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Friday, October 10, 2014

A History of Failures, Part 1 of 4

It’s Throwback Thursday!

Due to the many comments we received in response to our last post, which alluded to abuses committed in the past by Priority One Credit Union's President, Charles R. Wiggington, Sr., we decided to dedicate this month's publication to some those events. We've selected those incidents and acts which provide the most insight into Charles R. Wiggington, Sr.'s character and ethics and which we believe had the greatest and most destructive impact upon the Credit Union.   

It shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone following Priority One's performance, that September 2014 proved to be another lackluster month for a Credit Union that can't escape its inability to market its products and services at a level required to amass profit, increase membership, and regain its former reputation as a respected and principled organization led by ethical and competent Managers. 

Since being appointed President on January 1, 2007, President Wiggington and his so-called executive staff have failed quite publicly, to develop methodologies that translate into real growth and profit. Since 2010, the Credit Union has struggled to offset its continually increasing overhead and in 2014, is no longer able to provide convenience to Members living and working in many of the communities located within its vast territory stretching from the Santa Clarita Valley in the north to the Riverside/San Diego border, in the South.

The only significant change we noticed during the month of September was that the President abruptly ceased expounding about how his closure of six branches since 2010 were part of an elaborate and well-honed plan guaranteed to  increase business, augment new memberships, and produce real physical growth. We aren't about to hold our breath awaiting fruition of his alleged plan, but his excuse struck as more than a absurd. Since when does eliminating convenience and an inability to provide quality member service reap growth and profit?  

This post contains copies of documentation we've never published previously along with documentation presented in past posts, including biographies written in 2010 by Directors, Diedra Harris-Brooks, O. Glen Saffold, and Richard Hale. The intent of the biographies was to impress and sway voters to re-elect the three incumbents to the Board during the 2010 election. This, by the way, is the election the Board Chair and President disrupted when they tried to exclude a large contingent of Members from voting. The plan was of course foiled when we exposed it on this blog, forcing the Credit Union to conduct a second election. 

The biographies were also published before Priority One was forced to close 6 of 9 branches, before it was forced to terminate a large contingent of full-time employees, replacing them with part-time staff, and before the Credit Union was forced to drastically reduce budgets once spent on successful, prize-winning marketing, advertising and business development. 

Reader comments published in response to our last two posts suggest people have grown weary of the President's and Board Chair's excuses and far-fetched concoctions, created to excuse and even justify the Credit Union's lagging performance and possibly, suggesting that the propaganda churned out by the two officers may have finally and at long last, run its course. 


There was a time when Priority One Credit Union could actually afford to publish a monthly and quarterly newsletter. The monthly newsletter ceased publication in 2010, when the Credit Union discovered Members were not reading it.  Publication of the quarterly newsletter continued though abruptly ending in late 2013 and a victim of the President's often ermergent need to reduce spending. In an effort to avoid rumors that the quarterly newsletter was eliminated because the Credit Union could no longer afford to maintain it, the President stated that Members can obtain the latest news about the Credit Union on its droll and often inaccurate, News and Updates page, located on the Credit Union's webpage.  

In Spring 2010 quarterly newsletter, the President declared that Priority One possesses the ability to help every Member achieve financial fitness. 

To place things into perspective, the President's address was published a few months after the Credit Union ended 2009 with -$5,458,432 in losses.  With the assistance of his then ally, COO Beatrice Walker, the President announced Priority One turned a profit during the month of January 2010. The CEO and his COO, lied. What actually transpired was that the President and COO transferred monies from one Credit Union General Ledger, reporting the borrowed monies as profit. Their manipulation of the Credit Union's books had a short-lived effect. By March 2010, the Credit Union's net income was again decreasing and by October 2010, the Credit Union announced it would be closing its Redlands and Valencia branches. On December 31, 2010, the Credit Union reported losses in the amount of -$563,830

Despite the dishonest manipulation of the Credit Union's books, President Wiggington arrogantly declared that the Credit Union possessed the ability to help every member achieve financial fitness yet inexplicably and contrary to its own self-promotion, the Credit Union apparently lacked the ability to help achieve its own financial fitness.

In his address, the President also states, We realize that some of our members may already be financially fit, but still may need assistance”.  The statement is absurd though quite typical of a President who doesn't possess the ability to perpetrate deceptions competently. Why would Members who are financially fit require the assistance of the Credit Union to help them improve their "financial fitness"? A Credit Union whose Net Income has decreased by more than $17 million since January 1,. 2007 is no one's financial fitness center and incapable of helping improve any member's financial status. President Wiggington continues… 

“POCU has anew served referred to as “Balance”, which is a financial fitness program

Balance is offered by other Credit Union's and touted as an allegedly "free" financial education and counseling service though in actuality., it is not entirely free to Members who enroll in the program which is designed to help Members introduce control over their finances and achieve their personal financial goals. 

President Wiggington was informed about Balance by Training and Education Manager, Robert West. Mr. West has periodically introduced FREE services to the Credit Union though none has survived the test of time and like his other offerings, Balance ceased to be offered during the same year it was introduced. 


On September 23, 2014, the following comment was posted by a reader of this blog:

"You know who Wiggington is as a man, by his associations. He is close with Smock who is a horrible human being. He is close with West who is no small hypocrite. He’s friends with Henry Justice. It was Wiggington who introduced Henry Justice to the credit union. After Henry Justice refused to surrender pink slips for 5 cars purchased from him by members of the credit union, Priority One had to file a suit in court against Mr. Justice but old wily, street smart Justice filed bankruptcy and said his daughter made off with the money. So Priority One couldn’t touch Henry. In 2009, Henry Justice shows up at the main office with his son and asks to meet with Wiggington. Wiggington comes out and hugs his buddy the thief, at the reception desk and takes him back to the board room. Then they leave the credit union for about 3 hours and have lunch at the Barkley where they talk about reintroducing Mr. Justice to Priority One and again, as a preferred auto broker.

The following week, Henry (Justice) shows up (at the South Pasadena branch) with his son an hands Wiggington a stack of business cards. They leave the office (branch) for about two and a half hours and the next day, Wiggington tells Patti Loiacano that Henry (Justice) is returning to Priority One. Patti reminds him that Mr. Justice (allegedly) stole money and owes the credit union more than $70,000. He (the President) shrugs it off and tells her Mr. Justice will pay back a part of what he owes. He (Henry Justice) pays back about $1300.00 and Wiggington passes out Henry's business cards to every loan officer and processor and tells them they're to promote Mr. Justice's new business as a "preferred broker." The loan people have more character than Wiggington because they all agreed not to promote Mr. Justice because of what he did to the credit union. Then a few days later, a post appears on this blog exposing Wiggington’s new plan. He comes out to the loan department and picks up Mr. Justice’s business cards, he tells the staff not to promote Mr. Justice and he calls Mr. Justice and tells him that if anyone from the board calls him to ask if he’s returning to Priority One that he’s supposed to say no and also say he hasn’t spoken to Wiggington in years. Yep, you can tell who Wiggington is by his associations. 

The Incident

In 1998, Charles R. Wiggington. Sr. introduced his friend, Henry Justice to the Credit Union, intending to promote Mr. Justice's dealership, Justice Auto Sales. What this meant was that Mr. Justice's dealership as a preferred broker.  This meant that representatives of the Member Service and Loan Departments would recommend Mr. Justice's dealership to Members expressing an interest in buying an automobile. In our post, "It May be Fraud to You but not to Charles R. Wiggington, Sr" (Monday, January 26, 2009), we reported that in 2003, Mr. Justice refused to surrender Pink Slips for vehicles purchased by four Members of the Credit Union. Mr. Justice's refusal impeded the Credit Union from registering its name as lienholder of the four automobiles and though the Credit Union had entered into an agreement with Mr. Justice in good faith, the broker refused to surrender the vehicle titles. Due to Mr. Justice's refusal, Members could not obtain Registration Cards from the Department of Motor Vehicles ("DMV")  forcing the Credit Union's DMV Specialists to visit the office of the DMV in Lincoln Park, each month, to obtain a temporary Registration Card so Members could legally operate their automobiles.

To add insult to injury, Mr. Justice filed for bankruptcy. His bankruptcy filing was subsequently approved  by the court, enabling Mr. Justice to avoid repayment of the monies due Priority One. Mr. Justice would later insist that the monies due the Credit Union were absconded by his daughter who had been employed by him at his dealership. 

In 2002, in ongoing efforts to try and acquire the pink slips for each of the four automobiles purchased by Members from Justice Auto, the Credit Union mailed letters, like the one shown below, requesting the dealer provide a copy of the DMV Application so that the vehicles could be properly registered. Mr. Justice chose not to respond. 


CARSON, CA 90746 

We have enclosed a check in the amount of $            7344.00        as payment in full for the

following vehicle        1997 HONDA CIVIC                                                                             

Vehicle Identification Number #    2HGEJ6677VH575341                                                     

Being purchased by  LISA M. XXXXXX                             ESTHER C. XXXXXXX                

6412 XXXXXXX AVE                                                        BUENA PARK, CA 90621           

We are now PAPERLESS TITLE. The application to Register New or Used Vehicles with the Department of Motor Vehicles must be Exactly in the name of.



As Lienholder and the Registered Owner as given above.

To perfect our interest, please send us a copy of the DMV Application to Register the Vehicle.  Thank you for your cooperation.


Loan Department                        Date: 08/20/2002

In 1998, at the time Mr. Justice was introduced to Priority One by his friend, Charles R. Wiggington, Sr., the dealer entered into a written agreement with the Credit Union, an excerpt of which is shown below. What we find perplexing is that Charles R. Wiggington, Sr.  signed the agreement with Mr. Justice? Doesn't it seem a conflict of interest that Charles R. Wiggington., Sr., a friend of Mr. Justice, signed the agreement which allowed the dealer to become a preferred automobile broker? 

Over the years, Charles R. Wiggington, Sr. has proven an immense inability to comprehend the inappropriateness of his actions. His friend's actions which culminated in bankruptcy, caused Priority One to lose more than $60,000. 

The following letter, dated June 18, 2003, was sent to Priority One by its collection attorney, Bruce P. Needleman. If Mr. Needleman's name sounds familiar, he is the same lawyer who in 2012, responded to a complaint filed at Superior Court in Los Angeles by a Member who alleged Priority One violated the Privacy Act and published information about her automobile loan and her person, on the Internet. Mr. Needleman who was ill qualified to represent the Credit Union in the 2012 lawsuit and was subsequently replaced by an attorney qualified to respond to the Member's complaint. 
Approval of Mr. Justice's bankruptcy should have signaled an end to the business relationship between the dealership and the Credit Union but not so for President Wiggington whose defiance to rules, laws and protocols impel him to seek out what is personally gratifying versus what is good for the Credit Union, Member-Owners, and employees. 

In 2009, Mr. Justice and his son, arrived, unannounced in the lobby of the South Pasadena Branch. They asked the receptionist if they could speak to President Wiggington. The President who will never meet with people who haven't previously scheduled an appointment to meet with him, hurried to the lobby and loudly welcomed Mr. Justice and his son. He afterwards lead the two to the Board Room located at the back of the South Pasadena branch. 

Ensuring security protocols are adhered to is pivotal to any business yet on the day of Mr. Justice's visit, the President invited Mr. Justice and his son into the back offices of the Credit Union's main branch despite the fact Mr. Justice ended his business relationship with the Credit Union just a few years earlier, owing more than $60,000 for vehicles whose titles he refused to surrender. In inviting Mr. Justice to the back offices, the President should absolutely no concern for the well-being of the Credit Union, it's assets and property.  

Three days following Mr. Justice's visit to the South Pasadena branch, President Wiggington informed then Lending Director, Patricia Loiacano, that Mr. Justice was being reinstated as a preferred broker of the Credit Union. An image of Mr. Justice's business card was personally issued by the President to the Consumer and Real Estate Loan Officers along with instructions that they recommend Mr. Justice's dealership to Members hoping to purchase a vehicle. As shown below, Mr. Justice's new dealership was named Long's Auto Sales though the owner on record was Mr. Justice's son.   


As oft occurs whenever Charles R. Wiggington, Sr. chooses to manipulate circumstances, his plan to re-establish a relationship with Mr. Justice, encountered some obstacles. The first occurred when the Director of Lending, Mrs. Loiacano, reminded him that Mr. Justice owed the Credit Union more than $60,000, suggesting that Mr. Justice make some effort to repay a portion of the unpaid balance due Priority One. The President conferred with Mr. Justice and it was agreed he would pay the Credit Union approximately $1300.00 before being reinstated as a "preferred" auto broker. 

Mr. Justice agreed to pay the small amount and the President proceeded with his plans. Unfortunately, for the undisciplined President, at the time he was preparing to re-introduce Mr. Justice to the Credit Union, we published a post describing Mr. Justice's past transgression which cost the Credit Union a total loss in excess of $60,000 and described the President's plan to promote Mr. Justice's new dealership. It is also important to point out that at the time the President promised to promote the dealership at no cost to Mr. Justice. 

In January 2009, the President quickly moved forward with his plan and might have succeeded had we not exposed his intent on this blog.  Panicked, the President returned to the Loan Department, picking up Mr. Justice's business cards and ordered Mrs. Loiacano to advise her staff not to promote the dealership until further notice. Returning to his office, he called Mr. Justice's cellular and instructed him to deny that the President had invited him to return to the Credit Union. 

No doubt, Charles R. Wiggington, Sr. has no concept that as President, he is to serve the best interest of the Credit Union. His plan to enter into a new agreement with Mr. Justice was an effrontery to ethics, to the security of the credit union and its assets and disrespectful to the four members who had purchased automobiles from Justice Auto Sales and who for years were immensely inconvenienced by Mr. Justice's refusal to turn over pink slips for the four vehicles financed by the Credit Union. 

The 2007 Mailing Fiasco

Just 3 months after being appointed President, Charles R. Wiggington, Sr.'s abilities were challenged by two separate incidents. The first incident involved a former Burbank Branch Manager who he personally picked and promoted to the newly created post of AVP which she began serving in on January 2, 2007. The problem was that the AVP had for many years, incurred NSF incidents on a monthly basis. She had also periodically borrowed money from co-workers despite the fact Priority One Credit Union policy prohibits borrowing money from co-workers. During the months of October and November 2006, then Vice President of Operations, Charles R. Wiggington, Sr. approved reversing 24 individual NSF fees from the manager's account. Despite her checking account abuses, Charles R. Wiggington, Sr. not only reversed NSF fees but found her qualified both in aptitude and ethically, to become one of his first AVP's.

Unfortunately, by April 2007, the AVPs account abuses surfaced after an anonymous letter was mailed to one of the Board Directors. The now former Director, conducted himself ethically and responsibly and personally delivered the letter to then Credit Union attorney, William Adler. An investigation by Mr. Adler revealed the AVP had committed kiting, a federal offense. Her crime involved writing bad checks from three checking accounts held at three different institutions including Priority One Credit Union. And though President Wiggington may not have known she was kiting, he was fully aware that during October and November 2006, she incurred from that 24 separate NSF incidents because it was he, who approved backing out all NSF fees. Not only did he deny any knowledge about the numerous NSF fees, Board Chair, Diedra Harris-Brooks, testified on his behalf, informing investigators that Mr. Wiggington had no knowledge that the AVP had kited while avoiding any queries regarding his knowledge that Mr. Wiggington knew about the NSF incidents or that it was he who approved the reversal of all NSF fees.

The AVP was rightfully terminated but an incensed Charles R. Wiggington., Sr. swore he would find out who had written the anonymous letter and make certain that person was terminated. Within days following termination of the AVP, he sat in the Consumer Loan Department and told the VISA Card Supervisor that he knew for a fact that the letter had been written by the former Director of Marketing who he demoted to Marketing Coordinator immediately upon becoming President. Unfortunately, the President allowed his vivid and insatiable imagination to overcome logic and reasoning. We happen to know who wrote the letter and it wasn't the former Director of Marketing who had no involvement in the exposure of the President's hand-picked AVP who had chosen to violate federal law. 

Immediately following termination of the AVP another, far more detrimental incident arose which affected all Member-Owners and is the one incident which began the Credit Union's rapid public unraveling.

In the years preceding January 1, 2007, the date Charles R. Wiggington, Sr. began his appointment as President and CEO, during each annual election intended to fill seats of the Board of Directors and Supervisory Committee, a disc would be created containing the names and addresses of all active Members in good standing. The disc would be forwarded to the Credit Union's contracted printer, who would prepare ballots and envelopes, which would be sent to Members. However, before the disc was sent to the printer, the President would always examine its contents to ensure only member names and addresses were contained in the disc. 

In 2009, the President chose not to examine the disc, instructing the IT Supervisor to send the uninspected disc to the printer.  

A few weeks later, the printer provided the credit union with some of the envelopes which had been printed and prepared for mailing. President Wiggington's predecessor had established security protocols which required that he along with the Director of Marketing and a third employee, examine a batch of envelopes intended for mailing, just to ensure the mailings were prepared correctly. In 2007, when Charles R. Wiggington, Sr. was asked to examine a sample batch of the intended mailings, he replied, "I'm the President and I don't do that!" 

The envelopes were mailed but a few days later, a Member visiting the Valencia branch with his envelope in hand, was informed by a Teller, that the envelope contained the Member's Credit Union and Social Security Numbers, printed just above the window where his name and address appeared. 

Some Members contacted Board Chair, Diedra Harris-Brooks, incensed that their account and Social Security Numbers had been printed on the outside of the envelopes containing that year's ballots. An irked Board convened at the main branch, demanding President Wiggington discover who was a fault and ordering that person's termination. The President told them the error had been caused by the IT Supervisor, but convinced the Board that rather than terminating the IT Supervisor, that they instead lay him off for three days without pay. 

While informing the IT Supervisor that he was going to be placed on a three-day suspension because of the breach of security which he allegedly committed, the President also told the IT Supervisor that he "fought" to retain the Supervisor's employment because the Board had demanded his termination. Shortly after returning from his suspension, the humiliated and broker Supervisor resigned, obtaining a better and higher paid position with the city of Los Angeles.

Due to the widespread backlash, including the publication of an article by a Member and industry observers, the Credit Union hired at a cost of $100,000, the services of Equifax which monitored Member accounts for up to one year. But there was a catch, to qualify for the service, a Member had to contact the Credit Union and request inclusion in the service.

Despite the statements contained in his letter, Charles R. Wiggington, Sr. was not about to promote enrollment to Equifax's credit monitoring service which he often referred to as "expensive." He visited the Member Service and Loan Departments in South Pasadena to ordered them not to promote monitoring service adding that in his opinion, it was "highly unlikely an Member's account" would be compromised as a result of the security breach. The President's words showed how wholly disingenuous he was when he was forced to offer the credit monitoring service despite the fact the breach occurred because he though himself to elevated to adhere to the Credit Union's security protocols.

Furthermore, his opinion that Member accounts would not be compromised was just another fantastical concoction dredged up from the deepest recesses of his strange and convoluted imagination.

The President's instructions to employees seem more than a little inconsistent with statements containing in a memorandum issued by Executive Vice President, Rodger Smock, to employees and which provide some instruction on how they should respond to Member concerns regarding the security breach.

 When the security breach became public, Rodger Smock's priorities appear to have become more than a little confused. In his memorandum, he seems to have forgotten that Members are Member-Owners and that any inquiries regarding the security breach are justified when one considers that the breach was the result of Charles R. Wiggington, Sr. elitist attitude that he was somehow to elevated to personally inspect a sample batch of the envelopes which were intended for mailing.

And contrary to Mr. Smock's assertion, the "important thing" should have been for all employees to exact steps needed help Members regain confidence in the Credit Union and its ability to protect Member assets.

Of course, the chronically dull EVP lacked  the lucidity to respond appropriately to the mailing fiasco caused by his friend and supervisor, Charles R. Wiggington, Sr. This by the way, is the same officer, whose mismanagement of the Human Resources Department provoked the filing of four lawsuits by former employees during the years of 2010 through 2012.


The President's horrendous decision to disregard security protocols resulted in the writing of letters by numerous, concerned Member-Owners. Though sent to his attention, the President chose not to read or reply to the letters, personally delivering these to the Business Development Department and instructing them to reply to every Member who had written a letter to his attention. The Members were contacted by telephone and when the project was complete, the letters returned to President Wiggington. The President chose not to file the letter but instead merely dropped them into his trash can. Despite the letters having been written about a security breach, the President chose not to shred or destroy the letters and again, violated Credit Union security protocols. 

Here are copies of two Member letters:

This last letter was written by Member, Steve Bass. Mr. Bass. Mr. Bass who writes for PC World, published an article concerning the President Wiggington's mailing debacle. An excerpt of his original article is still available at NetWorld Article. One might have thought that in view of Mr. Bass' quite public complaint about the incident, that the President might have discarded the Member's letter in a manner consistent with security protocols. 

of Directors

Inarguably, it is Priority One Credit Union's Board of Directors who have in unison, enabled the circumstances which resulted in the bludgeoning of Priority One as a business and as an employer. Clearly, in 2014, Priority One is not what it was prior to the appointment of Charles R. Wiggington, Sr. as President.

The actions of the Board have revealed an arrogance in how each Director views himself. Their combined actions are not for the good of Members, the Credit Union or employees, but nothing more than what appears to be a need to exact their authority over a continually shrinking Credit Union.

So what are the abilities that each Director possesses that allegedly serves in helping each fill his or her assigned role on the Board?

In the Thursday, April 28, 2011 post, we published the biographies of incumbents whose seats were up for re-election. We've decided to again use the biographies written by three of the Directors- Diedra Harris-Brooks; O. Glen Saffold; and Richard Hale. As you read through these, consider what they say about their abilities an accomplishments and the state-of-affairs at the Credit Union. There is a clear disconnect and if the Credit Union remains trapped in a perpetual cycle of decline, then consider the abilities of each officer.

If one person can be attributed as the single most cause for Priority One's decline, it has to be Diedra Harris-Brooks. Contrary to her and President Charles R. Wiggington, Sr.'s addresses appearing in the Credit Union's annual reports, the U.S. economy and the national unemployment rate are not the catalysts which triggered the Credit Union's decline. In 2011, the President attempted to convince employees during one of the Credit Union's all-staff meetings that all Credit Unions are performing poorly, a statement that is easily verified to be untrue by studying the Financial Performance Reports ("FPRs") for other Credit Unions and available at

It is also evident that Charles R. Wiggington, Sr.'s rampant abuses of authority and horrendous business decisions could never have occurred had the Board and in particular, Diedra Harris-Brooks not enabled his destructive decisions making. It is also Mrs. Harris-Brooks who on her own volition, squashed evidence presented by an investigator to the Board in 2008, which proved Charles R. Wiggington, Sr. sexually harassed a female employee once assigned to the Loan Department.

  1. According to her biography, Mrs. Harris-Brooks has been a Member of the Credit Union for "more than 28 years". That is impressive, but how does that qualify her to serve as Board Chair?  
  2. Mrs. Harris-Brooks attended the University of Phoenix where she completed Business Management and Marketing courses, attaining a 3.5 GPA. We'd certainly like to view her transcripts since her performance as Board Chair does not attest a proficiency in business management or marketing. 
  3. "Her knowledge in Marketing and computer skills has proven to be an asset to Priority One"? Really? How so? We'd like Mrs Harris-Brooks or one of her pack to provide a single shred of documented evidence proving that her alleged knowledge in marketing has proven an asset to the Credit Union. And what types of computer skills is she referred to? Is she a programmer, an IT Technician, a software developer or she referring to a proficiency in using Microsoft Word? What specifically have her computer skills contributed to the betterment of the Credit Union?
  4. Since there is no tangible evidence to substantiate the statements she makes about her accomplishments, we'll have to label her biography as unconfirmed and thus not yet proven to be true. In her biography, she states she retired from the U.S. Postal Service where she worked her way up from a clerk and during which she received an "exceptional managerial service and earned the respect of her employees." We've spoken to former co-workers of Mrs. Harris-Brooks and respect is not a word we'd associate to their remarks about her behavior while serving as a manager of the U.S. Postal Service. We'd also like to see the documented evidence that she was recognized for her "exceptional" managerial skills. There certainly isn't evidence to any of this while she has served as a Director of the Credit Union. 

Unfortunately for Mr. Saffold, all that he wrote he accomplished is dispelled by the facts that 2008, he, Diedra Harris-Brooks; Director, Thomas Gathers, and Supervisory Committee Chair, Cornelia Simmons, squashed all evidence gathered by an investigator from EXTTI, Inc. proving Charles R. Wiggington, Sr. sexually harassed an employee. Not only did the four discard the evidence, but in a letter signed by Mrs. Harris-Brooks, the four corrupt officers vilified the victim, stating that based on their "understanding" of what constitutes sexual harassment as defined by federal law, the allegation of wrong doing never occurred. Mr. Saffold joined forces with the others to purposely suppress evidence so that they could retain Charles R. Wiggington, Sr. as President and CEO.

Mr. Saffold's states that at the time his biography was published, he'd served on the Board for "three terms." He ignores the fact that since 2009, the electoral process was changed when Mrs. Harris-Brooks and President Wiggington disrupted the electoral process in an effort to retain the same Board Directors who have blindly shown their loyalty to Mrs. Harris-Brooks versus the Credit Union and its Members.

Mr. Saffold states that he has been "steadfastly involved in the financial and member service improvements implemented by Priority One Credit Union." This is a rather odd statement when documentation including the Credit Union's Monthly Income Statements/Balance Sheets and quarterly Financial Performance Reports filed with the NCUA, clearly document a more than $17 million loss of net income since Charles R. Wiggington, Sr. became President on January 1, 2007. The reports also show that new membership openings are continually offset by account closures. The Credit Union has also closed six of its nine branches since October 2010. So where is the evidence that Mr. Saffold's participation on the Board has served to benefit the Credit Union? 

We'd invite Mr. Saffold to provide documented evidence, versus verbalizations, proving his statements. On a side note, Member Service issues are a key problem at Priority One, further dispelling Mr. Saffold's alleged involvement in improvements that cannot be attested to by anything tangible or real. Mr. Saffold was not telling the truth when he wrote his embellished biography. Mr. Saffold continues, stating that during his employment with the United States Postal Service ("USPS") he has served in the capacities of:

1. Budget Analyst
2. Automation Programmer
3. Customer Service Representative
4. Certified Data Conversion Operator
5. Retail Specialist
6. Consumer Affairs Representative
7. International Airmail Records Clerk
8. Certified City Clerk
9. Mail Carrier
10. Mail Handler

So how have Mr. Saffold's skills gotten from the long list of positions he listed in his biography, positively impacted Priority One? We invite Mr. Saffold to explain losses, lawsuits, and failures that have occurred since Charles R. Wiggington, Sr. became President. More importantly, we'd like Mr. Saffold to explain why he and the other Directors have done everything in their power to ensure Charles R. Wiggington, Sr. remains President.

Mr. Saffold also states he brings "a broad range of American economic and social expertise to the Board of Directors." We again invite Mr. Saffold to explain why since January 1, 2007, the date Mr. Wiggington began serving as President of the then successful Credit Union, the Credit Union's Net Income has dropped by $17 million (at times during the past 7 years, it's been more) and why six of nine branches have been closed since October 2010.

He ends his statement by stating that he is "committed to serving Priority One Credit Union with INTEGRITY and SEASONED experienced." Really? We again invite Mr. Saffold to explain how suppressing evidence proving Charles R. Wiggington, Sr. committed sexual harassment and repossessed a member's automobile whose ownership he transferred to himself without paying a cent for the vehicle proves Mr. Saffold's integrity. Due to the lack of all evidence supporting his so-called integrity, Mr. Saffold's words are meaningless. We suggest he also take a moment to acquaint himself with what defines integrity. 

Mr. Hale states that his is not only a Director but also once served as Chairman of the Supervisory Committee. On paper, his biography suggests competency and experience yet uncannily we see no tangible evidence of these while he has served as a Director on the Board. To the contrary, like Mrs. Harris-Brooks and Mr. Saffold, Mr. Hale's presence on the Board is characterized by a gross incompetence and an inability to fulfill his duties. There is no denying that while he has served as Director, Priority One has morphed into a smaller, no longer impressive Credit Union. Furthermore, through the years, he has been an avid supporter of President Charles R. Wiggington, Sr. bringing into question Mr. Hale's ethics and  competencies.

In his biography, ,Mr. Hale states he "completed" studies in "Real Estate Principles, Real Estate Appraisal, Property Management, Legal Aspects of Real Estate, Real Estate Practice, Real Estate Finance, Escrow Principles, and Eal Estate economics" while attending Los Angeles Southwest College. He adds that he received a CERTIFICATE in Real Estate. Since late 2010, Priority One has eliminated the varied types of Real Estate Loans it once offered to Members. Nowadays, the Credit Union's paltry real estate portfolio consists of mostly HELOCs. All other types of real estate loans are referred to CU Partners who pays the Credit Union a fee for approved and funded loans. Evidently, Mr. Hale's alleged vast expertise in real estate has not contributed anything to the Credit Union's real estate funding efforts which brings into question why he even mentioned it in his biograph?

Mr. Hale also states he's "devoted a considerable amount of time to the Credit Union and understand the financial needs of its members." This is a very general statement lacking specifics and unsupported by anything tangible. According to the Credit Union's 9900 form filed with the IRS each year, Mr. Hale like the other board members contributes one (1) hour per month to the Credit Union. Is that what he considers "considerable"? So why should we believe Mr. Hale at face value? How has Mr. Hale's alleged understanding of the financial needs of members actually helped members? What has he contributed that has changed the financial standing for any member? And what members have benefited from his expertise?

The exaggerated and misleading biographies, riddled with generalizations and references that don't in anyway relate to the post of Director, speak volumes about the characters of Mrs. Harris-Brooks, Mr. Saffold, or Mr. Hale who try in earnest to convince readers that they actually have contributed to a Credit Union that has been in decline for seven years. Did they think no one notice that Priority One is is no longer a prosperous and growing Credit Union or that their perpetual protection of Charles R. Wiggington, Sr. would not serve as proof of their inability to make sound decisions that benefit the Credit Union, its Members, and its employees?.

Over the years, President Wiggington and Board Chairperson, Diedra Harris-Brooks, have expended tremendous time, energy and lots of Credit Union money, trying to hide evidence of the Credit Union's business failures and legal problems. Fortunately for the curious, President Wiggington is incapable of guarding confidentiality and in time, cannot help but verbalize information about the issues plaguing the Credit Union.

Before the first closure of branch offices in 2010 , the President was trying to contend with declining Net Capital. In 2008, in an effort to create the impression of success, the President borrowed $20 million from the Credit Union's line-of-credit which served to raise Priority One's Net Income on paper but which cost the Credit Union to pay interest in the approximate amount of $30,000 to $33,000 per month though for a very brief period, it did create the impression of success albeit it, non-existent success. 

In 2009, Board Reports reveal the same mundane promises made by Charles R. Wiggington, Sr. to find a way of increasing membership, amassing new business and most importantly, increasing Net Capital well above the dreaded 6%.  We've decided to publish his addresses to the Board, published in the May, June and July 2009 Board Reports. We must point out, that over the years, the President has prohibited the public disclosure of information which proves Priority One is in a state of decline though a look at the Credit Union's size in 2014 compared to its size in the years before Charles R. Wiggington, Sr. was appointed President, should suffice as evidence that his leadership is grossly deficient and has caused the Credit Union immense losses in income, Members, and its ability to sell its products. 

Here are excepts from the May, June and July 2009 reports which are being made public for the first time:

Increasing the amount of the Credit Union's Net Capital became critically important in 2010 and by the end of that year, culminated in the closing of the Redlands and Valencia branches. 

Since 2010, cutting expenses has become the primary means by which the Credit Union remains in business. The reliance in brutal expense reductions is born out of the fact that President Wiggington is quite incapable of implementing strategies that succeed in increasing sales and new memberships. It is this failure that has most undermined Priority One's ability to market its products and service the communities lying in Santa Clarita Valley in the north and extending south, to the Riverside/San Diego border. 

What's more, closing branches and cutting other expenses was supposed to be a temporary solution intended to help Priority One regain its financial footing. In 2014, closing braches has become a normal part of business. 

Not surprisingly, the Board's Directors seem disturbingly out-of-touch and incapable of comprehending that the as the President desperately seeks ways to increase Net Capital, Priority One's performance falls more and more into decline.  


In late September, we learned President Wiggington feels unappreciated and declares people refuse to see or understand that there is an actual purpose to his actions that will ultimately benefit the Credit Union. His spiel is customary though usually consigned to all-staff meetings and the Board Reports which the ignorant Directors seem to believe. Why would the President believe people are going to continue indulging his excuses when over the past seven years, he has caused the decline of the Credit Union including closure of 6 of 9 branches and a $17 million decline of its Net Income. He would like listeners to believe that there is good in his intents but the fact is President Wiggington has behaved abominably proving he is not CEO material and at times, has violated state and federal laws, proving he is defiant to legal structure. Certainly the filing of lawsuits by four former employees and a lawsuit filed by a former Member whose personal information was published on the Internet by a member of the Credit Resolutions team all point to the President's unethical proclivities. In fact, 2013 ended with more than $500,000 spent on legal fees. 

It is important to note that the Credit Union moved quickly to settle the lawsuits in an effort to avoid a costly and potentially embarrassing court trials though the President and Vice President, Yvonne Boutte, would later boast to staff members the settlements paid out were paltry and affordable to the Credit Union and settled because the Plaintiff's lawsuits lacked the substance needed to win in a court trial. This is the same type of contrived story-telling constantly resorted to by the same President who wanted people to believe closing six branches will reap huge profits. 

The President's and Vice President's distortion of the facts are weak and declaring victories where none occurred. The big hole in their many stories is that they would like people to believe that the Plaintiff's filed frivolous lawsuits. If that were true, then why would the credit union agree to settle these and pay out monetary settlements? 

And if the lawsuits lacked an evidentiary foundation then why was each Plaintiff required to sign settlements which stipulate that they are not to divulge the details of their cases or the subsequent settlements? The reason the Credit Union paid out settlements is because there was more than sufficient evidence to prove it guilty of retaliation, harassment, same sex harassment, age discrimination and racism.

In January 2009, we began reporting about how Charles R. Wiggington, Sr.'s business decisions could potentially injure and even destroy the Credit Union. We were correct. Since we first began reporting, the Credit Union's Net Income has declined by $17 million and 75% of its branches have been closed in an effort by President Wiggington to ensure Net Capital remains well above 6%.  

In 2007, when an investigation confirmed that one of President Wiggington's hand-picked AVPs violated federal law when she purposely committed kiting, an incensed Board Chair issued a verbal warning to the Director who delivered an anonymous letter to the Credit Union's attorney, exposing more than 24 separate NSF violations during the months of October and November 2006. Mrs. Harris-Brooks not only chastised the Director for delivering the letter to the Credit Union's attorney but she order that any such future letters be given to the Board for investigation of allegations exposing wrongdoing. Now why would anyone turn over allegations of a federal offense to Mrs. Harris-Brooks when in 2007, she squashed evidence proving Charles R. Wiggington, Sr. sexually harassed an employee?  She chooses not to remember that she possess are computer skills and that she is not an attorney or licensed investigator, clearly disqualifying her to investigate allegations that federal and state laws may have been violated.  

What's more, President Wiggington's mailing debacle in 2007 was disingenuously resolved but both the President and his executive staff seemed incapable of comprehending the damage incurred to Member confidence in the Credit Union's ability to safeguard Member information and Member assets. If the Executive Vice President could issue a memo providing employees information on how to "deal" with members, then it is quite clear that the Credit Union doesn't view Member-Owners as respectable or important. 

The President's disdain for security protocols was again attested to in 2009 when he invited Henry Justice to return to the Credit Union as a preferred automobile broker even though Mr. Justice caused the Credit Union to lose more than $60,000 of its monies in 2003. The President's plan to return Mr. Justice to a "preferred" position within the Credit Union is astounding and again, it is clear he had absolutely no concern for the well-being of the Credit Union or its Members. 

We will publish additional documentation in our next post, all supporting our 5-year assertion that Charles R. Wiggington., Sr, Diedra Harris-Brooks, and the Board of Directors have single-handedly caused widespread injury to the no longer competitive or respected Credit Union and stripped it of its ability to develop effective marketing needed to sell its wares and and compromising quality member service. Furthermore, if it were not for the Board, President Wiggington's rampant abuses which led to the ruination of the once prosperous Credit Union, might never have occurred.  

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Anonymous said...

John, you are so good at showing us how Wiggington didn't just become a horrible President recently but that he has been a walking disaster since the day he replaced Mr Harris. Lucky for him, he had morons like Rodger Smock and connivers like Diedra to help him commit all his horrible decisions.

And to quote Dr. Zsigmondy Freud
"In a classic gypsy grift for several years now Diedra and her henchman Wiggy continue to close branches and layoff staff claiming P1 needs to cut expenses."

Anonymous said...

Wig is dirty filthy nasty. The end.

Anonymous said...

Nice bio Diedra. I wouldn't hire you to work as a fry cook. And O. Glen, you are clearly a jack of all trades and a master of none. As for Richard Hale... WTF?

Rhett Bulter said...

Is that Diedra or Prissy from Gone with the Wind? When was the picture taken, 1860, just before the civil war? Next time I hope she takes a full body shot so we can see her hoop skirt.

Chief Jay Strongbow said...

@Dr. Zsigmondy Freud

Thank you for pointing out the classic gypsy con Diedra and her cronies are perpetuating on Priority One. Yes, it's a long-con where these thugs are doing everything possible to wring out every single penny (in Diedra's case it's every single casino chip) out of P1's balance sheet to line their own greedy pockets.

Commissioner Gordon. said...

Diedra is definitely related to Slappy White. The resemblance is uncanny.

Anonymous said...

A lot of us in the industry ask how could the board have kept Wiggington in office but an equally important question is how could members have kept the board intact?

Lieutenant Colonel Doom said...

It's once again time for me to extend the STFU Challenge to Charles Piggington. To encourage Piggy to accept the Challenge I am upping the prize award to $50,000. In order to earn the $50K the following stipulations must be met:

1. Wiggy you must STFU for 7 consecutive work days. This means total silence.

2. No ball scratching ot testicle adjusting for 7 days. Keep your grimy hands away from your crotch area. Exception: It's permissible to scratch your low-hanging balls in the privacy of your own residence.

3. No chewing your food with your mouth wide-open. No loud smacking as you eat. It's really unpleasant for the staff to see your choppers or extensive dental work as you chew.

Anonymous said...

I sincerely hope Wiggy finally decides to accept the STFU Challenge, especially since the total prize pool has been increased to $50,000. Very generounous of you Colonel. We all know Wiggy can use the extra spending cash.

Anonymous said...

Wiggington trying to bring back Henry Justice was not only an insult to the credit union that lost thousands of dollars to that con artist but it was an insult to the members who suffered because they couldn't get their titles for at least 3 1/2 years and it was an insult to every DMV specialist that had to drive down to the DMV each month to pick up the registration cards for the 4 members. But why should Wiggingont care? He wasn't the one left without a registration card and he certainly wasn't getting his old black ass in his car and driving down to the DMV each and every month to pick up registration cards. He wasn't the one having to listen to the 4 members complain about the credit union or that the credit union recommended Henry Justice. the credit union got screwed by Henry Justice but it got royally screwed by Charles Wiggington. And then to make it worse, old lowlife Wiggington decides he wants to invite his friend back to the credit union. Why? So he could rip us off again? Charles Wiggington is the biggest idiot I ever met and he's sickening too.

Now the other jack ass at the credit union who should be held responsible for letting Charles do his dirty deeds is Rodger Smock. I don't care that Rodger is a fag. I don't care that he used to oogle the latino boys. I don't care that he lives with a young man who he says is his son. What I do care about is that he is HR and he is the worst violator of policy. Rodger is the reason why Wiggington got away breaking policies and the law and Rodger is the reason why the credit union got sued. Rodger is the worst, the bottom of the barrel. He had his little relationship with Henry when he was Director of HR. Is that appropriate? Well yes it is to a moron like Rodger who doesn't know anything about what is appropriate. For awhile he was hiring so many latino boys and you should have seen him staring at them. Yeah, a perv is what you should always want in an HR director.

And lastly there is that beaver look alike, Diedra. Why does she use so many variations of her last name? I thought only people who were passing bad checks did that. Diedra is the reason why Wiggington got away sexually harassing Kim. Diedra is the reason why Wiggington was able to take that member's car and transfer it to his name without paying a dime. Diedra is the reason why Rodger Smock got away breaking policies and behind Rodger and Wiggington, she's the reason the credit union got sued and lost those ex-employee lawsuits.

Anonymous said...

$50.000! That's a lot of mula but old, tired, worn out, frothing at the mouth Wiggy won't be able to do it.

His mouth has a mind of its own even though everything that comes out of it is stupid. Total silence? You might have more luck getting a herd of seals to keep quiet for 7 days.

Ball scratching? Rumor has it those are sympathetic itches he feels since he lost his balls a few years ago while hospitalized at Kaiser.

As one of his victims, I know what its like to have a piece of food shoot out of his mouth at 90 mph. I luckily ducked, keeping me from getting decapitated. Maybe if he puts two bricks in his mouth, that'll keep food from bursting out though I know 2 bricks isn't enough to stop him from yabbering.

Anonymous said...

Gee wilagers and holy smoke, what's happening at the credit union?

Anonymous said...

LOL. Slappy White. That's rich.

Anonymous said...

@Lieutenant Colonel Doom and Chief Jay Strongbow: So agree

Anonymous said...

Charles con su cara de baboso a danado a la compania.

MasterCard said...

Henry Justice doesn’t give the credit union the pink slips to 4 cars. $60,000

Charles Wiggington hires a COO to do his dirty work and fires her 2 years later. $210,000

Charles gets accused of breaking federal law. $500,000

Charles is found guilty of sexual harassment. Priceless.

Dr. Zsigmondy Freud said...

@Lieutenant Colonel Doom

Colonel, $50,000 is a huge amount of moolah - really quite a generous prize.

Rest easy, I'd say your money is quite safe. If Wiggy really tried very hard he might be able to keep his claptrap shut for a week. It's even possible Wig could chew without a wide-open mouth. And chances are Wiggs could go a week without ball scratching if he made a Herculean effort. But it's a are a trillion-to-one impossibility Piggly-Wiggly could accomplish all 3 tasks in the same 7 day period. So do not worry Colonel, the odds are in your favor.

Anonymous said...

I don't think Wiggington has the discipline to STFU. Might be easier to get Smock to change his sexual preference.

Tom Gathers said...

I'm confused. Which photo belongs to Diedra and which belong to Saffold and Hale?

Commissioner Gordon said...

I gotta give credit to Wiggy for what he has done in such a short timeframe. Perhaps his most impressive achievement is the ruination of Priority One Credit Union.

Since taking over as CEO in 2007 Wiggs turned a thriving once proud financial institution into an industry laughingstock. With branch closures, mass layoffs, arbitrary firings, sexual harassment lawsuit settlements, Facebook fraud and member service cutbacks P1 is now just a shell of what it was under Mr. Harris.

Of course, Wiggy had lots of help with a supporting cast of inept idiotic managers (Smock, West, etc.). And he could not have gone as far as he has without the corrupt, greedy, no-nothing Board of Directors led by Casino Chips Queen Diedra.

Baron Zemo said...

OMG! It's as if Slappy White and LaWanda Page had a child - out pops Diedra!

Anonymous said...

Slappy White is not a name you ever hear anymore. Good call Commissioner.

Yep, its basically a ship of fools at the credit union with Wig and Diedra vying for lead role. They both win as the biggest dufuses to hit any business. Diedra the ex-postal worker with an uncontrolled penchant for lying and squashing evidence of criminal activity, i.e., sexual harassment, etc. can't help being Wig's accomplice in breaking laws. And Wig who never met a business he couldn't ruin has had the support of his unforgettable side-kick Rodger "Sancho Panza" Smock and Robert "R2D2" West along with HR Circus Fat Girl, Esmeralda Sandoval, all who add their own special flavor that makes P1 what it is today. Its like a really bad sitcom starring really unattractive people. Kuddos to Diedra and Wig.

And I never realized just how attractive the Board is until I saw their photos. Niiiiccccceeee.

Anonymous said...

Not one of those bios mentions anything specific any of the directors accomplished in decades at the post office. They tell you their titles and Diedra is so general. I'd like to know what she contributed to marketing at the USPS.

And Richard Hale is quite the looker. Is he single? Somebody better snatch up this babe before he gets away. And John, you got it all wrong. After seeing O. Glen and Richard's photos it's so obvious that Diedra didn't tamper with the elections to keep the board black, she did it because she wanted to be surrounded with a stable of the handsomest black men you'll ever find. Move over Boris Kodjoe.

Jethro Bodine said...

Diedra's academic credentials listed on her bio or so phony. It's all smoke and mirrors with this Casino Chip Queen.

Let's review: Diedra attended the University of Phoenix - that's a correspondence school. Did she graduate - NO. A few correspondence classes, BFD! I don't even believe any of her education claims.

Last month a commenter said she couldn't even graduate from MacDonald's Hamburger - that's something I could believe.

J Marchica said...

You're right, she doesn't say when she graduated or the degree she earned. But even if she did say it, I wouldn't believe her. This is a woman who lies all the time and yet has the nerve to go after people who she and Wigg say violate policy. Its quite hypocritical.

Notice O.Glen's bio. Lots of talk about all the titles he's had at the post office. He's either really accomplished or he wasn't good at any of his jobs which might explain why he got upset that they took his supervisor over clerks job and made him a postal carrier. Why is a guy who supposedly studied law, served as an arbitrator, and is a supposedly experienced Director delivering mail? Should he be at the very least an executive at the post office. I smell bullshit and its all coming from the board.

Anonymous said...

Bares repeating "Diedra's academic credentials listed on her bio are so phony. It's all smoke and mirrors with this Casino Chip Queen."

You mean Casino Bull Chip Queen.

Anonymous said...

I remember Henry Justice quite well. Everyone in the loan and dmv departments were affected, that's why when Wiggington tried to bring Henry Justice back, a lot of employees threw away the business cards Wiggington had given us and all agreed not to recommend Justice to anyone. Of course, Wiggington never knew this. He ignored all the problems Henry created for every employee in the loan department and for all the dmv people who had to go each month to pick up registrations and listen each time one of the angry members called and chewed them out for something they had nothing to do with. Not only that, but Wiggington always had an excuse. When Henry ripped off the credit union, wiggington had the same old lame excuse that he didn't know Henry was going to steal money. But after Mr Harris retired, Henry hooks back up with Wiggington and Wiggington who is now president, ignores the cost. The actual amount lost for the cars was closer to $80,000 and doesn't include lawyer and court fees. You're looking at losses at about $120,000 to $130,000. Thats what Henry did and Wiggington still thought it was a good thing to bring him back. If it wasn't for the blog, he might have succeeded. I don't want to use the words that I want to use with Wiggington who is the most dishonest, disrespectful, and uncouth lowlife anyone will ever meet. His wife and son must be prooud.

Anonymous said...

Part 1

Well, I doubt very much that Chuckie, Charles' son, or Pam, his wife, are proud. Can you imagine what it's like to live with that big mouth, day in and day out? I can't. I would of checked myself into the nearest mental hospital. Its not just that he talks, its that he talks about stupid things. His favorite subject is himself which is one of the stupid things he talks about.

Back in 2009, just after Muffin Face, Bea Walker, got hired, he would meet with her and Rodger to plot against employees who he was convinced wanted his job. She, Bea, had this bright idea to hire a consultant at a mere $30,000, who would help them flush out the blogger, the bloggers, and any blog supporters. They decided to keep the whole thing hush, hush and scheduled a meeting at Rodger's home located at 1829 Lucretia Avenue, Echo Park, CA. They ordered lunch catered by Eastside Italian Deli located at 1013 Alpine Street, Los Angeles, CA.

They met with the consultant, Loren Lillestrand, who demonstrated some tests he would administer to employees and would help him identify employee talents, likes, dislikes and most importantly, if they were plotting against the Credit Union. Rodger who is so two-faced he should have 2 names, handed Loren a list of employee names who he and Charles were masterminding the President's overthrow. If only.

Lillestrand shows up at the credit union and begins his soft testing and interrogation of all employees from all 9 branches. Yes, 9 not the present 3 branches Charles has whittled the credit union down to.

I have to admit, the employees were clever. Most knew almost instinctively that the consultant was up to something though they didn't know exactly what. The consultant handed out questionnaires that were designed to gauge employee strengths, likes and interests. After collecting these, he used a few of the employee responses to show where they might best fit into the credit union. Nothing wrong with that, right?

Anonymous said...

Part 2

On his first day, he conducted two sessions attended by all employees of the South Pasadena branch. At the end of the first and again, at the end of the second, he called out specific employees who he wanted to meet with privately in the board room. According to Loren, he just wanted to ask them questions to obtain a profile about the credit union, employee attitudes and how people felt about Charles and the other managers.

His interviews went uneventful with really little to report to the anxious President and his 2 accomplices.

He returned a week later and asked the BSA Specialist out to lunch. Now this was interesting because Bea Walker suspected the BSA Specialist was either a blogger or leaking information to the blog. While at lunch, Loren clumsily tried to extract information from the BSA Specialist but the problem was, she was not in anyway involved with the blog. The woman had a sick mother and children to attend to and was too busy to spend time writing or reporting to a blog but then again, you could never convince the certifiable President or incompetent Bea Walker and laughable Rodger Smock of this. When these 3 put their heads together, they formed 1/2 a dog head.

The board even joined in to the President's antics and at the suggestion of Bea Walker and the President, started meeting at Carrows for their monthly meetings because they were convinced the board room was bugged. Employees of Priority One don't get paid enough to afford buying electronic surveillance equipment. Never thought of it before but Charles earns $150,000 plus a year and Bea earned more than $100,000 a year and Rodger Earns more than $110,000 a year. Maybe one of them bugged the board room.

Anonymous said...

Jethro, you're right about Diedra though it seems strange to use "Diedra" and "academic credentials" in the same sentence. Now Diedra and "crook" or "grits" or "scofflaw" I can associate with her and with no problem.

Dr. Zsigmondy Freud said...

That's quite an enlightening story about Consultant Loren Lillestrand; one I had never heard before. In just that one instance, idiotic Wiggy spent $30k in credit union funds to discover the identity of John the Blogger. My question is how in the hell is spending $30K a benefit to the credit union? It's not. Its a total waste Of money and expenses on a personal matter. If anything, Wiggy should have used his personal funds to investigate the blogger. In my mind Wiggy owes P1 $30k. It would be akin to Wiggy getting a $500 speeding ticket on the way to work and then having the credit union pay the fine. As a minimum, The DFI should force Wiggy to reimburse P1 $30k for the misuse of CU funds. Hell, this could even be grounds for termination.

Now we hear Wiggy and Diedra were afraid of bugs in the Board Room. Wonder how much money they wasted with an electronic sweep? Plus, it's certain that a lot more than $30K has been wasted in time and attorney's fees on this wild goose chase. And who knows how many forensic consultants were hired to discover John the Blogger over the years.

Eureka!! After hearing all this, I'm now 100% convinced Charles Wiggington himself is the mysterious secret "man behind the curtain" John the Blogger, who created the blog in a crazed paranoid haze to ferret out his enemies.

Anonymous said...

Dr. Zsigmondy Freud, you’re right. Wigg should have spent HIS OWN MONEY trying to find out who the blogger was. Spending credit union money on personal projects is something he and the board love to do.

When he thought his office was bugged, he hired Sepia Consultants to scan his office and find all the bugs he knew were planted inside the room. They found nothing but Sepia got paid with credit union money.

When he was investigated for sexual harassment, the board suspended him with pay. The investigator provided evidence Wiggington did sexually harass an employee but the board brought him back. If he was suspended it should have been WITHOUT PAY. When he was found guilty he should have been fired!
And he should have paid for the investigator and for company attorney's services.

When Suzanne used to head card services, she told Smock that there were termites flying all around the back office. Smock looks around the back room and says, “they’re not bad.” What the hell does that mean?

A few days later, the termites come into Wigg’s and Bea’s offices. Smock gets yelled at by Bea and then he calls an inspector to do a spot treatment which as anyone knows, won't fix the problem.

Wigg did hire consultants and investigators to flush John out. When that didn't work, he made up stories about employees and fired them using lies. Smock, Esmeralda and Robert West helped him with the lies.

You might be right. Wigg is mental and I don't mean intellectual. But if Wigg is the blogger, then Diedra must be an accomplice which probably means she's nuts too. Maybe they both hear voices no one else hears or see people and things, no one else sees. He should have been fired a long time ago but that would probably mean the board would have to fire itself too.

Jethro Bodine said...

Smock says "They're not bad" in reference to the termites flying around Suzanne's work area. You ask what the hell does that mean.


I am pretty sure that comment by Smock was taken out of context. It would be like someone asking me how I liked Granny Clampett's fried possum paws. My response was always "Theyre not bad."

It's obvious blubber boy Smock was really hungry and was snacking on the flying termites when Suzanne mentioned them, if you think about it.

Anonymous said...

Well termites are a wonderful source of protein but why did Smock only eat the male termites?

Anonymous said...

Never eaten fried possum paws. Are they good?

Jethro Bodine said...

Fried possum paws - Granny cooks em "mountain-style" with turnips and dandelion greens, smothered in beaver gravy with all the fixin's. They're not bad.

I'm certain Smock would salivate like a starving raccoon over fried possum paws, if a grip of buttered flying termites were served as a side dish.

Anonymous said...

LOL. Its funny because its probably true. Poor hungry Smock.

Anonymous said...

I don't think Loren Lillestrand was an evil man but I think his mistake was he agreed to do Bea and Wigg's dirty work without knowing all the facts. They convinced him that there were a group employees who were trying to ruin the credit union and that they were leaking information out to the internet. If that was true, then wouldn't screwing over the credit union cause them to lose their jobs? Wigg's stories always stupid and don't make sense. Thats why he is the laughing stock of the industry.

Loren believed them because he and Bea were friends. He really believed she was a kind person. He didn't know that Robert West, Rodger Smock, and Esmeralda Sandoval along with all branch mangers, couldn't stand her and thought she was vicious. He admitted they were friends, that he met her when she worked at Toyota FCU and he thought she wsa professional. Guess he didn't know that when she worked at Toyota one of her employees embezzled more than $70,000 from under Bea's nose.

I don't know if they're still friends but hopefully he cut her lose because she's not a good association to have. Even Wigg couldn't stand her at the end.

Anonymous said...

"I'm certain Smock would salivate like a starving raccoon over fried possum paws, if a grip of buttered flying termites were served as a side dish."

I can think of a few other things that make Smock salivate and they aren't possum.

Anonymous said...

Wiggington is the reason why Priority One has so many horrible managers. It wasn't that way before he became president. He turned the credit union into his home.

There were some bad managers under Mr Harris but they either behaved or they put up a front like Lynnette and Aaron.

But Wiggington promoted Liz knowing she had overdrawn her account over and over and over for years and years. She was also borrowing money from co-workers which is against policy.

He promoted Sylvia who was a horrible manager and stupid. I mean really stupid. Rodger used to bad mouth Sylvia because he said she was Christian and Christians don't like gays. If she was a Christian then Rodger must be a runway model.

He promoted Aaron even though for years, employees had complained that Aaron harassed them and was always making sexual comments. Rodger knew this but as HR never stepped up to say Wiggington shouldn't promote him.

Yvonne is horrible person. She thinks she's smart which makes her dangerous. Its like putting a bazooka in a 5 year old's hand. She has created so much dissention since she arrived and she is a control freak. She and Bea were "close" but when their "friendship" ended, Yvonne turned completely against Bea and I think had something to do with running Bea out of the CU. The day after Bea got canned, Yvonne was telling the call center and collection people that she hoped they'd make her the next COO. Then she sends Bea a text message asking her if she's OK. She forgot to tell Bea she wanted her job.

Anonymous said...

Wow, they're still in business. Come on, just close down.

Yeah, they're all horrible people. I forgot about Sylvia. What's she doing these days? Haunting houses, 0maybe.

And Aaron. What a spoiled fat boy. That man(?) used to have hizzy fits. I heard he is at another credit union. Guess they needed a manager that breaks policies and likes to talk about sex like Wiggles.

To defend Yvonne, she's a Big Foot. They don't make good managers.

Anonymous said...

Smock wasn't going to tell Wig not to promote Aaron because of employee complaints. Wig, Smock and Aaron were 3 gay blades and they weren't going to let anything come between them. But Smock is an expert at helping Wig assassinate employee reputations. If you never witnessed him fire people, its a real treat. Here's an example:

Employee: Mr. Smock, I didn't do the things I'm being accused of.

Smock: There's nothing I can do.

Employee: Well show me the evidence that I did what I'm being accused of?

Smock: There's nothing I can do.

Employee: But these are lies.

Smock: There's nothing I can do.

Anonymous said...

You're being generous with Smock. When I worked there he always had the same responses to employee concerns. They amounted to nothing more than low level manipulation from a guy who could never have become an EVP at any other company. He's just not executive material. He also placed so much emphasis on how people look and how they dress but this guy is over 6' tall, weighs about 300 lbs minimum and walks around with the back of his shirt sticking out from his pants. His most common responses to employees when they complained about abuses were...

"Maybe you misunderstood"

"Are you sure that's what he/she said."

"I think you might have taken what he/she said out of context."

"I've known him for a long time and I know he wouldn't say that."

If you told him about some concern, his face would flush red or he'd roll his eyes or he'd take a big breath like a dying elephant. Smock is a slave of his own actions and he's definitely not the friend of any employee. You'd be better off falling into shark infested water than go to Smock for anything.

Anonymous said...

You realize you guys are getting over 200 readers a day? Ever think of applying for the CEO job at P1?

Anonymous said...

You guys, leave Smock alone. She’s an older who needs lots constant validation. Do you what its like to live in a bigger, better house than the one Wigglenothing lives in? Do you know how expensive it is to keep a boy? Think about it. How much money must he be putting out to get that boy to share a bed with him?

And you guys are 100% wrong about him and Henry Campos. Sure, he’d come over and straighten Henry’s tie and make sure his collar was nice and straight and yeah, he run his hand down the front of Henry shirt, from his chest to his stomach but that's because he just wanted to make sure the shirt looked pressed. Don’t take something innocent and hetero and turn it into something its not. Shame, shame, shame.

And yes, Smock knew that all the stories Wigglenothing made up about employees weren’t true but he had grown a pair and told Wiggington he wasn’t going to take part in his backstabbing then Smock might of been fired and he can’t live off his huge savings or from the rents he gets from the apartment buildings he owns or from his hefty pension and social security. So siry, he'd be destitute if he did the right thing. Plus he's got a family to support. Well, actually three cats and a young man and that’s not cheap. And if he doesn’t have a job he can’t buy himself a new car every four years or put up a big front like he’s special. You guys are so unfair. Shame on you.

Smock is perfect for HR. He doesn’t have a conscience and policies are not important to him. What matters most is politics and that he continue getting paid for doing nothing. Well, he is Wigglenothings confidant so I guess he's getting paid to be a psychologist.

Mr. Campos said...

My biggest concern about HR is not whether or not they enforce policies or that they're all part of Wigg's goon squad, but I wonder how does Robert West get enough oxygen when he's in closed meetings with Smock and Esmeralda? Not to be rude but that's like 600 lbs plus whatever Robert weighs.

Anonymous said...

To paraphrase Laurel and Hardy, "Well Charlie, that's another fine mess you've gotten" the credit union into.

Anonymous said...

After reading about Wigg and Henry Justice I thought maybe you should have named this post Throw-Up Thursday.

Anonymous said...

I saw Diedra yesterday while I was out and about. She has an uncanny resemblance to Slappy whit

Anonymous said...

Slappy White, yes.

Anonymous said...

Little known fact. Diedra was Slappy's Siamese twin.

Anonymous said...

I'd like to Diedra to explain why she has protected Wiggington for years? He should of been fired but maybe there's a good reason why they keep him? And "because he's black" isn't a good excuse.

Anonymous said...

Black is probably Diedra's ONLY excuse. BTW, before she legally changed her name to Diedra, her birth name was Slappy Black.

Anonymous said...

Poor Wig, it looks like you've made a mess and don't know what to do. So agree, Wig didn't just become a big phuc up when he became president. He was a big incompetent when he was vice president of operations. He was so bad even Smock complained to Mr Harris about Wig being lazy. When he was in operations, the Valencia branch funded a lot of loans that went bad. Wig blamed the branch manager but the fact is, he was operations and he had personally helped determine the limits for loans she was allowed to approve. Not only was she not experienced enough to approve loans, he never provided the training she should have had. The reason is that he was too busy playing around on non-work related things like his aunt Jenny, his son and his BMWs. When the there were too many loans that had been approved in Vale ncia, that were sent to collections Wig knew he was in trouble so he said, "If I go, I'm taking her with money." He can never accept responsibility for the things he does. He'd rather blame everyone else than man-up but he can't man-up because that would require he become a real man.

Anonymous said...

He has always been a pussy when it comes to taking responsibility. Every mess he makes he blames on someone else and even when the credit union is doing bad, its never him but the economy and unemployment or his staff. I'm surprised he hasn't blamed birds, monkeys, or whales but I wouldn't be surprised if he does.

Anonymous said...

I closed my account a year ago and have no regrets. I got tired of calling and waiting 10 or 20 minutes (sometimes more) for someone to answer. Then when they answer, you don't get an opportunity to tell them your reason for calling because they are trying so hard to get you to apply for a loan. Maybe if they listened to members and built a relationship with them, then maybe they're business wouldnt be in the hole.

Anonymous said...

Its amazing all the docments you guys have. Wig has fits every time you publish.

Anonymous said...

John, you didn't mention that for years, Wiggington got kick-backs from Justice Auto just like he did from the collection department. This is a guy breaks rules without hesitation and he's slothful, always seeing what he can get for himself from any situation.

Anonymous said...

Contrary to what anyone says, Wiggington is a very busy man. He got kick-backs from Henry Justice and credit resolutions, breaking confidentiality, letting letters go out with member account and SS#'s printed on the front, knowingly promoting someone that was kiting, playing with accounting, making up stories about employees so he could fire them, ruining relations with members and SEGs, hiring Bea Walker, Cindy Garvin and Yvonne Boutte, promoting Rodger Smock and Joseph Garcia, lying to members, and sexual harassment.

Anonymous said...

You forgot to mention how handsome he is.

Anonymous said...

We used to call Yvonne Rue Paul though that was an insult to all drag queens.

Anonymous said...

Robert West if your really concerned about helping blacks world wide instead of asking for time off to go to Ferguson maybe u should take a trip to West Africa and offer your traits n talents to help in any way possible to fight Ebola! Since it is being spread from "there"

Anonymous said...

Robert West is the credit union moocher and opportunist just like his boyfriend, Charles Wiggington.

If he really wanted to go to Ferguson why did he share his plans with employees? Because he wants people to think that he genuinely cares for himself when the only one he cares for at the credit union is himself.

He would never go to Africa because that would take sacrifice and it might be dangerous, two things which could conflict with his pursuit for self-gratification.

He's a coward like Wigg and Smock. I remember him hiding when Wigg had a hizzy fit and demanded to know which employees called the police on that member that left a baby in the car. He could have stepped up like a man and admitted to Wigg that the women called the police because he told them to, but old Mr. Opportunist was not about to do that. \

Anonymous said...

Its amazing how many hypocrites there are at P1.

Robert West compromises what is good for evil and he calls good things that are evil.

When Sylvia Perez worked there, she used to go around saying "Praise the Lord, Praise the Lord." Never understood how she could say that when she was backstabbing employees, right and left and lying for Wiggington.

Esmeralda tells you she's a Christian but she is a horrible person who backstabs and lies and shacks up with her boyfriend who she lies and calls him her husband. No sweetheart or do I mean heathen, no marriage license or even a commitment ceremony means your'e not married which makes you a liar!

Lynnette Fortson was another who used to tell people, "You need to pray to Jesus" yet she stole money, was horribly lazy and spent everyday playing on the Internet.

Each year before the start of the annual meeting, a director of the board prays to Jesus. These are the same directors who squashed all the proofs Wiggington sexually harassed Kim. Guess these hypocrites never read that God doesn't want lip service.

Anonymous said...

Smock isn't Christian but he's HR and not even the worst employees have ever broken policies like he does. He has done so many horrible things that should have got him fired but he's still there, breaking rules, screwing over employees and gettering $100,000 plus.

Anonymous said...

P.S. And I like your list but Lynnette did used to say people needed to turn to Jesus but in 2013 she got fired and Yvonne Boutte said they discovered Lynnette stole money. I think she must have because she not only never sued she closed out her account within a week after being kicked out and had her address removed from XP.

Chief Jay Strongbow said...

MacDonald's Hamburger University graduate and Slappy White lookalike Diedra is personally responsible for hiring ball scratching loudmouth Charles Piggington, who in turn single handily ruined Priority One credit union. Well that's not entirely true. Wiggy did have help from the likes of incompetent Plumper Rodger Smock and hypocrite Robert West. I

Baron Zemo said...

Breaking News

Charles Wiggington officially declared worst credit Union CEO in California by the DFI.

Congrations Wiggy you're deserving of such a high accolade consideing everything you've done to screw P1.

Commissioner Gordon said...

A inside source told me fat boy Rodger was kicked out of an all-you-can-eat Chinese Buffet last week. Turns out the proprietor Mr. Wang Hang Low caught mooch Smock wearing cargo pants with rubber-lined pockets that he was using to steal Moo Goo Gai Pan.

Anonymous said...

@Commissioner Gordon
Smock wearing cargo pants with rubber-lined pockets in order to steal food. I believe it. Rodger will do anything to make sure he's got a full belly.

Anonymous said...

Charles used to say Smock wore the biggest pants he ever saw while I used to think Wiggington and his son, Little Wig, had the biggest mouths I'd ever seen. Guess its all relative.

They really have a ship full of misfits. They've got Wet Willy Wiggington, Plumper Rodger, Two-Faced West, Man-Look-Alike Yvonne, and they used to have Lynnette the Kid, and ADD Queen Sylvia Perez. How do you get so many misfits in one place? Oh year, Diedra. With her, all negative things are possible.

Anonymous said...

If you've seen West at one of the company buffets, you'd think he borrowed Smock's pants.

Anonymous said...

Smock's rubber pants serve a dual purpose.

Anonymous said...

Did Diedra actually graduate from MacDonald's Hamburger University? what did she major in, computer classes, as if she couldn't get more general than that?

All sarcasm aside, she is ultimately responsible for ruining the credit union. She deceived herself into thinking she was qualified to make business decisions which were way outside her alleged scope of expertise. And as a result of her dictates, she approved the hiring of Wiggington, Bea Walker, Cindy Garvin and the continued employment of Rodger Smock, Robert West, and Yvonne Boutte. They all either have track records for doing absolutely nothing good for Priority one or they've done horrible things that have caused the credit union to lose money and branches.

Chief Jay Strongbow said...

Diedra definitely graduated from MacDonald's Hamburger University. Her major was Hamburger Flipping and she graduated Magna Cum Laude. The man himself, Ray Kroc, gave Diedra a sterling silver spatula to commemorate her achievement. Diedra still enjoys gobbling Big Macs every chance she gets.

As a nod to her only skill (flipping burger patties) Diedra uses the silver spatula as a gavel at the monthly P1 board of directors meetings. And she secretly paddles Wiggy' s ass when he gets out of line. Wiggy loves to be spanked really hard.

Wiggy: "Thank you Ma'am may I have another."

Anonymous said...

Rodger is so lazy he wears rubber underwear, too.

Anonymous said...

Does Rodger really wear rubber underpants?

Anonymous said...

@Baron Zemo

Baron, Thank you for breaking the news that the DFI announced Charles Wiggington is the worst CEO in California.

The next milestone announcement will be when NCUA declares Wiggington the worst CEO in the entire USA. Then P1 can throw a big shindig for jackass Wiggy.

Anonymous said...

At Rodger's age, he has to wear rubber pants and a bib. How old is he anyway, like 700?

@Chief Jay Strongbow: Thank you for clarifying that Diedra graduated from MacDonald's Hamburger University. Hamburger flipping, actually flipping in general has obviously proven a valuable took in her arsenal of business tools though I would have thought she graduated with honors in Hamburlger studies.

I heard that Wiggles sometimes borrows that same silver spatula to spank his boyfriend, Rodger Smock, and vice versa.

Anonymous said...


Dr Brooks said...

If Rodger wears rubber undergarments its because he's full of sh*t.

I know Diedra never graduated from the University of Phoenix where she supposedly took computer classes, whatever that means, but I'm sure she excelled in Hamburglar studies becaue no one gets away with breaking policies and laws like she does.

Anonymous said...

I don't think Wiggington is the worst CEO in California. I think he's the worse CEO in the world. Probably has something to do with his mama locking in him in the closet when he was a kid. Guess it was traumatic plus there wasn't a lot of oxygen in that closet which might explain a lot.

Anonymous said...

What kind of a man goes to work and tells people about how when he was a child, his mom used to lock him in the closet because he talked too much? She probably turned Charles into the jackass that he is today. I had the displeasure of having to sit near him on several occassions when he talked about his sex life. One time, he told us a story about when he was young and he and a friend went to a bar where they met 3 women. They all came back to Charles' apartment and Charles and a woman he described as a fat girl, went into the bedroom where they had six. His friend and the two other women left the apartment. Charles told us how this woman did everything and he said, "fat girls do it better because they want it." I wanted to shove my fist in his ugly old face. We were at an event and the last thing the so-called president should be talking about is his sex life. Another time he told a group of us how when he came to California for the first time, how he had woman after woman after woman. No one asked, he just shared it and he's married with a son and step daughters. I can't even begin to imagine why his family has lynched his tired old, boring ass.

Anonymous said...

I can't imagine a fat girl, hell, I can't imagine a fat boy, wanting to have sex with that smelly old man. I mean his breath smells, he plays with his genitalia and he never shut's up. I'm sure most people would find his lack of hygiene and his long drawn out stupid stories and his playing with his no balls repulsive and boooooorrrrrrriiiiiiiinnnng.

Anonymous said...

You can't imagine a fat boy? What about Rodger? Of course he's not a boy, he just likes them.

Anonymous said...

Its obvious there is something so wrong at that credit union and too clear no one, absolutely no one, likes Charles. He built a house on lies and treachery so what can one expect?

Jethro Bodine said...

@Dr. Brooks

Diedra only took a few correspondence classes from the Univ of Phoenix. There is no proof she even passed those classes.

On the other hand, Chief Strongbow has a picture of Ray Kroc handing Diedra her Silver Spatula when she graduated Cum Laude from Hamburger University. In the picture a smiling Diedra (looking every bit like Slappy White) is flanked by Mayor McCheese and the Dean of the University, Ronald MacDonald himself. The Spatula is her most prized possession.

Jethro Bodine said...

To capitalize on her skills with the Spatula, Diedra came upon the idea of running a Dominatrix side business to earn extra money. We all know Wiggy has an obsession with his balls (scratching, crank yanking, constant Dick adjusting), so feeling both dirty and guilty Wiggy decided he needed a little BDSM punishment. And that's how Wiggington became Dominatrix Diedra's first fetish customer.

By the way, Banker Milburn Drysdale was Diedra's second customer.

Now you know the rest of the story.i

Anonymous said...

Wiggy borrows the Spatula so he can spank Rodger's ass during their tea-bagging sessions.

Anonymous said...

I agree, there's no proof she ever passed any of the classes and her bio doesn't say she ever graduated. I guess we're supposed to take her word she got a 3.5 in what, "computer" classes? Sure. What's next, she going to tell us she made the credit union profitable?

Even if she graduated from MacDonald's University with honors, I still wouldn't hire her to work at a hamburger stand. I thought her most prized possession were the board's souls.

I'm still waiting to see Wigg backstab fat boy, Missy Rodger just like he backstabbed Lynnette, Mike, Dorothy, Dane, Gerardo, Maggie, David C, David Q, Sonny, Joe, Wendy, Cindy G., and Bea JUST TO NAME A FEW. Of course he might be keeping Rodger because he's good with using the Spatula.

Anonymous said...

I think Jethro hit the nail on the head.

Anonymous said...

Its come full circle. Wiggington used to talk about sex 24/5 maybe 24/7, he sexually harassed and now he's the subject of comments involving a spatula and tea bagging. Talk about making your bed and lying in it too.

Anonymous said...

When you read those 2009 reports you don't read a single statement by Wiggington to the board talking about closing branches which probably means he never had plans to close a single branch. If you know Wiggington and I know Wiggington, closing branches would be a blow to over inflated ego. Move 7 years to 2014 and now he's trying to spin the truth so that having to close branches seems like a good thing and part of some super smart plan that's going to turn business around. If he was going to turn business around wouldn't he have done something before he started closing branches and losing lots and lots of members? The man is a liar or his nuts and he must think people are so stupid that no one would see right through his really stupid excuses.

Anonymous said...

Are there employees still left at the credit union who remember when employees, I mean SOME employees give Charles an iPod during an all staff meeting? I remember a lot of employees refusing to donate for the iPod because they saw Wiggington as horrible and dishonest. When they handed him the iPod, so many people didn't applaud because they knew he's a lazy leach. I remember that moron, Sylvai Perez, yelling out, "You deserve it boss." I wonder if she still felt that way when he backstabbed her a couple of years later. And Smock, the sponge has always supported Charles but before Charles became president, he was always complaining about how lazy Charles was. Guess fat boy never looked in the mirror because one of the biggest question at the credit union is "What does Smock do?"

When he visited the Burbank office in November 2012, he told us that business was good and that we even made money. Employees were so happy. Three months later he announces they might have to close Burbank unless a lot of business was made in the next 4 months. The Burbank branch closes and they fire lots of employees and it turns out we weren't making money. He lied...... again.

All the while he has the board supporting him and even Robert West lying for him. Robert enjoys being unequally yoked with a devil. Avoid Robert the Pharisee at all costs because unlike Wiggington, he covers up his evil.

Anonymous said...

I read on the web that Diedra is 64. No way! 74 maybe and in dog years.

Anonymous said...

Almost everyone on this blog spends their time bashing our President Charles Wiggington. It's not right.

I like him and support him to the hilt. It's embarrassing to call him a ball scratcher, when in fact he's a crank yanker and penis puller. Some call him a moron. That's just wrong because he's an idiot and low grade imbecile.

Anonymous said...

I too agree. Wiggington is the opposite of what many of you label him. No one and I mean no one, can make up stories that ruin careers and reputations better than does he.

Tell me, who else do you know can cut expenses and at the same time reduce net assets from $172 million to $148 million. If you said Wigg, you're right.

And who else but Wigg knows that when people are stressed there is nothing better to relief their anxiety's then one of Wigg's sex yarns?

Definitely, he's not valued. So he talks with his mouth full of food. That's untapped talent if you ask me.

Wigg, please know, I have your back.

Anonymous said...

I too would like to express my support for Charles Wiggington. Sure he occasionally makes up stories that accuse people of stealing or not doing their job properly and often without ever providing evidence to back up his stories, but Wiggington understands the importance of thinning the herd and how ultimately firing employees unfairly will benfit all members and remaining employees. Some of you say he’s delusional but I say he’s a visionary. He sees things and people no one can see. What you think are voices in his head are really invisible people talking to him.

He has sacrificed so much for the good of the company. To observers it looks like he takes 3 hour luncheons but what he’s really doing is spending hours of alone time thinking of ways to make business grow.

And yes there was that unfortunate incident involving a female employee who many employees said he sexually harassed but when he told her he was going to whip her ass with his belt its because she’d been a bad girl.

Yes, Charles is not at all what he appears to be. Yes, the evidence says he is but evidence like the one proving he sexually harassed is not important.

And he's too busy these days to even talk about sex. Talk about a hard worker.

Tempest Storm said...

Let me heap more praise on our President Charles Wiggington. No one seems to recognize his technical innovations. He is always on the leading edge of the technology curve. For example, he instructs staffers to trick members with Facebook "friending" using fake identities. Is it illegal or wrong? To quote Wiggy - "it's only illegal if you get caught. So what if its a conflict of interest. I don't give a shit about P1's members."

Dr. Zsigmondy Freud said...

It's hard to single out Wiggingtion for praise without recognizing his tea-bagging partner Rodger Smock. Together they are a Dynamic Duo, similar to Andre 3000 and Big Boi. No other team in credit union history has been known to overlook policy violations and cover-up actual crimes like blatant sexual harassment. Wiggy commits the crime and Rodger orchestrates the cover-up. It's a perfect symbiotic partnership of a host and a parasite.

Anonymous said...

I can't stop laughing. The comments are so funny, well maybe not to Wigg, Smock, West, Esmeralda and Yvonne but they're funny because they're true.

Oh Tempest Storm you said it in a nut shell. Wigg is technically, ahead of his time if the time were 1890. And credit goes to him because unlike the rest of us, he immediately saw that violating Facebook rules was not going to stop him, Yvonne, or drag queen look-alike, Alex Suarez, from duping members.

And by the way, that statement by him that's "it's only illegal if you get caught" he plagiarized from raisin muffin face, Bea Walker. That was one of her favorite lines.

Commissioner Gordon said...

Diedra must have given Wiggy the OK to operate fake Facebook profiles so P1 could hoodwink members, right? It does not seem possible Wiggy would pull such an obvious knucklehead/illegal move without permission from Diedra on his own. Is he that stupid?

I praise Wiggy for his initiative regardless of the consequences.

Anonymous said...

Doctor, I often think of Wiggington and Rodger as the Tweedledee and Tweedledum of the industry. Yes, they have shown over the years that they have a symbiotic relationship which enables them to survive sort of like a shark and a Remora fish or like Sonny and Cher.

And Commissioner, it is probable Diedra gave the okay to illegally manipulate Facebook to trap members whose accounts are delinquent. There's little about the illegal things at the credit union Diedra doesn't know about. With Diedra, covering up wrong doing is her ultimate goal. She's abominable and wholly corrupt. However, I suspect the manipulation of Facebook was the brainchild of Yvonne Boutte. The woman will do anything to get her way. I know it couldn't have been thought up by Alex who is a knuckle dragging troglodyte though she must of been stupidly proud when using the illegal tactic.

Anonymous said...

I worked with some horrible bosses before, but they all pale in comparison to Wiggy. Wiggy takes the cake. Only Wiggy walks around scratching his. Not one ever ate with their mouth wide-open, all the while smacking loudly as they chomp on their food. None could lie like Wiggy who lies for the sake of lying. A braggart who won't quit talking about his imagined sexual conquest.

Hey Wiggy we all know you're spending most of your day glued to a porn filled computer screen.

Dr. Zsigmondy Freud said...

From a psychoanalytic perspective the mind of Charles Wiggington was significantly affected by one major event in his childhood. That event occurred when his mother locked him in the closet. Charles never said why his mother locked him in the closet but it is patently obvious it must have something to do with his gentalia or rear-end. From that day forwards inject Wiggington exhibited jealousy of his mother and hate for his fater.

The "closet event" accounts for Wiggington's obsession of the following:

Scratching, itching and fondling of his own balls
Chewing with a wide-open mouth is a cry for help
Chomping/smacking mimics ape-like qualities
Spatula ass spanking is self-flagellation
Loud talking is a scream to be let out of his childhood closet
Sexual harassment of women is a way to get back at his mother.

My analysis will continue to be on-going.

Anonymous said...

Actually, he often did give the reason why his mother locked him in the closet. He laughingly said she was ofte so tired with his non-stop talking that she punished him by locking him in a closet.

I'm not a believer in the corporal punishment of children but I feel for his mother who must have been so frustrated with his none stop jabbering.

As its been pointed out here before, he has no self control that's probably why he thought it okay to share what his mother did to him with the people at work. Its the same problem that caused him to talk for years about his imaginary sex life or his vicious criticisms of his sister, son and wife. Charles Wiggington is stupid man (?) but he's also a man (?) with no self control. And if you at all think he's smart then consider he hired consultants, COO's, CLO's, lawyers, etc to cover up his mountain of mistakes. No other president at the credit union ever had to do that.

Anonymous said...

I'm just waiting for them to announce which branch is going to close next.

Dr. Hyporcrite said...

Funny that Robert West, who supposedly cares so much for other AFro-Americans more than he does for any other "color", has never taken the time to help change Wiggington's horrible behaviors. Robert wanted to travel to Ferguson, MO to protest the killing of a man who was shot to death while trying to rob a store but has never taken the time to instruct his "friend" and "confidant", Charles Wiggington, about why lying, stealing, sexually harassing, slander, etc. are bad. In fact, he has supported Wiggington is slandering people which contradicts what he supposedly proclaims to be.

Anonymous said...

Yep, West is all front. He tries so hard to project the nice guy image but many employees who quite or got fired, learned that he's the opposite of what he tries to project.

Wiggington is an A-hole. The first time you meet him, you see it. It comes through in the way he talks, what he talks about, how he acts.

Smock is an overweight and very old snake. He tries to act dignified because after all, he's one of the few crackers in the credit union and he really does believe he's brighter and better than the natives, but he's cunning, sneaky and oh so two-faced. He's the reason the credit union got sued because he allowed Wiggington and Diedra to violate federal law. He as the overseer of policies should have had the ethics to tell them they could not do the many things they did but he went along for the ride because the old geezer isn't bright, he was fired from Superior Industries who did not want him in their HR department and he arrived at the credit union bringing every possible thing you should never want in an HR director.

Esmeralda Sandoval, the so-called Manager of employee services got her break because of the kindness of Mr Harris. Frankly, I would never have appointed some barrio chola to represent me as my administrative assistant. Plus the way she dresses is anything but professional. She needs to buy clothes that fit her large frame. Plus she lies and has screwed over so many employees and for what?

Yvonne Boutte tries so hard to appear like an executive but little Miss Slang's effort to create a front is always contradicted by her insecurities, her need to control, her abusiveness, her love of vicious gossip, and her inability to look at herself. She used to work for Premiere America where they fired her but like Rodger, she arrived at Priority One and was promoted eventually promoted to COO. I would hire her to be a file clerk must less an officer. These are all horrible people.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

The comments say it all. Charles Wiggington has to be one of the most disliked people in America. I'm not kidding. I can't comprehend how someone could do all the horrible things he does and think everything is okay or that people won't fight back. He's either, crazy, lives in denial, or he's really, really stupid.

Anonymous said...

I worked with Bea Walker at AIRCO FCU. She was the worst and she got fired. She caused us a huge loss and we had to file a claim with CUNA. Why Priority One thought hiring her as COO was a good idea makes no sense. But based on what I'm reading, they hire horrible people and people that got fired from other companies. Did anyone ever do an in depth background check on Wiggington? Why did he work at banks and savings and loans and then decide to jump into credit unions? And if Rodger got hired by Priority One did they know he got fired from Superior Industries?

Anonymous said...

@Dr Hypocrite: You are absolutely correct. These people are vicious and all, so dishonest. But there are others including Patricia Loiacano, Gema Pletiez, and Alex Suarez. Horrible, dishonest, judgmental and hyppocricial people.

Anonymous said...

I can believe what you said about Bea. The woman lied so much and she and Wiggington altered reporting to make it look like the CU made money when it didn't. Plus she broke rules, like the time she bought a $5000 laptop without following the rules which was you tell IT what laptop you need and they order it. When Tsui the supervisor refused to approve her reimbursement, she and Wiggington and Smock, set him up by accusing him of violating procedure, so they fired him.

A friend of mine worked with her at Universal Studios CU and said started to go against policy so the President got fed up and canned her. Then she comes to P1 and she gets hired.

To the person that wrote that when she worked at AIRCO she caused them to lose money, something similar happened when she worked at Honda FCU. One of her employees supposedly took 2 credit cards in his grandparents name and Bea approved the limits on each card which means she didn't do her due diligence. That credit union has horrible managers who couldn't get jobs anywhere else.

Anonymous said...

Hiring managers that were fired from other credit unions appears to be standard operating procedure at Priority One. WTF?

Anonymous said...

Smock got hired by Mr Harris' predecessor.

Bea was brought in by Wiggington though they made up a story that they told all employees during one of the all-staff meetings, that they never met before Bea got hired. That later got exposed as a lie and it turned out, he contacted her and told her he wanted to hire a COO and he asked her to apply for the job.

Now Diedra is the one that approved hiring Bea. Bea gets hired in 6/09 and she's fired in 7/11 after paying her more than $200,000. Diedra and Wigg wanted her out because all the streams of new income she supposedly created failed, because there were rumors she might be gay, and because she was trying to push Wiggington out of the credit union.

Diedra next approves hiring Cindy Garvin to replace Bea. Cindy was introduced to P1 by Saed Raad. On 8/11 she is hired at $68,000 a year but she's fired on 12/12 at which time she was making $98,000 yeaar. She got a $30,000 in raises in less than 2 years but like Bea, not one of her ideas succeeded according to Wiggington who started to blame her for the problems he created. He's always an accountable and a sissy.
They fired her and now Yvonne has taken her place but business is going downhill because of Diedra and Wiggington and definitely not Yvonne, Smock or Patti Loiacano have done a single thing to turn business around.

Here's a solution, fire Wiggington, Smock, West, Esmeralda, Yvonne, Gema, Patricia and Joseph and put Alex in collections on check. Replace them with compentent personnel and you'd probably see an immediate improvement in business.

Anonymous said...

PS: WTF is right!

Anonymous said...

Well Esmeralda came to work straight out of high school. She worked as Mr Harris' assistant for a few years which allowed her to use her knowledge of Microsoft but when he retired, Smock brought her to HR to work as his assistant because he complained he was overworked and stressed. He probably couldn't fit cutting coupons or talking on the phone to his boyfriend into his schedule.

So he Trained Esmeralda on payroll but she complained she had too much on her plate so she got Jennifer in accounting to help her out. Now Jennifer unlike Esmeralda is truly a nice and professional employee. Esmeralda screens potential new hires, helps with terminations and takes care of benefits. She has also been personally involved in lying about employees which makes her a perfect fit for Priority One's HR department. Besides breaking policies, Esmeralda was trained in ALL she knows about HR by Rodger Smock who got fired by Superior Industries. So can you imagine what kind of an HR manager she is? I can't imagine her making it in HR at any other company becasue quite frankly she is 2 tons of trouble and completely unpresentable and conniving.

Now Robert West is Director of Employee Services aks as HR but you know he's just a puppet because he was promoted to HR with absolutely no experience in HR. He will always go along with Wiggington's and Smock's lies because it is his job security even though he is 100% unncessary just like Wiggington and Smock. When Robert was Trainer he was lazy, boring, and poorly informed. He used to nap in his office and writer his personal, non- business related self help books. He never had the talent to motivate employees when they were forced to take one of his horribly managed classes.

These 3 geniuses make up HR which explains why the department is a sham and the source of a lot of the credit union's internal problems and its HR that opened the door to the CU being sued by 4 employees.

Anonymous said...

In case you don't know, Robert West and former Wiggington tool, Sylvia Perez, both came from Fiscal CU in Glendale, CA.

Sylvia left Fiscal after they denied her maternity leave. By the way, for those who never had the displeasure of knowing her, the woman is an idiot and even though she's got the intelligence of a bag of dog food, corrupt and perpetual liar, Charles Wiggington, used to say he wished all employees were like Sylvia. That's until 2012, when Diedra told him to find a way of getting rid of her.

When Sylvia worked at Fiscal, she and her husband adopted a baby girl. She asked Fiscal to grant her 3 months of maternity leave but they told her they wouldn't because under the law, adopting a baby unlike giving birth to one, does not qualify for maternity leave. Sylvia who might have though laws were meant to be structured around her absurd beliefs left Fiscal, pissed that they wouldn't grant her maternity leave. By the way, she was the same obnoxious big mouth at Fiscal that she was at Priority One.

Fun Fact: For years, Rodger Smock couldn't stand her because she said she was a Christian, emphasis on "she said." He, the Director of HR, told people that Christians hate gays which tells you a lot about what he knows and speaks volumes about his prejudicial tendencies. But when he learned that Charles "loved her", he started to show preferential treatment to Sylvia. Unfortunately for Syliva, in late 2011, Robert West, then Director of HR (yes they have 2 directors in HR) told people he couldn't stand Sylvia. She fled in 2012 because she could never make her monthly quotas but before leaving said she knew Cindy Garvin and Joseph Garcia were going to fire her.

Anonymous said...

So being unqualified and preferably fired from a previous employer gets you a management job at priority one?

Anonymous said...


I had the pleasure of working for Mr Harris and I had the unfortunate experience of working for Charles and watch as he ripped Priority One apart. Its true that he drove out a lot of employees using lies he manufactured and which succeeded with the help of Rodger Smock, Esmeralda Sandoval, and Robert West. Though a lot of us knew he was not qualified to be president I don’t think any of us could have imagined the destruction he would cause.

I worked there when Yvonne Boutte was hired. From the beginning she, Alex, Saundra and Naira made a horrible impression. Her staff had major attitude though I could never fathom why, as they are all intellectually equally unimpressive. Yvonne would like people to think she’s highly competent and that she knows more than everyone else but her efforts expended on promoting herself always left an impression that Yvonne is extremely insecure and inside that 6’ frame is a little scared girl who needs to dominate others by disparaging them. It was not a surprise that for approximately 1 year, she and Bea Walker became best of friends. Yvonne and Bea shared so many undesirable traits and both had a penchant for lying and slander.

Anonymous said...


If Rodger is Charles’ gun, then Alex Suarez is Yvonne’s Frankenstein. Over the years, I overheard her berate members when trying to coax them into paying on their delinquent accounts. The woman is abominably rude and the consummate unprofessional. Only at Priority One and under Charles could a person like her be made a supervisor.

A lot of my co-workers told me that Alex would go into the women’s bathroom and gossip loudly, shredding the reputations of her co-workers and always talking about this blog. The reason she is an officer has nothing to do with competency because she’s not, but only because she is Yvonne’s friend and confidant.

I don’t want to write too much about Robert West, suffice it to say, he’s not at all what he appears to be and in all that he does, he is self-serving. I had heard that he worked at Fiscal as a trainer but I know that some people from that credit union only describe him as ineffective. They’re being kind.

Anonymous said...


However, I am going to comment about Rodger Smock. He and Robert are insidious and both wear costumes, trying to pass themselves as something they are not. I attended a special seminar sponsored by the credit union during which a consultant helped us to identify our personality types. Rodger and former AVP, Lynnette Fortson,. Identified themselves as “peacemakers.” It was their self-identification as peacemakers which taught me that some people are suffocating in self-denial.

First of all, Lynnette was a horrible manager, often pitting her staff against one another which is why in 2010, two FSR’s got into a yelling argument in front of members and 2 years later, two tellers got into a verbal altercation in the teller area and again, in front of members. This might also be the reason why in 2009 Terry Nabors a contracted auditor discover that more than $60,000 were stolen by a former employee. In 2013, Lynnette got fired because according to Yvonne Boutte, Lynnette embezzled funds.

Anonymous said...


Going back to Rodger, he has always excluded certain managers from the incursions that occur when policies are violated. He is the worst violator of credit union policies and if Charles is an assassin then Rodger is his gun. Rodger is also a liar. In 2012, he attended depositions identifying himself as the director of HR but how was that possible if in 2011, he was supposedly removed as director by Charles and Diedra and Robert West took his place.

Not only will he lie for the credit union and allow policies to be broken, but it is his “play dead” attitude which allowed Charles to violate federal law that caused the credit union to be sued by former employees.

Charles is everything people write in their comments. He is truly horrible and embarrassing. I know many employees who would avoid introducing him to their families, friends and people who work at other credit unions. In 2007. Charles really thought he’d sit back while the AVPs brought in tons of new business and which would give him the time to play on the Internet. When members complain to his office, he passes off the complaints to his staff because he wants nothing to do with member issues even if in the board reports he writes about visiting the communities served by the credit union. If you don’t believe it., ask him to provide proof that he has visited communities over the past 7 years.

Elton John said...

I thought gay men were supposed to be conscious about the way they dress and the way their bodies look? What happened to Rodger? She doesn't fit the stereotype.

Anonymous said...

Who hired Robert West? Maybe and that's a big maybe, the credit union needed a trainer when they had over 120 employees and 9 branches but Wiggington knew they didn't need a trainer when 6 branches closed so he created that phony position for Robert so he and Diedra wouldn't fire another Black employee. I think Robert, Diedra and Wiggington should all go to Ferguson, MO and protest against Black racists who bend the rules based on skin color and then afterwards fly to West Africa and never come back.

Anonymous said...

A lot of people came from Fiscal. Whit who was blessed to get a job at a better credit union.

There was also Liz who got caught kiting and then got the boot.

There was horrible Sylvia who for years badgered employees pushing them to get sales and always saying that if she could do it, they could. Then in 2012 when they made everyone turn in their monthly sales records, all of a sudden who swore she was a great salesman, couldn't bring in half of her assigned monthly sales. Guess she lied for years, huh?

Robert West was also from Fiscal though I have no idea why they hired him. He is a terrible and lazy trainer and he always had to get people from different departments to help him train because he just doesn't know the operation.

I think Aaron Cavazoa came from Fiscal too. He was another horrible manager.

Charles came from Bank of America. That's why in 2007, he said he would change priority one to be like a bank. If he wanted a bank, why did he leave B of A?

He also worked with a bunch of savings and loans, all which no longer exist. Guess he's taking Priority 1 down the same road.

Anonymous said...

Sylvia still drops by the Van Nuys office. A few months ago she said she got hired to do business development for a bank. I pity whoever she talks to. That woman is one pushy rude sales person. If her last year at Priority is an indicator of things to come, expect her to fall flat on her face again and to drive her co-workers batty.

Her close buddy Neelam, who caused the credit union so many losses but who kept her job because of Sylvia and Wiggington, left on her 100th leave of absence and it doesn't look like she'll be coming back ever. Cecilia didn't like her, complaining she was slow and forgetful and I guess Wiggington decided they needed to cut her lose though he kept her for years and she caused so many losses which they blamed on other employees.

Anonymous said...

Didn't Wigg used to say he wished every employee was like Sylvia?

Didn't he say he and Gerardo were friends because they used to work together at Security Bank?

Didn't he call Saeid his buddy?

Didn't he bring Bea Walker over?

He doesn't know what being a friend is because he has none.

Anonymous said...

Wigg used to call Aaron was his buddy and then Aaron chews him out and Wigg uses Smock to fire him. He always resorts to the same old tired tactics and everyone he calls a friend eventually he becomes their enemy and vice versa. It must suck to be Wigg. I just can't understand how Rodger has lasted so long. You have to really wonder about what's going on there.

Anonymous said...

How has Rodger lasted so long?

Answer: Wiggs tea-bagging partner makes for great job security.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Finally something Smock is actually good at!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Never thought of it, but how does Smock, a man who is lazy and useless and who has violated and helped violate policy for years, keep his job. It certainly isn't his looks. And it's not skin color because he's one of the few White people working at the credit union.

Anonymous said...

He keeps it because he does Wigg's bidding even if it means breaking the law. That's the type of loyalty, Wigg and Diedra like. Diedra fought to keep the current board directors because they all do whatever she wants and vote the way she tells them to. That wasn't always the case which is why she drove out Mr Davidson, Mr Shipley and Mrs Irving. She doesn't want individual thinkers with ethics, she and Wigg need obedient, subservient dogs.

Anonymous said...

Blind loyalty, being an accomplice and tea bagging all seem like legitimate reasons why Smock endures while employees who actually work, get canned or resign.

Anonymous said...

Two former coworkers told me how they got fired with lies made up by Wig. Not only did Smock didn't have any evidence, he ignored everything they told him that shot down Wig's lies. I think Wig uses things that he does to fire people. He accuses people of not following policy like
Breaking confidentiality or being lazy or making too many mistakes, oh and sexually harassing. He does it and then accuses others of doing it.

Anonymous said...

I never understood why such a refined and educated man like Rodger Smock (I'm being sarcastic) would look the other way when Wiggington, Bea, Sylvia, Lynnette (yes, even Lynnette) made up stories about many employees and used these to fire them, knowing they were peddling lies that amounted to slander. At the end of the day, Rodger Smock is worse than Wiggington because he is responsible to ensure everyone abides to policies. By bending the rules, Rodger's two faced nature left the credit union open to lawsuits which it lost. Obviously rather than do his due diligence or act honestly,he chose not to protect the credit union.

Anonymous said...

But look at what Wig did to Bea. He used her, she tried to get his job, and then when she finished doing his dirty work, he told the board that she was talking about them and she got kicked to the curb.

Sylia was his friend and they backstabbed a lot of people and she supported him all the way, but when Diedra wanted her out, he did nothing to drive her out of the credit union.

He never liked Lynnette. He wanted her out from the start but she tried so hard to get on his good side. At the beginning she complimented him, supported him and ever backstabbed more than a few people who she made lies about before kicking them to the curb. After awhile, she sided with Bea and her girlfriend, Yvoone, bad mouthing Wigg but then she gets caught stealling and fired.

Always something when it comes to Wig. Its like he's a jinx.

Anonymous said...

Like he's a jinx?

Commissioner Gordon said...

So many commenters on this blog forum are suspicious and negative towards our President Charles Wiggington and Priority One's senior management team. I don't know why considering all of their accomplishments. What othe credit union CEO has gotten away scot free with the kind of policy violations, criminal activity than Wiggy for so long. He seems to dodge every charge leveled at him from sexual harassment, stealing members repos, closing branches, ball scratching, eating and smacking with his mouth wide open. Don't blame Wiggy who is just a front and imbecile, blame the thuggish board of directors as they look the other way while looting the credit union. I'm looking at you Junket Queen (pay me in casino chips) Diedra..

Martha Stewart said...

You are right. President Wiggington and his elite executive staff are quite accomplished.

At other credit unions having people clock you in or removing mandatory hold periods on checks drawn from other banks would get you fired. Certainly, reporting profits where none existed is considered fraud. And sexual harassment is a federal offense in the U.S. but not at Priority One. Usually, making up lies about staff is viewed as slander but at Priority One its just business as usual. Taking personal possession of a member's auto without paying a penny could be construed as stealing and certainly a bad public relations move but not at Priority One where members are as expendable as toilet paper.

And at other credit union's, one might expect the President to speak as if he's graduated from high school, or carry him or herself with dignity and decorum. Not so at Priority One where Charles Wiggington wears cheap, I mean cost-effective, short sleeved shirts, often without a tie. Where his suits are so old, don't be surprised if the Smithsonian calls and requests some them for one of their future exhibits.

And how great is it that the President doesn't let something as silly as manners and personal hygiene get in his way. No, he's a non-conformist, a rebel with a cause. I personally toast him for having the courage to talk while his mouth is full of food. Anywhere else that could be construed as a sign of poor upbringing but not with Charles Roger Wiggington. And if you've got an itch even in your privates, never care what the world thinks just go on and scratch. In fact, scratch like there's no tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

You forgot that Wigg got kick backs from Henry Justice and from the old credit resolutions company. He also lied to members. Back in 2009 the postal employees complained because the credit union was offering e-statements which they said would further reduce the use of mail and impact their jobs. He stood at a podium at branch 24 and stuttering said, "Oh don't worry, no one's going to use e-statements." If no one was going to use it, then why waste credit union money on e-statements? Because Wigg is a lying sack of bull crap.

For years after becoming president, Wigg, members from SEGs and post offices would ask him if he had a job for them at the credit union. He always told them to call him and he'd get them in but every one that called, got transferred to either member service or business development and they were told there were no jobs at the time and call back in a few months.

The man is the biggest liar I ever met. You know that its so ingrained in his character that you can't but wonder what lies he tells his wife and family.

Anonymous said...

Probably his biggest lies were his sex stories. I never understood why a 50+ year old man (?) thought people wanted to hear his stories. The fact he's in his stories should of clued him in that no one, but no one wanted to hear them. He always had some tall tale about bedding some fat girl or some hot girl or some latina or some white girl. He's an equal opportunist when he tells fairytales. Think about it. What girl, fat, thin, hot, ugly, leggless,. would want a man who talks when his mouth is full of food, who doesn't stop talking, who smells, who plays pocket pool, and who is built like a a papaya?

Anonymous said...

Instead of looking at the glass half empty, look at it half full. Charles' stories shows he's got wild imagination. Too bad he couldn't take that wild imagination and use it to develop business strategies and advertising. He's a one trick pony and his pony is never about business. As for fat girls, well that just goes to show you that he's not a slave to political correctness and is going to speak his mind even though he's very out of shape himself.

Anonymous said...

You guys are awful. Did you ever think Wig might have been born missing a chromosome?

Anonymous said...

I don't know if he was born missing a chromosome but I do I do know he is missing good manners, ethics, an understanding of what is good and what is evil, and he was born with no self control which is the reason he can't shut-up and why he scratches incessantly.

Chief Jay Strongbow said...

Allow me to jump onto the Praise For Wiggington Bandwagon. We should be proud that Wiggy is the only Credit union CEO in the nation who was caught red-handed taking kickbacks from an auto broker (Henry Justice) that was never fired. Other CEOs were caught and convicted of taking kickbacks, but they were terminated. I wish I could say it's a mystery that Wiggy still has a job, but we all know the Board of Directors just doesn't give a crap what goes on at P1 as long as they continue to receive mileage, travel junkets, casino chips and lavish meals. Of course, Wiggy's secret dossiers he has on almost every board member may have a hand in his job security, too.

Anonymous said...

Do you know how hard it is to support a working wife and son when you're only getting paid $150,000 plus per year? Wiggington has so many responsibilities like keeping up his palatial estate which costs big bucks plus there's the cost of maintaining his fleet of old BMW's. Its expensive to keep up a high caliber, fortune 500 image when you're the head of a powerful and influential credit union like Priority One.

Yes, Wiggington got kick-backs but look at all the good he's done for the credit union. Its no longer bogged down by all those expensive and unnecesarY branches. This is called thinning the herd and part of his cost cutting philosophy. And so what if the credit union can no longer reach out to members, if members want what the credit union offers then they better pack a suitcase, prepare a lunch and begin their long drive to either the South Pasadena, Los Angeles or Van Nuys offices.

And sure, other credit unions would have fired Wiggington after he made his first costly mistake, but the board thought it wise to keep him. After all, you don't turn against your own kind, do you?

When Priority One sinks completely underwater, you're going to see a lifeboat rowing away and manned by Admiral Diedra "Poker Chip" Harris-Brooks and her team of "Yes Men", O. Glen "Can't Pass the Bar" Saffold, "Bobby "Two-Faced" Thomas, and Richard "Coma" Hale.

They will be relieved that they got away, just in time and they'll never admit or want to remember that they took a 9 branch credit union that was in the process of growing and transformed it into 3 unimpressive branches.

In the meantime, they can remember the good times they had in Europe, Hawaii, and Las Vegas and know that though they are voluntary officers, they got paid for gas to attend monthly meetings where they did absolutely nothing to ensure the credit union was being managed properly.

And one other great result from finally shutting down the credit union will be that Wiggington's dossiers will lose all their power. They'll be free from Wiggington and in their memoirs they'll write about how they did their best to lead the credit union but the national economy was always against them.

Anonymous said...

Yep, he's so poor, his wife works as a waitress and his son was forced to sell meth (that ended when he got caught) to help ends meets.

Anonymous said...

He also used to say that his black BMW with the HUGE 1970s phone was appraised at $100,000. The car is either a 1970s or 1980s convertible. And he said his house was appraised at a $1 million. Now, I've seen his very used black BMW and I've been to his home, once and I don't think the car is worth more that $1200, maybe but the house might be worth $100,000. He also said his house is expensively furnished. Like I said, I've been in it and I didn't see anything in the place that looked even remotely expensive. Plus the neighborhood looks like it might not be safe after the sun goes down.

Anonymous said...

John obviously does a lot of research because he's right. Wiggington with the help of some of his closest executives who are cons, he's always managed to fabricate stories about how business is according to him versus how business is on paper. Wiggington has always wanted people to believe what he says and not believe what the FPR's and monthly income statements say or even look at the lack of business, large number of loan applications that are denied or large number of account closures. He's like the Wizard who tells Dorothy and her friends, "Don't look at the man behind the curtain." Wiggington has no credibility. He might have been able to ride the coat tales of his title when he first became president. Back then he convinced a lot of people that he was a victim under attack of jealous employees. He told me the same thing just like he told a lot of other people. And unfortunately some industry people who right blogs, sided with him probably out of wishful thinking that the President was saying the truth. Fast forward 7 years and Wiggington doesn't have a leg to stand on. I was in a meeting back in 2010 with Bea Walker and 2 other employees and she told us that the credit union had made a profit at the start of the year. 2 of us didn't believe her because the credit union ended 2009 in deep doo doo. It didn't make sense that there were huge losses in all of 2009 and suddenly at the start of 2010 there was profit. Particularly because historically, January and February are slow months. By April 2010 it was obvious the credit union was dipping and the supposed profit they had made was soon gone so that by the end of 2010, we were in the negative again. I later found out from the accounting department that Bea and Wiggington dipped into a GL and pulled out money which they reported as profit. Instead of making money, they only abused reporting practices. That's the story of the credit union under Wiggington. He runs business using lies, fraud, and manipulation and then he's so surprised when things don't go well.

I smell something rotten said...

No arguing Wiggles could never have done his dirty deeds without Diedra and the board of losers. He also couldn't of done it without Rodger and his HR losers. Some people tell me Esmeralda has changed (for the worse) but she hasn't changed, who she really was just came to the surface. She's a liar who has backstabbed so many people. And for those of you who do not know her, she a very jealous person. She gave false testimony to investigators and lawyers and testified falsly about so many past employees included the BSA Specialist, Marketing Specialist, receptionist, etc.

Robert West is a tool. Just what every HR needs. Someone that bends like silly puddy. When Cindy Garvin was CLO and employees began complaining about how abusive she was, he never once wrote down a single employee complaint just like Rodger did for years and years. And thought none of the managers got in trouble, the employee who originally filed complaints all got written up.

Nothing else to say about Rodger because he's a bottom feeder who helps bend policies so that management never gets in trouble when they break policy or laws.

Anonymous said...

Business is so bad that we're cutting back hours at Van Nuys and South Pasadena and we're not going to open on Saturdays anymore. No one was coming to the branch. Wigg thought that by opening on Saturdays all those people he inconvenienced when he closed Santa Clarita, Airport, and Burbank would drive all the way to the main branch. They didn't. And most business on Saturdays, which wasn't much was for shared branching.

Anonymous said...

I agree that Rodger is a bottom feeder.

Anonymous said...

I never understood the kind of "men" Priority One attracts. Some of them, particularly the over 30 crowd are high maintenance divas. They give off a lot of female energy, Wiggington included. Smock's a given and is Joseph Garcia who tries so hard and too hard to come off as a lady's man. He's more of a man lady. West is too. There was a guy named Aaron who was the same way. Such a queen. The male tellers they used to have were all under 25 years old and not one of them acted like Wiggington and his over the hill queen posy.

Baron Zemo and the Krypton Council of Elders said...

Wiggington's Black BMW is a classic and is surely worth $100,000, maybe more. His house and lavish furnishings are worth $1.5 million. The man is a financial genius.

Or, on the other hand he's trying to pull a 3-card Monty con to make everyone think he's got something on the ball. He's certainly convinced Rodger "Bucket of Fried Chicken" Smock and Robert "I'm on my way to Ferguson" West he's the next coming of Warren Buffet. Casino poker chip Queen Diedra pretends Wiggy is smart to keep the heat off herself. If the spotlight is on Wiggy, she can skulk around behind the scene pulling the strings. Her only real concern is how best to loot P1 as she attends every Vegas conference she can.

Anonymous said...

@Baron Zemo and the Krypton Council of Elders: You are too funny.

May I respectfully add that those posters who disparage the value of Wiggington's luxury diamond encrusted 1980 BMW are suffering from sour grapes. Wiggington's home which is often compared to as California's very own Versailles, is filled to the ceiling with priceless furnishings. In my opinion, Wiggington is a 21st century Einstein, that is if Einstein had been born without a head.

Rodger Smock, who I like to refer to as Mary, is either convinced by the stories made up by Wiggington or he merely agrees to everything Wiggington says as a means by which to keep his job. After all, who's going to hire a 6'2", 380 lb bucket of chicken?

I guess Robert is the next coming or as he probably describes himself, the "second coming" of Warren Buffet and is clearly destined for greatness.

I have often thought that Wiggington is to Diedra what a monkey is to an organ grinder and there's no denying, Diedra is an organ grinder. She just plays the same old song, while her monkey aka Charlie Wiggington, collects the money. Its truly a symbiotic relationship.

Jethro Bodine said...

I concur. Several on this blog have compared Wiggy and Diedra's relationship to that of an Organ Grinder and a trained monkey. Obviously, there is truth in this statement. Let's take a closer look:

Wiggy definitely resembles a Capuchin monkey, the kind of monkey an organ grinder "employs." Goofy fake smile, wide-open mouth. Capuchins spend a lot of time scratching their balls, just like Wiggles. Have you ever seen a Caphucun eat? They're loud, constantly smacking and noisy as hell, just like Wiggles.

An organ grinder's monkey is completely dependent on the organ grinder. Wiggy is 100% dependent on Deiedra for his employment. Diedra needs Wiggy to front her trips to Vegas, Hawaii, etc. It's a symbiotic relationship for certain.

All organ grinders resemble Slappy White. Diedra is ithe illegitimate offspring of Slappy White and LaWanda Page. So there you go!

Anonymous said...

Let's not forget Diedra keeps Wiggy on a short leash, too.

Anonymous said...

Before Diedra squashed all the sexual harassment evidence. she used to really annoy Wiggington because of her habit of dropping by at the credit union unannounced, walking into his office when he was in the middle of meetings, and making her demands which he used to reluctantly comply to. She overstepped her authority but he let her. He even used to refer to her as a "bitch" behind her back of course.

After he was found guilty of sexual harassment and she brought him back, he stopped complaining about her. That's what happens when you sell your soul to a devil.

She does have him on a short leash or is it a choke hold?

Anonymous said...

You guys say organ grinder I say planet of the apes.

Anonymous said...

And does anyone know what happened to the so-called investigation of the employee who assaulted another employee?

Anonymous said...

If the assailant was Black and male then the findings got swept under the carpet just like when Wiggington sexually harassed, took a member's car, rigged the elections in 2009/2010, got kick-backs, etc.

Anonymous said...

I agree, Esmeralda is a royal backstabber and clearly she's got that whole chola thing going on and not what I'd want in an HR representative but she is affordable, not well educated and based on her appearance, food is her friend.

When Bea arrived in 2009, she targeted Esmeralda along with a lot of other people. She didn't like the way Esmeralda spoke. She has that Mexican inflection that Bea hated. She's also fat. Bea used to be fat too, but I guess Esmeralda brought up bad memories. She didn't like Esmeralda's cheap looking clothes and she didn't like that Esmeralda was close to Rodger because Bea said Rodger was useless and overpaid (like her and Wiggington).

Esmeralda tried so hard to get in good with Bea, even kissing her ass big time. It started to work when Bea set her attentions on Rodger, Wiggington and West who she wanted to fire and replace with horrible control freak, Yvonne Boutte, and dumb as nails, Ricky Ricardo wannabe, Joseph Garcia.

Jospeh, like Esmeralda, won Bea's heart (or heart facsimile) by providing false testimony against employees. He was riding high until Bea realized that Joseph is as dumb as a headless dog and just as lively. So she turned her attention to getting rid of his dumb ass. That's when he ran and sided with Wiggington and told Wiggington all the things Bea planned against him so she could be named president. Wiggington ran and told Diedra that the white woman was trying to get rid of him- the black president and then told her that there were rumors Bea might be gay. Enough said for Diedra who met with the board and decided that they would cut-off Bea's power so they could control her because after all if Bea was after a brother, then she would soon come after the board.

Now know one knows that Rodger is totally useless than does Rodger. He might not be bright or motivated, but he ain't entirely stupid either. Knowing his days might be numbered, he told Wiggington and Bea that he knew for a fact who the bloggers were and he provided them with a list of employee names. Of course, Wiggington who has the biggest mouth on planet earth, repeated what Miss Rodger had told him. Yeah, Wiggington, Bea, Esmeralda and Joseph lied about a lot of people but Rodger who likes to pretend he's everybody's favorite "gay grandmother" was the pot stirrer behind closed doors.

Anonymous said...

First there's survival of the fittest and with Rodger its, survival of the fattest.

Anonymous said...

Rodger used to try hiding the fact he was gay but used to say the "boys" that lived with him were his sons. The big hole in his story is that the "boys" were short and dark and spoke Spanish and spoke English with an accent and Rodger is a big, tall, overweight white man who doesn't speak Spanish. Remember, speaking Spanish and sleeping with it are 2 different things. I don't know who he thought he was fooling. If you look at his on line bio, it says he dedicates time to gay organizations but it doesn't say which ones. The reason for the omission is because he doesn't. Its more bullshit from a backstabbing bullshitter.

Anonymous said...

So if you believe Wig, he's a woman's man. He loves women and chases women and according to his stories, he has slept with lots and lots and lots of women of all colors and shapes. Listening to him, you'd think he's Boris Kodjoe though he's more like Redd Fox, Sammy Davis Jr. or Moms Mabley. That said, why would such a virile woman's man hang around Smock in and outside the credit union? What was he doing in Smock's bedroom when he saw Henry's photo on Rodger's nightstand? Had he just woke up? Either Wiggington isn't quite the ladies man he'd like everybody to think he is (which would explain a lot) or he's hiding something. Wonder what he could be hiding? He used to also be really touchy with Aaron, walking up behind Aaron and putting his arms under Aaron's arms and around his chest and whispering in his ear. He used to call Aaron buddy before they had that big hissy fit in Wiggington's office. And yes, Smock was in there in the middle of the argument. Maybe they were fighting over Smock? I don't know. Its was like a bad break up. And then there was that time he ran up to Robert West during the all staff meeting and put his arms around Robert and pressed his lips to Robert's ear and whispered something. I found it weird that Robert didn't flinch either. Maybe he's used to it, I don't know. I also don't know any guys that do that with their "buddies", do you?

Anonymous said...

LOL. Well Hugh Hefner never volunteers information about his sex life until he's asked. Same for Gene Simmons. But Wig did go out of his way for years to tell us about the women he's had but oddly, you never see him walking or talking to any of these mythical hot women. Hello you never even see photos, selfies with him and these women. Not even crayon drawings. Wassup with that?

Anonymous said...

I never understood why Wig told so many stories. There were stories about his mom, his aunt Jenny, his sister, his cars, his house, his sex life, his education, his house, his clothes, his expensive painting collection, the bumper story, and lots of gossip about employees, which are dumb and uneducated and which gossip too much and which ones he likes. He's a talker. I guess if he wanted to be known as a gossip and non-stop talker, he succeeded. I'd rather be known as a good president who led the credit union to success.

Anonymous said...

Why does Wiggington indulge in gossip, drama, and intrigue? Well, in some people these are behaviors that occur when one is a child or a teenager, particularly in girls though some males exhibit these same tendencies.

It might be that his life is boring. Not being mature and definitely being out-of-touch with reality, maybe this is the only way he knows how to make things exciting in what he might feel is his hum drum life. But Wiggington’s indulgence has been harmful to the credit union and the long list of employees whose lives he made miserable and who he drove out of the credit union. He may be dull to the fact he’s ruined the credit union. He’s the instigator and perpetrator who has caused people to lose their jobs and who caused the credit union to lose money and members. Sure, the board allowed it and even encouraged it, but it is his lack of discipline which caused the credit union’s problems that did not exist before he became President. He is so egocentric that in creating drama, he irritated so many people that he just be the most hated man in the whole credit union industry, at least the industry in Southern California.

Anonymous said...

Wig has backstabbed so many people includng his so-called "friends" at work. He back stabbed credit resolutions owner, Mike Lee, and had Patti Loiacano inform Mr Lee that the credit union was not going to renew its contract.

He backstabbed Gerardo who used to work with him at Security.

He backstabbed Dane who worked with him at B of A.

He backstabbed Wendy who he used to say was his friend.

He backstabbed Sylvia. The woman was horrible but she did so many awful things at his request.

He backstabbed so many employees making up stories that they were racist or downloading pornography or out to get him.

The man doesn't have any ethics and he's 100% dishonest which explains why he got cancer a couple of years ago and why the credit union has lost so much business. You can't get good fruit from a worm invested tree, can you?

Anonymous said...

How dare all of you use the truth against Wiggington! Also explains why his son got busted selling Methamphetamines.

Anonymous said...

Wiggington's mouth is going again.
Last week and today, he's been in the lunch room saying the FBI is investigating derogatory comments someone put on the internet though he didn't say if they're about him or someone else. He also said 1 or 2 ex-employees are selling things on the internet without his authorization. What things? Credit Union deposit and withdrawal slips?

Someone needs to call the FBI and report him for taking Mr Wafa's car and for accepting kickbacks from Henry Justice and Allied Management. And someone needs to contact the employee that got sexually harassed so she can publish her story all over the Internet, telling everybody about what he did to her.

Anonymous said...

So when Wiggington is telling employees that the FBI is investigating someone who used to work there (or some ex-employees)is selling, is he talking with his mouth full of food? And is he spitting chunks of food? I have another question. Isn't he violating confidentiality? Make that two questions. Didn't the get sued in the past and didn't they pay out settlements for breaking confidentiality?

Anonymous said...

So how stupid is this man? Can't he ever just shut-up? How about not opening his mouth for an entire week? Hell, an entire month! What a stupid idiot. And why is he bringing his lunches to work and sitting with the hard working staff? Does he really think they want to see him chomp down on his food and talking with his mouth full of food? He's not interesting enough to hold anyone's interest, so why is he disrupting people's lunch time? Pathetic.

Anonymous said...

So Charles believes some ex-employees are selling something without authorization, that belongs to the credit union? Well, Charles has spent 7 years showing everyone he couldn't sell a cup of hot coco to Eskimos, so at least someone is selling something that Priority One has though what can it be? It can't be their loans or money market accounts. Is he referring to those spiffy movie tickets advertised on their FB page or are they selling Zee's choclate gift certificates again? What the credit union ought to sell are muzzles and then put one of them over Charle's really big mouth.

Anonymous said...

When I worked there, I met Charles' son, Chucke or Charles Jr. I thought the kid was so obnoxious. A non-stop talker who would interrupt the other kids that had been brought to the company to pack up old member files. But reading that Charles is sitting in the lounge room, talking about the FBI reminds me that Chuckie is just an apple off the old dilapidated tree that is Charles. Does this man ever shut up? Stupid question, because of course, he doesn't.

Dr. Zsigmondy Freud said...

Don't let this get around. But Charles does keep quiet when Diedra is barking out his marching orders. As we all know Poker Chip Queen Diedra keeps Wiggy on a short leash with a choker chain. Is Wiggy terrified when he's in the presence of Diedra? Definitely.

Anonymous said...

Wiggy should be fired if he's wasting government resources trying to enlist the FBI in his personal grudge.

Hey Wiggy, get to work. Wiggy is despicable.

Anonymous said...

I don't know if he really called the FBI but I know in 2009 and 2011, Wiggington used the credit union money to hire IT investigators and private investigators to follow former employees around. Don't know what he was looking for. Maybe he thought former employees stole the credit union's vast resources to start their own credit union. Two weeks ago he said he hired another investigator who was supposedly going to find ex-employee internet accounts and then do something to the accounts. Don't what he is planning or if its even true but my advise is if a former employees personal accounts get messed with, file a report with the police and the service providers and then go after this 007 wannabe.

Anonymous said...

I am one of those ex-employees who I believe Wigg had investigated back in 2012. I kept getting emails from my email provider that someone was trying to hack my email account. This happened 4 different times. I did not suspect Priority One at first. Then one day I arrive home and the door knob from the screen covering my sliding door is lying out in the middle of the driveway. I go to the backyard and find that someone tried to open the sliding door but it is securely locked plus my dog must have made a racket. Still didn't think it was Priority One. Then one day I am called by a neighbor and told that there is a car parked across the street with a man sitting in it. I go out and the guy starts up his car and drives away. A week later, someone posts a comment on this blog describing the neighborhood where I live. Then I realized it must be Charles. Who else would have a reason to stalk me?

Anonymous said...

Let me add, this happens again and I'm taking a restraining order out on his sick ass and filing a police report. Who knows what he's capable of.

Otis said...

Charles! I did not raise you to be that way. Why do you think I tried to get you to go to the Baptist Chutch? I wanted you to be a good man. Your mamma said you were no good. she said it for years. She could never break you of your talking and your lying. She whipped you and even locked you in the closet but she just couldn't break you of that habit. I don't know where you got it from, its like you were weren't ours.

I worked hard at the meat packing plant so that you and your brothers and sisters could have roof over your head and so you'd all know that it takes hard, honest work to live in this world. But you were always talking about how you were going to make it big one day and you always laughed saying your knew a better way than we did. I can't believe you bothered that girl at work. You know I worked for the police department because I wanted to uphold the law. What happend, Charles?

And you know our family name was Wigginton not Wiggington so stop bragging about the name.

Anonymous said...

This is a pathetic and miserable man who doesn't know how to keep his mouth shut. Diedra, muzzle your dog!

Anonymous said...

If a person gets a restraining order shouldn't Diedra be named since anyone he hires using credit union money first requires Diedra's approval.

Commissioner Gordon said...

It's outrageous that Wiggington is wasting credit union time and money stalking former and current employees. Someone earlier posted he's like Nazi Gestapo Reichsfueher Heinrich Himmler. At the time I thought they were writing in jest. I've now changed my mind - it's obvious Wiggington has totally flipped his wig. Now it's clear Wig is not only looney, but he is a dangerous loose cannon.

The board of directors needs to conduct an official investigation to determine if Wiggy is conducting a McCarthy-like witch hunt against ex-employees and current employees without authorization. If the board has sanctioned Wiggy's actions then they should all be tossed out of office by the DFI. If Wiggy is acting on his own then he should be fired immediately.

Anonymous said...

Yep, Wiggy has been showing up in the lunchroom loudly spouting off about his plans to track down anyone who says anything derogatory about him on the Internet (he must be referring to commenters on this blog). He claims the FBI is on the case. It's hard to believe the FBI would be involved in this. They've got more important things to do like monitoring homeland security and terrorists.

Hey Wig commenters on this blog are expressing free speech. It's in the Constitution.

Please stay out of the lunchroom Wig. No one wants to hear your loud talk or see you eating food with your wide open mouth. Just STFU.

Anonymous said...

Wiggington is nothing more than a big mouth little girl who never learned how to behave like an adult or how to keep his pie hole shut. And like a little girl, he is addicted to gossip and trying to make himself the center of attention, even negative attention.

Him spouting off in the lounge room is typical Wiggington. He probably did it to see if people would react and probably hoping people will get scared and stop talking about him. So what is it that offends him? I happen to know he hates being called a sexual harasser but that’s what he is. The evidence proved it and his Black friend, Diedra, squashed it though you can bet she wouldn’t have suppressed it if Wiggington was White, Latin, Asian, a dog or a cat.
The board is corrupt and they are all as dishonest as Wiggington though last year Diedra and the credit union attorney told him he needed to keep his mouth shut. But how can you shut the mouth of a man who’s not all there?

Wiggington should have been fired when Scott Baer collected evidence Wiggington had sexually harassed Kim.

Wiggington should have been fired when it was discovered he took a member’s car.

Should have been fired when he lied on the books in January 2010.

Should have been fired when after he hired Bea and they both made a mess of the credit union.

He should have been fired when he let all those envelopes with member account and social numbers go out in the mail.

Should have been fired in 2009 when the credit union ended the year with more than $5 million in losses.
Should have been fired when 2010 ended with more than half a million dollars in losses.

Should have been fired when he interfered with the 2009/2010 election.

He should have been fired when he made up all those stories that got so many employees terminated.

He should have been fired when the credit union got sued by 4 employees and 1 member.

He should have been fired when it was discovered he got kickbacks from Henry Justice and Allied Management (credit resolutions).

He’s so stupid that he believes every employee is going to believe he called the FBI just like when he lied in 2012 and told all employees that priority one was making money and 6 months later the Burbank office closes. Its the same thing he did in 2012 and 2013, when he told employees net capital is synonymous with profit from new business.

No wonder his momma locked him in the closet. He used to laugh and say she locked him in there because he wouldn’t shut-up. Obviously nothings changed.

Anonymous said...

@ Commissioner Gordon: 100% correct

Professor Tar-n-Feathers said...

@Jethro Bodine

Jethro, in answer to your query this is how to properly tar and feather a deserving victim. Please follow these steps established in 16th century England.

1. The victim should be stripped naked. Hands and feet tied so the victim is immobilized.
2. Ensure a gallon of tar is extremely hot. The tar's heated consistency should be syrupy, so it can easily be poured or painted onto the intended victim. Some prefer daubing.
3. Obtain 2 feather pillows at Bed Bath and Beyond
to throw on the freshly tarred victim. For more enjoyment it is preferable to roll the victim over a feathered floor, although this can be a tad messy and harder to clean-up.
4. Cart the completely tarred and feathered victim around the office/building in a wheelbarrow for total humiliation.
5. Tie the featheded one to a Festivus Pole for everyone to view for at least 24 hours.
6. Finally take the victim to a train station so they can be run out of town on a rail.

Anonymous said...

Diedra, you must be so proud of your little boy, Charles Wiggington. He's the spitting image of you.

I can't imagine how you can ever make a big mouth like Charles shut-up. For one, he has no self-discipline. Then there's the fact he is like a 6 year-old trapped in an old, beat-up body. He needs constant validation otherwise he feels dejected so he needs to brag about all the things HE THINKS he has that make him superior to everyone else. Tsk, tsk. So sad and so disturbing.

Now he does get uppity everytime a bug crawls up his butt. Well, not so much bug as tarantula. You're right, he hates the sexual harasser title. He also hates being called a car stealer. He hates it when people describe him as lazy and a failure but the fact is, he's all of those things and A LOT more. How does he explain inheriting 9 branches and HAVING to close 6 of them because they could no longer afford to pay the rent on them and because the NCUA auditors told him that if he didn't raise capital, the credit union could eventually be taken over which would have meant he, Smock, West, and Yvonne would have been shown the door?

Anonymous said...

@Commissioner: Can some of the tar and feathers be put in Wig's mouth or is that going to far?

Anonymous said...

I meant @Professor Tar-n-Feathers

Anonymous said...

@ Professor Tar-n-Feathers

I am having a hard time purchasing tar. I even contacted a contractor about roofing tar. No luck.

As an alternative could I use boiling hot molasses?

No problem with feathers. I already purchased 2 feather pillows.

Professor Tar-n-Feathers said...

My discussion on tar snd feathering is not specific as to any individual victim. It's just a generic topic that many on this blog had mentioned in past postings. My intention is to clarify the necessary protocols for poster Jethro Bodine.

To answer Anonymous, placing tar and feathers in a deserving targets mouth is optional. Painting the target's mouth with hot tar can be problematic. Stuffing the target's mouth with a dirty sock is the most preferable method.

Professor Tar-n-Feathers said...

If boiling hot tar is not available then, yes, hot molasses (or hot motor oil directly from the crankcase) is a viable alternative.

Anonymous said...

Amazing how Charles is the antithesis of everything Mr Harris was and is. Mr Harris is dignified. He is respected. He is a hard worker. He never abused his authority. He never borrowed from the credit union's line-of-credit. Charles once said he hired the COO to help him with his work whereas Mr Harris did his own work. Mr Harris led the credit union so that its net income crew, new branches were opened, territory was expanded, strong relations with members and employees were developed and where not once, was a lawsuit ever filed by any ex-employee during the more than 10 years when Mr Harris was president. Charles is also different from all other presidents at Priority One who since 1926, were never accused of sexual harassment and who never had to close branches even though they experienced actual national hardships like The Great Depression, World War II, the Korean War, the Vietnam War, Desert Storm, etc.

No, Charles is not like Mr Harris or any other of the credit union's past presidents. He's a little excuse factory. If its not the economy, its unemployment. If its not unemployment, its his COO. If its not his COO, its his CFO. If its not his CFO, its the AVP in Los Angeles. If its not his cancer, its his uneducated staff none who live up to him. If its not the stupid board who keep him tied down, its the horrible members. Excuse, after excuse, after excuse. His mother should of kept him locked in a closet and then cemented it shut with bricks.

Anonymous said...

I don't see how hot tar in Wig's mouth would be problematic. I see it as advantageous and proactive.

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