customers might try to avoid employing tactics utilizing fraud and deception to achieve their ends.  

On the surface the ploy seems unethical and as we've since verified, creating bogus accounts is prohibited by Facebook. The three areas of concern we have with the Credit Union's ploy are: 
  • The plan/plot/scheme ensnares Members by deceptively obtaining access to their confidential Facebook accounts.
  • It utilizes photographs of young women who did not sign a release allowing Priority One Credit Union to use their images in a collection ruse. 
  • Once a request for friendship is accepted, Priority One then has full access to a Member's list of associates and friends and personal activities. 
The use of deception to recuperate monies owed to it, demonstrates in part, the level of disrespect the Credit Union has for its Members. In their zeal to collect unpaid monies, the Credit Union has chosen to literally ambush and even humiliate unsuspecting Member-Owners.

Rather simplistically, Ms. Suarez assured her staff that the scheme is only illegal if a message demanding payment is published on a Member's Facebook timeline, adding that the Credit Union is within its right to recuperate monies due to it. 

There are so many nuances to the Credit Union's tactic and some which bring into question Ms. Suarez's competency as a Supervisor. We know Ms. Suarez is not an attorney nor is she qualified to dispense legal advice, so who did she confer with to obtain verification the ploy was legal and who authorized its use?

We actually don't  believe Ms. Suarez would have arbitrarily and on her own volition, implemented the deceptive tactic without first obtaining authorization from her immediate supervisor, Vice President Yvonne Boutte. Ms. Boutte is no stranger to manipulative tactics or scandals and historically, has been the contributor to intrigue and conflicts wracking the Credit Union.
  • In 2009, Ms. Boutte boasted that when working on Saturday mornings, calls from the Credit Union appear on a Member's Caller ID as originating from the "California Lottery." 
  • In 2009-2010, Mrs. Boutte was a frequent contributor to then COO, Beatrice Walker's heinous campaigns which ousted many employees who the two believed were conspiring against the Credit Union.
  • In 2012, Mrs. Boutte provoked a Member into filing a lawsuit against the Credit Union when attempting to subjugate the Member whose confidential account and personal information were published on the Internet by an employee of the Credit Union and more than likely, either a representative or officer in the Credit Resolutions Department. 
We also believe that prior to its implementation, President Charles R. Wiggington, Sr. would have been consulted. This blog is written around and about the vast misappropriation of authority, abuses, and violations of policy and laws committed by the President Wiggington over the past 7 years and this latest incident is one that was more than likely perpetrated with his permission. 

Ms. Suarez has been an employee of Priority One Credit Union since 2008. She was brought to the Credit Union by then newly hired Credit Resolutions Director, Yvonne Boutte. At the time, the President had terminated his business relationship and friendship with the owner of Allied Management, the Credit Union's former collection agent. Ms. Boutte was hired to head the then new in-house collections department. 

Since her arrival in 2008, Ms. Suarez has been a polarizing presence. Early on, she showed an insatiable obsession for office gossip and intrigue, often publicly maligning subordinates and peers. From 2008 thru 2012, she and Mrs. Boutte gossiped daily and in the presence of members of the Credit Resolutions team, the Card Services department and Call Center staff. The two women, openly talked about a multitude of highly confidential subjects, openly defying Credit Union policies and in particular, the policy governing confidentiality.  However, in 2013, learning about their behaviors, Board Chairperson, Diedra Harris-Brooks, demanded the President bring an end to Mrs. Boutte's and her protege's disclosure of confidential information while in the presence of non-management personnel. However, Ms. Harris Brooks is often not as irked by the fact the President and his subordinates violated Credit Union policy but rather by the fact the Credit Union's unethical and illegal acts are made public. It was after all, Mrs. Harris-Brooks helped cover-up numerous violations of policy and law including the 2007 mailing of ballots in envelopes in whose exterior were printed Member Credit Union account and social security numbers; the discovery that the President sexually harassed an employee; and numerous violations of federal law which resulted in the filing of lawsuits by four former employees and one Member. In regards to the lawsuits, Priority One voluntarily settled each complaint before Plaintiff complains could proceed to a court of law.  

However, the big question is whether the use of bogus Facebook accounts to recuperate unpaid monies due to the Credit Union is illegal or merely a breach of ethics? 

In her article, "Debt collectors turn to social media to track down delinquencies", author Debora M. Tood states:

"....there are rules collection agencies must follow, and two government agencies are working to make that better known.

Clarifying that laws outlined in the Fair Debt Collections Practices Act of 1977 also apply to collection attempts made through digital media has been a priority for the Federal Trade Commission and Consumer Finance Protection Bureau, said Christopher Koegel, assistant director of the FTC’‍s Bureau of Consumer Protection‘‍s financial practices division. For example, FULL and HONEST DISCLOSURE OF IDENTIFY and the INTENT TO COLLECT A DEBT IS MANDATORY FOR COLLECTION AGENCIES." 
  • Clearly, Ms. Suarez used a deceptive ruse to gain access to confidential and private Member information. 
  • Furthermore, the Credit Union used the photographs of women without authorization in the form of a signed release. 
  • The Credit Union also obtained access to the list of friends contained in Member Facebook accounts. Furthermore, if the Credit Union contacts a Member's Facebook friends without prior written authorization, then this too is a violation of the law. 
The good news is, there is legal recourse available to Member-Owners. What's more, If a creditor is found guilty of perpetrating a violation of the Fair Debt Collections Practices Act of 1977, the monetary awards they are ordered to pay by the court to a victim, can be substiantial. 

"Individual debt collectors found in violation of the act could face fines of $1,000 per violation — money that goes directly to the debtor."

If you are a Member accepted a friend request from a bogus Facebook account created by the Credit Union and was afterwards contacted by a collection representative at your Facebook account, there are remedies. Gather your evidence proving the Credit Union sent messages to your Facebook account and file complaints with the Federal Trade Commission, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and/or the State Attorney General's office. Apparently, Ms. Suarez,. Mrs. Boutte and the President are again demonstrating the same disregard for the law that forced Priority One to pay out settlements to former employees and a Member in lawsuits filed in the years, 2010 through 2012.  

Source: Deborah M. Todd:, 412-263-1652 or on Twitter @deborahtodd, Debt collectors turn to social media to track down delinquents, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, June 19, 2014, 11:32 PM

Last month, a reader of this blog posted a comment disclosing that after almost three (3) years and in response to our June 25, 2014 post, Priority One Credit Union finally removed stale information from its website's News and Updates page. Apparently, our expose' about the Credit Union's long disregard of information published on its website had a profound effect upon Board of Directors who ordered the President to clean-up the webpage. Our review of the Credit Union's website confirmed that most of the outdated information had been removed with exception to a single notice announcing closure of the Airport branch which took place on December 13, 2013. Evidently, someone at the Credit Union has problems proofreading and identifying information that is outdated.  

On the other hand, our post had absolutely no effect upon the President's continued refusal to publish the Credit Union's 2013 Annual Report on Priority One's website. We of course were able to obtain a copy of the report whose excerpts we published in our last post. 

So if the President has been forthright and done nothing wrong, then why would he continue to suppress disbursement of the 2013 Annual Report? 

If anyone needs a copy of the 2013 Annual Report we can send one to you. Just write to us at our email address and we will provide a photocopy via email. Confidentiality and anonymity are guaranteed.  

Donning the Role of Victim

In our last post, we reported that President Charles R. Wiggington, Sr.'s has entered into yet another campaign which spins the truth by trying to convince people that his decision to close 6 branches since October 2010 was intentional and designed to reduce expenses and increase profit. He recently played the victim, proclaiming that "People call me names because I closed down branches." 

His spiel is another lame attempt to spin the truth into something that is palatable to only himself and create the impression that he is a victim of scurrilous criticisms. As reported in many posts, Priority One branches have been closed because President Wiggington is unable to create strategies that generate new business and produce the level of profit to comfortably offset its overhead. We don't know of a single person who has ever disparaged the President because he closed down branches. Rather, the criticisms of the President stem from his abuse of employees, his misappropriation of authority, his squandering of Credit Union monies, his disregard for Members, and his very public immersion in scandals. 

President Wiggington is many things but never pragmatic. Since 2007 and always with the approval of the Board of Directors, the President has been forced to reduce spending to avoid closure or sales of the Credit Union  and maintaining net capital well above 6%. However, branch closures have robbed Members of convenience forcing the Credit Union to promote the benefits of Shared Branching and Home Banking. As we will show later in this post, reducing expenditures has negatively impacted the amount of salary paid to non-management personnel. 


If anyone tried to access Priority One Credit Union's "Career" page during the months of June and July, a message would have advised you that you were "Forbidden" to view the page. After several weeks, the page is again available for viewing though an old exaggerated reference placed on the page by President Wiggington, has now been amended. 

After three years of reporting that Priority One had been exaggerating the amount of its Net Income (or worth), which the President ordered be shown at a whopping $172 million, the Credit Union has finally conceded and amended the amount to a more accurate $154 million. So what prompted the correction? According to one of our sources, the order to correct the reference came via consultants and state auditors. Though it always benefits any company to be truthful in its disclosures, under President Wiggington it usually takes some strong admonition to move the bull headed President to do what is ethical. 

Prior to June 2014, and for several years, the amount of the Credit Union's Net Income had been shown as $175 million. The Credit Union's Net Assets had reached $175 million under William Harris, President Wiggington's capable and highly respected predecessor. That of course all changed after January 1, 2007, the date Charles R. Wiggington, Sr. began serving in the capacity of President and CEO. Over the years, due to horrendous business decisions, overspending, declining business and an immensely inept Board of Directors, the Credit Union's Net Asset value dropped quickly. To stave off the appearance of decline, in mid-2008, President Wiggington obtained approval from Board of Directors Chairperson, Diedra Harris-Brooks, and the Board, to borrow $20 million from the Credit Union's line-of-credit. The loan raised the Credit Union's Net Assets to $182 million, though the effect was temporary and added a new burden to the Credit Union which for a year, paid more than $40,000 a month on interest alone. Following repayment of $10 million, the Credit Union continued to pay approximately $30,000 to $33,000 per month in interest. Is this an example of how Priority One enables Member-Owners and employees to achieve Financial Fitness and Win with Money? 

Priority One's decline is attributable to several factors that worked in unison to deplete the once growing, thriving, and respected credit union, transforming it into a much smaller, unpopular and no longer competitive entity and a mere shell of its former self. The President's chronic blunderings, the Board Chair's insatiable need to control all facets of the Credit Union's operation and the ignorance shown by the Board's Directors of financials, member service, business development, and marketing, have all contributed to the Priority One's decline.


We recently received an email from a Member who financed an automobile loan from Priority One Credit Union. He alleges that he was not provided copies of the loan documents he signed and assured these would be mailed to him in a day or two. When he did receive the copies, he noticed that the monthly premiums were higher than the amount verbally disclosed to him while at the branch. 

At Priority One the training provided to loan processors is primarily consigned during the loan funding process and not a formal classroom setting. This clearly determines the capabilities of any loan processor or officer. 

The Loan Department- Real Estate and Consumer Lending, is headed by long-time employee, Vice President of Lending, Patricia Loiacano. Mrs. Loiacano fully understands the rules, principles, and procedures governing lending, however, this is not to say that she imparts that knowledge to her staff. To the contrary, she is rather selfish and unwilling to share her knowledge with subordinates possibly as a means to ensure job security. 

Mrs. Loiacano does not conduct lending classes. Former Training and Education Manager, Robert West nowadays serves as figurehead over Employee Services aka Human Resources and allegedly oversees Compliance (though having no formal training in anything related to compliance). However, he is wholly unqualified to teach any person procedures governing anything related to loan funding.  

Actual Table @ Main Branch

Traveling the Road to Frugality

President Charles R. Wiggington, Sr.'s efforts to reduce expenses continue, unimpeded and out of necessity. In 2010, the President with the help of then COO, Beatrice Walker, and Executive Vice President, Rodger Smock, began implementing expense reductions, allegedly as a temporary solution to save money until Priority One could begin generating sufficient new business to offset their then amassing expenses and ensure Net Capital remained above 6%. 

Since 2012, the Credit Union began hiring more and more, part-time employees which enables the credit union to staff its last three remaining branches without having to pay medical benefits. This is the new normal at the troubled Credit Union and characteristic of the effects President Wiggington has had on the once larger, richer and certainly more promising, Credit Union.

More Evidence of Trouble

How Employee's Paid
for the 
President's Blunders

Nowadays, Priority One employs a large contingent of part-time employees because its a key means by which the Credit Union can continue operating. Part-time employees are not eligible for medical benefits or for the Credit Union's 401K plan.  Many full-time employees have not received raises since 2010 and 2011, the years President Wiggington implemented and re-implemented what has become a never ending wage freeze. Of course, President Wiggington and Board Chair, Diedra Harris-Brooks, make no reference to this in their email addresses contained in the Annual Reports for the years 2010, 2011, 2012, and 2013. .

We recently conducted a search on the Internet, locating information about salaries paid by Priority One Credit Union. discloses that the Credit Union's salaries fall well below the industry average. If things were as promising as the President and Board Chair asserted in the 2013 Annual Report, then why is Priority One relying on part-time staffing and paying out salaries that fall below the industry average? 

CareerBliss reports that the average hourly rate paid to employees is $19.00 per hour or $37,000 per year. This is 34% less than the average paid throughout the industry. However, we have to disagree with some of the information published by CareerBliss as many of the Credit Union's tellers are paid $13.50 to $15.00 per hour which is substantially less than $19.00 per hour. 

We also noted that the references to officer salaries are inconsistent with the amounts reported by the Credit Union in their 9900 filing to the IRS. As shown below, the Credit Union received a single star rating from its employees. Here are some excerpts from CareerBliss: 

Each year since 2011, we publish excerpts from the Credit Union's 9900 tax filing. The latest available copy if for tax year 2012. 

Though most employees of Priority One are paid less than the industry standard and despite the Credit Union's continuing inability to reap profits at an amount that could offset its outgoing expenditures and amass a profit, President Wiggington and some of his executive staff are paid a handsome salary for literally doing little to nothing and certainly all failing to introduce a single strategy that might bring an end to the ongoing fiascos created by Charles R. Wiggington, Sr. 

The Credit Union's Mission Statement to Member-Owners and employees states:

Our Mission: "To help our member-owners and employees achieve financial fitness. We are committed to providing quality products and services that help YOU win with money."

Clearly, the only people winning with money at Priority One Credit Union are its overpaid and incompetent officers, none of who have contributed anything to resolve the long slew of problems created by their less-than-illustrious leader, Charles R. Wiggington, Sr.  The actions taken by the Credit Union to increase Net Capital through reduced spending has ultimately been at the cost of the credit union's most valuable resource- its employees. 

Employee salaries at Priority One fall well below the industry average and many employees are part-time staff and thus ineligible to receive medical benefits. What's more the Credit Union's useless Human Resources Department aka Employee Services, has never negotiated affordable insurance plans for its employees. Subsequently, low pay and high insurance premiums have financially taxed employee salaries. Despite the inability of the credit union to prove itself as an employer who cares for its staff, the Credit Union still touts itself as capable of helping Member-Owners and employees become financially fit and through their products and services, help Member-Owners and employees win with money. The Credit Union's net asset size has declined by over $14 million since Charles R. Wiggington, Sr. became President and the Credit Union's 9 branches have been reduced to 3, clearly proving Priority One is far from being financially fit or capable of winning with money. 

The Mission Statement, authored by now Employee Services Director, Robert West, is nothing more than a poorly written attempt to expound upon abilities and assurances Priority One does not possess or is able to realize. The Credit Union should scrap and replace its disingenuous Mission Statement with something more truthful and inarguably, more accurate.  


The Credit Union's single star rating referenced on CareerBliss is derived entirely from employee reviews of the Credit Union. 

Earlier this year, after approximately 4 years of employment, the Credit Union terminated its CFO, Saeid Raad.  Until a new full-time CFO is hired, the Credit Union continues in its quest to locate a new CFO, but is Priority One a Credit Union where an accomplished, capable and ethically-driven CFO might want to work? We certainly wish the best to any person who accepts an offer by the highly troubled Credit Union to serve as its next CFO. 


For anyone who  is considering applying for the position, here is some information regarding the Credit Union and its treatment and expectations of its CFO's.

For any person considering responding to Priority One's ad seeking a CFO, we thought we'd provide a little background about the Credit Union's most recent CFO's.

On Monday, December 1, 2009, long-time CFO, Manny Gaitmaitan, submitted his letter of resignation following three months of being ostracized by President Wiggington; then COO, Beatrice Walker; and EVP, Rodger Smock. Mr. Gaitmaitan's sin was that he refused to manipulate the Credit Union's account practices and on several occasions, warned the President that his demands to alter reporting were illegal. The President and Ms. Walker informed the Board that Mr. Gaitmaitan was difficult, insubordinate and clearly, not a team-player. 

At the time, Ms. Walker suggested not inviting Mr. Gaitmaitan to executive meetings, stating that by doing so they might be able to force his resignation. Ms. Walker, who had used this same ploy while employed by other companies, was absolutely correct. 

Though Mr. Gaitmaitan submitted his letter of resignation on December 1, 2009, he stopped reporting to work on Wednesday, December 3, 2009, and did not return to his office until Monday, December 29, 2009. 

In January 2010, the Credit Union posted its Balance Sheet/Income Statement for December 2009 and showing that Priority One ended 2009, -$5,458,432 in the RED.   In February 2010, Ms. Walker informed the President that her friend, Saeid Raad, could serve as an interim CFO until the Credit Union found a new, full-time replacement for Mr. Gaitmaitan. She assured the President that Mr. Raad, unlike Mr. Gaitmaitan, would cooperate fully with the President's wishes. 

The President conferred with Board Chair, Diedra Harris-Brooks, who approved hiring Mr. Raad on a temporary basis. However before the year had elapsed and at the request of the President and COO, Mrs. Harris-Brooks authorized offering Mr. Raad the post of permanent CFO. 

In July 2011, Ms. Walker who had been hired in 2009 to serve as the President's personal "hatchet woman", was abruptly terminated.  Over the months following her hiring, she had succeeded in usurping much of the President's authority but her costly strategies designed to increase business had all utterly failed. Ms. Walker also erred when she disparaged the Board, describing them as "uneducated" and "unqualified."  Her assessment of the Board was actually spot on but provoked the ire of the Board Chair. What's more, the Board had grown increasingly uncomfortable with rumors originating in South Pasadena, about Ms. Walker's sexuality. 

Earlier, this year, Ms. Walker's friend, Mr. Raad, was abruptly terminated shortly after orchestrating closure of the Airport and Santa Clarita branches. 

So is Priority One Credit Union an employer any qualified and self-respecting executive should hope to work for? 

In his seven years as President and CEO of Priority One Credit Union, President Charles R. Wiggington, Sr.'s single greatest accomplishment has been establishing a reputation for propagating excuses intended to excuse his blunders and illegal acts.  His excuses and stories have been spewed out to the point of ad nauseum. Inarguably, he is the author for the failures which now preclude Priority One Credit Union from producing the levels of business and new memberships needed to gain upward mobility and reverse the effects of the multitude of fiascos created by the President. 

Some of Charles R. Wiggington, Sr.'s most memorable excuses include: 
  • In 2009 and 2010, the President blamed an invisible group of non-existent conspirators who in his words were "sabotaging my plans to bring in new business."
  • In 2011, the President declared that "all credit unions are doing poorly." His lame excuse was undermined by Financial Performance Reports from many other Credit Unions which proved financial and physical growth.   
  • In the 2012 and 2013 Annual Reports, the President and his constant accomplice and supporter, Board Chair Diedra Harris-Brooks stated that Priority One was finally overcoming the effects caused by the nation's economy and national unemployment. 
  • During the past year, the President has launched a new campaign, portraying himself a victim of criticism while asserting that the closure of 6 branches since October 2010 is part of a carefully wrought plan that is designed to promote physical and financial growth. 

His stories are all too easily refuted and proven to be nothing more than Wiggington-styled bunk and a wild and not-so-imaginative attempt to spin the ugly truth into something that is the product of careful contemplation. What Charles R. Wiggington, Sr.'s expense reduction are designed to achieve is ensuring Net Capital remains above 6%. However, his focus on preserving and even increasing Net Capital comes with a high price and his so-called "plan" is flawed, having compromised the Credit Union's integrity and impeding it from...

  • Successfully marketing its wares.
  • Providing convenience to its Members.
  • Retaining a Business Development Team that generates sales and builds relationships with Member-Owners; and 
  • Serving all of Riverside County, all of the Santa Clarita Valley, post office facilities in the county of Los Angeles or servicing employees of Providence Hospitals, Holy Cross, Tarzana and St. Joseph Medical Center. 
The reality is, the closure of six branches was an act of pure desperation and necessity and NOT some Napoleon-esque tactic conceived by a bungling President. In business, sometimes less is more but in the case of the President's latest excuse, nothing is never more.  

The closures have forced the Credit Union to promote Shared Branching and Home Banking as a viable substitutes to actual branch locations staffed by real human beings but the fact is Shared Branching and Home Banking don't serve as viable substitutes for real branch locations.  

The recent revelation by C
redit Resolutions Supervisor, Alex Suarez, that her staff has at her request, created bogus Facebook accounts emblazoned by the photograph of attractive young women and used to send friend requests to unwary Members whose accounts and/or loans are the subject of collection proceedings brings into light the immense disrespect the Credit Union has towards Members or adhering to Facebook policies which prohibit this form of abuse. What's more the scheme is illegal, reminding us that under Charles R. Wiggington., Sr., policies and laws are merely a suggestion which the Credit Union may believe it is exempt from complying with.  

The Credit Union's recent correction on its website validates our 4-year assertion that the Credit Union had blatantly distorted its actual worth and published it as $172 million, an exaggeration of $17 million. As we've often declared, Charles R. Wiggington, Sr. is a man obsessed with creating impressions and projecting successes where none exist. Inarguably, in September 2014, Priority One is a much smaller, less potent, no longer competitive, and highly disrespected Credit. 

In response to our last post, a reader posted the following comment, describing just some of the activities orchestrated by Charles R. Wiggington, Sr. over the past 7 years and which we believe contributed to Priority One's decline: 

Also, Wigg has provided all the board members with free Internet hook-up to the credit union's network so they don't have to pay a provider for Internet. Now you know they're not using it to look at the cu's boring webpage. They surf the web and look at this blog and at times, post comments too. By the way, I'm pretty sure giving the directors remote access to the cu's network is a violation of some law or policy. After all, aren't they volunteers? Then again, Wigg pays them gas to and from South Pasadena which brings into question what defines "volunteer." In the days when the Credit Union was prospering, Board Members attended board-related conferences in Las Vegas, Hawaii, and Europe, allegedly for the purpose for enhancing their skills but that was the justification. The directors traveled to the destinations and did not attend the conferences. In the 2009 trek to Las Vegas, the Board's Chair receipts showed she spent more than her allotted $100.00 a day, mostly at hotel bars. President Wiggington ordered that any monies spent in excess of $100.00 be disbursed to other days so as not to create a record she exceeded her allotted daily allowance. 

At the root of Priority One's problems is its ineffective, ignorant, and ethically deprived Board. There is no disputing that Charles R. Wiggington, Sr. could ever have committed his far flung abuses of authority, rampant and seemingly uncontrolled spending of credit union monies, and almost compulsively violated policies and laws if he had not been enabled by the Board of Directors and in particular, its Board Chair, Diedra Harris-Brooks. Over the past 7 years, the Board has approved the vast spending of money on attorneys, consultants, and investigators, desperately trying to vindicate the President of wrong doing.  The President's multitude of egregious acts and failures have all come at a hefty cost depriving Members of quality member service and convenience while simultaneously sabotaging the opportunity for employees to develop a career or earn income commensurate with the industry average while depriving them of medical and retirement benefits. 
The only silver lining we see is that Charles R. Wiggington, Sr. continues to receive an undeserved salary in excess of $150,000 including bonus' approved by the incompetent and embarrassing Board of Directors. 

So as 2014 draws to an end, will Priority One suddenly experience a surge in new business or will the President have to target another branch for closure? If the only means of staying in business is retaining high Net Capital and without a sudden resurgence of new business, the President will likely have to close another branch. So which branch might he be forced to close? Will it be the small but thriving Van Nuys branch or the large Los Angeles office? Or might it be the main branch in South Pasadena? Maybe the question we should be asking is when will the next branch close?

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Anonymous said...

Another great one!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Is Wiggington to blame for something Alex did? Probaby. He's dishonest and so is Yvonne and Alex, Rodger, Esmeralda, West, Gema and Patti. But the one who controls what the supervisors do is Yvonne because she's the so-called COO. Could you imagine a 3 branch credit union with an overpaid COO. It doesn't make sense but this is another example of Wiggington's way of doing business. He dreamed of building a credit union that resembled Bank of America but what he got was a credit union that resembles a lemonade stand. But he as President should know what the COO is doing so in the end, he is accountable. All these failures were approved by Diedra. I say Diedra because she and the board share 1 brain and the directors don't have minds of their own.

Anonymous said...

Bares repeating.....

"You forgot to mention the assault and battery that occurred in South Pasadena."

Interview the employees at South Pas. This is a dirty organization starting with Wig and Deadra to HR. Not one clean officer in the whole place. Makes you feel dirty just thinking about it.

Anonymous said...

I think all employees know they're underpaid but its hard finding good jobs so you have to settle for working for places like P1.

Anonymous said...

Based on the 9900, its obvious that Wiggington and Rodger are still getting paid but getting paid for what, ruining a good credit union? What a waste of money.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe Cindy made almost $100,000 a year. Did you know Cindy was hired at $68,000 a year. That was August 2011. She got fired in December 2013 and she was getting paid almost $100,000 a year! For what? The board is the one that approved her salary. What a bunch of tards!

Anonymous said...

Splendid Report John.

Wiggy, Rodger and Diedra claim to be credit union professionals. But in reality they're playing a long-con on Priority One and the membership; a gang of greedy grifters siphoning funds from the credit union to line their own pockets.

Bernie Madoff would be proud to know these lying thieves.

Lt. Colonel Doom said...

I am once again expending the STFU $40,000 Challenge through September. The following conditions apply:

1. Wiggy you got to keep you pie-hole shut for 7 days. Total silence.

2. No eating or chomping with your mouth wide-open for 7 days. No one wants to see your choppers or hear your smacking you MoFo.

3. No ball scratching for 7 days. Exception: Wiggy Its's okay to scratch your balls while you're at your own home.

All 3 stipulations must be met in order to collect the $40k.

Chief Jay Strongbow said...

It's true Fatboy Rodger said he would accept a Bucket of KFC extra crispy, in lieu of the all-you-can-eat Circus Circus Buffet gift certificate for winning the Girthiest Schweener Contest.

Will Diedra give the OK for the KFC Bucket substitute prize?

Anonymous said...

Lt Colonel Doom, you won't be parting with your money anytime soon.

I don't think Wiggington has the self-control to meet any of your criteria. I think he would find it easier flying to Pluto than keeping his mouth shut for 7 days or 7 hours or maybe even 7 minutes.

He can't eat without chomping. That's a habit he picked up while be raised by wolverines.

As for his ball scratching, that might be as difficult to control as keeping his mouth shut or eating with his mouth closed. Two of your requirements require closing his mouth. Might be easier teaching a Sperm Whale to tap dance. Did I write "might"?

Tired of Rodger and Wigg said...

Rodger would accept a bucket of KFC, a raise, a pizza, or a cabana boy.

Anonymous said...

What about Robert West? He only comes to work to pick-up a paycheck. He certainly doesn't go to work to be ethical and make sure MANAGEMENT also obeys policy. He's the definition of a mooch. Ever see him when employees bring in food? Well, you never see him bring in anything or even offer to bring anything.

Miss Tempest Storm said...

Yes, I agree. Mooch is a perfect description of West.

I caught West taking another employees lunch out of the fridge. Saw him take someone's homemade brownie, as well as a greasy fried chicken leg. West is a sneak-thief. A low-grade filtcher.

What's worse, West stealing someone elses lunch or Rodger flashing his girthy Schweener for a KFC bucket of extra crispy?

Anonymous said...

Which is worse, which is worse? Humm...
Wow, I can't believe I am having to think about which is worse.

Anonymous said...

Years ago the ladies at the credit union decided to have a baby shower for Robert's wife who was expecting their second child. Now for years, when we'd ask Robert to donate money to a birthday or maternity luncheon, he would NEVER give the $5 to $7 we asked for, he'd put in $2, religiously (pun intended). With his $2 he'd come and eat, sometimes getting seconds and ALWAYS sign the card that was being signed by everyone that paid money to take part in the luncheon. When his wife was expecting, he and his wife open the MANY gifts they were given. You should have seen how giddy and greedy they BOTH looked. Robert has created a wonderful testament, not to his faith, but to his horrible example as a supposed spiritual man. He's really as awful as Rodger Smock.

Anonymous said...

I never worked at any company that had so many evil managers.

Chief Jay Strongbow said...

Wiggy's abusive & illegal behavior is well-known throughout the credit union industry. So much so that not even one CEO in California has a speck of respect for this MoFo. Wiggs only so-called friend is Dominatrix Diedra. Their perverse relationship is akin to a monkey loving a banana.

Others like Smock and West are simply world-class brown-nosers and ass-kissers. I don't know how these jack-offs can look at themselves in the mirror after the shameful acts they've committed. I won't stoop so low as to call West a lunch thief. Nor will I mention Smocks lust for a bucket of extra crispy KFC by exposing his teeny-tiny, but girthy Schweener.

Anonymous said...

Chief, Are you saying Wigg is a trained monkey or a wild-ass jungle monkey?

Anonymous said...

Comparing Wigg to something from the animal kingdom is an insult to all animals.

Anonymous said...

wow was a mess P1 is shame on them can any one tells us what happened to the CFO and do you have a replacement for him?

Anonymous said...

We haven't been told about a new CFO and if they hired one, they're nowhere to be seen. Business is bad.
Can we even afford one?

Anonymous said...

I'm surprised hasn't blamed his dog for all the crap at P1.

Anonymous said...

I'm. Surprised Wigg hasn't blamed his dog for all the crap he's done.

Anonymous said...

Right after he was made president he told me that he was ready to promote employees but they would have to prove themselves. 7 years later what he said is a joke. Look at how much he gets paid when all he does is fail. The employees that works which are underpaid while these fat asses get the big bucks for driving the credit union into the ground.

Anonymous said...

Charles always expects 110% when he can't even give 1%. Lazy, obnoxious and oh so stupid.

Baron Zemo II said...

The Krypton Council of Elders has determined Priority One's management team is a Den of Liars and Backstabbers. May you all gag on Rodger's bucket of extra crispy KFC.

Charles Wiggington is charged with gross misconduct, thievery and sexual harassment. STFU Wiggy,

Partner in crime Dominatrix Dieda has reached a new low by staging a Girthy Penile Contest.

Anonymous said...

I got to spend 1 whole year listening to Wig talk day after day about his aunt Jenny, brag about his house and BMWs, criticize his lazy, good for nothing son and other members of his family who didn't live up to his expectations. Oh yeah. And his sex stories. So many stories. Supposedly there were black girls, Latinas, and white ones. There were young ones, mature, thin and fat ones. If the stories are true then he's a whore but based on the way he looks, the way he talks and his personal hygiene I can't imagine what kind of woman would want him. I feel sorry for his family and employees. I'd rather end up shipped wrecked somewhere then listen ever again to another of his tired stories.

Anonymous said...

He did take that members car by repossession. He has said the member was delinquent so the credit union had a right to repossess it.

The problem with his version of what happened is that the member signed a repayment agreement with the credit union. The member fell behind on payments because a relative got sick.

Also why did Wig draw up phony papers to make it look like the car was sent and sold at auction when he transferred ownership to himself and didn't pay any money for the car?

The car was coincidentally a BMW, the same make of Wigg's 3 or 4 cars.

And why did the member's file disappear from the credit union?

And supposedly he never sexually harassed an employee but the employees the investigator interviewed told him they heard Wig make sex remarks to her, put his hands on her knees Nd thighs when she was sitting in the lounge room and tell her often he wanted TO SOP HER UP LIKE GRAVY. When the investigator delivered the evidence Mrs Irving voted to fire Wig but Diedra lied and said it wasn't sexual harassment Mrs Irving was so disappointed that after the meeting she said the evidence showed he sexually harassed but she was out voted by Diedra, Gathers, Saffold and Cornelia.

Anonymous said...

PS Oh and the supervisor who drew up the repayment agreement for the member was fired by Wig

Anonymous said...

Why doesn't the Krypton Council of Elders just send them all to the Phantom Zone.

Anonymous said...

@Baron Zemo and the Krypton Council of Elders

The Phantom Zone is too good for Wiggy. What about the previously mentioned tar and feathering. Then run out of town on a rail with his tea-bagging buddy Rodger.

Anonymous said...

And toothy Diedra and dumb asses Bobby Thomas and Hale.

Anonymous said...

You forgot ugly old Cornelia Simmons. I didn't know she had something to do with Wigg getting away with sexual harassment. What a bunch of disgusting lowlives.

Anonymous said...

Does anybody like Wiggington even just a little bit?

Satan, Prince of Darkness said...

I for one like Wiggington a lot.

I like his constant lying.
Wig is a brilliant backstabber.
He's a cheat, a sexual harasser and a thief which I admire greatly.

Both Wiggington and Diedra signed my Devil's pact 7 years ago. And I can't wait to collect.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Can you collect today.... Please?

Anonymous said...

There's no way P1 is ever going to make it or be what it was thanks to Charles. The man is a jinx.

Anonymous said...

You say jinx, I say moron.

Anonymous said...

If you collect today I'll throw in Yvonne.

Satan, Prince of Darkness said...

I understand Diedra was a tad miffed when I neglected to say why I liked her. I sincerely apologize Diedra for not including you in my earlier comment. Here is why I like you as much as I like Charles - traits I admire:

1. Diedra you're treacherous and duplicitous. Two traits I greatly admire.
2. You're a know-it-all. No one likes a know-it-all, except for me. I especially like when you insist on having the last word in any discussion.
3. You're a frequent Queefer - nuff said.
4. Spiteful, hateful, malicious and petty.

The Tri-part Devil's Pact awaits the final collection. No way out now. When you get down here I'll greet you with open arms.

Don't think I missed anything. If I did, I trust the blog readers will add to my list.

Anonymous said...

Good points, S.

I guess her traits, which are repugnant and offensive, could be construed as positives.

Diedra's dominance over the board is impressive, well that is until you meet O Glen Saffold, Bobby Thomas, Richard Hale, and Joe Marchica. Just pitiful. Then you realize she dominates them because they're all dumb and ignorant. It was an easy conquest for Senora Harris-Brooks who believes she holds the advantage over a stale former business agent, a letter carrier who is also a frustrated wannabe lawyer, a retired businessman, and what exactly is it that Richard Hale did or does in life?

The way she got Shipley tired of her bullying and the way she ran off Davidson, you know her favorite color ain't white, I mean White. She's not about to have anyone of superior intelligence tell her how to lead the board, much less if they're White, Latino or Asian. Oh, no, no, no.

How do you collect a soul from someone who doesn't appear to have one?

Anonymous said...

Diedra is disgusting. Back in 2008 right after the lawyer contacted the board to tell them he was given a letter sent to board director, Davidson, and ordering them to investigate Charles, she called the employee and told her "I want you to know we're going to investigate this. Sexual harassment is unacceptable."

Charles got suspended but Diedra who is an old treacherous snake, suspended him with full pay. While he was suspended, Charles equally dysfunctional son, Chuckie (named after the horror movie character) worked at the credit union with other high school kids. He told the other high school kids that each morning his father dropped him off 2 blocks away from the credit union because according to Chuckie, "My dad doesn't want to see any of those people in the office." Chuckie should be comforted that no one in any of the branches wanted Charles to ever return to work and though the board spread the rumor that Charles had taken a personal leave of absence, everyone at South Pasadena knew why he was not at work.

On the day the investigator met with the board, Diedra only invited O. Glenn, Thomas Gathers and Cornelia Simmons because she didn't want any other directors present when the investigator presented his evidence. During the meeting the investigator preaented the evidence and when he finished, he recommended the board fire Charles.

Diedra was not about to have Black Charles fired, even if he violated federal law. She, O. Glen, Gathers, and Cornelia ignored the evidence and voted for Charles to be brought back. Mrs. Irving voted for him to be fired, but she was out voted.

When Diedra wrote to the former employee who filed the complaint, she said that the board concluded that what Charles did was not sexual harassment as described by federal law. She also said that Charles and the employee both exchanged sexual comments.

After Charles came back to work, Diedra forced all employees of all branches to attend a sexual harassment class at South Pasadena. Now if Charles didn't commit sexual harassment, then why have a specialist in sexual harassment come and speak to all employees, particularly when it was only Charles who has ever been accused of sexual harassment?

Diedra also made all the employees sit at the front of the room near the speaker while she, Charles and the board sat at the back.

Diedra is a monster, a liar, a manipulator and she condoned braking federal law when she brought Charles back and told the former employee that she took part in Charles's dirty little sexual escapades. She also ignored that he used to touch the employee's legs and that he wanted to sop her up like gravy.

Anonymous said...

Diedra is pure, 100% dishonest which if you think about, is the opposite of what any director should be. She's supposed to make sure the board does everything to ensure the operation is performing according to laws, policies, and procedures. Yet, Diedra who I like to call Natasha White, helped Wiggington break federal and state laws, broke policies, and deviates from procedures. You can't trust the woman futher than you can throw Rodger Smock though she tries to come off as nice and friendly. Next time any of you talk to her, watch her eyes dart to the right and then to the left, watch her put on that bugs bunny buck tooth smile and then watch as she speaks barely audibly while slightly stuttering. She's a piece of sh.... work.

Anonymous said...

Have you caught buck-toothed Diedra queefing?

I heard she does that a lot.

Anonymous said...

No! The idea of being in the same room or trash bin, when she's doing the nasty, makes my stomach turn.

Forest Ranger said...

You guys are awful. I did once sit on a river bank watching Diedra build a dam. I was quite impressed with how quickly she felled trees using only her teeth.

Anonymous said...

Charles is a p-u-s-s-y and I'm not talking about felines. When he was vp of operations and irate members demanded to speak to him, Charles would go and hide. Behind all that backstabbing is a little 6 year old girl trapped in the body of a 60-some year out-of=shape body. He's best when backstabbing and he's always hidden behind the board, Rodger, Yvonne and overpaid and dishonest shyster lawyers.

Anonymous said...

So if wig is so good at backstabbing and treachery, then why couldn't he take all that penned up sexual frustration and put into making the credit union bigger, better and richer?

Anonymous said...

In addition to queefing, word is bucky beaver Diedra has a particularly strong right-hook, which she uses to keep other board members in line.

As for Wiggy, his treacherous backstabbing only translates to self-promotion, sexual harassment, thievery and lining his own pockets. Wig doesn't give a damn about the success of P1 or it's employees. Besides, this jack-off is really obsessed with scratching his balls.

Anonymous said...

You're right, he doesn't care about Priority One, members or employees and he does like to scratch where his balls used to be.

Anonymous said...

A lot of people in the industry can't undertand why the board wasn't removed and Wiggington fired. Members have lost interest in how the credit union is managed and after so many years, it is obvious Wiggington doesn't have the abiities to lead the credit union. Can't understand why a group of people who publicly mismanage a credit union could remain in authority. If racism isn't an issue, then why does it look like racism?

Chief Jay Strongbow said...

Friday Fun 2-word descriptions:

Buck-toothed Diedra = Smarmy Queefer
Ball Scratching Wiggington = Backstabbing Liar
Girthy Schweener Rodger = Lazy Fatboy

Please help me describe some of the other incompetents. West, Yvonne, Esme, etc?

Anonymous said...

Who was hired as the new CFO?

Anonymous said...

West= Erkle (but less attractive) look-alike. Takes part in plots against employees but keeps a religious front. Is soft spoken but during an after shock, watch him run across the room in panic, like a wet hen.

Yvonne= Big Foot (I think that's her name on her birth certificate), policy breaker, chronic gossip. 2009-2013 spent a lot of time meeting with the COO and later the CLO, in alleys located around the credit union. So what kind of a person is drawn to alleys? Let me think.....

Esme= Years ago a "White" woman struck the car her boyfriend was driving. Besides Esme and her boyfriend, her daughter and sister were in the back seat. Esme says she called the other driver a "f*cking honkey and a bunch of other derogatory labels. I would think Miss Hypocrite who loves fashion but wears tents and who proclaims to be Christian but shacks up with her long time boyfriend and has back stabbed a large number of employees, may also suffer from racism.

Alex= Definitely one of the losers from Rue Paul's Drag Race. Not a convincing woman. Loves gossip. Loves slander. Loves proclaiming her virtues (which she has none of but believes she does).

Ever notice how lots of the managers at the credit union see themselves as good, smart, kind, and accomplished while in reality they love backstabbing, lie, violate policies and are almost all hypocrites? You can almost hear the looney tunes song when they enter a room.

Anonymous said...

Is there a new CFO? At least up until last week we were told to send all inquiries for the CFO to Yvonne. What does Yvonne know about being a CFO? Not a damn thing.

Anonymous said...

If there's a new CFO they have my condolences.

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to get the name of the new CFO once they're hired. Whoever takes the job must be crazy to jump into the bottomless quicksand pit also known as Priority One.

For kicks I'll vet them after the fact with all my CU CEO, DFI and NCUA buddies.

Tempest Storm said...

Who is the biggest Weasel at P1 - Wiggy, Rodger, West, Joe, Yvonne, Esme or Diedra?

Jethro Bodine said...

I applied for the CFO position. I d say I got a good shot at the job, especially since Uncle Jed and Granny taught me how to cypher real good. Plus, I graduated 6th grade, so I am qualified!

My references are Ellie Mae and Banker Drysdale.

Anonymous said...

Wiggington never talks about his father though he has talked about how his mother used to punish him and he talks about his sister who supposedly is a snob. Wiggington’s father was a member of Mt Pleasant Baptist Church and worked hard for Hygrade Meat Packing until he retired. Based on what I read he was the direct opposite of his Charles. Clearly, the apple didn’t come close to the tree. Maybe Charles was adopted.

Anonymous said...

A friend of mine who passed away 6 years ago, applied for the CFO job at P1 and he got a call back. Wish him luck, he's interviewing next Tuesday with the board.

Anonymous said...

Who is the biggest Weasel at P1?

That's a tough one to answer. I know some people might disagree because they might think Rodger is smart and not a weasel, but old "fat for brains"
is quite the weasel even if he's the worlds biggest weasel. He's not as smart as he thinks, sneaky, and resembles the cowardly lion.

Being that someone wrote the board all share 1 brain, I'd have to say that Wiggy, Rodger, West, Joe, Yvonne, Esme, Diedra and Alex share that same brain, making them all one big weasel. Now, the biggest cowards, I mean sissies at the credit union are Wig, Rodger, West, and Diedra. All under handed and always hiding behind other people. Notice I did not include Yvonne or Alex or Esme. Actually, Alex is a bully and Esme is an old classless chola and both are from the barrio. Now Yvonne actually has a pair. She's bold, outspoken, and aggressive, well except with people who show her their not going to tolerate her getting uppity and remind her of her place. That's when she backs off.

Tempest Storm said...


Thanks for differentiating between a Weasel, a Bully, a Chola and a Coward.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I'm sure a lot of people remember how Wiggington brought Gerardo over from the bank they used to work at. G worked for a long time for the credit union and then a couple of years ago, all of a sudden, he gets fired. Wiggington used to say they were friends but he didn't even give G a heads up.

Wiggington also brought over Dane to work as a branch manager and then promoted him to avp. Then Wiggington hires Bea and the two get real tight and she decides to lay Dane off and Wiggington goes along with it.

Wiggington promoted Liz who he knew was overdrawing her checking account on a weekly basis, but he still decides that the woman with more than 20 NSFs a month should be an avp. When the cu lawyer finds out and has her investigated, Wiggington claim she had no idea she overdrew her account even though he signed off on backing out all her NSF fees.

Wiggington promoted Sylvia Perez who had a history of abusing employees. She was hated almost as much as Wiggington. He makes her an avp and she helps him fire so many employees making up stories assassinating their characters. He used to say she brought in so much new business and used to brag he wished all employees were like Sylvia. Why because she was mean and a kiss ass? Then in 2012, they assign monthly quotas to every employee including Sylvia and she can't make her numbers. They write her up twice and she knows one more write up gets her fired so she goes out on a stress leave. She later discovers that Wiggington isn't going to protect her anymore and that her ass is out so she leaves and now works in business development at another company.

Wiggington is the ultimate user. Liz and Sylvia were 2 women you wouldn't want to associate with. Ignorant, unprofessional, lazy, and in the case of Sylvia, someone that lied on her monthly reports for years and years. If you want to see more managers and officers who lied on their monthlies, pull Gema and Georgina's monthly reports for January 2012-December 2012 and you'll find that the accounts they reported as new business appear on other employee reports. These two along with Sylvia and Liz are definitely Wiggington spawns. And let's thank Miss Rodger Smock for letting these people getting away with fraud.

Anonymous said...

@Jethro Bodine

Jethro I hope you get the CFO position. Priority One could sorely use someone in management with a brain. Perhaps you could bring along your sister Jethrine to help you balance the ledgers.

Anonymous said...

@ Jethro Bodine

If you're sister doesn't want to help, I'm sure your dog, Duke, would prove a superior asset at Priority One.

Anonymous said...

I called 626.441.1999, pressed 1 to connect to the call center and at 14 minutes, my call was cut-off. What wonderful service.

Baron Zemo II said...

@Jethro Bodine - Take this advice from the Krypton Council of Elders

Jethro kick Wiggington and his den of thieving backstabbers and slackers to the curb once you get the CFO position. An old-fashioned hillbilly tar & feathering might be good, too.

Then bring in a fresh vigorous management team headed by banker Milburn Drysdale (new CEO) and Jane Hathaway (new COO). Drysdale is known to watch the bottom-line while increasing member services, profitability & branches. And no one is better at operations than Jane Hathaway. Bring along your dog Duke to sniff out embezzlers.

Anonymous said...

Duke could sniff out Queefing Queen Diedra, too.

Anonymous said...

Hopefully Duke won't, cause that might prove traumatic.

When I worked there, I unfortunately got to know Rodger Smock. He tried so hard to be everybody's Auntie May, used to walk slooooowwwwwwlllllllyyyy through the credit union, several times a day, and pass out coupons, smile, say "top of the morning" and so and so on. It was not so much endearing as it was superficial and disingenuous. He was useless but at first, didn't seem harmful until after Mr. Harris retired. He then became poison which is probably really who he always was. When employees went to his office to complain about a manager, like Wiggington, Aaron, or Gema, he'd always give the exact same answer the form of a question. After listing to a complaint, he'd ask, "Are you sure that's what he or she said?" or "Do you think maybe you misunderstood?".

I know he supposedly studied psychology, but his way of running HR was to use manipulation which always made employees look like they misunderstood or maybe, to imply employees couldn't comprehend what the manager said. It was psychology 101. Transparent and outright stupid but all Rodger. I know people blame Wigg and Diedra for all that's wrong at the credit union but you can't ignore Rodger's role. He is as dishonest as the other two. He tries so hard to project an image but guess what, its just as phony as Wigg saying, "Business is great!"

Anonymous said...

Rodger is two-faced, and I don't mean double-chinned.

He's both patronizing and condescending at the same time, while he talks down to you. That's quite a feat.

Jethro, the first thing you do is dump Smock.

Anonymous said...

Rodger is two-faced and double-chinned. Let's not get started on those huge pants he wears. Wiggington used to say that he accompanied Rodger to the dry cleaners and when Rodger came out with his clothes, he got a good look at Rodger's pants and said "They are the biggest pants I've ever seen." Yes, Rodger wears big pants, Wiggington has a big mouth, Yvonne is a Big Boot, etc.

It is amazing that Rodger has the gall to try and talk down to people, as if he possesses a single quality that would make him superior over anyone else or even anything else and I'm including inanimate objects.

Yes, dump Rodger or just take him to a local senior home. Run Wiggington and Diedra out of town after tarring and feathering them. Drop Yvonne back in the forests of northern California. Drive Alex off at Ringling Brothers where she can become their next knife thrower. I don't know what you could possibly do with West. Maybe a doorstop or paper weight. As for Esmeralda, maybe you can tag her and cut her lose in the wild.

Anonymous said...

PS: And I guess you can drop Patti off at the nearest trailer park or at the Grand Ol' Oprey.

Anonymous said...

@Jethro Bodine

When you dump Rodger please stop off at KFC and buy him a Bucket of Extra Crispy as a parting gift for all his years of service. In fact, make it an entire Family Meal Deal with extra gravy, for sopping.

Anonymous said...

Too funny. Giving him a bucket of chicken is more than he and Wiggles have given anyone else. The word sopping is going to stir fond memories in Wiggles.

Anonymous said...

Dump Rodger? Whenever Rodger comes to mind so does the word dump.

Anonymous said...

Hey Wiggy, The extra gravy with Rodger's KFC Family Meal Deal parting gift is for the "special" kind of sopping you've long desired. And now Rodger can join in for sloppy seconds.

Wiggy you haven't done much sopping in quite a while, so you got some catching up to do.

Dr Ben Casey said...

When Wig got really sick he walked around the main branch telling everyone who he could force to listen, about his cancer. Dr. Yvonne Boutte would give him advice on what to do to help his "ball cancer" even though she's not a doctor or cancer specialist. So many of us would act like we were busy so he would stop by, shoot the breeze, and tell us about how sick he is. Too bad he didn't catch hoof mouth disease because maybe that might have slowed down his infernal talking.

Anonymous said...

Well anonymous, I'm not sure who would enjoy the sopping the more- Rodger of Wig.

Granny Clampett said...

Hey Jethro my lovin' nephew,

Ya got a good chance at the CFO job with your 6th grade education. Those board members will be especially impressed since it only took you 3 years to graduate from 6th grade.

Now as far as the gravy for Rodger and Wiggy's Bucket of Extra Crispy KFC, just come on down here to the cement pond where I'm fixin' a vat of hot gopher gravy. If that's not to Wiggle's likin' I made a big batch of beaver gravy, too. Not to worry, either gravy is good for sopping!!

Anonymous said...

Charles used to have a rule that when contacting him on the branch loud speaker, every receptionist was to refer to him as Mr. Wiggington, i.e., Example, "Mr. Wiggington there's a call for you on line 3."

Of course in those days they had 9 branches, lots of members and they didn't have to use the excuse they were cutting costs. Reading the comments, no one refers to him as Mr. Wiggington. Instead, he's called Wig, Wiggles and a bunch of other names. He doesn't command the respect he demanded, does he? Poor stupid, old, gossip addicted, and dishonest Charlie.

Anonymous said...

I vote Wiggington #1....worst president at any credit union. Way to go Wiggington. You said you were going to change the credit union and by gosh you did. You said you were going to make something Mr Harris could never do and you did even though no one expected it to become a horrible credit union that can't even pay employees a decent salary. But don't let what people say bother you because you accomplished what few men could ever do or ever would want to do. Smaller credit union, less members, worth less, less service, bad relationships with postal employees and others all says "Wiggington was here!"

Anonymous said...

Jethro would be a big improvement at P1.

Miss Cleo said...

Replacements for P1 Managers

Wiggington: Replace him with Jethro, Forrest Gump, or Pinky from Pinky and the Brain. An empty carton of cigarettes would also suffice.

Rodger Smock: Replace with a stuffed animal, a box of paper clips, or a cat. Any would prove more useful to the CU than old, useless Rodger.

Yvonne Boutte: Replace her with something that's not from the Big Foot family.

Alex Suarez: Replace with Rupaul. At least he knows how to walk and dress like a woman.

Joe Marchica: Replace him with Rip Van Winkle. Rip would probably be more alert than Joe.

O. Glen Saffold: Replace him with anyone who doesn't have a symbiotic relationship with Diedra.

Gema: Replace him with anyone who doesn't sell pirated movies from her desk.

Diedra: Replace this piece of work with someone who is preferably White, Latino, or Asian and who doesn't see the world in one color or believes that laws don't apply to herself.

Robert West: Replace this one with a smart, savvy, educated, and charismatic White boy/man/girl/woman. Replacement must be White to rattle West's sensibilities.

Esmeralda: Replace her with anyone who weighs less than 200 lbs and who has integrity and maybe someone who doesn't reek of barrio.

Anonymous said...

After they found him guilty of sexual harassment, Wiggington started spreading rumors about employees who he said were sexual harassing and he even fired one guy for supposedly downloading port but Wiggington refused to put it in writing and later denied he ever accused the employee of that. Wiggington made up so many stories about so many people but I used to wonder about him. He used to come to credit resolutions and tell us about when he first came to California from Indiana how he got him "a lot of tail." But at other times, he'd put his arms around the necks of some of the men in the office while talking to them and sometimes even rub their arms and chests. You could tell the guys were uncomfortable but no one said a thing. One time during an all staff meeting, he walked up behind Aaron and put his arm under Aaron's chest and pushed up real close to Aaron's ear said "Hey buddy." Couldn't he say that without touching Aaron?

During a meeting when West defended him he came up to West, but his arms around him and pressed his lips next to West's ears and whispered something we couldn't hear. It was weird.

Another time we were in the old credit resolutions department and could hear him saying how he had been in Rodger's bedroom and saw a photograph of Henry who used to work at Valencia, on top of Rodger's night stand. I always wondered what he was doing in Rodger's bedroom.

He used to talk an awful lot about sex with women but if a person talks a lot about sex then they're probably not really having sex at all or often and I always wondered if someone who is so focused on sex and touches men the way we saw him do it, might swing both ways?

Anonymous said...

I vote for Jethro.

Anonymous said...

I remember that incident with Aaron. Me and another employee wondered if they were going to start kissing. It was disturbing.

Anonymous said...

I vote for anybody who can run the credit union and that includes Jethro, Granny or Duke. And preferably someone that doesn't like talking about sex or is too touchy with both sexes. Just saying.

Anonymous said...

Here's a list of things I'd like to see in a CFO, a CEO, and COO.

1. Someone who doesn't use lying like a business tool.

2. Someone who doesn't repossess property that belongs to members and then transfers it to his name.

3. Someone who doesn't surround himself with officers that are as dishonest and stupid as he is.

4. Someone who qualifies to be an officer because of what he knows instead of the color of his skin.

5. Someone who keeps his personal life and opinions about non-work related stuff to himself and who doesn't think that people want to hear his sex stories.

6. And finally, someone that has good hygiene.

Did I forget anything?

Anonymous said...

How many pirated movies in Gema selling a month? I assume Wiggy, Smck and Diedra condone the illegal transactions. Another shameful activity. The whole management team is some sort f criminal enterprise that would make Tony Soprano proud.

Anonymous said...

In order to be on Priority One's management Texan you got be be either a grifter, liar or a bunco artist.

Anonymous said...

You forgot to mention someone who doesn't scratch their balls.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Gema is selling pirated videos because that’s a new stream of income for Priority One. They sell movie tickets and sometimes they sell Zee’s candy gift certificates so selling pirated movies seems the next logical step in the credit union’s evolution. They can start advertising that members's can buy Zee’s chocolates to eat while at the movies or if they can’t afford buying movie tickets for their entire family then buy a pirated video and a box of chocolates to eat while watching the illegally downloaded movie. When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.

Of course Diedra, Miss Smock and Charlie are going to condone it. When Gema lifted a hold on a check her friend, Georgina, deposited and the check bounced, Smock and Aaron documented an excuse to keep Gema and Georgina from getting suspended or fired and Wiggington knew all about it. Anyway, if Diedra could try and cover up sexual harassment and blame the victim, why would something like breaking the law and policies bother her. She’s the queen of dishonesty at the credit union and Wigg is the village idiot of dishonesty.

I agree, if you're going to be the next CFO, you have better be a grifter, liar, or bunco artist so that you fit in. And definitely, be a ball scratcher. Have you noticed how we all assume Wigg scratches his balls in front of employees? Maybe he's not scratching. Just a thought.

Anonymous said...

In the days when he used to scratch or fondle his pelotas, did anyone ever see Wigg wash his hands before he went into the lounge room to eat his lunch? Food for thought and yes, the pun is intentional.

Another great quality is having officers that are open to getting kick-backs. And maybe people who have real connections to shady auto brokers who they can invite to become preferred brokers of the credit union and who after a few months, steal credit union money and get away with it by filing bankruptcy. Then a few months later, they can be invited back to the credit union as a preferred auto broker. Its full circle.

Anonymous said...

You didn't mention all those years Gema and Georgina had co-workers clock them in. Actually, Gema was the supervisor and she would call her staff when she and Georgina took more than a 60 minute lunch and would tell them to clock them both in. Now the loan department staff went and complained to Rodger but Rodger sat their listening, never wrote a thing down and didn't even talk to them even though policy says that you'll get fired for clocking other employees in. Rodger is so dishonest, untrustworthy and a major leach who gets a pay check for doing absolutely nothing. He says he heads HR but why do you have Rodger, Esmeralda and West in HR when there is only 3 branches left? When they had 9 branches, Rodger and Esmeralda handled the department. Plus West doesn't know anything about HR or compliance which Wiggington gave him a few months ago as job security.

Chief Jay Strongbow said...

How much worse can it get?

Pirated videos for sale
Clearing Bounced checks for cronies
Braking policy
Condoning Sexual harassment
Bloated HR department doing absolutely nothing
Facebook scams and privacy violation
Stealing members autos through a a repo scheme
On the clock ghost workers
Ball scratching
Awarding Henry Justice for bilking P1
Unending gossip
Backstabbing quotas

Anonymous said...

@Jethro Bodine

First tar & feather the whole lot of em. Then dip them all in Granny's gopher gravy. Finally run every last liar, thief, scammer, self-promoter and bunco artist outta town on a rail.

But make sure Wiggy, Rodger and Diedra get a severance package - a KFC Bucket of Extra Crispy legs and thighs.

Anonymous said...

How about a bucket of half eaten wings?

Anonymous said...

I'm confused. I thought Rodger was Granny Clampett?

Anonymous said...

@Chief: Great list, so true.

Anonymous said...

What's the reason for retaining an almost all black board and an entirely black supervisory committee when Priority One's members are made up of many ethnic groups? Is the board the planning something we're not aware of like starring in a remake of Gone with the Wind?

Anonymous said...

Or a remake of a Tarzan movie.

Anonymous said...

Chief Jay Strongbow wrote:

Pirated videos for sale
Clearing Bounced checks for cronies
Braking policy
Condoning Sexual harassment
Bloated HR department doing absolutely nothing
Facebook scams and privacy violation
Stealing members autos through a a repo scheme
On the clock ghost workers
Ball scratching
Awarding Henry Justice for bilking P1
Unending gossip
Backstabbing quotas

Sure, when you put it that way it looks bad. LOL.

Anonymous said...

did you notice that this blog is read all over the world
Wigg, Rodger and the old hag are famous!

For the staff that is still working there keeps your eyes open and post things that they are doing wrong.

This blog could be a movie!!!!

Anonymous said...

For years Liz bounced checks every month but not only did Wig reverse all NSF fees hee promoted her to A V P and gave her a huge raise.. 3 months later she got fired for kiting. This is the low down way Wig does business.

Anonymous said...

Liz was the worst. When she got promoted to manager at Burbank, she got to dealers to sign up for direct sales and that's how she got a lot of new business and stupid old, lazy, good for nothing Wig thought she was really pulling in sales on her own. She used to get to work at 10 am and leave at 3 pm because she said the drive to and from La Verne was long. Do you know any company that would shorten a person's working hours to 5 or 6 per day and pay them for 8 hours just because they supposedly live too far? She was not only dishonest, she was bouncing checks right and left and Wig who was the VP of operations knew about it because he was the only one who could approve reversing that many nsf's in a month. At first she averaged about 2 nsf's per month and at the time Wig promoted her she was up to 12 per month. He promotes people that are as crooked as he is. Mr Harris never had so many horrible people around him like does Wig but Wig is still the worst of his herd.

Anonymous said...

Whoever described Diedra as a dominatrix got it right. She is the actual CEO not pansy ass Charles who is her "boy" and does her bidding like those flying monkeys in the Wizard of Oz.

Baron Zemo said...

Just got back to So. Cal from an out-of-state credit union conference. Several CEOs accosted me during breaks to bring up Priority One, Wiggy and Dominatrix Diedra. One CEO even asked me why Wiggs likes sopping with gravy!!!

Not one of the CEOs could believe Wiggs still has a job. Yes, he is a ball scratching, lying thief but he's Diedra's trained monkey. He's proven he can't manage a credit union. He's really only qualified to run a circus freak show - oh wait, he is running a circus freak show.

Anonymous said...

If Wig wanted to be popular he is because lots of people in a lot of credit unions wonder why he's still President and just as many wonder why the board hasn't been kicked out.

I know people from the DFI read this popular blog so how about one of them chiming in and explaining why Wigg is still president. The DFI intervenes when credit unions are mismanaged and their net capital drops and they struggle with their overhead but if all they look at is the amount of
a credit union's net capital as the determinant factor in whether they are going to take action or not, then maybe their also in dire need of an overhaul.

Anonymous said...

He runs the credit union the way he runs his household. They're both in the toilet.

Anonymous said...

Wiggington is a freak show all by himself. He thought he was so smooth when he told that woman he was going to sop her up like gravy. He is so poetic.

Anonymous said...

Gema, Granted selling pirated videos to supplement your salary is a lucrative side business. But why stop there.
How about selling something Wiggy and Rodger can really use, like Fleshlights, ball-stretchers or dildos. And if you want to make make some real mone don't forget a leather cat-suit, latex gloves and a riding crop for dominatrix Diedra.

Anonymous said...

Rodger loves cats. Throw in a cat suit for fat Boy though it will probably make him look like a giant avocado.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Rodger loves cats. He loves em fried, roasted, sautéed and grilled. Always with a side of gravy for sopping.

Anonymous said...

Yes, at least Gema has developed a way to make money at the credit union even though its not legal and shouldn't be done while at work.

As for fleshlights, ball-stretchers, etc., I'm sure sex-on-the-brain Wigg already has all of them and Rodger might already have a cat suit made of real cats.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone noticed how quiet the managers at South Pasadena are being.

Anonymous said...

No, hadn't noticed but did notice how horrible business is.

Anonymous said...

I'd have to agree, Rodger probably likes cats fried, roasted, sautéed and grilled. In one of our employee training meetings, he described himself as someone that wants to make peace but that proved to be pure BS as Rodger is only out for Rodger. If he could sell Wiggington to get ahead, he'd do it. Actually, I'd do it for nothing. So if he says he loves cats he probably doesn't. The years have made him dizzier.

Anonymous said...

So what happened to making the credit union bigger than Mr Harris could ever get it? It got smaller and making up stories that P1 is smaller because its part of a plan to make it better is more Wiggington crap. He never installed the retention unit he said would help reduce account closures. Have you seen how many members close down their accounts each month? Problem with Wiggington is he's a big mouth. He's got nada to back him up except that moron, Diedra, and when he gets in trouble, he uses P1 money to cover his ass.

Anonymous said...

Awful credit union because of an awful President.

Anonymous said...

In South Pasadena all the managers are awful. That's where Wig, Smock, West, Yvonne, and Esme are located. You never hear complaints about the managers at the other 2 branches except when Yvonne worked temporary at Los Angeles. Some of the employees said they knew she was going to fire them and she did. What Yvonne never realized because she's addicted to herself is that employees were so happy to leave the credit union even if they got fired because they said there is no future there.

Anonymous said...

South Pasadena is a Breeding Ground for Parasites Like Wiggy, West Rodger ,Esme and Big foot .

Anonymous said...

If any one has ever been to South Pas then i'm sure You have smelled the Shit hole that it smells like. This just in FSR Lorena has shared with us about not knowing how much men she has slept with threw out her life she said she lost count after 20

Anonymous said...

I don't understand why employees of Priority One, actually employees at the South Pasadena office feel a need to talk about their sex lives.

Its enough that Wiggington thought we wanted to hear about the time he and a friend went to a bar and invited 3 girls back to Wiggington's apartment. One of the girls- a fat one, had sex with him and her 2 friends and his friend, left. He used to brag that fat girls are great in bed because they really "want it". Want what? From him?

One of the AVP's used to tell us that Smock used to have sex parties at his home. One of the employees asked him to stop telling stories about Smock even if they were true because no one wanted to hear it and they didn't think Smock told him about his supposed sex parties so that he could repeat the stories.

One former receptionist used to talk and talk about how her live-in boyfriend mistreated her.

Sonia, the loan supervisor, used to talk about her disloyal husband (he was her boyfriend) and about the father of her son.

Alex used to talk about the father of her child who was going to marry her but moved up north. Moved? I think she meant fled up north.

Manny used to talk about the strip clubs he frequented in Tijuana and one of the girls he met there who he dated even though he was married.

Esmeralda talked about the "white" people she didn't like and a lot of us were sure she wasn't liked by whites, blacks, asians and a whole lot of latins.

Patti told us about how her son knocked up the mother of his twins.

The list is almost endless. These people were never taught to watch what they talk about. According to what I read on the comments, now they have a black female talking about her sex life, a black man who assaulted another employee and now an FSR who had to talk about all the men she had sex with. No wonder this credit union has hit the skids.

Anonymous said...

Lorena did not lose count of how many men she bedded. In fact, she has an detailed Excel spreadsheet that keeps an exact count of all the men she's banged. The spreadsheet includes names, height, race, hair color, weight and most important Schweener length and girth.

Jane Goodall said...

Normally, one might wonder why there are so many bad managers in an entire credit union particularly in one office but its the President who sets the tone. Did you see this many horrible managers at the credit union when Mr Harris was president? No, because he has a good character.

Parasites always gather together. You can't have honest, hard working employees if the president and board are low class chumps.

Wiggington became president and he hired Yvonne. Yvonne brought in Alex and promoted her. The 3 are horrible people even though they'll use words like "good", "honest", and "hard working" to describe themselves. Try "evil", "dishonest, "greedy, and "bully", these are a way better fit to describes these parasites.

Tempest Storm said...

Gravy sopper Wiggy is a public embarrassment. Last week I caught him both crotch grabbing and ball scratching.

Plumper Rodger was watching the whole sordid episode with a big grin on his face. Maybe he was smiling cause he just finished a big bucket of KFC extra crispy. Or maybe he was anticipating his daily tea-bagging from Wiggy.

Anonymous said...

Rodger does have that Chershire Cat smile. There it is again- cat. Taking Rodger’s side for just one moment, he likes and treats cats better than he does humans, well except for his young, live-in boyfriend/son whom I'm sure gets the royal cat treatment.

Years ago, just before he became president, Wiggington dropped by in an after work employee gathering. To this day, I have wondered who thought it was a good idea to include him in an after work gathering. After downing 2 glasses of Chivas Regal in less than 20 minutes, he started telling one of the employees, “Come here so I can whip your ass. You know you want it. Get over here.” He tried coaxing her for several minutes though she did not respond. Not responding to Wiggington’s invitation only opens the door to having Mr. Big Mouth, go on and on and on and that night, he did. He told her she’d been asking for an “ass whopping for a long time” and said, “that’s what you need.” At the time, old stupid was the VP of operations. By the way, one of the worst and most ignorant VP’s imaginable and no surprise he sucks as president. After another 15 minutes of listening to his jabbering, I got up and left. I remember wondering why an officer of a credit union would talk that way. Aside from the legal ramifications, it was so inappropriate and made him look like the disgusting creep he is.

Anonymous said...

Plumper Rodger? That is funny. Plumper, Fat Boy, Fluffer, it's all the same.

Anonymous said...

Why hasn't anyone ever whopped Wig in his pie hole? I know he wants it.

Chief Jay Strongbowp said...

Soon it'll be Thanksgiving sooner than you think. Wig and Rodger love this holiday.

Nothing better than Plumper Rodger preparing a Butterball Turkey with all the trimmings. Rrodger makes his own special stuffing with a secret ingredient - can you guess what it is? Wiggy always stops by for Rodger's homemade gravy. It's perfect for sopping. And Wigy always brings a tub of leftover gravy back to his dump.

Father XMas said...

Wig and Smock might make holidays memorable for one another but for years, they made holidays memorable for so many people.

In those days not so long ago, when Priority One could afford throwing Christmas parties for employees and their guests and when they could rent out a nice hall and pay for catered food, Wig would try to make himself the center of attention. He'd sit at a table, usually wearing a business suit without a tie (just like he does while at the office) and always with his son present. This was of course in the years Wig Jr. got busted for selling methamphetamines but that's a story for some other time.

Wig would drink up a storm because next to ruining a credit union and stripping people of their jobs, he loves the liquor almost as much as he loves talking about his sex life. He'd always talk loudly because he doesn't know how to speak softly.... or intelligently. He never realized that a lot of employees felt so ashamed when their husbands, wives, and guests would ask laughingly, "Is that the President?" Ah, yes, those were some of my most memorable holidays when working at the credit union. But the festivities really got going when Rodger who during the holidays prefers being called Mrs. Santa, would show up and with a drink in tow, walk around acting jovial and typically insincere. And who can forget the office elves- Gema, Georgina, and the rotund, Esmeralda. The women were so proud because they chose the place where the party was held, they ordered the food and they went during the months of October and November, buying gifts that would be given away at the party. Of course these three paragons of virtue, would make sure guests and employees whose numbers were called, received one of the nicely wrapped gifts that lay atop the table. But when their numbers were called (and their numbers were always called) they would pull out an ornately wrapped gift from under the table and laughingly present these to one another. Yep, Christmas cheer, fraud, dishonesty, an overly talkative and inebriated president and a towering, fat EVP, all made Christmas' memorable for everybody involved. Ah, those were the days.

Anonymous said...

Wig is disgusting. He talks when his mouth is full of food, he scratches or fondled his genitalia when he's walks around the office and he smells ripe.

Anonymous said...

I miss the Xmas parties. The real entertainment was the so called all Latina holiday committee with their unique gift exchange.

Jabba the Hutt said...

Wiggy has this disgusting ritual when he eats. I wanna wretch every time i see Wiggy chomping his food with his mouth wide-open. Smacking loudly with every bite. Stuffing food into his yap like its his last day on earth. To make things worse he won't stop jabbering even with a pie-hole full of food.

Then at the end of every gluttonous meal he gets up, stretches, and just when he thinks no one is looking he grabs his smelly crotch. I'm not sure if he's adjusting his balls or scratching his gonads. Perhaps he just likes to fondle his own testicles since no one else will.

In any event, the entire process is so disgusting and off-putting as can be. It's truly embarrassing Wiggy is P1s President. I blame dominatrix Diedra.

Anonymous said...

You know what I muss? The days when Esmeralda would say the blog was all lies. What she hated was that she got exposed as a liar and back stabber. She set a wonderful example when she and the others would leave the branch to supposedly buy gifts for the Christmas party and spend two hours each day, drinking alcohol and eating on the cu's tab instead of going to buy gifts and coming back to work. They got paid to go drinking. Good example by a member at HR.

Anonymous said...

I haven't seen him lately because I now eat after Wigginngton eats lunch , but he has the habit of sitting at one of the tables in the lounge room and then talking loudly on his cellular. Our stupid president doesn't care that we don't get paid during lunch so it's our time to relax, talk quietly with coworkers, read etc. Instead we're forced to listen to loud mouth while he talks. And he's always got that blue tooth in his ear like it's a fashion statement.

Anonymous said...

I haven't seen him lately because I now eat after Wigginngton eats lunch , but he has the habit of sitting at one of the tables in the lounge room and then talking loudly on his cellular. Our stupid president doesn't care that we don't get paid during lunch so it's our time to relax, talk quietly with coworkers, read etc. Instead we're forced to listen to loud mouth while he talks. And he's always got that blue tooth in his ear like it's a fashion statement.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Jabba the Hutt.

Anonymous said...

I wish Wiggy would shove that Bluetooth up his ass.

Can anyone shove that Bluetooth up Wiggy's ass?

On second thought, I bet Rodger wishes he had a Bluetooth up his ass.

Anonymous said...

I am certain not one human or animal would want to be in close proximity to his ass plus I'm almost sure he's never cleaned that blue tooth.

i hate the way he talks and smells said...

And when he doesn't sit in the lounge room you can hear everything he says from his office because big moron has a big mouth. He has an office door he could close but maybe he's afraid he'd be overwhelmed by his own smell.

Anonymous said...

Things that are smaller than Charles mouth....

1. A hippos mouth
2. The grand Canyon
3. Jupiter

Things that are quieter than Charles' jabber....

1. Two cars crashing
2. Breaking the sound barrier
3. Ana atomic explosion

People who talk and think less about sex than Charles...

1. A 16 year old boy
2. Hugh Hefner
3. A hooker

Anonymous said...

Three people or things more honest than P1's board.....

1. Enron's board
2. O.J. Simpson
3. Bernie Madoff

Anonymous said...

Aye Chihuahua!!!!

Commissioner Gordonu said...

I wish Jabba the Hutt would shove that Bluetooth up Wiggy's, Rodger's or Diedra's ass.

Bernie Madoff admitted in court he was a dishonest grifter out to line his own pockets.

P1's Board is either incompetent or dishonest, but they won't admit it.

Perry Mason said...

That's because they're nuts. For years they insist that they're the victims. Of course the victim role they love playing doesn't hold up each time somebody presents evidence proving they've broken laws and abused people, that's why every lawsuit filed by an ex-employee is always settled. Now after they settle they claim that the money was a paltry amount to pay and Wigg has even said its worth getting the former employees off the credit union's back, but why would you pay out money, even a paltry sum, if you have done nothing wrong? The answer is- Priority One's President and Board are guilty of sin and paying a settlement is better than going to court and having all their dirty laundry brought out in the open and entered into a court record. That's why their expensive shyster, pond scum attorney, Schimley hammered out settlements, cheaper and less embarrassing. Of course, he wasn't cheap but nonetheless a pure, unadulterated bottom feeder. That's the kind of attorney that has to defend Priority One because attorneys who truly believe in their client's innocence would never defend Wiggington.

Anonymous said...

They're incompetent and dishonest and suffer from tunnel vision because all they see is black.

Anonymous said...

@Perry Mason

Agreed. YAttorney Schimley is a schmuck.

Anonymous said...

I agree to. Dirty attorney to defend a dirty credit union.

Anonymous said...

What is wrong with the board?

Anonymous said...

They're dishonest and oh so ignorant. Can you believe Diedra is board chair? There probably isn't another credit union into the world where she could
be board chair.

Anonymous said...

@Commissioner Gordon

My description of Priority One's Board: In the credit union industry you will never find a more wretched rat's nest of scum, corruption and villainy. The Board takes their cue from Diedra the Dominatrix and Queen of Queefers. As a group these parasites only care about travel junkets, opulent meals, ritzy conferences (think Venetian in Vegas) and lining their own pockets, as member service suffers and dividends are near zero.

Anonymous said...

I forgot about their travel junkets and Diedra's now famous behaviors while in Vegas. Odd that it never occurred to the board chair that THE $100 daily allowance she got from the credit union was not for spending at the casino bar. The woman's track record is one huge record of abuse, lies and hypocrisy. Years before that, the board traveled to Hawaii and Europe. The purpose of the trips was first and foremost to attend seminars and conferences where they would LEARN about how to be better directors. Not so for this board who went sight seeing. If they wanted to go sight seeing, then they should have spent their own monies buying a ticket to Europe not abusing CU monies. You're so right again, members are the ones that pay for the failures of this embarrassing ghetto board.

Anonymous said...

@Comissioner Gordon- so right

Anonymous said...

A few years ago I attended a holiday event with one of former board director, Thomas Gathers, and his friend, Charles. The credit union used to donate gifts to holiday events and that year, donated gas cards. During the raffle, the board member's ticket # got called and he ran up and picked up his card. Some of the guests yelled out, "You're with the credit union, that's not fair." He turned and replied, "I'm not giving away my gas card." It was revealing that this moron couldn't understand that the cards were part of a public relations gesture. He said a horrible example and his buddy, Charles, laughed instead of asking him to return the card so a guest of the event could get a chance at winning the card. Besides having no class, a big problem with Charles and the board is just how clueless they are. They have no idea what they're role is or that the serve members, not the other way around. Ignorant, uneducated, rude and dishonest are the only way to describe Charles and the directors.

Commissioner Gordon said...

Guess which top shelf Vegas shows P1's Board members went to on the credit union's dime:

O at the Bellagio
Ka at MGM
David Copperfield at Caesars
Beatles Love
Terry Fator at Mirage
Penn & Teller at the Rio

Anonymous said...

@Commissioner Gordon

You're right as always Commisioner, the Board is a rat's nest full of greedy vermin.

Anonymous said...

I used to work out of the Van Nuys office. I worked for Sylvia Perez. She loved Wiggington and said he was a friend of her and her husband. Wiggington used to say he wished all employees were like Sylvia. Sylia is neurotic, a control freak, critical, abusive, a liar, and backstabber. She also said she was a christian but none of us believed it.

One time we got robbed. The next day she told us she saw the man when he got to the door and suspected he might rob the place because he was wearing sunglasses and a hoody. To get inside the branch, members have to wait for an employee to let them in. So Sylvia sees a man who she admits she thought was going to rob the place and he does. While he stood between the FSR desks and the tellers with a gun pointed at the assistant manager, Syvlia sat inside her office and she didn't press the button located under her desks that would have alerted the police.

I don't know how Sylvia got a job as an office just like I don't know how Wiggington got to be president or Rodger got to head HR, but managers lea

Anonymous said...

ves a lot to be desired.

Anonymous said...

And then Sylvia gets kicked to the curb by her supposed friend- two faced Wiggington.

Anonymous said...

Bet she'd still be there if she was black.

Anonymous said...

Black, stupid, no morals, over weight, big mouth, liar.. Any of these will help you get in Wig's inner circle. Oh, I guess gay and hypocritical sometimes gets you there too, i.e. Rodger and Robert West.

Anonymous said...

So Commissioner Gordon, which LV shows did they see?

Madonna said...

We are offering a Back 2 School loan "from Daycare & & Kindergarten to High School or College, Back-to-School can be costly." Of course, its probably not enough if you are going back to college and I'm not sure a child how a child going to Daycare might need $1200, for example unless its to pay for daycare.

Commissioner Gordon said...

You asked for it - List of the shows Board members saw in Vegas:

O at the. Bellagio
David Copperfield at Caesars
kA at MGM
Beatles Love at Mirage

Red Reddington said...

People you can trust on this blog:

John the blog founder
Commissioner Gordon
Perry Mason
Chief Strongbow
Jabba the Hutt
Tempest Storm
Krypton Council of Elders
Jethro Bodine
Granny Clampett

People not to be trusted because they are greedy, dishonest lying liars:

Wiggington the ball scratching loudmouth gravy sopper
Dominatrix Diedra the Queefer Queen
Plumper Rodger Smock
Robert West the hypocrite
Gema counterfeit video pirate
The P1 Board of Directors a literal rat's nest ,

Anonymous said...

The list sounds accurate and compliant with those stringent truth in advertising laws.
The CU sent Diedra and her rats to LV to attend classes that would help them improve their performance as directors. So between going to LV shows and spending large amounts of time in the hotel bar, when did Diedra have time to attend classes? Hard to believe she was a manager at the post office.

Anonymous said...

Heard through the grapevine Diedra demanded her $100 daily allowance be given to her in casino chips. I'm not kidding!!

Anonymous said...

Why not just buy her a case, make that 3 cases of her favorite booze? Anyway, Wig used of what should be his famouse accounting manipulation to FIX the books so that it didn't look like she exceeded her $100 a day allowance for LV. He did something similar for Bea Walker. When she was COO, she needed a laptop. She was supposed to go to Tsui Tang, the IT supervisor and submit a requisition but that wasn't good enough for old dishonest Beatrice Walker who ordered a $5000 laptop and first took the receipt to Tsui to make sure her credit card got reimbursed. Tsui refused. So she went to Wigg who gave accounting permission to reimburse her. Less than a year later, she brought Randy McBride in to be Tsui's manager. She, Wigg and Smock then hatched a plot and told Randy to tell Tsui he failed to perform an important procedure. Tsui told Randy the procedure was one only performed by accounting but Randy was ordered by Bea and Wiggington to fire Tsui. This is just the way things are done at the dirty old credit union.

In 2009 and 2010, Bea used to give her receipts to accounting so they could reimburse her but a lot of times, she'd tear off the top portion so that the name and date of the business didn't appear. Wigg ordered accounting reimburse her each and every time. And no surprise, but Rodger Smock, Robert West, and Esmeralda Sandoval all knew what Bea was doing.

Such an honest company, no wonder they're growing and opening new branches all the time. Oh wait, they're not!

Clarence Darrow said...

Oh, Wiggy, your'e not only a sexual harasser and car stealer, but a cheater and liar who breaks the rules. I have to ask you Boy, how do you have the nerve to fire anyone for supposedly breaking the rules when you break the law? Hippo-Krite. No wonder you got to surround yourself with vultures.

Anonymous said...

Diedra probably demanded casino chips, an open bar, free show passes, and hotel suite. I mean its the least the credit union and members could do for all the years of wonderful work she's contributed.

Anonymous said...

Diedra = Wigg

Anonymous said...

Poor Diedra. She made a mess of the annual election a fewcyearscago so she could make sure the mostly black directors stayed on the board. She let federal law be broken to and covered up Wigg's illegal acts so she could make sure Wigg stayed president that way she could continue controlling the credit union. She hired bea walker to fire employees who Wigg said were trying to take his job. She got what she wanted plus a small, poorer credit union and a president who is the industry joke. Poor poor Diedra.

Anonymous said...

Wiggy has been accused of scratching his itchy balls or possibly playing with his testicles in front of members and staff. Sure he grabs his crotch a lot - But why? It's more probable Wiggy is adjusting a pocket pussy (a type of portable vagina) that he wears while at work to get himself off! ��

Commissioner Gordon said...

It's hard to determine what is more contemptible, Deidra demanding casino chips while at a so-called educational conference in Vegas or Wiggington wearing a pocket pussy (not sure if wearing is the right word to describe what Wiggy is doing) during the work day.

Anonymous said...

I'm not surprised Wiggy is wearing a pocket pussy. All of a sudden his contemptible behavior is starting to come into focus.

I wonder what weird contraption Rodger is wearing to account for his bizarre behavior.

Anonymous said...

Wow, lots of comments about Wig's genetelia. Well, to be fair, there was a lot of years when Wig forced a lot of us to listen to his long drawn out and boring stories about the women who were not his wife, that he had sex with. He's definitely sleeing in the bed he made. Well if he wanted to be remembered for sex then he got exactly what he put into it all those years. Never understood what kind of person believes people want to hear their sex fantasies.

Anonymous said...

Wigs appears to be a sex addict. Wearing a pocket pussy confirms it. He's a sicko!

Anonymous said...

Asking for the chips is more ontemptible. One is unethical and the other is a bad habit or a psychological problem or a hygiene issue.

Commissioner Gordon said...

There is something going on at Priorty One to offend absolutely everyone in the credit union industry. Thieves, sexual harassers, grifters, video pirates, backstabbers & loudmouth ball scratchers.

Tyrant Diedra is a horror. Spending an entire conference at the Casino bar. Demanding Casino chips, really! Wiggy is an incompetent manipulator. Wearing a pocket pussy to gratify his perverted desires is disgusting and offensive.

I have never seen a worse group of credit union managers. Check that - this is the worst management team in any industry since 1934.

Anonymous said...

When I worked there I had the misfortune of having to often listen to Wiggington brag about how smart he is, how great he is in bed, how awful his sister and son are, how he understands what people want and so and so and so on. When he was VP of operations he was simply awful. Lazy, ignorant, slovenly, spending hours each day on personal calls. As I read the comments it looks like a lot of people have pegged Wigg for what he is plus he is one of the biggest, most classeless hypocrites you'll ever meet. And please whatever you do, don't sit in front of him when he eats unless you like projectile food. He talks with his mouth open. The man never shuts up. I wasih he was a ventriliquist. I used to leave the lounge whenever he came to eat because frankly, he can kill your appetite.

Manny used to talk about some Tijuana stripper he used to see when he drove down to Tijuana and Wiggington and Rodger knew Manny liked to watch porn while at work.

For awhile, Rodger used to mostly hire young Latino boys, most of who have since left the credit union. No secret that his color is brown, sometimes white, never black. I remember him years ago when Betty was over member services that he used to walk into the department every morning and straighten Henry Campos tie and collar. I'm sure the 20-some year old was quite capable of fixing his own tie and collar. Betty hated seeing him do that. Like he is today, Rodger was the head of HR and it was no secret that he was seeing Henry. Rodger made no secret about it and Wigg said he saw Henry's framed photo on Rodger's nightstand.

Robert West used to spend most days writing his self-help books even though he was on payroll and supposedly the company trainer. He also used to nap in his office during working hours. If you want to see someone who has awful work ethics, then look at Robert. He's now the Employee Services director even though he's just a puppet, because the real head of the department is Rodger. Robert West is a good example of how being black equate job security if you're a black male. Black women don't fare well at priority one because Wigg prefers black males (at times) almost always over black women. Yvonne is only there because she knows collections but if I remember correctly, she was a bull in a china shop.

Anonymous said...

Did you mean the worst team since 1934 BC?

Anonymous said...

Yvonne is a Big Foot in a china shop.

Commissioner Gordon said...

I chose 1934 because that was the year Dillinger broke out of the Crown Point, Indiana jail using a wooden gun - that was a pretty incompetent management team Priority One's is just as incompetent. P1 has an edge though cause they're thieves and Backstabbers, too.

Anonymous said...

The only good thing that's come out of Wiggington's phucups is the credit union can't afford to send the directors to Vegas or even Century and Prarie. The only money these dumb ass so-called volunteers get is their gas paid to attend the monthly meetings in South Pasadena and free cable because Wigg hooked up their home computers to the credit union's network.

Anonymous said...

They're volunteers which means they don't get paid and they don't get gas mileage paid. What the hell is wrong with the directors and Wiggington because he has to be approving them getting gas money.

Anonymous said...

Commissioner Gordon, you are correct.

Chief Strongbow said...

@ Commissioner Gordon you're dead-on as always.

The whole thing is a sick Daisy Chain.

Wiggington approves everything the board wants - gas money, lavish trips to Vegas, Hilton Head, Hawaii and opulent meals. Wiggy gives extra special consideration for Diedra with Casino Chips, too.

The Board approves everything Wiggy wants - bonuses, raises, new equipment for his office. They look the other way when Wigg, Rodger and crew steal, backstab, lie, shrink branches, fire staff. No board member cares about gravey sopping, ball scratching, Wiggy's unbearable body odor, sex harassment, etc.

It's an endless cycle of mutual masturbation.

Jabba the Hutt said...

Wiggy is the absolute worst credit union CEO in history. He does not have a shred of talent, unless you consider ball scratching, loud-talking and eating with your mouth wide open talent. Well he does have one talent - he surrounds himself with incompetent henchmen and evil sycophants.

How this bottom feeder wound up in a position of power is hard to comprehend. It's mind boggling!

Anonymous said...

the board gets gas money and money for attending the meeting. A very nice christmas dinner and treats for their meeting.

Anonymous said...

They get their gas paid which I'm pretty sure VOLUNTEERS at other credit unions don't get. They get free Internet which I'm sure VOLUNTEERS at other credit unions don't get. When the Wigg and his managers break the law, they have carte blanche access to attorneys. When it comes to spending on legal, sky is the limit. And they continue to reward Wigg a bonus at the end of the year. Most businesses reward bonuses for a job well done, not a P1 where Wigg gets a bonus for a job done badly which has to leave you asking, what is Diedra getting out of it?

Anonymous said...

@Jabba the Hutt

Agreed, Wiggy is a bottom-feeder. And Rodger is a bottom-receiver.

Anonymous said...

How was do you get a whole board with no ethics.

Anonymous said...

How did they find a whole board with no ethics?

Anonymous said...

More importantly, Rodger is Wigg's bottom. Or maybe its the other way around.

Anonymous said...

@Jabba the Hutt

One is a bottom-feeder; the other is a bottom-eater.

Anonymous said...

Its so funny that when Wiggington became President he really believed people were going to buy into his stories that he was going to make the credit union bigger, open new branches, get the best technology money could buy and increase is bottom line. I guess he fooled himself into believing that no one notice he was the suckiest VP of operations. He was so ignorant and if you asked him any question about operation not only did he never have an answer, he'd aways send you off to some other department. Maybe if he'd spend less time playing with his iPod, talking hours on end to his aunt, or playing on the internet looking at BMW's and porn, he might have focused on the job at hand. He thought being president meant you could get other people to do your job. True, delegating is part of any leaders job but you still have to lead and that's something old big, mouth, unpolished, good for nothing, Wiggington can never do. He just doesn't have the stuff needed to be a leader though he doesn't have that special something that can destroy a business.

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