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Friday, August 8, 2014

The Tale of the Missing Report

On May 26, 2014, we learned Priority One Credit Union President, Charles R. Wiggington, Sr. ordered that managers of the Credit Union's last three (3) remaining branches, not distribute copies of the 2013 Annual Report which was scheduled to be distributed in two days, during the Wednesday, May 28th Annual Meeting. 

Intermittently, since January 1, 2007, President Wiggington has tried to censor information about the Priority One's financials. His efforts have often been accompanied by rumors of the Credit Union's success, all perpetrated by the President and boasting that business is growing physically and financially. Unfortunately, the President's deceitful acts have been undermined by the Credit Union's financial reports whose data eventually trickles on to the Internet. 

Each year, Priority One makes its annual report available on its website, in a PDF format. However, in 2014 the last annual report published by the Internet on its website is the 2012 Annual Report.  

Since 2009, Priority One's Balance Sheet/Income Statement and Annual Report have proven problematic to the President and continually undermined his efforts to create the impression that Priority One is a credit union experiencing real growth and generating real and substantial profits. Over the years, President Wiggington's fabrications have always garnered the support of the Board of Directors and more specifically, its Chairperson, Diedra Harris-Brooks. What their efforts to hide information proves, is that the President and Board have a lot to hide, otherwise why expend so much censoring the credit union's financial information? 

Under state and federal laws, Priority One like all other credit unions, is required as a non-profit, to post its monthly Balance Sheet/Income Statement in a conspicuous place within each branch. Priority One is also required to provide copies of its Balance Sheet/Income Statement to all active members who request they be provided a copy of the statement. The Credit Union is also required by law, to provide copies of its annual report to members requesting the report. 


Since mid-2009, the President and Board Chair have periodically complained they are weary of seeing the Credit Union's financials analyzed and dissected publicly. Their almost compulsive need to paint a rosy picture of a thriving Credit Union is possibly founded on the hope people will cleave to their statements at face value and without demanding evidence to support their contentions. Their actions suggest they will always try and divert attention from the Credit Union's decaying service standards, closing branches, declining asset size and the Credit Union's absence withing the communities it allegedly serves. 

As we've often reported in past posts, Priority One is nowadays a credit union addictively reliant on expense reductions. The public exposure of President Wiggington's bungling decisions, failed enterprises and sometimes illegal acts, have not boded well for a President who in 2007 proclaimed he would transform Priority One's then nine branches into state-of-the-art, technically savvy service centers that would rival the products and services offered by bigger, wealthier credit unions. Unfortunately, for the chronically boastful President, his alleged transformation of the credit union never materialized. In fact, under his leadership, Priority One was transformed from a growing medium-sized credit union to a small, inconspicuous and no longer competitive credit union. 

In 2010, auditors informed the President that the credit union's capital was dropping dangerously close to the dreaded 6% minimum. At the time, auditors urged the President to reduce expenses and even consider closing one of the credit union's least profitable branches. In January 2010, he and then COO, Beatrice Walker, asked employees during an all staff meeting, to provide suggestions on how to reduce spending. Numerous suggestions were made by employees, including one which asked that management voluntarily reduce their salaries until Priority One could regain its financial footing. The employee making the suggestion was laid-off a few weeks later- a victim of a plot concocted by the President, the COO, and Executive Vice President, Rodger Smock who took tremendous effrontery from her remark. 

In September 2010, the COO and then CFO, Saeid Raad, decided the Credit Union would close its Redlands and Valencia branches because neither location was generating enough business to offset the more than $5200 spent each month to lease each space. The REAL reason for choosing to close the Redlands branch is that President Wiggington suffered from a purely emotional disdain for Riverside County which had been acquisitioned through a merger orchestrated by his predecessor in late 2006.  In January 2007, during his first month as President, Charles R. Wiggington, Sr. complained to staff and representatives of other credit unions that he "inherited a mess" from his predecessor. 

Closure of the Valencia branch was also personal and emotional. Prior to targeting the location for closure, the then COO tried to force a friendship of sorts, with that office's Branch Manager. When the Branch Manager rejected the COO's advancements, the COO ordered the office closed and the Branch Manager demoted. The Branch Manager resigned before the Valencia branch closed and in 2012 filed a lawsuit citing wrongful termination and same-sex sexual harassment. 

In mid-2011, the President concocted a contrived story, alleging he ordered closure of the Redlands and Valencia branches as part of a grand scheme to eliminate offices located in regions where Member-Owners did "not show allegiance" to the credit union and who were only interested in maintaining single-service (savings/share) accounts, adding that this apparently large sector of members were not only unprofitable to but costing the credit union valuable monies paid out in the form of dividends.


The President's statement was nothing less than preposterous and another in a long list of lame excuses made over the past 7 years, trying and hoping to rationalize his gross ineptitude. The closures were necessary and not planned for the purpose of eradicating unprofitable single account holders. The closures enabled Priority One to remain in business, however, one might have thought that after 7 years of public failures and inane excuses, that the President might have thought it a little too late to try and save face by concocting excuses to escape accountability for his frequent bungling. However, even without the credit union's financials, the most obvious testament to his failures is the closure of 6 branches since October 2010, though the closures are but one of a long slew of failures that have continually proven Charles R. Wiggington, Sr. is unqualified to serve in the capacity of President and CEO of the now small credit union.  His immature tendency to try and escape accountability does nothing to dispel the fact that over the years, he has proven completely incapable of creating and implementing effective strategies that produce real growth and generate profit. Clearly, planning and strategizing are not his forte. In 2007, he bludgeoned and eventually decimated the Credit Union's once prize-winning Marketing Department. In 2012, he disbanded the Business Development Department and in 2013, he relegated all business development efforts to the chronically inept, Joseph Garcia, who once served as an AVP before being demoted to Business Development Representative on January 15, 2013. 


This past June, we decided to try and obtain a copy of the concealed 2013 Annual Report.  Our trek began with a visit to the Los Angeles branch, located in the depressed corner of Central and Florence Avenues south of downtown Los Angeles. When we entered the branch, we discovered six people standing in line waiting to be assisted by a single teller. We looked towards the desks where not so long ago, one could find a receptionist and FSR's but during our visit, there was no one at any of the 4 desks. We did observe two Asian women leaving the vault, carrying a single box and after placing it on a counter, re-entering the vault. We decided waiting in line was our only recourse. 

After a 23-minute wait, we finally met with the teller. We asked if we could have a copy of the 2013 Annual Report. She stared back, apparently unaware of what is an annual report. We asked, "Do you have a copy of the latest annual report?" She replied, "I don't know what that is." We explained that the report is usually distributed during and after the annual meeting. She asked, "Annual meeting?" She then turned to a woman who sat to her right. She asked if she knew what an annual report is? The woman replied that she did not. The teller turned and advised us that the woman- her supervisor, did not know what an annual report is. We walked over to the reception area where we noticed an FSR who apparently arrived while we waited in line. We asked if we could obtain a copy of the annual report, but like the teller, stated she did not know what an annual report is. We thanked her and left. 

A few days later, we drove to the main branch in South Pasadena. We proceeded to the teller area and waited for 10 minutes before we were able to speak  to a teller. The teller informed us that she never heard of an annual report and apologized because her supervisor was at lunch, asking if someone could call us back. We declined and advised we would return later that same day. 

The following week we visited the Van Nuys branch and were referred to an FSR by a teller who like the other tellers we spoke to at the other branches, that she never heard of an annual report, however, she called an FSR who sat nearby. The FSR informed us that the office had not been provided copies of the annual report but they could call the main branch and ask that one be sent to us. We told her that we would visit the main branch instead. 

Evidently, President Wiggington has raised an army of mostly unskilled and uninformed employees. In past posts, we've periodically reported that President Wiggington apparently views ignorance as bliss, but unbeknownst to the incompetent President, ignorance is simply ignorance.  


Cover of Priority One Credit Union's 2013 Annual Report

A Study in Frugality

At the end of June, we obtained a copy of Priority One's closely guarded 2013 Annual Report. We were taken aback by the cheap quality and appearance of the report. The report stands as yet another example of what every business should avoid when reducing expenses. Priority One's 2013 Annual Report screams frugal and its construction is shoddy. It is also an embarrassing testament to how Charles R. Wiggington, Sr. chooses to do business. This year's publication- a thin, single glossy page, folded in half, quickly became worn and covered with creases while we first read it. Inarguably, the 2014 Annual Report is a far cry from the beautifully designed reports produced by Priority One's once prize-winning Marketing Department in the many years before Charles R. Wiggington, Sr. was appointed President. 

However, even the report's shoddy and cheap appearance is overshadowed by its contents consisting of three poorly written addresses signed by the President and Board Chair, the Board's Treasurer, and the Supervisory Committee Chair. We believe the addresses may have been authored by Executive Vice President, Rodger Smock. 

This year's report is titled Maintaining Forward Progress (versus Maintaining Backward Progress). We assume it never occurred to any of the officers that "Forward" and "Progress" are synonyms. A better title might have been Moving Forward. That said, the addresses contain the usual inferences of success and express hope for the future. As usual, the veracity of the statements made by each officer are all too easily dispelled by Priority One's own monthly Balance Sheet/Income Statements and quarterly Financial Performance Reports filed with the NCUA. Here are the four addresses:

Message from the

"What are the priorities to ensure our mission, Maintaining Forward Progress?

To continue and maintain a safe and sound Credit Union; continue to reduce operating expenses; improve overall Credit Union operations and control loan losses. Most importantly, we are improving our net income. We have continued to see improvements - specifically in real-estate values, delinquencies, and unemployment." 

Forward Progress? In December 2013, Priority One closed its Airport branch, an event that sharply undercuts the Credit Union's claim of Forward Progress. One month following closure of the Airport branch, Priority One closed its Santa Clarita branch which originally opened on February 2, 2012, amidst tremendous fanfare incited by the President, who at the time proclaimed arrogantly, that people in Santa Clarita would flock to the new branch "wanting to become Members." January 2014's closure brought a permanent end to that office's 23-month run, something that can hardly be described as Forward Progress

In their opening statement, the President and Board Chair make absolutely no reference to the February 2013 audit of the Los Angeles branch's records which disclosed that money had again been stolen from that location. In March 2013, Vice President of Operations, Yvonne Boutte, violated the policy governing confidentiality and informed some of her staff in South Pasadena that the thefts were allegedly perpetrated by the AVP of the Los Angeles and Airport branches. What we find peculiar is that Priority One's President and Board chose not to seek prosecution of the AVP, despite the fact the thefts constitute a felony. In March 2013, the President disclosed a trial bring more negative attention to the scandal ridden credit union and might be used as fodder by his detractors and critics. 

In their address, the President and Board Chair state they "continue to reduce operating expenses." As we began pointing out in late 2010, reducing operating expenses was initially introduced as a temporary solution to help the struggling credit union regain its financial footing. At the time, auditors informed the President that net capital was dropping dangerously close to 6%. The temporary solution has since become a way of life for Priority One who appears to have developed an addictive reliance on budgetary reductions to maintain net capital above the dreaded 6% and to sustain its three (3) remaining branches.  

Clearly, the President and Board are inferring that business is performing well though the credit union's financial statements confirm Priority One is not experiencing improvement in the area real estate loan funding.  In 2012, real estate loan funding changed with most funding relegated to HELOCs. Not mentioned by the President or Board Chair is the fact that nowadays mortgage loans that are not HELOCs are referred to CU Partners for review and if approved, for funding. The credit union receives a fee for each application that is referred and approved for funding.  Continuing:

"During the last two quarters of the fiscal year, we have been working to convert our Airport and Santa Clarita Branches to self-service types in order to be cost efficient."

Shown below, is an excerpt obtained from the Credit Union's webpage and serving to rent a hole in the President and Board Chair's preposterous statement that they are (or were) "working to convert" the Airport or Santa Clarita Branches to service types." And why did the President and Board Chair allude to the Santa Clarita branch in the 2013 Annual Report when that office closed its doors on January 29, 2014? Clearly, the two have tainted the information presented in the 2013 report by including an event that occurred in 2014.  

Evidently, neither President Charles R. Wiggington, Sr. or Board Chair, Diedra Harris-Brooks, is aware that continuing to maintain an ATM at the former Airport and Santa Clarita branches is not synonymous with “We have been working to CONVERT our Airport and Santa Clarita branches to self-service types.” Clearly, no conversion has ever taken place. The credit union merely vacated its former branch locations, leaving its ATMs behind and in place. THE END. There was no conversion nor are plans for a conversion in the works. There are also absolutely no efforts being made to increase convenience to Member-Owners in the Santa Clarita Valley or in the communities around the former Airport branch. 

A problem that continually undermines the President's and Board Chair's deceptive statements is that the two hope people will never try and validate their statements and accept everything they say and write at face value. The two have amassed such a long and well-documented record of lying to members and employees that it would be foolish in 2014, to believe anything they disclose, at face value.  

Ultimately, the decision to close both branches was not so much prompted by a desire to instill more cost-effective measures but rather to desperately reduce expenses because business at Priority One was and is failing to generate the amount of profit required to maintain its ongoing operation. The President and Board Chair's statement is just more hyperbole from the credit union's two highest officers whose chronic indulgences are to fabricate facades and create impressions they are proactive and always cognoscente of the need to enhance member service while simultaneously reducing expenses. We believe the President and the Board Chair are again, trying to pull another fast one and hoping Member-Owners and employees who read the annual report will buy into their charade purely on faith and without demanding evidence supporting their statements. Continuing.....

"We have also continued to provide greater awareness in our Shared Branch and CO-OP service networks as a way to promote convenience. As of July 25th 2013, the Department of Business Oversight (DBO) approved our new community charter for the city of South Pasadena. SLOW and PLANNED growth will enable the Credit Union to maintain "SAFETY and SOUNDNESS." 

It is important to note Priority One is NOT exacting efforts to bring GREATER awareness to Shared Branch and CO-OP service networks. It is also important to note that the reference to approval by the DBO, granting Priority One a community charter in South Pasadena, is completely unrelated to their statement alleging efforts to bring greater awareness to Shared Branching services. 

For years, promoting Shared Branching and CO-OP service networks has been limited to advertising on the Credit Union's Web, Facebook, and Twitter pages. Prior to 2014, the Credit Union also advertised Shared Branching in the quarterly newsletter but as we've pointed out in previous posts, the quarterly newsletter has not been published since 2013, the victim of another expense reduction ordered by President Wiggington. 

It's true that in early 2013, Priority One received approval to do business in the city of South Pasadena, however, all business development efforts in that city are failing. In 2012, the President boasted that the charter to do business in South Pasadena would enable the credit union to tap into a potentially rich and previously undeveloped resource. He pointed to the fact that there are no other credit unions in South Pasadena with the nearest competitors located a few miles away in the city of Pasadena. 

The Credit Union's inability to develop new business in South Pasadena, forced the President earlier this year, to visit businesses in the city, believing that his title might cajole people into opening accounts and applying for loans. The President was again, incorrect in his belief. To deter from what is another abysmal failure, the President and some Directors of the Board are now asserting that the credit union is proceedings slowly and cautiously. Their statements are just another spin effort and an outright lie. The fact is, by no choice of its own, Priority One is not making progress in South Pasadena- either slow or cautiously. The affluent community is populated by many professionals and long time residents. Our assumption is that this highly intelligent population would investigate the Credit Union's reputation and financials before agreeing in faith, to become members of the troubled credit union.  

The President's belief that South Pasadena posed a valuable, untapped resource that Priority One Credit Union could develop was based wholly on his personal opinion wrought from what he imagined to be true. This is not the first time his fantastical belief system has failed him and the credit union. As we've also revealed in the past, President Wiggington historically relies on his imagination more than he does on information obtained from  surveys, focus groups, or other studies that could gauge the potential feasibility of his far-fetched beliefs. 

The "safety" and "soundness" referenced in the President and Board Chair's address is the antithesis of the President's usual erratic and disorganized methodologies all of which have over the years, chipped away at the Credit Union's once stable financial foundation. Other expensive failures committed by the President, include: 
  • Introduction of an overpaid and vastly incompetent AVP sector.
  • Purchase of a technically troubled phone system.
  • Installation of a substandard Call Center.
  • Hiring of an incompetent COO and equally incompetent CLO.
  • Hiring of a CFO who the President now blames for some of the credit union's financial failures; and lawsuits filed by four former employees and one former member which quadrupled the credit union's annual legal fees. 
Since 2010, the President has focused on reducing expenses as part of his strategy to retain net capital above 6%. Of course, his reductions have ultimately compromised the quality of member service, forced the closure of 6 of 9 branches, and reduced budgets which once enabled successful marketing and advertising. The Credit Union no longer has a presence in all of Riverside County, most of the San Fernando Valley and as mentioned previously, in the Santa Clarita Valley or in the communities around the Los Angeles International Airport. Their presence in the city of Burbank ended at the end of May 2012. Their once blossoming relationship with employees of Providence Hospitals, particularly St. Joseph Medical Center in Burbank and with employees of the United States Postal Service, has been dramatically undercut by the President's cut-backs and refusal to maintain relations with that community. Under his leadership, the President and the aberrant and highly incompetent Board of Directors, have placed Priority One in a state of regression. 

We're also uncertain how the President and Board Chair define safe and sound when in 2009 an audit of the Los Angeles Branch's records revealed an internal theft committed by a former receptionist of approximately $60,000. In February 2013, an audit of the Los Angeles' branch's records revealed another internal theft, this time allegedly committed by the AVP assigned to that location. The President and Board Chair are either being daft in their address or just outright lying. 


"What's ahead for the upcoming year? We will be evaluating all credit union owned ATMs to ensure effectiveness. Our entire FLEET of ATMs must be upgraded to Windows 7 and be smart card compliant in 2014. We will be evaluating the cost of the upgrade and the cost of replacing ATMs." 

The statement suggests Priority One's President and Board are going to spend an unspecified amount of time evaluating ATMs and according to the two officers, the Credit Union maintains a literal FLEET of ATMs. 

Shown below, is a list of Priority One's so-called FLEET. Not referenced, are the Credit Union's ATMs located at the no longer existent Airport and Santa Clarita branches. 

The Credit Union's FLEET consists of 10 ATMs minus the Victorville location which according to the credit union, is OUT OF SERVICE UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE. Does this really constitute a FLEET? Business currently gotten through ATMs is not sufficient to substantially offset its overhead. The President and Board Chair conclude, stating:

Our committed staff, executives and volunteers will continue to provide viable products and services and also keep you informed of any new promotions or events. We welcome any suggestions to improve Priority One, your preferred financial institution. We are committed to serving you, our valued member, and we are committed in Maintaining Forward Progress.

Charles R. Wiggington, Sr. 

Diedra E. Harris-Brooks
Board Chairperson

Our visits to Priority One's remaining 3 branches revealed that President Wiggington is maintaining a staff of mostly uninformed employees. The overpaid executive sector all seem to lack the ability to reverse the injuries caused by President Wiggington over the past 7 years to Priority One's performance and certainly, none of his executive and managerial staff, have proven capable in slowing down branch closures.  

In their address, the President and Board Chair allude to volunteers. Nowadays, volunteers shown little interest in promoting the Credit Union's products and services. In fact, attendance to the once popular Ambassadors has continually declined since 2013, when Business Development Representative, Joseph Garcia, was appointed the task of planning and overseeing the Ambassador meetings. 



The Supervisory Committee has the responsibility of overseeing the internal and external audits of the Credit Union. This is to ensure compliance with all governing laws to ensure policies and procedures are being performed properly and with the time constraints required. 

The external audit firm of Turner, Warren, Hwang, and Conrad, Certified Public Accountants and Consultants, conducts a comprehensive annual financial audit with a verification of member accounts each year.

The Supervisory Committee also ensure that an internal audit on operational procedures as to monthly, weekly and daily reviews are conducted on all reports in accordance with regulatory compliance.

The Supervisory Committee will strive to assist and guide the Credit Union in Maintaining Forward Progress.

Cornelia Simmons
Supervisory Committee Chair

Ms. Simmons' annual address is as usual, safe, robotic and droll. The supervisory committee’s ability to ensure Priority One’s compliance to “all governing laws to ensure policies and procedures are performed properly” is proven to be untrue and undermined by the 2009 disclosure that approximately $60,000 were stolen by an employee of the Los Angeles branch and the disclosures from a February 2013 audit proving another the theft of member monies at the Los Angeles branch, though this time allegedly embezzled by that office’s AVP.

If policies were an actual concern of the Supervisory Committee, then one has to wonder why President Wiggington and his executive staff succeeded in violated numerous state and federal laws which provoked the filing of lawsuits by former employees and a now former member?

Ms. Simmons of course fails to provide any evidence that she and the committee’s alleged audits served to ensure that monthly, weekly and daily reviews were conducted on all unnamed reports to ensure these were complied in accordance with regulatory compliance.  Ms. Simmons’ so-called address is sufficiently general and devoid of specifics to reduce it to nothing more than another vacuous declaration created by one of the Credit Union's two governing bodies. Historically or at least since 2007, the Supervisory Committee like the Board, have done absolutely nothing to reverse the problems created and perpetuated by President Wiggington and his rabble of executives and managers.


Over the course of the last fiscal year, we continued to strengthen our net capital to 8.34% from our previous fiscal year of 8.21% We are projecting our net capital to be above 9% by next fiscal year end. As of March 31, 2014, the most recent call reporting period, the NCUA has continued to categorize the Credit Union as “Well Capitalized.” Moving forward in this atmosphere of slow economic growth, we continue to reduce operating expenses, as well as increase gross income through loan growth and conservative but prudent investments.

Our greatest goal is to provide quality products and services that help you win with money. We have been entrusted with one of our most valuable assets - our member-owners. We want to provide a friendly comprehensive financial platform for our member-owners through our services and products. We will continue our efforts in Maintaining Forward Progress.

Joseph Marchica, Treasurer

We have to commend Mr. Marchica for identifying Member-Owners as the credit union’s “most valuable assets”.  Mr. Marchica’s heartfelt sentiment that the credit union’s goal is to provide a friendly and comprehensive platform for Member-Owners is lost by the fact that Mr. Marchica rarely attends monthly Board meetings. Mr. Marchica who is either in his 80’s or 90’s, lives in Temecula, California. His physical proximity from the credit union’s main branch is sufficient to preclude him from attending Board meetings on a regular basis. Subsequently, his involvement or for that matter, investment in time to the credit union, is less than minimal, prompting us to wonder why he just doesn’t resign and allow a more involved candidate to take his place. Then again, replacing Mr. Marchica would place a crimp in Madame Harris-Brooks’ grip over the Board who have since 2006, pandered to her almost every whim. 

Just as in previous years. the four officers and in particular, the President and Board Chair, have misused the Annual Report as a vehicle through which to dessiminate misinformation about the Credit Union's actual and real financial standing. One only need look at Priority One's monthly Balance Sheet/Income Statements and Financial Performance Report to see that Priority One is not in the throes of a resurgence of new business. What's more contrary to what the President and Board Chair would like Member-Owners and employees to believe, the closures of the Airport and Santa Clarita branches was not a carefully plan to covert the former branches into self-service modules. What the Credit Union did, was break their leases for each location, close down each operation, vacated the premises, and left the ATMs behind for use by Member-Owners. This hardly constitutes a well-planned conversion. The bottom line is the locations were not drawing member interest, in great part because the President chose not to promote and develop these. 


As we disclosed previously in this post, in 2010 then COO, Beatrice Walker, and then CFO, Saeid Raad, targeted closure of the Redlands and Valencia branches because the credit union could no longer afford to pay the more than $5400 monthly cost required to lease each location and to stave off the continued drop of Priority One's Net Capital.

In February 2014, President Wiggington disclosed that the closure of branches in 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 and in January 2014, was intended to drive out Member-Owners who only maintain a savings (share) account and who have shown no interest in obtaining the financial products offered by Priority One. He also explained that this sector of Member-Owners who refuse to become recipients of the Credit Union's products are unprofitable and tax the Credit Union's resources, each time Priority One is forced to pay out dividends to single service (savings) accounts. 

The President would like people to believe that closing branches is meant to vanquish single service account holders. Reviewing documentation produced over the past 7 years, we discovered that unlike his predecessor, President Wiggington has never developed promotions catering to single service account holders. It is reasonable to conclude that one reason why the large sector of single service account holders don't participate in in the credit union's offerings is because President Wiggington refuses to reach out to them. A problem with President Wiggington's view of business is that he believes people will want to become members of Priority One without the Credit Union trying to reach out to potential members. We can only conclude that is apparent disinterest in entering into relationship with the communities served and once served by Priority One is the result of his ignorance, laziness, a lack of experience, disinterest, or a complete lack of intellect.   

The President's campaign to create the impression branch closures are the result of some inspired plan is of course, ludicrous. If his hope is to drive out single service account holders then it hasn't occurred that branch closures which reduce convenience and the quality of service the Credit Union is able to provide, will also drive out Member-Owners who have more than one account at the Credit Union and who have at sometime obtained loans and other products from the Credit Union. What is acutely clear is that President Wiggington is a slave to his own addictive proclivity to fabricate excuses rationalizing his chronic and incessant failures. 


In their address, the President and Board Chair make reference to an improved real estate market, but the reference is the state of the real estate industry in the United States and/or the state of California. According to the Credit Union's Financial Performance Report ("FPR") for the quarter ending June 31, 2014, real estate loan funding actually declined over a period of 12 months.

Quarter ending June 30, 2013
Total: $48,111,110.

Quarter ending September 30, 2013
Total: $47,098,067.

Quarter ending December 31, 2013
Total: $45,619,455

Quarter ending March 31, 2014
Total: $45,099,116

Total ending June 30, 2014
Total: $44,765,168

As shown above, real estate funding has declined. So where is the improvement cited in the President and Board Chair’s address and that of the Treasurer? 

Another peculiar reference in the quarterly Financial Performance Report or the quarters ending June 30, 2013 and June 30, 2014, is that to loan losses. During the entire last 5 quarters, the amount has been well in the negative despite the fact the President's declarations in 2013 and 2014 insisting losses from loans had been reduced substantially. 

In his address, Board Treasurer, Joseph Marchica states that the NCUA categorizes Priority One as "well capitalized." What Mr. Marchica avoids is any reference that since 2012, Bauer Financial has reduced Priority One from a 4-Star Credit Union to a 3-Star Credit Union. He also avoids making reference to Bankrate's analysis which concludes that Priority One's overhead is unusually and abnormally, high. 

If it weren't for expense reductions, Priority One would be in far more trouble than what it currently wallows in. According to their last Financial Performance Report for the quarter ending June 30, 2014, Priority One's Total Assets have declined by more than $2 million since the quarter ending June 30, 2013. So where is the improvement? Clearly, the Board Treasurer was only referring to Net Capital while ignoring all other critical indicators which provide a complete picture of Priority One's actual financial health. 


This past May, the President ordered renewed efforts to promote convenience and ordered a post placed on the Credit Union's Facebook page advising Member-Owners that the main branch in South Pasadena is open on Saturdays, between 9 am and 1 pm.

The now much smaller credit union is hoping to clinch new business by emphasizing convenience but nowadays, Priority One is no longer able to offer the convenience once available to Member-Owners in the years before Charles R. Wiggington, Sr. became President. 

If one lives near the Los Angeles Airport, the drive to South Pasadena is approximately 50 miles roundtrip to and from South Pasadena. 

If one drives from downtown Redlands, California,Priority One’s southern-most community, than the trek to and from South Pasadena is approximately 116 miles, roundtrip.

If one drives from Valencia, Priority One’s northern most community, the roundtrip drive is 72 miles.

Yes, the South Pasadena office opens on Saturdays but unless one lives or works in close proximity to South Pasadena, the trek to the main branch is anything but convenient. 


There is a difference between being a poor man's credit union and being a poor credit union just like there is a difference between having a promising future and not having a promising future. President Wiggington's recent attempts to hide the credit union's 2013 Annual Report suggests he and the Board Chair have much to hide. Over the years, their ploys to suppress evidence of wrongdoing and mismanagement have eventually failed with evidence of their acts and behaviors, surfacing.  

Obviously, Priority One is not Maintaining Forward Progress. Like the 2012 Annual Report, misnamed A Brighter Future Ahead, the 2013 statement relies on concoctions primarily authored by the President and Board Chair inferring that Priority One is in the process of moving forward despite the fact that branch closures and the credit union's monthly Balance Sheet/Income Statements and quarterly Financial Performance Reports (FPRs) suggest decline, ongoing failure, and decay.  What the 2013 report fails to mention is that in February 2013, an audit discovered that monies had allegedly been stolen by the now former AVP overseeing that office and the now defunct, Airport branch. The President and Board Chair go on to declare that the closure of the Airport branch in December 2013 and closure of the Santa Clarita branch in January 2014, were intentional and part of a conversion plan to reduce expenses and turn the branches into what the describe as "self-service types." Of course, as we've proven no conversion took place. The Credit Union terminated its leases, closed each locations and left its ATMs at each location. The two should take a moment to acquaint themselves with the definition of the word conversion. Clearly, Priority One did not experience A Brighter Future Ahead in 2013. As for the 2013 Annual Report which has remained hidden until now, a more appropriate title for the frugal document may have been Trudging Slowly Along at a Snail's Pace in Quicksand.

The great lengths taken by the President and Board Chair to hide the 2013 Annual Report has officially failed. The report, a shoddy, frugal looking, and embarrassing piece of literature speaks audibly and clearly about Priority One's real financial standing. Now that we've seen the report, could it be the President's efforts to conceal the report was merely because it is an embarrassing tacky, poorly written piece of documentation?  

The 2013 Annual Report, like all reports published under President Wiggington, is riddled with empty, meaningless and general statements which try in earnest to create an impression that the credit union is performing quite well when clearly, it is not. The President and Board Chair may hope no one will notice the closure of six (6) branches since October 2010, the decline in service standards, the drop in Net Income, or subpar marketing and advertising.  

The President's statements that the closure of all branches was part of a carefully wrought strategy to drive out single service account holders is both preposterous and typically childish adding to our contention that Charles R. Wiggington, Sr.'s statements should always be verified to ensure he is not concocting stories.  

The take aways from the addresses contained in the 2013 Annual Report is that the statements made by the Credit Union's highest officers can never be trusted, that the Credit Union plans to spend inordinate amounts of time in 2014, evaluating the Credit Union's FLEET of ATMs, and that the Credit Union's highest officers apparently believe their statements will never be verified. 

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Anonymous said...

This fool has a lot of balls, well actually he may not have balls so let's say he has a lot of nerve. Good call getting the report. I've heard from co-workers that the credit union is not passing out the report even when they promise to mail it.

Anonymous said...

He's not even
good at lying.

Anonymous said...

How old is Deidra, like 90? What ever her age, she should know lying is bad. Her relationship with Wiggington says a lot about her as a person. Doesn't say anything about him because he's just a big lying car stealing sexual harasser.

Lt. Colonel Doom said...


I am once again extending the STFU $40,000 Challenge to Charles Wiggington. The $40,000 has already been placed in escrow. In order to collect Wiggy must accomplish the following:

1. Shut-up for one week. Total silence.

2. Wiggs is not allowed to eat with his mouth wide open for one week. No one wants to see your choppers or your extensive dental work.

3. No incessant ball scratching for one week. Wigg, you can scratch your testicles in the privacy of your home, but not at work.

In order to collect the $40,000 all three stipulations above must be met.

Anonymous said...

Poor Wigg. So dishonest, too talkative and too itchy.

Anonymous said...

Always amazes me that after so many years Charlie is still president. Says more about the dishonest and dumb-as-dirt board then it does about Charlie. When I worked there I had the horrible duty of having to attend meetings with Mr Harris and Charlie. Charlie pretended to like Mr Harris, something that changed on or about the time they announced he would be Mr Harris' successor.

I stayed at the credit union for a few years after Charlie became president and saw his lazy ass make a mess of that place. He made sure he surrounded himself with useless, lazy people like him including no-nothing Smock and dumb as a bag of hammers, Robert West.

Charlie is lazy but he's also a chronic liar. He can't tell the truth because underneath that badly aging exterior is a little scared girl. He backstabbed so many people by making up stories about them and then had his dogs like Rodger Smock, Sylvia Perez, Robert West, and Esmeralda Sandoval carry out the firings that followed. This man is absolutely one of the most horrible people you'll ever meet and if you never meet him, thank God for sparing you.

Anonymous said...

You are so right. That moron has backstabbed so many people even people who used to think they were his friend. He and Aaron used to call each other buddy and he was always putting his arms around Aaron like they were boyfriends, then they have a falling out and Miss Wigg fires Aaron.

He did the same thing with so many other people but always used lies to assassinate their reputations. He/she used to love it when his lies got people fired. That's probably why he used to say he knew some employee was going to come to his office with a gun and shoot him. Why shoot him when cancer will get him first?

He is so cowardly he hides behind the board, lawyers, paid consultants. The men- well the she/he's like Wigg, Smock and West are the biggest sissies you'll ever meet at any company. The 3 stooges hide behind other people. He used to use that ugly Bea Walker to do his dirty work and when he was through with her, he fired her. He did the same thing with Cindy. Funny how he cans white employees but he, the biggest screw off at the credit union who has caused the credit union to lose millions, has never been fired. Why would the almost all BLACK board and the all BLACK supervisory committee keep the BLACK president who has almost destroyed priority one, I wonder?

Anonymous said...


Quit lying.
Quit scratching your itchy balls.
Quit eating with your mouth wide-open.
Quit talking. Just shut up.

Anonymous said...

I've never read a single comment on the posts where someone says they like or respect Wiggington.

Anonymous said...

Each time you report the cu's messes, they clean it up. I notice they took of all those old notices on the News and Updates page.

Anonymous said...

You want some positive comments on Wiggs. Here goes:

Wiggs is a terrific liar.
Wiggy can put a knife in your back better than anyone.
Wiggle will scratch and itch his nut-sack better than anyone in the credit union industry.

Anonymous said...

Actually you're right.

Anonymous said...

I don’t’ know if he’s a terrific liar because the truth always comes out and leaves Wigglenutless stuttering and trying to blame others. He is a compulsive liar. He’s also a colossal liar. A big, fat liar. Terrific, not so much.

I agree, he’s an expert backstabber but so are Rodger, Yvonne, Esmeralda, Robert, Gema, Georgina, and old hag, Patti L.

Okay, as far as ball scratching is concerned, he’s king.

If you didn't know better, you'd think he was a great tactician because how could such a dumb ass still be President after screwing over an entire credit union? Then you realize that the people that keep him are moron of the year- Diedra and the kiss ass board. What these losers should do is take Wiggington and go on the road maybe performing in a remake of Porgy and Bess. They may not know anything about financials but they know how to act, even if its bad acting.

Anonymous said...

I stand corrected. Wiggs is not a terrific liar. He is a colossal, gigantic, habitual liar.

True, the entire P1 management team are not-to-be-trusted backstabbers.

Can anyone confirm if Wiggs has his own testicles or have they been replaced with a set of artificial plastic nuts? In any event, we've all observed Wiggy incessantly scratching his ball-sack.

Yes, every employee is eagerly watching to see if Wiggy will take up Lt. Colonel Doom's STFU $40,000 Challenge. Certain he could use the boost to his cash flow, but I doubt if he could shut the hell up for one week; chew with his mouth closed, and refrain from ball scratching for one week.

Anonymous said...

I still can't believe how he ruined the credit union.

Anonymous said...

You can’t begin to imagine what it is like to work for Wig. It’s a real test of patience. Over the years I attended too many meetings with him and it was just as bad when we had to go to events. That’s in the days when the CU could afford attending events. One time we listened to him complain about his assistant. He said she was difficult, lazy and didn’t look the way he wanted his assistant to look. Guess homeboy doesn’t own a mirror because he described himself to a tee.

Another time we sat listening as he told us about how him and a friend went to a bar and picked up three women. They all came back to his apartment and two of the girls and his friend left so he could have sex with the “fat girl.” He told us that fat girls are great in bed because they really want it. I’m pretty sure that no woman or man- fat or thin “want it bad” from Wig.

Another time he and Manny went to Chicago on business and he told us that he danced with a “young, fat girl” and he could tell she “wanted it.” Wanted him for what, to pay for her drinks?

We had a meeting to discuss Santa Clarita. He told us that the people in that region were not going to the credit union for products and that he didn’t care if he lost the whole region because the credit union didn’t need them and it would teach them a lesson. Guess he never knew there are lots of banks and credit union in Santa Clarita that have more products than priority one and that have much better service than the CU can ever provide.

Another time we had a meeting to discuss ways of getting business in Riverside. He claimed he inherited a mess from Mr Harris. This is a good example of how stupid Wig is. Yes, he inherited Riverside from Mr Harris. But Riverside had a huge number of postal employees and their families. He could have marketed to them but the problem is that Wig really believed that people would want to become members of the CU without him having to market to them. He is really stupid and I think more than a little nuts. He inherited a great territory, he just didn’t know what to do with it. You see the same problem in Santa Clarita, in Burbank and at the Airport branch. Its always the same problem, Wig doesn’t know a thing about marketing. He doesn’t know a thing about service. He lives in lala land where people are dying to become members of the CU without him having to lift a finger or spend money.

Add to that the CU has board made up of the biggest morons you’ll probably find in all the industry in the entire world. If it wasn’t for that moron, Diedra, the CU wouldn’t be the mess it is today.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

A lot of us who worked with Wig for years can tell stories about him. He always was embarrassing and I know he has a BA in black studies but he never sounded educated. He has no class and he is so loud. We used to sit in the lounge room and you could here him talking on the phone in his office. He violates so many policies but always blamed other employees who got written up. He is the one that brought that crook Henry Justice in who stole $80,000 from the credit union. Henry Justices secretary said Henry was paying Wiggington a kick back each time Wiggington referred a member to Henry. Next to see he loves to talk about those junkie BMWshe drives in. He used to say the black one is worth $100,000. It's from the 80s or 90s and you see cars like that in the recycler for $3000. I feel sorry for anyone who has to work close to him.

Anonymous said...

You are so right Charles is an embarrassment to the credit union but the board is the real embarrassment
they shoukd have let him go along time ago no i take that back they should have never given him the job.I do not think they understand how bad they look in the credit union industry.P1 is looked at as a joke

Anonymous said...

The board should have been thrown out by members when they brought Wiggington back after he it was proven he sexually harassed Kim. They should of been thrown out when it was proven he stole a member's car. They should of been thrown out when he needed to borrow that $20 million to make it look like P1 was doing well. They should of been thrown out when they all agreed to hire Bea Walker who caused more losses and then tried to become CEO. They should have been thrown out when they hired Cindy Garvin. And they should have been thrown out for keeping Charles and giving him bonus' at the end of each year.

Anonymous said...

I think if you ask industry leaders, no one understands why the board wasn't shown the door.

Anonymous said...

Industry leaders know P1 is helmed by an incompetent CEO. Wiggy is the Donald Sterling of the California credit union community, if you get my drift.

The Regulators consider P1 a mismanaged mess.

Priority One members are creeped out by Wiggy's incessant ball scratching.

Anonymous said...

Figuratively speaking, Wigg has the biggest balls in the industry. Sure he's a coward and has used so many people to do his dirty work and sure, he has to tell you how virile he is because he knows he isn't virile or manly. After sexually harassing an employee, he decided to be undignified and stay on as president when any other officer of any other credit union would have said, "If I stay, I am going to jack up the credit union so I better resign." No such thing for a sissy and the BOY from Indiana who is so trashy and so low class that he didn't care how many lives he ruined and he wasn't going to let something like ruining a whole credit union stand in his way.

Anonymous said...

At least Donald Sterling has millions unlike Wigg who has wasted credit union money. I had heard regulators think P1 is mismanaged and that their records are horrible but I don't get why they've never done anything about it. Maybe because even the biggest mess doesn't mean they can prove P1 is doing something illegal.

Next time you see Wigg walking through the SP branch, notice he doesn't place his hands in his pockets to scratch his scrotum. You know why? Because a few years one of the officers brought it to his attention that people were talking about his ball scratching. Why would an old, old man not realize he was scratching his balls? And why would he need another man to point it out to him? He's just nasty.

Lone Wolf said...

Wigs is still scratching his balls, scrotum and root. I caught him scratching his crank/testicles just in the last few weeks. Perhaps he's just checking to make sure he has a pair of balls (real or plastic).

Yes Donald Sterling has millions and is able to attract some young hot women. Wiggs on the other hand, can only attract low-life skanks and trannies. One thing they have in common, though, is they're both depraved pervs.

I can verify Henry Justice and Wiggs were thick as thieves. The kickback rumor has ben circulating for years. What about Tony Walt Jordan and Reggie Benson?

I only wish Mr. Harris and Maggie were still running P1.

Anonymous said...

Diedra and Wiggington may have destroyed the credit union but you got a bunch of evil players at P1. I always thought one of the most evil people was Rodger Smock. When I started working there I just had a feeling that that grandmotherly facade was just a frong and as it turned out that's all it is. He is worst than Wiggington because he manipulates everyone. He's the one who would tell Wiggington who didn't like him and Wiggington would then make up stories and then with Smock and Esmeralda, fire them. I don't know if he's evil because he's old and knows he can’t get a job anywhere else or because he’s gay and feels he has to kiss Wiggington’s ass to keep his job, but whatever the reason I saw that old buzzard backstab so many people. He’s sickening.

Esmeralda may be as dumb as a bag of nickels but she's a another backstabber and liar. When I worked there, she was alwyas running to management and feeding them lies about employees. She was horrible.

Now Robert West used to say the devil lived at P1. I guess he ought to know because he's as big a hypocrite as the worst oft hem. He used to say he was a Christian but a Christian doesn't do the things he's done or is a friend to Wiggington. You can't trust him further than you can throw him. The place breeds horrible people because that’s what Wiggington turned the credit union into. I talked to a friend who owns a business on Fair Oaks in South Pasadena and he told me that a lot of businesses already have been told not to do business with P1 because of the kind of managers that run the place.

Anonymous said...

@Lone Wolf

You're probably right. He wants to make sure they're still there.

Your'e right again, Sterling can attract some young hot women whereas Wiggington has to tell you about the imaginary young hot women he attracts. Funny how he's the only one who sees these supposedly hot women.

Ah, who are Tony Walt Jordan and Reggie Benson?

You're right. Mr. Harris ran a tight, happy and successful CU and Maggie ran a prize-winning marketing department. Since Wiggington took over on 1/1/07, the CU hasn't won a single marketing award. Stupid Wiggington and let me throw in his buddy-girl, Smock, never address this because it would prove embarrassing to these two baboon-faced jack asses.

Anonymous said...

If people in South Pasadena don't want to do business with P1 its probably because service is horrible. When you call you sometimes have to wait 10-15-20 minutes before someone answers the phone. When they do answer and before you can tell them why you call, they read off the same old script about getting a loan "today." Boring, awful and out of touch. When you don't get a loan, they rush you off the phone. It also happens when you visit the South Pasadena branch. The tellers have long faces and they got the member service department blocked off like a prison. They have horrible service which comes from horrible managers plus they don't offer anything you can't get from better credit unions which are just up the street in Pasadena.

Anonymous said...

Awful credit union. Applied for a loan. It took two weeks to get a decision but I had to call for 4 days. They declined me because my debt ratio was too high but they never sent me a letter with the decision. I was told that the law says member apply for a loan are supposed to get a decision letter. So where is my letter?

Anonymous said...

@Lt. Colonel Doom:.
Wiggington will never take that bet because even he knows he can't control his big mouth.

Anonymous said...

Wiggs is definitely a money-grubber who just might be tempted enough to take up the $40,000 STFU Challenge at some point. I think he could eat without a wide-open mouth for one week. And he could, if he really tried, stop talking for a week. But it's an impossibility for Wiggs to keep from scratching his itchy ball-sack. It's widely known his testicles hang way too low and require constant readjustment. Wiggy is obsessed with balls in general, and his own balls in particular. Have you ever caught Wiggy staring at a crotch? I have, many times.

Confirmed - The $40k is in a secure escrow account at a well-known federal credit union waiting for Wiggy to accept the STFU Challenge.

Anonymous said...

glad you didn't place the money in an account at P1.

Lt. Colonel Doom said...

Rest assured the $40k has been placed in a Federally chartered Military-type credit union escrow account. Priority One is a State-charted credit union. In truth, I no longer trust the California state chartered credit union regulators since they turned a blind-eye to Wiggy's incompetence and mismanagement, once he took over for Mr. harris.

I agree with @Lone Wolf who factually states Wiggs is obsessed with his itchy low-hanging balls and wrinkled scrotum.

Anonymous said...

Wiggy are you planning any more branch closures and lay-offs to cut down expenses you cheap-ass. Did you ever think better service for the membership might be the way to go.

And yes, morale is terrible in South Pasadena. An all-time low. The employees look like they're heading to the gallows. But Wiggs only concern is playing with his crank and scratching his itchy balls.

I wish the posters wouldn't compare Wiggy to Donald Sterling, because it's an insult to Donald Sterling.

Anonymous said...

Wiggy is an insufferable loudmouth bore. Why hasn't he been fired already?

Anonymous said...

A lot of the comments sound so angry but I worked with and for Wiggington and I don't blame anyone for disliking him. He is a malicious gossip who talks about anyone and everyone behind their backs. He is lazy but demands hard work. He is a slob, dressing like a file clerk but demands people act and look professional. He does like and he lies alot. I hate to see what he did to the credit union but you can't ignore the fact that it was a great credit union under Mr Harris and other Wiggington, it is almost dead.

Anonymous said...

Insufferable is a good word to describe Miss Wiggington but he's probably still President because Diedra, or. Glen, Hale, and Thomas are Black and only see the world is in one color.

Anonymous said...

PS: If its not color then why would such a horrible, nasty, backstabbing, and sexual harassing man still be president.

Anonymous said...

Does Wiggy have a ton of dirt on the Board? That could be one reason he's still hanging onto his job. A slew of P1 employees say he has a secret dossier on several board members, especially Diedra. It's clear Wiggy and Diedra are tethered together by a Devil's pact.

Wiggs keeps staring at crotches, both female and male crotches. Maybe that's why he keeps scratching his itchy balls.

Anonymous said...

No doubt the reason Wiggington remains President is because of Diedra. Diedra controls what's left of what used to be a 9 person board. I'd be curious to know if they amended the credit union's bylaws allowing only 5 directors. When Wiggington got suspended for 6 weeks in 2008 the then lawyer ordered the board to hire an investigator. Not only was Wiggington suspended but it was Diedra who ordered that he be suspended with pay. At the CU anytime an employee has ever been suspended its always without pay but Diedra wouldn't have none of that. She made sure he got paid unlike all other employees and she made sure all the evidence which was in the form of witness statements that he sexually harassed an employee was squashed. Then it was Diedra on her own, who wrote a letter to the victim and told her that she participated in the sexualized exchanges with Wiggington. Wiggington was in his 50's and so if you believe Diedra, the little, old, nasty man had no self control and just had to make a lot of sexual comments and even put his hand on the employees's thighs when she was sitting in the lounge room. Notice how Wiggington always has an excuse of his horrible behaviors. I even think that if Wiggington had been White, Asian or Latin, he would have been shown the door and probably never gotten paid while suspended. I remember the day Wiggington got back to work. She organized it so that the board and supervisory committee were there and they cheered him on and put there arms around him. You would have thought that the sexual harasser was a hero. Its sickening and tells you about the immoral board. Wiggington now owes Diedra though in 5 years, Priority One shouldn't exist anymore which will bring an end to his pact with the she-devil.

Anonymous said...

That's so true except I don't know if he has a dossier on the board. Does he even know what a dossier is? But if there isn't one, there should be one. It's kind of funny that someone might have dirt on a dirty dirt covered board. Everyone of the directors is guilty for what happened to the credit union. They were the ones who approved making no talent Charles President. They were the one’s who approved promoting all those managers to assistant vice presidents even though there was not one good reason for having avp’s at a credit union the size of priority one. Wiggington was out of control when he became president. He promoted Liz, Sylvia, Jodi and Aaron and gave them huge raises. The board approved for him to buy the junkie telephone system that still gives them problems. They approved him spending money on a new Outlook mail system even though the old one worked just fine. They approved him spending money even before he could prove if he could make the credit union succeed. He started spending money fron the get go because the board allowed it. They let him promote useless, overweight, old hag, Rodger Smock. That old man has done nothing for priority one. They let him hire Bea Walker so they could drive out employees they thought were the bloggers. Bea used to buy things like her $5000 laptop without following credit union procedures. She used to submit receipts for reimbursements but cut off the part of the receipts that had the business name. That's unacceptable but Wiggington approved reimbursing her money. I used to wonder if she was getting reimbursed for buying drinks at some lesbian bar. He eventually got rid of her when she started going against him and telling people the board were uneducated. The board is stupid. Another reason they wanted her out is because there were rumors she liked girls. He met Bea back in 2007 through his friends at Toyota credit union. The board also let him spend bukoo bucks on consultants but notice how after spending more than $200,000 on consultants since 2007, priority one just gets smaller? By the way, a few months ago, he hired new consultants. They’re a little different that the many others one’s he’s hired before because they’re trying to clean-up all the wrong and old information they have on their web and Facebook pages. You’d think a big mouth like Wiggington would have someone in his tiny credit union that would know you fix information that’s wrong. Not so for ghetto boy. Add to that all the money they spent on shyster lawyers defending them against all those employees lawsuits which they lost. Yeah, the credit union might have been better off being run by a monkey but the board wanted and wants Wiggington and in the end its Diedra, O. Glen, Bobby, Thomas, and Joe who have ruined the credit union.

Anonymous said...

Without question, Wiggington was the absolute worst choice to become CEO after Harris left. Branches closures, terrible staff morale, good staff being drummed out while being replaced by incompetents, sexual harassment lawsuits and horrible member service are just a few things I'll mention in which this loudmouth ball scratching perv has done to destroy a once thriving credit union.

How Wiggs keeps his job is mystifying. It's gotta be a secret dossier he has on the Board.

Anonymous said...

Wig used to say people were attacking him because they were jealous that out of all the candidates, he got the job. Uh, huh. Jealous of what? Those short sleeve shirts he wears? The way he looks? That dump he lives in? His junkie cars? His family? The fact he could turn a good credit union with lots of branches into a bad credit union with 3 branches? Wig is either crazy or really stupid or both. Poor cry baby. If it wasn't for having to make excuses for his bad behavior, he would probably go crazy, I mean crazier.

Anonymous said...

I so agree, Wiggington was the absolute worst choice for CEO. Well, at least 7 years of expensive and embarrassing failures prove he was the worst choice. He got rid of the talented people and replaced them with part-time, underpaid staff who he keeps ignorant lest they riot and remove him as president, at least that's what old stupid might thenk.

He's been an embarrassment since the get go. One of my former co-workers told me that during the last Xmas party the credit union through, she purposely did not introduce her husband to Wiggington because she was ashamed of Wiggington. She later quit at the insistence of her husband, a professional, who didn't want his wife working for such a horrible company.

The only reasons why a disaster like Wiggington keeps his job might allegedly be because:

1. He keeps a dossier about the Board

2. He and Diedra are a thing

3. He's black, she's black

4. The board lives in fog and can't understand that losing money is not a good thing

5. Brain dead

Anonymous said...

Want a part-time job with no benefits, no career development and no future, then apply at Priority One in South Pasadena. You got nothing to gain and lots to lose. They're not so much a financial fitness center as they are a ghetto mess. And they can't teach anyone how to win with money. Look at what they were worth in 2006 and what they're worth now.

Anonymous said...

I said in an earlier post that Wiggs was an insufferable loudmouth. I need to amend my earlier statement and apologize to Lt. Colonel Doom.

Amended comment: Wiggington is an insufferable loudmouth bore and low-grade nitwit.

Yes, Wiggy keeps his job by maintaining a secret dossier on the Board. No question, Wiggs and Diedra have a Devil's pact unbeknownst to the rest of the Board.

Quit scratching your balls Wiggy. Take the $40K STFU Challenge before the Colonel takes it off the table.

Anonymous said...

Insufferable is a good word for Charles. So is nitwit. If you ever want to get grossed out, sit directly across from him the lounge room. He will not speak until he's got a huge forkfull of food in his mouth, then he yaps while you tremble in fear waiting to be hit in the face or your body or on what you're eating with some projectile food that flies out of his trap.

I still remember when we met with him in January '07. He had groups of employees meet with him and fatass, Rodger. He stood there with this corporate chart Esmeralda made up, telling us how he under his new structure, business would pick-up. Guess that was yet another plan of his that never panned out, huh?

He also said he was going to place a suggestion box in the lounge room for employees to submit ideas on how to improve the credit union. He never put the box in. Maybe he was afraid employees would suggest he resign and let someone take his place who actually knows something about being a president.

During the same meeting he said that the AVPs were going to each bring in new business in their assigned region which he said was going to quadruple business. Guess that didn't work out either.

He also said he was going to have an open door policy so that any employee could come to his office and talk to him about anything. Now Mr Harris was great at having an open door policy. Any employee or member was always welcome to drop by and talk to him. No so for Duchess Charles who a few months later made a rule that employees had to go to their supervisor first and that if they wanted to see him they could only do so after meeting with their supervisor.

Charles is more than a talker, he's a BS artist and not a good one either because you can smell him a mile, no, 10 miles away. He thinks people fall for all his crap but people see through his lowlife ass. They have for years. I doubt he can ever shut-up but I know he can never stop lying or exaggerating. Its just how he is.

C said...

Does Wiggington even know how to spell dossier?

Lone Wolf said...

Nitwit Wiggy loves to eat with a mouth full of food. Even better he enjoys talking with a mouth full of food. That way he can show you what he's eating, while he displays his extensive dental work. Disgusting.

Ball scratching is another of Wiggy's favorite pastimes. I can't blame him though since he has a rare medical condition - low-hanging testicles, that require constant fondling.

Whatever happened to Wiggington's so-called open door policy? Herr Wiggy dumped it soon after saying he wanted transparency. Another lie. A typical Nazi-like move made to eliminate anyone who would not kiss his ugly ass.

Anonymous said...

I was at a special event with him and I sat between Wiggington and another horrible person, Thomas "Stinky" Gathers. The two kept talking by leaning over my plate. I lost my appetite and didn't eat most of what I was served. It was disgusting and they both have some serious hygiene issues.

Anonymous said...

THIS PLACE IS THE BIGGEST DUMP ANYONE CAN SET FOOt IN! Charles Wigington is a Dirty animal with no morals . Oh and a complete Idiot

Anonymous said...

Speaking of Good old Wiggs . I think he'll be better off hunting for Lions and Tigers somewhere! perhaps another continent .

Anonymous said...

@ Lone Wolf

I've seen Wiggy eating at a conference, too. Mouth wide- open, stuffed with food. The crazy thing is this nitwit never shuts up. Just keeps talking no matter how much food he's jammed into his pie-hole. It's just disgusting.

After the meal, the first thing Wiggy did was get up from the table, stretch and then he proceeded to scratch and yank his low-hanging balls for about 5 minutes, in front of everyone. I'm not kidding!

Anonymous said...


Be on the lookout for notorious serial chomper Charles Wiggington. This individual is hard to miss since he can be heard loudly smacking while eating food with a wide-open mouth.

Wiggington is also notorious for yanking his crank, as well as ball & scrotum scratching in public. Be especially careful when approaching Wiggington as he is known to carry a ball-stretcher, which can be used as a makeshift weapon.

If you spot Wiggington please notify the local CCUL Chapter or the California Creditt Union League HQ or Lt. Colonel Doom immediately.

Anonymous said...

This is so sad and its all Wiggington and the board's fault. In the past before Diedra and Wiggington became the president (yes, Diedra!), some members used to call the credit union home. You know how difficult it is to make any member or customer relate to a business as home? But this useless, horrible and dishonest man and the equally horrible board chair turned the credit union into a messy, crumbling company. It is so very sad. And not one person, not even a board director can step up and list all the things Wiggington and the board have done to make the credit union a better credit union and a better employer. Of course, they'd have to explain why 6 branches have closed and why 4 employees sued and beat them.

Anonymous said...

Aye caramba!

Anonymous said...

Wiggy and Diedra usurped control (many say their actions were illegal) of a once proud credit union to the total detriment of the membership, all for their own selfish glorification.

I recently spoke to the President of a very large school-related credit union in So. Cal who knows Wiggy extremely well. He told me it's astonishing Wigg is still P1's CEO. Wigg is not respected by his peers; they think he's a walking-talking joke. He said Wigg should have been terminated many years ago for having an obvious conflict of interest in the BMW "purchase" scheme, as well as the numerous sexual harassment suits. And he did not even know about the jaw-dropping kickback plot Wiggy had with convicted crook Henry Justice. I asked him about the reported secret dossiers Wiggs has on just about every Board member - his answer: Definitely!

Anonymous said...

Wig and Diedra ruined the credit union for their selfish gratification. He ended up getting paid a more $150,000 a year salary and at the end of year, bonus'. All undeserved. Its too bad they can't make be forced to pay back at least the portion spent on attorneys to defend him when he was accused of sexual harassment, and for violating federal laws governing age, (same-sex) sexual harassment, retaliation. There is no sound reason why credit union monies were spent on this imbecile to defend him. Like somebody wrote, if he was Asian, White, or Latin, he would have been shown the door without severance pay.

And yes, years ago the credit resolutions department supervisor structured out a repayment plan with Mr Wafa who had fallen behind on his auto loan payments due to illness in his family. At the time, all repayment plans had to be approved by the owner of the old credit resolutions department and the VP of Operations who was Charles Wiggington. When Wig learned the car was a BMW, he took ordered that the repayment agreement be scraped and the car repossessed. The car was picked up and usually, they would prepare paperwork and send if off to auction to recuperate some of the money due on the unpaid loan. This time, Wig had the collections department make up some phony papers so that it looked like the car was sent to auction when it never was. He also had the member's loan file removed from the credit union's file room and afterwards, it disappeared not so mysteriously. He then transferred ownership of the car to himself. Too bad he couldn't use some of that sneaky, cunning, backstabbing savvy and have made the credit union grow. I'm not surprised his son got busted for selling meth, the apple or in this case, the rotten, worm infested apple never falls far from the tree.

If Wigg has a dossier on the entire board I'm sure they got one on him. Its a stalemate amongst horrible people.

Anonymous said...

Chas Wiggington = Insufferable blabbermouth

Chas Wiggington = Self-absorbed Imbecile

Chas Wiggington = Ball & scrotum scratcher

Chas Wiggington = Food chomping open-mouth smacker

Chas Wiggington = Sexual harasser

Chas Wiggington = Lying liar

What did I miss?

Anonymous said...

You neglected to point out Wiggy is an arrogant horse-toothed jackass.

Anonymous said...

You forgot car stealer. Other than that the list is accurate.

Anonymous said...

No one would ever have written these things about mr. Harris or mr Weston.

Anonymous said...

the board is to blame for all that has happened most of them have been on the board for a long time and still do not know how to run a credit union. Joe has been on the board forever and has not done a thing for the credit union.THe board is about the only one in credit union land that gets paid for going to meetings puls milage. What a joke they all are.

Anonymous said...

You're right, at the end of the day,the board is to blame. Diedra is most at fault. She keeps her dogs- the directors, on leashes and they lick her feet and do everything she wants them to. I thought slavery was abolished in 1865.

O. Glen Saffold has catered to her wishes. After seen how he's sided with her on every bad act, no wonder he has never been able to pass the bar exam.

And before he resigned fromt he board, Thomas Gathers was another one who helped Wiggington ruin the credit union. In fact he's one of the ones who said the credit union needed a black president. I'd like to know, why a black president and not a competent one who isn't addicted to lying? Plus Diedra used to complain that he smelled saying he was ripe. Respectful, huh?

Richard Hale is another uselss old trogladyte fossil who bends over every time Diedra tells him to.

Then there's big time loser Bobby Thomas who wasn't re-elected by postal employees to serve as their representative at branch 24. Guess the postal workers were less tolerant of Bobby Thomas than credit union members are.

Equally useless Joe Marchica doesn't attend board meetings regularly and he doesn't do squat. And you know the treasurer titls is just that- a title because homeboy doesn't do crap about anything related to being a treasurer.

The board is to blame 100% for what happened to the credit union. Other than skin color can anyone think of a reason why the blacvk board kept black Wiggington?

Anonymous said...

"Herr Wiggy"? OMG, that's too funny.

Anonymous said...

Way to hide the annual report Wigg or Herr Wiggy or just Her. What's next, you going to try and tell us business is bad because that's how you planned it?

Anonymous said...

Ask him why he never gives most employees raises but still gets a bonus each year from the board? In fact, ask buck-tooth Diedra. I'm sure she can come up with some fairy tale. Or ask Miss Smock. What is it that she does at the credit union anyways?

Lone Wolf said...

Working at P1 is like being held captive in a POW camp. Diedra is is the Commandant. And Herr Wiggy is Sgt. Schultz - a complete buffoon who knows nothing.

I agree, Herr Wiggy does have balls. I know because he's constantly playing with them.

Anonymous said...

A few years ago, Rodger ran to Wigg and Bea and told them the names of the people he thought were plotting against the credit union. Yes, Rodger may be the worst director of any HR department (ask the people at Superior Industries who fired his ass a long time ago) but he really thinks he's smart and a detective. Wiggington then fired a lot of employees because he thought they were leaking information. He should have fired himself and Yvonne Boutte because these two have spent years leaking confidential information. Anyways, he even asked employees while firing them that if they knew the bloggers if they could please ask them to remove that he is a sexual harasser and car stealer from the blog. Wiggington hates when the truth that's why he makes up stories about his million dollar home and expensive fleet of BMWs and how great business is when employees haven't got raises in years.

Anonymous said...

I always thought Rodger was Srgt Schultz and Wig is Pinky From'Pinky and the Brain.

Anonymous said...

POW can also stand for Problem of the Week, Prisoner of the World, Prince of Weird or in the case of Rodger, Prissy Over Weight.

Lone Wolf said...

It's a known fact Wiggy is incapable of dining etiquette. The guy is a slovenly sloth. Chomping like a slob with his mouth wide-open while loudly smacking as he eats. It's gotten to the point where no one wants to sit within a 20 foot radius of where he is having his gluttonous meals.

Now it has come to my attention that Herr Wiigy is so miserly that he rarely tips hard working waiters and waitresses, who he feels are beneath his lofty status. If he tips at all, it's 5%. Generally,Wiggy does not even leave any tips. Once he left a 7% tip and actually patted himself on the back. He acts like he deserves a medal if leaves any kind of tip at all. Talk about uppity!! Hey Wiggy, I'll give you a tip: Jump off the roof of the Branch of your choice.

Anonymous said...

When he visits the union hall, they don't invite him anymore to speak to carriers like they used to when Mr Harris was President. Now anyone else could take the hint. If the NALC stops inviting you to speak for 5 minutes during their meetings than it probably means they don't like you. Not so for Mr Dense who gets to the hall before the meeting, sits at the bar, buys $2 to $3 drinks and talks and talks and talks. Wiggington is a cheap date.

Anonymous said...

Wig loves talking doesn't he?

Anonymous said...

Wow, it looks like people don’t respect Wiggington. No surprise there. The man is the biggest violator of confidentiality at the credit union. Back in 2008, he used to stroll over the to loan department and sit on an old beat-up love seat and talk about the people he fired, the people he planned on firing and the people he had his eye on. Yes, that’s a subject the president of any company should be discussing in front of 6 non-management employees.

When a member left a baby in a car, the police were called and the member arrested. Of course, before calling the police, they asked the member to get the baby out of her car but she didn’t want to. Next day, Wiggington goes around the South Pasadena office telling everyone that the police shouldn’t of been called and that the “poor” member had been subjected to abuse by his employees. He then went around complaining about Gema, Patty, Georgina, and Susanna and then had everyone except Georgina brought to his office, where he issued verbal warning threatening to fire them if they ever called the police again. It wasn’t Wiggington’s fault, because he just didn’t know the credit union would have been legally liable had the employees not called the police. The incident also tells you a lot about who Wiggington is as a person. Evidently the life of a baby locked in a car with the windows up, is of no concern to a guy that likes to talk about everyone who works for him.

Wiggington is a really stupid man. Most of us will probably live our lives never meeting a man as ignorant as Wiggington or one with absolutely no common sense, humility, good manners, or a sense of right and wrong. Any wonder the credit union is where its at today?

Anonymous said...

@Lone Wolf

You're spot-on when you say Wiggy thinks everyone is beneath him. This buffoon thinks he's intelligent. Truth is, he's an ignorant schmuck.

Is Wiggy cheap? You betcha. Wiggs is a notorious for being a cheap tipper. And he's a miser, especially when it comes to giving P1 employes raises. But he'll raise holy hell if he doesn't get a raise or bonus.

Anonymous said...

Wiggy a schmuck! That sums it up perfectly.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous wrote:
When he visits the union hall, they don't invite him anymore to speak to carriers like they used to when Mr Harris was President....

You are right. He is so disliked but living in denial and having no self-respect, he still thinks they like him at the union hall. A lot of postal employees can't stand him. They've seen how he ruined the credit union. Did he think no one would notice? They've seen employees they liked, get terminated and they know that they were terminated unfairly. This moron really believe the postal workers wouldn't notice. Plus, back in 2007 he said he wanted more SEGs and less business development focused on postal workers. And Rodger Smock agreed with him. These two are brain dead. If postal workers had helped the credit union grow, why would you want to replace them with SEGs which are never loyal to the credit union? The answer: Because Wigg is stupid.

Anonymous wrote:
You're spot-on when you say Wiggy thinks everyone is beneath him.

You're right. When we met in his office for meetings he would sometime talk about his BA. He never said it was in Afro-American studies and he never told us how his studies helped him grow business. The answer: It didn't. When he talks, you can't tell he graduated from college. Actually, its hard to tell he even graduated from high school.

Anonymous said...

Wig is 100% ghetto. That's why P1 is what it is today.

Anonymous said...

Is there any proof Wiggy actually graduated from college? What college? I suspect it's a correspondence college or a phony pape-mill. And who the hell walks around announcing loudly they're a college graduate in African American studies.

Wiggy thinks everyone is beneath him - this is a joke, right?

Anonymous said...

He says he graduated from Cal State Northridge where he suppsedly got his BA. He only told a few people he got a degree in African-American studies but if you look at his zillion bio's on the internet, you'll see he never mentions he studied Afro-American studies. He's either ashamed to post it on the internet or he didn't get the degree. I'd personally like to his diploma and proof of his GPA and proof of what he majored in. What's clear is he didn't study business, banking, etiquette, or homemaking. And the only reason he looks down on people is because he knows better than anyone else that he's lower than a snake's belly.

Any who, on a side note, if you look for Smock's bio, you'll find he says he majored in marketing at the University Cincinnati back in the 1800's. He never studied marketing. He studied psychology that's why he thinks he can manipulate people. That fossil needs to crawl back to the La Brea tar pits.

Anonymous said...

It's clear Wiggy never graduated - maybe he took a few semesters at CSUN, but that's about it. I challenge Wiggy to prove he graduated with any kind of a degree. While you're at it Wiggs what was your GPA?

If there was a degree in Food Chomping with a wide-open mouth Wiggs would graduate with honors.

Anonymous said...

It is possible that he does have a BA but if he does, it proves an education doesn't guarantee you'll be good at anything. In his case he's horrible at corporate planning, marketing, business development, employee relations, etc.

One time we were in the car with Wig on our way to lunch and he was driving talking and talking and talking some more. He made fun of the employees at the credit union because unlike him, they didn't have BA's. If that's the case, why did he hire a lot of them? If Wig is an example of what a degree gets you, then I vote we demolish all colleges. Maybe he could have used his Afro-American studies to help understand the credit union's marketplace. A better and more intelligent person might have used the information to understand the credit union's huge Afro-American demographic but not Wig because he is lazy and ignorant. This is the same guy who used to say his spiffy AVP's were going to bring in lots of new business and were going to make the credit union grow more than it ever did under Mr Harris. 7 years later there are no AVP's and the place is now small. One of his bios on the web says that 35 years ago, he was a teller at B of A. Obviously, he never grew- mentally or intellectually because he certainly isn't President material. It's like he's stunted.

Anonymous said...

Really? He has a BA? I don't believe it. How?

Anonymous said...

Food chomping. Too funny. Too true.

Anonymous said...

I have to agree, there is nothing about how he speaks that hints at higher education. If you're going to flaunt you are educated, then it would help to conduct yourself like you're educated.

I had the misfortune of working with and for Wiggington for a short time. During that time I got to know Smock, Bea Walker, Lynnette, Robert West Yvonne, Alex, Gema, Joseph, and Lynnette Fortson. I have to agree with every comment that says these people are unprofessional.

They are all embarrassing. The weird thing is, they really believe their the epitome of professionalsim. These are people who worked themslves up from entry level positions but over the years, made no effort to develop their professional abilities or try to improve their conduct so that could fit their new roles in management. You can't make a silk purse our of a pig's ear or in this case, pig waste. I think that's why they are all so underhanded and conniving. I've never worked with more insecure, petty, and untrustworthy people then when I worked at the credit union. Mr. Harris was not perfect, but he was disciplined and respectable. Not so for Wiggington whose favorite topic is himself. In his mind, he is the sun and all the planets circle around him. In reality, he's pathetic, obnoxious, crass, lonely, and so vulgar. There is nothinbg dignified about him and the things that come out of his mouth are a waste of words and time. Years ago there was a poster which showed eggs in a frying pan with the caption, "This is your brain on drugs." Believe me, after working with Wiggington they should have a photo of him with the caption, "This is your brain on stupid." He really is everything that people say he is. In fact, he's worse. You really have to work with this man to discover just how awful and embarrassing he is. Leaves you scratching your head wondering why he hasn't been fired. For that you'd have to look at the equally awful board.

Anonymous said...

You're right, I'm scratching my head wondering why this incompetent goon Charles Wiggington has not been fired.

And while I scratch my head Wiggy is obsessed with scratching his itchy balls.

Anonymous said...

Wiggy has a Degree in Food Chomping, with a double minor; one in Smacking and one in Ball Scratching. Congratulations Wiggy, you're a triple threat.

Anonymous said...

If the reason for keeping Wigginton isn not skin color, then why would the board keep a man who has damaged the credit union so much? What else could it be? It couldn't be becaue he's highly educated or charming or interesting to talk to because he's not! My opinion is skin color has been the main or maybe the only reason for keeping him though I also think Diedra keeps him for some other reasons. Is it because he allows her to come to the credit union and go anywhere she wants uninvited? Is it because she can enter his office whenever she comes in even when he is in a meeting?

The man is a yahoo. I've heard him speak publicly. Suffice it to say, he doesn't come off as a president or CEO. He's an embarrassment. And I have to agree, he has no manners. He does talk when eating. He wears those short sleeve shirts (without the pen holder in the pocket).

The big problem is also that board. Those people, I mean directors, are just so deficient. I read a few years ago that the state was going to test directors of all credit unions to make sure they understand financials something they obviously did not do otherwise you could probably say bye to Hale, Thomas, Diedra, and Saffold.

Anonymous said...

You left Marchica out. If he understands financials, then he has done absolutely nothing to try and stop Diedra's stupid decisions. Mrs Irving stood up to Diedra and Diedra and the other directors stopped talking to her. The board is like a elementary school playground where Diedra used to separate them into the haves and the have nots. People like Mrs. Irving, Mr. Davidson and Mr Shipley were separated and in time, they all left the board. She now has exactly what she wanted and the credit union is in the toilet. And Davidson and Shipley were White which is another topic.

Anonymous said...

I know I'm putting it lightly when I say few people like Charles. And though some of the things I read are true, even the sarcastic things, he's the product of the board and he's also the product of his staff. All monsters are made, they don't make themselves. Diedra is the one who helped him break many of the credit union's policies. It was she who approved all his wasted spending and it was she again who approved hiring Bea Walker, Saeid Raad and Cindy Garvin.

Rodger Smock is probably even more horrible than Charles. He acts like he's everybody's friend, but that one has put a knife in so many backs and then twisted it. He's the reason why Charles got away with sexually harassing and he's the one that let a lot of employees get victimized. He also was the Charles' gun in getting rid of a lot of people using lies made up by Charles. Even though he is the one who really oversees HR, he should have been fired years ago when he had an affair with that boy and when he liquored up employees who attended his house of a night time pool party that turned into a nude swim party at least for 1 employee.

Robert West is almost as horrible as Smock. He's definitely untrustworthy and has prostituted himself for a title and a paycheck.

Everyone of them has helped Charles get away with so many things that should have got him fired a long time ago.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Charles always has an excuse for his bad behaviors. When he told Kim he wanted to "sop her up like gravy" and when he was massaging her thigh, he didn't know that was sexual harassment. It was her fault because she shold never have been born.

When Charles' friend, Henry Justice made off with more than $60,000 in credit union money, Charles said he had no idea his friend was going to rob the credit union. Maybe that's why in 2009 he tried to bring Henry back as a preferred dealer.

When he got kick-backs from credit resolutions for all those years, how was he supposed to know that getting kickbacks was was unethical or illegal.

When he took that poor member's car and transferred the car to his name without paying anything for the auto, he didn't know what he was doing was wrong. After all, it was the member's fault that someone in his family got sick and which made the member go delinquent on his P1 loan.

When he mailed out all those envelopes with member social and account numbers on the outside, it wasn't his fault. He blamed Alan even though Charles was responsible making sure there was nothing wrong with the mailings.

And when he and Bea fixed the books back in January 2010 and reported profit when there was none, well that wasn't his fault again.

Yeah, Wiggington is always innocent. Well, actually he's stupid to think anybody is going to believe anything that comes out of his lying mouth.

Anonymous said...

Wiggy's management style is so profoundly incompetent that the Board members refuse or can't recognize it as pathetic.

Food chomping, ball scratching Wiggy should have been fired long ago. You gotta ask yourself why hasn't this dolt been terminated. Is it the secret dossiers of dirt he has on the Board? Is it his Devil's pact he made with Diedra? Are the entire bunch receiving kickbacks from vendors like Henry Justice?

Please provide an answer.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous, you are so right, Wig's management style is incompetent but its funny that we're calling it style which its just plain old profound incompetence. As for the board, this is a group of 5 of the stupidest people you'll ever have the bad luck of meeting. They rely on Wiggington to explain the financials to them which gives him a chance of working them like putty. According to the DFI, a qualified director isn't supposed to rely on the president to understand the cu's financials which means this group isn't qualified and the DFI isn't doing its job. Why he hasn't been terminated is probably a question most industry insiders ask. When Wiggington got exposed that he was trying to bring Henry Justice back he ran through the loan dept in south pas and picked up all the business cards he had passed out to the loan staff. He also called Henry and told him that if Diedra or anyone else contacted him that he was to tell them he hadn't spoken to Charles in a long time. Old itchy balls got exposed and then tried to cover it up like the sneak that he is.

Anonymous said...

They should of fired Wig for the way he talks, dresses and looks. He pronounces Toyota as Ta-jo-ta and Indianapolis as Annanapolis which is in Maryland not Indiana.

Lone Wolf said...

Wiggy is a notoriously unlikable incompetent bully who ruined a once great credit union. Bringing back Henry Justice is total negligence - there has gotta be a kickback or skim-scheme with that con artist. It's a wonder Wiggy hasn't been run out of town on a rail.

Anonymous said...

What happened to the good old days when you could take someone like Wig or Diedra and tar and feather them and then load them on a train outta town? I'd included Rodger but that would take a lot of tar and a lot of feathers.

Anonymous said...

i agree, there's got to be kick-backs or some other dirty business going on. One time some of the employees went looking for the loan file for the member whose car got taken by Wig. It wasn't in the store room, it wasn't in credit resolutions and when some of the collection staff looked for it at their main office in Glendora, it wasn't there either. Same thing happened with Patrice, the woman Wiggington approved for a $26,000 car loan when she had a bunch of negative references in her credit. Her file disappeared too. Wig is a sneaky MF who can't be trusted. I wonder how many other files where he had his dirty paws in, have disappeared from the main branch?

Anonymous said...

Wiggington = Sexual Harasser .can't understand why he is still there after that case. Stupid Monkey looking Animal

Anonymous said...

Lol.. the real Monkey look alike is actually West! lollll

Anonymous said...

@Lone Wolf

Let me summarize the last couple of posts:

Wiggy is a sneaky MoFo, sexual harasser and thief who should be tarred & feathered. And then, just like in the Wild West he should be run outta town on a rail.

Blubber-boy Jabba the Hutt wannabe Rodger stinks like shit. He should also get the tar & feather treatment, but there is just not enough tar and feathers in LA County to do the job.

Does that sum it up?

Anonymous said...

So where's the annual report?

Anonymous said...

I've been keeping it a secret, but there us something you should all know........Charles Wiggington is a Prick. And Rodger is a Putz.

Anonymous said...

It's actually no secret. No one understands why he's still President. There is not a single thing anyone can point to that shows that he's made P1 a stronger credit union. Just the opposite, everywhere all you can see is how he hurt the credit union. No arguing he couldn't of done all the damage without the board. They still trust him with everything he tell them which proves they're stupid. Diedra is an idiot. People at the post office where she used to work say she was horrible and had attitude. If she had any self respect, she would of resigned. Same for Saffold who is an embarrassment and useless Hale and even more useless Bobby Thomas.

Anonymous said...

I remember when you guys published Diedra and O.Glen's addresses when they were running for the board and the both said they had contributed a lot to Priority One they just never mentioned what it is they exactly did.

Anonymous said...

They just talk because they think people are as dumb as the are.

Anonymous said...

Something funny you all should know! It was rumored that Esmeralda almost left crying because West wanted Wiggy to grant him a leave so he can protest in Furguson ! Ans as usually dumb all the work on Esmi since his lazy ass is writing another book! Luckily for Esmi leave was not granted.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

West is a walking contradiction. He claims to be Christian yet he is friends with Wigg and condones everything Wig does, including making up stories and gossiping about employees. He writes employees up, yet sleeps in his office and writes self-help styled Christian books while at work which means he's collecting a salary when he's supposed to be working. There is so much more about this Erkle look-alike hypocrite but maybe later, in a different comment.

Anonymous said...

is that true that Robert asked for a leave and Esme stressed? Why is she stressed? When they had 9 branches and she and Smock were the only people in HR, she used to take care of benefit processing, interviewing new applicants and she had little Jen processing payroll. Rodger was her boss but the only thing he did was be present when people got fired. So why when they only have 3 branches, mostly part-time employees and Jen is still helping would she stress? Esme is a horrible person. Only at P1 could she be hired to work in HR. She has no education in anything related to HR, she is not the image of what you want in a managerial capacity (what at P1 is?), she is a major backstabber. In the past she gave false statements to help Wig fire people so we know she'll roll over like a dog to stay in good with management. She's the reason so many good employees got the boot. I still remember what she did with Marc and a lot of others. The only thing she should stress about is her unsightly poundage.

Anonymous said...

PS- Is that true that Robert wanted to go to Ferguson? Why? Was he going to bore everyone to death?

Anonymous said...

I couldn't have said it better myself! Very true Esmaralda is the one of the biggest back stabber to have exsisted in all of p1's history . And yes its true West cliamed he was and still is deeply hurt from situation in Furguson. His the Devil in sheeps skin is what West really is.

Anonymous said...

Ps West also recently cliamed3 year old dauther is now doing Algebra !lmao

Anonymous said...

Maybe his daughter can teach him that when your employer gives you a paycheck it's in exchange for doing good actual work. What West never thinks about is the example he sets for others. One day there was an after shock while he was on his way to the copy machine. You should have seen his eyes. They got as big as saucers and he took off running like a wet hen. It said so much about his character. That and the fact he easily accommodates Wiggington evil. Now Esmeralda is pond scum. She used to go around saying that everything on the block was a lie until documents got published. She used to run to Beach, Smock and Wiggington telling get them what employees were against the company, problem is she made up a lot of the things she said. If Wiggington and Miss Smock had a baby it would be Esmeralda.

Anonymous said...

PS: Bea not Beach.

Anonymous said...

West has said he's published author but when you google him, you get a White Christian writer also named Robert West. What has West published? If he's writing during working hours then he should at least have finished a few books by now.

Anonymous said...

Well if he is published he's probaby as good a writer as he is a DJ. He says he used to be a DJ in college and he used to show his DJ abilities during company meetings. Well, abilities might be a stretch. He used to play songs and his repertoire was boring which brings me to the subject of his teaching abilities. How many of you had the misfortune of attending his old training sessions? He is an awful trainer. I never met an instructor who could make 1 hour feel like 24 hours and a session feel like a jail sentence. Just saying.

Lt. Colonel Doom said...

All kinds of challenges are being issued this month. There is the Ice Bucket ALS Challenge. Then there is the recent 50 Cent challenge to Floyd Mayweather Jr.

Everyone is accepting their Challenges. But there is one notable guessed it, slimeball Wiggington has not accepted the $40,000 STFU Challenge.

Let me restate the terms of the STFU Challenge once again:

1. Wiggy shut your yappy pie-hole for one week. This means total silence.

2. No consumption of food with your mouth wide-open, as though you're an organ grinder's monkey. No loud smacking while you chomp for one week you prick.

3. Quit scratching your balls and quit playing pocket pool for one week. Don't panic though, it's allowable to scratch your ballsack if you're at home or in the privacy of any of your shitty cars.

Step-up like a man Wiggy. We all know you're a slippery oily weasel, but for once in your life you have the opportunity to accept this Challenge for the good of the credit union morale. Don't pussy out you horse-toothed jackass. Accept.

Anonymous said...

Or you can put Wig in the ring with 50 Cent and Floyd Mayweather and after their done with him, put him in a bucket and throw it over Niagra Falls.

Before the blog, he used to say he got his job because he knew how to play the game and he won. After the blog, he said a bunch of jealous employees who wanted his job were trying to black ball him.

Nowadays, he doesn't even show his face up at credit union events. Besides talking too much, no one better than Wig knows that everything people say about him is 100% true. Not only can employees testify, but there is enough documentation in HR and court records describing his little escapades. Either he really is a victim and there is a huge invisible group of people plotting to drive him out because they want to be him (really unlikely as he doesn't have anything going for him) or everything that is said about him is true. Seriously, what is there to be jealous of? He has a credit union with only 3 branches. One depressing main office in South Pasadena, one office on the horrible corner of Florence and Central and one small office in Van Nuys. No one is jealous of his looks and no one would want to talk the way he does. Are they jealous because he has 3 or 4 old BMW's. Or maybe they're jealous because he has such a wonderful family. I'd certainly like to hear from him what it is people are jealous of.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous, you really think there's even a remote possibility that Charles can "Step-up like a man"? You'd have a way better chance of getting Yvonne Boutte to step up like a man. You realize you insulted weasels and jack-asses, don't you?

Anonymous said...

So Charlie, where's the annual report?

Anonymous said...

@Lt. Colonel Doom

You insulted weasels, jackasses, slimeballs and organ grinder monkeys by comparing them to Wiggy.

Anonymous said...

Charles will never give up the annual report, but the real person to blame for all this mess is the board. losers all of them and Joe who has been on the board for ever should really be the one to take most of the blame, he should know better

Anonymous said...

@ Lone Wolf

Yore 100% correct. Watching so-called CEO Wiggy is like being forced to observe a shitshow everyday I come to work at this dump. Wiggy is a slippery lying snake and everyone here knows it.

To make matters even worse, we're all dealing with a grip of backstabbing incompetent Wiggy-ass-kissing P1 managers. And Rodger should be institutionalized for being a mentally defective fatboy.

Not sure how much longer it'll be before I submit my resignation, but I can tell you my resume been sent to many So. Cal credit unions. Can't wait to boogie on outta this demented circus.

Step-up like a man Wiggy you MoFo Prick - accept the STFU Challenge.

Anonymous said...

To be frank, the Board at Priority One are nothing than a bordello of has been, no nothing losers. Diedra is the pimp daddy and O. Glen Saffold, Richard Hale, Bobby Thomas, and even Jose Marchica are her girls. Yikes! The 4 imitation males on the board have been over backwards and frontwards to make sure anything Diedra wants, Diedra gets. If any of them had a moral compass they would have told her no a long time ago and given Wiggington the boot. But this is a group made of up of 4 black incompetents and 1 non-black who maybe out of being old- really old, prefers going along for the ride than doing what's right. Joe Marchica should be ashamed of himself for compromising good for evil. Out of all of them, he is the only one I thought had a sense of ethics and morals. The rest of them are junk yard dogs, stupid as stupid can be and useless.

As for Rodger Smock, he's totally useless and super greedy. He probably stays at the credit union because he knows that he's too old to be hired elsewhere plus if he was hired, he'd be fired because he's lazy and ignorant.

I don't know if Rodger should be institutionalized but for starters, he should be sent to a fat farm.

Anonymous said...

Wig is like that kid most of us knew in grammar school who was always talking and running his mouth but running to hide behind teachers, whenever kids wanted to kick his ass. The backstabbing at Priority One has been going on for years, because that's the kind of environment Wig created. His biggest backstabbers have been-

a. Rodger Smock
b. Bea Walker
c. Yvonne Boutte
d. Alex Suarez
e. Sylvia Perez
f. Virginia Contreras
g. Gema Pleitez
h. Georgina Duenas
i. Cindy Garvin
j. Robert West
k. Esmeralda Sandoval

What's really interesting is that his backstabbers, talked and hate or hated Wig. They did and do his dirty work but they don't like him. He got rid of Bea, Sylvia, and Cindy, even though they all used to call him their friend. The management is so dysfunctional and ill that it fools itself into thinking they're one body when they can't stand each other. Ask Yvonne. For years, she used to have her girls interrupt meetings with Wig, telling him Yvonne had an emergency call, that way Yvonne didn't have to sit in his office for hours and listen to his boring stories.

Anonymous said...

Wiggington is the kind of garbage that makes normel Americans wish segration was a good thing and that desegragation was the mild stone of this sorry board plus Wiggy n West which makes me feel like i work for the Black Panthers . Its so sad but yet so true folks .

Anonymous said...

I think out of all those people on the list, only Sylvia really liked Wigg and I believe West likes Wigg. Syvlia was such a horrible manager and a big time liar. She used to brag about all the new business she got until they made her turn in a monthly sheet of all her new business and guess what, home girl wasn't getting any business? What happened? Well, she spent years lying and backstabbing whoever she disliked and whoever Wigg told her he wanted out. She hated Bea but she kissed Bea's flat pasty ass. She used to say that Wigg and her husband were friends and they played golf together. None of that helped because when Diedra ordered him to get rid of Sylvia, he did it. Guess he forgot they were friends.

Now West does every evil thing Wigg wants him to because he knows who butters his bread. He used to dislike Smock because Smock is a big flame but after Wigg promoted West and because Smock is Wigg's supposed friend, now West likes Smock. Excuse me while I throw up.

Whenever employees complain about management, West never documents the complaints but when those same employees are given warnings by their supervisors, he writes down what he's told.

Anonymous said...

Well West sounds like a black version of Rodger Smock.

When the credit union got sued by x-employees, Rodger told the lawyers that he investigated the complaints the employees made against some managers, but when the lawyer asked HR for the record of the complaints and of how Rodger resolved the complaints, there were no records. That's because Mr. Portly never documented anything. All the employees had the same story. They all went to Rodger and told him they were being harassed. Roder told the attorney that he had gotten complaints but investigated them. But he couldn't provide proof that he investigated the complaints. This pissed off Diedra but I don't know why she got mad, Rodger is just as dishonest and stupid as she is.

I know that some of my co-workers complained about Cindy Garvin and Yvonne Boutte back in 2012 and they all said that when they met with Robert, he never wrote down anything. Later, when Cindy and Yvonne retaliated, he wrote down everything they said and then he gave each employee a warning. It was retaliation and somebody should have sued the credit union and Robert "I see the world in black" West but no one did. At P1 the HR dept is so corrupt and dishonest, no wonder they lost all those lawsuits.

Tom Gathers said...

A few years ago, the employees of all branches met in South Pasadena to attend one of the credit union's quarterly staff meetings. When Rodger got up to talk, he said that for employees to earn a raise, they'd have to score high on all the sections of the performance reviews. When he was talking, Wig was standing by the reception desk nodding his head up and down, in agreement and then I guess he couldn't control himself, he blurted out that an employee would have to score all 5's to get a raise. Now at the time, there were 9 branches and there was no need to cut expenses. So why would a president that caused the credit union to lose 6 branches and who has never scored a 5 in 7 years, continue to get paid more than $150,000 a year plus bonuses?

Anonymous said...

List is Missing Hector's 90 year old back stabbing ass!

Anonymous said...

I have to revise your list. I re-ordered it by worst backstabber first. They’re all horrible so being at the bottom doesn’t mean you’re sort of a good person. All of them are 100% horrible.

1. Rodger Smock
2. Bea Walker
3. Yvonne Boutte
4. Cindy Garvin
6. Sylvia Perez
7. Esmeralda Sandoval
8. Alex Suarez
9. Robert West
10. Gema Pleitez
11. Virginia Contreras
12. Georgina Duenas

Rodger is the kingpin of backstabbers just second to Wiggington. He’s the reason so many employees were railroaded and fired. He knew Wiggington made up stories plus he knew Wiggington sexually harassed. Do you know what he told the investigator who asked if he was aware that Kim was being sexually harassed? He said that Wiggington was only joking. I guess the head of HR didn’t know that touching an employee inappropriately and making sexual remarks is something that should never happen in any business. That is more proof that he’s corrupt and should never have been placed in HR.

Bea Walker was hired by Wiggington as a hatchet woman. She was hired to be COO with her main task to drive out the people that didn’t like Wig. She should have just fired 90% of the employees and closed most member accounts if she wanted to take out anyone who disliked Wiggington.

Yvonne Boutte thinks she’s smart. That makes her dangerous. That woman (or man) has done as much as Wiggington, Smock and Bea, to ruin morale plus she got us sued in 2012 by a member, only because she couldn’t control her god complex.

Cindy was also hired as a hatchet person. Problem is, she couldn’t fix the mess Wiggington made and then at the end, she started to complain about him.

Joseph Garcia is Priority One’s BIGGEST kiss-ass. The man is dull and dumb. He really has difficulty learning things and he’s failed at every position they gave him which explains why he went from AVP to business development rep. He also lied for Wiggington and Bea about so many employees. He used to look for other jobs while at work and using his PC. If he wasn’t so dumb he might have become as dangerous as Wiggington (who is also dumb as dirt, that is if dirt was dumb).

Sylvia Perez: dumb and definitely dumbest. Nuff said.

Esmeralda Sandoval: This woman is a piece of work. She lies for management. Do they put a dog treat in her mouth each time she les? She is the reason a lot of employees got fired. Back in 2010, she made every employee read the new confidentiality policy and then in front of their co-workers, she made them say they understood what they read and promised they would not break confidentiality. I know she has the mind of a 9-year old but the rest of us don’t. She also said the blog was full of lies but it turned out she was the one lying.

Alex Suarez: Yvonne’s pit bull

Robert West: Hypocrite extraordinaire

Gema Pleitez: Pathetic

Virginia Contreras: She was sent to work in Burbank in April 2012 and while she was there, she told employees about how lazy Gema is and how she was the one doing all of Gema’s work. She was right but problem with Virginia is she is a major micromanager just like the others and even though she was Rodger’s close friend, Wiggington and Yvonne wanted her out and they succeeded because she never could make her monthly numbers.

Georgina Duenas: Gossiper, liar, backstabber but she now is under Sonia, the supervisor, and both women dislike each other. She used to bad mouth Sonia but she's quieter because she is no longer top dog or relevant. She's really yesterday's news.

Anonymous said...

Georgina was never news, well maybe in her own mind.

And Smock might have a good reason for not noticing that Wigg was sexually harassing. Maybe he was looking at boys or too busy eating chocolates from the candy dish on his desk, or piddling around the Internet looking at non-work related websites. I'm sure there's a good reason why he's the suckiest HR director at the credit union.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Rodger sucks! When they had a lot of full time employees, he never tried shopping for affordable insurance coverage. Instead he relied on the same old broker, who provided expensive insurance to the credit union's underpaid employees. It might be that he's too lazy to look for benefits that are affordable to employees. Of course when you earn more than $100,000 a year for doing absolutely nothing except sitting in your office and walking around the branch pretending your legs and back hurt, why would you do anything to help employees?

Rodger is the one that trained Esmeralda which explains a lot including that Miss Endomorph won't do anything that benefits employees.

Now in 2013, the board wasn't too happy with Rodger because they blamed him for the lawsuits filed by employees but Wiggington- his "friend", stepped in and managed to keep him employed though like Wiggington, there is no justification for having Smock at the credit union. Can anyone name a single thing he does that has ever made the credit union a better place. The credit union is shrinking and has a bad reputation, so what has Rodger done to change that. Evidence, please?

Anonymous said...

Alex Suarez is a manly enforcer! She admited that her and her team create fake Faceboook acounts inorder to so called "catch members" fake acounts and harassment on social media is a charge and they can be prosecuted! I hope THE DAY COMES When Her West Wiggy Esme Rodger are taking outta here with hand cuffs!

Anonymous said...

That is just one of the minor criminal activities being conducted at Priority one there's alot more they can be prosicuted for. What amuses me most is how this same staff continues in this manner!

Anonymous said...

I remember sitting in front of Diedra at the 2010 annual meeting and she said that Bea Walker made a lot of improvements and that Joseph Garcia was improving morale and helping to bring the company together. She even said she and the board picked the right people. Then a year later, Bea is fired and Joseph is demoted. Diedra is stupid and so is the board. They hired Bea and Cindy and Saeid and then they fired them after paying our more than $400,000 in salaries during there about 2 year stay.

Its because of Diedra that Wiggington and Smock are still employed. Its Diedra who made the credit union lose branches. If she says its not her or the board, then you got to ask why they keep Wiggington.

Anonymous said...

Great going Alex! lets create fake facebook acounts useing other peoples personal pictures and profiles to harass our own members. This credit union is going places . sorry ass Mofos

Anonymous said...

Using other peoples pictures and names for personal profit or gain without consent is a form of identity theft and a major privacy violation. Even if on social media . Alex go back to ur ghetto Hood Rat!

Anonymous said...

Alex is manly? That’s an understatement. If she and her team are creating fraudulent Facebook accounts to dupe members who are delinquent, that’s illegal. Just like back in 2008-2010, when Yvonne was the head of Credit Resolutions and she and her team (Sandra, Alex, Naira) would come in to work on Saturday mornings and they programmed the phones so that when delinquent members received a call, their caller ID said “California Lottery.”

They should change their mission statement to say “And we won’t let something like the law stand in our way of doing what we have to do.”

Someone needs to look into whether using people’s photos without permission constitutes copyright infringement. In the world of social media sharing photos is not unusual or illegal, but using them to advertise or to carryout the credit union’s alleged efforts to trap delinquent members might be illegal. Ever notice how many times the law is allegedly broken under Wiggington?

Sexual harassment
Age Discrimination
Same-sex Sexual Harassment
Taking possession of a member’s car using repossession procedures
Using questionable collection tactics

Anonymous said...

When I worked there I had the utter displeasure of meeting and disliking Alex Suarez. She made quite an impression for being utterly low class, uneducated, horrible, backstabbing, underhanded and like her boss/master, Yvonne Boutte, a chronic gossip. Like Wiggington and Yvonne, Alex breaks the credit union's policy governing confidentiality which is enforced with complete discrimination by Rodger Smock and Robert West. Alex used to listen to everyone's conversations and then run to Yvonne and tell her what she THOUGHT she heard. Yvonne would run to Wiggington or Rodger and then without evidence, turn employees in. Wiggington and Smock who never rely on evidence, would then create their plots against employees.

There's been more than a couple of times that Yvonne got angry with Alex and talked to her about her gossiping but only after what Alex said spread through the credit union or got published on the internet. The managers at the credit union don't get in trouble for doing wrong, they get in trouble for getting caught.

Alex is just a horrible person. Since she became supervisor she's played her staff and even warned them that she doesn't want what she gossips about ending up on the internet. If she doesn't want her gossip on the internet then maybe she should just shut-up and stop gossiping. She's another one with a lot of personal issues. I use to love hearing her tell people "I'm a good person", "I am a professional", "I don't lie" and so and so on. She must be related to Wiggington because she's definitely not a good person, she lies and lies a lot, and the one thing she is not is professional, spending time playing people against people.

Anonymous said...

I used to think she wore tranny make-up. Just saying.

Commissioner Gordon said...

I agree with your list of the 12 backstabbing vipers above. It's an evil coven only the Devil would admire.

Diedra and Wiggy, You should be proud of yourselves for putting together a truly rotten management team. It's the worst snake pit of malingerers, hypocrites, phonies and gossipmongers since Hitler and Himmler formed the Gestapo.

Anonymous said...

Well isn't Wig known as Herr Wiggler?

Anonymous said...

Wiggs I hope you read this because i truly think you are a Parasite .. You Dirty SOB

Anonymous said...

I don't always agree with the way people talk and write about Wigg but I also know people are so tired of him. He has been an awful boss and he's the reason people don't get raises. His horrible decisions and his even more horrible way of acting has cost the credit union its reputation, its business and its future but he doesn't see it and he doesn't care because he is so out of touch with reality plus he's got people around him that lie to him and tell him everything is okay. If they respected him, if they cared about the credit union, they'd tell him the truth but they can't because they are as horrible as he is. I totally agree that he is a liar and not just an occasional liar but addicted to lying. He is unethical and even though he tries to shrug it off like its nothing, he knows that he is the reason why the credit union got sued so many times since he became president. Lawsuits started after he became president. Besides having no ethics he has no morals. What he did to that employee was horrible. He is married and he's an officer of the credit union which should have told him to act like a man and not to act inappropriately. Plus he's got a dirty mouth. I've heard him cuss and I remember his sex stories. I don't know why such an ugly man would think people want to hear his sex stories.

He's ruined the credit union. It will never be what it was under Mr Harris. He's hurt so many people because of his lies. If he's got supporters, they probably don't genuinely care for him and for the 1 or 2 that do, look at their characters, they are just as awful as he is.

Anonymous said...

@Commissioner Gordon

I agree the management team is a rat's nest of backstabbing Nazis. Thanks Herr Wiggy.

Anonymous said...

I’m confused. Once Alejandra alka Alex and her group create a phony Facebook page, do they send friend requests to delinquent members? And if the member accepts, do they start sending them notices via FB demanding payment? Is that what they’re doing?

It sounds unethical and maybe even illegal, but what exactly are they doing with the alleged phony FB pages and how? And are they using member photographs
when creating the accounts?

If they are doing anything that hints at a violation of the ethics or worse yet, the law, they should be reported to the state starting with the DFI, the state attorney general, and though they don’t have much power other than creating a public record of a complaint- the better business bureau.

And where in the world does Alexjandra find the time to create phony FB pages? She’s always claiming they’re busy but from what I remember about Alex, she wastes a lot of time during the day talking to her besties in the department and to Yvonne, about other people and always putting herself on a pedestal. Plus she couldn't do this without Yvonne and Wiggington's permission.

Anonymous said...

@ Commissioner Gordon

Wiggington has a documented record of abject failure. Prick Wiggy is an incredible pussy who has ruined the credit union.

Why hasn't this flop-sweating, ball scratching jackass been fired? One can only conclude the board of directors has there heads up their asses. Way up.

Do you agree?

Anonymous said...

Its not Alex who personally creates team her team members do. What they do is lets say a a male member is delinquent they make a fake profile with pictures of a attractive female wich again they take n steal off of Facebook and send a private message and a friends request to the member. Smart? Lol more like stupid but apparently it works for them and according to Alex as long as they dont post on timeline if member for everyone to see its legal.. Butt!!! How legal is it to create a fake account with others photos and operate on behalf of a credit union like that

Anonymous said...

Exactly once members accept friendship status on FB delinquent members start being harassed via FB . There has to be some kind of law that prohibits this kind of activity towards its own members.

Perry Mason said...

I agree. Well, I think a lot of people agree.

Alex may not be personally creating the FB accounts, but she is the supervisor and is held accountable. By the way, Alex, Alexandra or Moron, is just plain intellectually deficient.

By the way, a search on the Internet describes this strategy as a "scam." So this means Priority One Credit Union- a business is knowingly perpetrating a scam as part of its business practices. Is this the type of business a member should ever want to patronize?

Allegedly and according to Alex, "as long as they (she and her staff) don't post on a member's timeline...its legal." I would never believe anything Alex has to say on any topic. The woman is a compulsive liar and in my opinion, her opinion on the subject of what is and is not legal, is completely unreliable and probably a product of her vivid imagination.

The fact they're using other people's photos without having those people sign a disclosure permitting Priority One to use their photographs in the creation of bogus FaceBook pages for use in the credit union's collection efforts is probably illegal and can be subject to a lawsuit or lawsuits.

According to what is on the Internet, members can file complaints with the federal trade commission and many companies like Priority One who have used this tactic as a means of coercing people into paying their debts, are now being sued. So my advice to alleged victims of this practice is to sue. In this case if you have evidence Priority One has done this to you, sue to the credit union and name Alex Suarez in your lawsuit since she has verbally admitted it is a tactic used by her department.

Anonymous said...

Yup, it is illegal. File complaints with the DFI, Federal Trade Commission, Better Business Bureau and for good measure, the NCUA. And contact an attorney with your evidence.

Anonymous said...

It is illegal to use a person's photograph for commercial (advertising) purposes without having them first sign a release.

If you're using their photograph for a documentary, you don't usually need a release.

If Priority One is using people's photographs without permission, it could be deemed illegal even if its not being used for advertising. If the person believes their image is used in a way which slanders their reputation, then Priority One can be sued. The problem for the credit union is that if they are allegedly using fictitious FB pages to get to members whose loans are delinquent or accounts overdrawn, then this is not for commercial or informational purposes. What's more, they are using the photographs of people who are probably unaware of what the credit union is doing in relation to its collection efforts. Priority One might just have put itself in more legal problems. One might think that after losing so many lawsuits and complaints that the president sexually harassed an employee or former employee, that the credit union might just want to keep away from anything that hints at illegality.

Anonymous said...

Okay, if this wasn't so pathetic it might actually be funny. You have a dumb ass like Alex Suarez, rattling off information about what she says is legal. I'm sorry but the last time I saw the old broad she wasn't an attorney or studying to be one. In fact, if I remember correctly, she was disparaging members and berating them to get them to submit payments on their delinquent loans and accounts.

Alex doesn't do anything without first telling Yvonne. Now Yvonne is also ignorant. Back in 2012 she threatened a member to stop calling Diedra and the member sued and later won. Obviously, Big Foot didn't know that you can't threaten members or that your authority as an officer has legal limits. If Alex instructed her staff to setup phoney Facebook pages its probably because either Yvonne told her to or Yvonne said it was okay. Now Yvonne would probably have told Wiggington because she's a braggart who likes to boast about what she does. He's stupid and dishonest and probably said, "My, my, my, ah's thinks that's a great adea. That'll teach them pesky memers dat they can't hide from us." Wiggington doesn't care if something is illegal as long as you're not caught. Of course it looks like they've been caught again.

Law Offices of Larry Parker said...

Let me see if we go this correct.

When he was VP of operations, Wiggington was getting kick-backs from Justice Auto. Then Justice Auto made off with $60,000 of credit union monies and filed bankruptcy and escaped prosecution.

In 2009, Wiggington invited Justice to become a preferred auto broker but his plan fell apart when it got on to the internet.

In 2008, Wig got investigated for sexual harassment and it turned out he did it.

In 2010 they discovered the receptionist at the L.A. office had stolen $60,000 from member accounts.

In 2013 an audit supposedly showed the AVP at the L.A. office stole money from member accounts and she was fired immediately.

In 2014 the collection department is setting up phony Facebook accounts and without permission, posting photographs of attractive women, to try and “friend” members who are delinquent.

Anyone else see a pattern?

Anonymous said...

Hey folks we have to help take action!against this! it's a shame what's become of this credit union. thanks to primarily Wiggy n his clowns !

Anonymous said...

Your right. Members need to complain to the DFI but they need to also complain to the state attorney generals office. This is incredible. This latest stunt victimizes members.

Anonymous said...

2014 in addition collection department phony accounts . It was recently rumored that back in May a Either white or Hispanic male a new hire was assulted by a African American new hire" FSR!" After initially complaining to Old Wiggy weeks later he was terminated. any one want to guess what happened to the African American FSR??

Anonymous said...

Assault? That's illegal. I know when you're a new employee you might be afraid of filing a complaint with your HR department particularly one as corrupt as Priority One's but that's what the employee should have done in addition to filing a police report. As for the Afro-American employee, he probably remains at work without a suspension or a write up. Remember, at Priority One horrible White employees like Bea Walker get fired but horrible Black employees like West and Yvonne and Charles Wiggington who gets more than a $150,000 a year, keep their jobs. Its the new normal.

Anonymous said...

I certainly hope that employee and as well as others sue them because, i remember back in 2008 Wiggy was braggin bout his zero talerence policy lol.. Wiggy ur policy is garbage

Anonymous said...

This beats everything! All this and still Wiggington remains since 2007 to this day as president!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous- "I certainly hope that employee and as well as others sue them because, i remember back in 2008 Wiggy was braggin bout his zero talerence policy lol.. Wiggy ur policy is garbage"

What has Wiggy done that isn't garbage? Aside from his failed strategies including that stupid, really stupid badge he passed out that he said would bring in new business and his quick money scehme for a payday style loan, what has this king of all morons done that has actually succeeded? On top of that, what has he done to the working environment and the great relationship the credit union used to have with members particularly postal employees? Anything that comes out of his mouth is pure bullshit. Can't believe he actually is a father much less a president. He's an example of all thats wrong with this world. The only zero tolerance policy that matters is the zero tolerance policy most of have for everything he says and does.

Anonymous said...

The badge was really stupid. It sits in a box as a reminder of how stupid he is. Did you mean his payday loan succeeded or failed? It failed. They still have it, but they never advertise it. The letters we mailed out to payday lending users in 2010, were not responded to. Members had no interest in the loan plus it wasn't the bargain Wiggington claimed it would be.

Anonymous said...

Totally agreed! Wiggy who has wasted credit union money on the most stupid ideas of his.

Anonymous said...

Ps lol that Badge was just funny and elementary! like the rest of us brilliant ideas. Wigg you smell like shit!

Anonymous said...

His Ideas*

Anonymous said...

Phony Facebook pages to dupe members and a physical assault. This is the house that Charlene Wiggington built.

Commissioner Gordon said...

This deceptive Facebook scheme to friend delinquent members is an obvious privacy violation and the worst form of douchebaggery ever perpetrated by Alex and MoFo pussy Wiggy.

Herr Wiggy's shitshow continues to hit new lows, yet the Board, headed by evil Frau Diedra, just sits there twiddling away with their heads firmly up their asses, while Wiggy scratches his balls. How in the hell has slime-ball Wiggy not been fired - it's gotta be the secret dossiers he has on the Board.

Where are the DFI and NCUA? What about a Cease and Desist to stop the continuing pattern of illegal and unethical acts.

Anonymous said...

The DFI is utterly useless. They are typical government. Here's an example of how they work or actually don't work. If you know a credit union is involved in illegal activities Nd you have the evidence but you are not a member, they refuse to investigate. If you are a member and you report illegal activity, the DFI will send a letter to the credit union and ask if the accusations are true. Now how do you think a credit union is going to answer? A few years ago we received inquiries from the DFI asking for we were not posting the income statements. Now at the time Wiggington told us not to post them in each branch even though the law required us to. Wiggington lied and denied he was hiding the reports and had us put them up immediately and the DFI went entirely with what he told them. They're another bureaucratic mess.

Anonymous said...

Ps They will listen if several members complain but one person is probably not going to move their overpaid asses.

Anonymous said...

Facebook scams and a assault . I hope the day comes when Wigg is fired for condoning all this thats going on . Remember people if Wigg finally gets the boot Esme and that so called "Good Christian " who condones Wiggs Evil that parasite West! will be gone in no time.

Anonymous said...

Esme: stop telling everyone your on a diet.

Wigg: Stop abuseing employes and chew with your sick pie hole shut! Incompetent bastard!

West: stop claiming your a good christian. You are far from being Christian and farthest from being Good.

Rodger: time for ur 80 year old senile ass to retire ur as much scum as the rest.

Anonymous said...

Yvonne : Stop your BS Gossip! your as useless as a old tape player with no batteries. Everytime i see you out side i feel like i am encountering BIGfOOT!

Alex : stop your fraudulent activity! your plain Gehtto with no morals

Gema: ? Well your just pathetic! Like someone posted in a previous comment on this blog. You even look pathetic

Anonymous said...

Georgina : Stop pretending your a gentel kind and femanant lady . Your a back stabber and remind me of a linebacker!

Commissioner Gordon said...

Wiggy = STFU you thin-skinned limp prick. You're nothing but an overpaid lying backstabbing bully. Quit chomping food with your clap-trap wide-open.

Rodger = Blubber-boy, Do you ever get tired of sticking your nose up Wiggy's ass?

Anonymous said...

Diedra: You Old hag! The only board You belong on is the one run by the Black Panthers.

Anonymous said...

Every company has some bad managers but have you ever read anywhere on the Internet where someone praises the work of any of Priority 1's managers?

Anonymous said...

Diedra and Wiggy make a wonderful team. She's batshit crazy and he's a lying unethical farter.

Anonymous said...

I don't think you'll find a single person in the industry that can understand why Charles Wiggington remains president. Looking at the credit union's FPR is sufficient proof that he should have been removed a long time ago but the board has chosen to keep him. The big question is why? What can't be understood either is why members haven't petitioned removal of the board. Members can submit a petition to the DFI. The board is the root of the problem at priority one. A board made up of unqualified directors and worse still, directors that cover-up illegal activities and who support the president in enforcing policies inconsistently should be removed.

Anonymous said...

Back in 2006, Diedra announced that Wiggington was going to succeed Mr Harris. You should have seen the reaction from employees. Wiggington was known for having a big mouth and for being lazy. He was a horrible VP of operations. If you went to him to ask him about operations he almost always sent you off to talk to someone else. He was always talking about sex, his cars and other really stupid things. People tolerated him but no one really liked him. He used to act professional only when Mr Harris was present. Yes, Wiggington has 2 faces and their both ugly. No one was jealous of him but we were all worried about what might happen to the credit union. First few years he spent so much credit union money like it was his money. Well, actually he'd never spend his money the way he spent credit union money. Year after year, he fired good employees and others quit and the credit union got smaller and smaller. The board obviously didn't know what we all knew would happen. They are at fault for the mess. Well Diedra is to blame and then her slaves the directors are to blame.

Anonymous said...

Rodger, West and Esme are the worst. They are supposed to inforce policy but they break it and never enforces it for management. They are

Anonymous said...

Overheard conversation between Farter Wiggy and Fart-smellier Rodger:

Wiggy: "Are you ready for me to squat my ass on your fat face? It 's time for your daily tea-bagging."

Rodger: "Splendid. Can't wait!"

Anonymous said...

THIS FAKE FACEBOOK ACCOUNTS AND ASULT CASE is SAD BUT DON'T KNOW WHATS WORsT THIS OR THE TIME A COUPLE OF YEARS BaCK ! WHEN WeST claimed HE DID SOME KIND OF BACKGROUND SEARCH AND SUPPOSEDLY FOUND OUT the early 1800s his Great great PATERNAL GRANDFATHER WAS Not BROUGHT over AS A SLAVE RATHER CAME At OWN Will AS A ""CRAFtSMAN"" REALLY! west Really!!! His probably turning his grave now cause of ur pathetic lie WEST. And if so wht "CRAFTHs" did he bring over? And how did he get to the americas perhaps a plain ticket?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I could tell you stories about the things West has said about himself from who his real father is (or is not) to his expertise as an author but as much as I don't like him I don't want to injure his tired ass either.

Anonymous said...

ps: If you search the Internet you don't find anything about whatever Robert West has written but you do find things Wigg has written while searching for his ancestors.

Anonymous said...

Lol i would love to hear at least one short story on him . Or maybe ther search was done by Alex and her crew via Fake FB accounts lol.

Anonymous said...

Why am I not surprised that credit resolutions setup phony FB accounts to trap members? Probably because that's the way they do business since Wiggington became president. I recently paid off my loan and with that, closed my accounts. Horrible service, rude employees and a totally embarrassing president who doesn't know how to act like a man was more than enough. I stopped recommending the credit union after they started closing branches. How do you tell someone to open an account at with Priority when they keep closing branches? Do you think anyone would think their money would be safe there? Well, those robberies by employees hasn't helped and knowing Wiggington lies about the credit union, hides the annual reports, and that he has officers who are trying to trick members, that's enough. You got to draw the line somewhere.

Anonymous said...

West is not the quiet, reserved, dignified man he pretends to be. He used to say that there were evil spirits at the credit union. He was right. But he's as much a part of whatever evil he said lives there as is Wiggington. Years ago a lot of employees stopped trusting him and though he likes to play the part of "da brother", a lot of Afro-American employees who used to work at the credit union started to realize he is just a front. Its all a show for people to think he's something he is not. Probably a lot of new employees won't know because they were hired after 2011, but in 2010 he got up and "tried" to trap what he called the "haters". He got up in front of the employees, open a Bible and read from it. Most employees didn't understand the verse he read and right after he finished reading, Charles ran up, put his arms around his neck and nuzzled his lips to his ear. I don't know what he whispered in Robert's ear. Maybe he was inviting him out for drinks after work. Robert has slipped up enough sharing things about his life with people he knew were marked for termination. Guess he thought that once they were gone nobody would ever know what he told them. Boy was he wrong, because they repeated what he told them.

Anonymous said...

Wig used to say his momma locked him in a closet. Anybody think maybe this is why he is what he is? Guess he's still in the closet.

Anonymous said...

Well this explains a lot. I totally agree the only evil lurking around is West himself. As far as Wigg being locked in a closed explains his behavior and attitude as a so called adult today.

Anonymous said...

Im not sure on staus of who knows about the fake FB accounts , but the Feds are diffently investigating the assault situation that occured. I myself was questioned .

Anonymous said...

You guys should have seen what Wigg had on earlierr this week! Wish i can post his hideous look!

Anonymous said...

Wigg is hardley steps out of his office anymore! Only time he appears is in break room. Something must be up for sure i haven't seen him on his usuall rant or blabber lately.

Anonymous said...

I just heard a rumor on Rodger bring Gay? Is this true or just a rumor ?

Anonymous said...

Being * btw did Wigg really complain bout Smok being Gay n is it true lol

Anonymous said...

Wiggles is a story-teller. He's always got a good reason (in his mind) for the horrible and stupid things he does. When he got investigated for sexual harassment, he told the investigator that he and the VICTIM were always joking around. After the investigation was complete and after the investigator recommended they fire Wiggles, Diedra got O. Glen Saffold, Thomas Gathers, and Cornelia Simmons to back her up. The reinstated him using the excuse the VICTIM participated and even encouraged the sexual harassment. Diedra pushed the women's back to 1860. She also ignored criminal activity and she reinstated a sexual harasser. So what stupid really old tired Diedra did was bring him back and in the years since the credit union's worth dropped by millions, the credit union was sued by 4 different employees, he approved snaring members with Facebook, and 6 branches closed. Way to pick a winner. Diedra needs to pack her clothes and move back to the swamp she crawled out of.

Anonymous said...

Why is Wiggy hiding in his office nowadays? Wiggy's playing pocket pool and scratching his balls behind cloed doors, of course.

I can't get the image of dominatrix Wiggy squatting and tea-bagging a willing Rodger out of my mnd.

Anonymous said...

So this is what Wigg meant by " he doesn't know why Rodger lives the lifestyle he does" i am guessing he meant gay lifestlye old dudes living huh lol

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