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Monday, March 16, 2009

Red is Red


Last week, President Charles R. Wiggington, Sr. was overheard exclaiming "We're improving." He was referring to business which has declined steadily, month after month, since he was appointed President on January 1, 2007. As we reported previously., as of January 31, 2009, Priority One Credit Union's net income was a shocking negative $118,128.87.  February 2009's numbers are in and Priority One ended the month with $76,446.60 in the negative. The credit union's year-to-date income is a negative $194,575.47.  So were is the improvement? 

Losses incurred during the month of January exceeded those occurring in February by $41,682.27. If the President's declaration of improvement is to imply that there were less losses during the month of February than in January, then yes, that is an improvement. However and apparently unbeknownst by the President, losses are losses and Priority One remains well embedded in the negative. One has to remember that February is also the shortest month of the year with only 28 days in the month. What's more, President's Day occurred in February and the credit union was closed on that day. 

The Credit Union's actuaries for the month of February 2009 are shown below:



Less: Allowance for Loan Losses:

Net Loans:

Accounts Receivables:



Investment in COOP

Investment in FSCC

NCUA Deposit

Accrued Income

Prepaid Expenses

Assets in Liquidation:

Other Assets:


Fixed Assets:

Less: Accumulated Depreciation

Net Fixed Assets

Total Assets:


Accounts Payable

Notes Payable

Accrued Expenses

Dividends Payable

Suspense Accounts:


Other Liabilities


Total Liabilities:


Regular Reserve

Undivided Income

Total Equity

Total Liabilities and Equities


Interest on loans



Income from Investments



Fees and Charges



Miscellaneous Operating Income Month-to-Date


Total Operating Income


OPERATING EXPENSES for February 2009 (only)

Employee Salaries/Bonus

Temporary Personnel

Personal Time-Off

Employee Pension Plan

Workers Compensation Insurance

Employee Medical Insurance

Medicare Expense-Employer

Social Security Taxes-Employer

FUTA Expense-Employer

SUI Expense-Employer

Life/Disability Insurance-Employer

Credit Union League Dues

Membership, Dues, and Subscription

Branch Lease

Property Taxes

Janitor Expenses

Utility Expense

Building Maintenance


Security Expenses

Printing Expenses

Telephone Expenses


Share Draft Expenses

Equipment Maintenance

Stationaries and Supplies

Surety Bond, Premium & Other Insurance

Depreciation-Furniture and Equipment

ATM Expense

Check Card Expense

Technology and Computer Expense

Miscellaneous Bank Charges

Education Expense-Staff

Education Expense-Senior Management

Education Expense-Supervisory Committee

Education Expense-Board of Directors

Training Expense

Advertising Expenses

Loan Promotions

Promotional Items

Member Research


Business Development Expense

Collection Expense

Real Estate Expense

Indirect Dealer Fee

VISA Expense

Credit Investigation Expenses

Lending Center

Lending Expense

Legal Expense

Audit Expenses

Consultancy Fees

Associated Management Company

Shared Branching Expense

CUSD Expense

Provision for Loan Losses

Borrowers' Insurance

Department of Financial Institutions
Administration Fees

Cash Short/Over

Interest on Borrowed Money

Annual Meeting Expenses

Board of Directors/Supervisors

Annual Retreat

ADP Charges

Credit Union Car Expenses


Mileage and Reimbursements

General Expenses

Courier Services

Storage Expenses

Branch Expenses

Other Losses

Merger Expense

Succession/Strategic Planning

Ballot Incident Expense

Total Operating Expenses

Income (Loss) from Operation

Dividends Paid

Loss (Gain) on Disp of Assets

Loss (Gain) on Disp of Investment

Franchise Tax Board

Total Dividends & Other Income

Net Income (Loss)

The President is correct. Negative income incurred during the month of February 2009 is less than the amount of negative income reported for the month of January 2009, though its hardly something one should boast about. 


We've also learned that last Thursday, the President ordered that all doors to the wing where his office is located, closed. He also ordered that all non-exempt employees be prohibited from entering the wing. He disclosed that he intended on conducting private meetings with visitors and did not want employees eavesdropping on anything which might be discussed. To ensure employees did not trespass, he posted hand written wings on each of two doors on which were written the words, "This is not a walk through." The President's directive serves as yet another example of how he is further estranging himself from his staff. And though he has recently told some staff members that he no longer trusts most of the credit union's employees, he should know its been years since most employees have trusted him. 

May we suggest that he reduce his tendency to verbalize information which is deemed highly confidential and that he choose to conduct himself in a dignified and professional manner. This may actually help reverse the negative impact he's had both on business and the credit union's internal environment. 

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Anonymous said...

I wonder why Priority Ones management doesn't know how a phone system operates?

When someone calls my office, I pick up the phone and identify company's name and my name. I then ask the caller how I can assist them. Courteousy and service are what I strive to provide.

Also, our phone system is up and working at the time we say we open, not 15, 30, or 60 minutes after we advertise we open.

Today, people calling 626-441-1999 after 9 am, 9:30 am, 10:10am got a recorded message saying that the offices were closed.

Last week, people calling after 9 am got the same message. What's going on at Priority One?

And then when are able to speak to someone in the office, you are answered by an employee with an attitude who smarts off.

This past weekend people couldn't use phone banking and when they called today to ask why, a recorded message said the office was closed even though it was after 9 am. Then when they finally go to speak to a live person, they got a sarcastic representative who told them they should have used online banking. What kind of answer is that? At Priority One members are most certainly not the credit union's first priority!

Nice work Wiggington!

Lexington Steele said...

Sir Wiggy once again produces red-ink. Pathetic. Like Anonymous said it's a very short month.

I notice he has no Education Expense for the Board of Directors in February - Is he just holding these back to look good only temporairily. That's an old accounting trick. The same kind of stunt Bernie Madoff pulled in his Ponzi scheme.

As far as the phone system and the crappy treatment of members - can we blame Sir Charles for this poorly run area? Answer: Yes we can. Sir Charles deserves complete credit for shortcomings in the telephone communications.

I wonder what excuses Wiggyman will offer the Board and Members this month for continuing red-ink?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

piggly wiggly wiggs, will not leave because he has access to add some more BMW"S to his collection. everybody has heard him braaagggg!!! this is him,"i have 8 BMW"S and i paid them all off, cash man"!!!"i paid $40k for each". oh that wiggly brain he loves to have all the attention by braggging and exaggerating.what's funny is that when we've had pot lucks, there was a few times all he brought was some green salad but BOY he's the first one to eat and the last. that's what happens when u have to pay off your BMW"S cash man.he needs to be prosecuted for all his crimes.i suggest you contact the credit union league and the state Governor for all the bull he has pulled.there is a lot more places that have the power to investigate and prosecute!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Maybe he's color blind.

Henry Justice said...

You are right. Where is the money reported to send the board to las vegas and hawaii and where is the money spent on the xmas party?

Clever Wiggy.

Anonymous said...

This blog is exposing Sir Charles criminal acts, his unethical behavior and his lack of judgement. I would like for the board members specifically Deidra Harris-Brooks to explain to the employees at POCU, how Sir Charles is still employed at POCU and other employees have been terminated for far less.

Bernie Madoff said...

When will the Board of Directors terminate Sir Charles Piggly Wiggly for gross mismanagement and in the case of the BMW criminal conduct.

How long must the members be punished for Wiggy's sordid ineptness?

Anonymous said...

I called at 9am and had no problems. I talked to a live person. The person answered my question, the end.

Anonymous said...

I work there. We had a lot of complaints yesterday from people who said they couldnt get through before 10. I have no idea why but we have been getting a lot of complaints lately. You can get through if you know the persons extension but if you don't you got a recording.

Peter North said...

Did Sir Wiggy's initial budget for 2009 orecast red-ink for the month of January and February? In other words, is Sir Charles budgeting for red-ink?

If so, why would the board accept a red-ink budget?

On the other hand, if the budget forecasts a positive bottom line for January and February then why they are missing the target by a mile.

Either way Sir Charles is doing a poor job and needs to be terminated.

WWJD said...

Is anybody out there mad that AIG just gave billions of dollars in bonuses to the people that made them fail? There should be a blog about that! Our own goverment tells us its ok not to be ethical.

AJ said...

WWWJD, that is another topic for another blog. Why don't you start one?

Anonymous said...

To all employees @ p1cu, have you noticed not only does Mr. Wiggy love to talk, talk, talk, but he LOVES to SCRATCH!SCRATCH!SCRATCH! and i don't mean scratch records on a record player like when people would scratch records to play rap music.i mean SCRATCH his winnie and huevos or his dust mites. Many many times i have seen him scratching his huevos whether he was talking to an employee, member, and even during our employee staff meetings.Maybe i'll buy him a flea collar to wrap around his winnie.ha ha ha ha!!!! he needs to have common sense and think about what he does around people who have manners. Hey Wiggy worm!!! go SCRATCH in PRIVACY!

Anonymous said...

I have not seen much talk here about the NCUA assessment(s) due to the $1 billion U.S. Central Corporate CU bailout. In a nutshell, all natural person CUs have to take a write down of 51% to there NCUA insurance fund deposit and more importantly, the have to send this money to the Priority's case, that amounts to about $677,000. This is something that is for sure....they have to comply. AND, it is possible that there will be an additional assessment for all natural person CUs in the Fall. I wonder what steps Charles's is taking to prepare for Priority's day of reckoning?

Itchy and Scratchy Show said...

Anonymous, I think you are on to something. I too have noticed Sir Charles Piggy Wiggy scratching and itching like some srt of dog with fleas. Perhaps its a medical condition.

On the other hand he could be playing pocket pool.

Anonymous said...

Gotudajob, as much as I wish it was the card specialist it wasn't. The person who calls themselves cheese for that whine is the branch manager at south pas. Her friend Georgina told people it was posted by the branch manager. I'm going to send you some info on what these 2 have done. Georgina is the biggest abuser of policy and last year she deposited a check and had her friend remove the hold. The check bounced and they both got in trouble, but Aaron helped them get out of it with the help of hr.

Nice company huh

Sir Itch-a-lot said...

I saw Sir Wiggy doing a lot of scrathing and itching this week. I guess he is especially nervous - maybe due to the blog comments. Or maybe because of the continuing red-ink. Either way Sir Charles should be ashamed. of himself.

Anonymous said...

Charles Wiggington I am formerlly asking you here and now - Quit scratching it's driving me crazy.

Anonymous said...

Georgina and Gema both should be fired for fraud.

INS said...

The chunty and the mojada are the 2 most dishonest people at priority (next to Wiggy, Schmock, and Cavazos). They break policy all the time, have people clock them in which is FRAUD!!!!! and hr knows it and lets them.

Anonymous said...

John, it is so sad to see all that damage Charles has done to Priority One. Mr. Weston must be turning in his grave.

I can't imagine what the past president's of Priority One would think if they could see what Wiggington and Smock have done to a once wonderful place.

Mr. Harris had no say so in helping choose his replacement because Diedra Harris Brooks did not want Mr. Harris involved in the selection process. Let me tell, you throughout post offices in the city of Los Angeles, Diedra is well known and disliked by most people. If you visit post offices where they know her they have nothing nice to say about her. She is known for having an attitude, being pushy, getting even with people, and being rude.

She is like Charles, a control freak.

I know Charles and Smock and behind each others backs they say horrible things about one another and yet they help each other when it comes do do wrong and destroying others.

It is so sad to see that Mr. Weston and Mr. Harris gave so much of themselves to help the credit union grow only to have it all destroyed by two of the most horrible people you will ever meet.

Mr Smock was and is still HR but he never protects employees or the credit union. He only looks out for what is good for him. He has also helped Charles damage the credit union. Shame on you Mr. Smock and all the lies and slander you tell about employees!

Smock like Wiggington only likes the benefits he gets with his title. He has a big office where he does nothing. Ever see the benefits he has got for the employees? He enjoys the money he makes while employees didn't even get a Xmas bonus in 2008 only a gift card to Ralphs market. Did Charles get a bonus, I wonder? How about Smock?

And shame on the Board who knows everything Wiggington has done and allows it. Way to progress, Diedra.

Before he got appointed some of the board said they did not think he was the right person for the job yet they let him anyway. Shame on you!

While Mr. Harris was president, he sent the board to class to educate them yet they voted in a person who has only harmed the credit unioin.

The board should be ashamed of all that they have done.

Member said...

John, if Charles got Mr. Wafa's car, did he pay the vehicle and if he did, was the money put towards whatever he owed? If not, did Charles just take the car? And was this the first time he or anyone took a member's car?

Seeking Justice said...

It's a travesty of justice that the Board continues to let Mr. Stinks, oh I mean Mr. Wiggington hold his position. He should be fired so he can continue his fruadulent work with Henry Justice... I am sure he was getting monetary kickbacks from Henry Justice anyway, the man that swindled members and the credit union. The man that Sir Charles was going to reinstate business relations with....hmmm things that make you say hmmmm!

Jay Leno said...

Attn: Sir Charles Piggy Wiggy

As a fellow car collector do you know where can I get a good deal on a used BMW? I respect your opinion since you are an expert on BMW's.

Would you be willing to part with one from your collection? Or should I contact a member of the Justice Family

Want UR Answers said...

It is obvious from reading this blog that there are a lot of people demanding answers from Charles Wiggington and that there are even more people, possibly employees, venting at what he has done to damage the credit union for members and employees. But I have some questions that I think I would like him to answer.

So Please Mr. Wiggington, please respond to the following questions:

Did you pay any money for the car you took from Danny Wafa? If you did, why wasn't the money applied to the balance owed by Mr. Wafa?

The February financial shows that the Allowance for Loan Losses is $1,100,000.00. Why is it so high? Is it because of high delinquences?

Were you paid while you were on suspension and being investigated for sexual harassment or were you paid from your PTO?

Did you pay out of pocket to have you office swept for listening devices?

And how can the credit union offer a CD rates from 2.75% to3.75% and a auto rate of 2.99%? One rate negates the other. How do you profit?

And what about the $677,000.00 which will have to be paid to the NCUA by Prioity One as part of the NCUA assessment(s) to the U.S. Central Corporate CU bailout? That's a lot of money?

Do you already have the $677,00saved up somewhere so that you can pay it when the time comes? What have you done to prepare for the payment?

King Chief said...

It appears that employees have lost thier confidence in Mr. Wiggington as their leader. So, my question for Mr. Wiggington is how do you get up each morning and come in to work and pretend that you are liked? Pride should prevail and you should resign. Allow someone with integrity to come in and restore this credit union's morale and financial stability.

John said...

Money was nver applied towards Mr. Wafa's debt. I have been told that a write-off appears on Mr. Wafa's former account. That amount is over $7000. So why didn't Charles pay for the vehicle and if he ever claims to have paid money, then why wasn't any money applied by Allied Asset Management (the collector) towards the outstanding balance due on the vehicle?

And while he was on suspension, Mr. Wiggington was paid his salary. He did not use any personal days during his absence. I know that other non-exempt employees, like Kim Burke, were suspended without pay, but the board made an exception with Mr. Wiggington, Sr. Why?

You may also want to know that in January he received payment for unused personal days. Employees of the company can only retain a maximum amount of personal days on record. If they exceed that amount, they must either take the days as time off or receive compensation. He received compensation. A lot of compensation. I wonder why he didn't just return the money to the credit union? He could have done this in view that he had been paid while suspended. Or he could have returned this to the credit union to help offset is current financial plight. Oh well, just me thinking out loud again.

I am continuing to investigate so I may reply to your other questions.

Rival CEO and Bigwig said...

It appears quite a few credit union types including CEOs from other credit unions and DFI staffers are monitoring this site.

Want UR Answers should be commended along with Mr. Lex Steele for asking such probing questions in reference to the balance sheet and income statement.

I concur with Want UR Answers about the out of whack CD rates and auto loans rates - WTF are you doing?

As far as the Allowance for Loan Losses I think it actually may be underfunded based on the increasing delinquency numbers I have seen on the NCUA Call Reports.

Sir Charles you may not have much time left as CEO. Did you actually budget for red-ink? If you are a lucky individual rather than be terminated you may be demoted to the same position you held before taking over for Mr. Harris. That'll be great for you but bad for the personnel who don't appreciate your constant scratching. Please don't scratch in front of members - it's embarrassing and humiliating.

Seeking Justice said...

I commend everyone for asking probing questions for Sir Charles regarding the numbers but what about Sir Charles stealing that members car. Also, am I the only one concern about Sit Charles wanting to reinstate a business relationship with Henry Justice.

Anonymous said...

These complaints about misconduct at the credit union should be reported to the DFI - the California Department of Financial Institutions. There may also exist a "fraud hot-line" to the DFI. You can look for the DFI on the State of California internet website. The members should locate a CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT ATTORNEY and sue the credit union for engaging in corporate waste, and for raping, pillaging and plundering the member-shareholder's equity. Look like you can take the black man outta da hood but you can't take da hood outta da blackman. Lord have Mercy.

Anonymous said...

I have met Mr. Harris on several occasions. He is a very distinguished man and very personal. I do not want to discredit him in any way. But I do have a few questions I think need to be looked into or find the answers.

Mr Wiggington has been with the CU 16 years +. Some of things that have been printed out on this blog have happened before Mr. Harris left, example the BMW repo. The hiring of a person that caused a large losss to the credit union. The sexual harassment of Ms. Burke by Mr. Wiggington started before Mr. Harris left. You can not tell me radical behavior just started the day Mr. Harris left. This is his personally and had been going on for years. Why was nothiong done before? The board was aware of his behavior and one year before Mr.Harris left they did not want to make him the CEO. What changed their minds? I know that it is the final say by the board to pick the CEO, but why did they not want Mr. Harris input into picking the next CEO? Was it because he would not have picked Mr Wiggington as a choice? Also was there a real search for a CEO or any applicants? Or was Mr Wiggington a shoe in because he was just there? Or was he in the pocket of of some of the board?

Lets address Mr. Smock who has been with the CU 10 years. First, I want to address job descriptions. Are there any in place that are not RUFF DRAFTS? Do ALL employees have one? If not, why? This is the law and how can you hold someone responsible for their duties, if they don't have anything in writting? I know for a fact that some employees do not have job descriptions and have never had one. This man is trying to ride the rail, with CEO on one side and the employees on the other, but not doing a very good job for his big bucks. He should be there for the employees. Mr. Smock should be Human Resources, not Inhuman.

Aaron Cavazos had many sexual complaints against him, again before Mr. Harris left. Why were they not addressed at the time comitted? It is a well known fact that he was runnng his appraisal business on credit union time. I personally met with Mr. Cavazos at his desk in the loan department. He received a personal call, which he took, conducting business that had nothing to do with the CU. It was about his business. This conversation lasted well over 15 minutes. Why wss this not addressed long before 2008. He personally told me in 2006 that his business was doing very well and that he planned on leaving the first of 2007. Later he changed his mind as the economy was not doing as well.

Did Mr Wiggington get rid of all these people because they had something on him, or did he feel threaten?

As for the Board, they are elected by the members to represent them and do what is in the best interest of the credit union. It appears that everything they do is in their best interest. I think if you miss more than three consecutive meeting, you can be voted off the board? This should be checked into. Board members should not receive money for meeting they do not attend.

They are alll a sorry mess.

One last thing to address is the Strategic Plan. My understanding is that NCUA requires all credit union to have a Strategic Plan in affect. This plan is to be for five years. The Board and upper management are to meet yearly to review the plan and make adjustments as need. Does PO1 have on in place? I have been told they do not. Correct me if I am wrong.

That's all for now. There are other thiong I would like address, but that will be another time. I feel these items are more important than if Mr. Wiggington scratches himself. It goes to show what type of person he is. When you lay with dogs you get flees.

Anonymous said...

georgina is a lazy person. when the phone is ringing in the loan dept. she often asks one of her co-workers to pick up the phones even if it is coming into her own extension. if a member needs assistance she acts as if she does not see them, or asks her co-workers to help the member and states that she is "busy" working on loan applications. yeah right!
well actually, she does help members-only if all her co-workers are busy with someone else then she has no choice but to help.

Anonymous said...

I have been a member of p1cu for over 16 years, i have $76,000 in my account and my husband has $89,000. i am saddened to see that this credit union is not so family orientated like i thought it was when mr. harris was there.This is not good, that the new president is a crook! How could he have taken a members car? this sounds like an inside job.This needs to be investigated promptly! I am writing to the Board of Directors, and i might end of closing my accounts. I cannot believe the President doing his sexual advances at a workplace! and to an employee? I am disgusted that Human Resources is aware of this and DOES NOTHING ABOUT IT!SHAME ON YOU. Roger you are just as guilty. It is your job to handle the situation.I want this Deidra to do some explaining.SHAME SHAME SHAME CHARLES WIGGINGTN!!!!!!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Why would Gorgina go and blab out what her side kick posted on this blog? i thought they were good friends. what a friend.Shes as bad as her boss, cannot keep quiet

Anonymous said...

A lot of us here at the post office are getting togethr having a pow wow about what is going on at the c.u. we are very mad that the mr. wiggngtn is out of control.I want the name of and where is the person in Human resouces? why isn't all of these problems being investigated ? the president commits illegal acts and fellow employees??? i don't think so. This is just not right. when we have our pow wow we are going to look into who can investigate the President,Human resources and the other employees for "kiting". this is illegal.they need to be removed from there. and they are still working there after commiting this crime.we will not stop until its investigatd.what a TOTAL LOSS HAVING SUCH A POOR MAN WITHOUT A BACKBONE OF A PRESIDENT.He is not worthy. GET OUT OF THERE!!!

John said...

Anonymous. Got you message. Please resubmit you comment.

Sorgina Diego said...

If you want to make anything public and not in the good way there are 3 sure ways, televsion, telephone, and tell Georgina.

Lino Jr. said...

Georgina is horrible. She lies, goes against policy, bad mouths coworkers.She's a HIPPO-CRITE!

Anonymous said...

i want to make sure of somethng. are we talking about georgina A.K.A. "SHREK"OR DAFFY DUCK.

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