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Monday, March 2, 2009

The Spider's Lair IV


This is the final installment, documenting the story of a former Business Development Representative ("BDR") named C. Freed who became the victim in a vicious campaign launched by President Charles R. Wiggington, Sr. in 2007, and which was carried out with assistance by then AVP's, Liz Campos and Sylvia Perez; Linda Nisely, the Burbank Branch Manager; and Director of Human Resources, Rodger Smock. 

Tired and frustrated by the onslaught attacks leveled through her supervisor, AVP, Sylvia Perez, and the refusal of President Wiggington to provide evidence supporting his allegations that many employees had personally filed complaints with him, accusing the BDR of having a bad attitude, of not being a team player, and of maligning her employer, 
the BDR sent the following message on May 7, 2007, via email, to Mrs. Perez:

"Dear Sylvia:

I am writing concerning my requests [for evidence] of Tuesday, May 1st, and Friday, May 4th, requesting a written statement from Charles R. Wiggington Sr., our President and CEO, supporting his allegations that employees at the South Pasadena office have reported that I have a poor attitude and have made negative statements against the credit union and its management sector.

On May 1st, you called me into a meeting in your office and informed me of what Mr. Wiggington said though noticeably absent, were the names of employees who had accused me of having a bad attitude or an actual record of what I am alleged to have said about the credit union.

Due to the exclusion of vital facts which would have validated Mr. Wiggington’s assertions, I asked you to obtain a documented record from Mr. Wiggington, in which he provides the names of employees who allege I have a bad attitude. I also asked that Mr. Wiggington provide a record of the actual statements I am alleged to have made and the dates and times when these occurred.

In reply to my request, you stated that you did not believe Mr. Wiggington would provide a written record of what he had allegedly been told by employees at the South Pasadena office. In what appears I think is an attempt by you to support what Mr. Wiggington said, you added that you have observed me involved in conflicts with some of my co-workers though when asked, you could not cite a single incident when you observed such behavior.

On May 4th, you called me into another meeting, this time to review those new member account and loan applications I obtained during the week of April 23, 2007. During our meeting, you informed me that you conveyed my request to Mr. Wiggington, but he refused to provide a written record of the evidence which might support his allegations about my alleged behavior, during those times I visit the South Pasadena branch.

In the United States, every person has a right to face their accusers. We are imbued with a right to express our thoughts and opinions [free speech] without fear of reproach or retribution. My request for documented substantiation is thus reasonable and also serves to benefit my employer by lending credence to Mr. Wiggington’s allegations."

A few days after the message had been sent, Mrs. Perez called Ms. Freed at her cellular and informed her that the President had finally agreed to meet with the BDR. Mrs. Perez provided C. Freed with the date and time of the meeting which was scheduled to take place at the main branch in South Pasadena, California.

On the day of the meeting, C. Freed met Mrs. Perez in the Credit Resolutions Department. She then followed Mrs. Perez to the office of Vice President, Rodger Smock, who served as both the Vice President of Operations and Director of Human Resources. Conflict of interest? Possibly. As C. Freed sat facing Mr. Smock, Mrs. Perez closed the office door and sat alongside the BDR. President Wiggington was not present at the meeting. This, by the way, is the exact same dynamic which occurred when Mrs. Perez and Rodger Smock called former Van Nuys Branch Manager, D. Centeno, to South Pasadena, to allegedly provide him with his performance evaluation. 

As the meeting started, Mr. Smock informed C. Freed that the President could not be present due to pressing business that had suddenly developed. Pressing business? Was the President suddenly called to attend an emergency character assassination conference?

Mr. Smock then informed C. Freed that it had been decided that her employment would be terminated because in his words, "You don't get along with others." Ms. Freed was stunned particularly because she was led to believe the purpose of the meeting was to discuss the allegations leveled against her by the President for several weeks and to provide her with the evidence supporting all of his contentions. It became acutely clear that Mrs. Perez had also lied which is rather peculiar since she professes to be a Christian. 

Mr. Smock informed C. Freed that her personnel file would show that her termination was "voluntary" and one, actually agreed to by C. Freed and the credit union. Is there such a thing as a forced voluntary termination? 

One only need Rodger Smock to know he is President Wiggington's tool of choice and easily compromising ethics to ensure his employment remains intact. After all, what other company would hire him to serve in Human Resources? 

As mentioned in prior posts, C. Freed was an accomplished BDR whose monthly totals always surpassed her assigned sales quotas. It's nothing less than one of the highest producers in sales would be attacked by the same President who is devoid of all skills needed to create effective strategies that produce new business and generate profit. 

The BDR was also constantly under attack by AVP, Liz Campos, who at one time served in the capacity of BDR and whose accomplishments in sales were mediocre, at best. Mrs.Campos attacks like those of Sylvia Perez were carried out at the request of President Wiggington. In April 2007, just four months after being promoted by the President to the post of AVP, Mrs. Campos was exposed of kiting- a federal offense. An investigation revealed that she incurred more than 25 individual NSF incidents to her checking account during the months of September and October 2006. Despite the fact she wrote more than 25 bad checks during an approximate 60-day period, the President deemed it prudent to promote her to AVP, disclosing he chose her because she was his "friend" versus competent or responsible. 

In February 2007, Ms. Freed learned from her co-workers in the Burbank branch that Mrs. Perez had said she hoped to "get rid of Ms. Freed within the next three months." Its amazing that Mrs. Perez actually achieved her goal, particularly when her performance as a Branch Manager and later as an AVP reveal that she her alleged accomplishments were nothing more than hyperbole.

It's also rather hypocritical that President Wiggington, a sexual harasser, slandered C. Freed publicly and to other staff members while simultaneously accusing her of having a "bad attitude." President Wiggington is actually a tragic figure, a slave to his own abhorrent behaviors and lacking the self-discipline to bring an end to his horrendous conduct.  

In November 2006, while sitting in the Loan Department and just prior to the start of his appointment as President, Charles R. Wiggington, Sr. declared that he would terminate C. Freed after he became President. He may not be able to develop business or lead with decorum but he's apparently quite adept and conspiring against certain staff members. So is Charles R., Wiggington, Sr. like the Captain of the Titanic or is he more like the iceberg? 

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Anonymous said...

Give Sir Charles the boot.

I am starting a "Wiggington Termiantion Pool" - the person who guesses the date closest to Wiggington's actual termination or resignation wins. Unfortunately I cannot put up a cash prize - but you do win bragging rights and will most liely be chosen as the Priority One CU Employee of the Year.

Any guesses for the winning date?

Anonymous said...

I have been employed in the credit union industry for many years. I met Mr. Harris on several occasions and know that when he was president, Priority One was one of the best credit unions around.

It is just awful to see all the damage this snake and his snakes have caused to something that so many people worked so hard to build.

Wiggington is jealous of his predecessor, but don't bet your last dollar that Mr Harris wouldn't come back to a place he once called home, to try and correct the mess Charles made. Mr Harris made Priority One a place members could also call home and where they could call and speak to him if they had a problem. Members used to know that the staff would always be there to help and make the extra effort to help them out.

Charles does not care! This is just terrible.

Anonymous said...

I will vouch for Charles Wiggington. He really cares. He cares only for himself. He cares for First Class Travel on airlines for himself. He cares that the Board of Directors Chairperson is kept happy by attending Junkets in Vegas and Hawaii. He cares for top-shelf liquor and gourmet meals. He cares for an unlimited expense account. The man is all about caring.

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