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Friday, March 20, 2009

Another Reader's Comment


We recently received read a comment from a reader concerning the behaviors of Priority One Credit Union's current President and CEO, Charles. R. Wiggington, Sr. The reader correctly points out that the President's malfeasance began long before his appointment to President and while serving in the capacity of Vice President of Operations. Here is the reader's comment:

Anonymous said...

King Chief said...

It appears that employees have lost their confidence in Mr. Wiggington as their leader. So, my question for Mr. Wiggington is how do you get up each morning and come in to work and pretend that you are liked? Pride should prevail and you should resign. Allow someone with integrity to come in and restore this credit union's morale and financial stability.

Dear King Chief, employees never had any confidence in Mr. Wigg. Though Wigg hid who he was from Mr. Harris, the employees who worked with him and for him knew who he is. 

Through the years, employees tolerated him. This may be hard to believe but the man is an excellent liar. He is certainly a far better liar than a president. 

The way he talks, you would think he were Moses parting the Red Sea or able to walk on water. Make no mistake, Mr. Wigg is no leader and unless you like to do wrong, he won’t have anything to do with you. He is snake in human form.

March 20, 2009 at 5:45 PM

Former President, William E. Harris, did not hire Charles R. Wiggington, Sr. Mr. Wiggington was hired by Mr. Weston, the  President who preceded Mr. Harris. Mr. Weston hired Mr. Wiggington to serve in the capacity of Vice President of Operations. However, Mr. Harris was never aware Mr. Wiggington's horrendous proclivities. The then Vice President of Operations was sufficiently clever to behave one way while in the presence of Mr. Harris and to work in quite another way, when in the presence of other staff members. It was calculated and conniving. 

Though President Wiggington currently has an ally in Senior Vice President, Rodger Smock, this wasn't always the case. In fact, while Mr. Harris was President, the two made no secret of their disdain for each other. In those days, Rodger Smock, would complain to Mr. Harris, accusing Vice President Wiggington of being lazy and immensely unprofessional. Similarly, Mr. Wiggington would complain to Mr. Harris, accusing Mr. Smock of being lazy, ineffective and promising that if he ever became President, he would force Mr. Smock to work and work harder. Evidently, the President's threat about Mr. Smock proved to just be more of his unbridled bragging. 

During the months while the the credit union sought a new President to replace Mr. Harris who was scheduled to retire on December 31, 2006, Board Chair, Diedra Harris-Brooks, intentionally excluded Mr. Harris from the interview process despite the fact he was most qualified to help select a qualified successor.  Subsequently, the decision to hire Charles R. Wiggington, Sr. was made solely by Mrs. Harris-Brooks. Three Directors later disclosed that they chose Mr. Wiggington because what Priority One most needed was a "Black President." 

The President recently ordered that all job descriptions be reviewed and amended. He has taken tremendous interest in the project, frequently interjecting suggestions where changes should be introduced. We recently reviewed job descriptions for Financial Service Representatives, Tellers, and Business Development Representatives.The descriptions, supposedly  were allegedly all written by Assistant Vice President and Director of Human Resources, Rodger Smock. The immediately that all the descriptions are currently in use though all reveal they are drafts and not yet approved by the Board of Directors. Due to this, the descriptions are deemed invalid and cannot be used though apparently validity means nothing to either Mr. Smock and Mr. Wiggington. 

Extracting some of the paragraphs in each description quickly revealed that Mr. Smock
plagiarized entire paragraphs from job descriptions he found on the Internet, including one written for a Forest Ranger. 

President Wiggington's mode of management can be described as bizarre and certainly blemished by unethical and illegal acts though as disclosed previously, his behaviors began in the years long before being appointed President. Some of the acts he's perpetrated are:

  • While Mr. Harris was President, then Vice President of Operations, Charles R. Wiggington, Sr., ordered repossession of a white colored BMW. Following its repossession, he transferred ownership to himself. What's more, he never paid any money for the vehicle. He and Mike Lee, the owner of the credit union's then collection agency, fabricated phony papers to make it appear the car was sent to auction where it was sold. The President not only committed fraud, he stole money and he forced a member to suffer emotionally while incurring a derogatory reference on his credit report.  

  • Last year, a six week investigation obtained evidence that President Wiggington had sexually harassed a former employee.  However, Board Chair, Diedra Harris-Brooks, led a contingent of 2 Directors and one Supervisor, into voting for the President's reinstatement. They succeeded in out-voting the two dissenting votes by Directors, Janice Irving and Joe Marchica which called for the President's removal. Evidently, Mrs. Harris-Brooks has no problem with federal laws being violated. 
  • In October 2006, the then Vice President of Operations announced implementation of a sector of Assistant Vice Presidents ("AVP") that would become effective January 1, 2007, the date his appointment to President was scheduled to start. Two of the four AVP's he appointed included then Director of Lending, Aaron Cavazos and then Burbank Branch Manager, Liz Campos.  
The Director of Lending
Months before announcing the promotion of Mr. Cavazos, the Lending Director had become the increasing subject Loan Department staff complaints including allegations he often verbalized inappropriate sexualized comments to male and female staff members; that he demonstrated preferential treatment to some employees while strictly enforcing policies for other employees; that he often took 2 to 3 hour lunches and frequently returned to work inebriated; and that he conducted personal business for his second employment at Century 21, from the comfort of his  office in the South Pasadena branch. Despite the gravity and frequency of employee complaints, Mr. Cavazos was promoted by Mr. Wiggington and terminated in 2008 insubordination.
The Burbank Branch Manager
 In October 2010, Liz Campos was contacted by then Vice President of Operations, Charles R. Wiggington, Sr. and informed that effective January 1, 2007, she was being promoted to the newly created post of AVP. 
Mrs. Campos had established a reputation for showing preferential treatment to some staff. She voluntarily and without knowledge of the main branch changes her assigned work schedule from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.. Her new schedule was from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. According to her staff, she claimed that she lived in allegedly, far off La Verne and due to heavy traffic, could only travel to work during non-heavy traffic periods. Too bad she didn't inform her supervisors in South Pasadena about her concerns. By changing her hours without permission, she committed an act of fraud. But Mrs. Campos deceptions were not limited to only adjusting her work schedule. 
In October 2006, President Wiggington stood in the South Pasadena lounge room and in the presence of staff members, laughingly told then Human Resources Director, Rodger Smock, "I'm going to have to talk to Liz (Campos) about her bad checks."
Mrs. Campos began her role as AVP on January 1, 2007, and quickly showed that she wasn't about to tolerate any employee who didn't meet her high standards or who was unwilling to be a team player. A few weeks later, then Board Director, David Davidson, received an anonymous letter documenting more than 24 separate NSF incidents incurred on Mrs. Campos' checking account. The Director turned the letter over to the credit union's attorney, William Adler, who ordered an investigation, including an audit of Mrs. Campos' Priority One accounts. The investigation revealed she had been kiting- a federal offense, using checking accounts opened at three different institutions including Priority One. 
The Board, actually its Chair, Diedra Harris-Brooks, chose not to have Mrs. Campos arrested or prosecuted despite the fact kiting is a federal offense prosecutable under federal law. Mrs. Campos was, however, terminated and an incensed President Wiggington vowed to find out who wrote the letter sent to Mr. Davidson, proving once again that violations of federal law involving employees he prefers, mean nothing to the corrupt President.    
All credit unions are required by the NCUA to draw up a five-year plan of what their intended goals are. Each year, the Board and President must meet to review the plan, assess what has been accomplished and introduce any needed adjustments that will ensure the plan is attained. 

At the moment, Priority One is experiencing ongoing losses, struggling to develop new business, and contending with increasing account closures. So what Plan has the credit union created and how many of their stated goals have been achieved and more importantly, how many have not been achieved? 

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Observe and Report Crime said...

The Wafa BMW repoession that wound up being owned (taken) by Sir Charles Wiggy is plain and simple fraud. Sir Charles illegally obtained the car. What about policies and procedures to sell credit union repossessions - they were not followed here.

Sir Piggly Wiggly started licking his chops like a hungry wolf as soon as he found out Mr. Wafa's BMW entered into a delinquent status. At that point, Sir Charles did everything possible to assure the car was repo'd. Then once it was repo'd Charles Wiggington Sr. illegally obtained the car by circumventing the normal repossession selling process so he could get it into his grubby hands.

You can always count on two certainties when it comes to Charles Wiggington - Greed and a Conflict of interest. Why hasn't the DFI or NCUA started an investigation on Wiggy's thievery?

Lexington Steele said...

As a postal employee and credit union member I would like to join other upset members who have had it with Sir Wiggy's greed.

Is there some sort of meeting set for me to attend - what about the Annual Meeting where the members vote in a new slate for the Board of Directors? When is that taking place.

Is there a slate of reform candidates running for the board? We need to vote out the old junket-addicted directors led by Board Chairman Diedra - get her out of there ASAP. She has done a lousy job as iullustrated by the red-ink bottom-line.

Caught in a Trap said...

Wiggy is being accused of being a greedy grubby thief.

But will it lead to his demotion or termination?

Can Sir Charles extricate himself from the corner he has painted himself into?

Wiggy seems to have the support of the board and he operates as though he has not a care in the world -- except for a terrible case of itching.

Unfortunately I believe unless the DFI or NCUA take action Sir Charles Loudmouth Wiggington will be at the helm of Priority One CU for a long time to come.

USPS said...

I have worked for the USPS for several years during which I came to know William Harris, Charles Wiggington, Rodger Smock and Aaron Cavazos.

Let me tell you Wiggington, Smock and Cavazos knew how to change their behavior whenever Mr. Harris came around. Who they were with Mr. Harris was not who they were with employees.

While Mr. Harris was president
employees complained to HR that they were being sexually harassed. HR told Mr. Wiggington about the complaint but neither HR nor Wiggington told Mr. Harris. If you know William Harris, do you think he would have tolerated sexual harassment in his credit union?

The BMW taken from the member by Mr. Wiggington was also something Mr. Harris was not told about. The plan to take the automobile was a secret between Wiggington and Credit Resolutions and something they kept hidden from Mr. Harris. If he had ever discovered what they did, he would have fired both Mr Wiggington and Mr. Lee. Members were everything to Mr. Harris.

Remember that old song, SMILING FACES? Well that’s exactly what Wiggington and Smock did. They always behaved in front of Mr. Harris though behind his back they were purely dishonest. As for Aaron Cavazos, he was just as dishonest as Wiggington and Smock. He had some of his staff cover for him whenever he brought in clients of his second job into the South Pasadena office or when he left the branch to go out drinking with his friend, Mike Fahim. He was always telling the staff that he planning on leaving the credit union as he had gotten tired of the work and the credit union. He’s not there anymore because Wiggington got rid of him too. And guess what, he now works for another credit union in Lakewood, Calif! He was good actor, hiding who he was to the board and to Mr. Harris and of course, to those members who had lots of money at the credit union.

Wiggington is an expert at telling people what they want to hear. He takes such great pleasure when he knows he has deceived a person into believing his lies. He will also tell you everything is great when things are bad and he loves to hide the facts.

I might be very rich if I had a penny for every time I heard him complain about how lazy Rodger Smock is or how he never arrives to work on time or how he planned on firing him when he became president.

Wiggington doesn’t really like anybody. He has so often referred to some of his employees as BUDDY but then talks about them behind their backs or worse yet, backstabs. them. He has even brought in friends that he worked with at other institutions, only to talk badly about them.

His executive staff may not admit it but he often yells and cusses at them like they are worthless. Now that Mr. Harris is gone he acts like a fool all the time, talking about stupid unimportant things, topics that only a teenager might find interesting and acting every bit the fool.

And the board supports him because they get the occasional free trip plus $30.

In fact when the board was looking for Mr. Harris’s replacement, they interviewed several people and Diedra even said they had found someone better than Wiggington, yet in the end, the chose Wiggington.
Diedra controls most members of the board who do not have the intelligence or mind to think and choose freely. Its like slavery.

With Diedra its her way or you’re out! What many people don’t know is that she conducts private meetings with only some board members so that she gets what she wants passed.

In fact it is Diedra who pushed that Wiggington fire Maggie Rios!

Diedra and her dog, Charles, have given orders to some board members that they are not to tell Janice Irving when meetings are to be conducted.

The reason they exclude Mrs. Irving is because she questions their actions and sometimes, disagrees with what the board does. They view her as trouble and have decided to keep her out. Wiggington in fact won’t take her calls.
In fact she claims she was a Marketing Director for the USPS which is not true.

Because of her claim, she now makes marketing decisions for Priority One. Bottom line is some of the board wanted a Black CEO who Diedra could control.

So Diedra got what she wanted, though Charles couldn’t run a lemonade stand. Here are some facts:

Ms. Burk reported sexual harassment to HR but they brushed her off and then out of the credit union.

Repossessions were performed secretly without these being reported to Priority One or Mr. Harris.

The board purposely excluded Mr. Harris from helping select his successor.

Board brush off Mr. Harris did not want him in the selection for the New CEO

The board knew all along they were going to pick Wiggington to replace Mr. Harris even though they knew that for years, employees had complained about him.

What they did was perform sham interviews pretending they were considering other candidates when it is Wigg they had already decided on appointing.

I personally believe Mr. Harris would be willing to come back to his beloved credit union to try and help get it back on its feet and help choose a new CEO. I know the employees would welcome him back with open arms.

Because of Wiggington, our dirty laundry has been put out for everyone to see, however, if being exposed helps to get rid of the dirt and grime, then so be it.

Priority One was once a strong credit union that many people loved and respected. Yes, we had our problems and there was scum inside the credit union, but it did not surface until Mr. Harris left.

Like rattle snakes in hibernation, they eventually woke up and came out only to strike, injure and destroy

Anonymous said...

Very concerned
I just have one question. If all of Mr. Harris's FRIENDS AND EMPLOYEES that cared for him and knew he would not stand for what was going on, did not have the balls to tell him. This was a real diservice to a very nice man. How could you let them do this to him if you really cared?

John said...

I agree. If Mr. Harris was not told then it was a compromise and one which has adversely affected Priority One.

Its never about just one person. Not having exposed Wiggington before he was appointed has damaged the credit union as an institution, undermined the welfare of its members, and created a terrible work environment for employees, not to mention the threat it poses to their future as employees.

Anonymous said...

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